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this is a dialogue tweet us with hostile a.j. stream and one of your pitches might make the next show join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera in ingenious developments in the battle against illegal deforestation these are basically old cell phones people sent to us he would not increase it was in the first meeting because anything may look more like chainsaws or gunshots and in australia indigenous practices have been used to fight fire with fire if. you make a fire break about the time that we're trying to get syria to stop. innovation and tradition. at this time on al jazeera.
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and live from studio fourteen here at al-jazeera headquarters in doha fully back to bow welcome to the news grid the race to save survivors after a devastating earthquake along the iraq border hour after hour the death toll rises more than four hundred people have died and thousands are injured most of the victims are believed to be in the radian town of. what have the latest on rescue efforts also on the grid the g.c.c. crisis and the fight for influence in the horn of africa the five months brocade of qatar by saudi arabia and it's on lies as forced countries to take sides as ethiopian prime minister visits doha we'll explore how the crisis is reshaping the already troubled horn of africa region and journalism propaganda today's the deadline for the russian state owned media outlet r.t. to comply with u.s. government demands to register as a foreign agent of the russian government critics say its coverage is driven by moscow's political agenda the kremlin is furious and. this is to retaliate against
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us media outlets working in washington i'm ahead of my home and people from themselves acad republic of somaliland head to the polls to vote for a new president but the election comes with a crackdown on social media to show you a genius great. at it with a newspaper not on air and streaming online through you tube facebook live and at al-jazeera dot com thank you for joining us the governments of iraq and iran a promising to do everything possible to help people affected by a powerful seven point three magnitude earthquake the quake killed more than four hundred people in that number is expected to rise further some four thousand people have been injured the epicenter was in iraq so it's economic is southwest all the time causing widespread damage in both iraq and iran iran contra the latest developments from iraq. first responders quickly deal with the wounded in western
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iran a seven point three magnitude earthquake bringing scores of the injured through hospital doors. i fell from the balcony it was so far. pieces of glass fell on me and hurt my hand. your rivals from remote towns swell the hospital to capacity the injured continue in ever increasing number as more people are found in the rubble the death toll rises to the earthquake was centered on the iraq iran border near the iraqi town of halabja striking at nine eighteen p.m. local time the u.s. geological survey immediately issued an orange alert saying deaths and damage should be expected then came the first reports of fatalities on the iranian side of the border in the town of conservation in people use their phones to record the devastation early reports suggest eight villages have been damaged by daybreak an estimated seventy thousand people were displaced the iranian authorities quickly
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moved in field hospitals and emergency equipment the country has a history of dealing with earthquakes iran is one of the most seismically active countries in the world several major fault lines across the country and in two thousand and three a six point six magnitude earthquake flattened a historic city of bam twenty six thousand people died and let's get the latest now from al-jazeera is imran khan who joins us from baghdad iran most of the casualties have been in iran what's the latest you're hearing about rescue efforts there. well i can tell you the rescue operations are underway jointly not only with the iranian authorities but with people like the red crescent as well who have moved in first responders into the area but they do face a huge challenge some seventy thousand people have been displaced now this is a huge number of people because of these sort of the area that the earthquake affected now the real challenge that they got is when they pull people out of the
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rubble those people that are alive need to try and get together with their families so they can be that also those people who have died in that incident those bodies need to be returned to their families as well so there's one of registration in the just sticks also what we're hearing is the local gas supply factory has been shut down for safety reasons that's going to be a big problem particularly now at night where it gets very very cold and people relied on gas and for heating and for cooking now on iraq he saw all of the border i mean body has been meeting with his various committees including the high water committees there's concern about the dam and bundy and hahn which is surrounded now by landslides and there's a real concern that the iraqi story won't be able to get to that down to assess the amount of damage there so it's really one of trying to figure out how much damage
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has taken place particularly iraqi site here in baghdad the people here aren't used to earthquakes is the first earthquake they felt in living memory and it's got a lot of people panicked when it happened at nine eighteen yesterday i was on the fifth floor just just in my hotel room when i realized it was shaking i thought it was a bomb and then realize after about a few seconds that it was actually an earthquake i went downstairs and everybody outside felt the same thing they thought it was an explosion and they realized it was an actual earthquake they were trying to get information indeed one woman said to me because we lived through so much and now we have to live through earthquakes and people are very worried that. the new thing coming so prime minister the body has been speaking he's been reassuring his citizens that you're speaking to all the right people and that this is some sort of anomaly this happened however a lot of people here in baghdad are very worried that more earthquakes is going we don't know whether that's going to happen or not earthquakes don't have time so clearly a very scary moment for the people there indeed thank you so much for that iranian
