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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 6, 2017 5:00am-6:01am AST

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tracing the fall from prosperity to financial ruin this is precisely the movement where we are here lies that nothing worse first will be incurring the devastating impact for save the banks means also for save the deposits of in their research and the failure to prevent disaster banks and political leaders are the people who needed to learn of us our gora from democracy to the markets at this time on al-jazeera. this is al jazeera. hello i'm so ram and this is the al-jazeera news our live wire headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes a vigil to remember the victims of
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a church shooting twenty six people are gunned down in a small texas community. also a mountain of leaked documents show how the super wealthy and big companies hide their money in tax havens. and hezbollah leader hassan nasrallah accuses saudi arabia of forcing the lebanese prime minister to resign. also the u.s. sanctions against sudan have been lifted but the economy is still struggling to recover. welcome to the news are we start in north america where a church suitings church shooting has happened in southern springs in the u.s. state of texas at least twenty six people have died police say the gunman walked into the church during sunday service and opened fire at least seventeen others were injured in the attack including children the gunman is dead u.s.
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president condemned the shooting he's currently on a twelve day tour of asia and spoke from tokyo my administration will provide its full support to the great state of texas and our local authorities investigating this horrible crime. as a state we are dealing with. the largest mass shooting in our state's history. there are so many families who lost family members. fathers mothers sons and daughters the tragedy of course is worse another fact that occurred in a church a place of worship for these people were innocently gunned down. and we mourn their loss will join hundred is a correspondent following events for us from washington d.c. and as time goes by and we're talking just the in lots of details are emerging of
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the exact circumstances around the shooting john that's right so hail the victims ranged in age from as young as five to as old as seventy two and they include the fourteen year old daughter of the pastor at that church frank pomeroy of first baptist church he was out of town with his wife in oklahoma but their daughter was left behind and she was found among the dead the gunman has been identified as devon kelly a twenty six year old we do not know at this time what his motive was for that shooting but we have freeman martin of the local department of public safety offering a statement this is what he had to say at approx mean levon twenty this morning a suspect was seen at a valero gas station and so there was praise texas he was dressed in all black this suspect crossed the street to the church exit is being cool and began firing at the
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church the suspect then moved to the right side of the church and continued to fire . that suspect entered the church and continued to fire as he exited the church a local resident grabbed his rifle and engage the suspect the suspect dropped his rifle which it was a ruger they are assault rifle and fled from the church. or local citizen pursued the suspect at that time a short time later as law enforcement responded that suspect right at the wilson guadalupe county line he ran off the roadway and crashed out it was found to be deceased in his vehicle at that time we at this time we don't know if it was a self-inflicted gunshot wound or if he was shot by our local resident who engaged him in gunfire. john it seems that we've been here before we see the same old pictures that we see the vigils the soul searching then the questions begin and then the inevitable debate around gun control. that's right so
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we have a vigil going on tonight after this shooting and as you say we have seen this so many times and so many times when these shootings happen there are calls for gun controls restrictions on the weapons restrictions on the ammunition magazines that are used in these shootings but here in the u.s. at the white house and at the congressional level there have been no successful efforts in years to restrict those weapons despite these many shootings we are told by the officer there that an assault rifle was used in this incident that there was an assault rifle ban here in the united states in one thousand nine hundred four presidents carter and reagan supported it was president clinton who signed that ban but that ban expired ten years later efforts to renew it and to launch new gun control have not been successful and president donald trump has been a very strong supporter of the right to bear arms here in the u.s.
