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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 10, 2017 12:00am-1:01am AST

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everyone i've learned a warm welcome to this news hour live from london coming up in the next sixty minutes concern continues for lebanon's prime minister as saudi arabia and kuwait tell their citizens to leave the country immediately leaks e-mails from the u.a.e. ambassador to the u.s. allegedly show a plan to destroy katter's economy. the syrian army says it's now in control of one of the last remaining pockets of territory held by isis. and harare's international airport reason remained after president mugabe supporters say it honors a war hero the opposition says it's an insult. and forest will have all the latest sport news including a final line teams to qualify for russia's world cup will be decided over the next
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week. aloe saudi arabia and kuwait have joined bahrain and the u.a.e. ordering their citizens to leave lebanon it comes amid heightened tensions with the lebanese group has been law and it's back in iran and there are questions over the whereabouts of prime minister side hariri aris political party is demanding he return to beirut five days after him in riyadh but he was stepping down aris office says he's still in the saudi capital and denies he's being held there against his will. now that you see. the return of prime minister saad hariri head of the future movement is necessary in order to restore the internal and external balance of lebanon with full respect eliminates the gitting mysie in accordance to the constitution and to the thai if accord and with respect to the arab and international legitimacy we confirm our support for prime minister saad hariri and
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for all the decisions he makes under any circumstances. this update from beirut. the political party of saddle how do you say that it is necessary that the prime minister immediately returns to lebanon saying that this is of course necessary to restore stability in the country the political party in that statement stopping short of actually saying that they believe that the prime minister is detained that he is being held against his will in fact we called how do these office to ask them whether or not they believed this was the case and the response we got was we have no information so the political party saying he must return immediately there is throughout the day we have what we understand even the president of the speaker of parliament they are concerned they are worried about the well being of saddle how d.d. and they've been in contact with foreign dignitaries to try to help them understand
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you know the fate of the he made a sudden announcement that he was resigning on saturday from riyadh and ever since he's made no other statement we've seen him yes in abu dhabi holding talks with the rulers there and the day before we saw him sitting with with the saudi king but we haven't heard from the prime minister himself so a lot of concern about the fate of saddam how did he at the same time saudi arabia calling on its citizens to immediately leave lebanon on statements like this undoubtedly is just going to cause even more tension saudi arabia making it very clear that it intends to step up action against lebanon or against those who who support hezbollah in lebanon the saudi state minister for gulf affairs actually tweeting and saying that expect escalatory measures but they're not saying what measures they're going to take against lebanon it has to be made clear that the saudi the resignation of saddam had it was a saudi move against hezbollah and saudi officials have made it very clear to
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lebanese officials either you curb hezbollah's influence and you are on our side or you will be considered an enemy so very uncertain times in lebanon. or france's president says he will discuss hariri with the saudi crown prince during a last minute visit to riyadh speaking in dubai emmanuel markham was asked about his contacts with hariri and whether the lebanese prime minister might be heading for france back to inform and it says that we've had some informal contact which doesn't give me anything so officially regarding this today all accounts says we did not receive any such request. iraq's foreign minister is appealing against any escalation of violence in the region speaking to al jazeera abraham al jaafari warned it would be impossible to contain fighting to a single area or group of movement if a war erupts in any place the rest of us will be affected with weapons which travel across continents and not just cities or countries you can start
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a war but you cannot end it if a war starts you cannot limit the losing parties it will reach the rest of more on the story let's speak now the hand of god are in washington d.c. she's a veteran lebanese journalist and a friedman visiting fellow at the washington institute thanks so much for being with us on the program was still of course waiting to hear more from hariri himself how mike lee is it do you think that he is under the control of the saudis. we can't say for sure until this moment that he is under the control of the saudis or whether he's under house arrest or not we know that he resigned from very odd and this. was a very interesting contacts so which does us that this is a saudi decision and has nothing to do with internal lebanese politics so this is what we know for now we know that he left and he went to hain and. yesterday and this is means that he's not really like having their house arrest but it doesn't mean also they scumming back to lebanon no one can tell no one could tell at this
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point at all but we the context of the whole thing means also that it's definitely an action that action by the saudi arabia to iran and hezbollah in lebanon or with secretary having quit to is now governing lebanon how deep a crisis is this right now for bericht. well before how do yours as ignition is not like after heavy years and as a nation we know also even when how do you know us the prime minister and residing in lebanon on the main governor of lebanon on the main king of lebanon was hezbollah it was never really comp or comprehensive government was not really the way it is supposed to be a national unity government has been has been and still is the kingmaker of of lebanon how do you see resignation obviously it took hezbollah by surprise and this is something that they would have to deal with it's very clear saudi message to
