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tv   The Stream 2017 Ep 174  Al Jazeera  October 31, 2017 10:32pm-11:01pm AST

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voe was below forty percent because the poll was boycotted by opposition supporters were being made no mention of a legal challenge but warned of the election result will undermine the public's faith in democracy the lawyers of social media companies facebook twitter and google are testifying to u.s. senators in washington it's part of the investigation into whether russia use the companies to interfere in last year's presidential election facebook says about eighty thousand posts were produced and as many as one hundred twenty five million american users may have seen russian based contact. at least five people have been killed by a bomb near the u.s. embassy in kabul the attack took place in an area where many foreign embassies and government departments are base. russia has invited thirty three syrian groups and political parties to attend what they call the syrian congress on national dialogue in sochi in mid november russian officials have suggested
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a new constitution for syria could be a key discussion point those are your headlines i'm going to have more news for you in half an hour stay with us so the stream is coming up next. with the the. i answer me ok and your in the stream five months after he captured murari city in the philippines i saw has been defeated but take a look at the devastation that has been left behind just a few weeks before the end of the battle al jazeera went to murali have
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a look. turner eleven. so i may need. to go on a better guide and. protection to my family. but put it to you just watched was from a film by al jazeera as one
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a one piece program our colleague steve chow was with the philippine military as it made its final push to take back the battle took an unexpected five months much of the city is now in ruins and more than a thousand people are dead but is this really the end of the story some say there are historical grievances in the southern philippines that have yet to be addressed and many are now wondering whether i so will we group and try to make south east asia its new battleground joining us to discuss this from him again city we have rafael cassano he's a journalist of a.b.s. c.b.s. news ace guerrero is am are now youth advocate was displaced from raleigh and steve challe senior present for al-jazeera is one i want to be surprised at how everybody welcome good to have you here steve you take pictures when your reporting we see behind the scenes a lot as one picture that you shared with us it's right here my laptop they really takes this to how did this all get started so many months ago tell us yes what are
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we seeing his where is this this was the house where the siege began on may twenty third you can see all the bullet holes that riddle through the upper floor of this building this was where the south east asian amir of i so was hiding at the time when two units of military forces came in to try to arrest him and when they tried to arrest him they came under extreme fire from a number of militants intelligence services said that essentially it was a siege planned a few days later but because the military went after him. to learn how to love that mirror southeast asia so the siege began and you can see the utter destruction that happened in that house and it's essentially spread as the fighters took over the city at the end of may and then five months later we saw pictures like this circulating on facebook this is from inside military a forum there are a defense and security forum based in the philippines and you can see pictures
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there of what they say are philippine military soldiers celebrating lower down on this picture this comment from jeff who says i'm glad it's over but seriously six months he says so have actually it was five very poorly handled this won't be the last town for this to happen he actually got a response from the military for and they say this is actually the quickest fight against isis anywhere on earth of course the military was initially stunned and was caught bare handed but it was very very quick to turn things around a still want to weigh in here you have on one hand people saying this shouldn't have taken that long on the other hand someone pointing out that this perhaps was pretty quick in the grand scheme of things. yeah personally i think that i agree with the one that sees that they shouldn't have taken this long because context was a the military and he was aware that there was an imminent and expected wreck
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because right only to the siege there was probably a year ago. bill that. was attacked by the voting members to read to the members of their who and i think that was the most serious of events in the attack or in the adjacent when you see these in our city are enough reason for them to do something as early as possible but that was one year and then they were not able to stop it so i feel like there was a last negligence on the part of the local government unit or of the government in general and i appreciate that he was able to be obvious but i think it's important to be critical about the root cause of the problem so that we can make sure that it doesn't happen again and we will be able to prevent it in the future assuming that there are other groups that might that might be given that this kinds of things are