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man can bring us the latest there from baghdad and will be a hearing from the iranian red crescent society later on on the news great about the rescue efforts in iran most of the casualties as we've said are in iran more than four hundred people have died in this earthquake and four thousand more have been injured let's bring in our social media producer writer mohammed and a lot of people reacting online people also posting videos of the moment the earthquake struck and their experience of it yes some really graphic pictures folly and the earthquake created a huge conversation online with people sharing videos like this showing just how powerful it was shaking entire structures of people running out of moving buildings while windows shattered behind them but people are also using social media to try and locate their loved ones for example this post here which has a picture of a little girl in it it's gone completely viral she is currently in hospital but nobody knows where her parents are. but it wasn't just iran that was hit by an
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earthquake as jonas brought his own point start on twitter mother was busy last night and as you can see he points out iran iraq japan and costa rica so it was it was across the globe in the evening now according to the u.s. geological survey the quake in costa rica hits six point five on the richter scale at around eight p.m. last night with an epicenter in the middle of the country but no deaths or serious damage as have been reported but people across the country have been posting videos of what they saw in the supermarkets and their houses objects sewing and falling from shelves and in some areas power lines and poles fell knocking out electricity as you can see it was quite a powerful quake there people talked about how they felt when it happened. on my god i was so scared to do a so strong unbelievably strong. i'm still panicking
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a bit everything was moving like the house was suspended from the floor it was so strange i never found an earthquake the strong i ran out of the house. and on facebook the president luis square muscle is said the government was taking preventive measures against possible aftershocks and he also has a population to remain calm but we always want to get your thoughts and comments as well as your videos send in all of that here's an hash tag news grid or message me directly i'm at reign of mohammed and you know we've got all the latest on the iran iraq earthquake on al-jazeera dot com consummate updates on the death toll that currently stands at four hundred seven and also photos we've been receiving from the devastated areas it's all on al-jazeera dot com don't forget to connect with us for you no questions or comments on this story we're covering on the grid today and other stories as well all different ways to do that on your screen right now don't forget to use the hashtag a.j. news great on social media now into other world news in syria is expected to be
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high on the agenda when turkey's president. meets with put in that meeting happening right now inside to understand the two leaders are in the russian city of sochi and this is the fourth meeting between putin and add a one this year trade between the two countries is expected to be discussed as well let's bring in al-jazeera story challenge the news great his in sochi where that meeting between fourteen and everyone is happening they met as recently as september in ankara why are they meeting today in sochi. yeah you can accuse these two men of ignoring each other as you say multiple meetings so far this year they talk to each other on the phone as well as centrally the the message that we get is that this is a relationship that is almost back on track after two years of turmoil really following that incidence when shot down a russian warplane over the turkey syria border in the opening comments. made
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before they went into their meeting they said that this was a relationship that is nearly back to what you could call properly good relations they reference the corporation they're both engaged in particularly in the past on a process and its sponsorship of deescalation zones in syria they say that they're contributing to peace in the region and they're also talking about trade and how the embargoes and sanctions that were put in place after that war plane incidents of now pretty much not completely but pretty much being lifted it takes a while to get trade back to where it formerly was but things are moving in that direction then of course bubbling away in the background so you've got decision much to the chagrin of its nato allies to buy russia's s. four hundred missile defense system that process is pretty much complete here and
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i'm reading on the why is just not the russian president saying that the ties between turkey and russia have completely been restored but prior to this meeting we heard of perhaps complaints that i don't want might be bringing to sochi what more can you tell us about that. yeah judging by a press conference that. gave earlier in the day before he came here to russia he's a man not very happy and he's trying to wrap his head around the statements that was made a joint statement coming from both putin and donald trump that was put out on saturday basically talking about the syrian process syrian peace process and donald trump and running a piece and we're both saying that there is no military solution for syria now. and i say well if that's the case guys then why have you still got your military is
