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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 4, 2017 7:00pm-7:34pm AST

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but the message is simplistic you have this brain good logical rational person crazy monsters and misinformation is rife dismissal and does not hold well documented accusations and evidence is part of genocide the listening post provides a critical counterpoint trying to bring mainstream media narratives of this time on al-jazeera. like. lebanon on alert after the prime minister resigns during a trip to saudi arabia criticizing iran and saying he fears for his life.
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hello i'm barbara starr you're watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up on the program russian airstrikes killed six members of the same family in an offensive to drive i saw for the last strip of land that it controls in syria what now for catalans ousted leader after spain issues a european arrest warrant for him and the four allies currently in hiding in belgium protests in south korea as president trump repairs to the park for a five nation tour of asia with north korea top of the agenda and we'll tell you how chile is using the desert and volcanoes to turn itself into a world leader in clean energy. thank you for joining us in a surprise move that lebanon's prime minister assad has resigned accusing iran of sowing strife in the arab world and saying he fears his lie. he is in danger he
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compared the current political climate to that prior to the assassination of his father another from a former prime minister in two thousand and five an open critic of iran and hezbollah hariri made the statement in the saudi capital riyadh the office of lebanese president michel i will confirm that he had received a call from riri and is awaiting for hariri return to understand the circumstances . of. the year i hereby announce my resignation as prime minister from the lebanese government knowing that the will of the lebanese are stronger and that immigration is that fight and will overcome any attempts to impose any over them from powers either inside or outside of our country long live the people of lebanon. well lebanon's politics is a complex minefield of rival regional and sectarian interests harry reid's resignation threatens to inflame tensions between the country sunni and shia muslims well the country's government is finally balance the president must be
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a maronite christian the prime minister a sunni muslim and the speaker of parliament a shia muslim the country is broadly split between two political camps a u.s. and saudi backed alliance and the pro syrian coalition differences between the two on how to run the country led to the collapse of the government in two thousand and five two thousand and eleven and two thousand and thirteen last year lebanon's parliament swore in a new cabinet dominated by hezbollah and its allies in a major victory for the shia iran backed group side harry reid is lebanon's most influential sunni politician and the saudi ally who is a fierce critic of iran and hezbollah the killing of his father a feat by a massive car bomb back in two thousand and five was blamed on members of hezbollah so how is that the news going down in the region will we have correspondents covering the story in the capitals of lebanon and iran let's start with m.t.s.
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thiab who is in beirut for us and he has just been talking about the potential tension did this resignation could inflame so it's been a couple of hours now since the announcement what reaction have you seen in lebanon so far. think it's fairly safe to say that there's still just an absolute sense of shock that the prime minister has made this decision as we've been saying he's only been in power in this recent round of power for just under a year's time and many people have thought that despite the complexities which permeates so much of lebanese politics that this government which is made up of a thirty member unity cabinet was functioning that laws were being passed that policies were being implemented but now we have this decision of the prime minister to step down because he said he feared for his life and as we've been hearing go sharply criticized iran and of course has bolo which is backed by iran for their
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words destabilizing the region for quote meddling in arab affairs whatever the case here politically in lebannon many politicians have been saying that they question the timing of this they question the location of this and have been quite withering in their criticisms of mr hariri effectively describing him as a quote stooge of saudi arabia there of course is supporters of mr hariri most notably those belonging to his future bloc and those political parties who are also allied with saudi arabia saying that they were aware of the credible threats to mr hariri is life of course his father were feet career he was assassinated in two thousand and five here in beirut but interesting we should say that we have been reaching out to the various intelligence agencies here in lebanon we've received this statement from the internal security service here in lebanon and they've given us a very delicately worded statement
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a statement in which they said that they were not the quote source of any intelligence that would suggest that mr hariri his life was under threat stopping short of saying that there is no such intelligence that saying that it didn't come from them that's interesting let's set just develop another point that you hinted at basically the location of the statement that he made the announcement in saudi arabia just talk us through a little bit about obviously the links between saudi arabia and recently i mean how confident does he feel of saudi support. i think the general sense is mr hariri has very strong support from saudi arabia and we have to bear in mind that he is a former prime minister as well and when that government collapsed he went to live in self-imposed exile in saudi arabia but what that also means is that saudi arabia from what we can tell has outsized influence over mr hariri and his own political power bank and that is why his detractors here in lebanon are essentially accusing