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he has offered thoughts of sympathy in this instance as you showed a bit earlier but he would have to dramatically changes business and if he were to support any restrictions on guns whatsoever so far he has not done that it's been proven to be very difficult and after twenty school children were killed in newtown connecticut in two thousand and twelve they were not able to launch frustrations after that we've had the recent shooting here in los vegas in which more than fifty people were killed there's no reason to believe that after this shooting anything will be different so hail well we should wait and see what those official comments are in the days and weeks to come for the moment told thank you. sir commerce secretary an aide to the canadian prime minister justin trudeau in queen elizabeth the second of the u.k. just some of the people revealed so far a huge leak of financial documents showing how some of the world's richest people
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have been using secret offshore accounts in tax havens this is a mountain of material more than thirteen million files called the paradise papers and leaked from the offshore law company applebee and estimated ten trillion dollars is held in these offshore tax havens and in most cases it's perfectly legal but critics argue enabling the mega rich to hide from the tax man is unfair and the issue governments have been slow to address but more importantly here the offshore finance system is also incredibly secretive arguably the way for companies and individuals to commit wrongdoing the law firm up always says it's confident the papers will show no evidence of wrongdoing the next week of disclosures will reveal the truth of that audrey sullivan is the editor of the organized crime and corruption reporting project he says that he's highlight the imbalance of our society's wealth is managed. there's
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a new global industry that that caters to money that moves around the world and this money tax haven than it used to evade taxes to hide after that to steal money. going to crime and by large businesses and what this is really doing it it allowing by globalizing money you're allowed to move your money legally into places where you don't have to pay taxes and the problem is is that the countries which were getting taxes when a yacht was bought or a plane with the larger issue is you know whether it's tax mitigation or tax evasion the problem of the not it's not fair because you only can really do this if you have a large amount of money there's a criminal services industry that kind of caters to the market and allows people to do this and regular people are just not allowed to do that well at all trump is meeting business leaders in japan as part of his asia tall earlier he had lunch and
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played golf with prime minister shinzo all day tomorrow he'll be meeting political leaders to discuss the north korean nuclear weapons development program in his address to business leaders he said trade with japan was an open. this morning i'm pleased to have an opportunity to discuss how we can strengthen and improve. the economic ties between the united states. and japan. and i have to say for the last many decades japan has been winning you know. well scott hyla the latest from tokyo it seems that the president isn't mincing his words at all to the business community at least. not at all so hill and it's interesting he he said we know we just heard that they've been awaiting the japanese and in the terms of deficit trade deficit between the united states and japan he also went on in that discussion in that those statements just after
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meeting with u.s. and japanese business leaders at the u.s. embassy just a couple of hours ago he also said that the d.p.p. the transpacific partnership this is a trade deal that was put forward during the obama administration something that japan was very much looking forward to the donald trump in one of his very first acts once he got into the white house was to kill the united states is participation in that was a blow to japan he reiterated that today he says it's not a good thing for the united states to be part of it now japan is making its own effort to try to push forward with t.p. without the united states that's something that's going on in parallel but what's interesting about these statements at the u.s. embassy here this morning in tokyo is that you know in about three hours time we're going to have a joint press conference with the prime minister shinzo president trump what's going to be interesting because he's made these comments today obviously it was germane because it came out of a meeting with with business leaders is that there might be some discussions about
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trade he talked about the trade deficit maybe they'll be some discussions and maybe they'll be some announcements about trade situations i don't want to say deals but situations with the united states and japan coming out of that press conference in a couple of hours time so of course he wants to try to at least get some sort of success small or large you might say from each of the countries that he'll be visiting along the way but he also wants to garner the opinions really of what japan feels about china about the south china sea and of course north korea and these all will merge together as he moves around the region and really gets a sense of how regional leaders feel about these issues. absolutely and you can be assured that we're going to hear something about north korea in this press conference in about three hours time what will it be we don't really know i mean obviously throughout the trip and you know this is only the second day and the days leading up to week leading up to this trip north korea has been a very agenda topper if you will and the united states and japan have really kind
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of gotten much closer when it comes to dealing with north korea and how to deal with it in coordination you know you've got nearly forty thousand u.s. troops here in this country so obviously security is very important to the japanese administration to the american administration because of what's been coming out of north korea so there probably will be discussions and then some comments made at that press conference about north korea but then again it's interesting you know because that was kind of was north korea where this segment of the trip of the twelve day trip to asia this part was going to be about north korea because of the close alliance the closeness of these two allies when it comes to defense but now we're hearing that it could also be about trade issues as well so yeah as you say so hell he'll want to take away some success from this stop in the trip will it be north korea will it be something trade related or might it be both we'll be hearing a couple of hours indeed welcome back to scott when that happens thanks very much we've been to europe now a counselor used to pose to president putin will has been released from police
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custody in brussels and four of his former ministers handed themselves into belgium forty's and to spain issued a european warrant for their arrest. as he was released under conditions on is expected to appear in court within fifteen days. well still ahead here on the al-jazeera news are congolese officials announce a new presidential election two years after widespread protests broke out over president could be here as a refusal to step down. and life after i saw weeks paul what happens to the foreigners who are returning to british soil after fighting for the armed groups. and in sports the new york marathon gets its first american female win it in forty years that story coming up in sport.
