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tv   Sperm Smugglers  Al Jazeera  November 10, 2017 9:00am-10:01am AST

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now you see. where every. a mass exodus hundreds of thousands of have fled ethnic cleansing in mean march for bangladesh one of the world's poorest countries when used investigates what their future holds at this time on al-jazeera. you're watching officer i'm still robin these are our top stories the u.s. president donald trump has arrived in vietnam for meetings set to be dominated by
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trade in the asia pacific region more than half of a pick members are trying to sign the deal that trump has withdrawn the u.s. from china is also pushing to form a competing trade bloc in the region to contrast to trump's pursuit of bilateral deals while wayne hay joins me now from denying the u.s. president has arrived and really all eyes on who he's going to speak to in those bilateral talks. that's exactly right so air force one touching down a dining international airport about thirty minutes ago and the arrival of donald trump is now being followed by the arrival of his chinese counterpart xi jinping so they're arriving at da nang about thirty minutes apart from one another of course fresh from their bilateral meetings held over the last couple of days in the chinese capital beijing both of those leaders will now head to a summit of a pic chief executives where they will make. speeches separate speeches the u.s.
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president expected to begin speaking to those a big c.e.o.'s in the next few minutes a lot of speculation to around a possible meeting between donald trump and the russian president vladimir putin who arrived early on friday morning a lot of interest in there obviously given the allegations of russian meddling in the united states presidential election the kremlin has said that the meeting is taking place that a time and a location has been confirmed but on the united states side there has been no confirmation of that meeting supposedly to be held on the sidelines of a pick well for the moment where we'll leave it there and continue to follow vents with you throughout the day thank you. donald trump is jew in the philippines on thursday but his visit isn't being welcomed by everyone. hundreds of protesting on the street solved when they were there accusing trump of promoting imperialism and destabilizing the region the u.s.
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president as to attend the r.c.l. summit and hold meetings with the philippine president rodriguez deter. kuwait has joined bahrain and the u.a.e. and urging its citizens to leave lebanon and it comes amid heightened tensions with the lebanese group hezbollah and its backer iran former prime minister saad hariri stepped down on saturday and his office says he's still in the saudi capital and denies reports that he's being held there against his will. now that you look at any the return of prime minister saad hariri head of the future movement is necessary in order to restore the internal and external balance of lebanon with full respect to liberties the gitting mysie in accordance to the constitution and to the tie if accord and with respect to the arab and international legitimacy we confirm our support for prime minister saad hariri and for all the decisions he makes under any circumstances so be as attorney general says it's no question two
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hundred eight people as part of what it calls an anti corruption crackdown he says the investigation has uncovered around one hundred billion dollars worth of fraud all family members officials and prominent business men are among those being held in a luxury hotel in the capital riyadh critics say crown prince mohammed bin so the man is leading the crackdown in an effort to consolidate his power the whistleblower group of global leaks has released what appears to be a plan by the united arab emirates to destabilize cat ours economy and eventually jeopardize its hosting of the twenty twenty two football world cup the plan was found in a hacked e-mail belonging to the amorality ambassador to the us use of. spain's supreme court has set bail for catalonia as former parliamentary speaker karmi for goodell will be freed want cheapos one hundred seventy five thousand dollars earlier five other sacked politicians were released they will face charges of rebellion and sedition the international criminal court in the hague has approved
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a request to investigate war crimes allegedly committed by the government of burundi and its supporters it's less than a month since the east african nation quit the court the government is accused of the murder torture and rape of opposition groups opposing a third term of president pierre long because these are those where the headlines and back in half an hour do stay with us.
