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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 5, 2017 8:00pm-8:33pm AST

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the president said that there would be a complete audit a hundred percent ordered that order hasn't happened getting to the heart of the matter so are you saying that the future of the. story. on talk to al-jazeera at this time. hezbollah leader hassan nasrallah accuses saudi arabia of forcing the lebanese prime minister to resign. although i'm maryam namazie and london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up
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saudi crown prince consolidate his hold on power after eleven princes and four ministers are arrested in a corruption crackdown. has pushed him aunt and four other ministers turn themselves into belgian police. syrians displaced by the fighting and there is a hit by a car bomb reported to have killed at least one hundred people. and we begin in lebanon where the leader of the group hezbollah has responded to the surprise resignation of the prime minister saad hariri in riyadh on saturday. says the move was forced by saudi arabia and was a way to score points both internally and in the region even refused to respond directly to the statement from hariri and self saying that he suspected it didn't come directly from the lebanese prime minister. and the list if there is ignition
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was. the decision dictated on saddam and he was not at all willing to resign it is not his decision period and i think all the lebanese politicians and media people press people for who was accepting this conclusion even in the fall. that ignition was from the area why the man was allowed to come back to lebanon and the from lebanon the can that is resignation. well in other developments there's been a major shake up in the top ranks of saudi arabia's government and ruling family between saturday night and sunday morning eleven saudi princes four sitting cabinet ministers and dozens of former ministers were arrested the government describes all this is the work of a new anti corruption committee which itself was only formed on saturday night
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among those detained is prince our waleed bin talal he's best known as a billionaire investor controlling major stakes in twitter twenty first century fox and citi group and previously listed in time magazine's one hundred most influential people's list the most significant in total move involves prince met have been abdullah who was removed from his post as the head of the national god he's the son of the late king abdullah and was considered a contender for the throne also out is the minister of economy and planning adil been hammered by key the dismissals are widely seen as consolidating the power of the crown prince mohammed bin sound man also known as n.b.'s he was elevated to the position just four months ago displacing an older cousin or saudi arabia's king salmon has discussed security and economic issues and domestic reform in a phone call with the u.s. president donald trump but it appears they didn't discuss the major cabinet overall that's actually going to reports on the implications of a shake up. call it
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a surprise saturday night shake up saudi state t.v. reported that eleven princes three current and dozens of former ministers have been detained as part of an inch i corruption probe only hours after the formation of an investigative committee was announced it's difficult to relate this to corruption since they didn't have enough time to make a prosecution or to make investigations about that if there was something or some information collected previously why did the and with. the case by case in different people as before about the not doing this overnight all these people together which is rather a quick question specious. the saudi cabinet overhaul is viewed as a power play by king solomon analysts say it's designed to ensure his son and heir to the throne crown prince mohammed bin salomon consolidates power and does so among their branch of the royal family is making this public relations sense to get
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more public support also a little bit of the way to afford his popularity one of the most high profile figures pushed out is the minister of the national guard prince metabo bin of dollar he was the son of former king of dollar and once thought to be next in line to the throne he was the remaining member of the abdullah family in such a high level position. also detained is prince will lead bin tell out he's one of the wealthiest men in the world and given his widespread investments is detainment could have an impact on global business. this shake up sends a message there's a new political order it's also a reminder that for months after the crown prince was named heir to the throne there can be no mistake mohammed bin selman is the future for saudi arabia
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natasha going to eight zero zero. wolf lawn. joins us now from doha and i want to just hearing there about a cabinet reshuffle in saudi a great deal has happened in just the past twenty four hours including this the arrest of saudi princes what does this restructuring mean for the concentration of power in the country where it certainly does consider the power and the hands of the crown prince and his father king so none. but we don't know for how long i mean this is a very interesting model when you take on some rich people and selectively some former ministers and so on and so forth though the people that you have their interest in mind and that you are fighting corruption and to do it in order to do that you're going to have to consume that even more power in your hand so you move on from being an executive or thought
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a tarion regime into an absolute authority and regime now where have we seen that over the last few years we've seen it happen in egypt when german mubarak the son of hosni mubarak tried to fight corruption and tried to come so there's power in the name of fighting corruption we've seen that in the slum of qaddafi the son of moammar gadhafi in libya trying to fight corruption in order to get him up more popular and credibility and we've seen it in bashar assad the son of how it is that in syria again the headline if i think corruption in order to gain credibility and to become the next president so is the crown prince in saudi arabia doing all of that just like the other three predecessors in order to succeed his father to become the king and would he endure as long as the others or more because as we know in syria libya and egypt things have not gone well over the last several years but we've seen the same model happening over even places like russia and china