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to the middle east now i want of saudi arabia's princes has been killed in a helicopter crash near the border with yemen and eight saudi officials also died in the crash principles or been more going out sound was the son of the former crown prince morgan in these videos are posted on his twitter page hours before his death showing him carrying out an inspection of defense and environment projects he was appointed as a deputy governor this year of the sea region which borders yemen it's not yet clear what caused the crash. and more than a dozen saudi princes and ministers have been detained in a sweeping corruption crackdown the kingdom restricted flights and rounded up the officials just hours after the establishment of an anti corruption committee one of the world's richest men is among those being held now this happened a saudi arabia and out a major cabinet overhaul widely seen as consolidating the power of the crown prince mohammed bin the still man natascha going to reports call it
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a surprise saturday night shake up. saudi state t.v. reported that eleven princes three current and dozens of former ministers have been detained as part of an inch i corrupted probe only hours after the formation of an investigative committee was announced it's difficult to relate this to corruption since they didn't have enough time to make a prosecution or to make investigations about that if there was something or some information collected previously why did the and with. the case by case in different view this before about the not doing this overnight all these people together which is rather a quick question spaces the saudi cabinet overhaul is viewed as a power play by king solomon analysts say it's designed to ensure his son and heir to the throne crown prince mohammed bin solomon consolidates power and does so among their branch of the royal family he's making this public relations sense to
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get more public support and also a little bit of the way for his popularity one of the most high profile figures pushed out is the minister of the national guard prince metabo bin of dollar he was the son of former king of and once thought to be next in line to the throne he was the remaining member of the abdullah family in such a high level position. also detained is prince will lead bin tell out he's one of the wealthiest men in the world and given his widespread investments is detainment could have an impact on global business. this shake up sends a message there's a new political order but only do we have a new chapter opening up in saudi arabia we have a whole new book a whole new political i was a bit if you will except i mean with one exception that's still all done in secrecy
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. it's also a reminder that for months after the crown prince was named heir to the throne there can be no mistake mohammed bin selman is the future for saudi arabia natasha going to zero. saudi arabia has also shut down yemen's land sea and airports in response to rebels who he's firing a rocket into riyadh saudi has also conducted air strikes against the who to run defense ministry and a square used for mass rallies in sanaa he's launched a ballistic missile into saudi arabia on saturday the group released this footage which they say shows the launch of the missile it was aimed down to riyadh international airport but was intercepted and shot down before it reached its target the saudi that coalition controls many of yemen's entry and exit ports. saudi arabia has pointed the finger at iran for arming the who tees with such
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missiles and expertise saudi is leading a coalition of countries which are fighting the duties in yemen's war constantly bombarding the country with air strikes the spokesman for the military operations in saudi arabia has evidence of iran's involvement with the rebel group. you would would you know i mean these militant who are supported by iranian experts iran provides the who these military experts on the planet and collaboration in cooperation with a terrorist organization of his in lebanon trying to control straight in a dangerous challenge to regional peace and stability and to the movement of ships through the strait international trade. iran and hezbollah have accused saudi arabia the u.s. and israel of trying to fuel tension in the middle east by pushing lebanon's prime minister to resign saad hariri and now as he was leaving his post on saturday has been secretary general says saudi arabia is behind the sudden resignation. this is
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a statement written by this if you want to discuss it we need to discuss that. the way. it is it's not the way of sort of the really it's not the way of. block and what has been written and the resignation a statement is completely different even sad that hariri. came to power the way he thinks the way he deals with matters the where his sort of problems doesn't go. with the content of those of a nation statement. hariri way the resignation announcement in a television broadcast from the saudi capital riyadh saying there was an assassination plot against him now he criticized hezbollah are underrun for their actions in lebanon israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu says iran is trying
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to dominate the whole region. and i think this is a wake up call for everyone it says what the middle east is really experiencing it's experiencing the attempt of iran to conquer the middle east to dominate in subjugated and i think when israelis and arabs and it's all the arabs and israelis i want to agree on one thing. people should pay attention we should stop this rainy and take off with iran's government society is using the resignation of hariri to cover up its own internal political crisis which is there is a mess from has been speaking to a member of parliament for the iranian national security and foreign policy commission. not having hussein is a member of the iranian parliament he's also the spokesman for the parliamentary commission on national security and foreign policy he gave us his perspective on the events unfolding in saudi arabia over the last few days regarding the resignation of the lebanese prime minister he said there's no doubt in the iranian
