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tv   Australias Mine Games  Al Jazeera  October 22, 2017 7:32pm-8:01pm AST

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by capturing of the alarm our oil field which is one of the largest in syria. is definitely now going to have by tell. financial resources to continue its quiet to continue expanding the syrian army is just about few kilometers away from the same oil field that was captured today with the as the u.s. so we're talking about still a very delicate situation now facing the as they are trying now to cut some more territory from. egypt's president abdullah factor l.c.c. has been meeting with ministers of intelligence services and has vowed to fight what he called terrorism in the country funerals have been held for the sixteen policemen who were killed in a desert ambush on security forces in the western desert on friday other sources say fifty five men were killed during the raid. spain's foreign minister is urging people in catalonia not to listen to their regional leaders as madrid moves to take control of the region the two governments remain in political deadlock over catalonia controversial referendum on session. to the richest regions in northern
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italy voting for a biggest say in who controls their affairs and how much tax they pay the need to region may bring long body count for thirty percent of italy's g d p alright you're up to date with all the headlines here on how does or i'll be back with more news in just over twenty five minutes state you know for one of one east . you know still years remote northeast big plans are in the pipe. the largest coal
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mine in the country and one of the biggest in the world is going to be built here. the union company behind the bar says it will create thousands of jobs. but at what cost. i'm steve chowed on this episode when he's confessed to gates whether the mine will mean riches or ruin for australia. to. clear up a point where you know if. we got together. right . leg. loosen it carries cattle station is on the edge of an area called the galilee basin in the north east of the strange. life here isn't for the faint hearted the climate
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tosh and then the drought is perhaps the furthest by far the tray never tried dog. but in the past few years they have reached breaking point. the couple is fighting for survival as the coal mining industry led by indian company adani marches into the region. if that adani man dies and it's. going to be devastating it will destroy the galilee basin because they die anymore and if it starts the rest of the morning will come and be on. the carries biggest concern is having to share the most precious with source veron water is on run and it can live on a six year as it is it's nice to sensual not a lot and if we don't have a. dog you have to let go of. the two boys on the property i recall the one i use in fact that we lease the water supply the half that price.
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the carries property spreads across twenty five thousand hc days. it's dry service is one of the world's largest and deepest underground water systems known as the great basin it underlies more than a fifth of the continent and for many in the countries our cinta it's the only source of fresh water. for the carries it's the lifeblood of a pastoral business and they believe it's under threat from the coal mine is. now he said in a we get is whatever groundwater that i destroy in the morning operations is lost for cape cod and probably worse still if they impact on the quality. that's that's a real concern because there's no way of cleaning it will regain. the carries fee
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they could ultimately use their livelihood and the stress of that is taking its toll i just want to get on and got back to the way we were before all of that started just want to run my business and it's very frustrating so physically it's been it's been driving but for me. emotionally it's it's hot it's being. nice support from government and actually trying to my crazy for the companies to get in and i will crawl out of the top of my nine is so i'd impact on something like the great out asian bison to have that destroyed this doesn't bear thinking it's just about callous uncaring i challenge anyone to climb that this morning has not been subjected to my strange it in far mental assessments of controls and what government's responsibility is is to get the balance right environmentally socially and economically and on call for that that
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will happen with a developer gelling australian conservative senator canavan has been a driving force behind the government's backing of indian energy giant ajani what does adani mean to queensland a first the company proposes to build a steroid use biggest and one of the wools largest coal mines the catch cry is jobs for a region where unemployment is high and the delivery of electricity to millions of india's poor he's done he's proud to build along tim with queensland call as is asked second biggest export in the country thirty five billion dollars a year helps fund our schools our hospitals at public services so i bring up the galley bison could at around ten billion dollars to export revenue huge benefit to . the call rich galilee basin covers an area greater than the united kingdom adanis mine is in the heart of
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a surrounded by wildlife and cattle station. the company says it will start work on the sixteen billion dollars ration. so we know and we don't like this as you can see this little here at the moment. so the proposed mine will span sound thirty kilometers and include massive open cot and underground mines at its peak capacity it will produce sixty million tons of coal a year. from the galilee basin the call will be transported almost four hundred kilometers by rail to the company's pool at point right barry a rate then ships to india. adani is banking on a seven hundred million dollars loan from the strike in government to help fund the construction of the railway no major strain in bank is prepared to back the company
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believing global climate change policies undermine the financial viability of new coal projects and it seems finances are the only challenge adanis facing. just a kilometers from the planned mine site of the duma bullet springs. the water comes from the great basin and feeds into the comical river that runs through the mine site. a scene of tranquility today but a fierce battle is raging to protect them for the future. we're fairly emotional about this thing the thing is i would be basically writing a mother. myself and that's why i was saying no means. and he's nice johnson from the local indigenous community the one going and
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jangling good people. the springs are integral to their culture and traditional ceremony and they believe they're in danger of drawing up with the mine proceeds. had. been. about the water. and the waters lot for us. has attacked their dreaming. and the land for morning cup now some indian person that has no respect for our customs come into our country and destroy a second dream. we've been given and to keep the springs going the river flowing to protect the water and if the threat to the want to raise the mine then have to stop the mine and it's just that simple. the one going in jangling group people twice refused to sign an indigenous land use agreement with the dani but the
