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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 7, 2017 2:00am-3:01am AST

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people from across tunisia. as the u.s. backs away from the paris climate agreement well diplomats will be gathering in bonn to restate their commitment. from the heart of asia one when east brings captivating stories and award winning fields. as tensions on the korean peninsula remain high president trump embarks on a five nation tour to east asia november on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. logs the whole robin you're watching the al-jazeera news our live from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes saudi arabia says the
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lebanese government and hezbollah will be dealt with as one declaring war against riyadh plus. we have a lot of mental health problems in our country as do other countries don't trump says the shooting of twenty six people in a texas church is a health issue not a gun control issue. and the race for the leadership in the effort to combat global warming we take a look at how china is stepping in to fill the vacuum left by the u.s. also. one hundred years ago the winter palace here it's a petersburg was echoing to the sound of revolutionaries boots as the bolsheviks overthrew the governments of the day i'm very challenging keep watching to find out why russia's modern rulers find this a difficult subject. welcome . to the news hour we start of the middle east where saadi arabia lebanon will now
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be dealt with as a government that has declared war against it it's a major development amid escalating tension in the region between saudi arabia and iran the saudi minister for gulf of has made the comments to the saudi media the mere referred to the role of iran within lebanon he said the lebanon based iran backed group hezbollah has committed acts of aggression it follows the resignation of lebanese prime minister saad hariri on saturday in a televised address from riyadh hariri said iran and hezbollah were sowing strife in the region zillah called the reporter from beirut this wasn't just an opportunity to talk the meeting between the saudi king so man and saddle had e.d. was as much an attempt to deny reports the lebanese prime minister had been detained by authorities in the saudi capital after he announced his resignation on
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saturday how did his political opponents have been suggesting how d.d. was forced to step down and is under house arrest in riyadh how does this isn't a quick his prime minister brought down lebanon's coalition government a government that included hezbollah how do you did blame hezbollah and its patron iran for meddling in arab affairs this plunged lebanon into a new political crisis and there are fears it may be at the forefront of the region or saudi iranian rivalry. in lebanon are divided into similar parties or do similar talks one is putting in and the other is process which means if. things will be worth it means that can lead to confrontation between the two parties like what happened in two thousand and six two thousand and seven two thousand and eight and which can happen so that's why we should find a solution to keep or to save the decision. it might be
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a while before that happens lebanon's president michel aoun has been meeting with representatives of the country's security agencies he is supposed to be holding parliamentary consultations to appoint a new prime minister but the constitutional process is now on hold. we have been told by the president that we won't take any decision before know what the circumstances of how did his resignation from the prime minister himself it will be hard to find a prime minister to replace according to lebanon's power sharing deal he must be a son a muslim and if internal stability is to be maintained he must be a consensual figure able to bring the rival parties together but this is not just a lebanese internal matter. the saudi minister for gulf affairs ephemera us upon says lebanon will no longer be the same after heady days resignation he says lebanese leaders have to choose between peace and terror in other words they have to move away from hezbollah
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a party that has allies members in government and parliament as well as an armed wing the risk of an open ended political crisis is real and with that lebanon risks again being a battleground for others wars senator al jazeera beirut. or tomorrow is a policy analyst at the arab center in washington d.c. joins me from my guitar view with us on the program just some lines coming out of the pentagon just before we start where the u.s. is saying saudi arabia working together to battle extremists neutralize iran's destabilizing influence in the middle east region that's from the pentagon it seems that saudi arabia is saying what it wants to say doing what it wants to do with the blessing of the u.s. . i mean some somehow it is a me then say return and washington all the trouble to the for additional of saudi arabia and israel and there's a direct line between between the new saudi leadership and the close circle in the
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white house but this is coming get the expense between the division between the saudi leadership and the us establishment in general and we see there is a little bit of reservation in the pentagon and state department but now the priority is to deter iran and saudi arabia is trying to play that role basically on behalf on the of the or in coordination with the us is how do you rebuild that interim source so to interrupt because that is saudi arabia trying to garner support regionally for some sort of conflict and i emphasize the word some sort of conflict whether that be military or political. i mean i don't see the conflict there's a lot of rhetoric going around whether from washington or riyadh but that's not doesn't translate to realities on the ground in just yesterday you have a new ambassador in lebanon saudi ambassador new saudi ambassador in iraq their
