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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 9, 2017 2:00am-3:00am AST

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yes we have this little story crawling on the sea floor which we believe any model or scavenger but certainly of a fish crawling it into fish with a poison we don't know yet so that's quite amazing just to see that the certainly exciting to see new and surprising behavior and night shift for the first time for the significance of this is much greater and tactics over fish frequently feed on the surface so in a brutal star in the balsam those traps the carbon in their bodies on the sea floor this idea has implications for understanding how common is being removed from the atmosphere it's a process that could be playing a role in slowing down manmade climate change. this is al jazeera.
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and i'm richelle carey this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. he will be the largest famine the world to see and many decades with millions of victims a dire warning from the u.n. as the situation worsens again then too to the blockade by the saudi led coalition plus. syrian troops join iraqi forces to drive out of the last town it holds and syria. china rolls out the red carpet for donald trump as the u.s. president seeks to push beijing to rein in north korea. and embattled british prime minister theresa may loses her second kathleen minister in a week as pretty as hell quits over secret meetings and israel.
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the un's aid chief is warning that if they cited led coalition doesn't allow aid access to yemen the world will see the largest famine in decades it's been discussing the dire humanitarian situation that's being worsened by the blockade imposed by the saudi led military alliance fuel and food prices are skyrocketing a crisis is being described as catastrophic unless those measures lifted and five particular steps that i'm going to run through taken. there will be a famine in yemen he will not be lying to the family in that. resort in south sudan earlier in the year where tens of thousands of people were affected. he will not be like the family in which cost two hundred fifty thousand people their lives in somalia in twenty eleven. it will be the largest famine
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the world to see for many decades with millions of victims. for more let's go to our diplomatic editor james face at the united nations. james famines don't come out of nowhere we've been hearing dialogue similar to this for quite some time but this is extremely stark language that he is using what is going on at the u.n. . well certainly it's a very grim warning coming from the u.n. humanitarian chief which he made not only to us reporters as you heard there in the last fifteen minutes or so but before that he spoke to the u.n. security council now he's left their meeting they are still meeting as we speak and i'm sure that warning will concentrate minds everything they say at the u.n. is gauged in terms of not just its effect in terms of the humanitarian situation but also in terms of the political and diplomatic situation it's worth telling you
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that mr low cost spoke on monday to member states of the united nations then he was very very careful with his language and said i need to be careful because i'm addressing the security council on wednesday between now and then i need to speak to keep parties about the situation keep parties i'm sure he meant saudi arabia it's worth telling you also that the u.n. secretary general antonio good terrorists spoke in the last few hours to the saudi foreign minister it's pretty clear to me with a bit of deduction that in those calls the u.n. said well look we could say this we could put forward the never travel effects of what you're doing with this total blockade not allowing any aid in and we can explain it to the world if you don't start to allow some aid in and it's clear i think the u.n. have decided to press that button and explain what the saudi policy could result in what will be interesting now to is to see how the rest of the u.n.
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security council respond we're not expecting a formal statement from the security council but we will get some words from the current president of the security council italy holds the rotating presidency we're expecting to hear from the italian ambassador pretty soon so james is this type pressure really the only tool the u.n. has. yes and i think they've been reluctant to use it they know that for many months you could possibly say years there's not been enough food aid in medicine getting in to yemen that the saudis have been very tightly controlling things they know that the situation is really grim already the u.n. has one statistic which is really shocking that every ten minutes a young child dies in yemen from causes that would otherwise anywhere else in the world or many other places in the world be preventable so it is already a very situation but there now i think showing what could happen i put
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it to the humanitarian chief mr low cock so how long would it take for this dire famine you're talking about he said he couldn't put a time on it and didn't want to put a timeline on it but said already there are very many in yemen who are close to famine and many of those are young children young children and old and tames as life has at the united nations james thank you more now from mohammed tam tam on the situation on the ground and their man. in yemen's capital lines to buy petrol grow longer as fuel prices rise higher having jumped more than sixty percent in recent days the result of monday's announcement from saudi arabia that it would block all yemeni air and land routes as well as sea ports in response to a missile attack from across the border earlier this week residents of sanaa
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already accustomed to a humanitarian crisis in their country that seems to grow more dire every day are angry i get even inside you know this is a humanitarian crime they are exterminating the yemeni people and no muslim should be doing that these are unjust operations but it's not unexpected for those who kill children to close some ports. the price of cooking oil has also spiked this temporary interruption of supplies in yemen is coming on top of an already catastrophic humanitarian situation we shouldn't forget this the population is already reconned the population already lacking cope and lacking basic essential services ranging from food medicines medical services water and sanitation everything there is also growing worry about how the blockade will impact efforts to combat yemen's cholera epidemic with more than nine hundred thousand suspected cholera cases and over of hope.
