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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 10, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm AST

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business update brought to you by chance are they always going places together. this is al-jazeera.
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and on a welcome to the al-jazeera news our life or my headquarters in doha with me and is a product coming up in the next sixty minutes calls grow from lebanese prime minister to fatherhood easy to return home as the french president makes a surprise visit to saudi arabia. we are not going to let the united states be taken advantage of anymore. i am always going to put america first tough talk from u.s. president donald trump to the apec leaders missing in vietnam. protests continue in a strange as new pictures emerged showing the squalid state of a decommissioned refugee camp on man a silent. and m.p. to say most of the new sports news as research is a boston university revealed that form a new england patriots player aaron hernandez suffered at the most severe case of chronic trauma. discovered in a person he's
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a. saudi arabia kuwait and behind urging their citizens to leave lebanon and mediately while the u.a.e. is advising its citizens to comply with an already existing travel ban it is the latest and escalating tensions between saudi arabia and iran that's fueling a political crisis in lebanon french president emmanuel necron made a surprise visit to riyadh to hold talks with crown prince mohamed bin some on confirmed he's had informal contact with the lebanese prime minister solve haiti who's in the saudi capital now but it is political party the future movement is demanding the prime minister return to beirut immediately but says he hasn't heard from her t.v. since saturday when he was on during a broadcast from riyadh saying he feared for his life it's been six days since that resignation and there are now growing fears hades being held against his will for
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the french foreign ministers on a literal and says he doesn't believe he is movement is being restricted. and should ask about whether his life's in danger we simply observe that he's resigned he went to abu dhabi the day president mcbride was passing through we think his friend has made friends and it's important he makes his own choices our only worry is the stability of lebanon and that a political solution can be put in place quickly. we're joined now by our correspondent saying the whole the she's live for us in the bay version unlike the french foreign minister and the the lebanese president know how did his political party believe he is free any more news on his whereabouts. levanon has been holding contacts with western as well as arab diplomats in beirut the president really even holding talks with the saudis sharjah the fair he wants to seek information on the well being on the whereabouts of the resigned prime
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minister saddle how do you like you mentioned the president does believe he is under house arrest the the house speaker the speaker of parliament he believes so as well and like you also mentioned his own political party how to use political party they implied and suggested that how did he is being held against his will demanding that he immediately return to lebanon for the sake of stability to restore stability in this country but even the french foreign minister statements were quite ambiguous saying as far as we know how did he is not under house arrest and that his movements are not constrained but they didn't we don't know if the if the french president actually met had he was there any direct meeting is how did he allow to leave saudi arabia so a lot of questions more than answers and yes suspicions are growing in this country by from the leadership that something is wrong with the prime minister and on the suspicions of the confusion the questions and saying i'm being heightened by the
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fact that gulf countries are urging they citizens to leave lebanon i mean how people they are reacting to this. will undoubtedly statements like that will last heightened tension it will cause instability it will be a blow to the economy to tourism in this country but the lebanese have heard these statements before if you ask anybody does say well there was the travel ban gulf countries have imposed a travel ban on lebanon in the past lebanon has always been entangled in the saudi iranian right. i will be which is playing out across the region but they will also tell you that this is an indication that saudi arabia intends to escalate the situation that it just then this will not just stop with the resignation of how do you deal with this how did his resignation really brought down the government a government that was hezbollah was part of that government so people are expecting further measures they're asking is saudi arabia going to impose economic pressure financial pressure on this country tens of thousands of lebanese work in the gulf they send money back home will they be kicked out of the gulf countries investments
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will stop so this is what people are concerned about the economy here is also struggling and yes there's also concern about some sort of military strike because they believe saudi arabia is working with israel and the united states to not only curb hezbollah but curb its patron iran across the region and one as has been the saying about one of the cena. well in a few hours we're going to hear from the secretary general has on here already spoke a few days ago he really questioned the publicly where is the prime minister and he actually said just that that he believes the prime minister was being held against his will but at the same time he called for calm and he said that they're going to avoid political escalation actually what we're seeing in lebanon today lebanon is a deeply divided country in a deeply divided reaches you have a process saudi camp you have a pro iranian camp but now the word you hear time and time again is unity we need unity there calling for calm in fact in one way or another it has united the
