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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 8, 2017 10:00am-10:34am AST

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when he was full almost like thirty six hours these are the things that has to address or if you join us on set. but we struck up a relationship this is a dialogue tweet us with hostile a.j. stream and one of your pitches might make the next show join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera where ever you. the u.s. president arrives in beijing with the hope of stepping up the pressure on china to
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rein in north korea. this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up the u.s. calls for fairness and transparency the saudi arabia carries out its anticorruption drive. sexual harassment scandals ministerial slip ups and stalled breaks it talks what's next for britons in battle government. and hash tag two hundred eighty characters why twitter is doubling its one hundred forty character limit and what it means for the social media platform. u.s. president donald trump has just arrived in beijing with a message for china's president xi jinping get tough on north korea earlier trump gave a speech in seoul where he called out china and russia by name to put pressure on
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pyongyang the president also called on north korea not to underestimate the u.s. well earlier in his address to south korea's national assembly trump emphasized u.s. resolve against north korea today i hope i speak not only for our countries but for all civilized nations when i say to the north do not underestimate us and do not try this we will not allow american cities to be threats with destruction we will not be intimidated lived out of beijing al-jazeera is a dream brown is there for us adrian one of the chinese going to make of what president trump was saying in south korea regarding north korea. well adrian i think the chinese will feel that his language was actually quite measured there were warnings there but not talk of imminent war and i think they'll
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be hoping that that same measured language that we seen in south korea and japan will continue here in china i know it's very important of course the president xi jinping and president donald trump get along because ultimately the decisions they make will make in the coming weeks months and years are going to affect all of us so it's very important that they get along now the optics for this visit appear to be quite good when trump and she last got together in florida in april there appeared to be some good chemistry between the two you remember during the election campaign and election campaign which ended of course with donald trump being voted into office exactly a year ago today trump referred to china as being a country that was raping the u.s. economy he said that china was a currency manipulator and he said that china was costing the united states thousands of jobs now president trump refers to president xi jinping as my good
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friend president xi jinping and that a few hours time she jingping will be acting almost as a tour guide showing the trunks around the forbidden city that is the in the ceremonial heart of beijing and it's a reminder of course that china thousands of years ago was very much the center of civilization and culture and of course under this president xi jinping wants china to be very much at the center of world affairs again so these two men will have a lot to talk about she and trump will have more than three hours together on wednesday and then of course on thursday they'll have their bilateral meeting at the great hall of the people following the official welcoming ceremony but trump is only here for just over thirty six hours now it's fair to assume that trump would not have come here unless he expected some good news so i imagine we're going to see china confirming a number of trade deals that will lead to jobs and your investment in the united states that will give trump plenty to tweet about and hopefully aleve you know
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a happy man ok given all of that is north korea then going to be the dominant theme of trump's visit to china. i think almost certainly north korea is going to be the dominant issue during their talks because china knows that if it's war on the korean peninsula china will be in the front line it'll have to endure a refugee crisis and and the collapse of the regime across the border so there's no doubt that china's mind has been concentrated and we have seen actually you know in the past couple of weeks a number of concessions from president xi jinping we've seen china tightening the economic news around pyongyang we've seen china announcing that north korean firms will have to shut before the end of the year north korean workers will have to go home north korean banks are being frozen out of the chinese financial system and that i believe is actually a direct result of pressure from president trying but trump wants china to do more
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the question is whether they can find sort of common ground on this very vexed issue adrian many thanks i was here as adrian brown there live in beijing the u.s. state department has called for transparency in saudi arabia's anti corruption drive dozens of prominent saudi businessmen and princes were detained over the weekend as part of an investigation led by crown prince mohammed bin solomon but his roslyn jordan reports now critics say that detentions as a move to consolidate power in the kingdom. the saudi government has been very busy lately and it has foreign leaders and financial cheats trying to figure out why a november fourth king solomon put his heir apparent in charge of a nationwide corruption crackdown crown prince mohammed bin saleh then ordered the arrests of numerous prominent saudis including relatives such as the billionaire investor prince wali bin they're now being held at the ritz carlton. president