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saudi arabia of forcing the prime minister of lebanon to step down and whether that is indeed the case remains to be answered and certainly mr hariri will be asked those questions whenever he does resurface we have been hearing from the lebanese president michel aoun who himself is abroad in kuwait trying to repair relations with that government. where he has said that he will not be making any statements in connection to this resignation until he meets with mr hariri himself in lebanon now whether or not saad hariri comes back to this country is at this stage anyone's guess but as we've been saying it really puts into sharp focus the regional challenges here lebanon although it's a very tiny country it neighbors lives in a very complicated neighborhood on the one side you have syria which is now nearly in seven years of this very brutal war as israel to the south and of course you have this regional dynamic which is at play between saudi arabia and iran and that
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of course is what many are saying is behind what we're seeing now which is the resignation of the prime minister and not an easy neighborhood that's for sure m.p.'s time in beirut thank you and now let's go to iran and speak the same bus driver who joins us now from at the capital i mean zain we had said a retiree using very strong words towards iran saying it's been selling strife in the arab world so what reaction to his resignation in tehran. well we've been hearing from lower level officials throughout the evening but we've been waiting for word from the top leadership in iran in the last hour we got that the spokesman for the foreign ministry is saying that this resignation was indeed a sudden surprise for iran he called the resignation regretful and he said that the optics were unmistakable the way in which the prime minister resigned in saudi arabia outside the country very hastily was an indication that he's playing in
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a field filled with people that don't have the best interests of loving on or the region at the tops of their agenda the foreign ministry spokesman by her own cross to me also said that it's moving forward the lebanese people should focus on result in any future conflict through dialogue and not to division and so already the government here though there are they were surprised by this decision are are pointing things forward and promoting the line that they've been promoting for the last few weeks to friends and enemies in the region that dialogue should be key and not more division. al-jazeera same bus driver with the laces from tehran saying thank you. now the news a military assault is underway to push eisel out of the last strip of land under its control in syria russian jets have been pounding the city of out become on the syria iraq border and that there is or countryside six members of the same family were killed after residential areas were hit the syrian army's elite forces that's
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iran's backed shia militia and hizbullah fighters are leading the operation on the ground on friday i saw was pushed out of there as or city the on the groups last major urban stronghold in the country. is tracking those developments from gaziantep on the turkey syria border. the military campaign to take over will come out is under way the russians are pounding i still position in five tons of will come out of the syrian army funding we'll force them and an elite unit which is going to engage with i still know if the videos are concerned about their safety of the seven doubles of people were killed during those strikes i said i was left with very few options if it is why it is absolutely no way they can cope with vastly superior army the syrian army which is backed by russia i do think that this time what we're going to see is basically the syrian army coming from the east the
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turkish the iraqi army is coming from the south we were caught in a very military push to try to drive eisel out from their last pocket in syria. the ousted catalan leader catulus pushed them all as origen all political parties in favor of catalonia secession from spain to form a coalition for the regions in december paul pushed them and posted the message on twitter but his exact whereabouts in belgium where he fled to after being removed from office are unknown after a european search and arrest warrant was issued for him and four of his allies they all face charges of rebellion sedition and misuse of public funds for pursuing the referendum pushed him out says he will not return to spain until he receives a guarantee that he will face a fair trial. to pick someone up and risk them is not politics
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politics is talking discussing the wristing someone it seems to me is a little bit like a fascist government it's something that doesn't make any sense in these times in europe we all need to talk and discuss that's what we live in a democracy. it's very bad because the dictatorship is supposed to be over in this country and now we are in a free democracy in the twenty first century it is sad that this is going on with the president of the catalan government because an american woman accused of insulting zimbabwe's president mugabe on twitter has appeared in court in harare marcel donovan who works for my down but t.v. is charged with attempting to overthrow the government she was detained following a dawn raid on her home in the capital it's the first arrest since the ministry of cybersecurity or screen of last month if found guilty she faces up to twenty years in prison with the person the high court of monday will be obligation. but
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what we then did was to challenge the goalie to what plans are used we were contending that was not in compliance with the provisions of the constitution and in particular that the police officers will be gated to inform our client of the reason of where is it determined that there is something we should even though unfortunately the court was not with us on that particular issue. so in this half hour including as a new report highlights the devastating scale of malnutrition. on the recovery of a teenage girl whose image became a symbol. for the war. and the mystery of russia's. scientists are. showing no sign of injury.