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hezbollah and lebanon that op and levanon to the region of confrontation between saudi arabia and iran this means that hezbollah will have to deal with this whether either constitutionally and work with the president and other actors in lebanon to come up with a new prime minister it's so far they're not doing that they're not accepting how do yours as a nation they consider him under house arrest how this is going to develop it depends on what's going to happen next by the way it looks if this is not followed up with a practical practical steps to safe save lebanon the security of lebanon the economy of lebanon at the end of the day it would be chaos it would be void and we know that hezbollah has always benefited from void and chaos and maybe lebanon state institutions will be harmed by this lebanon as a whole will be harmed by this as well as its own economy has its own state has its own entity so eventually this is not going to harm hezbollah itself as
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a step unless it's followed up with a plan a strategy for lebanon where there is there is there although many people who have see is all the new armed conflicts in the region how justified all those is do you think. an armed conflict in the region at this point it's definitely there's an escalation with yemen there's an escalation in iraq it's looks more like a political process in syria mungo but nobody knows how this is going to develop lebanon is open to this escalation as well i doubt this is going to be part of a war in lebanon or a confrontation in lebanon like yemen or syria because the question is like cody is going to go for this war a war against hezbollah and lebanon today is not just a war against hezbollah and lebanon today it's a war against iran and the region because hezbollah is no longer eleven years party it's a regional militia that works under it on force and any war against hezbollah is
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a war in the region is a war against iran horse is a war against the two hundred thousand. person fighting under iran in the region and this is why everyone would have to consider this in it in terms of there's any any war with hezbollah because you would be up in ing this war to a regional war so i'm not sure anyone can do this alone who is going to do this i don't think any country alone can go for a war against hezbollah that is iran in that region unless everyone is on board including the united states and so far i don't feel that the united states is on board for a military action against hezbollah and syria or the region as a whole so this is why i don't think this is this is an option i see it more as a war if they cannot make war against against lebanon this is more plausible at this point with sanctions coming from the u.s. with more sanctions coming from saudi arabia and the gulf with maybe a more economic blockade on lebanon this is this is something that looks more
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plausible there are a lot of signs that related more to an economic war a diplomatic war but a military action in the region at this point it's much too complicated it's a way to right you kate it found out how to appreciate your analysis of the situation in lebanon right now thank you. well saudi arabia's attorney general says it's now question two hundred eight people is fast of what it's calling an anti corruption crackdown he says the investigation has uncovered around one hundred billion dollars worth of fraud royal family members officials and prominent business men are among those being held in a luxury hotel in the capital riyadh critics say crown prince mohammed bin salamanders leading the crackdown in an effort to consolidate his power the whistleblower group global leaks has released what appears to be a plan by the united arab emirates to destroy katter's economy and eventually jeopardize the hosting of the twenty twenty two world cup the plan was founded a hax email account of the u.a.e.
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ambassador to the united states use of al attire global leagues handed over the files to the online news outlets the intercepts and as there is unofficial reports from washington d.c. . you use colorful and controversial ambassador to the u.s. use of allah tiber has been at the center of leak controversies in the past in recent months it was claimed the u.a.e. paid influential think tanks to back their worldview in washington according to a series of leaked emails now it's alleged an elaborate overly ambitious plan to wage financial and economic war in qatar through bond and debt manipulation has reportedly been found on his computer according to the website the intercept they would then take these these bonds according to the plan and swap them back and forth among parties who from the outside look like they're independent but are actually the same people as like me and you're trading a bond back and forth and that creates an illusion of volatility and with people aware that there is this political crisis going on then they plan as they see this
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enhanced volatility and traders start to panic and say oh my god something must be going on here we need to sell our own our own could tare debt which drives the price down further the outline for the plan was allegedly drawn up by the private bank of a land although it's based in luxembourg it's owned by a british banking family with close ties to the u.a.e. the ultimate goal create a crisis which would force the qataris to step in to support their currency draining the country's cash reserves through these leaks the narrative in washington has changed from what was considered primarily to be. a response of qatari foreign policy to now a manufactured crisis by the other party to the conflict the u.a.e. and saudi arabia lead a group of mainly gulf nations which have imposed a partial blockade and cut off diplomatic relations to qatar international efforts to broker a settlement have come to nothing the scheme to interfere with the debt and bond