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not really over this by the death of their leaders race you're talking about you know the fact that their military and the police were aware of that. change was imminent according to police sources that we talked to today told us exactly that that they were actually very aware of the exact day when this huge would happen however this wasn't communitarian communicated to the military or to those units which first approached that happened on a try to arrest him if the military the police had been in communication with each other it's very possible that they have stopped this he's from happening but you know there obviously was a lot medication we asked the military whether there was a severe failure of intelligence gathered. military. but still as you said you know there's no question that they were taken by surprise in a lot of ways you know when we go to turkey the president of the philippines said initially it would only take three days to finish this it was five months and not
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only to take five months but just look here at some of the devastation we're seeing now from way and then the question here rafael for from the locals from some locals and you can tell us how people are thinking about this now over kale some locals question shelling as one headline from al jazeera english dot com what are the locals actually saying about was was there too much force was the too much bombardment and was it worth losing so much of merari city in order to push i saw a lot. you know it's been very split between the locals we've been going around the different evacuation centers asking them what they really think of the military actions here in morrow the city and the some say that it was really an overkill and they didn't think that. airstrikes barring the city was necessary if they had
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enough troops on the ground to actually neutralize the numbers of them out a group but then there are some who are saying that you know they they accept what happened to their city as long as they return they're safe and they're all for it so it's really a mixed reaction between the locals depends on which part of the city they are you know some of those agreeing are mainly in areas which are considered controlled areas and did not really have a lot of devastation around it but you know we can really understand why some locals would think that it was really an overkill because you know it's really difficult especially in the city wary the center for commercial and for business in the lead now bill sewer so you know the businesses that have been lost there is a big blow to them and for this alone they will really think that it is really an
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overkill so there are fail i heard similar similar things as well when we were down on the ground and we kept pressing the military on this because there were some that argue that why didn't the military simply use you know special elite small units to go after you know all the motive and the i still fighters but you know at the same time this is perhaps one of the reasons why the military kept taking us journalists into parts of the main battle area essentially to show us that why it was so difficult the fact that the fighters are very entrenched in this city the fact also that due to a legacy of. family feuds in the city a lot of the houses were reinforced in terms of concrete walls so it's very difficult to get in and attack the fighters there are entrenched inside which is why they decided to go with the aerial bombardment but again you know i think there are a lot of questions as to whether the military you know needed that level of force and whether it was properly trained to deal in urban warfare you know the marines
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told us the national forces told us that they were trained all mean jungle warfare and this may be why we saw one hundred sixty five soldiers killed in police officers killed in this battle so i want to share this exchange a couple people on whether or not it was overkill and whether this level of force was necessary or tell on twitter says selling wasn't necessary it only makes recovery difficult and could serve as a recruitment tool the government fails to rebuild and construct reconstruct on the other hand cora says it is better to bomb the entire city than to send in soldiers and be killed by snipers or i e d's of course we know i mean these are are things they are dealing with now buildings can be rebuilt but lives can't say so i want to play for you a video comment we got from a former resident and what she thinks about that overkill conversation this is a she and this is what she told the stream also feel sad because our city are what we call the war zone west movement into an ashes nothing was left and because of
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that i feel deep sadness for them because they will restart their lives and not continue i didn't expect that these terrible things will happen in our city especially it happened in the corner of our city no more busy streets no sound off nice in ash and no more and no large mass of my fellow modern os but i know and everyone knows that. because we are strong and brave we believe that we will rise again is how are they always that were forced out how are they coping. it's very bad actually when you look at it in the t.v. it's the the things that you see is very far from that they're actually experiencing when we use the word overkill it's actually a euphemism because it entails air strikes and a lot of infrastructures were destroyed like with the tweets but these are not just
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infrastructure as we could be talking about buildings that has a cultural meaning or that has a religious significance towards the residents of. the tweet was right when she said this could be used with this could be a tool to be able to recruit because when people have nothing more they are more likely to become creamy to recruit especially that isis is not just brainwashing people that actually offering a lot of money to those people that they hire so it's important for us to talk about the airstrike and what it has destroyed especially when it when they launched this pains of. attack it was a very obvious that it was an admission given that some of the members of the e f b were actually killed because of the very air strikes that they were launching so given that it wasn't effective we have got about to what extent were they willing to you know destroy them or that we see just to see that it's an act of
