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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 9, 2017 8:00am-8:34am AST

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is that environment and continue to expand. on the areas of energy about and growth initiative. for structure. just now we have. to import into a collaboration. agreement. and we have signed over two hundred fifty british and us dollar us. trade agreements. and the two sides often have some plan the for the for the expansion of the market extent of access it shows that they know most economic collaboration. potential will bring real benefits to people's we will. we will surely make for the plan to welcome the wellcome by the minister of
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ministry of defense from united states. and also so far as a strange is. of the exercise of soldiers between the countries we always strengthen the. dialogue all the cyber security. and we will urge of the departments of the cool countries. the for the collaboration a long time collaboration of the so the problem of illegal immigrants immigrants. and this rather than the elaboration on the cyber security including this cyber and to terrorists and attack the cyber crime.
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and was started in the production of the. citizens in that country as the two countries were special features it is not surprising to have some conflicts or differences the key issue is how to solve it properly and to control it well our common interests far exceed these conflicts we should respect the. so interest integrity and respect each other's differences so as we can take constructive. attitude we will see common ground though live differences we also talk about the responsibility that i showed by the two countries we agree to. and that dialogue on the original and the my state issues and to have this
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public dialogue to solve these problems and make greater contribution to the the pretty and prosperity for the. regions for the nuclear issue of the korea but they sort of we want to. stress that we have to start first opinion of the de niro's ation of the solar and these two size shoed acting for the resolution made by the us here at security council and to solve these issues through dialogue and the like two are always the other parties to have discussions of how to realize these long term pieces the better take and we will have continuous dialogue and collaboration was relevant parties we all believe that china us are important nations in the asia
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pacific region and i taught present chop the. pacific enough talk comedy china and us the two countries to strengthen the collaboration in this region and to force to a common friend and to join hands to strengthen the. perswaded and peace in this region we've also talked about the issues like afghanistan in middle east and continue to agree to strengthen the collaboration of the and to terry's and also these nuclear security and to issue our provide our support of the peace making. activities by united nations we believe that the stability of the united nations and that china is so important that we will strengthen people dialogue and to exchange overseas students to each
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country. and we were. told and burnous full us to china is strange is it is a judgment day of friends. president jobs visit to china is a. successful and secure story visit. my meeting was president tom. has to find. a clear pathway and blueprint for further development. i'm always united states to further strengthen the advancement of the two nations and to bring more benefits to two countries as well as say people of the whole world thank you. thank you presidency now.
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president trump thank you. president xi i want to thank you for that incredible welcoming ceremony earlier this morning it was truly memorable and impressive and something i will never forget my lani and i are honored to visit your country with its ancient history dynamic people and thriving culture i also want to thank you and madam paying for a tour that was given to us yesterday of the very majestic forbidden city your people are proud of who they are and what they have built together and your people are also very proud of you. i want to congratulate you on the recent and very successful nineteenth party
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congress perhaps now more than ever we have in opportunity to strengthen the relationship between our two countries and improve the lives of our citizens as long as we stand together with others if necessary against those who threaten our civilization that threat will never happen it doesn't even have a chance as i said in my address yesterday and saw. the entire civilized world must unite to confront the north korean menace and the entire world is watching us right now today president xi we discussed our mutual commitment to the complete denuclearization of north korea . we agreed not to replicate failed approaches of the past
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and there were many we agreed on the need to fully implement all un security council resolutions on north korea and to increase economic pressure until north korea abandons its reckless and dangerous path all responsible nations must join together to stop arming and financing and even trading with the murderous north korean regime together we have in our power to finally liberate this region and the world. but it will require collective action collective strength and collective devotion to winning the peace in order to create a more secure future for all and to protect our citizens from extremism
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and terrorism president she and i also committed to working toward a peaceful future for afghanistan terrorists are a threat to all of humanity and we will stop radical islamic terrorism the united states and china also face many challenges within our borders every year drug trafficking destroys millions and millions of lives today president xi and i discuss ways we can enhance the well being nothing that a u.s. president donald trump speaking at reported in beijing where he's been very warmly received by the chinese president xi jinping let's let's listen in the new
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phenomena fenton all destroying lives by the millions. we're going to be focusing on it very strongly the president to myself in addition to improving the safety and security versus president she and i discussed improving our economic relationship we won a vibrant trade relationship with china. we also won a fair and reciprocal one. today i discussed with president xi the chronic imbalance in our relationship as it pertains to trade and the concrete steps that will jointly take to solve the problem of the massive trade distortion this includes addressing china's market access restrictions and technology transfer requirements which prevent american companies
