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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 7, 2017 12:00pm-12:34pm AST

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all the work that they had done being used for mass surveillance digital dissidents at this time on al-jazeera. jazeera. where ever you are. north korea's tick six test of a nuclear device and its missile launches are a threat not only to the people of south korea but to the people all across our
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gloves the nuclear standoff with north korea dominates president trump's visit to south korea but he leaves the door open for more talks with pyongyang. hello i'm adrian for again this is al-jazeera live from doha also coming up saudi arabia says that the lebanese government will be dealt with as one declaring war against riyadh. but the i don't believe. she was just a child children increasingly become collateral damage in president reagan his war on drugs in the philippines and. one hundred years ago the winter palace here in st petersburg was echoing to the sound of revolutionaries boots as the bolsheviks overthrew the governments of the day i'm retired and keep watching to find out why russia's modern rulers find this a difficult subject. us
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president on a trump has left the door open to negotiations over north korea but has said the u.s. and its allies in the region can take military action against pyongyang if needed trump has been meeting his south korean counterpart in seoul where he said the two men were on the same page as far as north korea was concerned trump is in seoul this part of the second leg of his base tour of asia. all nations must implement un security council regulations and cease trade and business entirely with north korea it is unacceptable that nations would help to arm and finance this increasingly dangerous regime as we work together to resolve this problem using all available tools short of military action. the united states stands prepared to defend itself and its allies using the full range of our
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unmatched military capabilities if need be left out of kathy novak is to give us some analysis president trump said the u.s. stands prepared to defend itself and its allies if need be using the full range of military capability capabilities if necessary. at a press conference full of the usual trump bluster what will people have made of it there in south korea. well he did stop short of the rhetoric that he has used in the past in terms of fire and fury of being more directly threatening to north korea and both he and president moon were talking about resolving the north korean crisis peacefully but of course saying that it is a worldwide problem that must be resolved president trump says that the u.s. has the assets but doesn't that he hopes to god that they don't have to use and he
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would not be drawn directly on whether he is open as you mentioned to direct a dialogue with pyongyang in the past he has suggested that that would be a waste of time but he seemed to suggest today that there have been diplomacy discussions going on in the background and that both he and president moon hope that it would bring about a situation where there could be a negotiation with north korea that would lead to a peaceful resolution there was also talk about south korea from the president moon's part beefing up its own self defenses president trump was highlighting today the fact that a south korea is planning to buy more u.s. strategic assets that made president trump happy because of course he loves to talk about trade and he says that that purchase of billions of dollars worth of military equipment will help to reduce the trade deficit between the u.s. and south korea so both president moon and president trump as i say are wanting to
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push forward for a peaceful solution but right now are saying that the situation does not lend itself to direct talks with north korea adrian for his purposes a boon for the u.s. and south korea are on the same page when it comes to north korea all the. well this is a longstanding alliance between the u.s. and south korea of course president transferred to the fact that these are friends that have fought a war together in the past but one of the things that president moon has repeated is that he is insisting there will be no more war on the korean peninsula so in public they have appeared at all this in the past when you had president trump being more directly threatening against north korea and president moon one thing to take a bit more of a softer tone and talk ultimately about a dialogue about engagement with north korea while saying that right now with the situation as it is dialogue is not possible the the major factor that also is
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referred to often particularly by president trump is china he says that president xi jinping has been doing a lot to help he wants to see russia doing more as well and president trump of course after he leaves here will go on to visit in china and he says we may hear more there about the efforts that china is making to pressure north korea both president and president trump want to see international sanctions implemented they want to see pressure on the government of north korea to force it back to the negotiating table so that the military option is not one that has to ultimately be taken. many thanks indeed ours is kathy novak there live in seoul well before arriving in south korea president trump offered words of praise to saudi leaders in their effort to crack down on corruption in the last few days saudi princes as well as businessmen have been arrested many see that as