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different factions because in the statement of how do these political party they said that he needs to return to restore the internal balance there is a sectarian power sharing system in this country and getting rid of a prime minister a suddenly leader like a saddle how d.d. will the community here will feel marginalized and that's what people have been telling us so there's a lot of fear that this delicate balance that it could be affected and the sunnies always feeling marginalized feeling that iran is much more stronger. if they lose a prime minister a strong prime minister like. that what is there you're here thank you very much for that for now that song correspondent saying the whole the with all the very latest from lebanon we're going to get more on this now we're joined by sa me now the director of the institute for strategic affairs and he's also joining us live from beirut very good to have you with us on al-jazeera so as we've heard president party believe he is probably under house arrest in saudi arabia why would saudi
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arabia be doing this. i think that their future movement in their statement they ask for their return of mr sergeant hurley before anything else and they did not mention that he is under house arrest while. all the parties that are siding with hezbollah are trying to depict. the problem. and in fact i mean there is no doubt. mr hardee was kind of pushed by the arab states and saudi arabia to take a clear position when it comes to hezbollah. the fact is that this idea that was underlying the deal put in to the constitution void and brought a lebanese a president and the formation of. a cabinet was this idea of neutrality
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that that deal that was reached would allow lebanon to take some distance from what's happening in syria unfortunately during the last year to confirm that this was only on paper and while in concrete terms what we have seen we have seen lebanon pushed more and more to world. access so to say and this i mean and. in the middle of a confrontation we are witnessing between saudi arabia and iran is not tenable anymore for the. saudi. the saudi side and how much how much of this how much of the saudi action and lebanon do you think is about trying to curb hezbollah's influence by destabilizing the national government that
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they are a part of but then there's of course also financial assets a lot of the heavy family's maid and saudi and conference mohammed then some are now wanting to d.d. for them to pay their dues ball financially and also politically. i mean the fact that this happened in the middle of another campaign this. quarter option purge that we've seen and there are some reports. that. could be in part involved in this however. what's worrying it's what will be the next measures because we definitely are in. course and what's worrying what will be next a measure that saudi arabia will take
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a let us here not forget that i mean we are are under economic sanctions and hezbollah in particular is under economic sanction the from there you as a congress that are but actually i think. financial the financial sector which is already which is already in a crisis for their sick here are all lebanon is going through recession and it does not have the capability to withstand i mean additional or more measure is coming from the country from coming from saudi arabia. and now there are possible. talks of possible suspension of flights between riyadh and beirut. lebanon is economy rely a great be on. a workers i mean when he's working in there he says he
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markets editor realize. it's an important lead to him a tense is coming from those countries this is of great importance for that he might mean for economy that is very shaky in the time being and we will of course be watching very closely over the next few days to see what happens mr now. thank you very much for your time on this other joining us live from beirut thank you. we're going to move on to other news now leaders have gathered for the asia pacific economic cooperation summit and vietnam trade as at the top of the agenda but donald trump issue in what appeared to be sharp criticism of china's policies when he has more from don in vietnam. it was inevitable that donald trump's arrival would dominate the apec summit after getting off the plane from a state visit to beijing the united states president went to a meeting of political and business leaders there he went straight on the offensive
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seeming to attack china's trade policies without specifically mentioning china they engaged in product dumping subsidized goods currency manipulation and predatory industrial powers they ignored the rules to gain advantage over those who followed the rules causing enormous distortions in commerce and threatening the foundations of international trade itself trump has vowed to correct some of the trade deficits the united states has built up particularly in asia but the america first policy that he campaigned on ahead of last year's election is seen as protectionist it runs counter to the multilateral globalist approach of most other apec nations including china. president xi jinping spoke soon after trump and painted china as a champion of globalization. openness brings progress while seclusion leaves one
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behind with the ocean pacific economies know this too well from our own development experience we should put in place a regional cooperation framework that ensures consultation among equals with participation and shared benefits that's what it's trying to do with the sixteen nation trade bloc known as the regional comprehensive economic partnership which may be finalized by the end of the year under the previous administration the united states was also hoping to gain some influence in this region through the trans-pacific partnership trade deal but donald trump pulled out of it the remaining eleven members of the pact which doesn't include china are hoping to come to some sort of agreement during a pic members quietly hope the united states will eventually rejoin but under president trump that's unlikely. and wayne is joining us live from denying also what else are we expecting from the summit today wayne. well i think now that those opening remarks really by those two key world leaders
