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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 19, 2017 3:00am-3:34am AST

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the human immune system what a lot of fun to side or essential oil is found in the forest my research has shown that forest trying to psych reduces stress hormones and relaxes us in the future the time may come when doctors prescribe the forest instead of medicine as we embrace new technologies rarely do we stop to ask what is the price of this progress what happened was he was started getting sick but there was a small group of people that began to think that maybe this was related to the toughest job an investigation reveals how even the smallest devices deadly environmental and health we think ok will send our u.s. to china but we have to remember that therefore you should travel around the globe death by design at this time on al-jazeera.
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the un's human rights he says crimes are being committed against the right and those responsible must be punished. hello again welcome to our live from doha i'm martine dennis also coming up a senior kenyan official flees a country in fear of her life and the man in charge of next week's election rerun admits it may not be free and fair. amount from catalonia leaders as the deadline to give up. is totally fabricated president trump insists he showed no disrespect to the family of the soldier killed in the. first from human rights groups. the un to washington d.c.
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there is growing international pressure on me and ma to stop the violence against the ranger with an increasing amount of lawmakers demanding action secretary of state rex tillerson says his country holds me in miles military leadership accountable for what's happening in iraq and say and it is latest report amnesty international accused me amal's military of the systematic rape and murder of hundreds of ranger villagers since august almost six hundred thousand have fled me amal for bangladesh because of what the un has described as textbook ethnic cleansing well the un human rights chief is threatening to seek the un security council's intervention if the perpetrators and punished they'd rather al hussein sat down with al-jazeera as mike hanna. the attacks by the american salvation army was met by
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a very methodical and well planned well organized response that did not seem to us to be anything remotely like counterinsurgency but a wholesale displacement of people from northern iraq to cox bazaar and bangladesh and so it had all the hallmarks of ethnic cleansing now what monitors had made clear as well is that it's not just the enforced removal of people it's also the destruction of their homes to prevent them from brittany i mean the confirmation of this will come in two forms one is harmony they're willing to accept back if it's only a trickle then this confirms the ethnic cleansing cleansing hypothesis and the second of course is that all of this would have to be confirmed when one day surely those who have committed or perpetrated these atrocities are holed up before a court and answer to a judge so that the victims can sense that to
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a certain extent justice will be served in particular for many years have asked that we not just have an office in the wrong but they will be given unfettered access to northern rakhine whenever we feel and deem it necessary and this second part was not forthcoming when we made it an explicit request of. october last year to send in investigators at a time she was telling the international community that the military had completed its operation in the wake of that attack last year satellite imagery made it very clear that they had not yes and today. they received further information that what we're seeing in northern rakhine is still continuing what we have. continuing reports of extrajudicial killings reports of
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sexual abuses of the most kind of course including rape this is still ongoing notwithstanding the claim that the military operations have largely wound down this does not seem to be the case but the idea that this could be conducted with impunity i think must be put behind us and and then if. resistant then security council should consider other measures of course to be applied. correspondent he has more on the plight of the. last ten to fifteen thousand people are stranded here in no man's land what is called zero line between myanmar and bangladesh brought out this area. this paper that flagman my way the last two days that been stranded you have and has no safety to go to most of the people are exposed to weather majority are women and children or elderly people the government has given permission to some of the aid agencies
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to bring critical care medicine and food but the idea there still of taking shelter in the pedophile and manmade dike just doesn't make sense are coming under critical review by the u.n. agencies and other international aid agencies that why are still kept yet we are one of the broader got off that we're undertaking to shelters and could have said we need a coordinated approach before we take them in that shelter in quite appalling area still the idea this people are still here is a major question what is behind the motive of the government to keep them here still in a very badly expose weather condition. the chairman of kenya's electoral commission has admitted that next week's election rerun will not be free and fair while fuller travel carty said there'd been political interference in his commissions operations and a senior commission commissioner has resigned and she's fled to the united states saying she fears for her life for me to miller has more from the kenyan capital