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market was always unlikely to succeed there are just too many variables but now it's been made public the financial markets will be watching more closely for any attempted manipulation alan fischer. al jazeera washington well it might help is director of research and analysis at the arabs and so on he joins us live from washington d.c. thanks for being with us on the program i guess first of all let's get your reaction to the idea that the u.a.e. might have been trying to wreck chances economy. well you know thanks for having me on i don't think the u.a.e. is. that dangerous honestly to be at the top of the economy as far as from from what what i read from the. leaked e-mails it's not necessarily a very good plan to affect any country's economy on the other hand if the u.a.e. does do that and does succeed i don't i don't think that but that will be the only
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one suffering from a campaign like this i think the gulf economy the international economy will also suffer as well you know it's extraordinary there have been leaks from this particular ambassador's e-mail account previously it does seem quite incredible that he had actually changed it from what we gather i mean called imagine the american city of happy knowing that his e-mails have been hacked once will. well you know it's the whole thing is strange. i mean you know since since last may since the end of last may the whole gulf crisis has been really something out of the ordinary something that can never be imagined to have had to have happened between sister countries sort of speak in the g.c.c. but the number less did happen. the the issue is here sometimes it's a it's always always question why is the u.a.e. number one leading this effort and number two why does it want to do with in the in
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the in the first place i mean that is not taken away anything from the u.a.e. that has not affected the u.a.e. economy in any way and as a matter of fact you know we're not there succeeds u.a.e. should succeed as well i just don't see it i think it's part of the whole overall hubris that is very very evident the new eve foreign policy and that hubris is not good for anybody least of all it's not good for the for for the u.a.e. we've talked about it for. al-jazeera but what is the future of the gulf cooperation council now five months into this particular crisis and no sign of it coming to an end looks like an impasse between kasa and saudi and its allies what can be the future of the g.c.c. . i i feel for the g.c.c. honestly i don't think there is any future considering how things are going now. the g.c.c. is it's
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a shame that the organisation of this nature would really go under in these circumstances and circumstances would warrant country decided to just you know hack the. information agency of another country it's a very very bad shame that this would happen to the g.c.c. but the way things are going today it's very very difficult to imagine how the g.c.c. can really put it back together. considering that the least real of its countries are not interested in it being carried a unified unit for the protection of the g.c. or for the protection of. the arabs of the gulf really appreciate your analysis joining us there from washington d.c. thank you. so has all the sound is there in the u.n. issues a stark warning for yemen seven million people face famine and a further twenty million are in desperate. i mean you main situation aid workers
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describe conditions inside australia's not us island detention center where deaths and illness are inevitable. that is what defined hong kong football fans but china's national anthem will have the details coming up a little later in the program. first the syrian army says it's now in control of the eastern city of albo after myself i says withdraw the border city was one of the last remaining pockets of territory and syria held by the group. of eight has more now on the turkish syrian border. these are syrian in iraq the fighters from iran backed shia militias celebrating the defeat of bison and. the city was the last urban stronghold on the syrian side of the self declared islamic state the syrian military claimed victory
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but with the acknowledgement of help from its partners the depleted army of president bashar al assad has only been able to make gains with military assistance from russia and iran that. units from syrian forces in cooperation with allies liberated the city of alba come out in the suburb of derry the last stronghold in the eastern region this strategic achievement is also a starting point for the elimination of the remaining terrorist organizations in all the different names throughout the country. i see videos and statements earlier denied the advances and reported fierce fighting but the stronghold its propaganda used to fighters with is gone. reports from the contested there are provinces just a few pockets of isis fighters remain on either side of the iraqi syrian border the fighting has destroyed many i think had cities and the real challenge will be to rehabilitate people we still do not have access to the city as
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u.n. . the main reason is that the place is peppered with unexploded. bombs explosives. the fight against isis in the urban centers may be over but the conflict in syria still continuing these are syrian democratic forces or as the f. backed by u.s. soldiers and support they're also making gains in that there are province on the eastern side of the euphrates river the defeat of i salute remove the common enemy and serious complex war president bashar al assad's government has promised that it will take back all territory that it once lost and that puts its iran and russia back fighters in militias on a confrontational par with u.s. and saudi backed fighters plan on the job or the other they are young. well ahead of the un humanitarian task force for syria is warning that hundreds of thousands of people near damascus are facing a complete catastrophe and says it's hard for international aid to reach those in
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need and while the situation is tough the syrians everywhere nowhere is as bad as east and on the outskirts of the capital this the center of suffering has four hundred thousand civilians. men women and children in a dozen beseeched towns and villages. since september it's been completely sealed off until september there was some access through with commercial and other traffic. now the only lifeline would be our convoys. so there is an accumulated number now of around four hundred. men women and children i would estimate maybe three quarters of them women and children that need to be evacuated now.