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disengagement in iraq where there's a lot of iranian influence in lebanon that is thought it is a big yes but how you can translate it there is no sunni based ready to go to war. in syria the saudi troops is in retreat basically there is saudi there's american and russian understanding about the role of all the major player and there is so there's no indication that we are going to cough and there's a bigger story to change the force the hand the force and you relate to stop the influence of your own but there is no translation into the ground if that's the scenario than if hariri was the closest and the strongest ally saudi arabia had in lebanon doesn't his departure as prime minister only make it more difficult for saudi arabia to find another strong sunni ally in this country and to counter the so-called influence of hezbollah and iran. i mean the issue is
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he's been undermined by the by saudi policy in the last year since two thousand and fifteen his is. his capital is not as much to be used in lebanese politics he's been overruled by a lot of people on his right from his own party so he got weak and what happened now we get highly more because saudi arabia is basically saying we're going to get . out of the way and we are dealing directly with lebanon and we are trying to push for the policy so basically let's weaken him because he's not able to rally people around him and even in recent weeks that you had religion rather than live on the risky though didn't support the saudi push there's a lot of former much for the leaders of course to have you know not supporting all sorts of anybodies they know because the for now but it's not anymore two thousand and five it's not anymore the same divide. it weakens here really but it will perhaps directly weaken saudi arabia they still need a strong sunni ally somewhere along the line in the political landscape of lebanon
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to push their agenda and therefore leads me to my next question that is saudi opening to many political fronts in the wars in the conflicts that it's got all its dealing with yemen it's got a huge political dispute with cattle and it has an international audience watching go on one side wondering what this royal kingdom is doing because it doesn't seem to be in control of anything at the moment and isn't garnering the international support for its point of view at this present moment in time. you know just a quick reference to your thinking there is no saudi leaders strong one of the few for for how to use the big issue in anybody's politics to go back to your question yes i think that opening a lot of. wars at the same time would diplomatic confrontation you have a young man you have got you have iran you have domestic politics so it might be a distraction from what's what's happening now with iran it might be
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a distraction for what's happening at home because they want to govern as the base to say there's a common enemy now meanwhile the structural changes going on in saudi society so this might be the game because there is no reason that trigger what's happening with iran or what's happening with house bill so that there's a call in your context related to domestic politics indeed we shall have to see what happens in the coming weeks in a moment jim across thank you very much for joining us. now the united nations says it's concerned the blockade on yemen could further hamper humanitarian efforts saudi arabia has cut land sea and access after hutu rebels find a ballistic missile towards riyadh on saturday our diplomatic editor james bays has more. the humanitarian situation in yemen is one of the grey vista in the world it's so bad a child under the age of five dies in the country every ten minutes from causes that should be preventable twenty million people out of
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a population estimated at twenty seven million are in need of humanitarian assistance but it appears for now all international aid is being cut saudi arabia has announced it's completely blockading the country cutting all air sea and land links its reaction to a missile fired towards riyadh by the who these who control a large part of yemen including the capital sanaa to u.n. flights into the country have already been blocked and we're trying to see whether we can get our normal access restored and we're hopeful that we will be able to continue our normal operations we once more. underscore to all parties the need for regular humanitarian access to all parts of yemen that are in need when the u.n. says it's hopeful its aid can soon resume that's only based on the fact that the saudis current blockade is said to be temporary when you look at the words the u.n.
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is using it's clear they're treading carefully the reality is that saudi arabia has been making restrictions on the aid medicine and food allowed into yemen for years after facing turmoil conflict and an ongoing cholera epidemic the conditions in yemen can only be described as dire and they look set to worsen even further jamesburg zira at the united nations. meanwhile hooty forces are warning saudi and the u.a.e. airports are within firing range and could be targeted next. you know what. we call on all passengers an airline and not to be at anything you eat airport as they are legitimate military targets. and we shoulda no responsibility after such warning the continuation of the aggression against our forces us to search with strong and diverse ways to respond to such aggression and. shares in several saudi
