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tv   Balfour Seeds Of Discord  Al Jazeera  November 4, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am AST

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island today the island is a penguin colony sanctuary with access to tourists accompanied by foot nine percent penguin expert cloud able boy we learned the penguin colonies in south america are under threat climate change is one reason it is well documented that changing rain patterns or spend was to abandon fly the nest warmer ocean temperatures have diminished the quantity and quality of fish for the penguins who was swim further and further away to feed their young overfishing and ocean contamination especially plastic are also killing penguins. saudi arabia says its ad defense system has intercepted a long range ballistic missile fired from yemen.
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hello i'm maria minimize he and london you're watching out there also coming up deepening on certainty in lebanon after the prime minister resigns during a trip to saudi arabia criticizing iran and saying he fears for his life. russian air strikes and driving eisel from its last strip of land in syria killed six members of the same family. council colleagues bootable i'll be reporting on why political leadership there in mourning. now we saw this program with news that we've been covering from saudi arabia with the country's add a friend saying that it intercepted a missile at the king khalid international airport near the capital riyadh the rebels of at the same time claim to a fide long range ballistic missile that traveled five hundred kilometers over the
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border with saudi arabia a spokesman for the rebels told al jazeera that they launched a missile towards riyadh late on saturday but also in other developments a major shake up of saudi arabia's cabinet with the economy minister. having been replaced by mohammed of to wide and while the other changes have been taking place the national guard minister prince been has been released from office he was the last senior royal in government not to be closely connected with king sound or his son also for more on this our senior political analyst marwan bashar joins me now from doha and just maybe to pick up on that last point we were making there about this cabinet shakeup to what extent is this consistent with the sort of president we've seen on the part of the crown prince in making sudden top level political changes. it's quite consistent except it's also quite
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dramatic in the sense that while they were saying that saudi arabia is opening a new chapter under the new king and his crown prince they've really gone way too far farther than anything we've seen in the modern history of saudi arabia this is especially the case for example with the with with i've been abdulla the head of the national guard since this establishment in one thousand nine hundred two the national guard has been led either by king abdullah before he was king or by his son so you can imagine for over half a century there is a spin a certain continuity in the kingdom also went on the new king comes in while the establish their own cabinet but they do not step all over other members of the family or other centers of power within the kingdom why won't we saw here just a few months ago when the crown crown prince got rid of his boss basically the
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crown prince in order to become crown prince so really all in all i think we've seen mohammed and. of course the king making a new strides making major changes in the kingdom not paying attention to the conservative wing or to the wing or to the traditional way of doing politics or doing business in the kingdom so all in all really dramatic changes happening and continue to happening saudi arabia but also as we've been speaking to throughout the day it's connected with saudi arabia's regional policy as well and so then how much of a gamble is this you are saying that the changes are sudden and very dramatic what the political risks of this sort of upheaval. you know interesting the speaking of every other profile i've seen of muhammad and said man
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who as we all know now is a very young man around his around thirty years of age and not much experience in a fight as we know and not that much of education as much as fighters as we know he's basically been parachuted into the. you know helm of the kingdom where the course major you know oil an oil reserves an oil income and so on and so forth and really making huge decisions so most all of the profiles i've seen of him by people in the know and enjoy know that have been very friendly to the saudi arabia like the economists like the wall street journal the new york times the washington post and song so forth. generally speaking the approach has been that this guy is both a malicious and reckless these are not my words this is not my estimate of the crown prince the effective ruler of saudi arabia this is america's story of saudis
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friends in great britain in the united states and elsewhere that really think of him as someone who's both reckless and ambitious and that is not exactly experienced in governance so all in all we can see very ambitious a very mean you could call it aggressive or courageous decisions been taking in order to make quick wins for him quick changes in the kingdom but also dramatic changes in the kingdom for which i honestly don't know what consequences we could see in the future because really he is really racking up the enemies and the and the jealousies within the ruling families in saudi arabia and we definitely get into the we're going to look more closely later on at the impact of these changes domestically but what how might a more assertive and bold and approach to foreign policy impacts israel in the
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region. now we all remember the statements coming from saudi arabia even before the present king took power when we've seen from the various leaks we can leaks and others how the saudi king was more than happy to fight iran until the last american soldier and that he was. pressuring the united states as he put it to cut the head the snakes head into hiran so all in all saudi arabia has had a problem have had an issue with iran since the reign of revolution nine hundred seventy nine and all in all the competition in the proxy war on props to conflicts between the project of iran and its revolution and that of saudi arabia will have risen and its projects in the region have been going on for for decades but now under king solomon and hamad bin so man we've seen