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the un and more than twenty eight agencies a warning that the saudi led coalition is tightening of the blockade on yemen could bring millions of people closer to starvation they're calling for the opening of all air and sea ports closed off to saturday's attempted missile attack on riyadh organizations including also say the children and islamic relief say that more than two thirds of yemen's twenty eight million people are reliance on imported supplies well then twenty million people need humanitarian assistance including seven million who are facing famine like conditions food supplies are expected to run out in six weeks and vaccines in just a month on the international committee of the red cross says it can bring in crawling topics to prevent cholera the number infected by the outbreak in yemen is expected to reach one million by the end of the year today marks the fifth day since the saudi led coalition has imposed a complete blockade on yemen since sunday the coalition has not facilitated any
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humanitarian movements into or out of yemen carrying relief items and aid workers are humanitarian colleagues tell us they've heard of health facilities shutting down because they cannot cover the increased fuel costs and water pumping stations have also been impacted so and seaports says abandoned while the crisis gets worst and anger grows in yemen. reports. at sanaa international airport an ominous silence terminals are as empty of people as runways are devoid of planes clear signs that the crisis in yemen is only growing more dire matata not the only son an international airport was completely brought to a halt by the warring coalition stateside that included preventing the u.n. airplanes humanitarian aid the red cross and doctors without borders and it. but
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airport officials aren't just angry with the parties to the conflict a compass to fat and m m m a to head to the united nations could have taken a brave and clear decisions to condemn the aggression the un could have compelled the belligerent states to allow at least humanitarian aid to arrive and to allow access to the injured casualties and humanitarian cases for its part the u.n. has warned that in yemen which is in the grips of a cholera epidemic that has seen more than nine hundred thousand suspected cases since april is also facing the world's worst famine crisis. one that could kill millions of people unless the saudi led military coalition ends its blockade and allows aid to flow into the country saudi arabia imposed a land and sea blockade in yemen after a ballistic missile was fired on saturday towards its capital riyadh since then it has only become more difficult for citizens to get their hands on vital commodities with prices of petrol and cooking oil rising drastically in the port city of her
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data humanitarian access was already difficult for aid agencies now it's only got worse than this and so far as closing down the ports and borders these are war crimes in the first degree at the u.n. office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs in sanaa officials are extremely concerned of what will happen if they can't continue to bring food into the country you know that yemen is the largest food insecurity could isis all over the world every month we feed seven million people these are people who depend completely on relief for their survival and we import these commodities the food to help these people which is why the longer yemen's air and sea ports sit empty the longer the suffering will continue. and. aid workers say hundreds of refugees left by the australian government at a disused naval base in papa new guinea are living in dire conditions they say the situation is so bad that many of them are likely to become ill or die in the coming
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days to shop reports. these pictures of conditions inside the prison camp on popular new guinea are the first to show how conditions have deteriorated since authorities officially shut it down the video sent by a refugee gives an indication of what life is like for the refugees now that the power and the water have been cut off course to turn it back on from a spiral way is the united nations have been ignored this is home for nearly six hundred men who came from war ravaged countries across asia and the middle east refugees from my mom afghanistan and iraq asylum seekers from iran and syria lanka their shared dream was to reach australia but this is where they've ended up. finding a squalid abandon naval base rainwater collected in rubbish bins because not that they're too nice and you know. they felt the place that these toilet default these
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toys are many problems that we've got you know because i. was flown to papua new guinea on a straight on air force transports cambra has steadfastly refused to accept anyone who tried to reach the country by boat for four years australia has paid papua new guinea to house the asylum seekers but the detention center was ordered shut up in new guinea supreme court ruled that it was unconstitutional to host such a camp but the man fearful of threats from local residents say they would prefer this existence and shelter in towns where they don't feel safe and aid workers have little faith in the military and police ability to protect them my fear is. in the six hundred men who refuse to look it might just. our government. force and the o.p.'s force i know.
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we all. know this is a problem aid workers believe the security forces plan to move the refugees out of the camp in the next few days by force if necessary be to shop al-jazeera ok so has all miss new staff i have great respect for you for the president trump changes his tune praising china talks in beijing despite his campaign rhetoric. new delhi announces plans to take heart the cars off its rights to tackle the toxic smoke smothering the city plus. i'm unwilling vin darren in the north of england exploring whether the color kit you wear in a range of sports difference to results some scientists are showing it can.