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arabian businesses have fallen in the wake of arrests and detentions of high profile figures one of the kingdom's largest travel companies fell by ten percent following the arrest of its founder nasser been killed. he joins a growing list of princes and ministers caught up in the purge widely seen as a move to consolidate the power of crown prince mohammed bin sole man billionaire investor lead the bin talal is another one of the eleven detained on saturday he's a major shareholder in twitter twenty first century fox and citi group perhaps the most prominent official removed was the head of the national guard prince mint there been a delight he's the son of the late king abdullah and was considered a contender for the throne jamaal a child has more. the streets of riyadh may still look the same but this week saudi arabia is significantly different than the one the world knew before the weekend
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responsible for a quarter of the world's oil production saudi arabia has always been an absolute monarchy but within its political system there was a degree of power sharing between different branches of the royal family businessmen and religious institutions in order to ensure stability and security in the early hours of sunday however all of that was destroyed a royal decree ordered the arrest of several ministers princes and multibillionaires it was seen as the latest step by crown prince mohammed bin solomon in his quest for absolute power is kind of indicate to us that. it's clear in the ground for him as. being absent and he is not a dollar a thing any equal prince it can only relate to minor princes that came less than five months after the thirty two year old prince orchestrated a coup against his uncle muhammad bin nayef replacing him as heir apparent that
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move followed the much hailed riyadh summit with u.s. president donald trump notably those detained in this latest crackdown are being held at the same venue where trump was hosted among those arrested on sunday was prince and why leave a billionaire who's assets include shares in twitter fox news and apple one of his company's kingdom holdings has reported a ten percent loss in value since news broke of his arrest. bin talaga is also the owner of rotunda media group one of the arab world's most popular media outlets detained with him are the heads of other mass media corporations including n.b.c. group and. all of them arrested by the same royal decree saudi arabia's crown prince now has a large section of the entire our walls media at his disposal muhammad bin said a man has spent the past two years positioning himself as a visionary willing to transform saudi arabia into a modern and liberal state he's pushed for
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a review on the ban on women driving cars and has addressed several economic reforms in a bid to lure foreign investors but he's also spent millions of dollars on a devastating war in yemen that has achieved little aside from an outbreak of cholera and the deaths of thousands of people unemployment in saudi arabia remains high which is troubling considering the majority of saudis are under the age of thirty five and according to financial observers the kingdom's economy is in recession been sandman's policies may be bold and brave as his allies and supporters described them but those actions have also been criticized as the stabilizing and potentially very destructive. well plenty more ahead here on the al-jazeera news hour including donald trump wraps up his trip in japan and heads to south korea with the nuclear threat from north korea likely to take center stage also belgium frees catalonians deposed president nicolas bridgeable from police custody but tease the plan to leave the country and
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in sports we'll find out if the international friendly could soon be a thing of the past. police in the u.s. state of texas say sunday's shooting at a church was the result of a domestic dispute in recent days the gunman devin patrick kelly had sent threatening text messages to his mother in law who was a member of the congregation at least twenty six people including children were killed in the attack castro reports. inside the white steepled sanctuary of the first baptist church of sutherland springs a scene of horror unfolded on sunday morning survivors described a young man wearing a skull mask and dressed for combat walked in and opened fire on men women and children the youngest victim killed was just a year and
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a half old why this tree why would you do this to people like that that are just praying there just were speak why would you attack them on something said on the sunday when their defenseless police say people had nowhere to flee more than two dozen are dead and another twenty injured the victims account for a start only ten percent of the small town's population leaving a gaping hole in the community i've cried so much i don't even have the need to hear the president donald trump speaking at a joint news conference with the japanese prime minister said the massacre reflected a mental health problem at the highest level this was a very based on preliminary reports very deranged individual a lot of problems over a long period of time we have a lot of mental health problems in our country as do other countries but this isn't a guns situation from said in fact
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a gun in the hands of two men who chased the gunman from the church may have prevented further carnage i did what i thought i needed to do which is they said that there's a shooting i pursued and i just did what i thought was the right day the gunman identified as twenty six year old devon kelly crashed his car and was found dead inside next to a cache of weapons police say they're narrowing in on a motive there was a domestic situation going on within this family. the suspects mother in law attended this church we know that he had made threatened with a threatening she had reset threatening text from him. military officials say kelly received a bad conduct discharge from the air force three years ago after serving a year in jail for assaulting his then wife and child his parents in law were not present at sunday service today with rapid fire you see. the f.b.i.
