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tv   The Stream 2017 Ep 173  Al Jazeera  October 31, 2017 11:33am-12:01pm AST

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russia's foreign minister says the meddling allegations of fund. kenya's main opposition leader i loathe is expected to announce his next move a day off the president was declared the winner of the election. it's the story next stay with us. every your. time so we had guy today look at the stories big in the headlines and fairly loud
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on social you're the strain live on al-jazeera english and on you tube in india is the economic boom about to go bust has declared independence spain has filed criminal charges against its latest so where do things go from here a couple hours following just some of the wide ranging conversations on both sides of the fiery catalonia debate make up today the history of us has changed again a new country is claiming its place catalonia. well since the government declared independence from spain friday online conversation and praising the decision has grown with a number of hashtags on twitter trending immediately after the declaration phrases like welcome catalonia and the cuts a lot of republicans here popped up in tweets from people sharing their excitement for an independent catalonia but not everyone in the region supports a session from spain hundreds of thousands of people rallied in the streets of
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barcelona sunday and favor of spain some using cut the line and spanish hashtags translating to all of us are catalonia to express their support for unity and disappointment in the decision still the independent separation is inspiring other independence movements around the world for scotland on facebook writes congratulations catalonia scotland next. freedom is not given freedom is taken just took their freedom our friends home and they ask nigeria will never give you freedom you have to take your freedom from nigeria so what do you think independence movement we want to hear from you tweet me and bring up your thoughts to today's costs and they have thank you so much joining us now in barcelona do you already that i know there is a pro independent active race and al jazeera. abdul hamid good to have you both with us do you know do you have a broad smile on your face what he's going on right now down on the ground to make
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you smile so broadly. well i'm pretty. convinced that things will go right in the long term let's look at can balance going on between the two governments. there are a lot of things going on behind the scenes but i'm pretty confident that my side. will be able to bring forward the freedom of the capital people even though i do understand there are many companies who don't agree with me but i think that this is a huge opportunity to build a new country a new state a new administration for catalonia and for all the kaplan's to go forward on the spot of one to ten jordi one being i know absolutely everything that's going on ten being extremely confusing where are you on the scale of confusion right now. i
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would be nine to both of us i think something in other words i don't really know not absolutely sure what's going on because there's a lot of stuff as i said are you going on behind closed doors. but there are a series of things that make me pretty confident that things are going ahead you know the words this is not a stalemate anymore. i think that in fact some mediation has been going on behind the scenes but neither side can admit to it especially of the spanish side but that's just the feeling i have been speaking with people. throughout the day another the weekend there was serious concern about what was going on because apparently the declaration had been made but it hasn't the spanish flag is still flying above the palace of the presidential palace of the
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generally guy who just got in government. but. there are signs that the madrid instruction is softening up. sounds like things that. a week ago and that could be what's leading to some of the confusion online about people saying they don't actually know what's going on here says tweet from nuria another resident of cotton oh yes she says i work in a big company where people have different opinions on friday after that the declaration we continue to work as normal how do you see this tweet from nuria saying life was normal on friday today what is life like on the streets what is the mood like. well if you go around barcelona as if nothing is happening at all i mean you have the touristic areas of that completely packed with people. business is open traffic is flowing people are going to work so it does feel very normal but.
