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prism of six extraordinary individuals. coming. in colombia transforming. into building looks just the west blasting the war finished. in just ten years and in singapore fredricka farms and living building anything you do on land on the ground doesn't make sense to do that on a building now can we mike of not just decorative that can we make it biologically productive earthrise discovers cutting edge solutions for sustainable city at this time. this is al-jazeera.
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hello i'm adrian finnegan this is the live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes a former trump campaign adviser a mits that he lied to the f.b.i. about meetings with alleged russian go betweens. and trump's former campaign manager pulled out a foot another former aide plead not guilty to conspiring to defraud the u.s. . spanish prosecutors seek rebellion charges against cattle odious deposed leaders plus. a nearly everyone described how they had been basing. it on the silent they're terrified about moving to the main town. refugees refused to leave an australian prison camp in papua new guinea despite its evident closure. they've been major developments in the investigation into links between russia and the campaign to get donald trump elected as u.s. president. trump's former campaign manager paul manifested his business associates
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have been charged with conspiring against the u.s. it's also that a third man who served as a campaign advisor has pleaded guilty to lying to the f.b.i. about his contacts with russia the white house though is to flexing the news saying that none of this has anything to do with donald trump a white house correspondent kimberly helka reports. trump do solemnly swear donald trump has been in office less than a year but this is perhaps the most significant day of his presidency so far on monday two of his former associates avoided handcuffs and turned themselves into the authorities in washington the first is paul mann afford the former chair of donald trump's presidential election campaign the other is rick gates a longtime business associate of matter forts and worked with the white house until march both men appeared in court pleading not guilty to
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a dozen charges they include conspiracy against the united states also to launder money acting as an agent for a foreign principal providing false statements to investigators and failure to report foreign bank accounts there is no evidence that mr mann of fort of the trump campaign colluded with the russian government. the announcement which caught many off guard that a third person tied to the truck campaign george papadopoulos had pled guilty to lying to the f.b.i. that was over the timing of his meetings with alleged go betweens for russia he is now cooperating with the special investigation led by robert muller as with paul mann of fort hood rick gates the white house is pushing back diminishing the role of papadopoulos as a foreign policy adviser this individual was the member of a volunteer advisory council them at one time over the course of
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a year and he was part of a list that risk read out in the washington post and hardly call that some sort of regular adviser however it's the case of paul manna for which is getting the most attention the indictments paint the picture of a man living a lavish lifestyle when f.b.i. agents raided his home they even photographed his suits as evidence of money laundering more than seventy five million a form payments through offshore bank accounts on twitter trump reacted to the arrests he has repeatedly called the investigation into ties between his two thousand and sixteen presidential campaign and russia a witch hunt by political adversaries and the media without offering any evidence the white house says it expects the russia probe to wrap up soon and will the indictment states man a fourth charges involve actions from twenty sixteen on twitter trump contradicted the claim arguing the charges against man a fort emanate from actions taken before chairing trumps presidential bid trump
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again stated there was no collusion between his campaign and russia metaphor its lawyer calls the charges ridiculous and on capitol hill top u.s. senators are also issuing statements about the indictments claiming it is proof the justice process is working kimberly helped get al jazeera washington. alan fischer joins us now live from washington the white house allan says that none of this has anything to do with president donald trump are they right what two things you've got to think about first of all the charges against paul minor for go all the way up to twenty sixteen and twenty seventeen over the time when paul manna for was campaign advisor campaign chairman to donald trump and you remember donald trump said he knew all the best people he picked all the best people so that puts a question mark over his judgment and george papadopoulos although the white house
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is playing down the fact that he was a volunteer for an advisory committee the reality is that he was part of the campaign and he was e-mailing senior figures in the campaign saying look we could get some duct on hillary clinton from russians that i know and they were saying that would be interesting and then when he was asked about it by f.b.i. investigators he lied about it and that's when he was in real trouble the fact that he has no walking with the investigation will concern many others also it's not unusual in cases like this when they go for a poor man afford to see a look if we convict you on the charges that were brought against you you're looking up to thirteen years in jail if you want to come ahead with a plea deal and we can maybe talk about more information that you could give us so this just might be the first step in what could be a long chess game you say i don't remember that when there are investigations into bill clinton and nixon took them up to a year to get to this point this investigation has only been going five months you say we're in this for the long haul a long chess game what happens next where where and how far could it go and. well