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donald trump applauded the arrests on twitter saying the king and the crown prince quote know exactly what they're doing some of those they are harshly treating have been milking their country for years even so the u.s. is calling on the kingdom to follow saudi law we encourage them and i just want to say this one more time to pursue any possible prosecution or corruption cases in a fair and transparent manner however the u.s. says riyadh did not tell it the arrests were coming it also says no one expected lebanese prime minister saad howie to resign on the same day there's speculation the saudis pressured to quit in order to send a message to the group hezbollah and to its supporter iran riyadh's regional rival the united states strongly supports the legitimate institutions in the lebanese state we expect all members of the international community to respectfully those institutions in the sovereignty and the political and independence of lebanon we do
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regard as as you all know has fallen to be a terrorist nation the arrests and the political changes in lebanon calm has been solid increases his role in the government he backs the saudi led war against the who these in yemen and the ongoing blockade against got done some wonder whether all this could ruin the crown prince's plans to diversify the oil based economy they also wonder if the trumpet ministration which like saudi arabia doesn't like iran might be too supportive of bin solids actions i was advising the president i would say maybe this is the time to use some of that influence he built up with your successful trips to the region your good friendships to try and put the brakes on and stop what the saudis are doing as it happens the president's son in law gary cushion a recently visited saudi arabia white house official suggested it was to discuss peace efforts between the israelis and the palestinians it would be interesting to know if the saudis own foreign policy came up during those same discussions.
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rosalynn jordan al-jazeera washington russia has rejected the findings of a un inquiry into a chemical attack in syria in april un investigators concluded that the syrian government was responsible for the use of sarin gas in the rebel held town of concha coon more than eighty people died many of them children they examined the movements of aircraft the bomb crater and samples of the sarin gas. we do worry him but if you have the smell in your report you included a finding that regarding the responsibility of the syrian arab republic you have not determined who was responsible not what in the government or its various departments or ministers but at the same time the character and logistics of the operation might have involved a whole range of players from various areas i mean what kind of evidence is this is this evidence and then what you know you wrote it's the syrian arab republic that's responsible and entire state and entire state is found responsible. for the spanish
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and belgian leaders will be quizzed about the catalonian crisis by their parliaments on wednesday that opposed cattle and leader push to moms in brussels fighting spanish attempts to extradite him to face court there pushed him out made his first public appearance since spain issued an arrest warrant on tuesday focusing less on independence and more on regaining the region's autonomy as john holl explains. from his place of exile in the heart of europe catalonia used to post leader carlos is using every platform he can to issue an election call to arms the word independence hardly appears. spain has carried out a coup de tat against the legitimate government our colleagues who are now in prison have been subject to mao treatment by the spanish authorities and spain must now respond to international justice. the change of tone reflects how much and how
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fast things have changed for the independence movement probably independence is going to have a secondary role i mean this doesn't mean that people are going to forget what happened the last month but at the same time in their minds of the politicians are . we are starting to think about this process as something that you need more time in other to to make their. and they're paintings of the country that new country now under the thumb of central government the independent republic they proclaimed less than two weeks ago has been stamped out the most urgent task now lifting direct rule by madrid restoring catalonia is autonomy before deciding what to do next much will depend on the far left party supporters of independents and previously kingmakers in parliament who may yet decide to boycott all disrupt december's election but here too the tone has changed. are
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people aware that this is very difficult right now. but people are also aware that the way our sovereignty is with the republic it does seem that those who support independence in catalonia are beginning to accept that their dream remains a distant one journal al-jazeera barcelona a weather update back then the u.s. democrats have rallied support in local elections will take a look at what implications that could have for the republican president plus. a pomegranate festival into herat where iranian entrepreneurs want the world to know they are open for business.