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from being able to fairly compete within china the united states is committed to protecting the intellectual property of our companies and providing a level playing field for our workers at the same time our relationship with you and china is a very important one to me and to all of the people of our country and just by looking at the tremendous incredible job producing agreements just signed by those major companies we're off to a very very good start as part of our commitment to regional stability and peace the united states also continues to advocate for reforms that advance economic freedom individual rights and the rule of law. the united states working with china and other regional partners has an incredible opportunity to advance the
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cause of peace security and prosperity all across the world it's a very special time and we do indeed have that very very special opportunity a great responsibility has been placed on our shoulders president it's truly a great responsibility and i hope we can rise to the occasion and help our countries and our citizens reach their highest destinies and their fullest potential. i want to thank you again your a very special man for your gracious hospitality i send my warmest regards to your citizens i honor their heritage and celebrate their great great possibilities and potential for the future in the coming months and years i look forward to building an even stronger relationship between our two countries china
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and the united states of america and even closer friendships and relationships between the people. of our country. mr president thank you very much. thank. you. so we've been listening there to u.s. president donald trump addressing journalists addressing the press after meeting with the chinese president xi jinping on president trump the second day of hers in china on his twelve day asia tour let's go to our correspondent step vasant she's joining us live from beijing and she's also been listening listening and incredibly warm words especially from president trump about xi jinping about his hosts china warm words from xi jinping but donald trump really went into
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a lot more detail than president xi did did and he stepped on particular issues that are top of the agenda on this visit north korea calling kim jong un's regime a murderous man and also about trade and what he would like to see from from china . yes exactly of course north korea was very high on the agenda and although president xi jinping said that the actually urges everyone to implementing a u.n. resolution that has been adopted last month against north korea he actually didn't go into any detail of what china will do to do its part because of course donald trump been urging china to do more to cut off the trade relationship with north korea and also put a lot more restrictions and also he said that again also during this press conference he said you should stop financing and trading with north korea and there
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was no detailed response from president xi on that particular issue there was a lot more on trade though because the united states and china have actually signed an amazing amount of trade deals of two hundred fifty billion u.s. dollars and of course that could be seen as a sort of trade off on the north korea issue which is a lot more difficult to solve here in china because china of course is very worried about the region him a collapse of north korea and what the consequences could be here in china so there has been this signing of a lot of trade deals to maybe compensate for this donald trump also in a in a business summit which was held before this press conference mention again there the relationship with china has not been fear and there needs to be something done about it is the intellectual property theft should be dealt with technology
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transfers have to be improved businesses should be done should be accepted and get more and transfer into china all these things should be done but then he said i don't blame china for this very interestingly he said i can't blame a country who's taking benefit of the mistakes basically of another country said it was my breeder sas first serve. who have made this relationship with china. so gone so wrong and so one sided so we basically were flattering president putin even when he was criticizing him yeah and indeed calling him a very special man step back you very much for that for now that step off and joining us live from beijing still ahead we have much more still ahead after a quick break. how i think we could see more heavy rain coming into northern parts of the middle
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east over the next couple days still a fair amount of cloud just talking out of turkey over towards the caspian sea so northern sections of iraq but in areas of iran seeing some rather heavy rain from time to time south of that germany five and dry little area clout there into work you wait so that might just squeeze out a few spots of right as we go through the next day or so sprouting up as we go on into friday little more cloud sliding over towards pakistan towards afghanistan kabul with a high of around ninety degrees the temperature starting to fall back there then just falling back to across europe and potentially here in doha it will more than around thirty two celsius similar values for abu dhabi and also for riyadh little bit of cloud into southern parts of oman and that will just linger here as you go on through friday maybe just pushing into the gulf of aden by this date similar values the low thirty's once again for many parts of the region so that's the case here in doha there is a low thirty's once again into parts of southern africa socrates around thirty two
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degrees a little more cloud there into southern areas of south africa the southern cape the eastern cape seeing some bits and pieces of cloud and right that rain popping up for many of friday. everything you do is being analyzed it's being weighed and it's being measured that's why doesn't say that six hour they attack us to do things in secret that are unlawful or politically embarrassing all of the colleagues that i knew chose to retire from the n.s.a. we could not stand by and see all the work that they had done being used for mass surveillance digital dissidents at this time on al-jazeera.