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active in the country and you haven't pulled them out yet so he's coming with that complains i think he's also coming with concerns about what's going on in providence one of the most complicated battle spaces in syria where essential you have turkey backs free syrian army squished up together with the al-qaeda affiliated groups and the group formerly known as nusra turkey is trying to sort of extricate these particular parties and turkey's longstanding gripe is of course the kurds as well as russia is continuing to talk with the white p.g. at the same time as turkey is moving against them in northern syria so these are all things that go on it's going to be talking to police and about thank you very much for that really chalons live for us in sochi russia let's now expand on this a bit further with our senior political analyst summer one bashara i want i want to pick up on what rory was saying there about i don't want. unhappy with the russians
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and the americans saying they wanted a political solution for the war in syria that there was not a military salute solution to the conflict why would he be unhappy is a feeling left out perhaps well i mean i think he's an unhappy period about all his relationships with the west and east with russia and the united states in general he's unhappy about the situation in syria. if you were in his place you would say look here i am the v. power of the euro asian power the rising power in the east the largest muslim country in the middle east the most expanding economy. the second largest army in nato finding on the ground in syria paying the real price for the refugees out of syria into turkey paying the price of terror again
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coming out of syria being responsible for also supplant some possibilities to many cease fires and the confliction in syria so probably the question in mind while my not the one sponsoring the talks in geneva lie is or are the americans a ceiling never doubt they definitely especially you know the whole idea of the superpower logic when it comes to syria we all know that iran and turkey are playing far greater role in syria than the united states and turkey is not on the same wave as the united states relations with america have been deteriorating no doubt and at the same time we're seeing take these relations with iran improve relations with russia in a changing now they look at shifting their lines so here it is there's a positive correlation negative correlation between turkey and russia and turkey and unites us and in the end of the day the driver in this relationship with russia is turkey not russia since two years since the downing of the plane and the
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worsening of relation between moscow and it was turkey that start with rolling back or walking back if you will it's animosity towards russia what happened fully what happens the following and and then as they say permission to speak freely do i think the turks think the americans and the europeans are backstabbing cowards. and i think the americans and the europeans think at the on is rash and brash leader. i think he thinks since he got in confrontation with russia that they did not support him as a nato member they did not back him and that all the promises to him about supporting refuge syrian refugees and so on so forth and opening up to europe that did not happen he thinks the whole bit about creating a protected zone is another in syria did not happen because what i call bomber backed out he thinks drawn up is not serious and indifferent to the suffering in syria but can he trust the russians to be more sincere in what this is something so
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the only and is actually between turkey and the united states or turkey and the west that's where the alliances but there are relationships continues to get colder every day on the other hand there is no alliance between turkey and russia but relations are warming up day by day so it's kind of a paradox we know that there's a ceiling to the relationship between turkey and russia. because it would never have really become an alliance not time soon but near to will not the will not give up when turkey needs turkey this spike a group ration despite the tension between nato members and turkey despite turkey's aggression with nato members i think they need each other they prefer to be together for straighted very separate all right very interesting thank you so much for coming on the news great one and as always explaining all this complicated relationship in the geopolitics of the region modern russia our senior political
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analyst now speaking of the u.s. the president donald trump is wrapping up his visit to asia in the philippines where for the second successive day protesters have been telling him what they think of him they're accusing the u.s. president stalking regional tensions because of his posturing and rhetoric and police use water cannon to try and drown the dissent in manila where there were massive demonstrations for a second day in a row a champ is in the philippines capital as a v.i.p. guest said the essay on summits contentious issues at the two day meeting include north korea's missile crisis of course will hang a crisis in myanmar and territorial disputes in the south china sea but a war being fought in the philippines wasn't mentioned even when trump and the philippines president rodrigo tatay met jimmy la in the gun explains president will be good to talk to says that could she will be cutting ties with the united states but now more than a year later and as chairman of the association of southeast asian nations critics
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say deterred to is now singing a different tune. he promised to pursue an independent foreign policy veering away from the use. yes while building closer relations with china and russia those who want supported him now say deter the strong man image isn't quite what it. really shows the kind of relationship there is between him and trump but with the philippines and the united states it's only your colonial relations all of many is for a truly independent foreign policy independent from the dictates of the united states of america it's donald trump's first trip to the philippines since he took office security experts say top of his agenda are the growing tensions in the
