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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 14, 2017 2:00am-3:00am AST

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paul you would if be recompiled like that to make a fire right about the time that we get fair and just stop yeah innovation and tradition. at this time. in the united states rights activists are still being targeted you have a message making that you found. one facing surveillance from both the police and the f.b.i. this is not law enforcement. cold lines investigates the scope of these agencies tactics and the impact on civil society. confidential surveilling black lives at this time. this is al jazeera.
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hello i'm rob matheson this is the news our live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes the search for survivors continues in iran where an earthquake has killed at least four hundred people and iran's president is expected to travel to the hardest hit area on tuesday. a possible breakthrough over the long disputed the south china sea with asio an eye on china agreeing to negotiations. cancer scare we made a mother who is more afraid of the health system in rio de janeiro than her disease . and the italians couldn't do the job the four time champions go down to sweden taking them out of next year's football world cup. thousands of iranians have been left homeless after suffering the country's deadliest earthquake in more than
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a decade at least four hundred people were killed and more than seven thousand injured the u.s. geological survey puts the epicenter on the border between iran and iraq's semi autonomy kurdish region most of the deaths report. and so far in iran's mountain and shop robins the worst hit town appears to be. on the iraqi side there are reports of extensive damage in the nearby town of hung shallop ballasts reports. this is the a.p.c. enter of damage after sunday's earthquake on the iraq iran border it's supposed. to come and shop province more than three hundred of the dead lived here thousands were injured. i was under the rubble of a destroyed wall it collapsed on my head the rule area is overwhelmed this is what's left of the only hospital in the area medics improvise in an open field iran's government has sent in twenty helicopters and created four field hospitals
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using trucks of medicine and buses to treat the wounded those whose injuries were too severe were transferred to the capital tehran. net there were no facility has no access to electricity no water. in the seconds that the earthquake rolled through at nine eighteen on sunday night and used to make should sivan two thousand people became harmless iran is one of the most seismically active countries in the world several fault lines cross the country twenty six thousand people were killed in a single earthquake in two thousand and three. in iraq the common at this time the destruction cross the border. the building was flattened by the earthquake that struck yesterday at a fellow a seven member family we managed to rescue only five of them or the other two were killed was the first time i've ever seen an earthquake it's a divine act that no one can prevent because of fear losses it's believed that many people are still under the rubble search and rescue dogs have been brought in and
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ever to play their work will see the death toll rise aid is streaming in via air and rose the turkish red crescent deployed fifty five cargo trucks and nearly one hundred staff to iraq on monday. so less. help to stop war in iraq president hassan rouhani will travel to the worst hit area of kermanshah on tuesday as a show of support and to oversee risky work the true cost of this earthquake still becoming clear charlotte dallas. how does it i have it correspondent i mean a fundie is on the iran iraq border and sent us this update. that we are here in the area of daraa banda can cite the west of seoul a mini it seems that this recent earthquake that hit the area last night has caused serious damage to this. large cracks can be seen in the body and bridge of the day
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the manager of daraa bound and told al jazeera that initial estimates show large damage has been caused to the x. total face and body of the day. but he said that assessing the damage internally would require sensors to make more detailed evaluations a specialist team who specialize and traveled from baghdad and another team came from arab able to assess the diabetic and specialized u.s. army team will be arriving soon to assist in assessing the volume of the damage and destruction that affected. the rocks which fell from these mountains caused massive damage either to the or the surrounding properties and other structures the tremor caused rocks to fall from these mountains and spread more than five hundred people have been injured seven from this area and one from diyala which is in the sights of this area. for international operations at the iranian red crescent society she says first priority is trying to rescue anyone stuck under the rubble. it's quick happened in the very vast area in the cities and in the villages around but
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the rescue and relief operation are running their bidding the first hours of the after the occurrence of the earthquake relief teams and rescue teams from probably shell branches neighboring branches of the city is just dispatched to the area. relief and rescue operation because at this time risky operation is is at the priority for the you know on your request on society and more than five hundred villages and some cities actually are covered by this operation aid groups are preparing to send much needed supplies to yemen after saudi arabia said it will start reopening some of the country's ports and airports saudi placed a blockade in yemen a week ago after what the rebels fired a missile at riyadh the u.n. is warning millions of people could die in the world's worst famine in decades
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unless the measures are left to completely thousands of tons of aid meant for yemenis stranded in djibouti from where muhammad out reports. aid distin four yemenis loaded onto our ship in djibouti humanitarian agencies say they in a race to respond. thousands of tons of food and medical supplies distin for human stranded in the port the pro-government so do let me the chip which is fighting a whole three levels has imposed a blockade on ports in yemen. it's easing some of the restrictions but. we are working day and night we operate three eight hour shifts a day we want to be ready to move as soon as we get the go ahead. imagine going to transported from djibouti by and by sea is small. but due to the huge backlog committed by the blockade this is having to use much bigger vessels this
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particular consignment consist of medical supplies for the call and response. and water purification tablets as well as food for human children enter this is saying any further delay in the delivery of this aid could lead to the loss of lives aid workers say yemen's talks of fuel and drown out soon there is a tragedy unfolding and children are the silent weak timms since the current blockade the humanitarian community has been unable to bring in the essential food nutrition and medical supplies including scenes that are one million children at risk of diseases such as polio measles and diphtheria if the essential vaccines are not brought in urgently. position between the gulf of aden and the red sea has long been prized by military powers aid agencies are following the military
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lead and establishing a major presence. significance increased in the past two years because of the civil war in yemen just one hundred sixty kilometers from its coast. this wild food program hub in djibouti contains grain silos and climate controlled. and other essential medical supplies there is always has been issues and has a happy user that is a very very close to little human. being. like. the airport. infrastructure in yemen has been destroyed by talk. killed at least one thousand seven hundred people in the past seven months in addition to many more war dead the u.n. says the conflict has pushed seven million yemenis to the brink of funding. aid.