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donald trump and she jinping are out of the way the focus goes on to behind the scenes meeting meetings bilateral meetings also multilateral meetings when you talk about the trans-pacific partnership trade deal which we know those members are trying to get some sort of agreement on while they are here in vietnam at apec with me now to discuss more about this is deborah elms from the asian trade center. first of all those speeches from xi jinping and donald trump what did you make of the the contrasting messages well i think it was particularly interesting i think donald trump it to see them first of all side by side was very interesting donald trump started with a long history lesson mostly about the united states he finished with the state and sort of god bless america and in between it was really a message about the u.s. and about the u.s. says views the u.s. grievances the u.s. complaints about the system compare that to what she did which was basically in my view a very open inclusive discussion about how the region is moving forward it was very
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future oriented it was about how we should be thinking about open sustainable inclusive growth that brings everyone together the contrast was quite striking and quite stark if you talk about a competition between those two in terms of trying to win influence and win friends here among the asia picture pacific nations i would imagine then that the message from xi jinping would have been much more welcome than that from donald trump i think that's true and i think it's a real problem frankly for the u.s. especially for donald trump because this speech was billed as the opportunity for trump to outline the u.s. vision under his leadership for what does it means for the u.s. to be engaged especially economically engaged in the region and at the end of it it wasn't clear exactly what the united states is going to do under him except for again more. our focus on bilateral is come join us in our vision if you want but otherwise it's all about our sovereignty our freedom come with us if you think this vision resonates with you. the trans-pacific partnership we know the united states
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is no longer a member of that but the remaining eleven nations hoping to get something sorted over the next day or so it sounds like that could be in doubt now. deeply depressing news on the c.p.p. they had this agreement all stitched up they had they were in fact having a giant celebration in the room then all of a sudden things started to fall apart and at today's meeting apparently the canadian leader failed to show up entirely which has thrown everything into doubt it's not clear whether we're going to have an agreement tomorrow or whether the eleven will leave here from vietnam with the t p p still hanging in the balance this is extremely depressing we are literally this close to being done with this agreement and it's not clear what exactly is the obstacle keeping the canadians from joining with the other ten partners to get this done thanks very much that said deborah elms from the asian trade center so an interesting development there
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regarding the transpacific partnership trade deal the possibility that it could be in doubt because the canadian prime minister failing to show for that key meeting also on the show joe possibly is a meeting on the sidelines of a pick between donald trump and his russian counterpart vladimir person or when thank you very much for that for now that's when hey joining us live from thank you we have plenty more ahead on the news hour including sink or swim saddam sails ahead with the rebuilding its shipping fleet to turn decades a few west sanctions plus. only ten minutes away by boat from that and these villagers here are drowning because of the affects of global warming on stuff ice and reporting from because in west java. and south africa. and senegal are getting a replay of a world cup qualifier from a year ago. the details and sport. human
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rights activists are demanding australia immediately was all the worsening conditions of the man present can they say the cannes closure ten days ago has left refugees without fresh water food or power. ports. protesters in melbourne and human rights activists want global leaders to pressure australia's government to move refugees and the menace island prison camp to the mainland activists are concerned over deteriorating conditions at the camp and pop on new guinea even for somebody who knows the situation intimately. i was utterly shocked at what i saw human rights activist and attorney shannara yana saw me was part of the team that filmed the footage inside the camp she says conditions are worsening every day since australia cut off power water and food supplies you know it was an air of devastation and decay. it was oppressively hot there was no
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water in the camp paypal were drinking running water from top gathered from the roof and they were storing that water in rubbish bins the sewage system is blocked as there's no flushing or waste capacity anymore the camp is home to hundreds of refugees from war ravaged places including myanmar afghanistan and iraq asylum seekers had hoped to reach australia but ended up on mount a silent for the past four years australia paid pub or new guinea to house refugees . australia's immigration minister says refugees are to blame for the conditions they're living in have trashed the accommodation and as was pointed out there's new accommodation purpose built but i've been for a couple of years people known for months that this indict was coming up and really the conditions that we see in the photographs today i don't resemble at all the conditions in which people have been living over a long period of time those remaining in the prison camp say they are afraid and
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are threatened by madness island residents they say they would rather shelter inside the closed prison than rely on pub when you get the military and police to protect them my fear. in this is something that if you choose to look it. might be. our government. force and the whole peace force i know. we. know this is the problem activists say australia needs to put politics aside and immediately resolve the sixteen humanitarian emergency paltrow durgin on al-jazeera . spain supreme court has ordered the release on bail of cotton on his former parliamentary speaker. will be held in custody until one hundred seventy five thousand dollars bail is posted five other side cotton on politicians but conditionally believe he started appearing before