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a move by crown prince mohammed bin sultan to consolidate power president trump voiced his support of course on twitter saying i have great confidence in king solomon and crown and the crown prince they know exactly what they're doing he added some of those that they are harshly treating have been milking their country for years the saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed has accused iran of committing an act of war by supplying hooty rebels in yemen with a missile that was fired at riyadh it's the latest development amid escalating tension in the region saudi air defense forces intercepted the ballistic missile fired by hooty rebels in yemen on saturday while they've claimed responsibility for that attack saudi leaders say that the weapon was supplied by iran. iran back to the forces are now warning that saudi u.a.e. airports are within firing range and could be next that's prompted saudi arabia to cut all land sea and access to yemen and the fact that the u.n. fears could further hamper humanitarian efforts and saudi arabia has warned lebanon
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will be dealt with as a government that's declared war against it lebanon's prime minister. has arrived in abu dhabi for talks following his surprise resignation in saudi arabia on saturday he's blamed iran and hizbollah for selling strife in the region much to talk with a halt of about she's with us live from beirut but start with a strong rhetoric from the saudi foreign minister what's been the reaction to that . like you mentioned strong rhetoric strong language unprecedented that is how it is being described in lebanon saudi arabia has long criticized hezbollah in fact saudi arabia calls hezbollah a terrorist organization but now they're threatening action without even saying what action they're going to take we have statements by a number of saudi officials saying that like you mentioned the very existence of hezbollah in government amounts to a declaration of war another saudi minister saying there are those who will stop
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hezbollah and make them return to the caves of lebanon and the saudi official also saying that lebanese leaders need to choose between peace or terror in one way or the other telling that lebanese leaders hezbollah cannot be a part of the government now has we know has members in parliament has members in government it also has an armed wing now what will saudi arabia demand for this crisis to be resolved will it just demand for hezbollah not to be part of the government or will it be demand that hezbollah be disarmed like i mentioned it has an armed wing and that armed wing is fighting in neighboring syria alongside the syrian president bashar al assad's forces so people do not know how far saudi arabia is going to take this conflict but. oddly people are worried for that extraordinary resignation abroad by lebanon's prime minister saad hariri the we now hear of the speculation that he was perhaps being held against his will that he's in the u.a.e. when's he going to get back to lebanon. well that's
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a question everybody here is asking like you mentioned a lot of speculation even hezbollah secretary general hossam not for himself a questioning is our prime minister detained in saudi arabia today we hear that. the resigned prime minister he's heading to the u.a.e. he's going to have talks in abu dhabi abu dhabi of course being an ally of saudi arabia yesterday there was a meeting between the and the saudi king really it wasn't just an opportunity to talk it was an opportunity to show the world that he was not being detained but you know you ask a number of lebanese here and there and they believe that something is going on that is under some sort of pressure we haven't heard statements from the prime minister the resign prime minister since that talking resignation on saturday but until he returns to lebanon this constitutional crisis is going to continue because both the president and the speaker of parliament said that they will not accept the resignation until they hear from the prime minister himself to understand the circumstances behind the resignation so everybody thinks drawing it all together
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from beirut out of there as saying a whole. government of storm the television station in afghanistan entering the facility also an explosion in the capital kabul some employees still believed to be inside the building let's get the latest now from al jazeera jennifer glass is with us live from kabul let's start jennifer with with what happened and why. well on the news director of the t.v. describe exactly what happened this morning just before noon he says that attackers dressed in police uniforms threw grenades at the guards at the front gate killing one of the guards at the front gate and then storming into the t.v. station he says. luckily most of the employees were able to get out many of them fled the station after hearing that first explosion he said that some of his employees drops jumped from the second and third floors of the building to get out of the t.v. station but adrian we just in the last half hour or so of the station did resume