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husband never been more needed to have it at all just. so idea arabia's ambassador to the u.n. has been defending the kingdom's announcement that it's only partially lifting the blockade in yemen diplomatic editor james bays has more. saudi arabia has announced that aid is going to be allowed in but only to places that are controlled by its military coalition aid is not going to be allowed to ports and airports which are under who think control the problem with that is that eighty percent of yemen's food normally comes in through the data port and that is under who think control with regard to the u.n. their statements on this are very careful because of the political sensitivity but if you read between the lines what they're saying is this is too little too late and the ports that we need access to or the ones where the humanitarian needs are the greatest and that includes data and salif. sea ports. obviously we
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welcome the opening of other other ports but those are the ones that we need later in the same room saudi arabia's ambassador flanked by the ambassador of yemen and the deputy ambassador of the united arab emirates took questions from reporters they were asked why they were planning to lift the blockade selectively doesn't this lay you open to accusations of using starvation as a weapon of war no no far from it we are we are saying that we have had to take measures to control the safety and security of our country and we have taken these measures on a temporary basis and for a short and limited period of time we are lifting the siege in the areas where there is no threat of smuggling we are taking steps to improve the verification mechanism in the other areas and in the meantime we have not stopped the supply of humanitarian aid to all of you haven't from saudi arabia and from from elsewhere
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the saudi ambassador denied reports that the president of yemen president had he was under house arrest in saudi arabia it's perhaps remarkable that moments later he was asked exactly the same question about saad hariri the prime minister of lebanon who resigned in riyadh last week and he was still in saudi arabia. on saudi arabia as u.n. ambassador has also addressed the recent anti corruption crackdown in his country he said detained members of the royal family will be granted due process crown prince mohammed bin salman has had dozens of high profile saudis detained in recent weeks including billionaire prince while you've been told all those arrested are accused of money laundering bribery and exploiting public office for personal gain critics have dismissed the move as a power grab by the crown prince u.s. president donald trump has been meeting southeast asian leaders at the summit including host president george you go to the white house says human rights issues
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and detailed his war on drugs were discussed but the philippine government says they weren't allowed in dog and has more from manila. when he was sworn into office philippines president was very good at that just says that could she will be cutting ties with the united states but now more than a year later and as chairman of the association of southeast asian nations critics is now singing a different. you're leaving. he promised to pursue an independent foreign policy being away from the u.s. while building closer relations with china and russia those who want to support him now see the kind of relationship between the philippines and the united states.