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a judge on thursday they took charge of rebellion and sedition to cotton on his declaration of independence john hall has been following the case from. well after a mattress and day of hearings in the supreme court in madrid with the prosecution ardently arguing for karma for cordell the speaker of the now dissolved parliament in catalonia and five of its and p's to be jailed pending trial on charges of rebellion sedition and the misuse of public funds the judge in the supreme court decided instead to grant mrs ford codell her freedom conditional release on bail of a hundred seventy five thousand dollars when she is able to pay it four of the other m.p.'s out on twenty five thousand each and the fifth on conditional release they all have to pay regular visits to the court pending trial which could be a process some years in length in the meantime momentum for could ellen two years a significant figure in the independence movement here gets to return to barcelona
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and campaign freely towards the election due on december the twenty first an election that will be quite possibly be do or die for the independence movement here the independence movement deeply demoralized by the jailing of eight of its ministers in madrid its party split unable to reach a coalition agreement to campaign together to try and regain their parliamentary majority perhaps the only rallying point they now have are these eight prisoners widely now being described as political prisoners and the hope that with these prisoners come more support to the goal. now the vatican is hosting a two day conference on nuclear disarmament which is being attended by nobel peace laureates along with the u.n. and nato delegates but francis wants to defuse rising nuclear tensions but as a rule down acting as a mediator over the north korea crisis now up to forty two million homes and
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indonesia's coastal areas are under threat by rising sea levels water levels are rising at the rate of eight millimeters a year in many places and a step vassal reports most of those affected rely on the say for their livelihoods . is losing his battle against the sea the ocean started creeping into his house seven years ago and most nights he and his family are having trouble finding a dry place to sleep. at night we only see water and garbage nothing else that is fair is scary. his neighbors of all flat the houses destroyed by the waves salam and his family are now closest to the sea there has been a huge change when i arrived in this village in one thousand eight hundred two it was very beautiful and prosperous business was easy we all work at the shrimp on and we are doing very well we never thought our family would suffer like this
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bobbie a village little remaining happy village looks nothing like that anymore half of its population is gone and the ponds are destroyed rising sea levels and the destruction of the seabed and mangrove trees are to blame the north coast of the island of java has lost nearly eleven thousand hectares to the sea so far it's hard to imagine it only seven years ago people were living right here farming shrimp and now the sea has taken over their land forcing hundreds to flee those who remain are watching how their village is slowly but surely swallowed by water the house where art was born has lost its first floor and its courtyard. this used to be our playground we play but on here and together with our family we would raise the plate to celebrity independence day. and his siblings are the only teachers lack to educate the children that remain here when we ask the students if they know what
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climate change is this is their answer about and having r o y nickname but they do know is that they're scared. i'm afraid i won't have a place to live anymore when the water is high children are often crying and solemn knows that action has yet to be taken and we always hear them talking on t.v. on this and that combating poverty etc but i am not convinced politicians will help us too many countries are involved the government has tried to save the village by planting mangrove trees but many fear sea water will rise faster than trees can grow and the villagers say if no dam is built soon the happy village will completely disappear in the next five years staff us an al-jazeera but gussy west java. a few moments we'll have the weather with rob but still ahead on the. immediately and. facing starvation.
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project in pennsylvania. that bans left in. china's national anthem we'll have the details coming up. from a fresh coast. to watching the sunset on the australian outback. and here's a story that will probably through the winter is the ebb and flow of this state as the air pollution in major cities in for example indeed on thinking of delhi because during this time of the year once the monsoon trough the rain is in the south and disappears pressure tends to rise and it always acts as a lead on anything is in the atmosphere close to ground and you already know what
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that is you've heard this story before for years on end and more recently it's coming thick and fast quite early and this is a mixture of fog because tempers dropped fifteen degrees at night and of course all the pollutants that man creates for example transport emissions and of course then the season burning stubble so all this smoke is also burned and still can't go very far a whole lot mixes together gives you smog and gives you very poor toxic conditions many major cities in india particular in the northern plains are at hazardous levels that's the color red but pat is a little bit better is still very unhealthy it's come a long way south of calcutta to get to moderate conditions good reason where there's not much chance is going to change in the next few days weeks even months and it's not just delhi of course. the game won't change quickly. the weather sponsored by cattle and race. everything you do
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is being analyzed it's being way to measure. and it's not just i phones that also i think it's i mean most small phones of these days at the moment we are in a state of the universe that. did something that was growing that i would rather take the risks of. the risks of. digital dissidents at this time on al-jazeera. when the news breaks. right. there on the street. and the story builds steve jobs much better marketers. when people need to be heard they thought they were american until they broke the law now they're deported to cambodia al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you most award winning documentaries and live news on air and online.