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that's what we don't know it will be up to the special counsel when he gets the information to decide where the information goes of course the white house is saying look we think this investigation is going to wrap up pretty soon but they said that on friday afternoon just a couple of hours before we found out that these indictments were coming down on monday republicans keep seeing this horrible inelegant phrase that it's a nothing burger issues there nor links between the russians and donald trump's campaign but the reality is there are many people on both sides of congress who are saying look we've got to let robert mueller do is job take this is far as he can let the evidence lead him in this investigation and then see where we are at the end of course people have been raising questions about whether or not donald trump will issue pardons but there are people again on both sides of congress are saying that would be a really bad idea and robert mueller must be given time and space to do is what even if it takes as well and to twenty eighteen al-jazeera as alan fischer
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reporting live there from washington john nichols is national affairs correspondent of the liberal weekly magazine the nation he joins us live via skype from madison wisconsin. it was metaphor who got all the headlines today to what extent though is papadopoulos the bigger story here. i think papadopoulos is the bigger story by any measure and that is because while man of ford is a known figure and certainly has been hit with a lot of very major charges along with gates it's papadopoulos who has acknowledged lying to the f.b.i. and that acknowledgement appears if we believe what we're being told odd to relate to efforts to connect the trunk campaign to the russians and so suddenly and very unexpectedly we have evidence that the miller investigation has gone much further much deeper into the truck campaign and much deeper into the most challenging
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issues for the trunk campaign and i think most people expected so how close does this bring president trump to this russia inquiry charges well there's a picture circulating today of papadopoulos sitting next to president struck out a at a meeting we know that president trump referred to him. top aide in a conversation with the washington post that doesn't convict donald trump by any measure but it does mean that he can't deny knowing this guy he can't deny having been in the room with this guy and so what comes forward from here if indeed papadopoulos is a cooperative witness somebody who is working with mueller on this the best a geisha and will have credibility i mean it they'll be able to go and say you know donald trump may deny it but here's pictures of this guy sitting next to down to the white house continues to throw up a smokescreen what are we to make of the administration's continued attempts to to
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accuse the clinton campaign of collusion with russia. yeah i mean it's pretty clear now that last week when the rumors about the mueller indictments began to circulate that the truck campaign or trump white house went into overdrive on trying to shift the blame to create a suggestion that there was more wrongdoing on the other side so to speak and i think they got a little traction with that many republicans in congress sort of echoed the message but what hit today it was much bigger than than just one indictment coming down the combination of the man of four gates indictments twelve indictments some very major issues and the papadopoulos indictment or actually acknowledgement of the admission of wrongdoing and a conviction that's that's something that has caused republicans in congress to back off i think a lot of republican media folks to kind of pause for
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a moment and the word from the white house is that this day is really sort of not the white house back on its feet there they're struggling to figure out you know how to respond and what their approach will be from here on out so i'm not sure that they feel the confidence that they felt a few days ago that they could they could ride this out i think now there's a sense that they have a real challenge on their hands and john all of this as it emerges that at least half the u.s. population was exposed to russian sponsored election posts on facebook during the campaign facebook says that it disabled five point eight million accounts in october last year twitter says that russian links also made to the counts sent some one point four million tweets about the the election campaign it's suspended over two and a half thousand accounts what do you make of that. well it's clear that there was a major effort to influence the campaign now that doesn't prove
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that the campaign was influenced i mean there's a there's difficulty in measuring some of that but something was going on and so when you combine that evidence of a clear effort to have some influence with the mounting evidence that people in the president's inner circle people who are close to him as advisors longtime aides a long time campaigner a short period campaign chairman but long time associate is that as we get more and more evidence that these people also had ties to the russians what you get down to is a real question of will one or more of these people say that donald trump knew that these things were happening that he was aware that there was an effort to do this if that awareness is established if you can put him in meetings and say that he knew about it then of course he is in richard nixon level trouble i mean this is this would be an extremely serious thing we haven't gotten there yet and we have to
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be cautious about this mueller is a cautious man he takes time to build his case over time but clearly this initial salvo of this initial set of statements about the indictments as well as the conviction point to an inquiry that is very serious that is focused on many of the issues that people are concerned about and that i think it's fair to say many people feel has the potential to make those connections that that you reference when you talk about some of the other attempts to influence the election john really going to talk to many thanks to john nichols national affairs correspondent at the nation thank you. u.s. president donald trump says that a libyan man linked to a twenty twelve attack on an american diplomatic compound in benghazi in libya has been captured attackers killed the ambassador to libya and three other americans in a statement trump says that special forces picked up the stuff imaam in an operation in libya he says that will face justice in the u.s.
