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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 2, 2017 7:00am-7:34am AST

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yes. we wanted the good news. out. of. this. era i really felt liberated as a journalist was. getting to the truth as i would that's what is. a man consumed by hate and a twisted ideology u.s. officials say the man believed to be behind tuesday's attack in new york. so we
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want to immediately work with congress on the diversity lottery program for terminating it getting us president across down an immigration office at the spec asylum seekers charged over the worst attack in new york since nine eleven. this is a live from doha coming up a million miles later visits for the first time as thousands of continue to flee to bangladesh plus. mr trump. lives are at stake tough words from saddam's man six weeks after hurricane maria slammed into puerto rico. the man accused of tuesday's truck attack in new york city has appeared in court in a wheelchair immigrants. is facing terror related charges which could bring the
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death penalty police say he killed eight people when he stayed at a pickup truck into cyclists and pedestrians he was shot by police at the scene kristen suddenly has more from new york. the complaint filed in federal court in manhattan list two charges against twenty nine year old site follow side they include providing material support to a terrorist organization i saw and using a vehicle to cause the death of pedestrians we know now from the court documents and from the prosecutor that sipar the waived his right to self a criminal self incrimination agreeing to talk with investigators from his hospital bed where he is recovering from surgery and gunshot wounds to his abdomen he told investigators that he did in fact gain inspiration from eisel and they found thousands of eisel videos on his cell phone he also said that he chose hollowing to conduct this attack because he knew that there would be more people out on the
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streets right behind me here that's where that attack took place and it's still closed down in part for investigation now acting attorney acting u.s. attorney june kim says that he had been planning this attack for months so a pov allegedly admitted that he was inspired to commit the attack by the isis videos he watched and had been planning this attack for two months he also admitted that he had rented a truck on october twenty second in practice to practice the turns he would make. on his halloween halloween day a time now authorities have also located a second man who they are describing as a person of interest his name is mohamed. he is also an uzbek national he was taken into custody shortly after authorities announced that they were looking for him they have him in their custody but they say that they are
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interested in learning more from the public if the public has any information about either of these two men or any information about what happened on that day they're asked to come forward and share it in all three days of mourning have been declared in result the argentinean city which is home to folly the victims they traveled to new york to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of their school graduation to reserve i went to a couple of the jewels for the men. candles to honor those killed in new york in the city of about three hundred kilometers away from the capital went to. people were shaken by the use of tuesday's attack where five argentinians their lives. lost and i'm here because it could have been any of us i was planning a trip with my friends to spain and we do it just like they did what happened is very very sad dozens of people gathered at this school the place where the
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argentinean victims of the attack in new york city graduated from thirty years ago and the place where they became friends for life people here tell us that those who graduate from this school share a special bond and that's why so many came here today. the daughter of one of the victims attends this institution at nonfederal she was a forty nine year old architect who traveled along with seven others to new york city to celebrate their graduation on a very sorry the trip was planned by a. he arranged just sticks and helped pave airfare for some of his friends. this is one of their last video sent to their loved ones before they were hit on the bicycles they were happy to be together on a trip they had planned for a very long time this is a bicycle tour really really good said at the end when we know who survived the attack where. they may are declared three days of mourning and people wait
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for the victims' bodies to be repatriated but says that her candles are meant to denounce violence around the world. cannot be the option we have different points of view and we can discuss it but not by killing innocent people were done nothing wrong to be in the wrong place and argentinean city that he's trying to cope with the issue that some of them were victims of a hate crime so far away from home. well donald trump's reaction to their talk was to call for an end to the visa program that let the suspect into the u.s. the president describes. as an animal and says it's time to get less politically correct. what we have right now is a joke it's a laughing stock for donald trump the new york attack is justification enough to
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launch a radical overhaul of america's immigration system you have to get much less politically correct we have to get tough we have to get smart we have to do what's right to protect our citizens on twitter we u.s. president said liberal immigration policies supported by one of his political foes a top democratic senator set in motion the attack the terrorist came into our country through what is called the diversity visa lottery program a chuck schumer beauty i want merit based. the twenty nine year old whose back national allegedly behind tuesday's attack came to the united states legally in two thousand and ten after the program designed to expand entry from countries with low rates of immigration to the united states that send him to get no i would certainly consider that yes he's back instead is a u.s. ally and it's immigrants are considered low risk by the u.s.