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continues to process the crime scene outside of the church agents are now using metal detectors to sweep for discarded bullet casings it is startling to see this scene unfold on a field normally reserved for picnics and games but life in this community will never be the same again a time of peace a memory well hard to take us through joins me now from sutherland springs you've had a chance really heidi to assess the situation as you might say after the dust has settled the community can be nothing but devastated. they absolutely are this is a community that consists of one stoplight a post office a gas station and the community here itself and being that small quaint and quiet and undiscovered country town now those adjectives are no longer adequate to describe sutherland springs whose piece was so violently shattered on sunday but
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the community here also says it is strong it is now we're lying on face to get through these circumstances we've had a people coming here to give donations flowers an outpouring of support to this tight knit community where everyone knew each other and where almost everyone here is agree. as you say with such a small community where everybody knows everybody else know the gunman directly or in directly because of the members of the congregation that were related to him. that's right and those family connections are still a little bit on you it's unclear just how closely associated the gunman was to his ex-wife whose mother is an attendee at this church but we are getting more information about kelly's background as well in two thousand and twelve when he was still part of the u.s. air force he was court martialed for an assault of his then wife and their infant
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son and more troubling details from that attack have emerged with airports of telling having broken the skull of that infant at that time leading to his arrest and detainment up to twelve months in military jail course four years later is where we are at this point and during that interim after his discharge from the military he was allowed to purchase weapons why that is one of the remaining questions in this case and dated we'll leave it that's it now as more information slowly seems to filter out the idea castro that in southern springs like you. now the u.s. president has wrapped up the first leg of his maiden tour of asia with a visit to japan the nuclear threat posed by north korea dominated donald trump's discussions with prime minister shinzo are they both leaders agreed the time for dialogue and what they call strategic patience is over scott highlight reports from tokyo. during his two days in japan there's no question that president trunk and
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prime minister are they have grown close as friends trump calling the relationship extraordinary calling trump a precious friend and they have also strengthened the alliance between the two nations to a level not seen before but it's not just because they like each other after a summit meeting on monday they both underlined why they think that alliance is critical standing together against north korean aggression. there's no point in dialogue for the sake of dialogue with north korea now is the time not for dialogue but for applying maximum pressure on north korea we completely agreed that for north korea to change its policy to japan and the u.s. must take leadership closely collaborating with the international community so that we can enhance pressure on north korea through all possible i mean it's the era of strategic patience is over. some people said that my rhetoric
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is very strong but look what's happened with very weak rhetoric over the last. twenty five years look where we are right now the two agreed more pressure needs to be applied to north korea saying that should come from russia and china prime minister announced tougher unilateral sanctions against north korea assets of thirty five people and groups will be frozen earlier today the president and first lady milan met the japanese emperor akihito and empress michiko at the imperial palace japanese citizens abducted and taken to north korea is an issue prime minister has worked to keep alive a way of showing strength against the provocations of north korea and something he wanted to highlight with president trump in town the leaders met with a group of abductee family members and one abductee who was returned to japan fifteen years ago most of those taken have been gone for thirty to forty years less trade was also discussed in trouble again raise the question of the trade deficit
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between the u.s. and japan we've started the process and it's gone on for a long time but i know that we will be able to come up with. trade deals and trade concepts that are going to be fair to both countries the first leg of president trumps trip to asia drew to a close with the state dinner at the next stop seoul on tuesday got hotter al-jazeera tokyo. welcomes the next stop on his asia toys south korea arguably the country most at risk from an attack by pyongyang tony betty reports from seoul on the public mood ahead of the visit. the u.s. has been flexing its military might for president trump's visit its state of the art u.s. b. one supersonic bomber has been flying close to the border with north korea in the western pacific three u.s. carrier groups stand ready and in japan stealth bombers of the move to within striking distance tensions have been on the rise on the korean peninsula since the u.s.
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president and kim jong un began their war of words the north korean leaders planning to produce an intercontinental ballistic missile tipped with a nuclear warhead that can hit the u.s. mainland trump has vowed to stop that happening some south koreans are worried the president's saber rattling could provoke a conflict. so it's a rhetoric increases the possibility of war rather than decreases it his behavior raises a question about his qualifications as the leader of a country. rather than pressuring north korea with rhetoric a dialogue should take place for a peace treaty between north korea and the u.s. that way this crisis can be addressed. before war breaks out south korea will be put in a grave danger. conservative south koreans however who have lived through the war and under the threat of several unpredictable north korean leaders see president trump similarly unpredictable character as an asset he believes trump who is a bit irrational could be
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a factor in rational approaches taken under the clinton and obama administrations and work north korea develop a number of nuclear weapons new approaches like trump could solve the issue the threat of war is at its highest in years assessments commissioned by the u.s. congress estimate that if conventional war broke out in korea twenty to thirty thousand people would die every day some koreans remember the terrible human cost of the last war which ended sixty four years ago nearly three million people were killed during the three years of the korean war one point six million of them were civilians and no one here is under any illusions about just what another war would mean. south korea's liberal president moon j. in insist that dialogue is the only way to resolve the crisis which donald trump has called appeasement and our policy is not an appeasement but a realistic one with no alternative taking military options to take out north korea's nuclear weapons which trump mentioned in another words staging a war to end north korea's nuclear program would be
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a very foolish policy has been little rhetoric coming from the north korean leader recently state media has been releasing pictures of him focusing on economic development such as visiting farms and cosmetic factories but no one is discounting the possibility that behind the smiles he's planning something to mark donald trump's visit tony berkeley al-jazeera so zimbabwe's president robert mugabe has fired his vice president and listen and none. action removes one of the leading contenders to become his successor his wife grace is now the frontrunner ninety three roma gabi has been president of zimbabwe for almost thirty years still ahead here on the al-jazeera news as friends in the libyan city of downer leave several children urgent need of medical care plus. i'm wayne hay reporting from vietnam which is still feeling the effects of a deadly typhoon as it prepares to host world leaders for a key economic summit. and in support we'll hear from the u.s.