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korean peninsula he'll also be meeting with leaders of asean member states all who have diplomatic ties with north korea but have unanimously condemned pyongyang's nuclear weapons program over the weekend three uis aircraft carriers carried out joint exercises off the east coast of south korea worrying many here that the situation shows no sign of the escalating the south china sea dispute is also on the agenda together with the growing influence of eitel in the region and the ravinia crisis in me and mark the thirty and shop are meeting on the sidelines today a lateral discussion that is making many here nervous but trump says the two countries have a great relationship wants glossed over deterred to so-called war on drugs which has led to the deaths of more than ten thousand filipinos thanks and far from the glittering halls of r.c.n. protests continue in downtown manila. this band been going on for more than thirty
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minutes now and it shows no sign of slowing down protesters are chanting the word coup which means poppy. they say philippine state forces together with president. are stooges of the united states. more than two thousand people showed up and there is no shortage of zeal or anger. but the history between the two countries is interesting so. twined it will take more than a few protests to separate the united states from its former colony similarly dogon i'm just here in manila. i live now our multi view wall taking a look at the different pictures the new jitney agencies news agencies are feeding us and this is the british parliament right here where the heated debate right now over the fate of a british iranian woman who was arrested in iran she's in jail in iran right now and m.p.'s currently discussing what the british government should be doing to get
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her release and to bring her back to britain let's now check in with felicity barr in our london news center for a look at the day's news felicity thanks so much we're going to start in lebanon that's where the president says he's happy to hear that prime minister saad hariri will be returning to beirut soon and is considering taking back his resignation riri was speaking in a television interview in riyadh from where he announced his surprise resignation more than a week ago prompting reports he's being held there against his will hariri also reiterated his call for lebanon's has the large movement and iran to stay out of regional conflicts. a train has crashed in the democratic republic of congo killing at least thirty three people that have been travelling between lumumba she the second largest city and the town where when it you railed and crashed into a ravine there were thirteen oil tankers on board the train which caught fire a senior official from the national rail company said that the train was not
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supposed to be carrying passengers south korea's military says north korean troops have shot and injured a fellow soldier as he tried to defect to the south it happened near the border village of panmunjom he's been taken to hospital a copy novak has more from seoul. according to the south korean chilling chiefs of staff a north korean soldier ran across the border just before four in the afternoon seoul time they say north korean soldiers a shop the man in the arm as he crossed the joint security area within the d.m.z. running towards the south korean building known as the freedom house they added that south korean soldiers did not fire any shots because those fired by the north did not reach the southern side the man was transferred to a hospital in the south now the joint security area or j s a is the area of the border jointly policed by north and south korean soldiers the two sides have held talks there and tourists regularly visit the area u.s.
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president donald trump tried to visit the d.m.z. jury in his trip here last week but bad weather prevented his helicopter from landing most a north korean defectors use the border with china but other soldiers have crossed into the south over the d.m.z. in the past mostly outside the joint security area involved in today's incident. now for almost a week the indian capital has been choked by toxic small cost little admissions of spikes and authorities have taken extraordinary measures to try to improve the air quality but indians say this has been plaguing delhi for years and they want government leaders to act but on the whole takes a closer look at why the air they're breathing is so dangerous. at first glance it looks like delhi is blanketed by a thick wintry fog but the sheer number of people covering their mouths shows this is something more sinister for almost a week people have been gasping for breath inhaling
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a toxic combination of microscopic particles and noxious fumes many have heeded the warning to stay home but some are getting tired of that well what are the red that's where we were we were all right in the third and for the last four or five days but finally we know how much we don't know what i will say this is it will be clearer to me at times delozier has been almost ten times worse than the chinese capsule beijing a city bishan known for its battle with pollution here's what makes the smog so dangerous air quality is assessed by counting measure with a diameter of less than two point five micro meters we're talking absolutely tiny here around thirty times finer than a human here so small it can only be detected with an electron microscope and small enough to get into your lungs and pass into the bloodstream causing heart and respect tree problems the air quality index puts the upper limits for good ear at
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no more than fifty and the highest and most hazardous level on their index is three hundred plus the count for delhi times of the last few days has climbed to double that up past six hundred mosques my make people feel better but they offer little real pretty. action from air pollution like this experts say it's the same as smoking forty to fifty cigarettes a day construction projects vehicle fumes and home fires during winter are all being blamed but most believe farm fires are the main culprit here farmers in neighboring states clearing their fields by burning them it's against the law but it's also cheap and easy and every year state governments are accused of turning a blind eye emergency hospital admissions have risen between twenty and thirty five percent government leaders have ordered the closure of more than six thousand