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a new escalation and it's you know you were stymied with the incoming of the new crown prince that the campaign and the war in yemen the coalition led by saudi arabia yemen took place so really we've seen the changes in the in the inside happening in parallel with changes on the outside so the project of the new crown prince and the new king is not only limited to political changes and cleaning up the scene for a whole new era in saudi arabia but also for saudi arabia in the region taking major steps in yemen that was key of course the gulf crisis is another one with carter on sold so forth and today as we've seen earlier in lebanon and in the way saddam had really made a speech that really spoke both for his own fears and his life but also spoke the words of the kingdoms of saudi arabia in terms of its proxy conflicts with iran so
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really major changes in the kingdom. terms of its posture in the region in terms of its politics with them telling us that the consequence is moving forward is basically a known to all of us because this is nothing like a soldier that we've seen before all right for now thank you very much marwan and let's look at what all this means domestically with jane cannon want a senior research fellow and the deputy head of the middle east north africa program at chatham house based here in london thanks very much for speaking to us and so we knows certainly from developments over the past few months that the new saudi crown prince is very keen to project an image of confidence in medina t. . but what might be the implications of such a sudden and accelerated change in the kingdom. well such changes are going to
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be controversial for years and years what we hair trigger so do you facials was that it would be impossible to carry out such a rapid change especially to allow women to try because of the highly conservative society now we have a city leadership telling is actually society turns to the young generation what something different and there is so too said navajo speak significant social change with the current generation they're much more globally connected to take an example cinemas are still illegal in saudi arabia but we're not to change it would probably shoot young people who are used to what you do whatever they like with their movements loans nonetheless the food how could you change is that mohammed that surrounds pressuring him will be quintessentially specially if he doesn't have much success in creating new jobs i think mt probably the biggest race that a mix of old parent which today is asian and austerity may lead to some uncertainties feeling that they have really started now and in some ways i that
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might just cut to the heart of it because you've been speaking of great deal about the politics but how important is the economics of all of this saudi arabia we know is the world's largest oil exporter but it's no secret that falling oil prices have hurt the economy that economic model has been to rely on all oil prices but that has proved that has shown itself to be an unpredictable and volatile model. how much concern might there be about a vulnerability when it comes to the state of the economy. this is one of the most fundamental issues for saudi arabia i'm told the oil exporters both the middle east so the arabia is at least trying to deal with this issue by rushing ahead with the promotion of the economic the rest the case should have been someone more than the other seventy craig craig craig says is extremely active go and read the world trying to promote investment into the country nonetheless even if he had some
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success with with mission twenty their seats they spend to be political change if the social contract alters so that people no longer howards the security over joel provided by the government for life and but instead of making their own way in the private sector that the choir has a different attitude it requires a different education system is no necessarily going to lead to demands for western style democracy but it will not change the difference that has traditionally been there to boards the state. right and it's this the prospect of a changing social contract between the people and the government is is a fascinating one isn't it and i i guess the questions are about whether you can have economic liberalization without social liberalization because you mentioning there young people who are on twitter and the sort of information that they have access to via the intake internet via social media. it's going to be
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a problem isn't it if economic gains don't meet the economic expectations of a young population and a middle class who who want jobs and a certain standard of living. and those it to my expectations probably won't be made because life is not going to be so easy economically for this younger generation so cruel to say that the government could do to substitute for that bahamas and so man has been really trying to emphasize so de nationalism he's been trying to emphasize himself was a provider of security against perceived you know is there a storm iran qatar the peace of god the region and all of these things there is some support for that for his leadership because he is creating a sense of momentum in a sense things that needed to be changed are changing but he's also taking quite a high risk approach because he's pursuing change already almost everything to
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newsweek. thank you very much we appreciate your analysis jane can mount from chatham house. now in a shock announcement earlier today lebanon's prime minister resigned saad hariri made the televised address from the saudi capital riyadh saying he was stepping down because he feared for his life in his statement however he also lashed out at iran and its lebanese ally hezbollah accusing both of destabilizing the region and reports from beirut. it was an announcement few were expecting. i hereby announce my resignation as prime minister from the lebanese government now it is the will of the lebanese is stronger and that determination is steadfast i will have a coming any attempts to impose any custodianship i with them from power is either inside or outside our country long live the people of lebanon so the hariri is