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foreign policy independence from the dictates of the united states of america. it's donald trump's first trip to the philippines since he took office security experts say top of his agenda are the growing tensions in the korean peninsula he'll also be meeting with leaders of asean member states all of our diplomatic ties with north korea but have unanimously condemned pyongyang's nuclear weapons program over the weekend three uis aircraft carriers carried out joint exercises off the east coast of south korea worrying many here that the situation shows no sign of the escalating the south china sea dispute is also on the agenda together with the growing influence of eitel in the region and the ruhi a crisis in me and mark the thirty and shop are meeting on the sidelines bilateral discussion that is making many here nervous but trump says the two countries have a great relationship trump wants glossed over deterred to so-called war on drugs
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which has led to the deaths of more than ten thousand filipinos thanks and far from the glittering halls of sea and protests continue in downtown manila. this band been going on for more than thirty minutes now and it shows no sign of slowing down protesters are chanting the word coup which means poppy harlow they say philippine state forces together with president hu they go there are stooges of the united states. more than two thousand people showed up and there is no shortage of zeal or anger. but the history between the two countries is so intertwined it will take more than a few protests to separate the united states from its former colony. duggan i'm just here in manila. i certainly does and china have agreed to start talks on drafting a new guideline for the south china sea the philippine foreign ministry says the
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countries will negotiate a fictive code of conduct over the long disputed territory but it spokesman gave no details on when the talks are going to begin for more than a decade leaders of the ten member bloc of struggle to reach a deal with china which claims most of the strategic waterway. well let's take a closer look at what's at stake and who claims what in the south china sea china bases its claim on the so-called nine dash line which considers a virtually all of the south china sea as its territory beijing maintains its claim is based on historical evidence dating back two thousand years but six others vietnam the philippines taiwan malaysia and i and indonesia have overlapping claims disputes along similar between them but intensified in recent years as china moved to cement its claim the un estimates the south china sea carries one third of global shipping the major trade route also has abundant fisheries natural resources
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as well as possible all oil and gas reserves. is a fellow at the chicago council and global affairs he's joining us now live from chicago thanks very much for your time this dispute over the china's he's been going on for years what are the chances that some agreement can be reached. well reaching agreement is going to be very difficult for china and aussie on in part because of the consensus decision making process this means that essentially one country an aussie and can veto any agreement and because of that i think china is going to look to take advantage and then this agreement in their favor you mentioned some of these states that have conflicting claims to sovereignty one of the states that did not does not have a claim is cambodia and increasingly cambodia has slid into china's camp so if there is an agreement that is reached and china doesn't like it it may be able to lean on cambodia to nullify any such agreement and it is to again bend it in its favor it doesn't sound to me as though very much has changed since previous talks
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in previous years what's prompted this round of talks what's changed well i think in part you know you have donald trump the us president there in southeast asia and it was just a day or two ago where he said that he would be willing to negotiate or arbitrate some of these issues on the south china sea and then suddenly you have china coming in and reaching this agreement with asio on that this is something that they can work out with themselves this looks like it's going to try to freeze out the united states that is probably china's intention and in doing so it may try to codify and legitimate some of the the island building that it's done it's taken steps to militarize some of those islands and it would certainly like to lock that in perhaps that is something that it can do with some of these agreements and that will probably be its aim in doing so it will then be able to say that see these this agreement has been reached with countries that have a stake in the region and therefore this agreement should be recognized in the u.s. should no longer have a say in what happens in the south china sea so we've seen
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a tentative agreement amongst the ass and countries in the trans-pacific partnership in the last few days we're now seeing china talking to the ass and nations are we seeing the start of a global split between china led asia's side of the world and the u.s. and its allies on the other. i think we are certainly starting starting to see that happen china has been very very carefree in its spending it has gone out of its way to fund a lot of the countries in southeast asia through development aid through infrastructure building and it's slowly looking at northeast asia as a place where it can also perhaps start to split the u.s. alliances there of course the u.s. is going to tend to rely on the western countries and increasing it looks like the united states is going to become less influential in asia it certainly is not its intent it wants to stay involved it continues to do freedom of navigation operations in the south china sea and be very involved in northeast asia with south korea and japan as they tend to counter north korea but increasingly i think
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china's influence is going to grow and the u.s. is going to have to reckon with that at some point always good to get your opinion on this thank you very much indeed plenty more ahead on the news including the russian president says his work with his turkish counterpart is producing concrete results. hundreds of politicians have been given to prove they're not. going to tell you why later in the program. and hassled joe's going to tell you why their coach wanted the media training session that's going to come up in the sport . airstrikes in a market in a rebel held town in northern syria reported to have killed at least sixty two people the syrian observatory for human rights says three strikes hit the countryside to. aleppo it's inside one of the deescalation zones agreed with tween