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serving the people of my we see the i'm not saying that the a.f.p. did not succeed but what i'm seeing is that it's important to diagnose the mechanisms of how the arrive at the point of actually destroying the center of the seat you were most minor knows were most likely hoods of the marriott knows where and this is where they lie and so this becomes this gives a very big impact and in the process of the i believe each and because you have believed mutually focuses only on the shelter but. address very big problems like the like. back and how are they going to be able. i guess let me just bring up this clip here from taking about murari which is the one i want to commend tree that is now online as a little clip where steve is talking to
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a young i saw recurrent his face is blacked out so we can't see who he is but he makes a prediction have a look at his prediction what he had to say. but is it too late to stop eyesores ambitions in the region that are going whether. they're. making. for a year or more than a. seeing. the long post but the longer new analog. link under steve that that prediction after all of the devastation of merari that how do you get the the population to get but there is so much work to be done but the idea that i saw they're not even really gone. that's right it's quite disturbing according to this young recruit that we talked to he said that before the siege he was taken with
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a lot of other students from them address in morality to a training camp about an hour and a half away from the city and there he met up with about two thousand i suppose fighters and he said and many were from overseas other ones others from malaysia indonesia and many local filipino winds and they're all being trained on making i.e.d. training on how to shoot guns trained on how to kill you know nonbelievers in his words and he said essentially the plan was that only about half of them would enter morality for the siege and the other half would be waiting for commands to go elsewhere and what's very disturbing there's a lot of disturbing things on this front attack that you know they were already recruiting children and children from me and elsewhere and you know and it seemed to be a very systemic approach that they were taking there's also some footage that they got military released from i so it shows that this siege was two years in the planning and so it took two years for them to plan there's you know why wasn't
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again the military where this or why didn't the military and to stop this obviously these isis fighters managed to get you know a lot of weapons into morality to hold the military office so long five months is a propaganda coup for i so many security analysts say that it probably surprised even them that these fighters could hold this city for that long this is the largest front that i saw has been made has it been able to keep outside of syria and iraq and that has serious ramifications that's why i suppose put out a lot of propaganda videos telling a lot of people who support i still to now focus their attention on southeast asia and specifically you know philippines according to this young recruit that we talked to he said you know the very fact is that many more will be coming after this and a says you. said if the government doesn't rebuild morality fast enough and the the
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estimation is that it's going to cost more than a billion u.s. dollars to rebuild if they don't come up with that money if they don't rebuild the homes quickly and more importantly provide livelihood to a lot of use where will they go where it will be so steven i'm really glad you mentioned that because two of those things that you talked about we just got comments via you tube for fun walker says now that i so i've been defeated in the city of what now i think you just answered that but this next one you touched on it this is from what even happens here on you tube watching live there are a lot of boys who were recruited by eisel kidnapping from what happened to them i know you spoke to one mother who that happened to her do you know what happens to those who were recruited as child soldiers rough rough ale you may know this better than me could you spend far more time in dario from what we were able to gather is that there are training camps not too far away from around me that are still i still controlled and a lot of the used may have gone there at the same time the whole island of mindanao
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in the southern philippines there are a number of groups but it be that the i.a.f. that or or others that still support i saw and maybe factions of the other side yes so it's possible that it might have gone there what are your thoughts roughly oh well that's actually one of the questions that we keep on asking the military forces what's going on with the best of you sions of the missing children and you know they always say that they're all looking into really looking at the possibilities of where the maybe were where they may have been taken but. talking to some of the residents especially those who know about the recruitment they do say that a lot of these boys have been recruited but are now placed in several areas training for another you know in preparation for what may be another siege and in a different part of the philippines but the problem there is. especially for us