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nairobi it looks as if things are falling apart or kenya's electoral commission headquarters rather than a calm there one of seven commissioners has resigned alleging political interference she says threats have been made on the lives of staff members including our own commissioners are serving political interests and they've been last minute changes to technology and electronic transmission of results hours later the commission's chairman gave a stern warning we had good years and years ago. the chairman's appeal was also aimed at the kenyan public hoping to regain their tranced but the damage has been done the electoral commission is already starting with its credibility the chairman's admission that the commission is split and that
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conditions wouldn't allow for free and fair elections has only echoed an earlier supreme court ruling. last month the cotton old august presidential elections it says the commission had not been transparent and there were illegalities in the telling of results that named incumbent president a work in the art of the winner a rerun is planned for october twenty six opposition leader raila odinga has withdrawn saying as long as the electoral commission does not reform the polls would be a sham but this week the ruling jubilee party said elections would take place within the sixty day limit set by the court and that the opposition is stalling we have absolutely no problem and we told you before the clearly bad whatever their agree with our competitors they don't have to be fired one. can answer is campaigning around the country while the opposition looks for public
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support for electoral reform questions around the electoral commission's ability to do its job have only added fuel to increasing confusion around just how next week's election will take place for me to malaya al-jazeera nairobi. the un secretary general antonio the terror she is to go to the central african republic next week to draw attention to what he calls the world's forgotten crisis has asked the un security council for nine hundred more peacekeeping troops to go to the central african republic my visit also worms to draw attention to a fragile situation that is often far from the media spotlight across the country communal tensions are growing violence is spreading and humanitarian situation is deteriorating. since the beginning of these year the number of internally displaced persons is almost doubled reaching six hundred thousand. and
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the number of refugees in neighboring countries are surpassed five hundred thousand i've just asked the security council to increase the ceiling of troops incentives going to public and also to increase their capacity their mobility and their ability to address the very dramatic challenges they face more now from charlotte ballasts. for months now and brianna thousands have been forced to live in camps after a new clashes between rival muslim and christian groups. there are not always gunshots we hardly have anything to eat we have no access to health care our houses were burnt down we have nothing the central african republic descended into war after the twenty thirteen overthrow of longtime leader francois . the country divided religious and ethnic lines thousands died as
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warlords battled for power and natural resources a ceasefire i was declared in twenty fourteen but the violence never really ended more than one million people of either fled the country or been displaced inside it seeing a new leader forced onto a darrow told the united nations general assembly last month that his country still needs help. we need to remember the humanitarian situation which has worsened in many parts of our country because of the upsurge of violence because of ferocious competition for the control of natural resources the u.n. wants to add nine hundred troops to the twelve thousand strong peacekeeping force and cia are the confidence in the un's forces has been damaged by allegations of widespread sick child abuse groups have also been accused of using bright and secure slaves as workers in. those fighters kidnapped women beat them up raped them and tortured them younger women they just don't.
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divide it and desperately poor despite a wealth of natural resources central african republic problems afflicting years of conflict and mismanagement shallop bellus al jazeera. people have died in togo in clashes between the security forces. protesters who are demanding the resignation of the president police fired tear gas at people who are defying a government ban on midweek protests. reports. the symbol a family has ruled togo for half a century these protesters say it's time for a change. we want change we want jobs for our youth we don't want an assembly a family in this country. we're really fed up with this regime have been in power for fifty years now and the did nothing to develop the country we want
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a nine hundred ninety two constitution but i can assure you that we're rolling from south to the north in our efforts to have a constitution. opposition activists have been demonstrating since august they want constitutional reforms including a two term limit for the president they say their protests have been met by a police crackdown this man says he was beaten up by officers. i was on my way home i turned a corner and much about twenty policemen who beat me my god i was beaten severely. i know on the streets has become a regular scene in that president who in a symbol way does have plenty of support as many try to shore up his family's been a state the government has put conditions on where and when people can protest it's all said the internet to control what it says is hate speech and misinformation. the west african economic group than a symbol a colony heads has to set a date for