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it's good to have you with us on the al-jazeera news hour these are our top stories don't trump has told apec members in vietnam that he won't let the u.s. be taken advantage of and global trade but china's president xi jinping says asia pacific latest must work to improve a multilateral trading system. the french president emmanuel macron has made a surprising as it to riyadh to hold talks with the selby crown prince amid a deepening political crisis and lebanon the lebanese prime minister saad had even signed while in the saudi capital last week and his political party is demanding he return to be
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a vote. the story of stability and australians in the way she minister has blamed refugees refusing to leave the clothes man asylum present camp for the deteriorating conditions they're living in the australian run camp and more new guinea was closed last month power water and food supplies because of. the global league's websites has released what appears to be a plan by the united arab emirates to destabilize cut those economy and jeopardize its hosting of the twenty twenty two football world cup the plan was found and hacked e-mails belonging to the iraqi ambassador to the us use of. alan fischer reports from washington d.c. . you use colorful and controversial ambassador to the u.s. use of allah tiber has been at the center of leak controversies in the past in recent months it was claimed the u.a.e. paid influential think tanks to back their worldview in washington according to a series of leaked emails now it's alleged an elaborate overly ambitious plan to wage financial an economic war in qatar through bond and debt manipulation has
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reportedly been found on his computer according to the website the intercept they would then take these these bonds according to the plan and swap them back and forth among parties who from the outside look like they're independent but are actually the same people as like me and you trading a bond back and forth and that creates an illusion of volatility and with people aware that there is this political crisis going on then they plan as they see this enhanced volatility and traders start to panic and say oh my god something must be going on here we need to sell our own our own qatari debt which drives the price down further the outline for the plan was allegedly drawn up by the private bank of a land although it's based in luxembourg it's owned by a british banking family with close ties to the u.a.e. the ultimate goal create a crisis which would force the qataris to step in to support their currency draining the country's cash reserves through these leaks the narrative in
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washington has changed from what was considered primarily to be. a response of qatari foreign policy to now a manufactured crisis by the other party to the conflict the u.a.e. and saudi arabia lead a group of mainly gulf nations which have imposed a partial blockade and cut off diplomatic relations to qatar international efforts to broker a settlement have come to nothing the scheme to interfere with the debt and bond market was always unlikely to succeed there are just too many variables but now it's been made public the financial markets will be watching more closely for any attempted manipulation alan fischer. washington. the un's children and children's agency is want to yemen stocks of fuel and vaccines will run out and about a month if saudi arabia doesn't lift its blockade in s.f. says fuel prices have risen sixty percent and there are severe food shortages the u.s. and u.n. and more than twenty eight groups are urging saudi arabia to end its sea and air
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blockade an estimated twenty million people need urgent help and there are warnings mass starvation could be just weeks away had a hawks. it's difficult to understand that this is what humans can do to each other . millions of people who face famine and are in desperate need of urgent humanitarian assistance. now the u.s. has backed aid agencies including for more to be done to alleviate the situation we've seen tremendous few food shortages in yemen we've talked about how this is really a manmade situation there the announcement that the ports were being closed down or limited in terms of some of the supplies is an area that's of concern to us because the yemeni people are not the ones at fault for their situation we would like to see food aid medical equipment and all of that be able to brought be brought in to
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the ports saudi arabia has stepped up a land and sea blockade on yemen after ballistic missile was fired towards the capital riyadh on saturday. before the blockade more than twenty million people without save a two thirds of the population needed humanitarian assistance now nearly half were like completely on food aid to survive the country is experiencing a cholera epidemic which is expected to affect one million people by the end of the year aid agencies say they're struggling to work inside the country it takes from one town to another we have to almost go through one hundred checkpoints this is a manmade disaster and there is no humanitarian solution to this we're asking for parties to come together to find a solution desperately which is desperately needed for the people of yemen it's becoming increasingly difficult for people to get their hands on vital commodities with prices of petrol cooking oil rising by as much as fifty percent in
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a week. and so far as closing down the ports and borders these are war crimes in the first degree the longer yemen sit empty the longer the suffering will continue . israel is holding its biggest ever. pilots from eight countries will face softened simulated air battles need to weaken military exercise code named blue flag is held every two hears this year is the first time germany france and india taking part that will comes at a time of heightened tensions in the region. the syrian army says it's now in control of the eastern city of al become a lot i still fighters left the area the border says he was one of the last remaining pockets of the armed groups and syria. has more from near the turkish syrian border. these are syrian in iraq the fighters from iran backed shia militias celebrating the defeat devices in amman the city was the last stronghold
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on the syrian side of the self declared islamic state the syrian military claimed victory but with the acknowledgement of help from its spotless the depleted army of president bashar al assad has only been able to make gains with military assistance from russia and iran. units from syrian forces in cooperation with allies liberated the city of albert in the suburb of derry the last i saw stronghold in the eastern region this strategic achievement is also a starting point for the elimination of the remaining terrorist organizations in all the different times throughout the country. i see videos and statements earlier denied the advances and reported fierce fighting but the stronghold its propaganda used to new fighters with is gone. reports from the contested there are problems suggest a few pockets of isis fighters remain on either side of the iraqi syrian border the
