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i mean this is different whether it's someone saying someone is very rich is going to be in a tree i think it's not your person and i think it is a certain way of doing it you can just by the story imply alex. this is al jazeera.
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hello i'm sam he's a that and this is the news hour live from doha coming up the next sixty minutes u.s. president arrives in beijing where he plans to ask china to cut financial links with north korea. catalonia is the posed leader puts the emphasis back on autonomy rather than independence from spain. the u.s. calls for fairness and transparency as saudi arabia carries out what it calls an anti corruption drive and is for baseball remembers one of the finest pitches of his generation a two time winner of the sign young award roy halladay was killed in a plane crash on chewstick. the u.s. president donald trump is in beijing his message for china's president xi jinping
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get tough on north korea earlier trying gave a speech in seoul where he called out china and russia by name to put pressure on paying yang he also warned north korea not to underestimate the united states kathy novak reports from seoul on trump's tour of asia so far. donald trump's day was supposed to start with a surprise visit to the d.m.z. the heavily fortified line separating north and south korea but bad weather prevented what would have been his opportunity to deliver a symbolic message to the north korean leader kim jong un so he used his speech at seoul's national assembly to address the man he called a tyrant and a cruel dictator. the weapons you're acquiring are not make you new safer they are putting your regime in grave danger north korea is not the paradise your grandfather invasion it is a hell that no person deserves though he refrained at this time from
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referring to kim as little rocket men trump painted a picture of north korea likely to infuriate those in its government he called it a country ruled by a cult centered around the range to beliefs where people still die of hunger and are tortured in gulags and as the north korean government continues to pursue its nuclear ambitions trump has to this morning. this is a very different administration than the united states has had in the past do not underestimate us and do not try. the as he vowed america would not be intimidated and listed the u.s. military assets currently stationed around the korean peninsula protesters outside called for peace. look. i demand that the u.s.
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stop your threats on the korean peninsula just a fountain bally's of arms. trump says south korea has agreed to buy more u.s. military equipment a move he says will help close the trade deficit between the two nations it's the first time in more than twenty years that a u.s. president has addressed the national assembly president monday and says he hopes donald trump state visit will mark a turning point in efforts to deescalate tensions with north korea. trump says that begins with north korea stopping the development of its missile and nuclear program and in exchange we will offer a path to a much better future with a nod to south korean achievements from economic development to female golfers the speech was well received in the chamber likely very much less so across the border kathy novak al jazeera saw. u.s. and chinese firms signed nine billion dollars and deals as tom began his visit
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trade in north korea will be high on the agenda when he sits down for talks with the chinese leadership adrian brown has more from beijing. exactly a year to the day that he was voted into office president trump arrived in china the country very savaged throughout the presidential campaign when he called china a currency manipulator and said that china was raping the u.s. economy all that though was forgotten on wednesday afternoon as president xi jinping and his wife a score to the trumps around the forbidden city one of the most popular tourist attractions in china a chance perhaps for president xi to remind donald trump that china was once the center of culture and civilization president xi very much wants china to be center stage in global affairs now top of the agenda of course is going to be north korea and the feeling that the united states believes china could be doing more to rein
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in its ally china will be pointing out that actually it's done a lot in the past few months to tighten the financial news around. early next year the north korean firms operating in china would have to cease business north korean workers would have to leave the country and of course china has been enforcing u.n. sanctions against north korea from wants to ensure that there's no backsliding by the chinese and of course there's the issue of the trade deficit the fact that china exports far more to the united states that the united states sends the other way also trump wants u.s. companies to have more access to the china market particularly tech companies like facebook and twitter who are still locked out of china it's very important that these two men get along because the decisions they make will ultimately affect all of us. an anti corruption body in the philippines has filed criminal charges against former president benigno aquino he's accused of mishandling
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a two thousand and fifteen police raid which forty four commandos died in they were killed by a large number of rebel gunman who were the targets of the raids a keno is accused of allowing a suspected police chief to be involved in the planning of better operation aquino is facing charges of misuse of authority as well as graft and corruption. and organ is following developments from manila. just like most filipino politicians of former president bill preferred working with close friends and close allies and at that time the former police chief of police e-mail was in fact suspended over charges but he was present at a meeting when the mammoth sap and the raid was planned thereby bypassing the hierarchy of the philippine military and the battalion commanders on the ground in magen don now that was a major error for president benigno aquino that had very grave consequences it weakened his leadership his popularity and caused this integration of the liberal
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party that eventually led in a way to the victory of president would be good to tary did it also cause the delay of the peace deal with the very important rebel group in mindanao the war islamic liberation front the raid happened at m.i.l.f. there retore gore videos of how the special action force were killed that had actually turn public opinion against the war islamic liberation front and the banks of world peace d m and that until now that peace process remains pending it also in many ways caused a rift between the philippine military and the philippine national police a senate inquiry was in fact a percentage he was live on television that actually helped. the public actually see just how reckless this decision has been however this case has been downgraded it is bailable by about a thousand dollars this has been downgraded he has now been charged over asser patient of his chain of command which is