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state department indeed she were was a democratic member of congress who helped initiate the program in the one nine hundred ninety s. but it was signed into law by our republican president george h.w. bush the president ought to stop tweeting and start leading the american people along for leadership not divisiveness not finger pointing not name calling and activists say ending the lottery program proves the trumpet ministration is once again portraying immigrants as a national security risk president trump is trying to further their own agenda that has been anti immigrant and anti refugee an anti muslim from the very beginning of his campaign did campaign days and so when he sees this opportunity to promote this agenda he's going to take it still the white house maintains there is a correlation between immigration and what happened in new york and the way to stop it is through stepped up extreme vetting it's the lowest level of criteria that any
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part of our immigration system has is through the lottery system and so to try to argue that this is a system that thoroughly vets people it's just shows a total lack of understanding and public support does not appear to support the president in spite of the political atmosphere a majority of americans according to most polls believe that legal immigration benefits the united states can really help get al jazeera washington mammals leda soon she's making her first visit to rakhine states off the international criticism of her response to the range of crisis that's where. the muslims say they've been subjected to a brutal crackdown by mean mars military more than six hundred thousand people have fled what the u.s. called ethnic cleansing since august another two thousand have just crossed the border into bangladesh florence levy joins us live now from yangon florence and she will be visiting rakhine state for the first time what more can you tell us. that's right this is her first trip to recall in state since she took office in two
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thousand and sixteen now and we've spoken to the spokesman for the government spokesman and he said she's accompanied by two other ministers the minister for home affairs as well as the minister from the state counselors office it's a day trip she's visiting she's going to be visiting more indoor township the place that's been worst hit by the military crackdown which the u.n. has termed a textbook example of ethnic cleansing now we don't really know yet much more details about this visit other sources tell us that she is going to be visiting a place called home pure let way this is a village where there was a refugee camp for internally displaced brokaw and villages as well as hindu villages but not muslim villages we don't yet know whether she's going to be visiting and he moves live villages or whether she'll be visiting places that have been burned down by a range of villagers saying they've been burned out by young mom military or kind which is mobs now of the state spokesman for rakhine state told us that her visit
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will prove and show that there is stability in the state and certainly that is the message that the myanmar government has been trying to push in recent days they had an economic they had a meeting of business men and local politicians in situ a trying to encourage investment in recovering state saying that because stability has been regained in the area it is now time to think about economic development although what we're hearing on the ground is something that is extremely different villages tell us that they are still planning to leave the country many are already making their way to the border area with by saying they no longer feel it's safe to live in the country they've watched properties being looted right in front of their eyes for hours meanwhile thousands of russian german trapped on the border between me and mon bangladesh in no man's land what's the latest on the ground them. that's right now a report say that some of them that they're waiting for permission by bangladeshi
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border guards for them to enter the country now i have to stress that this is not uncommon no on usual this is happened before but whether she authorities have the right to vet people before they allow them to enter the country and of course this will make life a lot more difficult than for the real hinge of villagers many of whom would have tried for several days with very little food and water just to get to the border area and this also serves to highlight and underscore just how difficult conditions must be for people in for a village is still in northern rakhine many of them would have heard from their friends and relatives who've made it into bangladesh about how difficult conditions are in the camps and they would have known about the difficult journeys they would have to undertake tracking for days or waiting by the beach for boats to bring them across yet many are still making that journey and what we've been hearing from villagers is that. they see their homes are still being burned now are they still
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being threatened the this time not by and myanmar military but by rakhine but it's not so much so that they've made the difficult decision that they're going to leave their homes and their country behind to start a new life florence thank you of the u.s. congress is beginning to examine the official response to hurricane maria six weeks after the storm devastated the territory of puerto rico but there are accusations they only want to hear from those who give trump's administration a positive review the u.n. says the situation on the island remains alarming shopper chancy reports from washington d.c. . six weeks to the day after hurricane maria devastated puerto rico the mayor of san juan was scheduled to be giving testimony at a congressional hearing on the u.s. government's response not holding this press conference in a corridor on capitol hill thank you very much but the hearing was scrapped by republicans once they heard that a democratic congressman had invited the outspoken man to testify why do you think the republicans canceled today's hearings. i don't know the fact is that they did
