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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 6, 2017 2:00am-3:01am AST

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ambitious endeavors to create drought proof crops amazing to think that the plan we saw here that looks now looks completely life and international efforts to combine the pests that threaten so they bring in their sandals they show you the impact of hops just like and a doctor writes your prescription you're doing the same thing here you're writing a prescription for the farmer and six blows inspiring advances towards farming for the future of this town al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. alarms the whole rom and this is the al-jazeera news our life will headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes a gunman opens fire during
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a texas church service killing more than twenty people. also a mountain of leaked documents show how the super wealthy and big companies hide that money in tax havens. also has been our leader has an astronomer accuses saudi arabia of forcing the lebanese prime minister to resign. and protests ahead of a key meeting in germany on climate change. good to have you with us we begin the news with a mass shooting at a church in the texan town of sutherland springs more than twenty people dead now police say the shooter walked into the church during a service and opened fire at least seventeen others were injured in the attack including children the gunman is apparently dead while john hendren is our correspondent live for us in washington d.c.
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with more on this it is a developing story john the city's sticks fluctuating according to different sources i mean what do we know about the timeline and in deed about those that have died and injured. well so that we know very little more than we have known all day long and the reason for that is that we're waiting on a press conference right now in which governor abbott is supposed to be speaking about this and local police authorities but we have had little bits of information trickle out there a local television station k.s. eighty quotes authorities saying that the gunman has been identified as a white male in his mid twenty's the new york times we have not confirmed this independently but the new york times has identified the gunman as devon p. kelly twenty six years of age and we're really waiting on more information all we know now is that the gunman came into this very small church in
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a town of just over six hundred people. shot dozens of people killing more than two dozen and wounding many more and this of course is simply the latest in a series of shootings here in the u.s. mass shootings and right now without that news conference information we don't know what any motivation might have been for the gunman this was obviously someone who went into that building to kill and he managed to kill more than two dozen people before he was stopped so but we are waiting for more details on just exactly what happened there and what the motivation of that gunman might have been well of course while you were talking to us john we all seeing pictures obviously of the location aerial shots and of course that's devastates of the community so and so we're actually hearing what. local religious leaders are saying this is what they had to say just a short time alyea. when we got a call that there was and that if you were going actually shooting going on down to
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earth or first baptist church those people first responders immediately that guard church to come down to help our church immediately went into what we do and we started writing for everyone that was involved in it. the people of this church and the first responders that are going out here. it's just a pack a song you know as a family or a family show what it does it just it causes us to ok to stop or doing start to pray and see how we can serve and that's what you're seeing right here in this community is rallying around these folks and so we're just going to try to do our best to comfort and and minister how we can with a difficult time for those involved at the center of that story john and just for some context ravi is according to one agency the gun violence they say that in two thousand and seventeen there were two hundred seventy three mass shooting that's three or more people dead in an incident eleven thousand six hundred fifty
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have died so far this year twenty three thousand five hundred injured it does again raises specter of debate within the u.s. all about gun control the gun lobby on the constitution. that's right so this is absolutely going to rekindle that debate but the problem that gun control advocates continually have in this country is that it runs up against the second amendment which depending on who you talk to whose interpretation you're using either says that people have the absolute right to bear arms or a limited right as many people believe but congress is firmly in republican hands the republicans are firmly pro gun control and what we have seen time and time and time again with these shootings is that congress has not taken action or it has sought to take limited action and gotten nowhere president barack obama a democrat sought to pursue legislation after
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a mass shooting and he was able to achieve really nothing and we have heard talk after this last shooting in las vegas in which the gunman used a bump stock which basically turns a weapon into an automatic weapon congress has not even been able to limit those in that measure does not seem to be going anywhere it will be interesting to see if anything happens in this particular case but time and time again congress has not acted you have in president trump a republican president who is firmly a fan of the national rifle association which has resisted most efforts to limit gun use here although interestingly they were willing to consider restrictions on those bumps docs that i reference but it's very difficult to get anything done in this country in terms of limiting the weapons that are use the munitions inside those weapons. in congress or at the white house right now well for them we'll