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right you made history by becoming the first american woman to win the new york city marathon in forty. welcome to look at the weather in the americas now across north america we've had an active cold front moving through still affecting the eastern seaboard there so washington seen some cooler conditions moving in highs of just eleven and the risk of some showers to the south we're still looking pretty warm for atlanta georgia miami florida also a cooler conditions for dallas texas and with the temperatures there for denver just one degree above freezing as we head on through into choose a denver see some sort of recovery taking place still pretty chilly across more northern parts of northern plains and into canada for calgary and winnipeg those
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a maximum temperature of course a low pressure center moving in towards the pacific northwest down into central parts of america for a few showers coming in off the caribbean so move northward so we're going to see some brighter weather for much of mexico yucatan peninsula looking fine mexico city seen plenty of sunshine central islands across the caribbean sea some heavy rain so for his pineal it could be quite wet at times cuba should be sticking in the sunshine national looking fine northern parts of south america plenty of showers plenty showers too across western parts of brazil and this frontal system is breaking out across parts of paraguayan and through into rios it should brighten up here and respecting the highs of twenty four.
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welcome back you're watching al-jazeera is news hour i'm so whole robin a reminder of our top stories saudi arabia says lebanon will be dealt with as a government that has declared war against it it follows the resignation of the lebanese prime minister on saturday the saudi minister for gulf affairs said the lebanon based iran backed group hezbollah has committed acts of aggression. also a vigil has been held for the victims of sunday's church southerland springs in texas twenty six people including children were killed when the gunman entered the church and opened fire. also u.s. and japanese leaders have ruled out dialogue with north korea tensions over
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pyongyang's nuclear program top the agenda as donald trump mentions are in tokyo trump now heads to south career for the second leg of his asia tall. doctors in the libyan city of say they're in urgent need of medical supplies they're struggling to treat seven children injured in the strikes last week the city's been under siege for more than a year by armed groups loyal to renegade army general khalifa haftar awarding the mood of the war heeds report from tripoli contains distressing images. these children not only escaped death last week when i didn't defied warplanes attacked the eastern city of. the children lost members of their families including brothers and sisters the injured are now receiving treatment at the main hospital in dead now but medical equipment is limited and the hospital is short of
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supplies in the search for you. the hospital is suffering we have more than thirty patients with no medication no origin nothing it's a tragedy we hope the government does something about it. and even children and three women were among those killed in the airstrikes survivors say they were enjoying a social gathering when the bombs landed now the city is in mourning. but. it was the biggest funeral in no one could hold their tears and no one can stop our campaign to condemn aggression on civilians the situation of the victims here requires humanity this operation dignity was launched in may two thousand and fourteen egyptian brewhouse total warplanes have carried i would dozens of air raids on civil locations in and around that it's not been concern but hope carried out with these latest attacks and not knowing who was responsible only adds to the
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agony by the victims' families security sources indeed in a killing me gyptian fighter jets who carried out the attacks local television said they were part of operation dignity a campaign led by a renegade general free for have to but have their spokesman denied his forces were to blame. tripoli. liberia's supreme court has ruled that a presidential runoff vote won't proceed until a legal complaint by the opposition liberal party is resolved the national elections commission will consider allegations of voting fraud before the second round goes ahead the runoff between former international footballer george way and vice president joseph because i was originally set for tuesday it's been perspire and indefinitely. to europe now where catalonia is deposed president and four of his colleagues are set to appear in the belgian court next week is the start of proceedings to decide if they'll be sent back to spain where they face charges of
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sedition and rebellion but has promised to resist extradition saying he won't get a fair trial the diem barber has more from brussels. for. free for the time being but still wanted by speight the sacked catalan president colors put demand and for cabinet colleagues all the subject of a european arrest warrant and now due to appear in court in brussels on the seventeenth of november after handing themselves in on sunday they spent hours talking to an investigative judge who agreed not to keep them in custody on monday the brussels prosecutor's office said the decision was made without any political influence as they outlined the conditions of mr pidgen wants to release there is no restriction in speaking to the media media there are no restrictions in having political activities the only restrictions that we have is defected he cannot leave the country has to tell where he sting and he has to present himself each time