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aboriginal community is divided and last year an agreement was signed. by both attorney three to one in five ten or three to one is a pretty. static and enthusiastic support for the law it was a scam meeting adani bustin like two hundred people who people accusing the company of corrupting the voting process adrian and maher was families are now challenging the agreement in the poorhouse. they manufactured an outcome by getting random aboriginal people from all over the countryside to come in they paid them to put their hand up so it's not a true decision of the one going to tackling it people. we know who we are we know where we come from and we know what our responsibilities are. what detrimental impact the proposed adani mine will have is obviously a matter of speculation but many believe the company's history in india should set
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alarm bells ringing as the country's biggest producer of energy it's been accused of environmental destruction exploitation of workers corruption and fraud. the man behind the indian corporate power house is fortune. he's a regs to riches story in less than three decades donny family has reason to become one of the richest in india with more than eight billion dollars and along the way it's cultivated powerful political allies everybody knows that i use of the millennium there are learning simultaneously that i use of our prime minister in the morning. and yet there is a prominent human rights and environmental lawyer in india's western state of gujarat where danny has its headquarters and we know render modi service chief minister from two thousand and one to twenty four chain or prime minister
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before you got elected as a prime minister in the election campaign as a chief minister event. in the not in indian airlines not in india and india and yet next been spearheading cases against it done since a made nine hundred ninety four on the day one may have been after me. but we had a very warm very loving. me that i should stop the year being against them i should accept their retainers i have resisted all efforts. so long as. my mother learned. to investigate some of the claims being made against adani we're heading to the coastal town of mundra. here the company holds more than seven thousand hc days of government land
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most leased to it in the made to thousands for as little as one st a square. on it it's built to the country's biggest private fortune and the second largest power plant as well as a special economic zone here it's a blend blend at up to one thousand times the amount of. it's been a massive windfall for johnny but for local cattle herders like shaka it room it's been anything but. his village and many others have lost all their common grazing land to the company and. we had a thousand four hundred acres of land at one point. but all the grazing land for akbar's has been taken. big bungalows and. i'm scared if i can't run my business what will my kids do. companies going to give
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them jobs i can't even educate them because it's all so expensive. every day shakar abraham has to herd his cattle through an open sewer then several kilometers before he finds a patch of grazing land. and i'm going to ask but i don't the cows need to see. it or that what we now have to take in the hiring. there is so much traffic there. all of this years to be grazing land. there are no boundaries no those no fences behind these high walls he said dani special economic zone or. in twenty fourteen the high court found the zone was illegally developed without environmental clearance and shut it down but it wasn't long
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before it was back in business after another the more he became prime minister. the ministry of environment and forest granted the first set off and you know and i want to go to friend mr gambari and ask a question have you complied with the conditions of any yes the answer is no according to four independent reports commissioned by government departments and the judiciary they all found adani bypassed and flouted environmental laws. donny was like an earthquake for all of us when he first came here. with the environmental violations by a brought about tremendous suffering for local eggs and the government has done little about. ve heads up a local. he says adanis mega power plant operation has devastated local crops
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by failing to properly seal lissie water intake canal and storage pond. you can see how green and lush this area is. because of increasing salinity levels in the ground water our farming is being invaded by farmers have really gone down. what's happening. on the over all. these are photos of fly ash from a danis power plant you can see the have dumped all the fly ash on the roadside and . fly ash is a dangerous toxic dust created when burning coal they're not supposed to just dump it anyway as it could have an impact on people's health. and for more than ten years get busy ngo has gathered evidence of violations for legal cases against the company. to show us what he claims to be the impact of adanis
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developments on the coastal environment we're heading out along the river with some local fisherman according to environmental clearance conditions sand dunes and mangoes must be preserved and creeks mustn't be blocked or reclaimed but it's not long before god he's pointing out breaches. we're seeing adani has cracked and destroyed the mangroves here and this creek has been completely. the dredging pipes pumps and to reclaim land and not far from the shore dredging machines continue working with the afterguard adani is one person who can create the land and once they create the land this sell it off to other companies. at a huge profit. on another creek nearby we hit a wall of sand. we can see adani has dumped dredging material
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here and has blocked the creek that's why we won't be able to seal any further. or so maybe this mangrove forest was all around. but today you can see donnie has completely destroyed the mangroves in this region and i'm going. round to his family have fished in the area for more than a century he says they were once able to throw nets down in the local quakes but now they have the added cost of boats. who could walk to the water before. but now. because we have to go further to find places where we can fish. were still he says they catch is now quarter of what it was. you know the cat used to be really good. there were plenty of fish and be such. a big fish would
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lay their eggs in these neighborhoods. short of fish. forced to take out a high interest loan to survive his life has become desperate. they have taken out of livelihood of us. so we pray that. we want relief from the situation. what do we feed our children. the view across the waterfront development reveals a carpet of reclaimed land this is the land we have created by throwing the say on the mangrove forest they say man going to what it was never there i'm sorry your biggest be made and you will be able to come to know the satellite image shows how
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the coastline looked twelve years ago. this is today. we have been telling them in the sphere of involvement in one of the bunch of hard core us. what all that i mean is that you want to see that there. in the name of investor be the mutilation. the problem we face is that we are fighting people who have a lot of money and the government to support the rich and the powerful. company the company goes to any extent to silence any form of opposition and to cover up the matter. first and they try to bias over but we didn't give it up so the implicated us going to fall. but if they did that to me in two thousand. and i was stuck in the gene for five or six days.