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a question really because he is was in fact the president then and he had no storage as to who it should be a science so he's unlikely to go to jail any time soon parliaments and sprain in belgium of questioning their leaders on the crisis in catalonia but opposed colorless proves the mall is in brussels for things parachute terms to extradite him tuesday proved him or made his first public appearance since spring issue. and arrest warrant focusing less on independents and more and regaining the region's autonomy jenna lyons. from his place of exile at the heart of europe catalonia used to post lead economist preach to mark is using every platform he can to issue an election call to arms the word independence hardly appears but. spain has carried out a coup d'etat against the legitimate government our colleagues who are now in prison have been subject to mao treatment by the spanish authorities and spain must
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now respond to international justice. the change of tone reflects how much and how fast things have changed for the independence movement probably independence is going to have a secondary role i mean this doesn't mean that people are going to forget what happened the last month but at the same time in their minds of the politicians are now also the whole society we are starting to think about this process as something that you need more time in other to to make the underpinnings of the neo con trip that new country now under the thumb of central government the independent republic they proclaimed less than two weeks ago has been stamped out the most urgent task now lifting direct rule by madrid restoring catalonia is autonomy before deciding what to do next much will depend on the far left coupe party supporters of
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independents and previously kingmakers in parliament who may yet decide to boycott all disrupt december's election but here too the tone has changed. are people aware that this is very difficult right now yes but people are also aware that the way to achieve our sovereignty is with the republic. it don't seem that those who support independence in catalonia are beginning to accept that their dream remains a distant one journal al-jazeera barcelona. russia is rejecting the findings of a un inquiry into a chemical attack in syria in april un investigators concluded that the syrian government was responsible for the use of sarin gas in the rebel held town of corn more than eighty people were killed many of them children inquiry examine the movement of aircraft the bomb crater and samples of sarin gas. we do worry
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him after he get the smell in your report you included a finding that regarding the responsibility of the syrian arab republic you have not determined who was responsible not what in the government or its various departments or ministers but at the same time the character and logistics of the operation might have involved a whole range of players from various areas i mean what kind of evidence is this is this evidence and then what you know you wrote it's the syrian arab republic that's responsible and entire state and entire state is found responsible just thousands of supporters of afghan politician and former warlord girl but then hekmatyar are gathering in kabul this is the first meeting of his has a party since his return to the country a few months ago jennifer glass is live for us in kabul so is this had much as the time to turn is a party or his force i should say into a really important political player on the scene there. that's
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exactly his intent sami and that was the theme of his speech here in the building behind me known as the loya jirga building here the delegates just going back for their second session he stressed the importance of elections he says that the democratic process is the only way for afghanistan to have a strong government and a strong government is the only way for afghanistan to have stability and security and prosperity and he says that's something his party can give he urged his people to support him he urged his people actually at the very beginning of this gathering they made an oath to has been islami and he is trying to turn what was a fighting party now into a political party and he hopes that he will do well in next year's parliamentary elections and the presidential elections in two years time you know geoffrey every speaking the hekmatyar haven't you and i'm wondering how his piece mediation efforts are going. well he says that he is taking an active role in the peace process he says that he recognizes the taliban that can be negotiated with
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and the taliban they can't be negotiated with and he says he's been sitting down and having dialogue with those taliban he believes are fed up with the war who feels that they were forced to come to the battlefield in the first place and he feels that they could take a place at the negotiating table but he also is at pains to say there are taliban who are in the fighting it has been their whole life they would they stand to lose a lot if the fighting were to end and those taliban really should be fought on the battlefield he also went on to say that. no one can win this on the battlefield that there's going to have to be a political solution and he really is the government's took a big risk in bringing him back to afghanistan but the president ashraf ghani i believe hopes he will be an example to those fighting on the battlefield that former fighters can come in and become part of the political process talking to a political solution he's been very critical of the current set up shall we say the parliament is we the president is not popular and so on what is his political
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solution what's kind of political or does he want to see. he wants to see the people have power and one of his big complaints one of the things he mentioned today is there are several million refugees they can't vote the insecurity in the country that the government doesn't control forty percent of the country makes it difficult for those areas of the country to vote and his philosophy is simply that he wants to get he wants a grassroots movement he wants a lot of people come out to vote and that's what how he's appealing to the afghan people you know he. his exact views on how he would rule are unclear at the moment he's trying to build a popular grassroots movement we don't know sammy exactly how many followers he had to get it it's horrific turnout today that the area behind it was full several thousand people this is going to go on for three days and but i think really the only way we're really know if he has popular power around the country is when elections are held. right time will tell i guess the java grass there from kabul.