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government's mind that saad hariri was pressured by the saudi government to step down and it was a court needed effort to distract from saudi arabia's own internal political problems here's what he had to say. based on your crew in the government of saudi arabia there has been a coup and saudi arabia tried to use the resignation of saad hariri to hide any tunnel movements inside the saudi government but the first headline is the resignation of saad hariri not incidents happening inside the government of saudi arabia so we believe that this is coordinated now he also said that iran's government has information to suggest that hardline political groups are taking over saudi affairs but he took the opportunity to reach out to the saudi government . we believe if there is cooperation between saudi arabia and iran it is beneficial for the rage and it could bring calm to the region but they rely on america they rely on israel they think that with american weapons they can be a power in the region this is
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a wrong theory the government before the revolution in iran the shah's regime with totally saving america but americans abandoned him during the islamic revolution so instead of relying on american powers and foreign powers pay attention to the countries of the bridge and finally hussein he said that attacks by yemen's hooty fighters on targets inside saudi arabia are in evitable he said that hundreds of yemenis are dying every day in saudi bombardment and that the people that they're fighting can't be expected to do nothing saying he said that yemen had become a quagmire for saudi arabia in the same way that vietnam had become a quagmire for the americans and he said that it was time for saudi arabia to stop the violence and negotiate their way out of the conflict because as he said the era of empires is over. election officials in the democratic republic of congo say a long overdue presidential election will finally take place in december twenty eighth teen the country has seen widespread anger over president joseph kabila is refusal to relinquish power after his term ended in december twenty sixth seen
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reports one more year that is what the democratic republic of the congo's electoral commission has demanded to prepare an election that was already a year overdue the opposition had nearly rejected the process in the face of this relentless abuse of power joseph kabila and his servant the country's electoral commission have declared war on the congolese people. president joseph kabila was supposed to step down in december after fifteen years in power his refusal to go provoked months of violence and protests in the capital kinshasa which killed dozens the catholic church brokered a deal could be a look at stay one year more organize elections and never hold power again now the combined opposition are blaming both the president and the electoral commission for the delay it's going to come up to the are we saying there won't be an election no but we have to find mechanisms that lead to these elections and that is what we're
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trying to do night and day seventy million congolese live in a nation almost the size of europe with poor roads and little power to run registration machines the commission says it requires months to set up nearly seventeen thousand registration centers then one hundred thousand polling stations the government said the election might cost one point eight billion dollars and new conflicts have started one point four million people have been displaced by fighting between militias in eastern the home of the father of the opposition and its current leader felix she's a caddy government and opposition leaders accuse each other of supporting militia groups like this one. the election commission says forty three million voters have been registered already but human rights organizations say activists investigating voter registration in kasai have been detained on the streets of patience is wearing thin again. we're waiting for elections on the thirty first at midnight president loses his legitimacy. the united states and international observers
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demanded the vote be held before the end of the coming year they've gotten their wish but others may be less patient column baker al jazeera. well still ahead here on al-jazeera twenty seventeen is said to be mexico's deadliest year what officials believe is behind the surge in violence. and manchester united's as much as the city's irrepressible moxon the premier league continues to be here in sport with a statement. from dusky sunset so if it's proving savannah. to sunrise atop an asian metropolis. hello i thought the winter monsoon had tucked into china quite happily but it's stepping back a little bit now we've got more of onshore breeze so increasingly to be cloudy for a few years you down beyond hong kong and then probably wet i'm taking you into
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tuesday now and the saying feed is bringing rain back to the coast of vietnam but these are fairly regular showers we've had to really really wet weather going through in the typhoon in vietnam falling apart in cambodia so that's quite a little bit but as more action taking place in what looks like a circulation in the southern gulf of thailand some time has been wet and there's more to come and it goes down to even see malaysia singapore was in line for a shower or two or to have you work for speech accounts is just on the edge of it a good part of borneo could be dry still a ways he's back in the wet weather as well but the concentration probably is going to be big for the north west particularly unthinking southern thailand and of course with the northeast breeze the more dominant one now we've got this part of india particular and chennai where the rain could be potentially heavy but it has been there's been flooding around chennai in fact this whole southeast of india and sri lanka have had some thirty heavy rain and there is more to come this is
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monday's forecast and it's almost all green tuesday's similar. the weather sponsored by cats on race. sure true names at home. and inspiration. personal stories of people who is keeping the spirit of freedom in line. by courageously defending their rights to be heard. i. guess that's what. we get to al-jazeera selects at this time. the consequence of war i got ventures of russian rules he served in the marine corps for next year and she. just doesn't go away. to live out of his truck for last couple years. he's homeless. follows a group of u.s. army veterans much ised by war. as they struggle to get their lives back.