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how it's looking rather cool across a good part of europe over the next couple of days particularly western areas and that's because we have this line of cloud which is in the process sinking further south was a little introduce rather more the way of cloud rain and some lower temperatures look at every cloud that we have just around the western side of the mediterranean winds coming right house of parts of here twelve to thirteen degrees celsius there for london in paris seventy seven degrees there is here and that northerly actually feeding down across the valley erica towards that western side of the mediterranean and into the far north of africa irrationally there a bit of wet weather still in place into central parts into a good part of italy further east it is generally dry but again no great shakes on the temperatures this say ninety celsius there for athens in the cloud and the rain will make its way a little further research as we go on through sas day we'll see temperatures getting up to around ten celsius in kiev not bad at sixty degrees there for moscow
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meanwhile in london we're still holding on to around twelve degrees by sas the afternoon that area cloud of rain that sings is way down across a good part of france the low countries eighteen celsius there formatter it should be largely dry by this taper northern parts of africa still in the chance of seeing some wet weather for northern areas of algeria and to micio. head of the september twenty fourth national election survey showed germans a satisfied with the state of their economy this is easily a study his biggest tech success story the company was bought by microsoft in two thousand and eleven we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera the strength of al-jazeera is that because we have such an expensive nap or people would come to us and actually shared information with the al-jazeera team into the. short films of hope. and inspiration. a series of short possible
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stories that highlight the human triumph against the odds. i prepared for that four hundred people it was you know he had to be the. savior if that arco get fed up because if it everybody wants al-jazeera selects at this time. i welcome back and remind of the top stories hail on al-jazeera saudi arabia and kuwait have joined the u.a.e. in ordering their citizens to leave lebanon it's part of an escalating crisis that began with the shock was
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a nation of lebanese prime minister saad hariri. league's e-mails from the u.a.e. ambassador to the united states appear to show a plan by the united arab emirates to destroy qantas economy and jeopardize the twenty twenty two world cup whistleblower group global leaks handed over the files to the online news outlet the intercept. the syrian army says it's retaken the eastern city of alba from a laughter i saw fighters withdrew there was the armed groups last urban stronghold in the region. now spain's supreme court judge has ruled that the castle and parliament speaker can be released on bail of approximately one hundred seventy four thousand dollars the speaker a commie for could sell and five regional lawmakers testified on thursday on charges of sedition rebellion and misuse of public funds in connection to catalonia controversial secession bit the speaker will be held in custody until the bail is paid is take you live now to jonah hill he's in barcelona for us and give us the
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latest updates from those court hearings jonah. well felicity the the judge's decision just a short while ago made public there as you say karma for codell will be released once she is able to post bail a pretty large sum of bail nearly one hundred seventy five thousand dollars four of the other employees will be set free on twenty five thousand one thirty thousand dollars rather each of bail in the fifth and he will be set free on conditional release all pending an investigation that will lead presumably in the fullness of time to a trial on these charges of rebellion sedition and the misuse of public funds in the pursuit of independence which resulted in a declaration of independence on october the twenty seventh that by the way was an old by the constitutional court yesterday on wednesday so miss four codell and the other m.p.'s will in theory now be free to return to barcelona they'll have to make
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frequent visits to the court but they will be free to campaign for the election as you do on december twenty first an election imposed on catalonia by the government in madrid when it removed this region's autonomy so what impacts is all of this having been on catalonia is independence campaign is not completely over. well it's somewhat in abeyance probably at the moment pending the results of that election on december the twenty first and indeed the results of that election will weigh on madrid's decision whether or not to restore autonomy to catalonia until autonomy is restored or time to imagine how the independence movement can make any progress the election though is crucial this is all deeply demoralizing of course with the independence movement many of its leaders eight ministers of the former government here are in jail in madrid the independence parties themselves are split they've been able to an able to reach a coalition deal to campaign together in the hope of restoring regaining their
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parliamentary majority but at the same time it has to be said that as long as these ministers and everybody had thought that the speaker of parliament and some of these m.p.'s would join them in jail as well pending trial as long as these eight ministers remain in jail they are in effect political prisoners a pretty an edifying thing for a member of the european union to have to deal with and the potential will always be there that their presence in jail it's as a rallying cry a very potent symbol for independence and may indeed in that vote on the twenty first of december see an uptick of support at the polls china in barcelona thank you u.s. president donald trump says he's found common ground with china's leader over the crisis on the korean peninsula heap praise on xi jinping jaring a visit to beijing where the two signed multibillion dollar trade deals aaron brown in beijing has more on the lavish ceremony put on for the u.s.