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iran's president hassan rouhani is warning saudi arabia that it will achieve nothing by threatening the night fs country it's the latest salvo in the escalating war of words between tehran and riyadh and it's not just yemen in the middle also lebannon riyadh says the levanon base for hezbollah which is backed by iran has committed acts of aggression against it all around says saudi forced the resignation of lebanon's prime minister saad hariri. mandatory i've never seen in history so far a situation whereby a country interfered with the affairs of another country like this bringing on his soil a leader from another country and keeping him of course we do not know whether he has stayed willingly or whether they kept him against his will but they forced him to resign and told him what to say this action is on preset entered in the history of our region the tensions have left the people of the worst as they know how to reports from they were it. posters are springing up with messages of support for
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assad to heavy it has been four days since he announced his sudden resignation from the saudi capital to this neighborhood in the lebanese capital beirut is one of heidi the strongholds. we all hope returns to the country and it turns to office we hope the government functions again because people put off their plans like buying a car or a flat no one knows what tomorrow will bring. regardless of whether they support or oppose hetty's decision to step down people here are worried the resignation is linked to the saudi iranian rivalry in the region past attempts to weaken iran's lebanese ally hezbollah has led to violence. who were upset when he heard the news of the resignation it was just like when his father was killed there was a political earthquake they fear there could be a war israel can attack he wanted to return. already people are complaining that the pace of the economy has slowed down in
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a country already struggling with financial problems. the resignation is linked to regional developments but it's affecting us from the first day our business suffered we need a new solution to save the. saudi arabia has made it clear it intends to confront iran and it seems it will start in lebanon. knows what saudi arabia will do next there will be a war but they can't for example the tens of thousands of lebanese working in the gulf. saudi arabia no longer considers hezbollah as its only enemy but all those who don't go away and take action against the group. resignation was a saudi move against the law it brought down a government riyadh considered too close to iran now saudi arabia wants lebanese leaders to sideline and curb hezbollah's powers but that is easier said than done hezbollah is
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a powerful political party with an armed wing stronger than the national army lebanon has seen turbulent years political crises and wars late last year there was a rare deal between saudi arabia and iran to leave lebanon at the sidelines of their power struggle that deal is now a thing of the past and tangling lebanon's future with a deepening regional crisis center. beirut syria's army and iraqi forces have surrounded and entered the control town hall it's located near the border with iraq and its last urban area in the region this video released by pro syrian government media shows fighting in the surrounding area on saturday a somber bench of aid has more from gaza and turkey. according to syrian media as well as hezbollah media sources syrian forces have surrounded the border town of become the last remaining stronghold by isis fighters according to sources on the ground this is going to be
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a tough fight because isis fighters have been coming to this place from all sides not just the iraqi side of the border but from syrian town just far away and there is or. is in the daters or province which is also being fought by s.d.f. forces these are the forces of the kurdish predominantly who are backed by the united states forces on the eastern bank of the euphrates river the town of the loop is on the western bank and it is now being surrounded by syrian forces some reports say that they have started to enter the city but they expect that isis fighters are going to put up stiff resistance in this area it is worth noting that would not mean the andover. isis still has a number of villages and other areas in the dirigible problems and across the border in the problems in iraq that it still controls but it would be the last stronghold in terms of urban settings small towns and cities and would have lost all of them when it moved as
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a. international criminal court wants libya's renegade general khalifa haftar to hand over one of his top commanders to face war crimes or folly is accused of being responsible for the executions of thirty three people between march and july of this year i see prosecutor for toobin so to has asked the un security council to support her demand and send a warning to libyan war criminals that they are not the on the reach of the law but a more head of the news hour including. president robert mugabe takes aim at other so-called conspirators after sacking his vice president. spreading at then there europe's biggest butter consumers but french shoppers are now facing a nationwide shortage and in sport a glimpse at how professional tennis may look in the future far as here with that story.