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resonating was made from the saudi capital riyadh at a televised address you also sharply criticize hezbollah and its key backer iran. well it is and i would like to say to iran and its followers that they will be losers in their intervention in the arab affairs our nation will wake up as it did in the past and their hands in the region will be cut off really became prime minister in late two thousand and sixteen and a compromise deal under which michelle a political ally of hezbollah became president the agreement ended two and a half years of political deadlock it which the country was without a functioning government and while hariri surprise decision to quit raises more questions than answers it puts into focus the regional rivalries lebanon often finds itself at the center of that leading sunni politician is backed by saudi arabia while hezbollah lebanon's most powerful political social and armed movement is sponsored by iran despite the complex nature of lebanese politics the thirty
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member unity cabinet appeared to be a functioning until now as a coup by all measures and if you like in the. instability input into that country everybody was working for a program to rebuild the country economically politically we have an election there's a cohesion within the government there's agreement within the political party we've been working a beautifully and then a phone call will come and the whole calculus of. the politics and in the past five days how d.d. has made two separate visits to saudi arabia where he lived in self-imposed exile following the collapse of his last government there he met with crown prince mohammed bin someone who is known for his aggressive stance against iran u.s. president donald trump's administration is also pursuing tough policies on iran and its allies including recent sanctions on hezbollah hereis resignation comes as the war in neighboring syria appears to be entering
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a new phase the government of president bashar al assad which is backed by iran is increasing control over larger parts of the devastated country and it's feared that tensions which have been simmering inside lebanon since the start of the war between hezbollah and israel and elsewhere could not only reemerge but has the potential of escalating into a major conflict. al-jazeera. joins us live now and it came as a shock at first but it has been time for the dust to settle what more you've been hearing about. more and a lot of reaction has been coming in in the hours since this announcement was made that start with the president michelle own the shell and of course maronite christian leader as part of this very sectarian makeup that we have here of the lebanese government he saying that he was not going to make any formal statement
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until the prime minister or i suppose now former prime minister saad hariri returns back to lebanon although some question as to whether or not mr hariri will return to lebanon given his his professed reason for resigning is that he thought that there was an assassination plot against him and we've also heard from gibran brasil who is the foreign minister of him striking a somewhat more conciliatory tone for mr hariri saying that this was an unfortunate decision however making no bones about the fact that he was pointing the finger at saudi arabia and conflating this decision with the lebanon's recent successes in pushing eisel out of this territory saying that whenever lebanon on the makes any sort of gains when it comes to pushing those groups out of its territory they are then pushed into political turmoil whatever the case we've also been hearing from leaders in the region most notably we've heard from the israeli prime minister
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benjamin netanyahu saying that iran's influence in the region is nearing its end and drawing a very straight line between this decision made by mr hariri and this alliance if you will or axis with you will within the region which is opposed to iran but who we haven't heard from very very quickly is house in the through all of us in this role is the leader of hezbollah the general secretary he hasn't made any public statement get we understand that in around twenty four hours time or so he will be making a statement and i. once we hear from him we'll have a very clear idea of just where this could lead right so waiting to hear from now in the meantime this does leave a vacuum in a country that is fragile at the best of times one of the next steps that need to be taken now in filling the. position of the prime minister.
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it's a very complex. question and a very complex answer i think the political elites here in lebanon or again trying to fill this vacuum and are trying to find somebody who can fill the role of prime minister again as we've been saying they need to appoint somebody who is a sunni muslim somebody who will have the support of all the various parties that make up lebanon's government this thirty member cabinet this unity cabinet which goes along sectarian lines and if they can't find that candidate that many of these parties can can support then we will see some sort of the vacuum but really the concern here is that not only will we see political instability that we could see major and instability in this region that we could see up tick in this sort of violence which followed the assassination of mr hariri his father refute career who
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himself was a former leader of lebanon and that is the concern here but at this stage i think most people are just really holding their breaths and hoping the situation doesn't go from bad to worse and tests have been beirut thank you well samus ravis in teheran for us and has more on how iran has been reacting to. hours after the resignation of lebanese prime minister saad hariri in which he criticized iran for its involvement in his country and in the region iran's foreign ministry spokesman back home cost me rejected those allegations and said that the sudden resignation by the lebanese prime minister was both regretful and came as a surprise to teheran accost me also commented on the optics of the resignation saying the fact that hariri resigned outside of the country in a hasty manner in saudi arabia were all signs that he was surrounded by parties that did not have lebanon's best interests at the tops of their agendas nor the best interests of the region the wider middle east at the tops of their agendas he