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turkey russia and iran it's not yet clear who is responsible for the strikes. well the war in syria was on the agenda at a meeting between the russian and turkish presidents in sochi. said their work in syria is producing concrete results and reza tell you about one said he agreed with putin to focus on a political solution to the conflict he said the deescalation zones have provided the necessary groundwork. we have discussed the most recent development in syria deescalation zones have done a lot to reduce violence in the region we have come to the same understanding that there is now sufficient grounds for resolution and very challenge has the latest from sochi. this was a curious sort of press conference in the topics which we had been led to believe was going to be the main discussion point here syria was actually talked about very
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little when the two men came out to meet the press afterwards of course they did discuss syria in the press conference so we can hear some of what putin had to say about it here now when you. of course we discussed the syrian issues in the background of the success of course you terrorism we decided we need to coordinate our efforts to ensure long term certainly to the situation we need to promote the process of a political outcome. the president the joint communique was approved to ensure the integrity and sovereignty of the country in syria person also pointed to the asked on a process and its deescalation zones co-sponsored by russia turkey and iran as being responsible for a marked decrease in violence he wants to keep that going and also say that he should meet as often as they possibly can but mostly this press conference dealt with trade before the incident two years ago where turkey shot
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a russian war plane out of the sky over the turkey syria border these two countries have had a very productive trade relationship that was completely shattered by that incident and over the last few months they have been working towards getting that back on track again russia has been lifting the embargo put in place and getting frozen infrastructure projects like energy pipelines and nuclear reactors bringing those out of the chiller and getting them moving again we haven't quite got there yet they said in this press conference but the relationship is almost back to where it was before lebanon's president says he's happy to hear prime minister saad hariri will be returning to beirut and is considering taking back his resignation that he made those comments in an interview in riyadh on sunday the instability in lebanon has sparked fears of a wider conflict with israel paying particularly close attention how the faucet
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reports from west to receive them. israeli troops rehearse another war with hezbollah these exercises the largest in one thousand years took place in september two months on some are wondering whether lebanon's political crisis might set the stage for the real thing this causes are going to have great concerns over the developments in the middle east the fact that the prime minister has fled to another country obviously leads destabilization eleven and there were already several areas of instability behind those fears of the extraordinary events of the last ten days which have seen the lebanese prime minister side hariri summoned to saudi arabia and announce his resignation and the leader of hezbollah accuse the saudis of declaring war the israeli media have been full of speculation about the intentions of the saudi crown prince mohammed bin sandman one theory is that he's trying to destabilize lebanon in order to spark a war in which israel would defeat hezbollah and deal a blow to their common enemy iran even if that theory were correct there's little
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sense among analysts here that israel would at the moment be willing to play along it will certainly be an enormous test at an early stage of the recent warming in relations between saudi arabia and israel. not least because since the last lebanon war in two thousand and six hezbollah soldiers have been battle hardened in syria and its missile arsenal has swelled in size range and destructive power on the israeli side defense minister avigdor lieberman has repeatedly this year promised that in any future conflict israel would seek a decisive clear victory all of which would risk a largescale conflict eleven years ago just because both sides have incentives not to go to war doesn't mean they're not going to go to war all it takes is one miscalculation of you know from one side of the other response to you and then there's a response to the response and back and forth and all of a sudden you're fighting a war that you didn't want i really gave a t.v. interview on sunday raising the prospect of his return to lebanon and even to office if he's uneasy partners in power hezbollah stopped intervening in the war in
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yemen is a sign at least of a potential deescalation in a crisis being watched intently from israel al-jazeera west jerusalem al-jazeera has obtained an exclusive audio recording of deposed egyptian president mohamed morsi in court in cairo the former leader was sentenced to death and twenty fifteen in connection with a mass jailbreak during egypt's twenty eleven revolution he's also be sentenced to lengthy prison terms in three other cases in court on monday morsi said he is completely isolated from the proceedings and is being tried in absentia. since september the twenty fourth i've been completely isolated from the court there are double grasp areas i've tried to talk about the case but the court has not seen or heard me i can't a witness is and i can't talk to them and i should communicate with the court when i have things to say at the previous sitting i heard the witness and i want to comment on what she said but i couldn't she said folks words that are not true i'm
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being tried in absentia but they say i am present i don't know where i am now. al-jazeera continues to demand the release of a journalist mahmoud hussein who's been in an egyptian prison since demba the twentieth is accused of broadcasting false news to spread chaos which he and al-jazeera strongly deny has repeatedly complained of mistreatment in jail he was arrested in december while visiting his family. still ahead on al-jazeera the u.k. foreign secretary apologizes for his controversial comments about a british citizen jailed in iran plus. i'm sure. our scientists. all of europe on just one cow and they're close to bringing. to market. by will never turn his back on the game again details coming up with joe in the sports talk about players.