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as president donald trump is getting the red carpet treatment in china head of kate talks on trade and security chinese president xi jinping took him on a grand tour of beijing's forbidden city it is a unesco world heritage site nine billion dollars in deals were signed between u.s. and chinese companies trump is accused china of unfair trade practices in the past and promised to narrow the trade deficit with north korea set to dominate the agenda trump wants china to apply more pressure on pyongyang over its nuclear weapons program adrian brown has more from beijing. exactly a year to the day that he was voted into office president trump arrived in china the country very savaged throughout the presidential campaign when he called china a currency manipulator and said that china was raping the u.s. economy all that though was forgotten on wednesday afternoon as president xi jinping and his wife a score to the trumps around the forbidden city one of the most popular tourist
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attractions in china a chance perhaps for president xi to remind donald trump the china was once the center of culture and civilization president xi very much wants china to be center stage in global affairs and top of the agenda of course is going to be north korea and the feeling that the united states believes china could be doing more to rein in its china will be pointing out that actually it's done a lot in the past few months to tighten the financial news around pianka early next year north korean firms operating in china would have to cease business north korean workers would have to leave the country and of course china has been enforcing u.n. sanctions against north korea trump wants to ensure that there's no backsliding by the chinese and of course there's the issue of the trade deficit the fact that china exports far more to the united states than the united states sends the other way also trump wants u.s.
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companies to have more access to the china market particularly tech companies like facebook and twitter who are still locked out of china it's very important that these two men get along because the decisions they make will ultimately affect all of us earlier trant gave a speech and saw where he called out china and russia bad name to put pressure on north korea he also warned not to underestimate the united states happening now that reports from seoul on trump's tour of asia so far. donald trump's day was supposed to start with a surprise. visit to the d.m.z. the heavily fortified line separating north and south korea but bad weather prevented what would have been his opportunity to deliver a symbolic message to the north korean leader kim jong un so he used his speech at seoul's national assembly to address the man he called a tyrant and a cruel dictator the weapons you are acquiring are not make you new safer they are
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putting your regime in grave danger north korea is not the paradise your grandfather envisioned it is a hell that no person deserves. though he refrained at this time from referring to kim as little rocket men trump painted a picture of north korea likely to infuriate those in its government he called it a country ruled by a cult centered around the range to beliefs where people still die of hunger and are tortured in gulags and as the north korean government continues to pursue its nuclear ambitions trump has had this warning. this is a very different administration than the united states has had in the past do not underestimate this and do not try.
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as he vowed america would not be intimidated and listed the u.s. military assets currently stationed around the korean peninsula protesters outside called for peace. look at him but i demand that the u.s. stop your threats on the korean peninsula just a fountain valleys of arms. trump says south korea has agreed to buy more u.s. military equipment a move he says will help close the trade deficit between the two nations it's the first time in more than twenty years that a u.s. president has addressed the national assembly president monday and says he hopes donald trump state visit will mark a turning point in efforts to deescalate tensions with north korea. trump says that begins with north korea stopping the development of its missile and nuclear program and in exchange we will offer a path to a much better future with a nod to south korean achievements from economic development to female golfer is
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the speech was well received in the chamber likely very much less so across the border kathy novak al-jazeera soul. and the u.k.'s international development secretary pretty has resigned out for it was her veil she failed to disclose meetings with israeli officials while on holiday she said her actions have fallen below the high standards expected of her position her departure follows the resignation of britain's defense secretary amid claims of sexual harassment and barker city tales from london pretty patel arrived at the back door of downing street her government career hanging by a thread the international development secretary was hold back from an official trip to africa to face her boss prime minister to resume a moments later patel resigned. she was forced to apologize on monday after holding twelve secret meetings with this radio officials including prime minister benyamin netanyahu all while she was meant to be on
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a family holiday to israel in august it also emerged she discussed giving some of britain's aid budget to the israeli army to help wounded syrians being treated in the israeli occupied golan heights a wednesday it surfaced patel had visited an israeli field hospital in the area despite protocol against british officials traveling there the u.k. doesn't officially recognize israel's presence in the territory land seized from syria in the one nine hundred sixty seven war further revelations followed including details of more undisclosed meetings between patel and two israeli officials in september the al-jazeera investigation the lobby recently revealed close links between israeli embassy officials and conservative members of parliament. a report in the jewish chronicle claimed the british government knew about patel's meetings and that she was instructed not to declare them to avoid embarrassing the foreign office downing street says the claims are false the departure of priti patel now leaves to resume a with one less ally in government patel head back to reason may in her bid to