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now and god be says these photographs were taken after he and his brothers were beaten by security guards when they tried to enter a local forest near the special economic zone. but according to adani the activist has attacked its offices and trespassed on company land. gadsby says last year adani tried a different approach but. danny himself called me asking me to stop helping these farmers he said he would give me what ever i want i got it. i mean what i said i don't want from you but i just want justice to i'm whose name you know. the fear of johnny provokes in the local community taints but this film a power plant worker agrees to talk with us providing his identity is hidden he
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says environmental regulations are consistently breached at the debt ridden plant to save money when the company is required to continuously operate a system to reduce dangerous so for a missions but he says that doesn't happen. and only installed the system. but they don't run it for a dime or. if there is an audit a visit by the government only then do they use that system a device it is not used he also says the company releases fly ash through the chimney stacks at night. and the evening and missions can't be seen as there is hardly any light visibility or they do it because they want to save money because electricity bill be saved they only are bothered about money they don't think about people. the former workers says they're also serious safety issues at the power
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plant. in april last year when a boiler was restarted a block steam vent caused boiling water to escape. tragically men with hunting the boiler at the time or go beyond the robber all those working there got burned and died you know it was a danis fold them grave for your board this was a very wrong thing that happened at me. because when start up happens no one is allowed to work there because there is no way to escape and an accident could happen at any times. rigs and native. workers died and thirteen was seriously injured police have charged three power plant managers with criminal negligence and accusations against adani practices don't stop pia in twenty eleven are retired supreme court judge found adani employees bribed customs officials police and
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local politicians to allow the illegal export of iron ore through one of its ports . he recommended the company be blacklisted today no action has been taken and adani denies any wrongdoing. back in a strenuous adanis plans for its mine are going full steam ahead but here on the great barrier reef there's grave fears the mine could wreak havoc on a global scale and help destroy one of the natural wonders of the world. the. decision to go ahead with a guided by is just about the most. unbelievably negligent decision you could possibly imagine it's the worst thing you could possibly do with
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a great. charlie veron is one of the world's leading marine biologist he spent most of the past fifty years surveying coral reefs earning him the nickname the godfather of coral. he says the bleached indeed coral here on the great barrier reef is a sign the world's reefs are in crisis as a result of climate change. it's hitting the oceans above their towers. and cory's will live a dying. these last two years we saw. because of the great player. it is that it is entire life the climate change and climate change is driven by greenhouse gases which is by far the most important. and coal is the worst contributor come doctor right now. charlie veron believes the
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carbon emissions from the extraction and burning of coal from adanis mine will be catastrophic that would provide much carbon dioxide as all of us straight it can produce two five to seven years. but found much of it doesn't matter where it comes so it doesn't matter word spread it winds up in the atmosphere and if it goes ahead what's your prediction for the rain you know every day. there's no doubt about that it will it will be did. live the great barrier which is something out of. our national. and if the great barrier reef goes so too will the tourism industry around it estimated to be worth more than fifty billion dollars to the country's economy what do you say to scientists who are saying that this whole mining is going to escalate the death of the right valuable i think it's absurd it's absolutely absurd to fit anything it will likely reduce carbon emissions
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because alcohol is a high quality and called typically used in india if we don't provide the best call here and i just. call it he called only harm missions only high temperatures and only worse we got very. destroyed in government is banking on jobs in royalties flowing from the adani mine but given the company's controversial track record in india and with so much at stake many wonder if the coal mine could be a disastrous mistake.
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it was an audacious bid to capture a city in the southern philippines and tone it into a promise of isolation. with the rai left the smoking room is asia the new battlefront one on one east investigates at this time on al-jazeera.


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