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how are they whether. the u.s. eastern parts of kind of just a little area cloudy just pulling out into the north atlantic and then we got high pressure coming in behind it this will act as a blocking high. is applied at by that try to push in from the west ham ounce of cloud that through the central plains northern plains up towards the midwest before . she's day off name for new york they say times just getting up to around nine or ten and i have pressure caping things at least as we go on through wednesday. does push into our high. rise condense in a fair amount of rain coming in they will based on heavy downpours and snow on the northern flank lake effect snow for some cooler air coming in behind with a peg minus four celsius. just around the pacific northwest only some snow across
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the northern sections of the rockies meanwhile some very heavy rain coming in across central parts of the caribbean also cloud showing up here looks like a real wet one for jamaica because some very heavy rain into cuba pushing up towards the bahamas hispania and also sings a rather wet weather showers continue across a good part of central america the west of where the slowly the. east. sun blessed beaches breathtaking scenery but there's another reason that draws people to cyprus it's not always easy for mixed faith couples to marry in the middle east and that's why the mediterranean island has become an ideal destination for couples and love to have a civil marriage al-jazeera weald looks at what happens when romance cuts across religious lines cypress island if it didn't love at this time on al-jazeera
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the. al-jazeera. wherever you are. you're watching all this here
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a reminder of our top stories this hour that is four hundred and thirteen people have been killed by an earthquake near the iran iraq border more than six thousand others have been injured the magnitude seven point three quake caused widespread damage in both countries. aid groups are preparing to send the much needed supplies to yemen again off to saudi arabia has said it will stop blocking access to some of the country's airports and seaports but the main aid supply route the port of well only reopened once the saudi led coalition is satisfied the who things cannot use it to bring in weapons i say on leaders in china have agreed to start talks on drafting a new guideline for the south china sea the philippine foreign ministry says the countries will negotiate an effective code of conduct over the long disputed territory. french president emmanuel mccall has paid tribute to the one hundred thirty people killed when paris was hit by a series of attacks two years ago shared a hug with the front man of the band eagles of death metal who'd been performing at
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the concert hall for ninety people were killed seven monies were held across paris at the other sites that were targeted the only suspect to have survived. is refusing to talk to investigators. staying with france and promising increased investment in jobs and education to help the struggling housing projects but some residents say that six months into his term his policies favor the rich over the poor. reports. it was emanuel mccall's first visit as president to. one of paris's most troubled and well known suburbs and the welcome was it. was in that community leaders and local politicians unemployment is particularly high here and there are a few opportunities mike ross says he wants to revive towns like this giving tax breaks for investors and reducing cost sizes you mr president what message did you
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bring the need to guarantee the support the c g. i convey a very clear message of hope but not a naive one of the commitment of the whole nation. is trying to shake off its reputation in france as a no go zone twelve years ago two teenagers were killed here by electrocution while hiding in a power substation off to being chased by police an incident which sparked three weeks of violence and revealed the depths of discrimination felt by so many there's been some improvements since then but people have been waiting for years for a metro line the would provide a desperately needed link to central paris. or the metro. is the project because without it for young people studies training. is suffering. because she i'm really happy he came here to meet us and see what it's like there's
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no doubt the people here hope that a man or michael will keep is election campaign promise to help people in the suburbs but there are others who say he's already been in office for six months on the social policies that is so far. helpful to towns like. they've been tax breaks for the rich the poor have been hit with housing benefit cuts you could have been told to slash spending to help reduce france's deficit much so there's. a sense that he addresses the concerns of elites rather than ordinary people this visit is welcome it's symbolic but it needs to be about action words of fine but suburbs like ours need more than that past presidents have failed to fully address the concerns of people in the suburbs seeing them as a problem rather than as an opportunity it will be up to macro to prove that he's different. al-jazeera. carbon emissions are projected to rise
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for the first time in four years according to scientists global c o two emissions have plateaued over the last three years leading to hopes they peaked but in twenty seventeen they're expected to increase by about two percent globally according to a report by the global carbon project presented at the climate talks in bonn it's mainly down to china its emissions are expected to rise by three point five percent it's the world's top carbon emitters responsible for almost thirty percent of the global talk will followed by the us at fourteen percent and india with seven percent. well the indian government struggling to tackle a public health crisis that's now into its second week of the capital new delhi has been choked with toxic smoke leading to a spike in hospital admissions people there say they've been plagued by pollution for years and they're demanding the government do more in a honda takes a closer look at why the air they're breathing is so dangerous. at first glance it