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roslyn jordan has more from washington. on september eleventh two thousand and twelve a mob attacked the home in benghazi libya where the u.s. state department had established a de facto consulate the ambassador christopher stevens was killed during that attack as were three other americans said to be security contractors at the benghazi site more than five years later just one man the alleged ringleader of that mob is now on trial here in the united states on monday the u.s. announced that a second person mostafa has been arrested after a u.s. military operation somewhere in libya and that mr mom will be coming to the united states to stand trial in the deaths of the four americans very little is known about. with whom he was associated whether he was directed to carry out this attack on u.s. interests or whether it was
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a happenstance attack on pieing country whatever happens now it is certain that if there is a conviction he would perhaps face the potential death penalty here in the u.s. if not at least life in prison there are other people said to still be under search by the u.s. government it's not clear how close they are to apprehending those suspects as well at least eleven people have been killed in four astronauts in the city of dan in eastern libya witnesses say that civilian areas were his with women and children among the dead. spain's chief prosecutor is seeking charges against several regional politicians of a cattle ennius recent photon's a session the cattle and leaders could face up to thirty years in prison if convicted of rebellion sufficient in the bessel months meanwhile deposed cattle and president carlos pushed amount has travelled to brussels seeking support for the bid to split from spain under simmons reports from barcelona. the police may be
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guarding it but the seeds of regional government here no longer has a president as its head the spanish state is in charge its flag didn't get removed when says session was declared by parliament last friday only sign of carlos. is his portrayed his name is among twenty others on the charge sheet filed by spain's chief prosecutor begin. filming the study of the prosecution has filed several charges for rebellion addition and embezzlement against the main political leaders of the catalan regional government with their actions and decisions over the past two years have caused an institutional crisis that resulted in the unilateral declaration of independence this was carried out without observing and ignoring our constitution these charges are the worst case scenario for the sat catalan leaders sedition carries a maximum of fifteen years in jail and rebellion
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a maximum of thirty years. some ministers braved it out by appearing folk were then being asked by police to leave one was defiant. we will continue later came separate meetings of both parties that were in the government coalition and they both agreed to take part in the elections called by the spanish government for december more twists and turns in a crisis with so many dimensions and now the threat of jail hanging over politicians who declared a republic but now want to stand in the elections and do simmons' al-jazeera possible and. this is the news hour from al-jazeera still to come on the program. anger in kenya as the hurricane yet is declared the winner of the controversial presidential election. a desert battleground the u.s. pledges millions to back
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a new joint force in africa and in sports the houston astros one of the most dramatic game in world series history. the future of a historic agreement in colombia is in doubt after an armed group admitted killing an indigenous leader the national liberation army or e l n says that it was questioning. for a stero on links to colombia's intelligence services when he tackled one of its members he says he was shot in self-defense on friday colombia's president said that if the l.n. killed it would constitute a breach of the deal let's go live now to bogota the colombian capital. is there so this is the first serious breach i was under of that ceasefire on the part of the e l and what exactly happened. well all we know is what.
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leadership said in a statement part of it is well you said in your introduction that. indigenous leader in the western region calls for questioning accusing him of the essential being an informant for the military in that area and allegedly while they were trying to move him to the location of the interrogation he would have attacked one of the rebels that were escorting him and that's where that's where the rebel would have killed him this is where your land leadership is saying now recognizing their role in that that they said that they deeply regret this incident today have apologized to the family of defecting however they are also insisting that there was no order to kill or harm the indigenous leader in any
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way nonetheless this is clearly a major and tragic breach of this cease fire that started just a little over a month ago so this definitely will complicate to the young going peace talks in quito ecuador and the government said that this is the floor of all incidentally that land will have to do more than just telling the truth about what happened that for the talks not to be impactful does it mean that the ceasefire is or is over one of the the peace negotiations now what happens next. well adrian for the moment the ceasefire stands that's because according to the protocol of the ceasefire single incidents however serious like this one doesn't mean an outcome attic and to the ceasefire or the talks there is an observer committee that. the united nations is part of that together with the catholic church they are
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further investigating exactly what happened and they will send recommendations to the negotiations and they're going to go shooting cable and to avoid further incidents like this one however in the meantime we see here increasing criticism coming from the opposition to the government but also a non-governmental officials on how serious the plan is about the sparks many are also asking for those who have been responsible for this killing to be turned in by the land we're not sure that that will happen and also the u.n. is asking the government to do more to dispense community leaders and indigenous leaders in the traditional areas of conflict in colonial east eighty one of them have been killed by different armed groups or gangs since the beginning of the year so it's
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a very complicated very critical moments now for the stocks and we'll have to see in coming days what will happen as a serious. reporting live from bogota many thanks. they've been celebrations and protests in kenya where holder kenyatta has been declared the overwhelming winner of the presidential election results show that he took ninety eight point two percent of the vote but the opposition has dismissed kenya as his victory citing love voter turnout for me the miller reports from nairobi. the official announcement that who kenyatta had secured his second term in office was no surprise for millions of kenyans but a low voter turnout of thirty eight percent has raised questions around the legitimacy of the selection which was ordered by the supreme court after it's an old orcus presidential vote saying the electoral commission had committed illegalities. to sixty. nine percent.