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pointed a finger at iran's usual suspects united states saudi arabia and israel and he said that these countries have come together in designed this situation to create a destabilizing event not only in lebanon but something that was designed to escalate tensions in the region and lawmakers here in iran are already looking forward and encouraging their lebanese counterparts to do the same saying to them that in the future if there are any problems to resolve do so through dialogue and not conflict well on developments from saudi arabia over the past hour i only spoke to him back a visiting senior fellow at the london school of economics and he was speaking about how saudi arabia's government reshuffle could possibly. perhaps how that sits in regards to the his who is the missile attack on the airport in the saudi capital riyadh. we are very focused very much in saudi arabia looking at all
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the changes to take in that study the young crown prince comment and some learn of course started in our dollar as the son of the late king abdullah so that would perhaps seem to fit into a pattern of the this rising young star very headline grabbing figure consolidating his position now is that something to do with the the reports of the the missile hitting. riyadh it's not possible to say i guess little they will be to do with that because obviously the national guard minister in charge of the national guard has some responsibility for defense defense issues on the other hand it may it may be too soon after that we just don't know enough but there are clearly one of the most striking problems facing saudi arabia today is the war that is. leading the coalition to try to restore the. president of
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yemen of course that's been very much an issue which is there which the young crown prince has been criticized here because defense minister and began the campaign before being appointed crown prince this this summer but it certainly underlines the quite volatile nature of what's happening in and around saudi arabia at this time elsewhere in the region syria's government and its allies have launched a military assault to push out of the last drop of land it controls in syria russian jets have been pounding the city of alba kamel on the syria iran border and the dairies all countryside six members of the same family were killed after residential areas were hit syrian army's elite forces iran backed shia militia and hezbollah fighters a leading the operation on the ground on friday i still was pushed out of there as all city its last major stronghold in the country. now ousted katla need a card. to all political parties in favor of catalonia secession from spain to form
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a coalition for the region's election in december but posted the message on twitter he's in belgium right now where he fled after being removed from office but his exact whereabouts unknown after a european arrest warrant was issued for him and four of his allies they face charges of rebellion sedition and misuse of public funds for pursuing the referendum but says he will not return to spain until he receives a guarantee that he'll face a fair trial. well back in his hometown of gerona pushed him on supporters say they agree with his decision to stay in belgium but all those are not so convinced this is the city celebrates its annual fiesta anderson and says that. tradition is colliding with politics in. the city's annual festival has gone ahead despite attempts to cool it off during a province is the heartland of. politics. despite appearances people say lou one here is really happy.
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that all my family. and they don't understand exactly what is happening here is very. very young we need. to. defend our rights we are going to fight but i think it's very difficult in the old city many balconies make a political statement the spanish national flag represents the minority. city councillors say they're in mourning over the jailing of eight sacked cabinet ministers in the unusual just black drapes are laid on the front of city hall and the flags above are at half mast the european union the catalan regional and the juror city flags the spanish national flag was removed when secession was declared
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more than a week ago. and the mayor says she supports pleased being in belgium. even in the pick them in i fully understand why president puts them on is seeking european protection especially after seeing what has happened to the rest of the government ministers we can't have a situation where we have political prisoners and i think it's ok that he protects himself and he makes our conflict more visible internationally the weeklong first of all was supposed to end with a firework display but that's now being canceled organizers who had to consider cutting out other parts of the shed you chose to focus on events aimed at children in catalonia culture tradition and politics have always gone hand in hand the children may be having fun watch by their parents but this year's festival takes place against the backdrop of a long good increasingly bitter struggle for secession andrew simmons al-jazeera.
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now it's an ancient craft in china and a staple of its national culture but the future of silicon broidery may be in danger learning takes time and consumers are looking for a moment twist the traditional designs a group of artisans in hong kong is giving the trade a make over sarah clarke has. it might be a tiny space with each shelf crammed with colorful shoes but it's not a problem for these customers seeking unique hand-woven designs them already come the shoes are totally handmade i appreciate this kind of traditional croft embroideries a family affair with a mirror wall she learnt the craft from her grandparents who set up the business sixty years ago she's now taking up the reins expanding what's on offer modernizing her grandfather's traditional approach many years ago my grandfather only made one sawzall wearing suits but now i have many many different styles and you can see there are some blossoms dragon and phoenix and also some flowers. of my.