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there's a notorious ask him for. the five face charges of sedition rebellion and misusing public funds which carry a possible thirty year jail sentence this legal expert says they could spend months challenging extradition but it would be very unusual for belgium to reject the arrest warrant of course all national judicial systems. are quite different from each other but in spite of this of these difference because we share common values and while we are all submit to the jurisdiction of the european court of human rights for instance while they should sure so it isn't that different member states have to trust. each other so that's why. we are rather exceptional the madrid government insists put demands and the others will eventually have to return military either take out again woman like to highlight that he hasn't been received by any european union or thirty or
2:37 am
a belgian government authority or even a flemish government authority so he might be there with a friend or someone who supports him but he has no institutional backing me he fled from spanish justice but i have no doubt that he will have to face justice. but in catalonia as capital barcelona supporters of secession were happy at the way the case was going to stay or leave it up in the end well he's not free he still dependent on the decision by the judge we should come within fifteen days and i think this will last until the elections on the twenty first of december so his case has got bigger and i think that's how it's going to. get i think it was a smart move from our president because our president is still even if they don't want it the case will expand and we hope it becomes more international. than what we know when the judicial process will begin but it's likely to be long and drawn out and all the while the debate over who occupies the legal and moral highground
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goes on between barber al-jazeera brussels. twenty seventeen will be one of the three warmest years on record the un's weather agency made the announcement at the cop twenty three climate change conference in germany the us was once a leading voice in the climate talks but that's changed under president trump now several american cities and states are sidestepping the federal government to pursue their own green agenda jacob water ports from some to cisco. dan kammen used to be the state department's science envoy for renewable energy he says he tried to give president trump a chance but then he is carrying out here is campaign promise or campaign threat to pull the us out of a climate accord was exactly opposite of what my mission of science envoy is cameron's resignation letter went viral. now he travels the world to represent the state of california on climate change we will put our miners back to work as the
2:39 am
white house pulls back from a new level energy and climate action new york city has promised to meet the paris climate standards boston is planning a global climate summit if the new and states are in acting climate policies of their own the u.s. climate alliance you might as well think of california as its own nation because let's face it it qualifies with a population of over thirty nine million people and a g.d.p. of over two and a half trillion u.s. dollars this is the sixth largest economy in the world so it has an incredible influence when it comes to climate change nearly a quarter of the electric vehicles on the roads of the world are on the roads of california and so it's no wonder that when you meet a climate scientist out on the world stage so often they are from california lisa levon who studies the deep ocean at the scripps institute in san diego is speaking at com twenty three in bonn she says she's frustrated by federal climate
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commitments there are fourteen nations that have cosigned but did not mention the ocean it on my nose at the u.s. and that's why she and so many other california scientists are speaking out scientists who do the popular very important in educating the delegates many of the science background at all and dan kammen who was on his way to appear at the vatican when we spoke says he's proud to represent the state and voice for california is sounds pretty good to me together city and regional governments around the world pushing for climate action represent as much as a quarter of the world economy it's about the world perhaps together they can accomplish what national governments have not just aboard al-jazeera san francisco well nicholas and this updates from the summit involve. it is that time of year when the climate bandwagon rolls into town twenty seven thousand delegates this year the conflict presided over by fiji which is
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a nation of course very much facing its own peril immediate sea level rise what is this conference all about it's all about trying to figure out the rule book for the paris agreement which was forged back in two thousand and fifteen aiming to keep global warming below two degrees celsius preferably one of the half degrees celsius someone like in the paris agreement to a brand new i frame ten but without the instructions and this conference is all about trying to write the instructions for the paris agreement there's still a u.s. delegation here despite president promising to pull out of the parents agreement that can actually physically happen until twenty twenty so that delegation is here and they along with everybody else are going to have to work very hard to move things on especially as two thousand and seventeen it's just been announced as one of the hottest years on record. with the u.s. backing out of the paris accord china is seeking a leading position at those talks now china is the world's largest polluter speaking more than ten million killer tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere
2:42 am
that's almost thirty percent of total emissions worldwide but chinese president xi jinping has pledged to cap emissions by growth by twenty thirty by promoting cleaner energy sources beijing is preparing a national carbon trading scheme the system allows companies to exceed emission limits but offsetting quotas others are not using it to launch that by the end of the year when we know is showing showing is the china research coordinator at the center for international environment on resource policy at the fletcher school at tufts university joins me now from medford in oregon good to have you with us on the program in china was more than just a climate change agreement with the u.s. it's all about status and it's perception it was we referred to as an equal global power alongside the us do you think they can have its cake and eat it when president trump arrives on wednesday.