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hello there there's plenty of very active weather across europe at the moment it's all thanks to this area of low pressure here siegel the cloud secure ating around it and this area of low pressure has given us some very strong winds and heavy rain at the some places a fair amount of snow as well in fact some parts have reported up to eighty centimeters of snow from this system and elsewhere these pitches off for austria and switzerland showing the glorious weather that's been left behind now for many of us they'll be less snow there as we head through wednesday instead we'll see some heavier rain just towards the southeastern parts of europe very heavy downpours still here but this is jim's actually weakening as we head through into thursday instead on thursday we're going to see more rain gradually sink its way down towards the north coast of africa more of that in just a moment but elsewhere the temperatures will actually be recovering a little bit by thursday so london will get to around thirty five a paris will beat around eleven for the other side of the mediterranean then when sday things aren't looking too bad most of us are seeing some dry weather more in the way of cloud over
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a bat though that could squeeze out one or two showers but it looks like it's going to be popping up as it works its way eastwards say for about actually drawing on thursday with the top temperature over around twenty but there's heavy rain along the north coast about geria it does look very wet.
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again the top stories this. u.s. president donald trump has arrived in beijing to meet his chinese counterpart he flew in from seoul where he said the u.s. led efforts to ramp up the pressure on north korea are making progress the u.s. state department has called for transparency in saudi arabia's anti corruption drive dozens of prominent saudi businessmen and princes were detained over the weekend as part of an investigation led by crown prince. of the belgian and spanish governments are expected to answer questions on the cattle and crisis on wednesday day after deposed leader catalan leader colace pushed made his first appearance as he fights extradition to spain over the crisis he told supporters he continued to fight to regain autonomy. britain's government is struggling to contain
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a series of scandals that threaten to further weaken prime minister to resign the leadership several members of her party have been accused of sexual harassment a top minister is accused of discussing secret deals with israel and the foreign secretary is under fire for comments he made about a british woman who's currently in jail in iran leave barca reports the british prime minister had promised a strong and stable government to lead britain out of europe the recent weeks of be anything but teresa mayes battling a string of crises some with grave implications for more than just the government. a blunder by the foreign secretary boris johnson could see one british woman imprisoned in iran have her sentence doubled as the deans of garri radcliffe has been jailed for five years accused of spreading propaganda about the regime johnson complicated matters by claiming she'd been teaching journalism in the country so
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gary radcliffe had worked for the b.b.c. and thomson reuters foundation but insisted her trip to iran had been a family visit. everybody in this house wants to see is now salute the gari. johnson is now planning to travel to iran before the end of the year. another scandal involves international development secretary priti patel she was forced to apologize after holding twelve secret meetings with a sarabi officials including prime minister benjamin netanyahu all while she was meant to be on a family holiday it's believed she suggested summer britain's aid budget go to the israeli army to help injured syrians being treated in military hospitals the political establishment is also been engulfed in a sexual harassment scandal that forced the resignation of defense secretary michael file and is it right because they're investigating the deputy prime minister damian green teresa mayes closest allies also been accused of sexual harassment and of having extreme pornography on his computer he denies the claims
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under normal circumstances these areas where there may deliberately or not could be grounds for dismissal for breach of this the ministerial code the governs m.p.'s conduct and behavior it's currently under review but of course these are normal times to resume a has very few close allies left were ever you look you see a political crisis sometimes there was sexual harassment sometimes there were secret bilateral deals sometimes to do with their own gaffes and ineptitude and so the kind of statements that they put out you were looking at as sort of only scan though that is hitting the government day after day after day and those were loaded to resume a already very very few. you slipping away watching all of this from brussels where breaks it talks are at a standstill the leaders of the e.u. the view from europe's of a british government sinking deeper into turmoil leave barca al-jazeera london thousands of protesters have rallied in central care of in support of opposition
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leader mikhail saakashvili the former georgian president announced plans to reform the ukrainian political system and to remove politicians immunity from criminal prosecution his supporters also called for president petro poroshenko to step down and for an anti corruption course to be established. there been elections in several u.s. states with two new governors elected along with several big city mayors and lists saying that the results are a test of president donald trump's popularity and may determine whether the republicans will hold on to their senate and house majorities in next year's midterms mike hanna reports from virginia. the new governor of virginia is democratic ralph northam it's a major victory in a state where republicans hold of two to one majority in the legislature a blow to republican candidate. who received strong support from president trump and a warning to republicans that the democrat threat could intensify in the crucial midterm elections next year. comes in
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a. different. republican campaign has been run at a grassroots level taking a leaf out of the trump playbook that led to his victory a year ago. that election indicated an antipathy among voters to traditional political leaders and in this campaign organizers maintained it was necessary to campaign on issues not individuals who are really surprisingly itis campaigning for it like republicans were democrats and were just saying please go on like what you believe in the single issues and i think people are really encouraged by that because they're seeing we execute the issues and not just the first. democrats too focused on energizing the voter base working on a bottom up rather than top down principle in gathering support.