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again leaders coming in and the name of fighting corruption consolidating powers and i think we've seen that being done today by this and vicious inexperience there in the in prompts crown prince of saudi arabia but we just don't know what are the consequences on the long term right and also we were hearing from hezbollah leader hassan nasrallah he couldn't resist mentioning these changes in saudi arabia specifically citing the change to the head of the national god prince and on to let me mention him i suppose that will now be questions as to how this sudden change in saudi arabia and what the fallout might be for other countries in the region. you know as one person observed today rather insightfully. this is the first time in history where one leader rachel feels two governments in two different countries in the same day so we're having very shuffle in saudi arabia
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and we had very shuffle in lebanon and behind it of course the crown prince and what the hezbollah leader tried to do in his speech is to underline the fact that there is no lebanese problem according to his analysis or his observations or either there is a saudi problem and that it's saudi arabia that either dictate to decide how to be imposed on him or proposed to him to quit the government in lebanon because clearly so that ab out wants to escalate its proxy conflict with iran not only in yemen syria but also in iraq and lebanon so all in all we've seen now lebanon on friday july eleventh on being put in the middle of this proxy conflict between iran and saudi arabia where the iranian really pushing hard in order to take more and more control in lebanon through has been law as well as sold eurabia trying to expand
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its influence and to confront iran in places like lebanon all right marwan for now thank you very much so let's get more on the comments you hearing from hezbollah leader hassan nasrallah this of course in response to the resignation of the prime minister. saad al hariri in riyadh on saturdays and one hundred joins us live now from beirut and cena we heard cayley saying that. resignation had nothing to do with internal politics or internal affairs in lebanon and that it was all positive the regional rival rivalry playing out and dictated him basically by riyadh. yes so hassan nasrallah saying that this was a saudi decision and the prime minister was actually forced to resign he's even questioning whether the prime minister can return to lebanon saying he's supposed to return on thursday let's see if he does then we can understand the situation
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more so hezbollah expressing shock saying that there is no there was no indication that the prime minister intended to resign and that there was cooperation in the country and there was what he called acceptable partnership so him blaming really the saudi government for the predicament in lebanon. zaina how might this impact the country because. often we do see a fragile political situation in lebanon at the best of times what might happen now that there is this yet more vacuum well there is a political vacuum and like you mentioned there has been political vacuums in the past but there is a constitutional crisis because this may be a parliamentary democracy but what you need is a consensual democracy the parties need to come together they need to find a compromise candidate if they don't do that then the political instability will only continue and that is why people are really worried about the security situation in lebanon they're worried about political violence they're worried about the economic situation so there is really
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a lot of uncertainty what might be the trigger or the catalyst to bring all this sound certainty into some sort of fighting on the street zaina because that's not something that we've seen in lebanon for a few years now despite all the tension and the economic problems everything seems to just carry on. well people are really downplaying the possibility of a confrontation in the streets of lebanon for the time being at least right now people are quite worried about the economic fallout the economic situation in the country and right now hezbollah really is very powerful it is a powerful force in fact the it's not just a political party they have troops they have troops fighting in syria they're very powerful in lebanon so the balance of power really is in its favor but there is no doubt that in this country if the different political parties and sects do not cooperate then there can not to be peace. what about the seventies they stand firmly behind have they what is how will this affect the position of that bloc in
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the country. well this is the problem there is a political divide yes but at the same time this political divide there's also a sectarian divide like you mentioned sagal how do you hears us and the his support to his support base is the sunni community and then you have of course you have hezbollah and its allies hezbollah being a sham movement and you have this tension in the country and it's not just in lebanon it's playing out across the region you have this problem in iraq for example and to a lesser extent in syria but definitely there is the secretary tension not just in lebanon and this is the real fear that if this political crisis becomes a sectarian crisis and it has happened in the past so there is a very deep divide in lebanon there's also a deep divide across the region but most analysts here in lebanon believe that lebanon has now been put in the eye of the struggle in the eye of the storm because they feel that what the saudi arabian government wants to do along with israel