2:43 am
i think air this time when time goes to page in. the main gore for the beijing government is to try to be a very stable economy according to as a culture in china president or maybe the president or she may nod to discuss about it the environmental issue or especially it's a crime to change your ways trying to because they already know that time had to agree with this issue as though they would in their. view anger here what does day in case to create a very friendly environment to talk about yet indeed why would china want to avoid the issue and not meet it head on. it's just a card into a cell culture in china it's better to please your guests and are so there to make that conversation can be pleasant but this is just our diplomatic issue about the
2:44 am
actually in practice china will continue to work on the environment to ensure its oppression is a crime to cheer because in the last mile or so when china harris are nine zero alliance congress as a nice party congress act only as a presenter she emphasized those are you married men to much more than the economy so i think it is an extra five years there you vironment aware be it definitely our priority it was the government so china will continue work i it it's just me they we are not propose our conversation where is trying to change how important is it for china this moment to be seen as taking a global lead in areas that the united states wants to draw back from and therefore how important is cop twenty three and for china to tell the world about its ideas and how it wants to move forward. i think it's
2:45 am
very important for china to work continue to work on climate to chair and speakers are right now china is the largest are emitters are still greenhouse gas in the word so it's a responsibility for china to continue to work. and it's also a kind of leadership such china try to play on but is the need to share is a little bit different in france our tradition the need to shape concepts or we have in the united states because according to the united states is trying to a set ups of worse i'll try to enforce a side to so that every country has where follow but according to the need to share concept for china or it's that china where try to set our example or so that every come to you we are trying to follow their example or china we're not in force the door by the way or try to be our pilot here in the climate change field where we
2:46 am
should see what does happen over the coming days of course of the visit of mr trump to china for the moment functioning the in oregon thanks for joining us now tens of thousands are homeless in vietnam after a time through and made landfall its search and rescue committee says at least sixty one people have been killed with twenty eight others missing now the storm hits an area that's due to host an economic summit attended by world leaders including the presidents of the u.s. russia and china we hope has more from point in vietnam. vietnamese living in this area used to wild weather typhoon down ray was the twelfth major storm this year but it was particularly severe when it struck on saturday a dump huge amounts of rain on the central coast the ancient city of is usually bustling with tourists but the water has taken over homes and businesses and damaged livelihoods in the process and it's hard for us to get around and continue with our business but we're trying to get on with our lives it's very difficult
2:47 am
here at the moment the whole town is flooded only into higher ground outside all our furniture has been taken by the water days after the storm and the effects are still being felt with rain continuing to fall just a few kilometers from here is the city of dun anguage this week is hosting the asia pacific economic cooperation summit on the show jill is supposed to be a visit here to. some of the partners the world leaders who are coming like donald trump and she jinping. meetings began on monday in dunning but the leaders don't arrive until thursday or friday vietnam's government is hoping to use the event to show off its economic success to the world now it will also be hoping for a quick recovery from typhoon damn ray but in the worst affected areas that's unlikely to happen when hey al jazeera vietnam now it's one hundred years since the bolshevik strong the winter palace and petersburg one of the key events in the
2:48 am
russian revolution pivotal moment in world history it's been described by historians as the birth of the soviet union but as chalons reports from st petersburg the centenary is being largely overlooked by russia's current leadership . old habits seem to die hard in st petersburg events marking the bolshevik revolution santander had at least something of the old celebrates reactions where the anniversary was unequivocally so in soviet times a day of pomp and ceremony but these days russians are less sure what a thing it was demi moore after a while you start to re-examine these events and there is no unequivocal opinion on it is too complicated too many things are connected with it. at school we were told one thing then there was more information and we learnt the other side nothing is ever black and white there are ten different shades this unease goes all the way
2:49 am
to the top and we can. we see how ambiguous its results were how closely the negative and we must acknowledge the positive consequences of those events are intertwined let's ask ourselves was it not possible to follow an evolutionary path rather than go through a revolution if you want a handful of still committed communists would appreciate bombastic anniversaries like in the soviet days but it seems there's zero state enthusiasm for holding an official event even market moments that change the world it's not hard to see why peyton's government finds the bolsheviks revolution a difficult subjects that brought down an empire led to the murder of the former ruler and millions of citizens and shattered the global order of the day how do you follow all of that in some modern russia's state indorsed mantra stability. the governments may be mostly mute but others aren't st petersburg's winter palace now
2:50 am
houses the have a taj museum and it was down these corridors that revolutionaries ran a century ago to depose the provisional government's visitors to the near exhibition here can amongst other things see portraits of perforated by bandits in one thousand nine hundred eighteen. journalist and author. has set up project nine hundred seventeen which reports the revolution day by day as if it were happening now he's happy there's little official interest in today's russia sometimes almost all all the time history's being used as a propaganda tool so now in terms off nineteen seventeen there is no official putin approved person off that revolution and that's cool that means that we can discuss it we can explore it we can make independent historical or media project about that and we know obstacles. whether it be
2:51 am
packaged as education like me called project or entertainments like this project it sounded like spectacular interested russians talking about the revolution even if that government is. rory chalons al-jazeera said petersburg. well still ahead here on al-jazeera and sport was time signs that manager following a pull start to the english premier league season. with
2:52 am
. good.