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up to certain places like the square where i am now and that building behind me i don't know if you can see that's the. government and that has been a focal point throughout the day and a lot of people coming to check what's going on simply because no one has heard of the cartel and. now deposed leader carlist bridge damone. saturday basically he he appeared on social media pictures of him walking around his hometown she day is the first day of the week people were expecting that maybe members of his cabinet or himself or try to get into this building he would be stopped by the police because of orders coming from madrid none of that happened and then throughout the day we've been running around rumors about his whereabouts at the moment it seems that he is in belgium at least maybe also brussels. said that he has been he is in belgium and he doesn't know for how long so you hear
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people say ok so there was a declaration of independence but then down the leader is gone and nothing has happened since certainly it is a very confusing time for. the people i met here in barcelona and specially as you mentioned there are divisions there are a lot of people who are against all of this call themselves a silent majority polls show that they could be actually a majority. vote they had this massive rally yesterday but they feel completely left out angered about the situation and they say that this is a regional government and political parties went ahead pretending. basically represent them too but they're not being represented so you have that sort of anger and anxiety lingering even though when you look at the city everything seems absolutely normal i'm just jumping. on your social media feed your twitter feed
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here and we've got cattle and spanish fly to the pregnancy rally in barcelona the message we have cattle and spaniards cattle and independents just looking at this very different picture from monday obviously monday is a work day in barcelona but that balance between the activists who are delighted with what's going on are the people yesterday were saying that yeah please please continue so people at the rally yesterday were have both the cattle and flags and the spanish not the independence they kept on making the difference saying catalan and spain are two sides of the same coin. and actually they were talking in catalan and the speeches given were in the castle and so they were actually making a point to show the cartel an identity but they simply did not want to be part of an independent country when he said even maybe said maybe the idea is ok but not on
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the conditions at the moment they see that they have a better life if they're part of spain. you know ok but i may just say something guy first of all a point of like to me is that first the capitalism is not it's a it's a recognized language by any linguist and secondly there's an issue here which concerns me which is that your correspondent said that they felt left out now in fact those who are leaving them out of those who refuse to allow them to participate in a referendum those who say that the referendum is illegal that's who's leaving them out because what the current administration wants is for them to vote as well for them to vote no but the spanish administration is insisting it's. not going to allow a referendum saying it's illegal and that's. putting them in
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a position where they can't feel they can vote and i'd like to see them vote you know if that's what it wants i mean the thing will be really clear if a referendum were allowed and those who are in favor of yes and those who are against vote no instead what the spanish administration has proposed is that there are these huge rallies used on both sides. which try to represent each of those son but we don't really know who's who and how many of us there are so it's impossible to come to a final decision on the issue judy villanova i know how to add to her i know that we are going to be following this almost every news bulletin certainly for the next couple of days thank you very much for being part of the stream today make up. now let's head to india where our next story on the indian economy starts with a tumble fell four million people in india marked their tweet with the name of the
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blockbuster tumble film earth all this month but the movie isn't just making headlines for it screenplay it's in the center of a political controversy with india's ruling party the. j p problem state b d p president argued the scenes create the wrong impression of india's government schemes and called for their removal there are conflicting reports about whether the film's producers will cut the scenes out of the movie but opposition lawmakers fired back with their thoughts this impedes says notice to filmmakers law is coming you can only make documentaries praising government's policies and indian national congress vice president raul gandhi treats mr modi cinema as a deep expression of tunnel culture and language don't try to democratize time or pride by interfering in marcel supporters of the film have also started their own twitter war pitting hero against india's prime minister modi but while three hundred thousand people have been using the hash tag modi personally stepped into
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the fray thank you many prime minister modi campaigned on a platform of akshay did in all good days but is not being we selected in the state of the economy with the monetize ation in twenty sixteen and also the g.s.t. from this year joining us from mumbai that coal is an economics commentator and author of india's big government the intrusive state and how it's hurting us and in noida cash shop is a writer for forbes asia gentlemen it's good to have you here let's back this idea of the goods and services tax simple i'm packing if that is it possible let me show you this you mean but say to us about the g.s.t. is the systematic way of robbing people a perspective that is a how would you explain the g.s.t. for us as a global audience. so g.s.t. is like you know any of the value added tax which is introduced you know in countries across the world. the problem in india is it has been introduced and
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implemented that is you know that has led to a huge mess you know the government sort of how did the g.s.t. in on july first when the backbone which is at the heart of the g.s.t. wasn't really an eighty all the number of back what does happen is that that of the two we need you know typically value added taxes sex successful if that are you know two to three it's at best india has close to five to six attacks. on a number of that what has also happened is that when the changes have been introduced since the g.s.t. was introduced in july first in fact the job going on now is that even the accountants can't keep track of how many changes have been introduced so. so there is a tweet here from someone who might agree with that this is not mahathir says the g.s.t.