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despite the popularity of issues she's worried the trade is struggling to attract new talent who came to pursue us as a long term career many people are just interested in making them as a hobby or make them for their friends and their families that they want to as a future career it's with that in mind young artisans are trying to promote this refined art we want has embraced social media earning her an international profile others like added guru are trying to modernize the ancient chinese design. now didn't you know how many going to the customers used to be interested in the traditional double sided embroidery. over recent years our customer groups are from the younger generation. this silken broidery business dates back three hundred years as well as some of the traditional designs there updating their techniques merging needlecraft with calligraphy brush paintings creating popular modern
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designs. i notice the growing number of people appreciate this aspect of chinese embroidery culture in recent years including westerners but there are now more westerners appreciating and understanding our embroidery culture some next generation artisans may be thriving but that might not be enough to entice more young people to take up this ancient craft and with out more young apprentices some are concerned that the future of chinese embroidery could remind right sarah clarke al-jazeera hong kong. well for more on everything we're covering including analysis that takes you behind the headlines al-jazeera dot com. quick recap of the stories making headlines this hour saudi arabia's ed offense has its intercepted a missile at the king holiday international airport near the capital riyadh who see
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rebels have also claimed to a find a long range ballistic missile that traveled some five hundred kilometers over the border with saudi arabia well in all the developments we're following that has been a major shake up of saudi arabia's cabinet with the economy minister. being replaced by mohamed al to wide tree while at national guard minister prince met up in abdullah has been released from office as well and other headlines lebanon's prime minister saad hariri has resigned accusing iran of sowing strife in the arab world and saying he fears his life is in danger saad hariri compared the current political climate to that prior to the assassination of his father the late prime minister rafik hariri iran's foreign ministry has responded by saying harry's resignation will create tensions in the region is based on unfounded accusations from israel saudi arabia and the u.s. . i hereby announce my resignation as prime minister from the lebanese government knowing that the will of the
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lebanese is stronger and there to malaysian is that fight and will overcome any attempts to impose its over them from powers either inside or outside of our country long live the people of lebanon. a military assault to push iso out of the last drop of land under its control in syria is currently underway russian jets are pounding the city of kamel on the syria iran border and also that there is or countryside the syrian army's elite forces iran backed shia militia and hezbollah fighters are leading the operation on the ground. ousted katla media karla's pushed him on to urged all political parties in favor of catalonia secession from spain to form a coalition for the region's december poll posted a message on twitter but his exact whereabouts in belgium where he fled after being removed from office are not known after a european search and arrest warrant was issued for him and four of his allies they will face charges of rebellion sedition and misuse of public funds for pursuing
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a referendum. up today on all of our stories much more coming up in about twenty five minutes we'll have the news hour but now it's the listening. it is a landmark moment in the investigation russian. action for your time in germany else which raises. the price. there is no. hello i'm richard yes but in europe the listening post here are some of the media stories we're covering this week indictments in washington and the russia factor in the trump election story it's a ball of confusion that's what the white house wants and what some news outlets
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deliver loading up with rubber bullets journalists at one newspaper in moscow will be issued guns to protect themselves the aftermath of the referendum in kurdistan sees one journalist killed others have been targeted freedom of the press in eritrea is virtually nonexistent and by trying to tell the story from a far radio has become part of it we've been producing the listening post for almost eleven years now and we have probably reported on fox news rupert murdoch's american news channel more than any other news outlet anywhere and even we were unprepared for what we saw this past week fox's so-called coverage of the indictments in washington the possible impact on donald trump's presidency as its competitors focused on the news fox downplayed it directing its attention to hillary clinton questioning the integrity of the investigator even making time for feature stories on a mode and how we can tease people forget but this is a network that's made a habit out of creating and building up bogeyman overseas took one look at the
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russian angle in this story and basically concluded nothing to see here fox was quite flagrantly echoing the same line that's been coming out of the white house a blend of die. version distraction and denial blurring the line between truth and falsehood real news and fake the apparent end game being helping this president take back control of the political narrative our starting point this week is washington d.c. . the first guy on national council robert muller's investigation has just been revealed this is an important story and i deal with the legitimacy of the trump presidency. actually decades in prison for the president's former campaign chair paul metaphor and documents have been handed down the guilty plea had been entered your number nominate now that he lied about his contacts with people in russia one set of
11:36 pm