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looks like delhi is blanketed by a thick wintry fall but the sheer number of people covering their mouths shows this is something more sinister for almost a week people have been gasping for breath and hailing a toxic combination of microscopic particles and noxious fumes many have heeded the warning to stay home but some are getting tired of that we are worried about our health that's why we are we were all right in the segment for the last four or five days but finally we've had no matter how much we can i don't say this is all it will be clearer to at times delozier has been almost ten times worse than the chinese capsule beijing a city based on known for its special with pollution. here's what makes the smog so dangerous air quality is assessed by counting measure with a diameter of less than two point five micro metres we're talking absolutely tiny here around thirty times finer than
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a human here so small it can only be detected with an electron microscope and small enough to get into your lungs and pass into the bloodstream causing heart and respect tree problems the air quality index puts the upper limits for good ear at no more than fifty and the highest and most hazardous level on that index is three hundred plus the count for delhi at times over the last few days has climbed to double that up past six hundred mosques my make people feel better but they offer little real protection from air pollution like this experts say it's the same as smoking forty to fifty cigarettes a day construction projects vehicle few in home fires during winter are all being blamed but most believe farm fires are the main culprit here farmers in neighboring states clearing their fields by burning them it's against the law but it's also
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cheap and easy and every year state governments are accused of turning a blind eye emergency hospital admissions have risen between twenty and thirty five the scene government leaders have ordered the closure of more than six thousand schools halted construction and to limiting trucks to only those carrying essential supplies forecasts of rain in the coming days my office some response might but forecasters say it will only be temporary in the meantime those who can a staying home but many others in delhi simply can't afford to nor do they have the money to get to hospital when the smoky grey has becomes too much to be here. and disease. well as the climate change conference in bonn continues what we eat is a big part of the agenda research says the global meat industry produces more greenhouse gas emissions than all cars planes trains and ships combined but
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scientists in the netherlands say they're close to bringing meat grown in a laboratory to the market for reports from amsterdam. end of future this is what making a beef burger might look like taking sales from a piece of gout and letting them multiply into cultured meats this university professor says he can grow ten thousand grams of meat from just one piece of muscle and he says we better get used to that in effect means that we can reduce the number of cars worldwide from one and a half billion to maybe ten thousand. and then we won't have the methane emissions we won't have all the resources that go into a car because of how is a terribly inefficient animal so this process is going to be more efficient. so that it produces less resources and it's not as polluted and you can let the cow live as the world's population increases the demand on food
2:40 am
supplies will also grow dramatically meat production takes up eight percent of the world's water huge amount of land and contributes almost a fifth of the world's greenhouse gas emissions average european it's about eighty six moved here that's about four hundred of these characters but what is in a few years from now. will taste exactly the same and be the exact same price as the ones here which one when the consumer kills this woman is one of the world's leading food scientist she believes that what we might find palatable today might be normal for the next generation and there are many things people have learned to eat. that their grandmothers didn't date certain for to vegetables but also certain types of fish that people didn't know about her or snails for example that many people did not eat apart from the french. i think it's a it's a fallacy to think that fruit habits are. more vile in time in fact we eat quite
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different things from our grandparents and generation that at a burger restaurant the manager has mixed emotions he worries about the damage too much meat planets but he's also suspicious of the idea of eating meat so they don't know if the fish feel like eating plastic or something even though you say that they do you have the exact same taste but well for now it's a one step before i cannot think of meeting the. science means that the cells of just one cow. could pre-fight enough meat for the whole of europe to first lab burgers are expected to be on the market within three years but even if science could solve the massive issues caused by our meat industry the question remains will we eat your downspouts al-jazeera the netherlands the u.k.'s foreign secretary has apologized for causing distress to a british citizen jailed in herat iran and her family authorities say intel around
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the same as it is a highly ratcliffe was in the country to spread propaganda she insists she was visiting family almost two weeks ago boris johnson complicated the case by saying she'd been there to teach journalism it led to concerns she could face an extra five years behind bars barco reports from london. the u.k.'s foreign secretaries been accused of cloud issue incompetence over his handling of nasa teams that gaar iraq lives imprisonment not to mention mounting calls to resign now an attempt by boyce johnson to set the record straight the british government has no doubt the missus agree rectally was in iran on holiday and that was the sole purpose of her visit and i ignore each of the words are used were open to being misinterpreted no i apologize i apologize to mrs cigar iraq and her family if i had inadvertently cause them any further. dozen names or garri radcliff was arrested in
2:43 am