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president. china's leaders know how to put on a good show and to make important visitors feel honored. the finally tonight welcoming ceremony was far more lavish than the one given president trump's pre-disaster president xi jinping has rolled out a very long red carpet for trump who ensured his tie was color coordinated. the two leaders talked for several hours later before the cameras trumpet player surprised his host by saying the u.s. trade deficit with china wasn't all china's fault and i have great respect for you for this because you're representing china but it's too bad that past administrations allowed it to get so far out of kilter they held a news conference without taking questions where trump again pressure over north korea all responsible nations must join together to stop arming and
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financing and even trading with the murderous north korean regime their statements offered more plaudits than substance trump said she was a special man and that is people were proud of him president she reiterated his call for diplomacy and not threats to resolve the crisis on the korean peninsula he said it was natural for the united states and china to disagree but they owed it to the world to work more closely. but i told president trump that the age of pacific is big enough and both the u.s. and china by side should increase communication and cooperation in regards to asia pacific issues they agreed to cooperate over combating drugs namely the chinese made chemicals blamed on the us opiates epidemic. many of the outcomes on thursday were prearranged two hundred fifty billion dollars worth of trade deals were
12:38 am
announced but their real substance still needs to be assessed those agreements though mean trump can show his supporters that he's making progress in reducing the trade deficit with china of leaving with clearly one president from to leave here. and they appear to have given him just enough to ensure that happens in return china's state controlled media so that it's time for the united states to treat china as an equal trump spin tweeting about his successes here which means he's been breaking chinese law because twitter is banned but on this occasion his hosts probably don't mind adrian brown al-jazeera beijing the u.s. treasury says it's sanctioning ten venezuelans including government officials and they follows the passing of a new law by venezuela's constituent assembly on wednesday which cracks down on media freedom the u.s. treasury secretary steven h. and says those being sanctioned are complicit in president nicolas maduro as
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attempts to quote undermine democracy the nation also says the individuals are satiated with media censorship and corruption in government administered food programs. the international criminal court in the hague has approved a request to investigate war crimes allegedly committed by the government of the room and its supporters the government is accused of launching a widespread and systematic attack against those who oppose the ruling party between twenty fifteen and october of this year the i.c.c. says enough evidence was presented to warrant an investigation including allegations of murder torture and rape and ice began in april twenty fifteen when president hear of currencies and alst he would seek a certain term in office. togo's opposition is holding its third and final day in a row of protests against the rule of president for. demonstrators according to constitutional reform and the introduction of two term limits for the president's.
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family has been in power for fifty years at least sixteen people have been killed more than two hundred others injured since the protests began in august with security forces accused of repressive practices. harare international airport has been renamed after zimbabwe's president robert mugabe comes as tension grows within his ruling party this week mugabe fired his long time ally the former vice president. to south africa critics accuse mcgarvey of trying to purge his rivals and treating the country like his own personal property arm a task that has more from harare. president robert mugabe supporters say they're honoring a great man who helped end white minority rule and gave land to blacks in bobbins that's why they've renamed harare's international airport to robert gabriel mugabe international airport but opposition leaders say this is an insult to zimbabweans.
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to capture important national christians. to be the vice president not only of the party but also of the of the states on monday the ninety three year old leader. one of his two deputies war veterans who for to liberate. to rule. his own personal property on the streets of harare people had this reaction to news of the change does not take this country making a big. dent. in his. ideas ninety's there. this guy on. the outskirts of zimbabwe is. it isn't what i.
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want the bobbins are also worried about the ailing economy zimbabwe's government is broke it's a shortage but the prices keep rising and the country is one of the highest unemployment rate in the world some people say renaming and upgrading the airport at a cost of one hundred and fifty three million dollars should not be. the cash government recently announced plans to build a one billion dollar university named after mugabe economists say the country can't afford it. al-jazeera. the u.s. isn't facing twenty years in prison in zimbabwe has been granted bail after a high court judge found an absence of fox moth o'donovan has been in jail since saturday facing charges officer version and insulting the president and twitter authorities say she called president mugabe a selfish and sick man in a tweet posted last month is the first arrest and president mugabe appointed a cybersecurity minister a move which has been criticised by x.
12:43 am
of us to talk social media the new york premiere of comedian louis c.k. his controversial new film i love you daddy has been canceled because of sexual misconduct allegations five women have told the new york times that the fifty year old acted sexually inappropriate play with them on a number of occasions we see kay is known for creating an emmy award winning t.v. series on the filming sold out shows for his stand up comedy his new film has the story of a t.v. producer who seventeen year old daughter falls in love with a sixty eight year old filmmaker. northern india and pakistan are in the grips of an pollution crisis weather conditions and fall fires have created a corridor or pollution banked up against the himalayas with nowhere to go india's capital new delhi has declared a pollution emergency it's already closed four thousand schools and from monday will ban cars from the roads on certain days charlotte ballasts reports.