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plenty more still to come on the news out sexual harassment scandals ministerial slip ups and stalled gregg's it talks what's next for britain's battle government plus. i'm alan fischer in washington d.c. think of what you were doing exactly year ago and i think does it seem like each year since donald trump won the u.s. presidential election and in spalt a glimpse at how professional tennis may look in the future and he's here with that story. now the u.s. state department is calling for transparency in saudi arabia a so-called anti corruption drive thousands of prominent sounding businessmen and princes with detained over the weekend as part of an investigation led by the crown prince mohammed bin sandman but as rosen and jordan reports critics see the
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detentions as a move to consolidate power in the kingdom. the saudi government has been very busy lately and it has foreign leaders and financial chiefs trying to figure out why a november fourth king solomon put his heir apparent in charge of a nationwide corruption crackdown crown prince mohammed bin saleh then ordered the arrests of numerous prominent saudis including relatives such as the billionaire investor prince waleed bin there now being held at the ritz carlton. president donald trump applauded the arrests on twitter saying the king and the crown prince quote know exactly what they're doing some of those they are harshly treating have been milking their country for years even so the u.s. is calling on the kingdom to follow saudi law we encourage them and i just want to say this one more time to pursue any possible prosecution or corruption cases in a fair and transparent manner however the u.s.
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says riyadh did not tell it the arrests were coming it also says no one expected lebanese prime minister assad how do you say to resign on the same day there's speculation the saudis pressured to quit in order to send a message to the group hezbollah and to its supporter iran riyadh's regional rival the united states strongly supports the legitimate institutions in the lebanese state we expect all members of the international community to respectfully those institutions in the sovereignty and the political and independence of lebanon we do regard as as you all know has fallen to be a terrorist nation the arrests and the political changes in lebanon calm has been solid increases his role in the government he backs the saudi led war against the who these in yemen and the ongoing blockade against got some wonder whether all this could ruin the crown prince's plans to diversify the oil based economy they also wonder if the trumpet ministration which like saudi arabia doesn't like iran might be too supportive of bin solids actions i was advising the president i would
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say maybe this is the time to use some of that influence he built up with your successful trips to the region your good friendships to try and put the brakes on and stop what the saudis are doing as it happens the president's son in law garrett cushion a recently visited saudi arabia white house official suggested it was to discuss peace efforts between the israelis and the palestinians it would be interesting to know if the saudis own foreign policy came up during those same discussions rosalyn jordan al-jazeera washington. ten days before billionaire saudi prince. was arrested in that crackdown he expressed his support for the saudi crown prince in an interview with c.n.n. b c. one for support of it yes and the frankly speaking right now saudi arabia is in a mix of a major overhaul and change on all fronts economic and financial social entertainment and even political so really. we always heard about the so-called arab spring in
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certain other countries so this is our version our so divergent of arab spring our peace for. spring so what's happening right now isn't in evolution frankly speaking i use it aboard this evolution is happening right now a very peaceful one in saudi arabia a medical source tells al-jazeera at least twenty two people have been killed in saudi led coalition air strikes in yemen fighter jets launched raids on the northwestern hugill region it's believed they were targeting the command a meeting. the u.n. is warning of a quote catastrophic humanitarian situation in yemen saudi arabia has blocked all yemeni air land and sea ports in response to saturday's missile launch from across the border but the embargo is also stopping much needed aid are there but i think at the jane's various reports. the blockade of yemen means no humanitarian aid is
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coming into a country that is in desperate need it also means vital commodities are harder to get the cost of food rocketing the price of fuel going up sixty percent in recent days the u.n. has been expressing its deep concern but a news briefing in geneva the situation is catastrophic in yemen it's the worst food crisis we're looking at in the world today seven million people on the brink of famine millions of people being kept alive by our humanitarian operation salt this is lifeline that must be continued every single day comments then echoed in new york by the spokesman for the secretary general but it's clear the u.n. is avoiding direct condemnation of saudi arabia does the u.n. believe that by its actions this blockade that saudi is in breach of international humanitarian law i'm not in a position to issue