iran last april she was charged with spreading propaganda and jailed for five years she said she was in the country with her baby daughter to see her parents that are iraqi lives husbands been urging the government to do more for the past twenty months with johnson's own political future in the spotlight the case is now getting more attention and i mean honestly i think it's good for nothing that people know about case and can see the injustice that's going on but obviously making high stakes politically it makes sense of the politics going on and that's all quite intimidating beyond what we're interested in which is just. prime minister theresa may as hell phone call to the iranian president to discuss the case further the british government is said to be considering diplomatic protection to safeguard her release more details are expected but there's now a new sense of urgency to gar iraq he was being monitored for possible breast cancer course i apologize for the distress of the suffering that is being called
2:44 am
a broad deals cast a shadow over british iranian relations and brings the competence of to reason may's government into question leave park al-jazeera london. surely an m.p.'s have been given three weeks to prove they're not also citizens of other countries following a crisis that led to the government losing its majority in recent weeks then peace from several parties have been forced to resign as a stray as constitution bans jule nationals from sitting in parliament andrew thomas has more from sydney this is australian prime minister malcolm turnbull's attempt to put an end to all can only be described as the jewel citizenships saga that is completely dominated australian politics for the last few weeks it was last month of course that australia's highest court threw out by even entertain us from parliament being jewel citizens even though they claim they didn't realize they were the high court interpreted the constitution in a very strict way since then other m.p.'s are revealed that their parents or
2:45 am
grandparents were born in other countries and have stood down from parliament because they also think that they might be citizens well malcolm turnbull is saying that every politician now but to some of the first half of the class where they were born where their parents born and where their grandparents were born and if any of those people were born outside of australia that politician has to prove that they have renounced any potential citizenship he is desperate the prime minister so you stop this dominate saying the political cycle into next year as well as the end of this. south korea's military says north korean troops have shot and injured a fellow soldier as he attempted to defect to the south it happened to the border village of palm on jump he's been taken to hospital kathy novak has more from seoul . according to the south korean chilling chiefs of staff a north korean soldier ran across the border just before four in the afternoon seoul time they say north korean soldiers a shop the man in the arm as he crossed the joint security area within the d.m.z.
2:46 am
running towards the south korean building known as the freedom house they added that south korean soldiers did not fire any shots because those fired by the north did not reach the southern side the man was transferred to a hospital in the south now the joint security area or j s a is the area of the border jointly policed by north and south korean soldiers the two sides have held talks there and tourists regularly visit the area u.s. president donald trump tried to visit the d.m.z. jury in his trip here last week but bad weather prevented his helicopter from landing most a north korean defectors use the border with china but other soldiers have crossed into the south over the d.m.z. in the past mostly outside the joint security area involved in today's incident. delegates at a world summit on cancer are focusing on ways to increase access to treatment while people in the motor rural areas may struggle to see a doctor there's
2:47 am
a growing trend of people in big urban areas missing out to the looks of the issues facing cancer patients in rio de janeiro. ten year old ben needs his mother's help with his studies beyond his fighting breast cancer which appears to have spread to her spine hit a muscle. she's not sure since she's been waiting for more than a year for a full diagnosis the struggle against cancer exacerbated by a battle to get weird you nearest public health system to work. i'm more afraid of the national health system than i am of my cancer the bureaucracy is so slow everything you need a biopsy a visit to the oncologist it takes so long. this is the health ministry has cut funding to real hospitals by thirty five percent this year the office last week released this footage from one of the city's biggest cancer treatment hospitals patients who wait weeks for
2:48 am
a bed equipment is damaged and there's a shortage of both staff and medicines in this hospital forty percent of patients had they chemotherapy the spoon because drugs were not available at all made it out of firstly they have to increase the health care budget especially for cancer treatment for example cancer medicine is one hospital accounts for sixty percent of the budget the budget needs to be more responsibly managed. brazil's national cancer institute is considered one of the country's best but even here patients complain about delays. i need to be receiving chemotherapy or radiation at the same time because they can't operate on me but they haven't been able to start the radiation yeah i don't know why maybe the lack of space i don't know but i don't have access. to the i'm friends paid for one examination she desperately needed they cost more than the hall they're unwilling to reveal the cancer had spread
2:49 am
possibly because of the delay in treatment i lost my mother eight years ago to the same illness she was treated in another hospital and i saw her struggle i wish i hope with all my heart that things will be different for me i want to show that people with cancer can be cured and if you shop for your rights you will receive the treatment you should. have many like her in similar situations is running out there hope is a big global conference being held a long way from home can help solve the crisis on their doorstep that al-jazeera. still ahead and i'll just say it a creative tension at the u.s. museum where they plan to settle far to work to raise funds for the future. and the corruption crackdown i'd fifo sees three more former officials appear at a new york court details just ahead with joe in the sport.