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leave it there of course we'll wait for that press conference to happen in the town of stockdale will come back to you john to that press conference live when it does happen thank you. donald trump commerce secretary and aid to canadian prime minister just in trudeau and queen elizabeth the second of the united kingdom well they're just some of the people mentioned so far in a huge leak of financial documents that show how the powerful on the wealthy have allegedly been putting arguably or hiding their money in offshore tax havens now this is a mountain of material more than thirteen million files called the paradise papers and leaked from the offshore. applebee an estimated ten trillion dollars is held in these offshore tax havens and in most cases it's perfectly legal but critics argue enabling the mega rich to hide from the tax man is unfair an issue governments have been slow to address but more importantly here the offshore financial system is also incredibly secretive arguably opening the way for companies and individuals to
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commit wrongdoing the law firm appleby says it's confident the papers will show no evidence of wrongdoing next week's disclosures apparently will reveal the truth of that drew sullivan is the editor of organized crime and corruption reporting project he joins me now on skype from sorry have a good to have you with this i mean what does this tranche of paperwork and details actually tell us about large companies and individuals in the way that they manage their money. i think what you're seeing and we saw this in the panama papers too is is there's a new global industry that caters to money that moves around the world and this money moves through tax havens and it used to evade taxes to hide assets to steal money if you are going to prime it used by and large businesses and what this is really doing it it allowing globalizing money you're allowed to move your money
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legally into places where you don't have to pay taxes and the problem is is that the countries which were getting taxes when a yacht was bought or a plane with about it is there an issue that as you say of legality for example her majesty the queen of england is one of the most wealthiest women in the world she might actually be doing the tax man a favor by actually. taking so i think how many off you might say into offshore accounts i'm not expecting the british taxpayer to fund all the things that the british royal family are expected to perform in their duties as part of the royal household across the u.k. . well it's all depends on the jurisdiction i mean in some places what's going on is clearly illegal activity and even apple b. was aware of some of this illegal activity but you know the larger issue is you know whether it's tax mitigation or tax evasion the problem is it's not it's not
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fair because you only can really do this if you have a large amount of money there's a criminal services industry that kind of caters to this market and allows people to do this and regular people are just not allowed to do that there are some countries such as the u.k. for example that are tightening their grip on offshore accounts but not saying they're illegal but they all monitoring offshore accounts certainly in places like jersey and the isle of man if that is correct all of the countries following the united kingdom's route in this particular scenario well for every hole that's closed in a new one open somewhere else that that's the problem there becomes new jurisdiction's all the time and what's really essential here is that jurisdiction should require that any money or assets or businesses that mine sure. give the kind of disclosure that's necessary to be able to trace these three difficult when somebody is using
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five or six different offshore jurisdictions to get a true picture of what they're really doing and in countries need that because law enforcement not easy to cross borders but crime can cross borders and if for the moment to do someone is going to pleasure speaking to you thanks for joining us from sari eva thanks if you. want to saudi arabia's princes being killed in a helicopter crash near the border with yemen eight saudi officials also died in the crash prince manzullo been moved in our sound was the son of the former crown prince muqrin these videos were posted on his twitter page hours before his death showing him carrying out an inspection of the sense and environment projects he was appointed as the deputy governor of the share of the a c a region which borders yemen it's not yet clear what caused the crash. more than a dozen saudi princes and ministers have been detained in a sweeping corruption crackdown the kingdom restricted to flights and rounds at the
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officials just hours after the establishment of an anti corruption committee one of the world's richest men is among those being held now this happened a saudi arabia announced a major cabinet overhaul widely seen as consolidating the power of the crown prince mohammed bin salon natasha going to reports call it a surprise saturday night shake up saudi state t.v. reported that eleven princes three current and dozens of former ministers have been detained as part of an intake irruption probe only hours after the formation of an investigative committee was announced it's difficult to relate this to corruption since they didn't have enough time to make a prosecution to make investigations about that if there was something or some information collected previously why did the and with. the case by case in different be with before about the not doing this overnight all these people
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together which is rather a quick way suspicious. the saudi cabinet overhaul is viewed as a power play by king solomon analysts say it's designed to ensure his son and heir to the throne crown prince mohammed bin solomon consolidates power and does so among their branch of the royal family he's making this public relations stance to get more public support and also a little bit of the way for his popularity one of the most high profile figures pushed out is the minister of the national guard prince metabo bin of dollar he was the son of former king abdullah and once thought to be next in line to the throne he was the remaining member of the abdullah family in such a high level position. also detained is prince will lead bin tell out he's one of the wealthiest men in the world and given his widespread investments is detainment could have an impact on global business. this shake up sends