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a legal ruling what we do know is that the blockade of ports and airports and land routes. have a tremendously negative impact on a situation which is already catastrophic the un's humanitarian chief mark lowcock was very guarded in the u.n. committee hearing refusing to talk about the saudi blockade i've said all i want to say on access and i've been quite careful in they. have used the end of the meeting and could be seen speaking with saudi arabia's ambassador who's almost. certainly coming under a great deal of pressure behind the scenes saudi arabia will be under fresh pressure on wednesday sweden has called for an emergency closed door session of the security council to discuss the crisis and human rights group that's been focusing on the medical situation in yemen so security council members need to speak out
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there so it's not a time to put secondary national interests first this is not a time to say oh i wonder what will happen to our arms industry oh i wonder what will happen to the president that's mindset in terms of investigations of potential war crimes of the time to step up and i would say that the u.n. has a role in pushing that. i don't want to call it bravery i want to call it is human decency for the people of yemen the stakes could not be greater jamesburg zero but the united nations at least four people have been killed in an explosion at a turkish paint factory it happened in the northwestern region a gas build up in a generator is being blamed the building collapsed after the explosion rescue teams were dispatched to the area al-jazeera is demanding the release of its journalists mahmoud hussein who's been in the gyptian prison for nearly a year he's accused of broadcasting false news to spread chaos which he and al
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jazeera strongly than i the hoses repeatedly complained of mistreatment in jail he was arrested in december while visiting his family a court in zimbabwe is due to rule whether to grant bail to an american woman accused of insulting president robert mugabe on twitter mark her donovan faces up to twenty years in prison if convicted of referring to mugabe as the sick man she's denied the allegations are baseless and malicious it was the first arrest since mcgarvie appointed a cyber security minister last month i give us say the appointment is aimed at stifling social media. the british a minister pretty both hours cut short a trip to uganda and is returning to london over accusations she had secret meetings with israeli officials the u.k. government is struggling to contain a series of scandals that threatened to weaken the prime minister's leadership they fark unravels it all the british prime minister had promised a strong and stable government to lead britain out of europe but recent weeks of be
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anything but teresa mayes battling a string of crises some with grave implications for more than just the government. a blunder by the foreign secretary boris johnson could see one british woman imprisoned in iran have her sentence doubled as the deans of garri radcliffe has been jailed for five years accused of spreading propaganda about the regime johnson complicated matters by claiming she'd been teaching journalism in the country so gary radcliffe had worked for the b.b.c. and thomson reuters foundation but insisted her trip to iran had been a family visit. everybody in this house wants to see is now salute the ghauri to release johnson is now planning to travel to iran before the end of the year. another scandal involves international development secretary preety patel she was forced to apologize after holding twelve secret meetings with a sarabi officials including prime minister benjamin netanyahu all while she was
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meant to be on a family holiday it's believed she suggested some of britain's aid budget go to the israeli army to help injured syrians being treated in military hospitals the political establishment has also been engulfed in a sexual harassment scandal that forced the resignation of defense secretary michael file and. because we're investigating the deputy prime minister damian green teresa mayes closest allies also been accused of sexual harassment and of having extreme pornography on his computer he denies the claims under normal circumstances these areas where there may deliberately or not could be grounds for dismissal for breach of this the ministerial code the governs m.p.'s conduct and behavior it's currently under review but of course these are normal times to resume a has very few close allies left were ever you look you see a political crisis sometimes there was sexual harassment sometimes there were secret bilateral deals sometimes to do with their own gaffes and ineptitude as to
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the kind of statements that they put out you were looking at as sort of only scan though that is hitting the government day after day after day and those were loaded to resume a already very very few. you slipping away watching all of this from brussels where breaks it talks are at a standstill the leaders of the e.u. the view from europe's of a british government seeking deeper into turmoil leave. london and a few minutes we'll have all the weather with problems still ahead here on al-jazeera the u.s. democrats have rallies of course in state and local elections will of one implications it could have for the republican president plus. a pomegranate festival in teheran where iranian entrepreneurs want the world to know they are open for business. and it's the hunger and football are determined not to go off the rails.