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not the fact is that with that they tried to silence the voices. and the voices that i represent and they did not accomplish i think they know it's very difficult . have a dialogue look good. actions look really bad so they know they haven't done. governor rick how to resale received a very different reception in washington d.c. he was invited to the white house where he thanked donald trump for his leadership the president appeared satisfied. how would you grade the white house. i too was a temp however it was clear that when the president. wouldn't have agreed in her testimony to congress president trump again lives in a reality that is just of his own doing well i was. water with human excrement and sleeping in
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a cart. in san juan he was playing in mar-a lago so when you're live from that perspective it's not that you don't get it said you don't want to get the congressman who invited mccready's is disappointed. in the witness could tell the story like someone. involved in it so. we offer. but should we draw any conclusions from the fact that when they heard about the invitation they cancel the entire hearing well if they heard about it on friday. and also. leads me to believe they didn't want to hear. but both the congressman and the mayor are adamant that this is not over. washington also to come here not just taking a stand for women. contestants staged
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a protest. a more somber mood in the mexican town of the traditional day of the. from a fresh coast to breeze. to watching the sunset on the australian outback. helos no drugs served just across the top of the caucasus and the still fairly active weather in the area we've seen cloud and rain through lebanon syria more especially turkey and that's dying out now the temp is very recovering the breeze is dropping to about eighty eight in aleppo not in ankara still and it's still higher on the low twenty's in terror and there's the breeze is hinting at being a southerly up through iraq so if anything it keeps the temperatures quantize thirty three in kuwait city the next day or so in around about the thirty mark for baghdad showers are still possible on the caspian sea coast of iran but they're
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rather an unlikely affair for the cyrus largely it's a cloud free picture not much of a breeze but again got that breezes coming out of saudi and moving northward switch will be dusty looks quiet and middle thirty's around. an increasing cloud seems likely around the around the coast once again is don't worry if it's just the increase in the clouds and slight increase in humidity as well of course all the rain is heading science with the sun through tropical to southern africa but for the time being the good parts of south africa mozambique zimbabwe is dry but that's not true of the west in fact down the namibian coastal way down to cape town surprisingly it looks wet. the weather sponsored by. our on line we were in hurricane. thirty six hours these are the things that has to address or if you join us. but.
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is a dialogue tweet us with a stream and one of your pitches might make. join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. welcome back recap of the top stories here on al-jazeera the man accused of tuesday's attack in new york city has appeared in court in a wheelchair immigrant. is facing terror related charges he said he killed eight people in a pickup truck into a lane for cyclists and pedestrians. vigils been held in argentina for the victims
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of the attack five argentinians were killed. they travelled to new york to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of their school graduation. she's visiting rakhine state the first time that's where engine muslims say they've been subjected to a brutal crackdown by. more than six hundred thousand people have fled with you and told mckenzie. now the u.k. defense secretary has quit developing scandal of a sexual harassment at westminster michael fallon says his behavior may of fallen short of the standards expected of the u.k.'s military he's been accused of improper conduct towards a journalist fifteen years ago. in recent days allegations have been made about n.p.c. conduct including my own many of these allegations have been false but i realize that in the past i may have fallen below the high standards that we require of the armed forces that i have the honor to represent. i have reflected now on my
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position in government and i am therefore resigning as defense secretary this perugia to contestants have turned a pageant into a protest quoted statistics on violence against women are warning this report from marianna sanchez include some graphic images. one by one twenty three women vying to represent be due at the miss universe competition surprised the audience at the municipal theater instead of revealing their body measurements they had a message. my name is camille i can call her and i represent the department of my figures are two thousand two hundred two cases of reported fame aside in the past nine years in my country my thank. the candidates walked in post on the runway against the backdrop of pictures of victims of rape and murder the women listed the statistics of the crimes be do we know some of my name