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local media who are who have been staying here for quite a for quite some time is the lack of information that we are getting because i don't know steve if you experience this while we were in the capital but you know the the access to the main battle area and different parts of the city it's very confined it's very limited and we always we always hear the reason being that they want us to be safe they don't want to incur any. casualties on the part of media but the problem there is how are we going to get the facts how are we going to get the information if we're not on the ground if we're not allowed to go to places where we should be going to get. the figures and the response that we need made be from authorities or from the locals who have been experiencing this the entire time . that's a good point that you raise you know we had to struggle and fight to get the access
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we did and it wasn't great access either compared to other places like afghanistan or iraq and syria and it was a sense that the military was trying to control the message they were sense of very sensitive about what we were able to film in the main battle area trying to tell us not to films the level of destruction in some cases and trying to they were trying very hard to send a message that they were trying to be respectful to the muslim community in morality these are all important points and they were very much trying to do that but at the same time you know there are serious questions as to you know what else was going on there when the military was was was battling with the forces there whether you know because there's a fact that civilians were killed in the crossfire and in the area of the barn yes we've heard witnesses talking about you know one of the hostages that came out saw ten of his fellow hostages killed in an aerial bombardment could that have been avoided and is that why the military didn't want that much media so close to the
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main battle area since yesterday just got a few moments left on the show just a couple of minutes roughly i want to twitter and it says residents of the robinson return to their homes off tomorrow real seen what kind of hunger brokering batty. well this one was taken i think just two days ago and this is just one village this is one account guy an ace would know this this is. one of those which is the exact place where. it's an unhappy lawn had a rented apartment and that's where it all happened but you know this area is also a sense i don't know if it's correct case but it's also a central business district because this is where a lot of the trading happens there are a lot of stores but it wasn't very damaged compared to the main battle area you need is on the west on the eastern side on the eastern side of the city so the
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residents here were able to return after cleaning up after having the basic services restored we did which is electricity and water but the following day after that we return to the and but we did see that some of the residents just wanted to check and then leave because there's nothing waiting for them there you know they have no one of the some some or are traders at the pub the ad market which is in the main battle area and you know they don't have any means of settling because no one will buy from there from them and there's nothing to sell to begin with so they just checked the place and then they left but so i don't know if it really is about returning but it's more on the life and how these families will revive out you know you know when you when you talk about returning we actually did get a video comment from the assemblyman for the region this is the atlanta of the on the former stream gas this is what he says the government must do to help those who
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are returning how to listen. when the script on ignatian on the defense was very candid in saying that this is actually the first time that the military can gauge with an article of fighting for more than five months in an urban setting this is going to be needed to really make sure you've got the terrorists will be contained in one area and so that became so that it required for them to really use the military hardware. meaning air strike for air for it in order to really you know contain the fighting within one area and so the question now really is. can the government after what has happened what have happened around see all the damages against the civilian british against all the government properties against the infrastructure assets in general then can the government really be paid to be done with just. a so what do you think do you think the government will pay for the
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damage caused. you know there's there's so much trust issue going. into government but i would just like to emphasize. or interview usually say that the. that this is the first time that the philippines has you know been attacked with extreme measures from the terrorists but i think that given the kind of go that they have or that's. a year they shouldn't have been a. harm. given the kind of time that they have. been existing like in the military a year a year or probably even more than that. larry.
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the carter center. new yorkers are very receptive to al-jazeera because it is such an international city they're very interested in that global perspective that al jazeera lives. in india women as old as seventy or define their range having maybe one of one each meets these elderly mother. who's too old to give birth at this time on al-jazeera . know you're watching al-jazeera these are the headlines spain's national court has called catalonia is the post president careless for the moment to testify on thursday this is a process is rebellion and sedition charges against them.


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