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broadcasting commandos stormed the building after those gunman and have managed to get them out of the building we believe they will there are a number of explosions heard we believe they were suicide bombers and afghan security forces saying now that that siege which lasted a couple of hours is over we do know that one security guard has been confirmed dead the news director saying that a number of his people were injured but no one terribly seriously some from flying glass some from jumping from second and third floors but he says that the t.v. station was a very very lucky and that siege now over in and shamsher t.v. which did have just a slate's up while the siege was going on very quickly put some programming on its channel all right so that suspicion will obviously full immediately upon the taliban who might have carried out this attack and why. well the taliban are via social media which is how they communicate many of their things
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have specifically denied that they were involved in this attack we're not sure why this t.v. station was attacked again the news director said they received no warnings not from the government not from security services that they were under threat at all many times t.v. stations i know in a number of t.v. stations who are considered under threat and their employees and their premises are very very highly guarded and we're not sure who was. behind them responsible for this attack on shamshad t.v. but afghan journalists have come under attack and threats right here in kabul and around the country last year was the deadliest year for afghan journalists with thirteen journalists killed and. putting one attack by the taliban but as i said adrian the taliban have specifically denied this attack via social media now that it's over well wait to see if anybody claims responsibility and gives us some sort of reasoning behind it jennifer many thanks al-jazeera jennifer glass the live in
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kabul we're going to weather update next here on al-jazeera then more bad news for refugees who are still inside a former straightly a prison camp in papua new guinea will be right back. hello a tropical depression has been wandering around sumatra singapore peninsula malaysia for about two three days that lot of right and even recently even though it's more or less gone seventy millimeters was the recording in singapore in twenty four hours more rain to come in this general area but the circulation he's now off shore only just passing sumatra will be pretty wet in fact that rain extends out through southern thailand to cambodia and vietnam and the circulation developing in northern borneo and sad about because of that be particularly wet in the next couple of days long way south the equator we've just seen the melbourne cup racing
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day and in melbourne is probably the coldest one for twenty years fifteen sixteen degrees a sort of order the active from the boat the cold air is a long way off it's been stormy in queensland we left behind was quite a skies a wednesday with not much improved in the weather slow improvement tension that was up to ninety but then sydney's dying to nineteen it's often the case warmer in perth at twenty seven dropping a little to twenty five by the time we get to about twenty one by this point but adelaide does better a warm humid rather cloudy twenty eight as to storms with the time being queen's and looks rather more settled. for twenty three years has collected objects. enough to fill his museum enough to break a guinness world record. with
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a story for every object he's become an environmental activist and inspired. for the plight of countless migrants. this time on al-jazeera. again the top stories this hour on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump has left the door open to negotiations over north korea has said the u.s. and its allies in the region can take military action against pyongyang if necessary trump has been meeting its south korean counterpart in seoul ways of the
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two men were on the same page as far as north korea was. president trump as expressed what he called great confidence in saudi saudi arabia's anti corruption crackdown the arrest of princes ministers is seen as a move by crown prince mohammed bin solomon to consolidate power trump tweeted that saudi leaders know exactly what they're doing. and saudi arabia has warned lebanon will be dealt with as a government that's declared war against it it comes after lebanon's prime minister . resigned in riyadh blaming iran and hizbollah for selling strife in the region. the supreme court in papua new guinea has rejected an application to restore electricity food and water services to the madness island detention center six hundred refugees are refusing to leave the full story and run the city despite it being closed last week they say it's not safe for them to move into new accommodation in the local community and the city international says the ruling puts the refugees lives in danger let's speak to ben low my who's the lawyer
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representing the refugees on mannus island he's on the line now ben thanks for being with us your reaction to the supreme court decision. basically. we have been instructed to like. there's a very. critical . electricity. now i suppose big but. you don't want to do. that but day to day you. say going to appeal how long will this appeal process take. a long time for the appeal to be had but.