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welcome back that was we look at the weather conditions across eastern parts of china and through indo-china we've got heavy rain from that now the remnants of typhoon dam right which is moving across vietnam through into laos and cambodia so heavy showers here but for northern parts of vietnam it's draw is fine across much of eastern china towards taiwan and then as we head into monday we're going to see a further showers across more southern areas but again eastern parts of china all looking dry and fine through indo-china we've got a few showers for laos miramar generally the states looking dry with highs of twenty nine expected in yangon across into south asia monsoon rains looking really having now across parts of southern india tamela due in particular and chennai seeing some very heavy rain in the last twenty four hours or so really this is the
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time of year when the monsoon across this area is really at its peak so look at the forecast that's where the rain continues further north drying find cooling off a little bit now for delhi there with highs of twenty nine still pretty hot in cried she with a maximum of thirty six degrees not a great deal of change heading through monday delhi there are thirty and as we come further towards the south because he wanted to showers affecting bengaluru high seer twenty six. you're not. raiding. open the door to. door to talk to there's a. lot of the. old lines examine transamerica
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at this time i'll just zero. now reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera lebanon's prime minister saad hariri has resigned accusing iran of sowing strife in the arab world and saying he fears his life is in danger and even made the surprise announcement in the saudi capital riyadh. a military assault to push i saw out of the last trip of glass and agree its control in syria is underway russian jets are pounding the city of al gore come out on the syria iraq border and that there is or countryside and oppose catalan leader kalus cruz demands has urged all political parties in favor of catalonia
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session from spain to form a coalition of the regions election in the sense. that almost every country in the world the rich or poor is affected by malnutrition in all of its forms that's the stark finding of this year's global nutrition report it says that's a big burden on the hundred and forty countries that it studied one hundred fifty five million children under five are stunted meaning they are short for their age africa is the only continent where the numbers seem to be rising because of the growing population fifty two million children in the world do not weigh as much as they should for their height a condition the find as being wasted or busy obesity is also on the rise in almost every country affecting two billion people in the world one third of men and women in north america for example are obese and that's affecting children from both high and low income countries with forty one million kids around the world under five
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being classified as overweight. well i thought he's going to aim a look at the situation in yemen where the war has left millions of people without proper access to food a warning you may find some of the images the starving. arms and legs like twigs barely able to hold her head up and looking more like a child so eat it became a haunting reminder of yemenis suffering last year. this year nineteen year old qaeda is strong enough to smile to play with her siblings and even do chores for her family of ten but she's still suffering she can't chew her diet consists of biscuits milk and juice and she didn't have enough energy for an interview. i cannot afford her medical treatment is costly in the end i gave up some
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benevolent people came to help and took a treatment now she's back here but still well the global nutrition report says almost every country is grappling with serious nutrition issues ranging from what it calls undernourishment to obesity that means millions of stunted children and mimic women and a rise in obesity across the globe in yemen the issue is exacerbated by a more than two and a half year war that's created what the u.n. describes as the worst humanitarian crisis in the world earlier this year it warned that yemen and twenty million people across africa were at risk of starvation. in human there are more than ten million children and dawn need of humanitarian aid one and a half million of suffering from el nourishment three hundred seventy thousand from acute malnourishment so ido tripled her weight in the last year but her father
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earns only a dollar a day and says he needs help feeding his family. and that i will have it the aid is not reaching us if you are destined to receive a bag of flour it takes ages to global nutrition report says forty five percent of children in the world die from nutrition related issues yet only one percent of global aid is earmarked for addressing them that's why there's an urgent call for greater funding and understanding that properly nourished people are the engines of economic development natasha going to zero new zealand's prime minister is due to meet her australian counterpart on sunday for the first time since her election win last month she said the ardern is expected to reiterate her predecessors offer of accepting up to one hundred fifty refugees from australia's decommissioned man a silent tension center in papua new guinea about six hundred men have barricaded