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a message there's a new political order but only do we have a new chapter opening up in saudi arabia where the whole new book a whole new political i bet if you will accept i mean with one exception that's still all done in secrecy it's also a reminder that for months after the crown prince was named heir to the throne there can be no mistake mohammed bin selman is the future for saudi arabia natasha going to zero well staying in the region in yemen asteroids talking the hooty run defense ministry and a square used for mass rallies of hits the capital sanaa it follows the firing of ballistic missiles into neighboring saudi arabia on saturday he's released this footage which they say shows the launch into riyadh it was aimed at the international airport or near the saudi capital that was intercepted and shot down before it reached its target. well saudi arabia has pointed the finger at iran for
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arming the who teams with such missiles and expertise saudi is leading a coalition of countries which are fighting the who tease in yemen's war constantly bombarding the country with as strikes the spokesman for the military operations as saudi arabia has evidence of iran's involvement with the rebel group. you would would you know you these militant who are supported by iranian experts iran provides the who is military experts on the planet in collaboration in cooperation with the terrorist organization of his ally in lebanon they are trying to control the strait in a dangerous challenge to regional peace and stability and to the movement of ships through the strait international trade with iran and hezbollah have accused saudi arabia and the us as well as israel of trying to fuel tension in the middle east by pushing lebanon's prime minister to resign saad hariri announced he was leaving his
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post on saturday has been secretary general says saudi arabia is behind the sudden resignation and says the statement written by assad is so if you want to discuss it we need to discuss that. the way. it is it's not the way of really it's not the way of. block and what has been written and that is ignition the statement is completely different even sense that harry reid. came to power the way he thinks the way he deals with matters there where here sorts of problems doesn't go. with the content of those of a nation statement. hariri made the resignation announcement in a television broadcast from the saudi capital riyadh saying that there was an assassination plot against him he criticised hezbollah and iran for their actions
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in lebanon and israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu says iran is trying to dominate the whole region but i think this is a wake up call for everyone it says what the middle east is really experiencing it's experiencing the attempt of iran to conquer the middle east to dominate in subjugated and i think when israelis and arabs and it's all the arabs and the israeli i want to agree on one thing. people should pay attention we should stop this rainy and take over. iran's government says saudi is using the resignation of hariri to cover up its own internal political crisis which is there is a mess ravi has been speaking to a member of parliament for the iranian national security and foreign policy commission. not having hussein is a member of the iranian parliament he's also the spokesman for the parliamentary commission on national security and foreign policy he gave us his perspective on the events unfolding in saudi arabia over the last few days regarding the
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resignation of the lebanese prime minister he said there's no doubt in the iranian government's mind that saad hariri was pressured by the saudi government to step down and it was a cord needed effort to distract from saudi arabia's own internal political problems here's what he had to say. based on your crew in the government of saudi arabia there has been a coup and saudi arabia tried to use the resignation of saad hariri to hide any tunnel movements inside the saudi government but the first headline is the resignation of saad hariri not incidents happening inside the government of saudi arabia so we believe that this is coordinated now he also said that iran's government has information to suggest that hardline political groups are taking over saudi affairs but he took the opportunity to reach out to the saudi government a lot and we believe if there is cooperation between saudi arabia and iran it is beneficial for the rage and it could bring calm to the region but they rely on
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america they rely on israel they think that with american weapons they can be a power in the region this is a wrong theory the government before the revolution in iran the shah's regime with totally saving america but americans abandoned him during the islamic revolution so instead of relying on american powers and foreign powers pay attention to the countries of the bridge and finally hussein he said that attacks by yemen's hooty fighters on targets inside saudi arabia are in evitable he said that hundreds of yemenis are dying every day in saudi bombardment and that the people that they're fighting can't be expected to do nothing saying he said that yemen had become a quagmire for saudi arabia in the same way that vietnam had become a quagmire for the americans and he said that it was time for saudi arabia to stop the violence and negotiate their way out of the conflict because as he said the era of empires is over. lebanon has long been a source of regional strife civil wars confrontation with israel and the role of
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hezbollah which is often described as a state within a state has put the country at the center of middle east politics for decades well in the wake of hurries resignation political leaders are again concerned about the potential for the spread of instability cynical to reports now from beirut. yet again lebanon is on the brink its prime minister has resigned a country not immune to political crises and its people know all too well what instability can bring. we've lived through the civil war and we know a small incident can player up a situation if it's not resolved and there are no mature minds the country will fall apart and that is what we are will happen. so i did a how did these announcement came as a shock from the saudi capital riyadh he cited concerns for his life and blamed iran and its lebanese ally hezbollah for meddling in arab affairs many interpreted the move as a declaration by saudi arabia of all out war against hezbollah and it cannot be