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along with the united states is to curb iranian influence in the region and iranian influence of course being here in lebanon as well as through its proxies hezbollah so people are worried that lebanon has been dragged into that to this regional conflict to a certain extent that has shielded itself from the conflict in the region and now it is being dragged into the region but hezbollah secretary general saying that they're going to avoid any escalation he's calling for calm in fact many lebanese politicians today have been calling for calm the need for unity because you know it's a very fragile situation a very delicate balancing act in this country we did here in trying to strike a measured tone in his speech and now thank you very much dana halter with all the latest from the lebanese capital you're watching al-jazeera much more to tell you about this off hour. with two months to go why twenty seventeen is on course to be mexico's deadliest year long record. and life after icily
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explore what happens to the thousands of foreigners who are returning to british soil to fight. welcome to look at weather conditions across the levant and western parts of asia it's a patchy cloud around but there's this area of clay which is really given some particularly heavy rain across parts of turkey some storms associated with it now this whole arrow tend to break up as it moves further towards the east during the course of monday for most of it a southerly breeze so temperatures not too bad but i'm correct just ten degrees and notice find their own the eastern side of the mediterranean house where we've got fine conditions for baghdad at thirty one twenty three for tara with unbroken sunshine heading on into tuesday again the share risk gradually decreases so for most areas it should be fine and dry fine and dry here in the arabian peninsula of
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course humidity still quite high around some of the gulf states so sticky thirty three in doha on the other side of the peninsula are fine there for mecca and medina heading through tuesday some sort temperatures thirty six and thirty four degrees respectively let's head down into southern portions of africa over here too it is looking largely dry and fine despite the cloud is only up into northwestern parts feingold where the cloud is using significant shower activity so it should be a fine picture for cape town durban to is dry sunny quite warm for johannesburg there in the sunshine twenty nine degrees heading through into tuesday finding when talk.
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combat your challenges here at the top stories the leader of the group hezbollah says the resignation of lebanon's prime minister was forced upon him by saudi arabia saad hariri and else his resignation on saturday during a visit to riyadh and the saudi crown prince has made moves to consolidate his hold on power between saturday night and sunday morning eleven saudi princes four
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sitting cabinet ministers and dozens of foreign ministers were arrested. now the yemeni capital has been hit by as strikes overnight and into sunday targeting the hoofy run defense ministry and a square used for mass rallies it follows the firing of a missile over the saudi capital riyadh on saturday by the rebels they've released this footage which they say shows them no one should by who see forces on the ballistic missile aimed at riyadh's king holiday on saturday that was intercepted by saudi arabia's edge defense and shut down before it reached its target. well now i sill has claimed responsibility for an attack on a security headquarters in yemen's port city of aden at least fifteen people died and eighteen others were wounded in an explosion as security officials say they're still fighting gunmen who have taken hostages in a police department. and moving to other top stories ousted cattle need a car has pushed a mountain four of his colleagues have turned themselves into the belgian police
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spain issued a european arrest warrant for them on friday of their role in catalonia as controversial secession referendum they face charges of rebellion sedition and misuse of public funds a spokesman for the brussels prosecutor says a judge has until monday morning to decide on extradition in compliance with the urgent proceed you the prosecutor. we are seize an investigative judge in order to execute your grand iris reference the investigative judge can decide accordingly refusal to exit cute european arest wristing the people involved releasing them and the conditions under the law meanwhile hundreds of people have been rallying in barcelona against the detention of catalan politicians in madrid on thursday a judge in spain jailed eight former members of catalonia separatist government protesters held up posters of the ten catalan leaders and chanted freedom favor
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change to has more from brussels. and his deposed cabinet minister surrendered to the police at the national police headquarters at nine seventeen on sunday morning they were then driven into this building which is the brussels prosecutor's office there were taken in a police van they weren't handcuffed than are being detained in this building while an investigative judge decides on their case that judge has not yet been named but it's expected the meeting will take place between the put him on his cabinet ministers and their lawyers and the investigative judge some time this afternoon and he will then decide whether they will grounds for refusing the arrest warrants whether they should be detained whether they should be released and that decision will have to be made by the investigative judge within twenty four hours of them surrender themselves to the police so an expectation that sometime on monday
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morning he will make that decision or even later on on sunday so it's the beginning of a long procedure under the european arrest warrant although it's been streamlined and reformed it can still take up to sixty days for this matter to be sorted before there could be any extradition of push him on his cabinet ministers back to madrid to face the court there refused to attend and in special circumstances even thirty days extra could be added to the legal wrangling that's about to start here in brussels. a car bomb has killed at least one hundred civilians including children who are trying to escape the syrian city of there is or at least one hundred forty others were wounded in the attack which i still says it was behind government forces announced on friday that i said and pushed out of the city which was the last major stronghold salinger of aid has more from gas and tap on the turkey syria border. according to the media center of the syrian democratic forces at least