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become prime minister she's also a firm euro skeptic a key. without her to reason may could struggle to deliver on her key breaks it promises without any strong central control people are just making policy on the head and departments and it seems very clear that cabinet responsibility has it to some extent broken down and unless steps are taken to restore it she's in government but not in power at london's madame tussauds a serene looking waxwork of the prime minister's receiving final touches the real mrs may's battling multiple crises several of her cabinet ministers have been embroiled in sexual harassment scandals and the foreign minister boris johnson is under fire for misleading comments they could extend the jail term of a british citizen imprisoned in. patel's downfall divert some attention away from
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johnson but many are wondering how long to reason may keep a brave face need back out jazeera london daniel levy is the president of the u.s. middle east project and a farmer israeli negotiator he joins us from london we appreciate your time how significant an s.s. resignation. well there as the british political component of this the rather shambolic state of affairs in two reason makes government a cabinet second resignation in a week and the issues bound up with ministerial code of conduct but also with a government that hangs by a very thin thread in terms of its parliamentary majority so there's going to be an impact of that and we'll have to see how chaotic things look and how much that impacts the government but the second area that this raises especially off the back of the investigative reporting done by al-jazeera earlier in the year regarding
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elements of the israel lobby is specific to israel and there of course countries try to curry favor and try to work whatever connections and whatever supporters they have somewhere else but the sheik in a way and i think the overreach in terms of some of the israeli and pro israel activity and the way this is now ensnaring and embarrassing people i think could have implications and could have a chilling effect on how close people want to be with some of these lobby groups who are fair enough but these politicians that get ensnared in this are they not responsible for their actions and and they are responsive to these tactics oh absolutely i mean if she thought that if i'm if the foreign minister patel thought that she was building part of her career and currying favor with this with elements of the constituency by going along with what i think now is been. exposed to be the quote but nish political. management and handling techniques
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of the head of the conservative friends of israel or pollack who arranged all these meetings with with the israeli leadership figures then it will i think cause others to think again but what you also have is is a situation in which you know you actually now have an israeli government ministry well resourced say is well resourced that is supposed to put into place how one instrumental ises and uses these lobbying groups sometimes to actually undermine the democracies of allies there are good reasons why even with an ally like israel britain would want properly briefed officials in those rooms because you can be guaranteed that the israelis are going to try and pull a fast one and if you are. as it seems is the case for minister to tell someone who's not particularly up to speed on the substance and perhaps doesn't want to be
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of the details in the minutiae of israeli policies in occupied territories and how there's those of you done international law whether that's the dalai lama or whether that's issues to do with the palestinians then that's a problem for a government that has policy you won't ministers to be briefed you want to understand what their own government policy is why it is what it is and israel through its friends is trying to find do an end run around some of that and has come out with a on its face yet again actually in this instance seems like it's like everybody that all our parties involved daniel levy thank you very much thank you. some former vice president emerson lang says he's crossed the border to south africa two days after being fired by robert mugabe the president now says he can also sack other disloyal every mythos has been following these events on the ground this week president robert mugabe wanted to send a clear message to anyone planning to remove him from power for now one faction in
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the rulings on the party led by the first lady grace is in charge on monday zimbabwe's leader fired his vice president gore for being disloyal the ninety three year old his managua had a missions to become president. while. these . were. the words. when i got a guy who is a war veteran hasn't been seen in public since he was sacked on wednesday he released a statement saying he's out of the country and that he will return soon to lead zimbabweans. zanu p.f. supporters at this holiday as he really insist the world's oldest elected leader
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will die in office the focus for now is who are place when i got some people. say they want a woman to. the party. the country's first lady grace and. maintains a tight grip on power but some analysts warn recent political developments over the question of succession could cause more divisions in the ruling party. weakens the pact because the. years happened you will definitely. always. there are people why do. people that we know for certain what did you not hear within the party in a statement when he and his family had been threatened and he accused president mugabe of destroying zanu p.f. by making it his own personal property. al-jazeera had. still had on
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al-jazeera a general strike is underway across catalonia with protesters demanding the release of the pro independence leaders plus. the nation of qatar looks to be a role model that can be counted on to follow international law and to protect workers' rights something unheard of from both nations qatar will become the first to pay my current workers a minimum wage. and support formula one world champion lewis hamilton had some explaining to do ahead of their presuming a gram free. how i think it will not sit cooling off significantly across the northeastern corner of the u.s. as we go on through the next couple of days this line of class stretched across the central and southern plains pushing up across the northeastern corner that he says