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isolated from the iranian saudi rivalry playing out across the region. the resignation is related to what's going on in the region there are a true main powers vying for influence and lebanon is in the eye of the struggle this is not an internal lebanese matter. iran's ally the lebanese party has and its allies had a powerful role in government but hezbollah is not only a political party it has an armed wing that has helped keep syrian president bashar assad's government in power iran's influence has expanded across the middle east and saudi arabia the united states and israel have all made it clear they intend to take a more aggressive stance to curb iran's power in lebanon now there is a dangerous political vacuum that can't be easily filled levanon it is a parliamentary democracy but in reality it is a consensual democracy the two rival political camps need to agree on a compromise candidate who will be able to put together
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a national unity government that won't be easy how did he and his allies refuse to share power with hezbollah and appointing a candidate close to hezbollah will risk isolating lebanon this isn't the first time political life in lebanon has come to an end and it isn't the first time the saudi iranian rivalry is to blame in the past the country has pulled back from the edge the question many ask is if it will be able to do so again it's out of. beirut . responsible here in the news hour including kohli's officials announce a new presidential election two years after widespread protests broke out over president could be has refused to step down. and install the new york marathon gets his first on. american female we're in the fourteen yes that's coming up in sports . to africa now election officials in the democratic republic of congo say
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a long overdue presidential election will finally take place in december twenty eighth teen the country has seen widespread anger over president joseph as refusal to relinquish power after his term ended in december twenty sixth colin baker reports one more year that is what the democratic republic of the congo's electoral commission has demanded to prepare an election that was already a year overdue the opposition had nearly rejected the process duvall's in the face of this relentless abuse of power joseph kabila and his servant the country's electoral commission have declared war on the congolese people. president joseph kabila was supposed to step down in december after fifteen years in power his refusal to go provoked months of violence and protests in the capital kinshasa which killed dozens the catholic church brokered a deal could be look at stay one year more organize elections and never hold power again now the combined opposition are blaming both the president and the electoral
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commission for the delay it's going to come up to the are we saying there won't be an election no but we have to find mechanisms that lead to these elections and that is what we're trying to do night and day. seventy million congolese live in a nation almost the size of europe with poor roads and little power to run registration machines the commission says it requires months to set up nearly seventeen thousand registration centers then one hundred thousand polling stations the government said the election might cost one point eight billion dollars and new conflicts have started one point four million people have been displaced by fighting between militias in eastern the home of the father of the opposition and its current leader felix she's a caddy government and opposition leaders accuse each other of supporting militia groups like this one the election commission says forty three million voters have been registered already but human rights organizations say activists investigating voter registration in kasai have been detained on the streets of can shas or
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patience is wearing thin again is that the goal is actually down there waiting for elections on the thirty first at midnight president loses his legitimacy in. the united states and international observers demanded the vote be held before the end of the coming year they've gotten their wish but others may be less patient column baker al jazeera. first of catalan leader. four of his colleagues have turned themselves into belgian police spain issued on their european arrest warrant for them on friday over their role in catalonia as controversial session referendum david chaytor reports now from the belgian capital. and four of his deposed cabinet ministers surrendered themselves at this police station in central brussels and were officially placed under arrest at nine seventeen sunday morning they were then transferred in a police van to the office of the brussels prosecutor but they were not put in
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handcuffs. an investigative judge has been appointed will now examine the case laid against them by the court in madrid who issued the warrants the investigative judge . refusal to execute the european arest arresting the people involved freezing in the conditions under which the more has exercised his right under belgian law to have the hearing conducted in flemish a belgian region of flanders has long shared catalonia bishan for independence some analysts say it's an attempt to politicize the whole process the legal procedures surrounding the european arrest warrant have been streamlined and reformed but it still could take up to sixty days before any extradition is carried out on in special circumstances up to ninety days but legal experts now say there are a limited grounds to resist the arrest warrants so there is for instance no grounds for for refusal based on the political nature of the old fence any more so this has
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been abolished here are two different grounds for refusal could be used one on the basis of a serious risk off infringement after mr president. human rights and the second ones on the basis of double criminality pushed him on his ministers are charged by madrid with rebellion sedition and misuse of public funds and of facing a maximum sentence of thirty years in jail the double criminality clause examines if those charges mean the same in both belgium and spain if they appeal on any of the grounds allowed under the european arrest warrant they will go before yet another judge in a bid to fight extradition traitor al jazeera brussels. with more than eight hundred thousand people learned in mexico this year so far twenty seventeen set to