facts that were clear and not open to interpretation. right wrong. and the big question steve which was hearing it on did this even happen is any of this even happen after they happen during his months with president fox and friends happens to be the favorite morning show of donald trump just because you're indicted doesn't mean you're guilty of anything and you have a chance to find out what they are going to get out of the defense it's really remarkable to see the beholder how they can prove stories that are widely circulated in the rest of the media and put up stories. that are really favorable to whatever happens today with the knowledge investigation really no that has anything to do with the campaign what happens today why is that hillary or her campaign in the d.n.c. why aren't they getting investigated for the you know from the president's twitter feed that he was watching fox and friends and so they know they have a very important member of their audience and they're responding to that to a certain extent not only did they spend a good amount of time downplaying the allegations of motherhood made but they also
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found time to discuss any number of other stories. causing a frenzy online from hamburger mode to candy this is what fox news does this was a more embarrassing case but it is what the channel typically does and always has. other murdoch owned media outlets that haven't always been on the trump bandwagon are now climbing on board eight months ago the wall street journal published an editorial questioning the president's credibility calling trump his own worst political enemy and saying of his obsession with so-called fake news that if he doesn't show more respect for the truth most americans may conclude he's a fake president something has clearly changed just prior to the indictments being made public the journal published pro trump editorials including one targeting the credibility of chief investigator robert muller calling for his resignation. i find
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nothing to that story. for the. and it is a bald and patent attempt to excuse trump and to do his bidding for him donald trump and his allies realize that firing robert muller would result in real drastic consequences for trump so the next best thing is to try to disqualify robert i don't think that's working either i thought it was a important signal because the wall street journal earlier on in the trump presidency had been pretty critical called out his behavior misconducts and so the editorial seemed like a seminal turning point very noticeable pivot toward trump and in an effort to protect him. and this is really the wall street journal which is owned by rupert murdoch taking the line that fox news another property and by rupert murdoch has taken. the message from the top is the party line trumps line murdoch speaks with trump they have a pretty close relationship and so this is kind of
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a message that we're taking trump's line and when i say the new york times with. much of what pro trump elements in the u.s. news media have produced on the indictments there strange obsession with hillary clinton included seems designed to so uncertainty in the minds of americans on a story that was already complicated and journalists from other outlets in there is evil to get to the bottom of the story may have unwittingly done the same thing by conflating one story with another the charges against trump's one time campaign manager paul manifold for money laundering and fraud all relate to overseas transactions that occurred before he was hired by trump in two thousand and sixteen another campaign aide charged george papadopoulos tried to set up a meeting between trump and lattimer putin but it never happened it is not clear whether either case has anything to do with the other russia angle out there the
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allegations as yet unproven that the kremlin somehow colluded with the trump campaign during last year's election. when we talk about close call with russia we're talking about the way that russia undoubtedly acted to benefit trump's campaign the way that trump openly called on russia to take action to help his campaign russia if you're listening i hope you are able to find thirty thousand e-mails that are missing i think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press. about a series of communications between the trump campaign. and people working with russia. against man a ford and gates don't really get to that level of rational collusion there is a real danger of conflating this with things that both trump personally has done and with things that relate directly to manage for its activities when he was on
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the campaign the fact that you do have trumps campaign chairman in a courthouse pleading not guilty to charges that involve russia to a certain degree means that it's still a story but it doesn't mean that president trump called the plot a mere putin and said how do we fix this election this goal of proving collusion is kind of being and such a overarching theme in the media than some ways it plays in the right wing media's own narrative there is zero evidence of trumped russia collusion and zero evidence of campaign collusion and in spite of all of that the media has been a lying to you all day and all weekend long because well if they don't prove the trump and putin shook hands and you know pass messages or something then the whole thing has been a goose chase and i think that's that's a danger that the mainstream press. has been playing into with some of its coverage . with each passing political story american journalism seems to grow more polarized fox news which has never really been fair or balanced out did itself
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caricature itself on this story brazen president trump argue c.n.n. and the new york times do the same thing on the other side a false equivalence if ever there was one another fake take on the news and media consumers because it's never been easier to hunker down in the comfort of their own echo chambers rarely venture out to a place a site a channel where their beliefs might actually be questioned. there's a tremendous sort of speaking of a quiet issue in all the journalism that's being done right now you work really hard on the story and. and you wonder if you not just fully cemented the beliefs of people who already share the same something conservatives have spent decades building a parallel news apparatus in order to ensure that conservatives have
11:43 pm