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of the same. ones. or. this. was nothing more. than the realization. of a. statement. of ten. or so. and insubordinate. trace. the rerun was marred by violent protests when opposition leader raila odinga and his national super alliance party boycotted the election preventing at least one point eight million kenyans in opposition strongholds from voting. in total at least twelve million kenyans stayed away from the polls observer mission say besides the impact of the boycott violence and intimidation kept many of the voters away from polling stations. joe you described the vote as
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a sham with the electoral commission not making the reforms the opposition had demanded for it to participate in the vote virtually every other issue that we raised that last time is present in this election. and what has happened is that this time around i think i was in a crises legitimacy a crisis of trying to shore up the numbers so that it appears that there is a legitimate mandate for president and in the course of they have done unimaginable things i can think of at least seventeen different grounds for question even if the election is challenged at the supreme court there are concerns the courts may not act independently concerns around the independence of the judiciary was heightened when the court refused to hear a petition to perspire own last week's rerun saying there weren't enough judges present whether or not this election is challenge legally they are many kenyans
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that hope this final announcement will bring months of political tensions and uncertainty to an end but is kenya to address the nation are asking for unity protests began hitting fears of both political and ethnic rivalries are far from over. let's hear now from our series catherine sawyer witnessed some of those protests and opposition stronghold in western kenya. so people here in kisumu are very young by this saying they reject the results. of direction from the leader right away what. is going to determine what happens next but first straight ahead they say that this is a sham election they also say that they want a fresh election in one thousand days so you think. commission chair given the wrong result there is. no actually the
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solution lies within the to. the protagonist of course fighting for power but the end result is the common man is not getting anything on the table. i don't see anybody really don't. think it's going. to work we don't want. this is one of four counties where the election was cancelled because of security reasons and collectively there are about one point eight million registered voters and people here are very young. and they will do whatever he tells them to do. the united states is pledging sixty million dollars to support a new force to patrol the south western sahara desert the so-called five cycle
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nations that's mali mauritania became a fast. chad a combining to fight armed groups in the area diplomatic it is the james base reports. the u.n. already has a peacekeeping force in mali but it often faces attacks from the north lightly organized outside the country's borders the so hale is a vast desert region where armed groups can roam with considerable freedom a new force known as the g five mission is now being set up this is its headquarters but it lacks the necessary logistical support and funding of over four hundred ninety million u.s. dollars that's why the security council's been meeting everyone around the table acknowledges the force is needed but they disagree on what help and money the u.n. should give up is that artists on the females monophonic in addition to the issue of financing the joint force will also require support in spheres such as
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infrastructure information and communication technology and ziad technology training medical training and many vet passerby as well as supporting terms of both air and land a transport of their work yes not only it's pretty clear the u.s. is not giving the new mission a blank check we understand the force will need ongoing support and are eager for opportunities to work closely with our partners to make this effort a successful one but we believe that the g. five force must be first and foremost own by the countries of the region themselves the u.s. has announced that it will give up to sixty million dollars in funding the deaths of four u.s. servicemen in the share earlier this month perhaps moving the saddle up the list of washington's priorities it's not clear where the rest of the money will come from or how the u.n. will support the new g five force james phase out jazeera at the united nations at
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least five people were killed when israel destroyed a tunnel in gaza prime minister benjamin netanyahu says advanced location technology was used to identify the. tunnel in the communis area. the first priority for any government is to provide security for its citizens those who try to hurt us we hurt them i have said several times we are developing a pioneering technology to deal with the total threat today we discovered undestroyed air tunnel we hold hamas responsible for any attempts to harm our sovereignty outside its territory i assure you that we will continue to defend israel's borders syrian government forces have stored one of the last neighborhoods held by i saw in the eastern city of darrow's or how medea is the most populous area still under the armed groups control one hundred eighty people lived there the syrian army broke iceland's four year siege on our last month but small pockets of resistance remain al-jazeera is demanding the release of its journalist mahmoud
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hussein has been in an egyptian prison now for more than three hundred ten days he's accused of broadcasting false news to spread chaos which he and al jazeera strongly deny who has repeatedly complained of mistreatment in jail will get a weather update next here on the. protests in paris over attributes to controversial film director roman polanski. anger on the streets the worries about the social cost of new reforms in argentina and in sport houston texans players react to comments made by that team who compared them to inmates.