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sort of kind of the well behind that we've got some cooler air coming in and that could well make its way across the northern plains across the lakes fair bit of snow there easing over into on terrio towards quebec twelve celsius top temperature in new york twelve celsius there for d.c. on thursday he'll get a little colder than that as we go on into the next couple of days already colder than that say in the pacific northwest so seattle at ten degrees celsius some snow there just around the northern rockies around the northern plains bits and pieces of cloud of right just spill away and for friday further south cold enough in there layered around twenty degrees celsius with the real cold air by this stage what it is a minus to the top temperature in toronto modest for struggling to get anywhere near double figures for new york and d.c. by this stage crisp sunshine gloves and shades weather then as we head towards latter part of the week pretty astonishing i mean wanted to cuber over the next day or so but a fair bit of cloud there for the rest of the great around it is perhaps brighter skies there for jamaica for a time of this cloud and rain will make its way
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a little further westwards by the time we come to friday. you're watching al jazeera let's recap the top stories this hour the u.n. has warned the saudi led coalition it will cause the worst famine in decades unless to lift the blockade on yemen fuel and food prices are skyrocketing in the countries and saudi arabia stopped imports by air land and sea planetaria aid flights had been prevented from landing u.s. president donald trump is in china on his third stop of this twelve day asia tour
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he's expected to ask of china to put more pressure on north korea over its nuclear weapons program trade is also on the agenda with nine billion dollars and deals signed between u.s. and chinese companies. and the international development secretary predicted tell has resigned after it was revealed she failed to disclose meetings with israeli officials while on holiday she said her actions have fallen below the high standards expected of her position. christine buckley is a yemen researcher at human rights watch she joins us live from skype live on skype from new york rather to talk more about our top story the impending famine and yemen thank you so much for joining us what explain to us the gravity the emergency dire situation that is happening in yemen right now. yeah i mean i think we're all kind of living in a world at this point that it sometimes feels as though there's too many disasters
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just sort of contend with yemen has a very sad. honor of being the world's largest humanitarian crisis experiencing the world's worst ever recorded cholera epidemic when we're talking about when we if you just want numbers you've got seven million people on the brink of famine vast majority of the country are reliant on some form of humanitarian aid the u.n. says a child under five dies every ten minutes so it's very hard to really and many people every ten minutes so it's very hard to make people understand really how how horrendous the situation in yemen already was for the events of this weekend and before the start of the coalition decided to even further restrict the ability of aid in food and medicines to get into the country ok so what can be done even if the if the public understands it's much more than just the public understanding it's those who can actually do something about this what can be done about this what is being done about this. well from our end listen the u.n. security council met today to talk about the humanitarian situation in yemen what
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we said which which i feel very strongly about is that the u.n. security council already has a mechanism for sanctioning people in yemen who are committing growth violations and one of those violations is the obstruction of humanitarian assistance so what we're saying is ok u.n. security council you already have means in place to make it very clear to the parties to the conflict be it the saudi led coalition or this would be solid forces that if they obstruct there will be clear and concrete consequences and far past time they did so because you have people in the government of the u.s. or the u.k. or france sort of issuing road recitations of concern but not actually following up on that so it's not enough for the u.k. or the u.s. to say we're worried about famine in yemen at this point it's up to the members of the u.n. security council and particularly those allied with saudi arabia to be using all the leverage at their disposal to be pushing these people to actually make changes to the ways in which they're fighting this war and certainly for them to stop eating access again as we saw sort of very dramatically in terms of the saudis
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announcement on monday that they were going to try and close all entry points to yemen christine back ali thank you very much for joining us human rights watch. the un's labor organization as close an investigation into the treatment of migrant workers and qatar that's after doha said it would introduce a minimum wage and allow its labor practices to be monitored it's now expected qatar will sign an agreement with the u.n. protecting labor the first gulf country to do so from geneva tamala schild reports . landmark day for workers' rights at the international labor organization in geneva on wednesday the united nations body roll can do what it describes as major progress by qatar in hunting its labor laws there had been under investigation accused of failing in its responsibilities towards migrant workers however and now the iron loss' that qatar has engaged positively with its inspectors and officials
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i think it's fair to describe today's events as a landmark of all because we have the rifle to point today we've done two things we've closed a complaint that was open against the state of qatar in respect of international labor conventions it's ratified it's finished and we've moved on to a new process of cooperation on the new laws set out by the qatari government a minimum wage will now be introduced something previously unheard of among gulf countries it will now be illegal for employers to prevents workers from leaving the country in strict penalties will be imposed on those who are trying confiscates workers passports or withhold their salaries while you have the southern. part of the nation of qatar looks to be a role model that can be counted on to follow international law and to protect workers' rights through our ongoing go to improve the quality of life for all workers there are close to two million workers currently in qatar many work on the