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at this time. welcome back you're watching al-jazeera news hour i'm so robin these are all top stories a mass shooting at a church in the town of sutherland springs in texas has left twenty six people dead police say the gunman walked into the church during the service and opened fire dozens of others were injured in the attack the gunman fled the scene and was later found dead. and more than a dozen saudi princes and ministers have been detained in a sweeping corruption crackdown the including one of the world's richest men the
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kingdom rounded up the officials just hours after the establishment of an anti corruption committee headed by the crown prince mohammed bill maher on. iran and hezbollah have accused saudi arabia the u.s. and israel of trying to fuel tension in the middle east by pushing lebanon's prime minister to resign israel says saad hariri resigned due to pressure from iran which is saying it's trying to conquer the region really said there was an assassination plot to kill him. five at mecca reservoirs among the largest in the world are to be built in cattle the cost of many five billion dollars that each of the capacity of one hundred million gallons of water lower a burden manly visited the construction site. construction workers trickle through this large pool but in less than a year it will flow with water these workers are putting the finishing touches to one of the largest reservoirs ever built. taking
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a step outside reveals the truth of this four point seven billion dollar project it's so big engineers couldn't find cranes that could stretch the length of it. with its kind struction cutter residents would be at risk of going. if the water processing plants were not operating a big issue for a population that's been growing in size the country strain is ours desert meaning there's no new the water from rivers and lakes seawater is converted to drinking water through to sell a nation the five reservoirs will be connected to those plants always tripling the supply. now between two and a ha meters in diameter the water is pumped through here and sent to the walls
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modest water reservoir to give you an idea of the scale take the largest water reservoir for nine of the world's biggest cities you can put them all in there and still have room for a major sporting event but it's a project really sustainable. some are concerned with the deceleration process is energy intensive and environmentally damaging however engineers a confident it won't be a problem i see how it impacts on your planet because what we are doing is we're reducing your go something going on. because what we're doing with moving water to the place that moved me to live at the moment rather than the movement has generated a lot of this probe initially and you know the moving haven't the time we have to keep order and storage for the for knowing how to know who is the cheapest one for us without using the natural gas so this is likely an end to an
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abundance of water in the desert is no longer just a pipe dream for carter's residence these installations a built to last a century. or about manly out of his era. hundreds of environmental activists are protesting ahead of the annual u.n. climate summit they gathered the polluting coal mine near the german city of bond where the talks will be held on monday ministers will gather for the first to call twenty three meeting since u.s. president donald trump withdrew from the landmark paris agreement to limit and missions and clark reports. however you feel about climate change this is been an extraordinary year of weather in the caribbean the united states and in bangladesh warming oceans have fueled the fury of unprecedented hurricanes and site claims there have been raging wildfires flooding and heat waves the trend appears to be emerging a bigger more destructive event the science of attribution of extreme events to
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climate change is still being developed but there is a clear pattern that more and more heat leads to long. droughts leads to longer heat waves. it's time to act now so time for the world to build on the unifying moment at the paris agreement to speed momentum in the accord in which all nations of the world bar syria and nicaragua pledged to do their utmost to keep temperatures from increasing below two degrees c. well yes until president trump said this the united states will withdraw from the paris. climate court the white house view is at odds with the world. has now joined the paris agreement the united states and syria the nations or so now all eyes will be on bone to see whether the paris agreement can
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hold despite the u.s. pullout i mean clearly america is an important country but what you saw when president from announced his withdrawal in june that a lot of countries stood up and said you know we're still doing this this is this is important even with the federal government not stepping up to the plate you've got some national actors doing today there is plenty of work to do in its annual review the u.n. says it got between national carbon cutting plans and the actual reductions needed it's alarming lehi as it stands pledges from nations so far only covers one third of the cuts needed by twenty thirty to keep temperature rises below two degrees celsius and carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere have reached record levels two thousand and sixteen saw an average of four hundred three point three parts per million and the last time the experience concentrations like that was three to five million years ago when the climate was two to three degrees warmer and sea levels ten to twenty metres higher and this is what the head of the
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u.n. environment program has to say about that erik solheim says the numbers don't lie we're still emitting far too much and this needs to be reversed to many in the world climate change has become a dangerous reality it's not just a question of fire fighting a threat but actually surviving. al-jazeera. a car bomb has killed at least one hundred civilians including children who were trying to escape the syrian city of dinners or one hundred forty others were wounded in the attack i saw has claimed responsibility government forces announced on friday the group had been pushed out of the city which was their last major urban stronghold asama binge of it has more from gaza on tap on the turkey syria border according to the media center of the syrian democratic forces at least one hundred people have been killed in the province of the resort this is the place that has been recently taken by