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by the skyline of an asian harbor or off the coast of the italian riviera. hello india is normally in the weather news because of monsoon rain of course this time of year the monsoon rain is a long way south you can see still clearly on the cloud and it's been picking up in town now recently hundred of millimeters we're missing flooding in chennai but most of the rest of india as you see is completely free of cloud in fact this is the start of the northeast monsoon so it's the start of dropping temperatures were actually a large area of india's and these high pressure and you can think of that as sitting on whatever's on the ground and you may have heard in the news pollutions was sitting on the ground delhi's streets are not a good place to be at the moment and this is not so much morning mist or fog this is all day low visibility is a mixture of course the smoke from the stubble fires in the last few weeks traffic
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as you can see and in the other industrial pollution once it's produced it sits that is really the case for all of northern india you get is a cold index throughout the world and the moment delhi is at the top of it i find nowhere else in the world as bad as delhi at the moment and is is hazardous is worse than very unhealthy and it's true for all of northern india new delhi is not alone and there is any good news here this will last for months to come. the weather sponsored by the time these. discover the world of al-jazeera. the best films from across on the network of channels the line this is i'm about to hit but i'm about the fresh perspectives and new insights. to challenge and change the way we move the world. i'll just deal with this time on
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a just. when the news breaks. break. oh. yes and the story builds. much better marketers. when people need to be heard they thought they were american until they broke the law now they're deported to cambodia al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you model and board winning documentaries and live news and online.
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welcome back you're watching i'll just there a time to recap our headlines now the u.s. president trump is meeting chinese leader xi jinping in beijing trade talks and tensions with north korea will be on the agenda and flew in from seoul where he said u.s. led efforts to ramp up the pressure on yang are making progress. and anticorruption body in the philippines has filed criminal charges against the former president been in a q no he's accused of mishandling a police raid in two thousand and fifteen in which forty four commandos lost their lives. the leader supposed to mourners valve's a fight to regain the region's autonomy made his first public appearance in spain issued an international arrest warrant for him which the man is in belgium fighting attempts to extradite him. get you more on trans visit to china now that is director of the china national association of international studies joins me now live from beijing good to have you with have you with us we'll get to some issues
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in a moment if we could victor but first what i think of when i ask you is this red carpet treatment seems to be rolled out for trump i think is becoming the first u.s. president to have dinner in the forbidden palace a sign perhaps you think that beijing has figured out the best way to get the trump is through flattery. but i think. the situation is as follows ever since their first meeting in florida in april president xi jinping after and i'm president on are trying to develop a good working relationship as well as a good personal relationship and i think china wants to give president on the best reception ever we have called it a state visit a plus and i think the fact that president xi jinping was reviewing waiting for president donald trump in the forbidden city not only touring the forbidden city together showing off the forbidden city for president donald trump is this plus
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parts and i think oh this is well deserving because china u.s. relations are so important that both china and the united states should do whatever he can to further promote friendship and cooperation between these two largest economies in the world and i hope president donald trump and his wife or federally enjoy their visit to china let's get into the nitty gritty then of those relations between as you put it through very important countries even before arriving there in beijing the u.s. president has already been calling on china to do more to toughen it starts in terms of trade in terms of financial dealings with north korea what sort of reception do you think he'll get to that message. you know i think the tensions on the korean peninsula involving the d.p. r. k. is nuclear weapon program are real tensions and i think all the countries in the world including in particular china and the united states need to do the right
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thing and the goal should be completed denuclearization of d p r k and on the korean peninsula and both china and the united states need to work together towards that goal however how do we achieve that goal is a matter of interest for many countries and china stands firmly for peace and negotiation and diplomacy whereas sometimes the united states especially president obama trump have resorted to threats of war for example or even total annihilation of d p r k and we do not welcome such remarks and we want to urge the united states to do the right thing to practice diplomacy to engage d p r k for a day goshi and hopefully peace will prevail on the korean peninsula and no war will break out to because if war breaks out on the korean peninsula it will be a command calamity for all these countries involved not only in this part of the