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fighting has destroyed many eyes and head cities and the real challenge will be to rehabilitate people we still do not have access to. city as u.n. . the main reason is that the place is fetch with unexploded. bombs explosives. the fight against isis in the urban centers may be over but the conflict in syria still continuing these are syrian democratic forces or is the f backed by u.s. soldiers and support they're also making gains in that there are problems on the eastern side of the euphrates river the defeat of isis removes the common enemy and serious complex war president bashar al assad's government has promised that it will take back all territory that it once lost and that puts its iran and russia back fighters in militias on a confrontational par with u.s. and saudi backed fighters from a job without a zero. amount
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a blogger facing the death penalty for a facebook post has been freed from prison mohammad all shake their sentence was overturned by an appeals court had already served four years in jail for his post criticizing the use of religion to justify discrimination in the country his trial saw thousands take to the streets demanding he be put to death. now a rare court victory for pot found protest is in the u.s. state of pennsylvania the same construction suspended but environmental concerns remain locals a vow to continue fighting until the project as canceled despite president trump was in his support for such pipelines question salumi has more from lancaster pennsylvania. so yeah this was an active site where there were dozens of trucks and lots of people working just yesterday the heavy equipment sat idle in rural lancaster county pennsylvania melinda clattered bug and her group lancaster against pipelines had just won an order in federal court to stop construction. just
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a few weeks ago she and twenty two other opponents of the new atlantic sunrise natural gas pipeline were arrested trying to stop it from being built they view the pipeline as a threat to both the local environment and the long term sustainability of the planet it seems like a violation of our personal private property rights if the industry is given the right to take our land through condemnation by in that domain for their private gain and use and yet we're bearing the brunt of the destruction and the damage that's being done to it and a lot of people are really opposed to it for that reason before melinda and other opponents could even savor their victory they received word that an appeals court had lifted the construction ban the atlantic sunrise pipeline is a three billion dollar project the three hundred plus new cooperators of pipeline will increase the company's capacity to deliver natural gas and meet growing demand but opponents in the area say that most of the products will be sold overseas the
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company building the pipeline and says pennsylvanians will also benefit from the natural gas and twenty five hundred local construction jobs but those in the pipelines way clued in an order of catholic nuns was a corn field a very healthy looking corn field accuse the companies of overstating the economic benefits while downplaying environmental concerns we need to look at different ways of meeting these needs there is sustainable fuel a lot of it hasn't been the developed yet and personally i think that people. can invest their money in that the construction that is dividing the community may now go ahead but three legal challenges continue to make their way through federal court even as the opponents promise more acts of civil disobedience to try to stop it kristen salumi al-jazeera lancaster pennsylvania.
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has gotten to an accident on its first day of service in the usa to nevada the vehicle which was carrying several passengers was hit by a truck driving slowly in the city of las vegas and no one was injured city officials are blaming the truck driver for failing to give way. the truck was back . and. at his angle and degree angle is like trying to back into the alleyway he just couldn't see it he just couldn't see the shuttle and the shuttle didn't have the ability to move back either like the shuttle just stayed still and this is another argument for why. because it needs to be able to look at how humans make decisions and in this case perform the way it was designed unfortunately the truck driver. the british government plans to officially set the time and date for its exit from the european union promised to tourism a wants to pass legislation to leave the block by the twenty ninth of march two thousand and
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nineteen the gauche ations are at a deadlock with the e.u. insisting russian agree to a large financial settlement before discussing future trade agreements. so today's traders are being forced to rely heavily on foreign ships imports and exports more than two decades of u.s. sanctions have limited saddam's supply of spare ship paul settled though they're now being lifted the government says restoring its fleet could take years have a morgan reports from port said don. whenever he looks at the board has and says he remembers the days when his import business was still up and running but that was before the united states slapped trade sanctions on sudan for your lame or very rewarding. i used to bring in clothes for people to design and customise now the ships have to stop at other ports the goods are unloaded there and then reshipped here that has increased the cost of shipping so now i've been forced to close my business as i am isn't alone the port is the country's logistic hub and gateway to
1:44 pm
the arabian gulf it exports not just from sudan but also from landlocked neighboring countries like judd and south sudan all the ships at the port are now foreign but it wasn't long ago that sudan had its own fleet of fifteen ships which transported goods and passengers but one thing happened that slowly killed the industry until last month the u.s. had imposed economic and trade sanctions on sudan it meant the government couldn't maintain its own fleet of ships and had to sell them to cut its losses the last almost sold almost a year and a half before the sanctions were lifted. the sanctions came into force in one thousand nine hundred seven when the u.s. accused sudan of human rights abuses and sponsoring terror it was designed to herd the sudanese economy and so it did and all but destroyed the shipping industry to news authorities say with the sanctions lifted they'll try to rebuild their fleet but it won't be easy on the dock it off a building ships takes a lot of time making one from scratch takes at least two years so we don't expect