2:50 am
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now to talk of the sport here's joe. well that is it it's early out of the world cup for the first time in sixty years that's right the four time champions failed to do what they needed to in the second leg of their match with sweden the swedes went into this one holding a one nil lead from the first match in stockholm and this nil no result means that they go through to russia twenty eighteen and italy are out islands coach is urging his players to draw inspiration from the euro twenty sixteen play off against both india and ahead of their world cup qualifying showdown with denmark there at home
2:52 am
for the second leg on tuesday after holding the danes to goalless draw in copenhagen in two thousand and fifteen island one to know in dublin after drawing the first leg we've had the experience of a couple of years ago most almost of the day and those were and i mean. the evening in dublin is really fantastic and fascinating and like i know i think some of the players can draw on some part of that but i think they're probably trying to create their own experiences to. as you mentioned the crowd a really. really important if you know important. in you know much is needed even given this phenomena so forth and. you know i think that. i sometimes think our history as well. everyone is fifty. we just have to continue after the game in copenhagen with and it will just. take tonight's next ninety
2:53 am
minutes and try to get a goal that these men go. if we get one goal they have to score two so it's obvious that we will be doing that we what we did in the copenhagen which was . actually very good after a bit of planning because we had a ball a lot. they created chances enough to get a go but sometimes you don't succeed well with sweden's place now decided with that win over italy there are just three places left to be decided island in denmark of course for one peru play new zealand for another and australia take on hunger to see who will go through the socceroos true no mail in the opening leg in central america without star player tim cahill has been nursing an ankle injury the team flew back on a specially chartered plane kits that with high tech recovery quitman cahill now says he'll be fit to start on wednesday when you just had to be done there to get
2:54 am
us to the stage we choose to finish it off even now it's about enjoying the moment you know really fazed about the occasion i can't wait for the opportunity to create more history and also for us to write a. full house i want to be the style of football that we play and the status of these players in the set up with our squad you know looking forward to a positive result cahill may not be fazed by the occasion but the hundreds coach was a little stressed at training earlier he argued with a fee for official to try and close the session to media there's plenty of bad blood between the australian on hunger and media in the lead up to the first leg and jorge luis pinto believe someone may have leaked inside team information to the australians ahead of the game. has been more than two years since u.s. prosecutors launched their early morning raid on free first top echelons at a meeting in switzerland it was possible widespread corruption investigation into
2:55 am
football's governing body and now three former officials are facing racketeering and bribery charges and a new court shows amory a marine the former president of brazil soccer federation will stand trial alongside juan and health. who's the former president of south american soccer's governing body con mobile and peruse former federation chief manuel berger the former amal and so-called chief is already serving an eight month sentence as part of the same investigation fans who go to watch live sports will know the role that you always keep your eye on the ball one n.f.l. pile will never turn his back on play again after this jeff rice was blindsided on a punt return during denver's game with new england and landed on his head he stayed down for several moments and was later carted off the field by medical staff and that is all the support from our more later a judge has halted the controversial sale of two paintings by the american artist norman rockwell at the heart of the matter is whether
2:56 am
a museum has the right to sell off works that were donated to it for safe keeping for generations to come because the salumi has more. the works of norman rockwell provide a window into america's past smalltown twentieth century life whether it's after hours fun scene here at shuffled his barber shop or the bustle of blacksmith's boy these paintings were donated by the artist to the berkshire museum in the one nine hundred fifty s. but the museum in the state of massachusetts where rockwell lived and worked for the last twenty five years of his life fell on hard times and decided to sell them my grandfather gave them to be viewed by the people the birchers probably in gratitude. to the director and to the museum i think the museum is losing its soul i think it's. you know it's very clear that it is a mission around science history an art and has decided to sell the art in order to invest in the other parts of the mission. norman rockwell's descendants
2:57 am
aren't the only ones upset about it but the museums board which turned down our request for an interview says it's been losing a million dollars a year and needs to raise money to revamp its site to attract new visitors. a massachusetts court has delayed the sale after the family of the state attorney general's office sued the state argued the sale also opposed by the association of art museum directors and the american alliance of museums may violate the museum's responsibility as a charitable trust are critically rosenbaum says the move would set a bad precedent allowing cash strapped institutions to potentially convert public treasures into liquid assets the metropolitan museum couldn't find the money for its expansion that it's planning to do but it didn't sell the rembrandts that's not the way to do it what you do is you pause you postpone you make some cuts i mean laid off some people and you just wait until you can get the consensus and the
2:58 am
donors support that you need or risk the sale of iconic works such as those of norman rockwell to private collectors where the american public won't get a chance to see them kristen salumi al-jazeera. well lauren all the stories of course as always on the web site al-jazeera dot com that's it for me robotics and for this news hour i'm going to be back in a moment with more of the day's news see them public.
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violence and discrimination are all too familiar to many women in india a reality too often reinforced by molly. but its leading star is throwing his weight behind the cause. they're doing and using his celebrity to advocate for gender equality. the snake charmers comic con witness at this time on a. search for survivors continues in iran for an earthquake has killed at.


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