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themselves inside the camp food running water and medical services were cut off by a stray only a four days ago their treatment has sparked protests in many australian cities with more than a thousand people demonstrating in sydney earlier and to thomas was that the protest. the central message of this protest is bring them here the refugees who were sent to the pacific gardens of mass improper new guinea and the route before a half years ago have suffered enough and should be brought to australia and the more immediate and of course the concern very concerned about conditions inside the walls australian is frozen on the minus side and the six hundred men who are refusing to leave that facility now being without fresh water without food and without power. as men are drinking or running water they're collecting in when the bins and water that are getting out of a self built well there are real concerns about dysentery and other health problems inside the prison now australia's government says those men have been in
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accommodation elsewhere all manner saw islands but the united nations analysts say that accommodation isn't ready for them yet it's still a construction site and the refugees any y. site accommodation isn't sites that it isn't protected from the locals who want to do them harm who don't welcome them into the community and many of those refugees when they have been out of the president. have been attacked well we spoke to a few of the protesters here and here's some of what i had to say is appalling. here i think i think i think. it's completely not illegal horrible and i think it's really. really bad to get off. the false bring these men who are suffering. on
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sunday in new zealand prime minister comes to australia to talk to her australian counterpart. has said that she sticks. to take one hundred fifty of the refugees and resettle them. and you say you know enough some has rejected that offer but it will be light again on sunday and then there is the question of whether new zealand makes little for the ripley to papua new guinea leaving australia affability one of then it would deal is made between those two independent countries. the trump is about to embark on a twelve day tour of asia the longest trip to the region by a u.s. president in twenty five years he's already been in hawaii and in the next hour or be heading to japan trump will then visit south korea and china before traveling south to vietnam and the philippines scott heiler in tokyo takes a look at what's in store for him in japan. japan the first stop on
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president donald trump's twelve day trip to asia his longest abroad since taking office here and throughout his trip a great deal of focus will be on the mounting tension over north korea's missile and nuclear program. japan's prime minister shinzo ave was the first head of state to visit trump even before he was sworn in as president. mr prime minister the two leaders have a tight relationship will play a round of golf and have a steak dinner out with their spouses on sunday monday's meetings will be more formal including an audience with emperor akihito the most important thing for trump mr trump to do. during his stay in tokyo east to make sure and send a message that u.s. japan remain solid and japan and the prime minister are there. on board with regard to north korea and we've got to china
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a recent poll in japan found nearly half of those asked about the leaders relationship said it was only good for the u.s. . japan is always wary of the united states reaction when talking about trump i'm a bit afraid of what lies ahead the sales continue to fly towards us but the united states doesn't do anything so suddenly that it probably isn't wavering in who he is but i'm doubtful of whether he's really thinking about the interests of the united states all the rest of the well hawkish in dealing with north korea has kept the issue of the abduction of japanese citizens by north korea a live monday trouble visit some families of those who have been abducted over eighteen thousand police officers will be on the streets of tokyo during president trump's visit one of the largest ever security personnel mobilizations and for the very first time an all female security team has been created from milan and of uncle trump. as a candidate and as president trump has slammed unfair trade deals with asian nations but it's not expected he will talk much about this in japan the focus is
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expected to remain on how the two allies will deal with north korea got other al-jazeera. whether visiting tokyo president trample flies the south korean capital seoul protesters are already rallying against the bit visit same trumps dangerous rhetoric risks triggering war in the region of the smaller in attendance there were also some counter protests typically from the older generation who believe the u.s. is an essential ally. typhoon damrey has struck southern and central vietnam killing at least nineteen people the storm brought wind speeds of up to ninety kilometers an hour search and rescue committee says more than three hundred seventy homes of collapsed and about a thousand have lost their roofs no casualties have been reported in the central coastal city of the nunc which is due to host the epic summit in a week. now one hundred forty one dead seals have washed up on the shores of the