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is samantha but i represent my figures are a girl dies every ten minutes as a result of sexual exploitation that's. the idea to change the tone of the competition was that of pageant director jessica newton she did it after learning many of the candidates have also been victims of abuse their. among the one hundred fifty women who participated in the competition we came up with thirty finalists and among we learned several here right harassed and this is awful. if. the government says over a three month period this year more than eleven hundred women were raped and nearly fifty percent of peruvians personally know of a woman who's been a victim of abuse by their partners in latin america who has one of the highest number of cases of abuse against women the ruling party in congress is planning to
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. harsh laws against violators especially after recent reports of abuse last week a man was arrested for allegedly raping his two month old baby sending shock waves around the country. although the law bears the death penalty many are asking for a change in the constitution peruvians continuously protest the lack of protection and the growing number of cases thank you many criticized whether the beauty platform was the best to address the issue but for now the message given voice to the victims has been heard. just leave. cities in the u.s. state of california are struggling to respond to an outbreak of hepatitis a twenty people have died in the outbreaks the worst of its kind in the u.s. in twenty years it comes as experts from eighty six countries joined forces to fight the disease at a summit in brazil they want to eliminate the virus by twenty thirty. hepatitis
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kills many people around the world each year as a child is more than one point three million when many millions more suffer from the disease the world health organization the world hepatitis alliance more than one hundred ninety countries have come together here in sao paolo because they believe the disease can be eliminated and eliminated by the year twenty thirty a bold ambitious program that the president of the world hepatitis alliance believes is possible it is incredibly ambitious but i think actually this summit is a seminal moment we have program managers or ministers from eighty six countries there is no other forum where they come together like this and i think it's going to be a declaration at the end of a political declaration from. countries that brazil has assembled that is really going to say yes we absolutely commit to elimination and the summit is talking about the importance of including civil society why is inclusion of civil society
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so important awareness is critical we have a huge role to play in that and some countries it's been absolutely bangladesh is a standout example they've done fantastic work and part of no head which is this elimination movement a grassroots elimination movement that we as a civil society have started is a way of galvanizing awareness and action so one of the greatest challenges is that many people simply don't know they're suffering from the disease until some months into it that is something that people here are keen to address hoping to share their experiences and their knowledge hoping that if they can hepatitis around the world that knowledge can be used in the fight against other global diseases thousands of people have gathered in argentina demanding answers over the death of the activist santiago maldonado he went missing in august in a confrontation between police and indigenous. rights activists his body was found
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in a river two months later the disappearance led to widespread protest his brother sergio blames the government as criticized president noted see a mockery for his handling of the case. lawyers from facebook twitter and google have revealed the social media posts they say russia used to try to sway last year's u.s. presidential election the tech giants told the senate intelligence committee they found evidence of russian operatives using companies as a front to post on behalf of moscow michaela reports from washington d.c. . among democrats the suspicion that russian meddling led to president trumps victory in last year's election but the republican chair of the committee insisted this was not the case attacking media outlets that speculated it was a lot of folks including many in the media have tried to reduce this entire conversation to one premiss foreign actors conducted a surgical executing covert operation to help elect
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a united states president i'm here to tell you this story does not simplify that easily first. the senior democrat on the committee though argued that some of the fake facebook posts clearly had political intent this one apparently intended to turn christian voters against hillary clinton. what was not contested was the deeply divisive nature of the social media posts which the company's lawyers agreed with clearly aimed at widening fault lines within us society over sensitive social issues ads that argued opposing positions over gun control for example which served to inflame an already contentious debate and a fake posting by a non-existent muslim group advertising a meeting at the same time in place as one called by another fake creation that was purportedly anti islamic the intent it would seem to foment violence last month person trump called russian purchase facebook ads