1:45 pm
it to happen in the near future only after quite a while will sudan's shipping fleet gain its strength the port is becoming more active though hopefully by next year we will have more development in the industry analysts say the government should focus on what denies ation what. lifting the sanctions gives us a chance for the government to bring in new technologies to make the port and its industry able to provide better services for now but won't help the economy maybe in two or three years it will especially through transit services for the neighboring landlocked countries. has and knows his days of bringing in goods by sea are over but he hopes with a new post sanctions era the younger generation could export trade beyond the harbor he now only visits he will morgan on to their port sudan. still ahead on the news about the plight of an indigenous group in hong kong battling powerful property developers and former heavyweight boxing champion mike tyson loses
1:46 pm
a fight before he could even throw a single punch that story is next in school. hong
1:47 pm
kong is known for its aggressive real estate market with the developers buying up government land at of record rate one of the city's loss and vision as communities is standing up to them to save its heritage and a sale clock reports that turn out to the public for help perched on the hillside in the shadows of the surrounding high rise is park village it was home to the
1:48 pm
city's first dairy that closed more than thirty years ago but around two thousand eight hundred people still live here in one of the island's last indigenous communities because you know the more you know this village means a lot to me i was born here and i've been living here for more than seventy years i don't plan to move elsewhere so king forms family of fourth generation residents and proud of the villages history stretching back more than four hundred is the local population lived around the dairy and after world war two it became home to a flood of refugees from mainland china but it seems to like ational hong kong island has made it a target with developers king to demolish the size. there's always been talks every two or three years about knocking down the village we don't know what will happen after the demolition or when it will take place what we call to live in anxiety. despite decades of campaigns locals have filed to convince the hong kong
1:49 pm
government to preserve the village so now they're turning to the public for help this is their first open day tickets with fifty dollars each and the tour was sold out with visitors given an insight into the historical significance of village life . i hope to see this place preserved because village life is what the villages love the most as such a big opposite to living in hong kong island and that you can find this not too far away from our place it's very beautiful there are plans to restore and preserve parts of the dairy the government has already committed around fifteen million dollars to turn it into a public museum but there are no guarantees that the rest of this village built around the dairy. site the religious cultural heritage has been recognised over saves the world monuments fund deiced in new york dedicated to preserving heritage sites has placed it on its watch list conservationists hope that open days like
1:50 pm
this will convince the hong kong government to do the sign. if this village is gone we will lose our history and memories we're told significant and maintain diversity of lifestyle choices. these buildings my look like sprawling crumbling facades to some today's villages they're a survivor of the city's past sarah clarke al-jazeera hong kong. the science of sport now peter elizabeth thank you so much former new england patriots player aaron hernandez suffered the most severe case of chronic traumatic encephalopathy or c.t.e. ever discovered in a person he's age this is according to researchers at boston university he was twenty seven when he hanged himself in april doctors found he had stage three c.t.e. something not previously found in anyone younger than forty six the researchers say the brain damage and then has suffered would have significantly affected his decision making judgment and cognition brain disease has become an important topic
1:51 pm
as research is showing more and more complications in former players of sports like american football owing to concussion and repetitive brain trauma. for an individual was only twenty seven at the time that he died he had very advanced disease and not only resident dance microscopically especially in the frontal lobes which are very important for decision making judgment and cognition but we could see damage to that to there to the inner chambers of the brain the scepter and we have this would be the first case we've ever seen of that kind of damage in such a young individual croatia have taken a huge step towards qualifying for the twenty eighteen feet for world cup in russia after they hammered greece for one of the hosts dominated the merchant zagreb captain luca margaret opened the scoring with a penalty killing each. all got on the scoresheet as well greece now have
1:52 pm
a lot to do to make it to their third successive finals in thursday's other play of northern ireland's hopes of reaching their first world cup since one thousand nine hundred six have suffered a huge blow they were beaten one little by switzerland in belfast ricardo rodrigue is with the penalty it's only play sweden in their first league play off in stockholm later on friday and the two thousand and six champions italy have qualified for fifteen consecutive finals but they missed out on an automatic qualification spot of the losing to spain in group g. they will need to win later to avoid the prospect of missing out on a world cup qualification for the first time since one thousand nine hundred fifty eight sweden will have to be careful though six of their players are one booking away from missing monday's second leg. over in africa it will be winner takes all when south africa and sinegal face each other twice in just four days the south africans actually beat sinegal two one in november twenty sixth but that match was ordered to be replayed by fee for that one coming up on friday now the referee for
1:53 pm
that match from a year ago was found guilty of unlawfully influencing the matter exult by fevers disciplinary committee what it all means is that if south africa win both games they will go to russia twenty eighteen the sinegal is meanwhile must simply avoid defeat in one of the two matches and they will advance to russia. of their match between south africa and senegal in. the dead rubber match in group b. nigeria who have already qualified to visit algeria who are bottom of the standings with a draw and four defeats from their five matches later on friday there will also be an intercontinental play off first leg match featuring honduras and australia the on durance have been at the last two world cups while the aussies have been at the previous three but someone is going to miss out on russia twenty eighteen. surprise. it's a way. for.