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become the country's deadliest. yet the situation now is worse than in twenty eleven when the government declared a war on drug cartels reports from mexico city. he would have turned twenty one today instead his family and friends gathered at their local church to remember him he was stabbed to death three months ago at a friend's party following an argument several men arrived and killed him in front of dozens of witnesses no one has been arrested. they must pay for what they've done because they destroyed our family they destroyed all of us he had his whole life ahead of him so many plans. and these kids just show up and kill each other that's so rough imagine reaching that extreme where these youths are killing each other there's a total lack of security. mexico's latest wave of violence is expected to claim over twenty four thousand lives by the end of twenty seventeen worse than at the
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height of the drug war a few years ago the main reason for the unprecedented numbers say crime tracking n.g.o.s is the splintering of drug cartels into smaller more violent groups that have disrupted areas previously considered safe you look at can you look at extortions we look at car. any of the high profile. crimes mexico. and his state of the union address last month mexican president and we get said security continues to be his government's main priority but many here disagree arguing that his administration has persisted with failing policies of prior governments ever since the beginning of the drug war in two thousand and six mexico has made headlines both nationally and beyond in a conflict that continues to unravel but increasingly neither the government nor the private sector is speaking publicly about the worsening security situation or
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how to tackle it. something that worries analysts as mexico heads into an election year crime rates tend to go up when elections come along. and another thing and many mexicans might be distracted thinking that they can change something by electing another party or another candidate or whatever and this doesn't work this way we have to change our strategy. baron say they won't rest until those responsible for their son's death are found and tried but ninety eight percent of such murders here go unpunished so like thousands of other mexicans they may never get the justice they seek. you go last may become another statistic in mexico's year a relentless bloodshed. al-jazeera lexical city. well still ahead here on the news are thousands of displaced working go away to makeshift camps in the
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hope of getting on to boats towards bangladesh. boersma just the city's press irrepressible march and the premier league continues tatiana we'll have the details. hello winter has bitten well and truly in washington state and british columbia and all that cloud is still tumbling in and then heading east was across the northern plains to what is really the head of another system now that is where winter is it's in canada but it has come down to the cascades in the northern rockies that seems to be dying out overnight for cause you got snow daylight hours on monday sun's back out in seattle still cold only five degrees but it stopped snowing up in the hills you'll notice that snow has crept across the dakotas and possibly
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a bit beyond said to be in chicago and all this time still quite warm the eastern seaboard if that is still warman toronto and also that will change the cold air will spread your way were down to single figures come cheese day for toronto also and we're in the teens for new york and washington with showers then for the appalachians down towards dallas still warm twenty three there's a lot of action going on in the gulf of mexico all the caribbean you can see with the cloud is here coating around it's not produce a good spinner it is just storms all shells wondering around possibly need to make your in cuba that sit in the area of interest and a bit further east center domingo could be a very weird place generally hispaniola with mexico it's looking remarkably dry. hurrican obvious destruction was indiscriminate would will there be an equal recovery i didn't want to be the mayor of two cities i have and have known for
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klein's discovers how the disparity between rich and poor is brought to the surface in times of crisis someone's life where they are their. culture. lies houston off to harvey at this time on al-jazeera. the story that. they were probably there. and we were there were no very few television things on that at that time this is some of the times the story the story and films and stuff like that to me and i want the viewer in malaysia like al-jazeera english because the news is not fanfare and you don't miss any of the news or any of it you can watch my life.
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welcome back you're watching the al-jazeera news hour i'm so ho rob a reminder of our top stories a mass shooting at a church in the texan town of sutherland springs has left at least twenty people dead police say the shooter walked into the church during a service and opened fire at least twenty other people were injured in the attack the gunman fled the scene and was killed during a confrontation with police. iran and hezbollah have accused saudi arabia and the u.s. as well as israel of trying to fuel tension in the middle east by pushing lebanon's prime minister to resign israel says saad hariri resigned use of pressure from iran which it says is trying to conquer the region very said there was an assassination plot to kill him. and more than
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a dozen saudi princes and ministers have been detained in a sweeping corruption crackdown including one of the world's richest men the kingdom rounded up the officials just hours after the establishment of the anti corruption committee headed by the crown prince mohammed bin so. we are rashid is a visiting professor at the london school of economics she says this is all about the crown prince removing any threat to his future rule. well it is a purge or it can't be anything other than. simply because if you have any corruption against specific individuals you will not more than seventy people in one night we have a situation whereby and man sets up an anti corruption committee he is the head up this committee and that is the ground that he sends his troops to go and arrest people there either these moves indicate to us that the members and that is