2:53 am
book about his son thank you very much football's world governing body is considering a huge shake up of the international game wants to expand the idea of europe's new nations league and make it a global tournament for many of the world's top footballers who are on international duty this week at taking part in friendly matches but from next year the nations league it will see most friendlies disappearing from the fixture list and said european countries will take part in a competitive a year round league at the event is in addition to the existing european championships and world cup. of fifty five european teams will be divided into four leagues a.b.c. in a will contain the best teams and d. the worst league will include the likes of germany portugal and spain it with teams competing to be crowned nations league champions countries will be promoted
2:54 am
relegated between the leagues a similar to how domestic club competitions work each edition will begin in september of an even date year and will conclude in the following year and you champion it will be crowned every two years the competition will also provide an alternative route to the european championship earlier we spoke to our sports correspondent about the thinking behind the new league and how it could work on a global scale long term might be a good solution and i actually there are a lot of merits to this idea shows how we have to accept it's incredibly confusing and it's going to take time to set limbic is of course because competition will run similar tiniest way with things like in europe the qualification for major tournaments the two things happening effectively at the same time what does go on yes is international friendlies i think we've outgrown. here seems a chore now with the rise of comfortable in
2:55 am
a way and people actually miscount for when it goes in the international breaks come about yes it's really in pole where nations are trying to qualify for world cup or the domestic told him it's but i actually we've got to a stage now where just any old international friendly isn't very good for the public in most countries so you can see what they're trying to charge things it's just a very complicated process and it will take time the other good thing about it i think is actually trying to make less mismatched guys we've all become a little bit fed up of mismatch that's not discouraging at all to smaller countries that should get a chance on to qualify for big tolerance but you don't want to see teams willing. to make you. but there's always a little bit of a concern that our chile you'll find in my generation that's refiled in qualifying and doesn't deserve to qualify through this can be given a second chance is that i don't particularly think so if you filed your friend. has been fired as manager of english premier league side west ham united the club you
2:56 am
are in the league a relegation zone and were beaten four one by liverpool in their last game forty nine year old has been manager of the club since two thousand and fifteen for most of the land and everton manager david moyes is expected to take over usent and imo have knocked out the top seeded portland timbers to progress into the m.l.s. conference finals after goals first leg and houston and won two one important to set up a western conference final with the seattle sounders for a turnaround in fortunes of four houston who last season finished bottom in the west. on last season's runners up toronto came through a bad tempered tile with the new york red bulls eye to reach the eastern conference final there were six yellow cards and two straight red red bulls and needed to win this game by two clear goals off to do sing the first leg at home to one they did
2:57 am
take the leader but couldn't quite manage a second. form italy international on their paranoia has announced his retirement from football comes a day after his team new york city of seal were eliminated from the m.l.s. playoffs thirty eight year old one hundred sixteen caps for it to help them win the two thousand and six world cup but italian signed a two year contract with the new york club ahead of the twenty fifteenth season. well it's a moment in the flag and it will try to hold on to as long as possible the first american woman to win the new york city mathen and forty years spoke to the media a day off the hard fought victory that six year old won the event that involved the hughes security operation the race to place less than a week off to a truck attack in the city that killed eight people plan again has never won a major mass and before i wanted to run it and honor all the people that have
2:58 am
helped me here i mean there's every author has so many people behind them in order to stand in the in this position and have this possibility and chance and so i was just thinking about all of that and trying to pour that into the final three miles and not think about other people think about me and living in the present moment and that's what is fulfilled we'll have more later on thanks very much simon with us on the other side of the break you have been watching the news to stay with us here and i'll just.
2:59 am
al jazeera. where ever you are. going to have his destruction was indiscriminate would will there be an equal recovery i didn't want to be the mayor of two cities i have and have them out for
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klein's discovers how the disparity between rich and poor is brought to the surface in times of crisis this is someone's life who they ought to identity their culture . for clients houston off to harvey at this time on al-jazeera. saudi arabia says the lebanese government and hezbollah will be dealt with as one declaring war against riyadh. and saudis anticorruption purge widens with the apparent backing of the us president.


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