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a hoax i've looked at those russian sponsored facebook ads i certainly hope you had a chance to review them are they in fact a hoax. the existence of those ads were on facebook it was not a hoax and underlying this another hearings on the matter concerns over censorship and free speech this is a joint effort the debate about where the line should be drawn is just beginning mike hanna al-jazeera washington the cia has really stars of computer files recovered during the two thousand and eleven raid on osama bin laden's compound in pakistan the archives include never before seen video of the four mile qaeda leader son as an adult in recent years al qaeda has released only a messages from hundreds of bin laden and a photo of him as a young boy cia says it released the documents to allow the public to gain further insight into al qaeda. an explosion of a thermal power plant in northern india has killed at least twenty people police
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say a pipe exploded at the plant in a hospital in hard cash all over workers. and at least eight people have been killed in a bomb blast in afghanistan that bus caught fire when a fuel tanker exploded in the in power one products twenty seven people were injured in the provincial capital john a car. now the mexican town of which a town that holds elaborate day of the dead celebrations but this year there is a more somber mood dozens of people were killed and a third of the town destroyed in the earthquake in september the pain for survivors is still raw and there's little money for the traditional celebrations as believe the martinis describes in her own words. your so even if my name is benito martinez sort of school i live in this had to go so what we are celebrating the day of the death and i must tell everyone is so therefore we celebrate our dare each year so their souls come and visit us on the altar we pulled what they liked fruit different meals we buy everything and we put it there. yesterday and.
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this year is different because of the earthquake i am which has taken a lot of people lost their homes as we did. so and we were a people in my family with my children and my granddad we lost everything even my mom. was a wall collapsed and crushed her for us to see iraqi. i wish next year i could see my mom i remember her every day reported and. discard. we cooked fish at home my mom cooked it and i sold it but now there is no work neither my husband nor me are working imagine how we live. i mean my maori. for my mom's altar my uncle brought something my brothers to bit by bit we build it i put
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a table with fruit and candles everything with very few money but i wish my mom saw comes to visit anyway. ruth. it doesn't end with days and the c.s.k. that is that my mom is sad because she knows how we live no house no money she lost everything so now we need a house this plastic doesn't protect us up american i sit. alone. i see her you know when we i mean my my when the home of this although i'd like to see my mom here my grandma says her spirit says us and happy just with. of course on our website there it is on your screen the address al-jazeera dot com . ok out of the top stories here this hour the man accused of tuesday's truck attack
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in new york city has appeared in court in a wheelchair immigrants a fuller sipe of is facing terror related charges police say he killed eight people when he steered a pickup truck into a lane filled with cyclists and pedestrians but prosecutors say side of confessed to being inspired by i still say parv allegedly admitted that he was inspired to commit the attack by the isis videos he watched and had been planning this attack for two months he also admitted that he had rented a truck on october twenty second in practice to practice the turns he would make on his halloween day halloween day attack well as a result of the attack u.s. president donald trump says he plans to end the diversity visa lottery the suspect used a program to illegally enter the u.s. in twenty ten and a vigils been held in the argentinian city over a salary for the victims of tuesday's truck attack five argentinians were among
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those killed they travelled to new york to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of their school graduation they were all from rosario and the city's declared three days of mourning. mean miles leader aung sang suu cheese visiting rakhine state for the first time that's where angel was going to say they've been subjected to a brutal crackdown by me and military more than six hundred thousand people have fled what the u.s. called ethnic cleansing since august about ten thousand are stuck in no man's land between me and ma and bangladesh. the u.k. defense secretary has quit following a growing scandal of a sexual harassment of westminster michael fallon says his behavior may have fallen short of the standards expected of the u.k.'s ministry he's been accused of improper conduct towards a journalist fifteen years ago. of the cia has released thousands of computer files recovered during the two thousand and eleven write in asama bin laden's compound in pakistan the archives include never before seen video of the former al qaeda need
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a son as an adult in recent years has released odium messages from homs up in la then a photo of him as a young boy. says recent documents to allow the public to gain further insight into al qaida those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera the stream and so much. every. one overdosed we look into the. united states how do you tackle the problem with a seemingly.


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