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world but probably with global consequences so hopefully president xi jinping of china definitely will talk with president donald trump about the situation on korean peninsula and hopefully the differences between these two great countries can be narrowed down as a result of this kind of intimate discussion between china and united states on the very top level and i talk about intimate discussions i think it's going to be a few words exchanged on the trade deficit no secret trant wants to see that go in the opposite direction in the u.s. his favor what sort of reaction do you think beijing will have to that message. yar trade is very important between china and the united states right now the trade volume is about six hundred billion u.s. dollars and one of the largest trade volume in the world and indeed there is a big imbalance in the trade in china's favor and both china and the united states
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need to work together to achieve greater balance of trade between china and the united states but the more constructive way to achieve greater powers is to further increase the size of the trade between china and the united states and for the united states to try its best to sell more goods to china and i think china will welcome the united states to export crude oil and natural gas to china in the coming years in coming decades because the demand here in china from calling a man has or i will gregory storage and this problem we're going to have to leave it down to the fact of a greater ballots thank you very much victor galva apologies for the thank you note some breaking news coming in from doha where carter's foreign minister sharon honey been a family is speaking after a meeting with october human jaffery his iraqi counterpart we encourage an iraqi government to continue with efforts aiming at maintaining security and calm and
1:37 pm
we. emphasize on the efforts on the rebuilding and we reiterated that qatar will be an active player in the rebuilding process we also reiterate qatar has shaken stand that iraq should remain stable and secure and transcend above all differences by way of engaging a comprehensive dialogue under. an all inclusive. national reconciliation program in order to guarantee the preservation of iraq's long deep rooted in history tradition and civilization that the iraqi people have their own stature among the arab states if not the entire world and iraq is currently preparing to restore this stature. and we also
1:38 pm
during the joint meeting discussed the repercussions of the gulf crisis and that was just a few. imposed. and we also discussed the international diplomacy. i'm covering a lot again is the set of qatar by hacking then use identity and the continued diplomacy by the countries and the impact on the g.c.c. as a block which is we blame the disintegration of. the blockade in countries we also discussed the regional issues and general and the challenges faced within the region and the continued fabrication of crises. despite the fact that others remain.
1:39 pm
unresolved. like. we discussed the latest developments that took place in the province of kurdistan and here we commend the move taken by the iraqi government engaging in dialogue with the government of kurdistan and we also. lead them on their blessed efforts to prevent iraq from slipping into and five and we urge them to engage in an all inclusive dialogue to include the components of the rocky fabric including those of kurdistan and we hope that their efforts will be culminated with success and see iraq once again as i mentioned restoring its stature as a prominent player on the international arena once again welcome my brother your excellence in. the minister and with help that this visit will act as
1:40 pm
a springboard for better bilateral relations. in the name of god almighty the merciful my thanks and gratitude to my brother and fellow foreign minister of qatar mohammad. thank you very much for the generous and for taishan work and i hope that this move will be a crossroads and the. bilateral relations in a manner. that will have very positive political economical and security. developments and also enable ball of string all the relations with other . arab states the structure of the iraqi government and the foreign ministry in particular are based on mutual understanding and respect and steering away from
1:41 pm
all that what may stir disputes among the arab countries and the world countries that. this particular visit has. significance as tackles the strategic issues rather than the technical ones. at the economic political and security levels. we are bonded with the state of qatar dear to the proximity of graphical locations. but to day then turd world is living. the. era of political ideological and cultural. and we see that we bonded not only with geography but with our deep rooted historical relations and we emphasize that we can will
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continue to polish so these relations and provide positive atmosphere is not only to our both countries but the entire regions countries. within the league of arab states we together cooperated in this direction in polish during and aiming at palestine and relations with our. countries as you know iraq has one major factory victories. and these victories the victories of the. victories of. the. honest will. the arab muslim if not the international states simply for the reason that the victims to terrorism's are everywhere from the state law to states as we have recently witnessed in new york to europe of southeast of asia and
1:43 pm
all other parts of the world and that's why this terrorism as a plague sweeping the world and as a said the victim is one and iraq our victory is to the whole world however iraq has sold a huge task paying a heavy price in blood. however iraq cannot forget those who have been supporting this politically in the media economically and even logistically. and i mean the training we received from many world countries this once again emphasizes that this victory is a victory to us all and you have the right to take pride together with the rock of brothers that this victory wouldn't have won without it so that. today we are reaping the fruit of our efforts and if iraq has just won