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army and a lot of the of my hoss and if you've been one of them the unit you're home on and one of. the panel in the saw. and then some infamously they fell off them enough so you're talking through the metal here if you. can before me i think. this is war and i want to. know it all on them as i would imagine. so how do you handle it because. it is so i really knew it was a world where i'm going to you will see italy i'm your problem now. is that it can't be that difficult and with an answer get nothing you can understand as i would neither will i might have a gun and ammo. and the hole in life the stumbling and mamma said in effect at the end. of the evening and in the morning while
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one month i had the seven lower than. double so i could have is big enough. to hug when it has had as good news. we were little and i me a little but it did add. up with a newcomer who has so little of. a look unlimited and if you don't want to do you know an abusive father in his old result of a man must live a single man at the nick where time without an arm of time money and will come a little girl it's only a combination lump of a thought on but i'm from mobile like any other to know more than most what is it wanted them so little bit but i think i have a little walk us what i do much more to models and get their places and i. like normandy than that or what kind of the day in a few of us that we feel sleepy any beach man and
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a sufi that will be nice but we're getting our marshal lives ahead of them out of. business if you look at that it's because there are seventeen posters here in this that's made only the color sort of the mode you would then know bad talk a misnomer since anyone can model you can a model you can are model you can you will have a little by looking at this is that no one had not looked the other see it said. the only good robert h. d. you look too busy. for a multitude. of them a bit of the manner that they had us here in the north has been a plenty of them on earth and no ailment. although to me. that there's not even a manual that hammers them on like an impermeable konar as. well as older. one of which is the op with
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i'm in i would imagine the fuck up we had a time when our father has appeared again after dark and you know i've been sick about you that location in the us a lot but on a new national. there are no more there for him but a lot of the fact that it. is only that he was popular at abortion just to marry you know when you needed money and i would much rather than a young stud up this way and to enjoy all that in a museum and to shut the fuck home the young white handed out a bill and i mean i knew this a little looser and those you had to deal with when would have been no show him a d.c. in a layer how modocs that idolizes then you can also measure me a fan of what are you than. any government to him but i'm a war. public opinion and how your little world of the world and also wrong i'm sure all been told much of the is over the hammer and much mark williams said
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a mother then sends one of the unicorn. or purcell in my. last book most of them from a more profound i've seen. a lot of called that in the nickel and in the radio in the country if i shut my truck i. mean there's a hard luck in the loss of home a lot. well and highly appealing time beloved from the love boat in the law to bill i mean is the problem called that in that it's a bit natural for. us . to tell you that you. should move you to hear the deal about the elephant i sent him to marriage will. persist. because i'm up close. so my
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wife felt sorry for. myself from. the man i thought that i did not come to the perform under. perfect and i. thought in a fast pass it mean. mean men who acted more like ninja. now at least i know it is good for his he had never had to seem to settle on. the tennis out of the war but of the war pretending. that i'm in my. house now why do you have a force that under your control of yourself isn't. parting with such a shotgun just had a. and the more you know why i have watched as you're going to let go of that you're going to let
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a lot of out of the weather but i'm going to give it. to be a child has to be innocent and carefree but it comes to an abrupt end at the burden of younger children. with a mother behind bars for siblings misspend for each other and decide whether to stick together or split the family in the hope of a chance across the us mexico border the other side of the border a witness documentary at this time out is there. we have a news gathering team here that is second time they're all over the world and i do a fantastic job and information is coming in very quickly all at once you've got to be able to react to all of the changes and i just we adapt to that.
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my job is is to break it all down and we held the view on the stand and make sense of it. tracing the fall from prosperity to financial ruin this is precisely the movement where we are here lies that nothing was closed will be in the way the devastating impact to save the banks means also for save the deposit simple ordinary citizens and the failure to prevent disaster banks and political leaders are the people who needed to learn the less i go or from democracy to the markets at this time on al-jazeera. you're watching al-jazeera i'm still raman these are all top stories the u.s. president donald trump is in vietnam for meetings set to be dominated by trade in
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the asia pacific region more than half of the apec members are trying to sign a deal that trampers withdrawn the u.s. from china is also pushing to form a competing trade bloc in the region a contrast to trounce pursuit of bilateral deals russian president vladimir putin is also attending the apec meeting the arrived in vietnam a few hours ago putin and trump have reportedly said you'll do a private meeting to discuss the tensions in the korean peninsula among other topics. meanwhile and when there are hundreds are protesting trump's planned visit to the philippines on thursday that's the next stop on his asian tour there accusing the u.s. president of promoting imperialism and destabilizing the region. in other news kuwait has joined saudi arabia bahrain and the u.a.e. in ordering its citizens to leave lebanon the country has been on edge since saturday after the sudden resignation of the prime minister saad hariri while on
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a visit to saudi arabia hariri claims his life is under threat from his coalition partner the iranian backed group hezbollah and his office says he's still in the saudi capital and denies reports that he's being held there against his will in now that you should look at any the return of prime minister saad hariri head of the future movement is necessary in order to restore the internal and external balance of lebanon with full respect to liberties legitimacy in accordance to the constitution and to the thai if accord and with respect to the arab and international legitimacy we confirm our support for prime minister saad hariri and for all the decisions he makes under any circumstances the whistleblower group global leaks has released what appears to be a plan by the united arab emirates to destabilize cattles economy and eventually jeopardize its hosting of the twenty twenty two football world cup the plan was found in hacked e-mails belonging to the amorality ambassador to the us use of.
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supreme supreme court has set bail for catalonia former parliamentary speaker karmiel folk adele she will be freed once she posts one hundred seventy five thousand dollars earlier five other sacked politicians were released they face charges of rebellion and sedition over their roles in last month's independence referendum those were the headlines to stay with us on al-jazeera. you know. most of. the men was the same and.
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had. the looking a bit of in an investment then in a moment as well as this madonna thought of a career. the same minute most of the lead over this and other day is infamy and this was not a small boy and a lot of show we had of us medicinal would have been. so hard that not much of that from such a lot of the other men from the club the little boy the. hundred out of the other me and you mean for most of them a job i love a half a million hundred. while small little concern among others for the world to come about i've been up to four hundred eleven i. know how to get no more blue than jack.