5:36 am
a syrian democratic forces from ice and i see an american democratic forces are making progress they are moving closer towards the the border between syria and iraq and they see as their feet in these areas in one such area in that there are problems with being oilfields i see suicide bomber attacked a number of civilians and this was a gathering of people who have now recently fled these areas which are now contested and are now trying to be towards dossier there as the of course to say they're in control and are safe from isis it's not just isolate the as the forces are fighting there are been sporadic clashes between as your forces and syrian government forces which are also trying to retake areas in the euphrates basin area this is on either side of the euphrates river in syria leading to words at the border with iraq according to see in democratic forces these attacks have continued and there have been other attacks on civilians fleeing these areas by isis fighters
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. i still is on the retreat in syria and iraq so what will happen to the thousands of foreigners who travel to a short lived caliphate to fight or support the group's calls while it raises questions as to how those who do return home should be treated or you can correspondent philip reports. raca lies in ruins i still fighters once triumphant are on the run they flock to the caliphate those that came from britain says a government minister can expect no mercy on the battlefield i'm afraid we have to be serious about these people are serious. and unfortunately anywhere they will be in almost every case to kill those remarks by rory stewart have created a big debate here in westminster over how far britain should go to protect itself without undermining its democratic values jack lets a middle class english boy from oxford he converted to islam and when he was
5:38 am
eighteen ran away to isolate territory in syria but his parents say he was not a fighter he's now being held by the kurdish authorities in northern syria on suspicion of belonging to eisele his parents say each case must be treated individually bring them back put them on trial investigate them. bring up the evidence and if they've done anything against the british state of course of course due process. we just want justice for ourselves really surely that's not too much to ask they were encouraged by remarks by a government advisor who spoke of the need to reintegrate young naive people who return disillusioned they put their son in that category this senior m.p. from the governing conservative party says the authorities have to prepare for more return. we need to give them
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a route to be subject to get investigated to. cope with what they've done and to face the rigor of the law in that regard. but then there is a joint effort a rehabilitation in the long run back into u.k. society the british authorities believe that about half of the roughly eight hundred fifty british people who travel to isolate territory have already come home they think that more than one hundred have been killed in iraq or syria but that still leaves hundreds more on account of. the phillips al jazeera. al-jazeera his demanding the release of its journalist mahmud hussein who's been in a gyptian prison for nearly a year he's accused of broadcasting false news to spread chaos which he handle strongly deny my mood has repeatedly complained of mistreatment in jail he was arrested in december while visiting his family now unmarried couples in the east
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african country of burundi have until the end of the year to legalize their relationships in may president appear. signed a new law which the government says will help protect women and create a more moral society but with some degree dissent but some disagree her image tasa reports from which i'm bored. government wants couples living together to register their marriages that means they must have a church or state sanctioned waiting before the end of the newlyweds places. say the new law doesn't bother them they believe tying the knot officially is the right thing to do when you are not married. you are not complete. and when you get married. to be complete. that's why it's necessary to be. here quickly and go to point somewhere someone outside. of government officials say
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the move will create a more moral society they insist a legal document recognizing a marriage helps protect women and children especially when it comes to issues such as inheritance after this punishment will be. out. those families. who are married if there will be. some of them will be taken to court. and. jailed is one of the world's poorest countries the world bank says by twenty eighteen the poverty rate will be eighty percent some people say they can't afford to marry getting married can be expensive some couples first have their traditional wedding way certain customs such as paying a price for the bride and then there's often the church wedding the ball can run into the thousands others say the new marriage law infringes on people's religious
5:42 am
beliefs customs and practices the law stipulates a man can only legally register one while. we can fight the government we have to respect the law but we will continue to try and convince the government to reconsider and remember that we as muslims it's our culture to have more one than one. for me. the legislation creates animosity and this empowers women in polygamous relationships. it will be unfair on other women if a man is was by law to register only one of his wives what happens to the other women in his life civil society activists say forcing people living together to marry is a violation of human rights government officials insist the crackdown on informal relationships will help reduce population growth and help monitor how many people are actually in the country how al-jazeera. the sudanese government is being taken mediate action to take advantage of opportunities for the country's crippled economy last month the u.s.