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world's deepest lake in southern russia many of them were pregnant females they appear to have died in the water and a lot have any injuries or signs of disease or starvation scientists are investigating what might have caused them to die. to talk to the logical clues is possible perhaps there was some discharge into the realtor widescale research is now under way if it actually service doesn't find an issue scientists who work on it and we will find out what has happened. chile is fast becoming one of the world's leaders in clean renewable energy the south american nation is taking advantage of its unique geography to attract investors to several state of the art projects to see a new and has been given a tour of the continent's first geothermal power plant. in the world's driest desert endless solar energy panels took up the highest radiation levels on the planet chile has practically no oil resources and always
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struggled to produce energy but that was before it discovered its infinite potential for we knew about turn it has. accelerated technological changes have made these renewable energy resources much more competitive for generating electricity than fossil fuels. there's another advantage there's no need to expropriate land or displace entire communities or flood for tile fields as with hydroelectric dams for example the at that comet desert is practically barren but paradoxically it's a mentally rich in minerals and of course sunlight but there is more above the desert is another extraordinary source of energy volcanoes. at nearly five thousand meters above sea level this is the world's highest and most ambitious geothermal plant south america's first. steam is extracted from the belly of the volcano three thousand meters below it moves turbines that can produce electricity
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for one hundred and sixty five thousand homes. as the steam cools it injected back into the volcano to be converted again into steve this energy is an energy that is available twenty four hours a day all berries all season the whole year it's a base load energy record which is the grades. over newble energy the c.e.o. of n l green power came for the official launch of the plant as did president michelle bachelet she says chile is on track to become seventy percent reliant on renewable energy by two thousand and fifty almost double the current rate. nearby the tiny desert town of oh yeah way is already reaping the benefits it's now getting electricity twenty four hours a day means that light bulb will inside buying won't go out after midnight in the
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middle east now we can store perishable things like meat and chicken and have ice cream to. technology has been helped by chile's unique geography vast solar fields and volcanoes along the andes mountains and wind farms running four thousand kilometers from the desert to the magellan straits are turning this country into a renewable energy leader. newman set up of a yawn chile. you can get much more on that story and everything else you've been covering on our web site the address on your screens right now al-jazeera dot com you can see our top story there the resignation of the lebanese prime minister saad hariri we'll have more on that in the coming hours. the watching of zero here's a reminder of our top stories that lebanon's prime minister has resigned accusing iran of sowing strife in the arab world and saying he fears his life is in danger
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saad hariri made the statement in the saudi capital riyadh he compared the current political climate to that prior to the assassination of his father the late prime minister rafik hariri iran's foreign ministry has responded by saying hariri reason resignation will create tension in the region and is based on unfounded accusations from israel saudi arabia and the us. to help the year are you by announced my resignation as prime minister from the lebanese government knowing that the will of the lebanese are stronger and that immigration is that fight and will overcome attempts to impose and you can still choose over them from powers either inside or outside of our country long live the people of lebanon. syria and its allies have launched a military assault to push i saw out of the last strip of land that it controls and syria russian jets are pounding the city of i'll become all on the syria iraq
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border and that there are sore countryside the syrian army's elite forces iran backed shia militia and hezbollah fighters are leading the operation on the ground . ousted catalan leader callus bridge the moat has orange all political parties in favor of catalonia secession from spain to form a coalition for the regions poll in the center first of all and posted the message on twitter but his exact whereabouts in belgium where he fled to after being removed from office are unknown after a european search and arrest warrant was issued for him and four of his allies about six hundred men on australia's the commission the man whose island in papua new guinea have barricaded themselves inside at the pension center food running water and medical services were cut off by australian four days ago new zealand's prime minister is expected to reiterate her predecessors offer of accepting up to one hundred fifty refugees when she meets her australian counterpart on sunday.
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u.s. president of triumph is about to kick off his twelve day tour of asia during which he will visit japan south korea china vietnam and the philippines that said more news in half an hour coming up next it's fourth lines of i. this is james jackson because his expression here so it's impossible to know what's going through his mind at this moment just after he killed another person. this is the man he murdered timothy kaufman. james jackson no cost that he was where he was from. he killed. he did no.


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