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how i want to play say the weather is now quieting down across that northeastern corner of the end i can see the error cloud here making its way further northeast was. a little bit of a nor'easter which is filtered in across new england eastern parts of canada up just a fair amount of bright lively waynes added they some coastal flooding as a result of that system coming through west of the weather will ease away as we go on through choose day you notice into one tab and quick back but dry there for maybe the degree celsius thirty celsius for new york so pretty ordinary weather right down the side of the u.s. a little more cloud coming across the southwest and cola some rain some sleet and some snow a possibility so when there is colorado maybe into new mexico wet weather will push its way into texas as we go through wide stance and heavy rain at that easing over towards the louisiana was going to the second half of the week still a fair amount of cloud around the northern plains with
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a possibility of some snow calgary you know within three degrees celsius meanwhile tropical showers continue across central parts of the caribbean it's a large area cloud that just around the great around today if you make it to them of the chance of seeing some very heavy right running right down to nicaragua. you're not. going to create you want to do a. full fledged raising. open the door to this is just hate. you open the door at a time into a physical reality that drains a lot of amazing. hold lines examine in transamerica at this time i was just zero. sometimes pictures of the only way to truly tell a story and al-jazeera so goes the extra some of the latest to camera gear and
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technology to make sure these images are innovative to be a bit over the edge of it's not just the thing behind the best it's about giving both of them. with the theme whenever needed. as a child of political refugees i've always been aware of different kinds of stories and different kinds of sensitivities al-jazeera is a space for that. well again adrian for going to hear in the news hour from al-jazeera our top stories u.s. president donald trump's former campaign manager paul benefit has pleaded not guilty to charges that include money laundering and defrauding the u.s.
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there rose from the investigation into russian meddling in last year's election it's also emerged that a third man who served as a campaign advisor has pleaded guilty to lying to the f.b.i. about his contacts with russia. spain's chief prosecutor is seeking charges against several senior cattle and politicians over the recent votes on suspension they could face up to thirty years in jail if convicted of rebellions edition and the betterment. and u.s. president donald trump says the libyan man links to a twenty twelve attack on an american diplomatic compound in benghazi has been captured has killed the ambassador to libya and three other americans. protesters have disrupted an event in paris to celebrate the life's work of the controversial film director roman polanski the city's been his home since the one nine hundred seventy s. when he fled the u.s. after russia charges of having sex with a teenager protesters say the tribute is an insult to the victims of sexual
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assaults david chase who reports. of aggressor and the drumbeat of hands on the cinematheque windows greeted polanski's arrival another four women have come forward to claim there was sexually assaulted by him still a wanted man in the united states for drugging and raping a thirteen year old girl four decades ago. the charges but escaped to paris before he was sentenced. but the director of the cinema tech said it was not the institution's role to be judge or jury or to moralize. polanski's films have received worldwide acclaim include chinatown the pianist the ghost writer and rosemary's baby and his latest one based on a true story critics say barely rises above cliche. women's rights campaigners describe the polanski retrospective as an affront to all rape victims.