5:43 am
lifted most of its economic sanctions which it had been in place for two decades had a devastating effect on sudanese trade him organ reports from khartoum. but her man has had his shop for more than thirty years but he says twenty years of u.s. sanctions slowed his trade and he's yet to see any improvements in the economy after the lifting of the sanctions a month ago well i think the sanctions consumption went down but the value of the dollar in the black market hasn't changed yet its availability is what brings its value down and that's not changed u.s. trade and economic sanctions were imposed on sudan in one thousand nine hundred seven after the u.s. accused of human rights abuses and supporting terror that along with internal conflicts and the secession of south sudan in twenty eleven which had seventy five percent of the country's oil fields crippled the sudanese economy prices soared and haven't come down many shopkeepers say there's talk stay on the shelves longer than they should and i'm a few more see my officialdom why there are months when people don't it's not
5:44 am
because there is no money it has to be prioritized on other things like school fees for example for most people prices remain on affordable sanctions may have been lifted from sudan but just like it took time to have an impact on the country's economy it's taking time for that impact to reverse until then many shoppers say they prefer to use their money only on basic necessities the currency has weakened significantly since the sanctions the official rate used to be one point seven sudanese pounds to the dollar now it's six point six on the parallel black market the figure is more than three times higher at twenty two the government says it's working to change that i mean you know. from now on after the lifting of the sanctions and the ease of banking transactions the cost of importation will decrease we are also now implementing policies of the free market to increase production and provide opportunities for fair competition. but analysts say more
5:45 am
needs to be done to speed up a change in the economy. and if there's a government has to attract those outside sudan to send their money through official channels on this requires improving the rates for those outside it also has to take away all obstacles to national production especially those that can't be exported photographer remembers his country before the sanctions as the for doing them and hopes he can now celebrate there and by seeing more sales people morgan and is there a cartoon with more than eighteen thousand people murdered in mexico this year so far twenty seventeen is that to become the country's deadliest year yet the situation now is worse than two thousand and eleven when the government declared war on the drug cartels judea galliani reports from mexico city. would have turned twenty one today instead his family and friends gathered at their local church to remember him he was stabbed to death three months ago at
5:46 am
a friend's party following an argument several men arrived and killed him in front of dozens of witnesses no one has been arrested because this threesome with. they must pay for what they've done because they destroyed our family they destroyed all of us he had his whole life ahead of him so many plans. and these kids just show up and kill each other with so rough imagine reaching that extreme where these youths are killing each other there's a total lack of security. mexico's latest wave of violence is expected to claim over twenty four thousand lives by the end of twenty seventeen worse than at the height of the drug war a few years ago the main reason for the unprecedented numbers say crime tracking n.g.o.s is the splintering of drug cartels into smaller more violent groups that have disrupted areas previously considered safe look at can. we look at
5:47 am
garth have any of the high profile impact. mexico. in his state of the union address last month mexican president and said security continues to be his government's main priority but many here disagree arguing that his administration has persisted with failing policies of prior governments ever since the beginning of the drug war in two thousand and six mexico has made headlines both nationally and beyond in a conflict that continues to unravel but increasingly neither the government nor the private sector is speaking publicly about the worsening security situation or how to tackle it something that worries analysts as mexico heads into an election year crime rates tend to go up when elections come along. and another thing and many mexicans might be distracted thinking that they can change something by electing another party or another candidate or whatever and this doesn't work this
5:48 am
way we have to change our strategy. baron say they won't rest until those responsible for their son's death are found and tried but ninety eight percent of such murders here go unpunished so like thousands of other mexicans they may never get the justice they seek. you go last may become another statistic in mexico's year a relentless bloodshed. al-jazeera lexical city. now thirty children have died in two days at a hospital under scrutiny in northern india the b.r.d. medical college in pradesh said the causes of the deaths were natural now this comes after seventy children died there in august a lack of oxygen supplies is blamed for those deaths that incident triggered protests against the prime minister narendra modi's bharatiya janata party which rules the state and staying in the country the conflict in kashmir has had
5:49 am
a profound effect on the region's film industry many of the cinemas have been converted for other functions and while residents have largely relied on d.v.d.'s and tapes to keep in touch with the latest artistic offerings but now a new festival is opening to change all of this by reviving the want strong cinematic tradition so you're going to get a small. it was meant to be a welcome distraction from reality a trip to the cinema and it was no different in srinagar once but for the past thirty years the cinemas have served other functions including military camps and hospitals it's a legacy from the early days of the indian administered kashmir as separatist movement that's when a rebel group tigers shut down cinemas no movies were able to be screened anywhere student cause he was safe and his friends say they feel they've missed out i think it's high time that the cinema should be real when i mean we have been hearing from
5:50 am
our father for father to go to cinema watch movies watch two or three shows but. why have we been denied from that entertainment but it's hoped the cash may well film festival will change that and introduce a new generation of film fans to the pleasures of the big screen a generation that was brought up watching films on rented videotapes pirated c.d.'s and internet downloads and for the festival's organizer it's essential for kashmiris freedom of expression we have newspaper we have television we have radio channels fms coming up to our only one is coming so why is. our collecting behind. this a very strong medium and a wonderful art. it will be a challenge to restore the cinemas from the military base camps and the hospitals they become but the hunger is there specially from younger people who want to
5:51 am
experience film in its original form. al-jazeera. will still. sport a breakthrough for female fans in saudi arabia that story coming up with tatiana next.