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massive infrastructure projects currently being built as the country continues to develop at a rapid pace despite the positive steps taken by the governments in the past few years rights groups still have concerns at least two workers lost their lives at building sites in the past year and i thought that it is being urged to make sure that such fertile it sees never happen again. with the top scheduled to host the twenty twenty two world cup the spotlight has been firmly placed on it when it comes to workers' rights there is a feeling among the thirty officials however that doha has been unfairly scrutinized with its all attention being given to countries like saudi arabia the united arab emirates where according to workers' rights groups conditions there are much worse now that qatar has been praised in its efforts have been indorsed by the iow the onus is on other countries in the region to follow in its lead. spain's constitutional court has officially and the cattle on parliaments and
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dependents declaration the ruling was issued as pro independence protesters once again took to the streets bringing parts of catalonia to a standstill reports. blocking roads and other transport links in barcelona and across catalonia students activists and union members came out in defiance of the spanish government. madrid has taken control of the regional administration independent cicle just want to show they control the streets. north of boston low down in the city of the heart some say of catalan nationalism large numbers took to the railways disrupting spain's much prized of a high speed network later there were efforts to shut catalonia as borders with the rest of the country. outside the regional government building in barcelona the
2:38 am
crowd chanted liberty or freedom once the rallying cry for independence now a show of support for what is being called political prisoners opposed to president please do more in exile in belgium and please former ministers and civil society leaders in jail in madrid. in the howard government is in prison so we need to help them and we need to. punish government actions because they are doing what . this crowd at least as a grass roots the independence movement did catalonia is alive and well but politically it is sorely weakened much of its leadership behind and facing an election in december that probably depend of parties far from certain of winning spain's constitutional court on wednesday an old october twenty seventh declaration of independence this is
2:39 am
a movement divided over want to do next whether to do it together as a coalition or a car i'm thinking that's about that and that if we have had our ups and downs but we haven't gone this far to leave as if nothing has happened. to me. put out the focus is on freeing the independence leaders but madrid's price for their freedom they will be the movement's silence i don't know how al-jazeera bustling. and is kept on the telly is choking under a blanket of toxic small bets for schools to close with residents advised to stay indoors if they can polish and. levels in the city measured at the u.s. embassy are now forty times the world health organization safe limits of embers cooler air as trapping car and factory admissions at street level farmers a legally burning crops and fireworks from the recent festival are also contributing to the poor air quality. and you have protests in
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a new delhi to mark one year since the government pulled most of the country's currency out of circulation it was supposed to fight corruption but as reports the move had unexpected consequences. indians are still angry a year after the government pulled eighty six percent of the currency out of circulation the goal was to halt the flow of counterfeit currency prime minister narendra modi said it would also curb tax evasion and terror financing. in independent india today people with honesty and integrity will say thank you demand from modi we are proud of you. but the withdrawal of the five hundred and one thousand rupee banknotes led to panic indians couldn't get their hands on their cash in the last two years the economy has slowed unemployment has risen and corruption remains a national problem however modi says replacing most of the currency has been
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a success he declared wednesday anti-black money day to celebrate the government's mission to fight corruption but critics say this was reckless and the wrong solution to the problem a year later indians may be divided on the success of the policy but the short term impact on the economy is clear natasha getting zero argentina's congress has ornate a law preventing indigenous people from being evicted from land they say belongs to them still those communities are facing an uphill battle of having their land claims recognised and many say they have been targeted by people who want them removed as traceable reports from formosa and in northern argentina the law is still far from a solution. if you don't look at dijon his community have been fighting eviction from this land for years they are members of they were community in the province of formosa in northeastern argentina so the teacher was born here over his
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fifty years ago he shows us pictures taken of him as a child with his mother so her mum my mother got very sick and we had to leave but this land was part of our territory and our land for years we've been discriminated against lived in poverty and now they want to take away the only thing we have left and that will make us a community again they we choose had twenty thousand hectares of land here in the early one nine hundred know they're fighting for five hundred almost six years ago some came back to stay but they say they're being persecuted. he now says a family in the capital of. the land is theirs and have done everything possible to make them leave he has been shot at and was later hit by a car that he says was driven by one of the family members. the first time they tried to run me over i had to jump off the side of the bridge the second time they hit me i tried to recover for months we have made at least seventeen complaints but