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crazy he said the whole film industry defends him supports him organizers he's impunity by always running out the red carpet for him. i'm really going to enjoy this i'm going to try and see everything. should anyone continue practicing their art after having done things like that i still wonder if we can separate the men from the artists. the cinematheque very say polanski's amount to nothing less than a history of the twentieth century. and you were going to try three i contain some sublime performances. polanski's original victim is now in her fifty's and spoke in public this year about the rape i was a young sexually active teenager and it was a scary thing but it was not an uncommon thing. polanski has lived and worked in france for more than forty years and has been inducted into the french academy of
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fine arts for his work in cinema. cinema tech francaise say they will not abandon their fundamental mission to tiresomely show the work of great filmmakers david chase or al-jazeera paris that flick says it's canceling its popular series house of cards after allegations made against its star kevin spacey the us entertainment company says that its deeply troubled after fellow actor anthony rapp said that spacey had made a sexual advance to him when he was fourteen years old on twitter spacey said they didn't remember the encounter but offer. a sincere apology rob says that he felt compelled to speak out after accusations against hollywood producer harvey weinstein it's shine the spotlight on alleged abuses by powerful men in the industry argentina's president has voted to press ahead with tax labor and retirement reforms it's a week after. let's change coalition swept to victory that.
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reports one of. the new men in this has been taking to the streets for years to defend argentina. on monday he and others decided to march once again. we're here to tell the president that people can't make ends meet many are struggling with the increase in the price of food medicine and almost everything argentinean workers have won many benefits and let the government destroy what we've achieved. met on monday with governors labor union leaders and businessmen the president wants to carry out tax labor and retirement reforms he wants to build national consensus to pass on laws that he says will help argentina move forward. to do the reforms we need we all have to give a little especially those of us privileged because there are people who cannot wait
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the reforms we need so we can reduce poverty and so the middle class can grow. the speech marked a roadmap for the second half of market his four year term as he seeks to implement business friendly reforms to attract investors. that would you think he's a priority for you that ministration i didn't continues to have one of the highest poverty rate. in spite of years investment in social programs to fight inequality people here say. this place. does not. we get people like. social movements wanted to be part of the meeting but were not invited. me says she's worried that we forms will hurt low income workers. buckley is a businessman and even though we still don't know exactly what his plans are we do
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not trust him. the government insists every forms will help argentina move towards economic growth. on the street there are many who fear that growth will come at their cost. as you see when a site is refugees being held in australia as offshore prison camp in papua new guinea so they fear being attacked when the facility is shut down the madness island camp will close on tuesday and the six hundred remaining refugees will be moved to temporary accommodation on the island they're among more than two thousand people originally deported by a stray or to deter asylum seekers from arriving by boat hundred thomas explains. four years ago australia began sending refugees to try to get to its shores to remote island prisons in papua new guinea and no route instead on tuesday the man is silent prison will close the refugees held there are demanding that they be allowed to stay saying forced eviction into the papua new guinea and community is
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dangerous even. threatening us every day we're. trying to walk away from us frustrating us policy did deter people from trying to reach its shores by boat but its legacy was more than two thousand people left in limbo human rights groups condemned conditions in the prisons and demanded they closure after papua new guinea and court said detaining refugees was illegal australia agreed to close the man asylum prison and pay refugees compensation but the refugees don't want to leave they say. new preparations have been made for their lives outside. after locals broke in and attacked them in twenty fourteen one was killed there fearful of worse violence when they're not protected by guards i spoke to forty refugees and asylum seekers and nearly everyone described how they had been beaten stabbed or assaulted on menace island they're terrified about
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moving to the main town of largo australia's government says those it calls genuine refugees should start new lives in papua new guinea some may later be transferred to the united states under a deal between australia and the obama administration those it considers not genuine refugees must return to their countries of origin this is a crazy situation everybody has been screaming about wanted to get out of the place where we said it we're going to close it and move them into a different facility and require those the refugees to go back to their country of origin and now they want life australia's government says the prison closure is a matter for papua new guinea but on sunday immigration minister released a statement it says the refugees remain the responsibility of. and that p. and g. is concerned about human rights issues but the removal of. one person is close to