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clearing the ground for him to marry as i was cute or need there being absolute king and he is not capable our dollar a thing any equal prince it can only relate to minor princes such as the one he replaced. with to be the new director of their saudi arabian national guard a car bomb has killed at least one hundred civilians including children who were trying to escape the syrian city of duress or at least one hundred forty others were wounded in the attack i saw has claimed responsibility government forces and else on friday the group has been pushed out of the city which was their last major urban stronghold as our budget has morphed garcia into the turkey syria border. according to the media center of the syrian democratic forces at least one hundred
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people have been killed in the province of their resort this is the place that has been recently taken by a syrian democratic forces from ice and syrian american democratic forces are making progress there woman closer towards the the border between syria and iraq and they say as they have taken these areas in one such area in that there are problems between oil fields i see suicide bombers attacked a number of civilians and this was a gathering of people who have now recently fled these areas which are now contested and are now trying to reach towards doors in a very as the of course to say they are in control and are safe from i so it's not just isolate the of the of forces are fighting there have been sporadic clashes between as the a forces and syrian government forces which are also trying to retake areas in the euphrates basin area this is on either side of the euphrates river in syria leading to words at the border with iraq according to see in democratic forces these attacks have continued and there have been other attacks on
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civilians fleeing these areas by isis fighters. traits in syria and iraq so what will happen to thousands of foreigners who travel to short of caliphate to fight or support the group's cause when it does raise questions as to how those who do return home should be treated. correspondent bobby phillips reports. rocca lies in ruins i still fight as once triumphant are on the run they flock to the caliphate those that came from britain says a government minister can expect no mercy on the battlefield i'm afraid we have to be serious about these people are serious. and unfortunately anyway it will be in almost every case to kill those remarks by rory stewart have created a big debate here in west over how far britain should go to protect itself without undermining its democratic values jack lets
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a middle class english boy from oxford he converted to islam and when he was eighteen ran away to i still territory in syria but his parents say he was not a fighter he's now being held by the kurdish authorities in. a straight over to stockdale in the us to listen to the press conference on this current shooting the latest has one of the senior officials. the tragedy of course is worsened by the fact that it occurred in a church a place of worship for these people were innocently gunned down. we mourn their loss. but we support their claims and. we appreciate the first responders in what they have done to help respond to this challenge. they are continuing in their efforts as they put all the pieces of
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a very complex puzzle together to try to provide. their community and all the answers they need and deserve. and forcing them said to tell you to confirm at least at this moment in time. there are twenty six lives that have been lost. we don't know that number will rise or not all we know is that too many and this will be a long suffering mourning for those in pain. we asked for god's comfort for god's guidance and for god's healing for all those who are suffering. as governor i ask for. every mom and dad at home tonight. that you put your arm around your kidding give your kid a big hug. and let them know how much you love them. knowing that
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we support each other. tell your friend in your neighborhood that you support them and that you will work with them. i'm very proud of the way that we have so many people working together to respond to this. already in talking to the emergency team in texas reported that the emergency medical task force from senator o'neill was deployed. to help respond to the magnitude of this tragedy sanatorium the area hospitals and trauma centers have coordinated. with regard to patient movement in patient care. the red cross has set up family assistance center to help all families affected by this. one thing that is very important for. everybody affected by this whether you're
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a family member or non family member is that you avail yourself of counseling resources and that will be made readily available in abundance. now we have so many people who have health responding coordinated fashion already. don't express my gratitude to the president who called from overseas my gratitude to senator cornyn a cruise with whom i've already spoken as well as members of the texas legislature but when you look at the robust response from just the immediate area don't express my gratitude to the sheriff of wilson county to the difficult journey from this area audrey lewis root reason to say that there is because your territory is larger than just wilson county. in two d.p.s.
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director freeman martin each of those three will be speaking shortly but also to the mayor of the area where we are located right near the mayor of stockdale to the department of homeland security. to the a.t.f. the f.b.i. the very county sheriff's office the guadalupe county sheriff's office the wilson county sheriff's office the liberty a police department the starkville city marshal's office and the seguin police department and i have no doubt that there are other law enforcement as well as emergency agencies that have responded to this and i regret if i did not mention you just know that we appreciate the profound way that everybody's come together. i would like to now turn things over to sheriff joe tackett from wilson county in whose jurisdiction the crime occurred and whose jurisdiction we're in right now.