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a constitutional referendum and the united nations has called on government leaders in tokyo to address the demands of the people victoria gates and be out there. so as to come here at a us university prepares to host a white nationalist amid growing racial tensions in the. country and iraq declares its mission against the kurds in northern iraq accomplished and turns its focus to the business of oil. by the springtime flowers of a mountain lake. to the first snowfall on a winter's day. hell a good part of southern china now is into the sunshine the fine weather there is in fact a good ne ne bowing to right through hong kong heinen and down towards of it means
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coast to pics of enough moisture to give you showers in vietnam but it's dry of a good part of china even sichuan would study fine still twenty three or so ensuring that about the same in shanghai so would we go into this the winter monsoon season where all the rain has gone and that slowly including vietnam as well but there is a concentration of cloud around the philippines and you can see from the string up to was probably sudden thailand that's where most of the energy is actually a typhoon typhoon land on its way slowly up towards japan of the time being is over the open water takes most of the energy of the atmosphere that's the rain band to the size they'll be a few showers obviously scattered around in malaysia and indonesia but not the concentration of rain that we've seen maybe only a week ago and i wanted trophies coming south of the bay of bengal but usually when this things go south they tend to pulse you get back to good you're at i think the next development might well be in the bay of bengal mostly on the indian side but
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it still looks like a good be fairly wet in bangladesh and even that part of myanmar. the weather sponsored by cattle race. she was a society hostess in beirut in the 1940's she was in touch with a lot of people from the live i'm used to requests to make this work her code name was the power and she spied for mossad in lebanon or for. what she was doing it was such a big break as it would make out just you know world douses story of sure not. the beirut spy at this time.
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it without is there these are our top stories there's growing pressure on me i'm on to stop the violence against the revenge of us extra say direct citizen says his country holds me in miles military leadership accountable for what's happening with the rakhine area as more u.s. lawmakers demand action be taken and in its latest report on the c international accuses me a massacre of the forces of the systematic rape or murder of hundreds of range of villages. the chairman of kenya's electoral commissions admitted the next week's election rerun may not be free and fair he says there's been political interference in the commission's work and a senior commission has resigned of lead to the united states saying she fears for her life. president trump is facing criticism over his handling of the deaths of full soldiers in. he's denied making insensitive remarks during
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a phone call to the widow of one of the men and a member of congress as she had she heard president drug making the comments the president himself says the story is fabricated kimberly how could reports. it's an unwritten rule of the u.s. presidency to act as the consoler in chief in times of grief outrage to the families of fallen soldiers has been a presidential role for republican and democratic presidents for decades but it's a duty an increasing number of americans say donald trump is not fulfilling this democratic congresswoman and longtime critic of the president is among them she says she overheard trump on tuesday calling a newly widowed woman at the airport where she was receiving her husband's body sarcastically they're. like you know. most of them know what that. could do so i could give it to the grieving widow army sergeant le david johnson
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was one of four u.s. service members killed while on patrol in new share earlier this month wilson and also johnson's family say trump's call was insensitive and disrespected the sergeant sacrifice a claim the president denies i did not say what she said had a very nice conversation with the woman with the wife who has sounded like a lovely woman on social media trump said he had proof the congresswoman statements were fabricated the white house did not provide evidence but did say despite the twelve day delay in reaching out those present for the call confirm the president followed protocol it trumps words were taken out of context i think it is appalling what the congresswoman has done in the way that she's politicize this issue and the way that she is trying to make this about something that it isn't this was a president who loves our country very much who has the greatest level of respect for men and women in the uniform. still sanders didn't explain why the trumpet
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ministration has continued a policy of allowing hundreds of u.s. soldiers to train and advise in parts of west africa including nish air known to be high risk. johnson and three others were reportedly in an an armored vehicle when they were ambushed families of soldiers killed in action are known as gold star families in the united states they are deeply respected and honored for their loved ones ultimate sacrifice giving up their life for their country. but that's why so many in the u.s. consider the president's latest political controversy a showing of poor taste and an apparent lack of compassion toward a grieving family when it was empathy that was needed most kimberly helped get al-jazeera washington in the usa to florida the authorities are preparing for the appearance of the white nationalists richard spencer at