an entirely different set of facts than those that everybody else gets. and what that means is you have a large group of people that are being fundamentally and deliberately confused about what is going on in the country i think that's pretty dangerous and it could be moving us in a fairly scary actually. other media stories that are on our radar this week you know that press freedom is in a dire state when a newspaper feels the need to arm its reporters for their own safety which is exactly what happened in russia this past week the paper is no via gives yet to one of the relatively few news outlets in russia still willing to openly criticize the kremlin and president vladimir putin editor dmitri murat toph said he intends to arm his reporters with guns capable of firing rubber bullets to protect them the announcement comes days after tatiana felgenhauer a reporter at radio echo moscow was stabbed in the neck inside her own station an
11:44 pm
attack she survived independent journalists not toeing the government line in russia work in a hostile environment and the via gets yet to has been disproportionately affected several of its journalists have been killed over the past few years or have died under mysterious circumstances the murder in two thousand and six of an appellate process a noted critic of the kremlin remains one of the most notorious assassinations in modern day russia the kremlin is often accused of failing to adequately respond to attacks against journalists thereby creating a climate of impunity in iraq kurdish media workers have been targeted as political temperatures there rise following a bid for independents on october thirtieth at a concert a kurdish camera man working for kurdistan t.v. was stabbed to death by a number of men south of kirkuk kurdistan t.v. which is affiliated with one of the region's main political parties the k d p has been covering alleged human rights abuses by iraqi pro-government forces and has
11:45 pm
also been reporting on clashes between kurdish and iraqi fighters a day earlier a mob attacked television crews from two other kurdish broadcasters n.r.t. and can and in the kurdistan region capital airfield. in baghdad the iraqi commission of media and communications order to kurdish satellite channels ruda t.v. and kurdistan twenty four off the air accusing the networks of inciting violence and. mining peace and security the turkish authorities are similarly inclined has ordered the country's main satellite provider turk sat to take the channels down over allegations that the stations promoted kurdish independence me and martial signs of losing patience with journalists working for foreign news outlets on the row hinge or refugee story recently arresting two reporters working for turkey's state owned broadcaster t.r.t. lao han mang from singapore and mocked choi lin from malaysia as well as their birthdays colleagues on nane so and locked in were arrested for breaching import
11:46 pm
laws by bringing a drone into the country without a license an offense punishable by three years in prison relations between me and maher and turkey have soured with turkey's president regift a type error to want to kucing the me and mar government of carrying out a genocide against their own hinge a muslim minority over the past two months more than six hundred thousand have fled to neighboring bangladesh to escape what the un has described as a textbook example of ethnic cleansing nian maher had made significant progress on press freedom since the end of military rule in two thousand and eleven however with several journalists arrested this year and the government strictly controlling the coverage of the royal hinges there are tangible signs of those freedoms eroding . every year the french media watchdog group reporters without borders ranks countries in its index on press freedom eritrea has consistently been at the very bottom of that list the worst of the worst until this past year when it rose by one spot above north korea there was only state run media operating within the country
11:47 pm
so many eritreans have grown to rely on a news outlet operating in exile radio iran is based in france it beings its way home via satellite and shortwave the station has come to provide a lifeline for the five thousand refugees fleeing eritrea every month many of those refugees are kidnapped by human traffickers along the way held for ransom for them radio a run up place two rolls one part news source one part hostage negotiator before we show you this report know this we approached eritrean officials in the capital as well as london and new york to get their side of the story none of them chose to comment the listening posts nic me were had now on the state of the media in eritrea and radio around of the news outlet on the outside trying to make a difference. and now.
11:48 pm
i just draw. with. them. this is mail and it's the phone she's a human rights and it janice the radio. on her show forces of ever trying. to find us highlights the plight of those who have fled. country and in. a big part of.
11:49 pm
the stand why eritrean refugees call a journalist in sweden when their loved ones are held for ransom in north africa with the story of. after a thirty year war of independence. the new president. for twenty six years. keep the country on a war footing in two thousand and one privately and news outlets and began expelling from correspondents until none were left in the country. that remained with state media. the government. wanted to. express.
11:50 pm
the country's progress. so. the people are very in. any meaningful journalism an error trap tends to happen from outside of the country which is why we've. had. court it was set up in two thousand and nine by a group of exiled journalists who used to work for state media now from the safety of france they can cover issues like immigration national service and the constitution. radio ever know were set up with financial assistance from the media
11:51 pm
watchdog group reporters without borders according to research conducted by the media development group which of el academia is now the second most distant to radio station in eritrea behind only the staple cost. people are. of course we booked us via satellite and shortwave insight the only channel you get is the government and media of course the. other media yes you can find them on. sites and generals but not in their own language not in doing we also. want to line four hundred friends outside the tent which is our second target audience most of the news that they did in an upper crust. by the local media. from other sources that's how. the.
11:52 pm
trade produces an estimated five thousand refugees a month for many radio is their primary source of information and can mean the difference between life and death. they face different challenges along the way so radio tries to produce coverage that will help them at every stage. different. from those who are inside. we try to explain. the danger they face if they try. their missions we try to give them information like. in real life for those who are on the road. the biggest challenge.