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a hundred people have been killed in the province of their resort this is the place that has been recently taken by a syrian democratic forces from ice and sitting american democratic forces are making progress they're moving closer towards the border between syria and iraq and they say as they have taken these areas in one such area in that there are problems between oil fields i see suicide bombers attacked a number of civilians and this was a gathering of people who have now recently fled these areas which are now contested and are now trying to reach to words do is a very as you of course to say they are in control and are safe from isis it's not just isolate the of the of forces are fighting there has been sporadic clashes between as your forces and syrian government forces which are also trying to retake areas in the euphrates basin area this is on either side of the euphrates river in syria leading to words at the border with iraq according to see in democratic
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forces these attacks have continued and there have been other attacks on civilians fleeing these areas by isis fighters two thousand and seventeen is said to be the bloodiest year in mexico's history of an almost two thousand three hundred mud is a month so far this year at a rate of more than three and alan puts mexico on track for almost twenty eight thousand mud as a passingly twenty twenty five thousand and twenty eleven when the government launched its war on drugs as well as drug related violence has also been a rising kidnappings and extortion to take atlanta has more from mexico city. he would have turned twenty one today instead his family and friends gathered at their local church to remember him he was stabbed to death three months ago at a friend's party following an argument several men arrived and killed him in front of dozens of witnesses no one has been arrested. they must pay for
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what they've done because they destroyed our family they destroyed all of us he had his whole life ahead of him so many plans. and these kids just show up and kill each other that's so rough imagine reaching that extreme where these youths are killing each other there's a total lack of security. mexico's latest wave of violence is expected to claim over twenty four thousand lives by the end of twenty seventeen worse than at the height of the drug war a few years ago the main reason for the unprecedented numbers say crime tracking n.g.o.s is the splintering of drug cartels into smaller more violent groups that have disrupted areas previously considered safe look at can. we look at garth have any of the high profile. mexico. and his state of the union address last month mexican president and said security
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continues to be his government's main priority but many here disagree arguing that his administration has persisted with failing policies of prior governments ever since the beginning of the drug war in two thousand and six mexico has made headlines both nationally and beyond in a conflict that continues to unravel but increasingly neither the government nor the private sector is speaking publicly about the worsening security situation or how to tackle it. something that worries analysts as mexico heads into an election year crime rates tend to go up when elections come along. and another thing and many mexicans might be distracted thinking that they can change something by electing another party or another candidate or whatever and this doesn't work this way we have to change our strategy. for. barron say they won't rest until those responsible for their son's death are found and tried but ninety eight
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percent of such murders here go unpunished so like thousands of other mexicans they may never get the justice they seek. last may become another statistic in mexico's year a relentless bloodshed. al-jazeera lexical city. now as i still faces defeat on the battlefield of syria and iraq thousands of foreign fighters are expected to try to return to their home countries the armed group is already boasted of its involvement in attacks on british soil so how should those who come back be treated correspondent army phillips reports. rocca lies in ruins i still fighters once triumphant are on the run they flock to the caliphate those that came from britain says a government minister can expect no mercy on the battlefield i'm afraid we have to be serious about the fact these people are serious danger to us i don't foresee the
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only way it will be in almost every case to kill those remarks by rory stewart have created a big debate here in westminster over how far britain should go to protect itself without undermining its democratic values jack lets a middle class english boy from oxford he converted to islam and when he was eighteen ran away to isolate territory in syria but his parents say he was not a fighter he's now being held by the kurdish authorities in northern syria on suspicion of belonging to eisel his parents say each case must be treated individually. bring them back put them on trial investigate them bring up the evidence and if they've done anything against the british state of course of course due process follow you know we just want justice for ourselves really surely that's not too much to ask they were encouraged by remarks by
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a government advisor who spoke of the need to reintegrate young naive people who return disillusioned they put their son in that category this senior m.p. from the governing conservative party says the authorities have to prepare for more return. we need to give them a route to be subject to the law to get investigated to. cope with what they've done and to face the rigor of the law in that regard. but then there is a joint effort to aid their rehabilitation in the long run back into u.k. society the british authorities believe that about hard for the roughly eight hundred fifty british people who travel to isolate territory have already come home they think that more than one hundred have been killed in iraq or syria but that still leaves hundreds more on accounted for to be phillip's al jazeera.