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a university this will be the first time spencer has spoken since a volunteer protest in charlottesville virginia which led to the death of a woman the university of florida has been forced to host spencer because of freedom of speech laws and to get out of there reports from gainesville. on the university of florida's campus students are doing their best to attend classes and study for exams but it's a challenge not to be distracted by increased security as authorities here brace themselves for the appearance of white supremacist richard spencer hailed from hearing our people hail victory the leader of the so-called old right spencer was one of the organizers behind demonstrations in charlottesville virginia in may the violence there led to the death of one protester the suspense is first major public events in scenes that shocked the u.s. the students just want this to go away and the university didn't invite spencer but have been unable to stop him coming because of freedom of speech laws as much as we
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abhor the rhetoric that mr spencer. spews we cannot maintain him from. saying some classes have already been canceled and students are being encouraged to stay away all my professors have been telling me about also all the security you. see the national guard around now i saw him yesterday so i mean i feel like we're in a safe place a kind of blew my mind when i was hearing about it because i like kind of like that sort of things over way you know and it's not and it's so prevalent still local businesses to are encouraging people to stay away this bar is offering free drinks to anyone that receives a ticket dispenses event but doesn't use it i mean it's made things more difficult for us we thought him by our pledge to people who get their hands on twenty's tickets and would like to trade on used tickets for beer i will do that all day richard spencer is the president of the national policy institute an organization
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labeled as a hate group it's thought his appearance will cost the university around half a million dollars in security there's an overwhelming desire here that richard spencer simply be ignored but he's already getting the attention he seems to crave this venue reportedly cost the national policy institute around ten. thousand dollars to book and spencer's appearance will make headlines around the world however for those at this public university in northern florida the primary concern is the safety of students and ensuring that if there are protests they pass off peacefully and a guy like roger zero gainesville florida. spain has warned it will suspend catalonia as autonomy if the region's leader doesn't abandon his secession bid separatist leader push the monitors has until thursday morning a few hours from now to clarify whether or not he is declaring independence from the rest of the country now if he does declare secession madrid says it will trigger article one five five or spain's constitution that's
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a measure that's never been used before and it would allow for madrid to take direct control of catalonia and that would also allow madrid to suspend the regional government and eventually trigger new elections in the region the catalan leader remains defiant but his neves barker reports he's running out of options. catalonians independence movement is looking increasingly desperate they're reaching out for help it concerns to each and every european citizen but slick campaign videos won't end the tense standoff with the spanish government. for its. earlier this week more protests of barcelona against the jailing of two independents leaders by a spanish judge the catalan president carlos puts him on his call them political prisoners last week he unilaterally declared independence and civil tain is to be
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suspended it to allow for talks but prime minister mariano rajoy says his government won't mediate with secessionists he's given puts him on until thursday morning to clarify revoke any independence claim if he doesn't back down the spanish government could take an unprecedented step and impose direct rule of on on his entire government could be suspended or even jailed this is high stakes political brinkmanship of mr preacher man seems ready to risk everything he believes he's honoring the will of more than two million people that voted in favor of independence in a referendum that isn't recognized outside catalonia if the madrid government decide to impose direct rule the independence movement says the response will be seismic i think it would be tremendously unwise to interfere in catalan autonomy because i know my country people will be an enormous response by most of
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the people in schools and television in the media are we talking about people taking to the streets again on mass of course we've been doing that for seven years we've had millions of people going to the streets and we would have that again in protest of course but the spanish government knows the regions defined it some catalans want secession now others are hesitant and large numbers hate the idea of these risking his career. he's risking his liver to his freedom he is risking a star really i mean i was a. mean is divided into two parts and i thing if he goes farther on it will be disaster with time running out which of all has little option but to push for change with the hoary wearing out the desire for independence against the possible loss of everything he and others here spent years trying to achieve the park al-jazeera barcelona. us about forces fighting iceland syria have