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is a big blunder they should have created a proper framework and launched it after winning in twenty nineteen that selections small business owners hate g.s.t. and he goes on to say there was rates there extreme for hotel industries and small businesses and they've caused a lot of outrage around can you talk to us about what the g.s.t. means for small business owners fruit sellers on the street or the people that sell gold people with their own shops what is this meant for them. so basically whatever the exit i'd like a few things that you see actually is one consolidated tax under which business other dogs came together. it is implemented all across the economy and under the umbrella you had swallowed business players are entrepreneurs who are impacted at worst the currently now the reason for this is like with aig said. people don't have enough information regarding what g.s.t. is about they don't g.s.t.
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is for their good but why is it for their good nobody knows that are probably that woman attorneys out there. which are trying to explain the same thing for the small a little bit of food seller he probably would have issues regarding g.s.t. i mean most of the people who are from the last run of the society they have the fear of unknown or have because they don't know anything there's not enough information and of course like the defense labs if you're a restaurant owner non easy with the slab is different then atheist lab so if for example a person goes to eat food then on stage i just sat down for a second because like you want to keep up with the different laps flavia differing write spec fic like you know you can write and say different goods that you might want to buy that will have different kind of tax cut so you have some something something like that slab for your five dollars and twelve was an eating person so
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if you're for example a see a restaurant eating in an easy restaurant then you'll be eating bus and button on easy restaurant would be twenty dollars and similarly. for example most a little controversy the phone we're talking about in that there's a dialogue regarding the health care services the health care services are apparently exempted from the tax but then there are certain medicines which i think you wouldn't attacks so people are actually confused and because of rich they're having trouble and of course feel in doing business everyday business. now i'm going to have to look yes sure but let me just show our audience if i may that just before you jump in the idea of a good sales tax and goods and services that it's not unusual there are many places around the world we pick some of them so you can see how india can pass let's have a look easy in fifteen percent last year twenty percent is quite high sweden has twenty five percent india has different pacific different percentage or different
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levels for different kind of goods different and that's what i. was saying about the different slabs that but actually also different countries have different rights for different kinds of goods and services. so that what we're about to say ok so basically i wanted to make two points the first point was regarding the fruit salad i mean the fruit salad the small fruit seller would not get impacted by merely because g.s.t. kicks in only if your knowledge is greater than two million rupees or you know. that's the first point the second point is regarding what people really you know what happens is it creates needless confusion and it also creates inequality in some cases so to give you an example you know condoms. there is no g.s.t. on going to what is on temple and source energy pads as we call them in india. today to struggle posting so you know they're going to many other places around the
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world of a second is very annoying for lots of women who why would this not be something that everybody has to use every woman has to is ok to continue. ok so you know so basically what has happened is. you know the. implementation they have not been prepared for it. and at some level you know taxes and any kind of tax i mean this need not be a value added tax are successful when they are simply well to executive because at the end of the day you know the government just claims the rules it's the people who need to follow those rules and pay their tax and if the rules are not simple you know it's sort of creates problems i mean i can move and it's interesting you say that because there's at least one person on twitter this is a class he says this is much simpler than what it needs to be the g.s.t. will help consumers and traders as there now will be no harassment inspector raj
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and he also says the complexity of the previous system made logistics very onerous and costly unofficial bribes for commonplace so it seems to say he seems to be saying that this will alleviate some of those problems do you agree with that. ok i don't you know simply because the earlier system was not as you know wide ranging as the current system is you know at some level the earliest system concerned only the corporate players and the big institutional players know this g.s.t. on the other level goes down to the lowest common denominator and it is not simple enough it may be simpler than the previous system but it is still not simple for an average you know small entrepreneur to follow the rules and regulations and at the same time have enough time left to carry out his normal activities i mean i can give you my simple example you know i. i mean i pay service tax as a freelance professional and you know i used to probably spend one you
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know deal months or even less than that preparing you know documents and everything so as to be able to file the backpack. now it goes you know i see now we've spent close to four to five times you know the time that i used to spend only or so it's not so it's simpler than the earlier system in many cases but it is not simple. in many other cases ok so you can archive or want to say yes you can use what we can of it can i say one thing on this what the vehicle just thing and i think this is really i mean we are in video one has to remember the g.s.t. was just implemented in july so in two months time you're actually understanding the system and then implemented in the every day light so what he's experiencing or would repeat it of time as we get more accustomed to the g.s.t.