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there's no doubt that this democratic challenge is very different from those in the past and the virginia state elections two years ago more than forty republican candidates were unopposed this year democrats are contesting all but twelve of the seats this is a massive increase in political participation. republicans maintain control of the state legislature but democrats made inroads into their majority people are talking about this is a wave of law that i me tell you this is a tsunami was an indication perhaps said lessons have been learned from the massive defeat suffered a year ago and a sign that public support from the sitting president could prove to be a political curse mike hanna al-jazeera virginia well as mike said the trumpet
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initially supported the losing republican candidate in virginia and now he appears to be distancing himself before the result was known trunk tweeted ed gillespie will totally turn around the high crime and poor economic performance of the a m s thirteen in crime will be gone vote today a.s.a.p. but trump then appeared to change his mind in a tweet a few hours later saying ed gillespie worked hard but didn't embrace me or what i stand for. pollution levels in india's capital new delhi are dangerous levels with some reading so bad that that off the air quality scale young children will be going to school on wednesday older children will be allowed to play outdoors the president of the indian medical association is calling it a pollution epidemic and it's likely to get worse as wind brings smoke from prompt burning in neighboring states. the deadliest war is all over the city and is very very harmful. for all of us here and
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advisory has been issued by the government. if there is no necessity outside and as you can see it's going to be. night in some time and. the situation is like this and all the city is suffering from this deadly smog in tokyo thousands of people have rallied in demonstrations demanding political reform the latest in months of violent anti-government protests it appears that the government is softening its tough stance on protesters saying that it's open to talks with those who want the president to step down palace reports. this is the song of opposition in togo the depth of their frustration with president for missing day as measured in days about us. we are on the streets for
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three days november seventh eighth and ninth to demand reforms this regime everybody from north to south is fed up even children are demanding change. on the wrist his grips togo since august hundreds of thousands of rarely if in a single day's resignation. the government responded with hundreds of the wrists and a ban on weekdays. persis but this week softened stance protests were permitted and forty two prisoners were released and. it is indeed a step forward but we are expecting more or political prisoners should be free the opposition want to introduce a two term limit for the presidency missing bay took power in two thousand and five after the death of his father who ruled togo for thirty eight years and south africa's longest serving political dynasty. we have to continue
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protesting in order to pressure the regime they'll end up giving up a fight against a regime of fifty years is not like a one hundred meter run in it for a marathon missing by now wants to as does the region's trade bloc and the african union who fear the instability. that opposition leaders say they have different definitions of dialogue. the regime regularly sends militiamen to infiltrate our demonstrations they're the ones who are perpetrating the violence. on tuesday there were no weapons on the streets of la in may and these protesters appeared hopeful that the demands may finally be mayors shallop ballasts al-jazeera. there's been a strong turnout at an auto show in the iranian capital tehran despite u.s. warnings against investment in the country secretary of state rex tillerson told european countries to avoid investing in iran but as the same bus ride he reports
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now that's done little to stifle interest. iran state run auto maker is launching a new line of cars but there's another reason for this event as the nation's self-proclaimed pulse of industry iran wants to show off the country's manufacturing ability under a fusco works for the italian car part company pramod group so what do european businesses think about the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson is warning to stay out of iran from a business and business he says civil court so we do the thing it seems for the having is they will only below on vironment. so far we expect to receive these. we are not that much concerned nationally but we do money through the situation come here let's do this business let's to do it together. the iranian government is keen to highlight the potential of the country's big industries but at this palma granite festival we met iran's small
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business owners the message here is loud and clear iran is open for business and business is good these men and women have been growing their businesses in a sanctions era economy they had to evolve and adapt they trade with russia and china as well as countries in south and central asia south america africa and eastern europe all lucrative alternatives they say to so-called western economies just one in ten ish i.c.'s unfortunately political tensions here overshadow iran's economic potential iran has a lot of potential in many different sectors investors who want to make a profit can do it here easily iranians say unofficial threats by the white house are scaring off potential investors and having the same effect on iran's economy as sanctions i don't want to. as an iranian my message to mr tillerson is that you sit on the other side of the world and he say you have no problem with the iranian people and that the iranian government is your target no i'm telling you first that you have a problem with the people because these sanctions mostly target the people rather