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been clearing main roads in rocca a day after their commanders declared the city under their control the kurdish led syrian democratic forces are s.c.f. raise their flag in record stadium after a four month battle to push i saw out s.c.f. says it'll redeploy five years now to the current front line against its in the eastern province of. iraq's oil minister has asked for truly giant b.p. to make plans to develop the kirkuk although fields baghdad took control of all of the oil rich region from the kurds on monday the fields of generated billions of dollars of revenue for the kurds charles trafford reports now from the kurdish capital in northern iraq erbil. iraq a government forces are in full control here and now. the oil fields around kirkuk one of iraq's two main oil producing areas were vital for the economy. before the
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peshmerga forces withdrew the kurdistan regional government was pumping around six hundred thousand barrels of oil a day from wells like these. this is one of the main processing units the buy has and feel it used to be exploited by the occupying forces of coke now thank god the fields have been handed over to the iraqi authorities when the peshmerga controlled this area the iraqi government accused the kurdish leaders of not sharing oil revenue with bank dad so it stops sending the seventeen percent of the federal budget as per the two thousand and five constitution to the region. now with the oil fields back under iraqi government control the oil ministry has vowed to increase production to one million barrels a day. and it's threatening legal action against the kurdistan regional government if it stops the flow to the turkish mediterranean port of jihan through a pipeline across the kurdish region of northern iraq the oil ministry isn't taking
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any risks. it plans to repair and reopen a pipeline that was damaged in two thousand and fourteen during fighting against eisel one that doesn't cross kurdish territory. as militia and iraqi government forces fill the streets in the nearby town to debase the shia song echoes from the loudspeakers. don't underestimate mr kurd we are the ancestors of the grandson of the prophet muhammad would be an accurate translation. prime minister hyderabadi says in taking back control of the kirkuk oil fields he has acted according to iraq's constitution for the benefit of all iraqis the kurdish government says it's being punished by baghdad and the international community holding a referendum on eventual secession from iraq which was the kurdish people's right
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we are disappointed at the reaction of the international community they should not have let down the people of color to stop them abandoned us at the time that we have done exactly what they have been preaching does that mean people preaching that democracy human rights rule of law transparency and openness going to the public going to the source of legitimacy is this a crime the kurdistan regional government is around seventeen billion dollars in debts and revenue from kirkuk spoil feels was vital to compensate for the seventeen percent of the federal budget the baghdad stopped sending this region in two thousand and fifteen now baghdad has not yet said when no if it will restart sending the money but with the oil fields firmly under government control the economic situation of this region could get even worse. cattles amir has called again for dialogue with the four arab countries who've
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imposed a blockade on his country to mean bin hamada al found he made the comment during the final stop of his tour of southeast asia he met the indonesian president joko widodo in jakarta to sign trade agreements. you and. your without a zero these are our top stories the un human rights she says perpetrators of crimes against the ranger must face charges and if they don't he wants the security council to act as a drug al hussein's intervention as amnesty international accuses me amass a curate the forces of raping and killing hundreds of range of villages and burning their homes the chairman of kenya's electoral commission has admitted that next week's election rerun may not be free and fair while fuller travel cutty says there's been political interference in the commission's operations
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a senior commissioner has resigned and fled to the united states saying she fears for her life pressure is mounting on the separatist leader colors poorish demand to reveal if catalonia will split from spain the government has warned it will take the unprecedented step of seeking to suspend catalonia as of autonomy if the region's leader doesn't abandon his secession bid. iraq's government has admitted that civilians were attacked by armed men during the military operation to retake kirkuk from the kurds prime minister hyderabadi has ordered the security forces in kirkuk to protect civilians and property. it. was late today he missed about he the iraqi prime minister has received information that some armed men whose affiliations unknown have attacked some civilians of course the prime minister does not accept such violations we also emphasize our commitment to the
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orders of the prime minister to protect the safety and security of all citizens and the kirkuk governorate without exception the interior ministry will take all measures to stop those who commit such violations. right that's it for now you're up to date there's the latest headlines from us here at al-jazeera coming up next it's inside story. with. promising economic openness while tightly consolidating political power what will the latest communist party congress reveal about china's global leadership aspirations as america turns
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inward this is inside story.


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