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schools halted construction and to limiting trucks to only those carrying essential supplies forecasts of rain in the coming days my office some response might but forecasters say is a lonely be temporary and the meantime those who can a staying home but many others in delhi simply can't afford to nor do they have the money to get to hospital when the smokey gray has becomes too much to be year. and dizzy or. or that's it for me here in london particularly in doha thank you very much felicity watching us on facebook coming up next controversy over a christmas commercial the on festive reaction of some shoppers to a u.k. supermarket which includes muslim and still ahead on the news great saudi arabia reopened some. people. have an update on a humanitarian situation in yemen do stay with us. how
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i will start with a quick check on the weather around the quake zone there in iran just around the border with iraq and you can see it does stay large to try a little bit of cloud floating through but i think it will be of the weather variety rather think a cloud there into eastern parts of the region so might see some western weather just pushing into the north of pakistan helping to disperse the pollution the smog and the fog that we have here let's say for the higher ground up towards kabul it could even fall as you know for a time just going on into wednesday the wintry mix makes its way further east which is a little cold of a couple around nine celsius iran iraq staying dry and settled in the south whether you're standing right across into the advance of beirut getting up to around twenty three degrees in the sunshine plenty of sunshine across the arabian peninsula just
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notice a little bit of cloud across northern parts of saudi arabia here in doha temperatures at about thirty one degrees so quite a keen breeze a little bit of lifted dust and sand said the possibility over the next day or so suspect those winds falling a little lighter as we go on through wednesday meanwhile we see some very heavy showers into eastern parts of south africa plenty of clouds showing up on the satellite picture here a little bit of wet weather too extending its way into mozambique with a chance of showers for zimbabwe. short films of hope. and inspiration. a series of short personal stories that highlight the human triumph against the odds. if we could afford four hundred people what you know here to be want. to be on
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the bed are going to be fed a free copy for everybody one hour jazeera selects at this time. and monday put it well on. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for the dry river beds like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their countries have been truly unable to escape the war. the big
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. headlines on al-jazeera and the stories trending on al-jazeera dot com at number one they're not surprisingly the. iran iraq quake what happened and why more than four hundred people are now known to have died and that death toll is expected to rise also train in the czech republic's tiny muslim community subject to hate and interesting opinion piece on the new crown prince of saudi arabia also trending warm hamad bin salman be a radius of blood a mere protein and rescuers no race for survivors after the run iraq earthquake
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mourn those stories and much more on our website al-jazeera dot com. and an update now on the iran iraq earthquake and the situation rescue efforts in iran which has been very badly hit by this earthquake most of the casualties are in iran iran sits on a major fault line between the arabia and you're a ship plates and has experienced deadly earthquake say in the past in two thousand and twelve two earthquakes jolted northwest iran killing at least three hundred people four hundred people died in two thousand and five when a magnitude six point four tremor rocked the city of iran in the southern province of care mon that's in the southeast of iran but the most deadly earthquake in recent memory occurred in two thousand and three when a magnitude six point six earthquake struck the city of bam in the southeast of iran killing around thirty one thousand people or let's get an update now on the
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rescue efforts after this latest earthquake in iran joining us from tehran via skype is months away by gary who is the director for international operations at the iranian red crescent society thank you very much for speaking to us the earthquake i know struck in remote areas have you teams been able to access these areas. yes actually i can say that fortunately the grace and rolls are open and but. happened in the very best areas in the cities and in the villages are arms but the rescue and relief operation are running there and what sort of what are the teams finding right now when they arrive in these areas just how badly devastated ah these regions actually. at the first almost do
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a bit in the first hours of the after the occurrence of the earth's quick relief teams and rescue teams from probably shall branches which are a bit neighboring branches of the city is just dispatched to the area of us who are there their relief and rescue operation because at this time the rescue operation is is at the priority for they are on your records on society and more than five hundred villages and some cities actually are covered by these these operations you say more than five hundred villages are covered does that mean you're expecting the death toll to go up further it stands right now at four hundred seven i believe and that's for both iran and iraq do you fear that this number could be much much higher in the coming days. we are not expect expecting there are any. but. not i mean not big rising but