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one australian has gone to extreme lengths to highlight what she calls her government's lack of compassion for a month she's been on a hunger strike i'm not doing this because it's fun and i'm not wanting to harm my myself i don't understand what has happened to us we go to a place where. refugees on my side and fear violence on tuesday their advocates say the men on madness and families held on the roof should be transferred to australia or another country able to resettle refugees safely i'm just honest al jazeera city. let's hear now from kate troops who said the pacific research ship with amnesty international she joins us via skype from mannus island were amnesties main concerns about what happens when that facility is closed on monday siloed later today where we've been hearing reports from refugees over the last few days as well as some updates from
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a few days inside the center this morning essentially telling us that food water and now power it's a being cut at the same time they were given three days ago that was supposed to last them up until today there's no more through that's going to be distributed there at least that's what they're being told what if facilities were caught yes today you know we've very concerned that this is creating a very big dies situation for the refugees who were there of course thirty five degrees outside today a very hot humid penelas along without water what we saying here is that the strain government ultimately does have the responsibility to those refugees they're very fearful of its safety should they be moved closer to town and the other thing we've heard in the last few days is that the new facilities that they're supposed to be moved to each large enough to cater for them at this time so it's really not clear why this move is happening on such an arbitrary deadline is the day when you just
2:45 am
the ladies are prepared for that and that of course the refugees themselves are saying this is just settling us from one person to another or it's one of the a two alternative solutions what is amnesty say should be happening to these people well absolutely we've with the pup new government that ultimately the responsibility lies with the stray because these refugees came to seeking refuge there so the primary responsibility lies with the strain of it the top and you can. but to. answer very purpose is. to get. i'm sorry with your signal is breaking up that was. amnesty international specific research or reporting not reporting or commenting live from man a silent ok we'll move on the trial of cambodia's opposition leader is due to begin in the next few hours cam sako was arrested in september he's charged with treason
2:46 am
accused of collaborating with the u.s. to overthrow the ruling party if convicted he faces up to thirty years in prison when hey reports from phnom penh security is expected to be tight for the appearance in court of their leader of the cambodian national rescue party it's expected that many roads leading to the supreme court here in phnom penh will be blocked as authorities try to prevent supporters of the opposition coming here to protest or to show their backing for kim so he was supposed to be in court again last month as his lawyers filed an appeal against his pretrial detention but the police refused to allow him to leave prison apparently for his own safety so there is a chance that could happen again in this case since he was arrested on the third of september around half of the opposition members of parliament have left cambodia fearing for their safety and now the government is calling on the courts to dissolve the c.n.r. the the opposition says this is all politically motivated by
2:47 am
a government that's afraid of losing the general election in july next year danish inventor peter madsen has admitted dismembering the body of a swedish journalist on his submarine kim wallace body parts were found at sea after she interviewed him on his homemade vessel that's an initially denied cussing up the thirty year old's body claiming that she died accidentally when a submarine hatch fell on my head now he says the journalist died of carbon monoxide poisoning while on board. students in greece of hurled petrol bombs of police during a protest in athens police responded by firing tear gas into the crowd shop windows and bus stops were smashed and rubbish bins set on fire during the clash hundreds of students are protesting against education budget cutbacks which of course shortages in schoolbooks and teachers last year saw a record surge in the amount of carbon dioxide in the earth's atmosphere to
2:48 am
a level last seen three to five million years ago the un's world meteorological organization says the twenty sixteen increase in c o two levels was fifty percent higher than the average of the past ten years its latest greenhouse gas bill is in warns that this could fuel a twenty meter rise in sea levels and add three degrees to temperatures scientists blame the rise on a combination of human activities and the el nino weather phenomenon they say that more drastic emissions reductions are needed and a sense of urgency because he's demonstrating that we are not moving in the right direction at all b.-o. actually moving moving in the wrong direction if you think of the implementation of the batteries batteries agreement and beast all that much straight so there's some need to raise the ambition level. of climate mitigation to be if you're serious with one point five to do to create target of batteries batteries agreement. is
2:49 am
president of the institute for governance a sustainable development he says the growing number of people on the planet and sources of dirty energy are causing a buildup of c o two. i mean we're going to see sea level rise at an unprecedented level ten to twenty meters that's thirty to sixty feet that's going to cause mass migration of people who live on low lying islands and in coastal areas we're going to see heat that is so warm that millions of people will not be able to live where they're living today so we're on the verge of climate chaos and we need to move as quickly as we can to slam on the brakes with our emissions of carbon dioxide by moving into clean energy and by moving into super energy efficiency including of our appliances like air
2:50 am
conditioners we need to learn how to pull c o two out of the ambien atmosphere because it stays in the atmosphere for hundreds and hundreds of years and we have to learn how to pull it out and we have the brilliant technology to start with of photos synthesis pull c o two out puts it into biomass and into the soils and so we can accelerate that by protecting our forest and by expanding the way we grow our biomass. and then we can also cut as fast as we can the non c o two that again that's the black carbon methane and hydrofluoric carbons all right just ahead here on i was there in sport the football brain storm that saw this plane heading his team in the wrong direction.