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than the government and i don't want to say i'm looking for anyone who wants to invest ten will be one hundred percent successful my oldest son lived in germany for three s and came back to iran because it's a better income iran small business owners appear to be optimistic about their future and they're appealing to european investors not to judge them from afar but to come and see for themselves. to her on twitter is doubling its one hundred forty character limit it means longer tweets for those who struggle to condense the message on the micro-blogging site the company announced that the changes will be effective immediately stop reports. have you ever struggled to write a tweet in just one hundred forty characters and would a few actual letters help you express yourself better that sentence was the length of a standard tweet one hundred forty characters now though twitter has doubled the number of characters available to its millions of users to two hundred eighty characters
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twitter said that those who tweeted in languages like japanese korean and chinese were able to express themselves in around double the amount of information with a single character compared to uses who spoke in english spanish portuguese or french the carriage expansion follows a series of trials by twitter during which product managers notice longer tweets so more likes retreats and using gauge brand but is this twitter expansion a sign of a crisis of identity in one sense yes it changes twitter in another sense it doesn't i think the biggest issue that surprised a lot of people though is this is where twitter is putting its energy in truth twitter is facing stiff competition in the social media world set up in two thousand and six twitter currently counts three hundred thirty million users but this pales in comparison to the new kid on the block instagram which has more than twice the number with eight hundred million users but this pales in comparison to
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the king of the social media world facebook has around two billion uses its hopes that twitter is evolution will help attract more users and increase growth unlike twitter facebook is considered more accessible because of its lack of constraints but that doesn't twitter's most chronicled user donald trump since election november two thousand and sixteen the us president has tweeted two thousand four hundred sixty one times and as of choose day including retreats and deleted tweets this adds up to on average about six to seven tweets per day hannah. is there if you stay. news you've seen in this bulletin let me tell you there's plenty more video along with the latest news analysis and comment over the web site take a look at al-jazeera don't call.
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it is good to have you with us adrian figure here in doha the top stories this hour on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump has arrived in beijing to meet his chinese counterpart trade talks and tension with north korea will be on the agenda he flew in from seoul where he said u.s. led efforts to ramp up the pressure on the north and making progress today i hope i speak not only for our countries but for all civilized nations when i say to the north do not underestimate us and do not try we will not allow american cities to be threatened with destruction we will not be intimidated the u.s. state department has called for transparency in saudi arabia's anticorruption drive dozens of prominent saudi businessmen and princes were detained over the weekend as part of an investigation led by crown prince mohammed bin salmond critics see the
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detentions as a move to purge potential rivals and to consolidate power in the kingdom. russia has rejected the findings of a un inquiry into a chemical attack in syria in april un investigators concluded that the syrian government was responsible for the use of sarin gas in the rebel held town of concha coon more than eighty people died many of them children the belgian and spanish governments are expected to answer questions on the cattle and crisis on wednesday the day after the posed cattle and leader collars pushed him out made his first appearance as he fights extradition to spain over a session crisis he told supporters that he would continue to fight to regain catalonia is what tommy. thousands of protesters have rallied in central kiev in support of opposition leader mikhail saakashvili the former georgian president announced plans to reform the ukrainian political system and to remove politicians immunity from criminal prosecution his supporters also call for president petro
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poroshenko to step down and for an anti corruption court to be established pollution levels in india's capital new delhi or a dangerous levels with some breeding so bad that the air quality scale young children want at school on wednesday that older children aren't allowed to play outdoors. after inside story thanks to. president donald trump visit. to afford relations and strengthen the resolve to confront the threat from north korea but what impact can this visit really have will be live across asia to bring you the very latest coverage here on al-jazeera. take power over others. is on a path to reform. but what. is the crown prince running and can he make the many challenges he faces at home and in the region this is inside.


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