12:44 am
more than four million children are on holiday in new delhi a move it's mean to protect them from dangerous levels of pollution the air quality in the indian capital sitting at forty times the world health organization safe limit doctors say it's the same as smoking fifty cigarettes a day. our school wasn't visible because of the smog and pollution so they closed our school for a few days. and they started watering and i was having problems breathing this is what new delhi's nineteen million people work up to on thursday it's supposed to be sunrise residents experience the same claustrophobic conditions last november every year at this time farmers burn their crops at the same time as heavy cold air pushes down from the himalayas it acts like a lid trapping the pollution between the ground and the cold air above us this
12:45 am
image from nasa shows what's called aerosol optical thickness the more orange the more pollution new delhi is the worst hit urban area but it spans the entire length of the himalayas including pakistan second biggest city law. the region's chief minister arvind kejriwal described new delhi as a guest chamber and blamed crop burning in other states but there is another big reason. you can see why markets turned all black with just one day's exposure to the roads. the government is bringing in a traffic. skiing from monday where private cars with even or odd number plates are allowed on the roads on alternate days your dog will be brought about by. pollution totally is dependent on the amount of traffic on the roads if there's not much traffic the pollution reduces doctors need levels to drop quickly this won't with patients suffering from breathing problems and allergies we know this is harmful.
12:46 am
and it is there and i have no option if i don't want to go all i may not drink because it's harmful pollution i can't run away i have to read a recent study found that pollution was linked to two point five million deaths in india and twenty fifteen and new delhi is its most polluted city charlotte dallas al-jazeera. still ahead on the al-jazeera news out scientists in the netherlands move towards a major breakthrough in the quest to end starvation in drought stricken countries. a blow for self driving technology as a shuttle bus is involved in an accident on it's very first day of service in las vegas. and the former heavyweight boxing champion mike tyson back in the news once again we'll tell you why in school. business update brought to you by chance are they always going places together.
12:47 am
business update brought to you by chance are they always going places together.
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again scientists in their evelyn say they're close to a breakthrough that would allow crops to be grown in deserts some say the development could completely also life on the african continent and even and hunger once they went to see what we can learn from dutch tomorrow. in this southern corner of the netherlands a grain of ember day looks like the last place you'd expect to see a revolution in food but in these vast greenhouses things are happening that could change lives half a world away usually it takes huge amounts of water to grow tomatoes but here they reduce it's a virtually nothing and they even grow the fruit in insulation material rather than
12:49 am
soil we use only rainwater and recycled water. and you can do this with any vegetable. you can. it can be a solution to to bring feet food into other places in the world where there's a problem that. the tiny netherlands is already the world's largest exporter of tomatoes this though has now. not for western supermarkets but for the world's hungry while they're on to here is regarded as really exciting because if you can grow vegetables with no soil and with almost no water then you can grow them anywhere you can grow them in the deserts or where there's been drought and so there's a growing realisation that this technology could be used to fight famine the combination of population growth and climate change are making a terrible situation in parts of the world even worse and deserts if occasion that i grew cultural land is turning many refugees. at this leading university to
12:50 am
finding yet more radical solutions like extracting the bacteria from plants which can cope in the deserts and putting them into crops incredibly the scientists believe the deserts of the world are a huge agricultural opportunity i think they're two years away from planting crops in the sand that this tomato and i thought potato we are working on this well sort of brought if we come to barley. it's a very close relative of wheat and then we have been talking about major crops of. this is that you can grow under such harsh conditions also in that area the message here to western politicians is that climate change is an integra parts of the refugee crisis and offering solutions has benefits everywhere if we don't solve the problems over there then people will migrate to other places and they will look for food in europe and we know that again and migration is
12:51 am
a great problem so in my opinion we need to improve the situation in africa. and to . improve the life of people in africa there's often a feeling that trying to help the world's hungry is pointless and the problems will never end but here there is proof that even climate change can be beaten by science for the politicians of the rich countries it is becoming possible to effect incredible change if they really want to lawrence the al-jazeera in the netherlands or for the discourse his foreign. policy thank you so much to start with the world cup playoffs in croatia have taken a huge step towards qualifying for russia twenty eight team they beat greece four won the hose dominated the mansion's are grabbed captain luca moderate open the scoring with a penalty in each pairs each and karam each all got on the scoresheet as well greece now have a lot to do to make to their third successive finals. and there's these other playoff northern ireland's hopes of reaching their first world cup since one
12:52 am
thousand nine hundred six have suffered a huge blow they were beaten one no by sports by switzerland in belfast ricardo rodriguez with the penalty. there are eight teams left in europe only four will make it to russia twenty after these two legged play off of northern ireland second leg with switzerland will be played on sunday croatia have won all four of their previous playoff ties well take a three goal advantage to greece and the other match on sunday italy is missing out on a world cup for the first time since one nine hundred fifty eight their play off is against sweden the first leg is on friday on saturday denmark are at home for the first like against the republic of ireland who have been featured on football's biggest stage since two thousand and two football fans in hong kong defied a chinese law by booing the national anthem during a friendly against bahrain. supporters loudly jeered at the start of the match the move was in direct defiance of beijing who said anyone