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good to have you with us on al-jazeera this is our top story u.s. president donald trump says he and his chinese counterpart believe there is a solution to the north korea crisis trump called on china to apply more pressure on pyongyang of its nuclear weapons program but had knowledge that there is common ground on how to deal with the crisis we agreed on the need to fully implement all u.n. security council resolutions or north korea and joy increase economic pressure until north korea abandons its reckless and dangerous path. all responsible nations must join together to stop arming and financing
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and even trading with. the murder is north korean regime. let's get more on this now we're joined by david kelley research director at china policy a beijing based research and advisory company and he's joining us live from thence to cali always good to have you with us on al-jazeera one of course get to the the subject of north korea in just a moment but firstly what do you make of the incredibly warm words both presidents have had for each other the lavish that the lavish welcome that president trump has received well it is has it is a very interesting reception and it's going very well i think according to the timetabling and the scheduling the commentary that we noticed which is most interesting coming out of it a tauriel seen the chinese media in the last twenty four hours is this is the best
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reception that mr trump is going to get in asia and they invited him to. this reception as more important than the reception he received in tokyo and seoul . and that that we see there that giving him a good reception is an absolute top priority and why is that i mean what does china want from all of this i guess flatteries it once so a number of things that we won't see. in full view immediately they the big numbers of in the trade deals. where predicted the unknown before. they are easier to realize then the strategic outcomes one of the strategic things that china wants is recognition as a major power and this is something that the obama administration was very
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reluctant to put into any kind of verbal form. the secretary of state of the united states has already used this language that china is a major power and mr trump sees no problem with using this language so in that sense he doesn't worry about the the diplomatic downstream of that which the old state department was worried about what is the diplomatic downstream of that because we're hearing you know an incredibly warm words about the president and china from donald trump cypher. well i haven't yet heard him say major power but one of the the things that was discussed in the u.s. think tanks and so on was that this is giving a verbal. cover to china's decision on the south china
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sea last year and the u.s. as still. i would say holding out on that and it still has not. said that it will carry out no more freedom of navigation operations and interesting that we haven't actually heard the south china sea issue come up recently at all i just want to ask one last question about north korea because that is of course top of the agenda and it has been discussed trump says that there is a solution but can they are the common do you think their differences on how they view china you know we even heard it in both their addresses just now america wants a lot more course of pressure on pyongyang where we heard from president xi that denuclearization has to be done through dialogue yes this has been a sticking point this is actually
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a major gap in the diplomatic dialogue china has for a long time actually said that the north korea pardon me. the problem was caused by the united states within china it is believed that it's american belligerence and cold war mentality and so forth that is the cause the us on the other hand believes that north korea is being held up in the water so to speak by by beijing both of these beliefs. are kind of convenient mythology and they the nature the ability of these two to deal on this subject has has called for compromises on both sides i think it's well understood in china sorry in china yes that. the the there is now a need to talk to the us and this breaks all patent. to undertake this kind
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of forward planning contingency planning with the united states and on the united states part they realize that. china probably cannot deliver what was formally believe that they cannot deliver control over north korea they do not control north korea so perhaps more understanding on both sides then mr kelly will have to leave it for now but we thank you very much for your time as always david kelly joining us live from beijing thank you. back to some of our other stories now the un's humanitarian chief says warning of the worst famine the world has seen in decades unless the saudi led coalition allows aid into yemen fuel and food prices have skyrocketed since saturday when the blockade was tightened it is a stark warning from the u.n. official bizarre diplomatic editor james bays reports the security council has struck a different time. after three days of quiet diplomacy with saudi arabia the un is
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now changing course laying out the dire scenario if the blockade of yemen isn't lifted. there will be a famine in yemen. it will not be like the famine that we saw in south sudan earlier in the year where tens of thousands of people are affected it will not be like the famine which cost two hundred fifty thousand people their lives in somalia in twenty eleven. it will be the largest famine the world has seen for many decades with millions of victims. the response from the security council seemed very guarded the current president the italian ambassador read out a statement strongly condemning the missile fired by the who fears but barely mentioning the country responsible for the blockade you have strongly condemned the