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maybe some few numbers maybe change yes ok thank you very much for speaking to us months or a big airy from the rainy and red crescent society joining us there via skype from tehran you know if you've been affected by this earthquake in iran and iraq and you are able to send us pictures of the devastation and also share your experience with us if you're able to do that please send us your comments and photos all different ways to connect with us on your screen right now you can also whatsapp us pictures if you have them number one seven four five or one triple one four not. moving on and ethiopia's foreign minister has arrived in qatar to hold talks with the emir it's the second time the two leaders have met this year in april to mean been how model funny travel to out is how about ways signed eleven joint agreements to boost economic cooperation between ethiopia and qatar let's bring in natasha go name now
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who is following the story for us from doha natasha qatar in ethiopia have a burgeoning relationship if you know pierre was the amir's first stop in africa when he took office what are we expecting the two leaders to talk about on this visit and how important is ethiopia to qatar right now. fully not only is there a burgeoning relationship between qatar and ethiopia qatar is sure to remember that ethiopia was an ally during a very trying time the ethiopian prime minister and foreign minister arrived in qatar more than five months after the gulf cooperation council or g.c.c. crisis began that's when a saudi led bloc of countries imposed a blockade on qatar in an attempt to isolate it saying that it enables terrorism something that qatar denies and what's happened is that the saudi led bloc has. asked other countries pressured according to analysts other countries and neighbors
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of ethiopia's to take sides but ethiopia ethiopia has not only opted to remain neutral it has called for dialogue encouraging the parties to come forward in an attempt to resolve this rift in the meantime as you said the amir in april chose ethiopia as the first country in africa to visit during his time in office a recognition of just how dominant a role ethiopia plays in the horn of africa the two countries i have already signed as you mentioned eleven agreements of cooperation in the areas of infrastructure tourism the country of qatar is investing heavily in infrastructure and renewable energy projects and the emir has encouraged the business community here to continue investing it's also said that ethiopian agricultural products products have an open gateway here in this country also fully on the topic among topics to be discussed
6:38 pm
is counterterrorism because as you know the horn of africa plays a very geo politically strategic role not only in africa but as well the g.c.c. thank you very much for that natasha name lifeforce stay in doha now as i mentioned the spin over. effects of the g.c.c. dispute has been we shaping the already troubled horn of africa region these are the countries that make up the horn of africa if you opiah eritrea djibouti and somalia are now in the saudi deadlock brocade started in june different countries to different sizes eritrea cut ties with qatar prompting doha to withdraw peacekeeping forces from a disputed border area in neighboring djibouti this provoked some unrest as a ritual quickly sending its own troops to seize the territory djibouti also sided with the bloc and downgraded ties with kata so malia chose to maintain inertial stance sodger e bay it's his biggest trading partner and has been keeping is been helping riyadh
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in the war against the rebels in yemen and it's also been letting qatar use its airspace in sea dispute broke out in june and ethiopia has also refused to take sides in the crisis well for more on this knowledge speak to me he's a researcher and analyst focusing on the horn of africa for the foreign policy website international policy digests he is in baidoa in somalia via skype very good to have you on the news great first of all tell us why this region is so important to the middle east why is a growing middle east involvement in the horn of africa why is it strategic. we understand this. so in the one. immediately. all of.
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this is. so before we get into the impact the crisis has had because as we've seen some countries have had to take sides others have chosen to remain neutral tell us about how the gulf countries whether it's saudi arabia or qatar how exactly are they are establishing their presence in the horn of africa what are they bringing to these countries and what are they getting in exchange yes. on the news out of this to sort of give me in there weren't. going to be a solution and also there is and it's. the third of the. listeners it is the yemeni government. who support. group of. the rebels and you. know let's say you've got security since.
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the point of us part is in march. to its. military move us in front of it with a difference even more in yemen right also in iran saw us a. small country that was merely. missiles ok yes so we're we're we're seeing and we're shocked about how the relations chip has evolved now talk to us about the impact the g.c.c. crisis is having on the horn of africa whether it's a positive or negative one what if this crisis continues if there's a prolonged crisis what impact is it going to have on the region. and that in the.
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face is like how. both horse people i met at the bar for the companies that support the don't don't be so do your little group like you do bt. one lately to. get benefits on the. button and getting financially but a list of is all going to get the. account that they need for less money maybe. a very high but. you the money in. it not going to bother them i didn't like their. money we had it live for the less than you can buy the farm i am under so numbers we're not going to. school with a good. class. on the far right.