5:52 am
welcome back it's time for sports his tatyana. thank you very much elaine flanagan has become the fast american woman to win the new york city marathon in forty years the two time and pulled ahead of defending champion mary keaton with the under five
5:53 am
kilometer katie had won the race the last three years but the twenty seventeen title eluded her as the thirty six year old flanagan filled the victory in a time of two hours twenty six minutes and fifty three seconds kenyan geoffrey come wore a held off and kept to win the men's rice security had been tie for the race following the truck attack in manhattan last week that killed eight people our correspondent mike hanna was at the finish line. athletes of the future of first along the course youth runners completing a short part of the route. the new york city police chief is the largest security operation ever mounted. snipers opposed to gun rooftops and sanitation trucks loaded with sand opposition to prevent any vehicles from gaining access. the race taking place just days after an attack that killed eight people and injured dozens but cyclists walkers and runners are undeterred. more than happy to
5:54 am
use the path along the hudson river that was the scene of the carnage. and the same sense of reclaiming the city streets is evident throughout all five boroughs with the marathon is taking place. during the marathon is a moment of. interest like. keep that in before. the police out here and. obviously out here for our safety but. given her afraid of terrorists then we're just living lives of fear let us stop us from moving on with our lives so this is a great way to support. and have fun it fills those if the flow of. spectators is washing away the residue of tuesday's attack the apparent signal if that act was intended to sow terror in the city it failed. shalane flanagan becomes the first u.s. woman winner in forty years. geoffrey cum war of kenya takes the men's gold.
5:55 am
but on this day in the city it's as if every athlete and every spectator achieved victory. by al-jazeera. football now and around madrid have moved up to third in the spanish league with a win over last promise promise were unable to break a run of two straight defeats the marrow opened the scoring for around madrid before half time. and added to the score sheet for three nil when rail and now eight points behind leaders. manchester city have moved to a point care of the top of the english premier league after a two one when i have often on sunday kevin to burn city ahead in the fast hoff before a second off penalty by the club's all time leading goalscorer. to alexander pulled one bad but gabriele has to store the two goal lead as pep guardiola team rout
5:56 am
three one witness. manchester united squandered the chance to narrow the gap on their city rivals as they lost to current champions chelsea one nil. with the goal the london is remain fourth and levon points behind city. tottenham tightened their grip on the third with a one no win over crystal palace in the other game of the day meant table what food were beaten three two by a struggle as everton who pulled off an amazing performance from to nail down a tennis now and american jack because the paris masters title and a spot in the season ending a.t.p. world tour finals in london they went in paris is socks a faster ever masters title he came from a set down to beat qualifier. in of it of serbia five seven six four six one with the final score. justin rose has improved his chances of finishing the
5:57 am
season as europe's top goal for the englishman had to find the turkish open to finish on eighteen on depok and win the tournament by a strike come the week after he came to the w.b.c. champion title in shanghai with two events left in the season runs just behind tommy fade away in the race to be european number one. female sports fans and found a arabia celebrating a small victory they have been allowed to join their families to watch a sports event in the stadium again only all the time has been permitted with in september for national day celebrations this time to watch dad. and motor bike riders put on an aerial despite the performance treat both expatriates and locals. i'm very happy that as a family member i had the chance to end the stadium i'm very happy that we took
5:58 am
this step and also with both. thanks tatiana course you can follow all of the sport stories on the law new stories by logging on to the website at al-jazeera dot com of course the texas church suiting is the story that we're following here on al-jazeera more news coming up in the next half hour to stay with us on cell robbie watching al-jazeera news out. and new level of luxury has arrived. and experience the poor transform the way we treat. our impeccable service remain. but now comes breaking. its. the altar to prove this is the free state.
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where they're conducting business sharing especially. when you the best of. the church for them to meet. someone in training so. you'll sanctuary in the school. reduced to school. student news. because only i was going places together. in india women as old as seventy or define their range and having maybe one or one eats meats these elderly mother asked how old is too old to give at this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. where ever you are.
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provoking debate the corporate tax have not hot job growth on the barack obama that will one only do that enough not through tackling the tough issues restrictions on media freedom all the tree killings torture maybe you giving me room didn't give me crap challenging the established line every single one of the three and all thousand people who was killed with a drug dealer yes how do we know that you didn't try them you didn't prosecute if you didn't show the shot one saw a joint that he has done for up front at this time on al-jazeera. as a state we're dealing with. the largest mass shooting in our state's history at least twenty six people have died after a gunman opens fire at a church in texas.


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