1:54 pm
the head of the twenty twenty two world cup in qatar has welcomed a decision by the international labor organization to close its complaint against the gulf states treatment of migrant workers this includes those working on world cup projects this week the united nations agency said that reforms agreed by qatar maine so that some two million workers now enjoy better protection. who's the secretary general of the supremes committee insists his organization has always been committed to work or rights the commitment towards improving worker welfare was there before the world cup but the world cup was a catalyst to accelerate a lot of these reforms and in a much more effective much more accelerated way of course the decision in the in the ilo yesterday's welcome decision because it's a recognition of the commitment and the progress that has made that does not mean that it's ended of course our journey towards reform is going to continue and we
1:55 pm
always embrace and welcome anyway to provide constructive criticism and assist us in improving the situation for migrant workers in the state of qatar after being postponed three times north korea and malaysia will finally play their two twenty nine hundred eighteen cup qualifiers but a neutral thailand the first leg takes place in a few hours time the games ahead have been put on hold three times following a diplomatic crisis between the two countries following the killing of king john nam the brother of north korean leader kim jong un earlier this year both teams are searching for their first win of the campaign to revive the qualification hopes the top two teams will qualify for the event being held in the united arab emirates the second qualification leg will also be held in thailand on the thirteenth of november. football fans in hong kong defied a chinese law by booing the national anthem during a friendly against bahrain supporters loudly at the start of the match the move was in direct defiance of beijing who have said anyone disrespecting the sun in public
1:56 pm
could face criminal punishment of up to three years they have been increasing tensions between mainland china and the semi autonomous former british colony where pro-democracy activists say beijing is tightening its grip in the n.b.a. in the washington wizards avenge their loss against the last so angeles lakers with a win on thursday john wall that led the way on the night he scored twenty three points bradley added twenty two points including a season high six assists as the wizards ran out winners by one hundred eleven points to ninety five. lewis hamilton may have won formula one world title but the mercedes driver has no plans to let up at the brazilian grand prix it will be the first race for hamilton since winning his fourth will championship crown yeah it definitely feels good walking into the paddock as a world champion. again yeah but for the first time so does it really does
1:57 pm
it i don't know why it just feels so fresh and new in. his grave. tennis now and russian andre rube live has reached the semifinal stage at the inaugural a.t.p. next-gen finals in milan he knocked out canadian third seed denis shop of all over on thursday with a five state win tournament to see the world live a winning the match four one three four four three four four three ruud live goes on to face for the chore each of croatia in friday say. it was really really about my senses the beginning and you know if i want to win i have to give everything of course i have to fight to win and i'm really happy that and then. i'm going to have it. church full of a stunning comeback when he came from two sets down to be the russian car in a cut off in the five states in the last match of the day the number four seed winning in five sets former boxing heavyweight champion mike tyson was put on
1:58 pm
a flight back to the u.s. of the chilean authorities the ninety mentri because of his criminal record the american was blocked by the police from entering the south american country of failing to comply with immigration laws you know it's a ninety two tyson was convicted of rape and served three of a six year jail sentence for the crime and that's all the sport i'll have another update in the thirteen hundred very much and that does it for the sound of their news hour but much in tennis and hear what another you spoke with him just a couple of.
1:59 pm
and one hundred forty one. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of the days looking forward to form a dry riverbed like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their countries haven't truly been able to escape the
2:00 pm
war. type of book oh is it allison when they're on line me what in hurricane the winds full almost like thirty six hours these are the things that has to address or if you join a sunset i'm a member of the ku klux klan but we struck up a relationship this is a dialogue tweet us with hostile a.j. stream and one of their pitches might make the next show join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. is great for lebanese prime minister saad hariri to rich.


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