2:44 am
thanks for each time we're. we all in here know what happened today and something we all say does not happen in small communities but we found out today it does. we need your support. you know the media. don't pull it out there that you know. it should have never happened because it does happen and we sincerely feel sorry for all of the people that are involved we don't know. of any of the victims at this time because we're still trying to work the crime scene as we get the names we're going to be carved out of family members and that in them know what we have at this time we don't know any names of any of the victims. thank you. next is the district attorney look. we know that you want you have questions that you want answers to
2:45 am
understand our number one priority in. this and their families at this point. these are live pictures of the press conference coming out of stockdale in texas where a a parent a lone gunman is killed it's now confirmed twenty six people at a church service in sutherland springs the first speaker was the governor of texas greg abbott followed by the wilson county sheriff joke tackett there you have the district attorney audrey wilson also confirming that there is now an investigation in place none of the victims have yet to be named we are expecting of course are those names to be unveiled later in the coming hours of course will come back and go back to texas and when we have more detail but that is stockdale at the moment as the authorities there brief the press on what they know so far
2:46 am
where hundreds of environmental activists are protesting the head of the annual u.n. climate summit and they gathered at a polluting coal mine near the german city of bond where the talks will be held on monday ministers will gather for the first twenty three meetings since u.s. president donald trump withdrew from the landmark paris agreement to limit emissions that clark reports. however you feel about climate change this is been an extraordinary year of weather in the caribbean the united states and in bangladesh warming oceans have fueled the fury of unprecedented hearkens and site claims there have been raging wildfires flooding in heat waves the trend appears to be emerging a bigger more destructive event the science of attribution of extreme events to climate change is still being developed but there is a clear pattern that more more hate leads to longer. trouts leads to
2:47 am
long heat waves. it's time to act now so it's time for the world to build on the unifying moment to the powers agreement to speed momentum in the accord in which all nations of the world syria and nicaragua pledged to do their utmost to keep temperatures from increasing below two degrees c. well yes until president trump said this the united states will withdraw from the paris climate a court the white house view is it holds with the world. has now joined the paris agreement the united states and syria the nations so now all eyes will be on poland to see whether the paris agreement can hold despite the u.s. pullout i mean clearly america's an important country but what you saw when president trump announced his withdrawal in june that a lot of countries stood up and said you know we're still doing this this is
2:48 am
important even with the federal government not stepping up to the plate you've got some national actors to say there is plenty of work today in its annual review the u.n. says it got between national carbon cutting plans and the actual reductions needed it's a long time. as it stands pledges from nations so far only covers one third of the cuts needed by twenty thirty to keep temperature rises below two degrees celsius and carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere have reached record levels two thousand and sixteen saw an average of four hundred three point three parts per million and the last time the earth experience concentrations like that was three to five million years ago when the climate was two to three degrees warmer and sea levels ten to twenty metres higher and this is what the head of the u.n. environment program has to say about that erik solheim says the numbers don't lie we're still emitting far too much and this needs to be reversed to many in the
2:49 am
world climate change has become a dangerous reality it's not just a question of fire fighting a threat but actually surviving nick clarke al-jazeera u.s. president all trump is set to address u.s. and japanese business leaders at the american embassy in japan earlier trump met with prime minister shinzo r. bay for lunch and a round of golf kick starting his twelve day tour of asia the two are expected to hold talks on monday aimed at countering north korea's nuclear threat. well in anticipation of trance visit he'll visit the philippines in the next few days thousands of filipinos have marched through mina calling for an end to drug related killings in the country to an island that has more. when president. was elected into office more than a year and a half ago the hierarchy of the roman catholic church and other religious groups said they were willing to give him
2:50 am
a chance this might religious organisations here be at the end of the tirades months ago they finally spoke up and said enough is enough wrong restraint is right no more coffee like no more but don't really change on. the farmers and. the promise of. rainy. people use of drugs is the one to use. i firmly believe that mr the parent is involved in the illegal drug trade not only now but when they were still in dubbo city and it has become apparent that the targets of this water and drugs of. only the or. primary strike fear in the hearts of of the nation rights groups here say more than thirteen thousand
2:51 am
filipinos have died since president through the good the third to launched his so-called war on drugs and according to religious leaders they say his presidency has released a spawn of killings and a level of impunity and seen in recent decades here at this rally where thousands have showed up religious leaders are encouraging people to speak up they say it's time to speak out against judicial killings and abuses of human rights silence in the face of evil is to be an accomplished when he also had on al-jazeera a breakthrough for female sports fans in saudi arabia that story coming up next. november on al-jazeera. in a historic visit the pope will travel to me in my am bangladesh bringing more focus to the plight of their agenda. a new six part series about extraordinary lives of