1:44 pm
at this size of security but. it is adamant to continue if you will. it's efforts in the rebuilding process and this process requires dovetailing efforts together between all of us as neighbors and brothers and you know and here we commend. all those supporting us not only in our security efforts but also and the building process and history has it that you look at war time is short but the rebuilding time is definitely long and the arab countries have been through many wars and during this was we have tested bitter experiments and we have learned that the building process requires a great deal. of time and effort and that's why we are banking
1:45 pm
on the efforts to be provided to us by all our brother and friendly states namely the state of qatar we have supported our brothers in qatar as we did with. our other brothers i'm not here i must mention that other people across the stand taken against the kurds is not an arab against kurd as you know the iraqi fabric is inclusive of many components we have been together with the opposition and here once again we are cooperating and the entire world is witnessing our. experiment closely and we have seen that the kurds of the turk command the senate side by side with a shared and this is really a glorious experiment we should hold our heads hi anderson.
1:46 pm
this has become very evident in iraq and this is what we're doing on the ground here the iraqi parliament is represented representing why the spectrum sunni shia. men women and women all. my eyes in the iraqi experiment with our with absolute here military iraq has offered and sacrificed a lot and we have proven that we are inclusive. and i believe that. none of the states of provinces of iraq has achieved what the kurds have achieved and what happened is not only enemy between the arabs against the kurds it is john of a matter of violation of law and any country in the world would log on and raid
1:47 pm
what. would as we have seen the iraqi flag has been burned it while foreign flags were hoisted high this is an act of provocation iraq has been patient enough and before iraq did not act. bitterly iraq is not in fight against our brothers the kurds and this has been always our policy which will continue our stand and policy our fur we have. clear relations with all the out of the neighboring states based on mutual understanding and respect whether those with close proximity or those far into classical definitions. we have also similar relations at all levels and we appreciate the crises
1:48 pm
storming the region and the attempts to fiddle with the security of the g.c.c. region it's come to me us and its policies and we are adamant to do all what we can still maintain. the. friendly relations prevailing and iraq like any other country in the region. as i said we have a number of ethnicities within the region. we have good relations with other countries we are friendly with turkey turkey is has its deep rooted civilization and history and they are on close on iraq same meting with them we have been patient with. mistakes however we have a good strong. relations with them as we speak the turks
1:49 pm
forces are in bashir to however we are still engaging in dialogue and all other world countries. are doing the same they cannot accept foreign. countries to occupy their territories we are still holding on to the shared strategy as i said also iran and iraq have a number of multiple ethnicities that's why we are taking all these considerations into mind in dealing with these countries and this is what has been the case and we believe that this is an element of strength it is also a significance that we are adamant to maintain. friendly relations with the neighboring countries again iraq has sacrificed enough and they made concerted
1:50 pm
effort to have balance the relations with the neighboring countries a state a liberal state a liberal islamic state like turkey iran is an islamic state based on. a third country to the south of iraq is kuwait is a monarchy another country is syria is a republic and this is the situation of the neighboring countries multiple ethnicities different and multiple. regimes and monarchies and we are having our dealing with them on balance policies however iraq is dealing with them on the basis of the stablished strategic shared principles and we cannot see any contradiction in this once again iraq is been dealing with all these countries on the basis of humanitarian civilized manner believing that shared interests shirt
1:51 pm
risks and purpose will no doubt shape and drive forward our both bilateral non muslim and multilateral efforts to maintain security in the region. on the other hand we are against isolating or sidelining in a country and i believe you have listened to the. speech in the united nations we are against any located against any country and we believe that any crises or dispute can be resolved through dialogue and we hope that this will prevail in the gulf crisis i mean iraq will remain. you know when at here in to the principal's without any waiver once again extend
1:52 pm
all thanks and appreciation to my brother the foreign minister of qatar for the generous and british and i. saw them and. we open the floor to questions and we'll start with al jazeera turn out of our. my question to the iraqi minister as you mentioned. rock is a canister sidelining located in a country how can you. maintain. relations. relations with the already dispiriting arab countries and maintain good relations with both sides to the crises of butter and my other question to the qatari foreign minster we have recently listened. comes to media reports from the blockade in countries belittling the crisis and once again the us department of state.