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with their front lawn and. we're going to places. so. that could be that could be very bad for somalia andy thank you so much for speaking to us. international from the international policy digests joining us there via skype from baidoa thank you for your time now an update on the situation in yemen and saudi arabia has said it will reopen some of them in sports and airports to allow much needed aid for millions of people facing a famine access will be reinstated over the next twenty four hours a saudi led coalition fighting in yemen had tightened a brocade after who the rebels fired a missile towards riyadh a week ago now the united nations is warning the risk of famine is growing in areas in the south of yemen near the port of aden but also expanding in the north this map is by the famine early warning system which is used to track food crises around the world the areas in red indicate emergency levels just one step below critical
6:44 pm
famine and you can see that between september of this year and the next three months the region in red is expanding very dangerously now djibouti is a hub for relief operations for yemen and we've got al jazeera as mohammed our door who is in djibouti for us he joins us now live from the port of djibouti mom and i know that much needed aid supplies awaited waiting to be loaded on to ships to send them to yemen we've talked about this on the newsgroup yesterday just first of all how much aid is stranded in djibouti and do we know when it's going to be able to be sent. well these cupla not arriving so it hits on piling up but the last count of two thousand tons all medical. was radical supplies us well. crude for the being people of yemen as well as
6:45 pm
collapsable water congo water purification tablets have been around that are the portal to djibouti and it is operating from here say they are in a race against time they say they cannot afford. a lot in the delivery of these aid which is much needed in yemen they're talking about four to five percent of the country's medical facilities in operation only and they say that these medical facilities need these supplies to be able to continue to provide lifesaving service to the people particularly in this time also of the color response thank you very much for that mohammed ideal for us in djibouti and the humanitarian crisis in yemen in pictures on our website al-jazeera dot com yemen's war no one knows when he's going to die some very powerful soldiers on
6:46 pm
there to check him out if you can on al-jazeera dot com. now right here is back our social media producer to tell us about somaliland and a very important election there but social media there's a crackdown on social media as this election is happening and it's something that we're seeing across africa right now when it comes to elections fully with these elections of begetting a lot of traction online with the hash tag somaliland votes out of a population of four million over seven hundred thousand people are registered to vote now as you can see in this video there are some very long lines being formed with three candidates in the running and members of the ruling party as well as two of the opposition running for that hot spot and these are the results of the third elections in somaliland declared independence in one thousand nine hundred ninety one but most people are hopeful for a peaceful day as a young says she has posted saying that only in somaliland for all presidential
6:47 pm
candidates come together one day before the election to ask people to vote peacefully and some the same was also echoed by the e.u. ambassador to somalia where she says there were long and orderly lines of people but there are also some there were quite concerned about the vote that it could actually split along clan lines this is what a model of a car had to say she's an analyst from the cape institute. the movement of clan leaders and politics in the middle east have been more evident almost. directly moved into politics which is trapped in a small and fragile democracy however the party system in somali has provided stability in recent years. peaceful lives and now the national electoral commission wants to shut down social media jury in the election was all with the aim really of calm backing fake news and this ban includes facebook twitter
6:48 pm
whatsapp snapshot instagram viber and many others and this measure as i said earlier is following other african states like uganda and gambia where internet connection was blocked during their elections but everyone is happy about that either the somaliland human rights center has submitted a petition to the supreme court to challenge this decision we heard from hama jamal who took part in writing that document shutting down of social media he said. after. the supreme court has not accepted our petition i believe that ban is just going into effect about forty five minutes ago so are you in somaliland or observing from abroad still let us know using the hashtag aging is great or missed me directly on it. thank you very much for that another media story now and after initially resisting pressure the russian state owned media. in the us is now
6:49 pm
expected to register as a foreign agent the deadline for that registration is close of business on monday instruction from the u.s. department of justice comes under the foreign agents resists registration act. it was introduced in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight to counter prone. to organizations or individuals engaged in political activity on behalf of a foreign government once registered r.t. will have to label anything it produces making it clear its reports distribute it on behalf of the russian state is a requirement is undemocratic and violates a right to free speech it says it will challenge the decision in court not controversy around artie's coverage is not just limited to u.s. officials in the past some of the networks all anchors and reporters have been critical of the coverage one even quit live on air take a look at this because i work here for our t.v. doesn't mean i don't have editorial independence and i can't stress enough how
6:50 pm
strongly i am against any state intervention in a sovereign nations affairs what russia did is wrong i admittedly don't know as much as i should about ukraine's history of the cultural dynamics of the region but what i do know is that military intervention is never the answer and i want sit here and apologize or defend military aggression personally i cannot be part of a network funded by the russian government that white washes the actions of putin i'm proud to be an american and believe in disseminating the truth and that is why after this newscast i'm resigning of more on this story in a speak to james kirchick was a visiting fellow in the center of on the united states and europe. and project an international order and strategy at the brookings institution he joins us from washington d.c. apologies there for mispronouncing your title thank you for joining us so our t. says it will comply with demands to register as
6:51 pm