2:43 am
just as here side with the powerful. argentina's law is supposed to guarantee that these people are going to be removed by force and he's supposed to identify indigenous communities around the country so they have some type of protection communities have to prove they have a historical right to live on the land this community says that this piece of land is the biggest proof they have that this territory belongs to them they claim that some of their relatives are buried here you can see some ancient crosses here the only thing they're missing is their recognition of the argentinean state. that an out of the nomad athena says because of a current lawsuit happening here the community's not allowed to do much on the land so i want to. to sell some wood to survive but i was caught by police and they took everything away we could be growing more watermelons onions and other things to sell but they want to punish us in every possible way. the government says it's
2:44 am
trying to identify indigenous communities but there are over fifteen hundred land disputes in argentina today and i want to. we have the political will to advance but it doesn't depend on us alone but also on the provinces we believe that most of the governors want to move forward with this issue because we're talking about people that are extremely vulnerable. these people say the province has done nothing but persecute them and that's why they're asking the national government to help. argentina large cruise ships are to be banned from passing by venice as iconic st mark's square in a bid to protect the look and see ecosystem italian government and the nation regional officials are great to reroute the vessels to a nearby industrial port over the next three to five years to balance their areas fragile environment with the city's economic need for tourists and maritime jobs france is suffering the biggest butter shortage since the end of the second world
2:45 am
war the french are the world's biggest consumers of butter and some disgruntled customers are blaming the shortage on government regulations but as a story. few things are is french as close as customers come early to this fake or in paris to buy them warm from the oven most say it's the butter that makes them so tasty so rising prices in europe is worrying because in france. the cost has doubled but we complement prices because the customers won't understand pastries are part of daily life so if you raise prices will lose business global demand for butter is soaring as tastes change but milk supplies in europe have decreased forcing up prices and feeling a shortage it's a color a catastrophe for the french who eat the most butter in the world and more i'm still managing to find some but even if there is not much in the shops we love the
2:46 am
taste of butter especially when it's organic and delicious france is suffering shortages because of the rigid rules that govern food supply suppliers in supermarkets decide prices annually in february so supermarkets are refusing to renegotiate until next year analysts say retailers in other countries like germany adapt by paying and she. lodging more in other countries in europe the price of when there are stronger will usually prices the prices negotiator there if we. every two months is the case for example in germany it's dairy farms like this one in normandy that supply the milk used in france is famously creamy parter. what most dairy farm is a saying is that they have been forgotten in this crisis like haven't seen any benefits from the high above her prices on what most tell us is that this still sending them milk at the same price as they did thirty years ago. man will get. fed
2:47 am
up with seeing others in the industry profits. it is a real concern we should about a shot at it in the shops but we found those on not being paid more. a few years we need more financial help there is obviously a problem between suppliers and shops but when will farmers get this share of the pie. france's government has called on all sides to in the bus a crisis at its promise to help farmers get better paid for their produce manual hopes that looming films like him will be able to make a fairer living. al-jazeera cool cool france still head on al-jazeera and gary and football are determined not to go off the rails.
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players from more than thirty countries are competing in an international competition for one of the world's most popular board games i mean miller has more from nairobi where world power separates the winners from the lower losers. a six am run willing to garrus preparing mentally and physically. to defend his title at the twelfth world championship of scrabble the world game is serious business for the two hundred fifty players competing in nairobi it's played in twenty nine languages but play is he a are competing to make the best english words they can seven letters at
2:50 am
a time gary is from nigeria he won the last competition held in a straight with four hundred forty nine points he's been playing competitively for fifteen years and is the first african to win the championship scrabbling through private talks to human development ducks it brings me away we saw a need to ensure which is why after can report myself to do the best of a kind in the coming years to see how we can become more and more prominent as a sport. there's no talking and hardly any spectators as players work on each tactical move scrabble mass to say that at the end of a close game these are the tiles you don't want to be left where they often can't be played and could cost you the game the eighty year old board game is cheap and sold worldwide the best players say it's about problem solving and quick thinking you have to have really expensive work well and of course your goals of to be
2:51 am
strategic in your thinking if you believe carelessly you'll give your opponent a button if it does call one of us or if you play our own one you lose five marks to your opponent kenyon hurried patel says he's been playing since he was five years old he's competing for a place at the youth world championship in malaysia later this month it's just less hard bit like playing with words improving in studies are giving it a high number of position in class so scrabble is just all about study players from ten african countries are competing this year along with competitors from the united states strayer the united kingdom and bahrain the two players with the most points off to thirty two games will play the final round on sunday the first time on african soil and for whoever is crowned the winner that word is worth at least nine points from al-jazeera nairobi time for your sport now with far.