1:53 pm
sides to listen to the negotiating table how can you comment. to the. stand by iraq. i believe before the crisis erupts for the can memorize and as i mentioned on many occasion and as i said on. the platform of the league of arab states. we reiterated that good friendly states must be maintained among all arab countries the league of arab states is the league of states rather than the regime's rulers their it team is part of the state it is the league of arab states and we can not tolerate the sensitivity has taken place between arab countries and this has been the principle adopted by us from the beginning and this is been
1:54 pm
reflected in the rocks policies of however we have been taking sides with all parties not one side against the other i have certain days or visions against media and. stipulate that has been feeding or feel willing the literature of rifts you have the right. you know you will raise your reservation you claim that you are the platform of the opinion and the counter opinion however i believe al jazeera has been feeling lots of the differences however i hope this will be ending soon and you start a new chapter otherwise you will be met with a new response and i believe that qatar's historical mistake was. once this mistake is corrected you will receive old respect
1:55 pm
from the entire world law i believe what that. word is might. mightier than a bomb and we should add here to the world of righteousness. with respect to your question on the media reports and the efforts made by the blockade in countries to downplay the magnitude of the crisis. to begin with it is a lot of. little crisis simply for that isn't that that crisis was totally belt on fabricated allegations of and now the repercussions are surfacing especially that many development has taken place and there isn't a level and think that the air security implications on the country are now
1:56 pm
mad if. you would to them the international efforts again a story or ism has been undermined as a result of the crisis of other tippler matic international efforts and also have been and our minds. that crisis is no longer with qatar it is with international diplomacy simply due to their heel bruce and rejection of the dialogue their political radicalism and the literature and the rhetoric at doctored by them again it's the state of qatar now downplaying the crisis. is living proof that they are living this crisis with international diplomacy and within themselves from the beginning qatar has been resorting to the sound of reason asking all to sit in table and if those countries
1:57 pm
have any concerns they are invited to come to the table present their concerns and if they are right they will be remediation if not more. however they failed and instead they pumped monies in the western capitals to. cut and despite all that carter has always called for all the parties to listen to the sound of reason and to level. this behavior engage and to engage in a genuine. contact resulting and coming to sit around a table and any other maneuvers any other plots will lot lead to a resolution. the failure by those countries
1:58 pm
to act and. an action. will lead to notice solution however we will lot waive any of the violations committed against our people or our government. and i have two questions one through the iraqi minister and. the tories counterpart and. it is clear. and each. that well look at the country the laws of the region. pay and more. bilateral relations how about the bilateral relations between iraq and iran and well this have any implications on
1:59 pm
the ground and the questions to the country's foreign minister from now and then we hear media reports. of painting and embassy in iraq how credible these reports are. starting bilateral relations with the country is subject to the bilateral strategies of these countries like any other country in the world we are establishing relations with many world countries whether those within our proximity our vicinity or those far and this is iran is no different we hope to establish good relations with all the world countries based on mutual interest and also based on mutual risks as i said the most significant of which is i said and it is very
2:00 pm
prudent because the world's countries have come together fighting i said i said as a shared enemy as a common risk. invited all the world countries to live above their differences and come together to fight isis and i if i understand your question correctly iran will not replace of any country but we are prepared yes go ahead. i'm trying to say that how can you maintain a balance with your relations with iran despite the relations with the g.c.c. countries now it is clear iraq will spare no effort to.
2:01 pm
make its bilaterally.


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