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australia has turned down new zealand's offer to resettle a hundred fifty refugees from its controversial detention center in papa new guinea there is a tense stand off for the man asylum count by six hundred refugees refusing to leave because they fear they'll be attacked prime minister just sent to arden told her australian counterpart malcolm turnbull for all the office still stands but time will says he wants to work through an existing refugee swap dealing with the united states. at least twenty seven people have died and nearly two dozen a missing after typhoon damrey barreled into southern and central vietnam on saturday or than forty thousand homes have been damaged in a highway submerged as heavy rains and winds of one hundred thirty can almost as black per hour tore through the country the rain is expected to last until tuesday in the city of done and where the apec summit is due to be held. now security has been ramped up in new york city is on high alert as its annual marathe and some two and
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a half million people are expected to take to the streets to cheer the more than fifty thousand runners from around the world event is being held in defiance of an attack last week in which eight people died when a truck plowed into cyclists and pedestrians in lower manhattan the beefed up security includes hundreds of extra uniformed patrol in plain offices plainclothes offices as well as counter terror personnel and rooftop snipers well here's where you need to go for more on everything we're covering cluing all of our top stories the latest on lebanon there and a major political shake up in saudi arabia which includes a detention arrest of saudi princes al jazeera dot com. i want to bring you more on our top stories now and starting with lebanon where the leader of the armed group hezbollah says the resignation of the prime minister was a saudi decision saad hariri announced his resignation on saturday one on
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a visit to the saudi capital riyadh he blamed iran for fueling instability in the region and said he feared an assassination pos against him so this is a. statement written by. if you want to discuss it we need to discuss. the way so it is it's not the way of some of the really it's not the way of. what has been written and the resignation statement is completely different even said that hariri. came to power the way things the way he deals with matters the way his sort out problems doesn't go. with the content of those relations statement all this comes amidst a major shake up in the top ranks of saudi arabia's government ruling family between saturday night and sunday morning eleven saudi princes four sitting cabinet
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ministers and dozens of foreign ministers were arrested the dismissals are widely seen as consolidating the power of the crown prince mohammed bin selman i still says it was responsible for an attack on a security headquarters in yemen's port city of aden at least fifteen people died and eighteen others were wounded in the explosion in the horn my neighborhood ause account on lead a car has pushed a mountain four of his colleagues have turned themselves into the belgian police spain issued a european arrest warrant for them on friday over their role in catalonia controversial secession referendum they face charges of rebellion sedition and misuse of public funds. and a car bomb has killed at least one hundred civilians including children who are trying to escape the syrian city of there is or at least one hundred forty others were wounded in the attack which it was responsible for government forces announced on friday that i still had been pushed out of the city was
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a top stories much more coming up and twenty five minutes time abhi back with the news out but now it's inside story. on the brink of turmoil lebanon's prime minister quits fearing he'd be assassinated as a policy intensifies between saudi arabia and iran so again become the battleground for other people's this is inside story.


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