12:53 am
disrespecting the song in public could face criminal punishments of up to three years there have been increasing tensions between mainland china and the semi autonomous former british colony where pro-democracy activists say beijing is tightening its grip was houghton may have won the formula one world title but the mercedes driver has no plans to let up at the brazilian grand prix it will be the first race for hamilton since winning his fourth world championship crown yeah but if he feels good walking into the paddock as a wheelchair if you. are good yeah but if it is the first time so it really does it's i don't know what it just feels so fresh and new and. yeah it was great but the england rugby team will be hoping to slip under the radar when they play argentina on saturday they'll be wearing a dark grey kit manufacturers claim will help to camouflage them. reports on
12:54 am
whether a kid's color really can make a difference. now you see them now you don't yes it's hard to miss giant rugby players but the england team don't want opponents argentina to see them clearly in their match on saturday their dog like it for the game has been specially designed as an attempt to blend in stealth mode. come a color and design of kit really make a difference. in darwin north east england robert barton and fellow scientists russell hill showed statistically cats in many species of monkeys and the color red is used in miles to display dominance and aggression and we wondered rather speculative like whether it could possibly be the case that red has similar psychological consequences contest between humans as it does in the contest between same male monkeys using fifty years of english football data they found teams in
12:55 am
red did perform better on average in late positions they also looked into four limpid combat sports in the two thousand and four guides and found the competitor wearing red one between fifty five and sixty percent of ballots. sometimes when you're watching any sports it really does feel. like a difference a psychological as well as the visual the losers in the all blacks have a bit of an extra advantage on top of being the best because of that famous jersey the brazilian football when they switched to avoid. quite successfully for many decades and they've got tiger woods always wearing a red shirt on the final day when he might his push for. a bad kid can sometimes be blind for a bad performance for example i'll expose an older used manchester united team to change the good premier league match against southampton this is where we study professor a new home but explores color recognition at newcastle university is not just
12:56 am
easier on the i it's also how it makes you feel so light and colors not only give you a visual signal they also affect how you feel. your emotions and it might make your competitors feel a certain way to. do the boxes back at darren university have a preference if you. have a choice to make a difference here with the limits of the. time it's it's psychological it's. the verge on england's rugby kit is designed to fight to grow but when i slip ons of the right on the green grass of twickenham lee wellings al-jazeera dar former boxing heavyweight champion mike tyson was put on a flight back to the us after chilean authorities denied him entry because of his criminal record the american was blocked by the police from entering the south american country after failing to comply with immigration laws in one thousand nine
12:57 am
hundred tyson was convicted of rape and served three of a six year jail sentence for the crime. and that's all your sport for now it's now back to london i guess are now a self driving shuttle buses got involved in an accident on his very first day of service in the u.s. state of nevada the vehicle which was carrying several passengers was hit by a lorry driving slowly in the city of las vegas no one was injured city officials are blaming the lorry driver the failing to give way the truck was backing up and. at his angle and it's like a forty five degree angle while he is like trying to back into the alleyway he just couldn't see he just couldn't see the shuttle and the shuttle didn't have the ability to move back either like the shuttle just stayed still and this is another argument for why promise acknowledge is so important because it needs to be able to look at how humans make decisions and in this case perform the way it was designed unfortunately the truck driver. to the shuttle. bay where the opening ceremony for
12:58 am
the first louvre museum outside from is taking place the new billion dollar building was unveiled by the french president. and it's taken a decade to construct and holds six hundred permanent all works and three hundred loaned from france and union for boasts a decorated dome designed to allow the desert sun to filter through inside. and that's a great waste and this new. join us again though in a couple of minutes time. with you.
12:59 am
it's the end of the breeding season as we take a ferry through the straits of magellan to island today the island is a penguin colony sanctuary with access to tourists accompanied by foot nine descend penguin expert cloud able boy we learned the penguin colonies in south america are under threat climate change is one reason it is well documented that changing rain patterns or spend was to abandon flooded nests warmer ocean temperatures have
1:00 am
diminished the quantity and quality of fish for the penguins who was swim further and further away to feed their young overfishing and ocean contamination especially plastics are also killing penguins to be a child is to be innocent and caffrey but it comes to an abrupt end with the burden of younger children. with a mother behind bars for siblings must spend for each other and decide whether to stick together. with the family in the hope of a chance across the us mexico border the other side of the border a witness documentary at this time is there a. concern continues for lebanon's prime minister a saudi arabia and kuwait tell their.


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