11:53 pm
as radio erno was getting started a disturbing trend was developing along one of the main escape routes. in the sudanese and egyptian days its refugees are being kidnapped by a human traffickers and held for ransom they would be given a mobile phone and told to call relatives and beg for money families that did not pay would have to listen to their loved ones being tortured repeatedly as the human traffickers tried to extort their ransom which is where estefan us comes in as one of the only journalists covering the story the victims and those trying to set them free started calling her for help she became a go between as a journalist as the finest which shine a light on individual cases and as an activist she would help raise the money to pay their rents which raises the ongoing debate over whether and. to pay ransoms but in this case it's hard to argue. the people that i was talking to on a daily basis kept dying one by one i felt helpless i did not have that kind of
11:54 pm
money and then i'd like to there were two groups of twenty nine twenty eight men one woman young woman who was eighteen at the time and her story really touched me and everybody was saying we understand that you cannot raise money for twenty nine people but can you at least save this curve. because for them it was too much to see their sister that. was being raked dungaree front of everybody when they said help her she doesn't have anybody she comes from a viewpoint family so that kind of motivated me to raise money so i did not hear that idea or not but social media saying that you heard in my program isn't this kind of positions. what sets the air tran refugee story apart is that they are not feeding a war but the byproduct of a mandatory national service was introduced to rebuild the country off the air tran . the terms are meant to be eighteen months but international that can be
11:55 pm
indefinite often lost in decades and are a form of forced labor which the government denies but most are trained refugees will tell you it's why they fled the country. two years ago the. foreign aid to eritrea to two hundred thirty seven million dollars to keep. the money came with the vague proviso that eritrea would improve its track record on human rights. however when a france twenty four crew was going to drag access to the country last year it managed to share through an unscheduled stop on its guided that the practice of indefinite national service continues there's no limit that they were not paid and they don't give us anything if the military service they are trained to listen to radio or air and will know the horrors that await them if they flee the country but still they choose to leave which should tell you all you need to know about life inside air travel but despite this journalist is asking them to stay migration is not the solution. is not going to change anything i strongly believe that so i try
11:56 pm
to talk as much about this issue but the kidnapping so that people don't even attempt like whatever is making you happy try to change it in your country but if this is what will happen to you so discouraging people from fleeing from your child this is one of the things that i fight for. in. people are afraid of talking when there is mistrust between. neighbors friends what we created is people talk what they hear. yeah. you so if you start talking about some issues there your trust i think was a little thought through that. finally in our lead story we looked at fox news in particular its early show fox and friends and
11:57 pm
how it's grown into donald trump's morning media bubble of choice never mind that one anchor at c.n.n. has taken to calling fox state t.v. trump frequently tweets his approval of the morning show which must mean the world to them will leave you now with a compilation of clips to give you an idea of what makes fox and friends breakfast t.v. fit for a president we'll see you next time you're at the listening post. that's up to twenty one thousand by twenty with thousand pound bomb explodes in the afghanistan pakistan region it took me two or three blocks before i found a woman and found a white person that's kind of the dodgy areas of france just an aside to the muslim community if you don't want to be portrayed in a negative light maybe don't burn people alive and set off bombs and let me just ask any of you concerned that president trump his campaign colluded with russia to get elected now i don't want that happen now that generally the man is the alpha
11:58 pm
and the woman is the beta so that's how all almost all relationships start right you as a man make the phone call you pick up you pay the bill you actually even ask the woman to marry you this is the least sexist least racist most free most equal most prosperous country in the history of human humankind leggins and a hooded sweatshirt all right now will you that's my you think it but not as you said earlier you would like to see something covering president trump just finished the trio tweet you have treated me very fairly and i've been a friend of you show for a long time if he doesn't tweet it it doesn't get on with the way it needs to remember those calling. was to drive the news because the news is being driven against him it's actually it's actually genius maybe without those calling somebody else is that here. a new level of luxury has arrived. an experience that will transform the way we
11:59 pm
treat. our impeccable service remains but none comes from breaking his a. revolutionary business plans. the old story for the sake of the three stooges. whether conducting business or sharing his special journey with flyers to the list of. the search for. clues to someone in elegance trying to sort. your century and in the sky. reducing use. this to use. cans only wins going places together. the consequence of war i got ventures and russia he served in the marine corps for
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nineteen. just doesn't go away. for a living out of his truck for the last couple years. he's homeless al-jazeera follows a group of u.s. army veterans traumatized by war. as they struggle to get their lives back. at this time. i am am. i . this is al jazeera. i know i'm maryam namazie this is the news hour live from london coming up.


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