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missile by the who think he's given mr local tax dire warning isn't it now time to strongly condemn the country that is blockading yemen not allowing the humanitarian aid in saudi arabia. the focus by u.s.g. lock was absolutely on the humanitarian aspects of the conflict we also know that any and all military escalation or military attack is heading back on the humanitarian situation so of course this is why we have decided to issue these breath elements. the u.n. says yemen is the worst humanitarian disaster in the world after years of conflict and an epidemic of cholera people in who data the port where aid food and medicine should be flowing into the country of a sense of despair. people have no jobs no life and the world is almost at a standstill almost finished insult to injury they closed down the port
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a sad case that the price of a bag of flour was seven thousand reales it's now eight and a half thousand reales beans are now the price of a chicken welcome we do make god help us mr local comments from this podium brought some of that reality from yemen to the security council but for now they've responded with very carefully chosen words rather than any concrete action james pays out jazeera at the united nations. iran's president hassan rouhani is warning saudi arabia that it will achieve nothing by threatening his country the slaters in the escalating war was between tehran and the other this time over lebanon they are the lebanese group hezbollah which is backed by iran has committed acts of aggression against it iran says sell the force the resignation of the lebanese prime minister. mandatory i've never seen in history so far a situation whereby a country interfered with the affairs of another country like this bringing on his
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soil a leader from another country and keeping him of course we do not know whether he has stayed willingly or whether they kept him against his will but they forced him to resign and told him what to say this action is on preset entered in the history of our region so his army as well as militia from iraq have encircled and entered the eisel control town of. it's located on syria's border with iraq and is isis last urban area and the region this video released by far the syrian government media show is fighting in the surrounding area on saturday. the international criminal court wants libya's renegade general highly for half that to hand over one of his top commanders to face war crimes charges mom of the red follies accused of being responsible for the executions of thirty three people between march and july the cea i.c.c. prosecutor fattal been through the has asked the un security council to support her demand and send a warning to libyan war criminals that they are not beyond the reach of law the
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u.k.'s international development secretary prithee patel has resigned after it was revealed she failed to disclose meetings with israeli officials while on holiday but hale said her actions have fallen below the high standards expected of her position she is the second minister to quit and this week. barack obama returned to his hometown chicago on wednesday for a civic obligation jury duty for the two term us president was assigned to a case that wasn't cauldron and was dismissed for the day less than two hours after turning up is not the first former president to be called to serve george w. bush and bill clinton have both reported for duty in the past and they weren't picked for any actual juries either a reminder now that you can always keep up to date with all the news on our web site that said al jazeera dot com.
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and again i will of the problem and oh how the headlines on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump says he and his chinese counterpart believe there is a solution to the north korean crisis trump called on china to put more pressure on pyongyang over its nuclear weapons program but he acknowledged that there is common ground on how to deal with the crisis we agreed on the need to fully implement all u.n. security council resolutions. well north korea and to increase economic pressure until north korea abandons its reckless and dangerous path. all responsible nations must join together in stop arming and financing and even trading with. the murderous north korean regime earlier the two leaders announced two hundred fifty three billion dollars in
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business deals between u.s. and chinese companies trump said the u.s. deficit with china was one sided and unfair and valid to fix it the un has warned the saudi led coalition that it will cause the world's worst famine in decades unless it lifts a blockade on yemen fuel and food prices have skyrocketed since saudi stopped imports iran's president is warning saudi arabia will achieve nothing by threatening his country hasan rouhani has accused the riyadh of meddling in other country's affairs and clouding the resignation of lebanese prime minister solve her d.d. the u.k.'s international development secretary prithee patel has resigned after it was revealed she failed to disclose and make friends with israeli officials while on holiday but tale said her actions have fallen below the high standards expected of her position she's the second minister to quit this week. so his army as well as iraqi militia have encircled and entered the eisel controlled town of alba comma
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it's located on syria's border with iraq as isis last urban area and the region this video released by police serbian government media shows fighting in the surrounding area on saturday those are the headlines on al-jazeera do stay with us what this is coming up next. provoking debate challenging the established line every single one of the three and a half thousand people who was killed with a drug dealer yes join mehdi has sound for up front at this time on al-jazeera.


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