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they have played games and started putting. it in motion as possible in the meantime the refugees are living then without electricity food and water while we're living then without electricity food and water why why do they fear for their lives. because there have been instances of. assaulting the asylum seekers tom has been. hospitalized. so that kind of. person alive to try to stay. within the community in the common area so. instances like this can happen to them or there is. a fear of them not being able to. move from the current detention center to
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a. lawyer and why mostly why would the the supreme court reject the application to restore i mean basic necessities for life and atrocity food and water what reason did they give. a reason that we. because. the chief justice. found that. breach of the large. body in the. quid remedy. the people are suffering because they have been without water for the literally for the last six to seven days you still have many thanks to you for being with us spend them either the lawyer representing the refugees on an assignment. leaders of
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the red cross and red crescent societies are meeting in turkey to discuss the future of one of the world's largest humanitarian movements the power of humanity conference presented alarming information about dwindling aid supplies it comes at a time when there are more than sixty five million people displaced due to violence let's take you live now to antalya where that conference is taking place was the result of been job it is that what they said about these dwindling aid supplies or some. if you and that's why people from one hundred ninety countries have come together to try and fight find solutions to challenges like the one you just mentioned and it's not just do ending supplies it's the nature of the conflicts and the disasters that are involved evolving if the security of the stuff that actually goes in to provide that aid and its state and non-state actors who continue to flout international laws and not respect the aid work that is being carried out in this in these nations across the globe in conflicts and disasters with us to
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discuss it further is with julie hall from the international federation of red cross and red crescent societies good to have you with us tell us how are you going to respond to these evolving challenges and is there a road map to better protect the people who work for you yes i mean that's why we're here today hundred ninety national societies from around the world have gathered to discuss exactly those issues we've seen that the world is getting more and more complex not only are we seeing more natural disasters but we're also seeing more very complex emergencies where we have a mix of disaster conflicts and also very often disease outbreaks as well this means we need to be prepared to be able to respond very quickly and we also need to be investing more in the preparedness and reduction in risks to be able to cope with this so this conference this week is very forward looking we're looking at how the world is rapidly changing we're trying to project over the next ten years what
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those challenges are going to be and we're trying to ask those deep questions of how can we do it better now and how can we make sure we are fit for the future to be able to respond to all of these emerging needs and the increasing complexity in the world you've just elected a new president for the next four years and from what i gathered from what he spoke about is this this impartial space for humanitarian workers to carry out their work is shrinking. conflicts multiply that seems to be a surmountable challenge so how are you going to cope with it absolutely this year alone thirty six of our staff and volunteers have been killed in the line of duty they are not targets they are there to provide essential lifesaving humanitarian assistance and as you rightly say the space to do that is shrinking we need to be constantly voicing the fact that if someone is in need there are humanitarian needs
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we need access and that access has to be protected so that lifesaving support can go into any area no matter where it is in the world there are political issues there are conflicts there are complexities as i've said but it's very simple when it comes to humanitarian need we're all human beings we all have the right to dignity to safety and to life saving support and again that is an issue that we've come together here to discuss the theme of the conference is the power of humanity so how can we all come together as red cross and red crescent and the rest of the world and the communities that we support and that we live in how can we come together to voice that and say enough thirty six people have died we are not a target they are providing the essential support that access needs to be there it needs to be respected and international humanitarian law needs to be respected as
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well thank you very much and that's the the message that we've been hearing from representatives from all of these countries that they want to tell the world that the conflicts are not over the need to continue to try and find political solutions to end these conflicts and people who are providing aid in these conflicts are not a target and these are some of the challenges that they're facing in addition to as you said doing bring supplies lack of budgets and other areas as not just. but natural disasters keep piling up and this is a constant struggle as as one of the leaders in this conference we spoke to said that they're having to make very difficult choices on a daily basis so many thanks to some avenger over there reporting live from. the government of the philippines says that its war on drugs is producing results but murder rates are on the rise with a large number of deaths linked to police operations. reports from covets
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a city in the northern philippines. charlie genes last message to her mother was one of pope and redemption she was an only child and had become pregnant at the age of fourteen but she was optimistic about the future on the the twenty third charley gene was asleep in your boyfriend's house when police came knocking that operation left five people dead including charlie sheen and her boyfriend aaron and their unborn child the from the called. the police say they were responding to a distress call and that parents group was involved in assassinations and the illegal drugs trade. i don't believe. she was just a child the neighbors heard her begging for her life she was saying please don't shoot me i'm pregnant please just let me leave the house i saw her body at the morgue her eyes were open i couldn't recognise her across the country these have
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become familiar scenes children are killed in police operations last year the government says it will make those possible accountable. have been made the philippine government says president would be good to tear despite against crime is being effective as a result the number of what they call index crimes such as kidnapping and theft have all gone down but homicides continue to rise and the government is unable to explain why according to the commission and human rights that is because deaths related to the war on drugs and those killed in police operations have been classified as either homicide cases or deaths under investigations the government has been disputing claims that extra judicial killings committed by the state have surpassed the ten thousand mark. government in the.