a foreign agent but they say of course our challenge is decision in court first of all what is this going to mean for their operations and do you think this decision by the justice department is a fair one. it's absolutely fair r t is clearly an instrument of a foreign power it is not an independent media institution like the b.b.c. or france twenty four or deutsche of l. you often here are to compare themselves to those institutions it's just not true never mind the content that r.t. produces which is basically conspiracy theories and anti-american propaganda it's the man in the management structure the review the b.b.c. as an independent board that oversees it they have rules about fair time for different political parties and views there's nothing like that at r.t. we don't know they have a very opaque management structure and vladimir putin isn't self admitted that the entire purpose of r.t. is to promote the russian view but honestly i want to fetch of this you let me just ask you this let me just but this year if it's not
6:52 pm
a fair one you say you know why now it has been on air since two thousand and five has to coverage really change is this not about just russian allegations are allegations of russian interference in the twenty sixteen u.s. presidential election. that's part of it but look this law has been on the books since one nine hundred thirty eight the problem is that it hasn't been enforced very often i believe it's only been six or seven convictions under farah the fact that paul manna for it was able to do what he was doing for so long and only now is being brought to justice for it is an indication that the justice department has been very lax in enforcing this law look during the cold war profit tass very well known soviet media institutions their representatives in the united states has had to register so the issue here is not. changing its content or anything it's frankly been lazy enforcement on the part of the u.s. government ok so as you say are. of course we know disputes this accusation that it's a mouthpiece for the kremlin and it's a it's
6:53 pm
a news organization that provides alternative taken out tended to take on global events what do you say to those who say that this sets a dangerous precedent that the u.s. wouldn't do the same thing to china perhaps that the chinese channel c.c.t.v. . well c.c.t.v. probably should be registered as a foreign agent a newspaper that they distribute in the united states by the chinese government is registered as a foreign agent let me just be absolutely clear here there is nothing in farah that prohibits speech it's not saying that r.t. can't you know say that the earth is flat which is basically the kind of stuff that they put on the air we're not saying that they can't do that it's simply providing transparency so that the american people can be informed that when this network says things like the world is flat that they know it's coming from the russian government that's all that they're being asked to do ok thank you so much for speaking to us james kirchick of the brookings institution joining us there from
6:54 pm
washington thank you for your time let's find out what people are talking about in sports today here's tatiana it was a momentous occasion for the united states in tennis they claimed their first fed cup title for seventeen years in a thriller again ellery's in minsk this is also the eighteenth time the u.s. has won the fed cup title peeta summit has story for us. chasing history the united states had not won the fed cup since two thousand. had never won it after the opening day singles rubbers the two teams were tied at one one vendor way gave the americans the advantage as she did on day one by winning her fixture. she defeated. seven six six one. sloane stephens was next on court stevens has endured a miserable run since winning the us open she has lost every match since then and the train continued as she went down to alexander assassin of h four six six one
6:55 pm
and eight six. and sued was down to a deciding doubles rubber band away teaming up with shelby rogers for the u.s. . represented by subway lenka and cessna beach the visiting team taking the first see six three and then after a. the second set battle triumphed seven six to ensure over rule victory. this is amazing i've been dreaming about this for a very long time since my first ever fed cup tie and do it one of my best friend and really there are no words for that she's such a leader for this team she's been here all year long for us and this moment is so special unbelievable what it maisie never heard by all four players a swig it's been incredible the atmosphere was something special it's a day will never forget. the story of the show was undoubtedly vender way she was unbeaten after winning both of her singles matches before playing who post in the doubles triumph the us have now extended they recruit eighteen fed cup titles he
6:56 pm
just emit al-jazeera. the winter the attention and congratulations of fellow american sports stars as well and one of those is serena williams the twenty three time a grand slam champion tweeted this congrats everyone on team usa has tied fed cup final and she uses the fed cup as well billie jean king is a former american well number one she won thirty nine grand slam titles during her career she also led the usa to the title when back in two thousand and nine when they beat spain she posted this on her twitter usa wins the fed cup for the first time since two thousand congrats kathy reality who led the team to that win this year and all the fans who support them hash tag champions and of course we couldn't miss out on getting some fan reaction as well this tweet from lorena you can keep fighting and talking trash about coco van the way but what she did this weekend for her country is remarkable and she deserves all the respect for this ok time for
6:57 pm
a quick look at other sports news trending after a busy few days all over the world the new england patriots are the talk of the n.f.l. right now off to tom brady's eighty six road victory handed them a seventh the winner of the season not surprisingly they topped their have c. east division mark mark has as one of four the moto g.p. title in five years no doubt next year will try to win three in a row for the first time after when a tear in a row now for the second time and brazil's formula one driver philippe massa had an emotional stand of the brazilian grand prix he's one more race left in abu dhabi but sunday was his last in brazil and take a look at this the most in a message from his son. and. you. wherever you go i try to you i know you may doing an eleven year start so i really. emotional today. because of all of you guys thank you very much for everything that we passed together for the support. and it's.
6:58 pm
that i fell to the. making the bus recycling. don't forget to share your thoughts and videos with us using the hash tag a.j. news go to tweet me directly a time on a funny it's back to you thank you very much for that that will do it for today's news great remember would love to hear from you keep in touch with us on social media at all times the hash tag as ever a.j. is great and all the other ways to get in touch with us right here from me for me back to one hundred thank you for watching we'll see you again tomorrow at fifteen hundred hours g.m.t. by.
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