2:51 am
2:52 am
and again to enough to support his far off. thanks very much the houston astros will attempt to win their first ever world series title on choose day when they take on the l.a. dodgers in game six the astros now lead the series after beating the dodgers on sunday in one of the most dramatic games in baseball history so home alex reports. the wild swings of game five. with the houston astros four one down against the last on two stages you need to escape being banned from this world series for making a racist gesture in game three it's a three run homer for the astros to level the school for four. in the fifth
2:53 am
and you responded in kind for the dodgers. with the series poised to chew on a fountain head back to los angeles the dodgers look to be taking charge of their three run advantage was restored. that stands. but in this game no legal say. today so much than all the three run homer and the game was never that seven seven hundred. in the seventh inning george springer of the astros summed up the explosive nature of the nine steps to this homerun triggering an early fireworks show. and the astros extended the lead to three runs in the eighth inning by now houston had also become the first team in world series history five different plays homa in the game. but with the lay down to the final strike in the nine to. six the tension level still had room to rise as the dodgers
2:54 am
never the game once again at twelve twelve. off the all the home runs there were there was a question before the astros bragg's in the ten that finally decided the game offer more than five hours of actual. thirteen twelve win for the asteroids the two best teams in baseball fighting to the very and then coming toe to toe with each other i mean. everybody was used on both teams pretty much everything every single player and it's special for us to come out on top i think this whole series has been an emotional roller coaster it's the two best teams playing for a championship and these are two teams that play twenty seven outs like we've talked about and so you're not going to expect those guys to lay down. the series and all the drama with human los angeles with the astros one win away from the first ever world series title. from hell malik. houston's n.f.l.
2:55 am
team have also been making headlines after a majority of players kneel before sunday's game in response to comments made by the franchise owner about forty houston texas players kneeled ahead of the game against the seattle seahawks texans owner and bob mcnair is quoted as saying we can't have the inmates running the prison when referring to ongoing player demonstrations during the pre-game anthem the movement was started by former san francisco forty nine ers quarterback calling capper nick to protest against racial injustice. we're a family as a team and you know it you know we came together as a team and wanted to you know send a message home and and that's what we started to do and i stand by my brother. chicago bears zach miller had to undergo emergency surgery to save his left leg after suffering a gruesome injury during a game against the new orleans saints the thirty three year old dislocated his knee while attempting to catch a touchdown pass doctors say the operation was
2:56 am
a success. lewis hamilton says the film cool runnings inspired him to believe that one day he could become a world champion the britain is now enjoying that feeling as a formula one driver for a fourth time a nine place finish of the mexican grand prix was enough for hamilton to win the title with two races left in the season hamilton began his career in go karting and says the true life story of the jamaican bobsled team making it to the winter olympics convinced him that he too could reach the top. i was a back to you know my favorite movie was cool runnings and. when they arrived at the top of the hill for the first time in the rusty old bus that that's exactly how me and my dad arrived at the go kart track you know and everyone kind of it was almost like a one stop to look at us you know it's such a cool. thing now looking back upon it it's kind of daunting at the time but.
2:57 am
i just saw how much work and how much sacrifice my family. did and went through in order for us to be where we are today rafa nadal will almost certainly remain the world number one at the end of the tennis season after roger federer pulled out from this week's paris masters the swiss number two had closed the points with a win in basel on sunday but his withdrawal has put new dell in position to finish top for a fourth time in his career let's say i need to win a match. might be something that. i am here to play my best i've seen every tournament. was if that happens will be something important for me but season is not over is not the moment to think much about that just to think about it have the right preparation for the tournament and then. to be ready for the first match all mccourt dutchman robin has flashed american steve johnson in the opening round of the paris masters six two six one the final score. now to
2:58 am
a contender for one of the strangest penalty incidents football has seen in recent years this happened in the scottish league to the game between cabin beef and their rangers look set to finish no mail until counted in jordan garden tried to tackle an opponent with his head as brainstorm resulted in a foul in a penalty barrack scored the spot cake and won the game gatenby are bottom of the table and that's all your sport for now more later sorry many thanks dave and that's where this news out draws to a close i'll be back in just a moment with all the latest on the day's top stories.
2:59 am
it's u.s. president donald trump visit to asia the goals to forge relations and strengthen the resolve to confront the threat from north korea but what impact could this visit really have we'll be live across asia to bring you the very latest coverage on al-jazeera. in india women as old as seventy are defined there having maybe
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one or one east meets these elderly mother. how old is too old. at this time on al-jazeera. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current events that matter to al-jazeera. king a former aides of u.s. president trump a charge as part of the inquiry into links between russia and his election campaign .


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