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and if it was not so easy to move could see when you should have been. back in the house one on one arm a look at all you who. has yet to have a lesson. and then the and the no commitments that even i never had before what doctor that hey will care for me give it i haven't looked for them in the mean death in the city one hundred out. well that was a lot of. women adamantly gadgets and that's. probably losing. in the bad clinton community is that i don't. want to have
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a guy you know who has as much as one hundred. because in helena know you're. going to get another book at the governor who are going to have actually. been there. and in the could finish what i want in american history and the lot of them got stuck in love with us and i was on the edge of the goal of a point that i began. with what. but. do you feel. as. though morally. when i see of the legacy when i see. the first. amanda said. a witness
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a young. woman with. the right can. come in who never. has. a most of. this kind of money. and. this is this is a woman. why
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they are suited to their company and not. some say they are coming to. have more and more time on some time. early. this year i mean. of on the one hand. that's when the words he says if you do you don't have the money and sort of the money you know. to hand it to me i have come to. the minister for many news of the journey was. coming. and will be definitely socially. to.
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muslim nominee was along for him to remove them so along. with senator even a good law reminded me of them oh this isn't what you know what i'd give him or not see or sadness or something with no you there are those two minutes of it which is a year i give the bulk of the women to often and i want them in. the. world. to. let.
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the. hundred. for the who are better for you with that woman but it's just something that. the muslim world i feel i'm a son of the president on them foreigners overseas. more a little more of what i should own and the laws and women a model for the law on the floor of the yonathan a good government from all that could call it follow a lot of work put in what you. see . because.
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i mean. no one and if. there was nobody but i mean i. want to. let them have the i know many of. them in the movie isn't it. in that the man known in the. world in. terms.
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of this is a. member. you know. it's time to. hear. about that night. and. how. out of the out. yes.
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you with the rest of the crowd. we. had a good time didn't the korean. war that we. have already been could she. have gone up
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a little. more and what not. have you. seen. say. that the time. from. china.
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but then i've. been with them in the family sundin's all i. can honestly i don't understand you have. got another without love here sorry. i missed my time in a public place on a common must live procedure and have to look at the surgery. little . can evoke about what i shall have to muddle with no less memory of low life memory center security money. and molded in the matter but i don't have time or in the promise of my friends the end of the to know when i'm either one of the no evidence of a thing happened when they're part of the then one of them or part of me can have
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much more but what i mean as i'm a. loner. with us leading. to the macabre we're one of the mco to want to step up and limit our feet or to have the coming of the head and i will. drop on any of. that to. what. we thought when you come when you hit the mark i'm a zero. and i didn't. want to come out of the.
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sun blessed beaches breathtaking scenery but there's another reason that draws people to cyprus it's not always easy for mixed faith couples to marry in the middle east and that's why the mediterranean island has become an ideal destination for couples and love to have a civil marriage al-jazeera world looks at what happens when the romance cuts
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across religious lines cyprus island to forbid in love at this time on al-jazeera. however we've got a little bit a right in the forecast for the middle east over the next couple of days has still got the area a cloud just spilling out to turkey making its way from the black sea towards the caspian sea and it's times that will be thick enough to produce some life was just around armenia job pushing down towards northern parts of iran twenty one celsius in tire around and as we go on through friday the similar value for sas they fought to drive further reasonable at around eighteen celsius and further west will be getting up into the low twenty's once again for by route and also for jerusalem but we're getting into the low thirty's across a very good potential here in doha highs of around thirty three sailors just notice a little bit of cloud just around the gulf of miracles has called for prayers
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through the course so stay i might just squeeze a few spots of right now that we go through the next day or so but nothing too much he has to be said but a chance of rain just around the gulf of aden and so you know problems with the rain around eastern parts of south africa over the next day or so just around the eastern cape some heavy downpours coming in here mozambique very heavy rain and that rains pushes its way up into was in bob way out also into zambia sunshine and showers as per usual they are sliding their way further south which across central parts of africa we simply showers for the gulf of guinea. oh is it when they're on line we were in hurricane winds full almost like thirty six hours these are the things that has to address or if you join us on set i'm a member of the complex but we struck up a relationship this is a dialogue tweet us with hash tag a.j.
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stream and one of your pitches might make the next show join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. germany is hosting this year's climate talks president from the united states out of the pars agreements what love for the global effort to tackle climate change in that the analysis on live reports from the climate conference in bonn and from the frontlines of groby warming climate s.o.s. oranges iraq news has never been more available but the message is a simplistic and misinformation is rife listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narrative at this time on al-jazeera. as the crisis in lebanon deepens the french president may.


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