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about the. human rights crisis that is currently. being faced by so many people on the ground but even president the data admits he is unable to control the police force. but for the families of those like charlie sheen been killed in police operations there can be no peace without justice. al-jazeera. northern philippines. on the instant digital world many libraries of had to shrug off the stuffy and silent image new national library opens on tuesday in the capital's education city area as well as books it has computers a kid zone and coffee it's all part of the country's effort to refocus its economy
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as matheson reports when emotions are reduced to emote and a handful of tweeted letters scattered across the internet can inspire the world or plunge it into despair words have weight and print is still powerful if you recall the first word in the qur'an is read i think that that's really going to be leading the people to use this library to operate and to understand the resources in a region in a country that has a long tradition of loving the written words this is qatar's new national library these shelves can hold around one point two million books racks of history fiction and reference sit alongside computers music studios three d. printers stages for musical and theater performances and on a lower floor out of direct sunlight ancient texts for researchers to study.
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this is the heritage library it's got over twenty six thousand printed books over four thousand my new scripts it's got over thirty thousand photographs and over twelve hundred moms but the staff here at the library know that if they wanted to be a success they have to appeal to a different type of reader as well children to do that they're banishing what used to be a basic requirement in libraries silence we think of our library as. a noisy place so it's a noisy children's library and we encourage children to express themselves however they feel we believe in learning through play and this is why you can find a lot of stories here in the library that supported their cognitive development in addition to their love of reading. since the one nine hundred seventy s. economy has been driven by its vast oil and gas reserves but eventually those will start to shrink the new qatar national library is part of
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a plan to move the economy to one based largely on knowledge and education but this is a tremendous investment and it's an investment not just in this building but it's an investment in education and research for the country i think it's got a huge role to play in creating the next generation of of readers students and we hope leaders too but the staff of the new national library the printed word either real or in cyberspace is key to qatar's future rob matheson al-jazeera. it's good to have you with us adrian for that here in doha the headlines on al-jazeera donald trump says that the u.s. and its allies in the region can take military action against pyongyang if necessary but he said he's open to the go see actions to resolve the standoff of a pyongyang's weapons program trump has been meeting in south korean counterpart in
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seoul where he said the two men were on the same page as far as north korea was concerned trump is in seoul on the second leg of his maiden tour of asia. all nations must implement un security council regulations and cease trade and business entirely with north korea it is unacceptable that nations would help to arm and finance this increasingly dangerous regime as we work together to resolve this problem using all available tools short of military action the united states stands prepared to defend itself and its allies using the full range of our unmatched military capabilities if need be. saudi arabia has warned lebanon will be dealt with as a government that has declared war against it it comes after lebanon's prime minister. resigned in riyadh blaming iran and hizbollah the strife in the region
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have stalled a television station in afghanistan the end of the facility after an explosion in the capital kabul the siege is now over and the station has resumed broadcasting says that it was behind the attack as the headlines for the news for you just over twenty five minutes of the next. hundreds of thousands of. the world's poorest countries. their future the whole time.


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