2:52 am
thanks very much a glimpse of what pro tennis may look like in the future is on show with the next gen a.t.p. finals in italy it's an event for the world's best under twenty one male players and features a number of new rules sets are best of five with a tie break played at three three there are no what about a two points but the deuce effectively becoming sudden death a shot clock ensures there are no more than twenty five seconds between points and computers have replaced line judges the match umpire is the only human on court official and the crowd is free to come and go as it pleases the traditional courtesy of sitting quietly until a changeover takes place doesn't apply earlier we spoke to jon wertheim of sports illustrated he says the changes could have a positive impact on the game there's a big difference between a member of the log with young players and a big grand slam tournament i think some of these changes make
2:53 am
a lot of sense frankly if you have the technology to get the line calls correct why wouldn't you use that even if that might come at the expense of human pyres i like the idea of keeping the pace of play move that you know having a shot clock i think that makes a lot of sense i think some of the other some of the other changes that we're going to see are going to go over less well but but again i think the message here is that and is willing to innovate and explore in some of these again so some of these will be ludicrous missives that we're going to be laughing out others are going to be successful and i think the culture i think the message that if you're really a strong one and a positive really crap from a one world champion lewis hamilton says being linked to tax avoidance in the paradise papers what effect his job hamilton is in sao paolo for the brazilian grand prix he was one of the people named in the papers which showed he avoided paying more than four million dollars in taxes for a private jet as lawyers say registering a jets in the tax haven of the isle of man is legal. and so they both trying to win
2:54 am
this race this weekend they still have two races to go don't really have anything to add to the hole. that's happening that doesn't distract me from my core values and also one of you to do which is. trying when this was in the three second time in my life in ten years. the philadelphia phillies have described roy halladay as one of the most respected men ever to play baseball holliday died in a plane crash on choose day age forty eight time all-star for the phillies and toronto blue jays he was among the finest pitchers of his generation he was one of only six players in baseball history to win the sa young award for pitching in both the american and national leagues before his retirement in two thousand and thirteen holliday who was eighteen amateur pilot died when his private plane crashed into the gulf of mexico off the coast of florida he was the only person on
2:55 am
board really given the search. in a way to perceive and then to look at baseball and to try to improve and be the best at what i do. it's he was he was a man of few words but he just sat back and you just watched him and you watch what he did you know his his work i think was. second to none. europe a shoot out for places and next year's world cup begins on thursday for european places that the finals and russia are still up for grabs the playoffs begin with northern ireland's tie against switzerland on croatia's encounter with greece teams play each other home and away with the winners progressing into the finals northern ireland are aiming for their first world cup since one nine hundred eighty six. these players have gone through a lot of experience a lot of good
2:56 am
a lot of. you know the one thing i will say them is that you know not not not to fear the situation to embrace a situation. and make sure that whatever happens you know when you look back you know we don't have any regrets regardless of you know if it goes our way or not she better not. i would rather we've taken the direct route to russia and qualified top of our group it's a strange feeling to have twenty seven points from out ten games and find ourselves in the playoffs of course we would disappointed but that's the rules that's football we knew that exactly before and now we know what to do to qualify for the world cup. the west ham boss david moyes admits he has a lot of work to do to convince his critics and pull his team out of danger the former sunderland and man united manager has replaced slavin billet she was sacked on monday the club is currently in the drop zone the fifty four year old says he has a point to prove at west ham after failing in three consecutive jobs since leaving
2:57 am
everton in two thousand and thirteen and has been out of work since may. you know somehow i did a point to prove yes i did think of goal so i think maybe i have to do it and sure . sometimes you have to appear piercings and maybe i've got a little bit of people i want to get back i want to win i want to get back to show exactly what. west thomas thinks is going to cause any to do that now some footballers can be criticised for going off the rails not a charge that can be levelled at this player here's barnabas saw entering the action for a fourth tier league game and hungry. he's done this before which makes playing his teammate seemingly being rather unimpressed. and that's all you sport for now more later having a little bit of fun there i want to get a moment visit our web site it's al jazeera. al-jazeera dot com the latest from
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news all around the world and there's much more news on the other side of the break .
2:59 am
ambitious endeavors to create drought proof crops amazing to think that the plan b. so here that look now looks completely life and international efforts to combine the pests that threaten so they bring in their sandals they show you the props just
3:00 am
like a doctor write your prescription you're doing the same thing here you're writing a prescription for the farmer and six blows inspiring advances towards farming for the future of this town al-jazeera. it will be the largest famine the world to see in.


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