2:52 am
the common people from across to his years. as the u.s. backs away from the paris climate agreement well diplomats will be gathering in bonn to restate that commitment. from the heart of asia one a one east brings captivating stories and award winning fields. as tensions on the korean peninsula remain high president trump in the box in a five nation tour to east asia november on al-jazeera. in india women it's all the serving the undefined they're having maybe when he meets these elderly mothers. at this time i doubt is there a. type
2:53 am
of sport. thank you very much elaine flanagan has become the fast american woman to win the new york city marathon in forty years the two time an m.p. and pulled ahead of defending champion mary keaton with the under five kilometer katie had won the race the last three years but the twenty seventeen title eluded her as the thirty six year old son again filled the victory in a time of two hours twenty six minutes and fifty three seconds kenyan geoffrey come wore a held off and kept saying to win the men's rice security had been tie for the race following the truck attack in manhattan last week that killed eight people our correspondent mike hanna was at the finish line. athletes of the future of first along the course youth runners completing a short part of the route. this is the new york city police chief is the largest
2:54 am
security operation ever mounted. snipers are posted on rooftops and sanitation trucks loaded with stand up is issued to prevent any vehicles from gaining access. the race taking place just days after an attack that killed eight people and injured dozens but cyclists walkers and runners are undeterred maybe more than happy to use the path along the hudson river that was the scene of the carnage. and the same sensor for claiming the city streets is evident throughout all five boroughs with the marathon is taking place. right here in saginaw for the marathon is a clear moment refueling and i hope we can just like keep that in before free for all the police out here and. obviously out here for our safety but. we've given her a fraid of tears then we're just living lives of fear let us stop us from moving on
2:55 am
with our lives so this is a great way to support your theory and have fun it fills those of the flow of runners of the spectators as washing away the residue of tuesday's attack the apparent signal if that act was intended to sow terror in the city it failed. shalane flanagan becomes the first u.s. woman winner in forty years. geoffrey cum war of kenya takes the men's gold. but on this day in the city it's as if every athlete and every spectator achieved victory. by cannot al-jazeera. football now and around madrid have moved up to third in the spanish league with a win over last promise promise were unable to break a run of two straight defeats customarily opened the scoring for around madrid before half time marcos ends there and added to the score sheet for
2:56 am
a three nil when real and now eight points behind leaders. manchester city have moved to a point care of the top of the english premier league after a two one win over often on sunday kevin de burn per city ahead in the first half before a second off penalty by the club's all time leading goalscorer made it to alexander pulled one bag but gabriele has sues for stuart the two goal lead as pep guardiola team rout three one witness. manchester united squandered the chance to narrow the gap on the city rivals. they lost to current champions chelsea one nil. with the goal the londoners remain fourth eleven points behind city. elsewhere tottenham tightened their grip on the third with a one no win over crystal palace in the other game of the day table what food were beaten three two by a struggle is everton who pulled off an amazing performance from to nail down. tennis now and american jack clinch the title and spot in the season ending
2:57 am
a sleepy while to a finals in london the win in paris is sox a faster ever masters title he came from a set down to beat qualifier philip k. in of it shove serbia five seven six four six one with a final score. justin rose has improved his chances of finishing the season as europe's top goal for the englishman had a final hope of the turkish open to finish on eighteen on depok and win the tournament by a stroke it comes the week after you came to the w.j.c. champions title in shanghai with two events left in the season runs just behind tommy fade words in the race to be european number one. female sports fans in saudi arabia celebrating a small victory they have been allowed to join their families to watch a sports event in the stadium again the only offer time that's been permitted was in september for national day celebrations this time female fans were able to watch
2:58 am
dad several b.m.x. and motorbike riders put on an aerial despite the performance tree both expatriates and locals. you don't have any and by many of. them and yet thinking this is the spending all their time and maybe the more to add that everything we've got has that has had a drought i'm very happy that as a family member i had the chance to end the stadium i'm very happy that we took this step and also with ball for now more later. there was the news all got with more on the other side of the break to stay with us here on al-jazeera.
2:59 am
right now. germany is hosting this year's climate talks the president from the united states out of the cars agreements what know for the global effort to tackle climate change in depth analysis on live reports from the climate conference in bonn and from the frontlines of groby warming climate s.o.s. one on jessie about. everything you do is being analyzed it's being way to
3:00 am
measure that's what intelligence agencies are. to do things in secret that are unlawful or politically embarrassing all of the colleagues that i knew chose to retire from the n.s.a. they could not stand by and see all the work that they had done being used for mass surveillance digital dissidents at this time on al-jazeera. this is the opportunity to understand a very different way were there before something happens and we don't leave there. is a state we are dealing with. the largest mass shooting in our state's history at least twenty six people killed when a gunman walked into a texas church and opened fire.


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