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we not clearly not generally not really no i don't agree because of the civil rights act little even after the ring was finished because he allowed local sales to start with a little stock as control coming first so what i was trying to say was because earlier on as with any process whether it's a learning how to cycle it seems difficult early on as time passes by the number of hours between the board for a certain purposes such as what we call a think go down and hence you would move on to better things and efficiency increase and then told us productivities that's how most of our human function that that behavior it fine. well i mean that is going to be able to say i don't agree. you know this is. so that's obviously you know it's been propagated by you know people who support this government i mean having been a part of the earlier system and now being part of the current system i can tell
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you that the current system is in any complicated obviously one gets used to what one gets used to everything in life that does not mean that the system itself is simple enough i mean there are many things that can be done in order to simplify this current system so that you know more and more people come onto the g.s.t. bandwagon i mean for starters i mean you know there are six to seven i mean it's just bizarre i mean if you have seven dates you will obviously end up creating confusion show so so you need to sort of. look to it so that show people can understand and the sentence was something that i found at. the school go was just online trying to help people navigate what the g.s.t. actually man and how to navigate it legally laughs so why didn't this conversation out a little bit online with people talking about the current state of the economy and what the g.s.t.
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means for that this is via you tube live no poll says i had faith in prime minister modi in the first two years but i completely lost faith this is done more blunders than good and its policies are only for show business this is of course speaking of the economy car and take us into your health check up on the economy of course we're also a year since the day monetize ation that a lot of tweets about that as well where would you say the economy is right now. i would say i mean. they invention is there but execution has been a problem because of the fact that we are doing twenty. also in different sectors that have been just going through trading in one area once they're batted back and we are. doing too many things i mean we're trying to advance on the economy rather than requiring it but part of plan b. monetary relief. was done with economic i'm. a bit put it because i'm going to
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bring it in and it had its benefits in the form of it led to the big. increase in use a ball for for example when big industry in india had been prominent there were a lot of people who want one or four making their money on a transaction so now i'm on a back seat we're right at the end of the show the state of india economy how would you finish that sentence the state of going in you know i mean is in transition right now the next three four months or six months we're going to see something better and hopefully we could not be right i did six months to get better higher rate of growth as predicted by world bank but i am and i so got on then visit thank you so much for joining us here on the stream we really appreciate your insight about the indian economy right now bleak house is conversation going on like i'll end with this week it's negative so this is not the only representation but safe says the hasty decision to implement g.s.t.
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is an imminent failure as it lacks careful nuance and policy making so we'll have to check in on that later absolutely as always our conversations continue online using hash tag day stream and of course you can watch us every day monday through thursday on lucienne at nineteen thirty g.m.t. and so much. just to. get. the home. we want to do for us but our time trying to get there not. just. jump on the truck. load
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the one today. this tough one colleges zero in india women as old as seventy or to find their range having maybe one east meets these elderly mother. at this time and out zero. facing the realities no president said that there would be a complete audit a hundred percent ordered that order hasn't happened getting to the heart of the matter so are you saying then that the future of the g.c.c. will be in doubt. here the story. on talk to how does iraq at this time. across the paddy fields appears a stream of people they did with heavy bags and carrying small children they say they're escaping from the smoke in the distance we follow the path to the border and come across a group of. bare feet caked in mud they tell us they arrived in bangladesh the day
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before need to return to find the rest of their families who couldn't make the journey that as the last bangladeshi border security post and beyond that where you see the smoke billowing it's me and mark now the journey between the two countries is just a boat ride across the river that takes twenty minutes which is why we've seen dozens of made it to the safety of bangladesh trying to go back to say family members that left behind for normal hamilton has extended family this path leads to safety going to get it he would be. struggled so much now we want to stay here live here and die here in bangladesh. around hundred one hundred fifty men they came around in the days in center they start moving around. refugees refuse to live in a straining and run prison.


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