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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 14, 2017 12:00pm-12:34pm AST

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because everybody was out. at this time. when the news breaks it was an announcement if you were expecting to hear by announce my resignation as prime minister from the lebanese government and the story builds i can't stop thinking about my life when people need to be heard a mass exodus hundreds of thousands of. ethnic cleansing you mean marvel bangladesh al jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you more award winning documentaries and live news on and on line. a day of mourning in iran after an earthquake kills at least four hundred people
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and leaves tens of thousands homeless. and this is al jazeera live from coming up. it's clear from the nature of the steps taken and the rhetoric used by the bloc countries that they don't want to solution to the crisis. neighbors of underestimated the strength of his people living under blockade. exonerates itself of blame over the crackdown against the rangoon rakhine state. and in italy they calling it the apocalypse as their football team fails to qualify for next year's world cup. rescue workers in iran have spent the night digging through rubble searching for survivors after a powerful. quake struck near the iraqi border an estimated four hundred thirty
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people were killed and seven thousand injured in the magnitude seven point three quake iran has declared tuesday a national day of mourning iran's president hassan rouhani has traveled to come onshore province to oversee rescue or so of course who isn't so near the quake's epicenter in northern iraq and obviously devastating pictures behind you to tell us more about the scenario and what's happening there right now. and yes we're in which is the most effected town in northern iraq it is almost four hundred kilometers to the region. in iran when you walk in the streets you don't see anything much you see a few buildings have collapsed but most of the buildings are bad the damage here and the government made a call to people on the night of the earthquake that they shouldn't enter inside
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the buildings and the aid agencies humanitarian aid agencies have been providing aid and medicine to here also providing some tents and other equipment also there is another town which is there which is also. impacted by the day by the earthquake and just like about hoping over ago we had the kurdish officials visiting the home to check out the latest that just. people are here what are the conditions of the buildings and for now we see turkish red crescent here active on the field both in. and. providing humanitarian aid also turkey's. disaster and emergency administration management director rate is also here but the town is. quiet for now people are out on the streets as i said and many of the
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buildings are damaged a people are trying to stay away from their homes to be safe but the most critical thing here is that about this on them. it was on the risk during the earthquake and yesterday. the manager of the dam egg gave a statement that everything is fine there is no then just with the body if something happened with them all these all those people in these thousand the surrounding areas i must have been evacuated which is a risk like the most of them risk that we had that we have faced more than a year ago ok and again for the people that are still pretty frightened about what might happen what are you hearing about iran and the impact of the quake there because obviously it hits hardest that. yesterday not to leave
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it in the saddest part of the story is in iran as you have also said before talking to me. and i. am living in the region and around is trying to work with the rescue teams about there are many people left on the developers this is what we hear and of course as the time as the time passes people lose their hopes about the people who are left on their the rubble whether they're still alive or whether they're going to be so vibing or not it seems the coastal sayers is going to rock going to be a rising as the verse is a rescue teams are still searching for the people people's bodies which are lost it's a bit on the iranian side this is what's we hear from our colleagues that only talk with aware they're. provided by the government is continuing to were there and people are at the the hospital. medical trucks and others.
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have been brought to the area but of course this is a little bit quiet compared to iran here that's the most. part of the story. i thank you for that and. more than sixty people have been killed in airstrikes in a rebel held town in northern syria the syrian observatory for human rights says three strikes it's a market in the countryside of. aleppo it's inside one of the so-called deescalation zones which were green between turkey russia and iran. is more from gaza in top near the turkey syria border. according to activists and rescue workers a number of strikes hit this town of in the northern countryside of aleppo province we have seen heightened activity in and around aleppo province in the south we've seen
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a number of attacks as government forces are consolidating their visions against opposition fighters and also now these attacks in the north where opposition fighters say government forces are making moves obviously to try and consolidate their positions and push opposition fighters back this strike happened in at a busy marketplace with a number of people had gathered and according to civil defense sources most of the people who were killed were civilians it happened as the two leaders of turkey and russia were meeting discussing the very issue of syria and how their progress has been made on the ground when it comes to civilian casualties and avoiding them but it is also interesting that the location that these attacks happened is very close to return troops are placed as well if the problem is just about thirty kilometers away from the town of so it is going to be an interesting a balance for the russian and syrian. it's history and you're trying to positions
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where they do not drag into the fight the turkish soldiers were present on the ground in turkey in syria. they are consolidating their support and consolidating their positions in and around the city of it live where there has been an agreement that has been met between turkey russia and iran about a power sharing agreement and how to bring an end to the fighting in the north of to. catch as amir says its neighbors have no desire to end the gulf crisis saudi arabia the united arab emirates when an egypt severed ties with qatar in june and imposed a land sea and. latest. qatar's leader remains defiant describing the blockade imposed as unfair and violating diplomatic norms checked i mean been hammered then he says qatar is willing to start talks but national sovereignty is a red line. as you are all aware has been subjected to an unjust and
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unlawful measures that violate all the values and norms established not only among friendly countries but also among enemy by nature of the measures taken and the rhetoric and conduct adopted it has become evident that the blockading countries are not aiming for a solution or settlement it all started in june when saudi arabia the u.a.e. bihari and egypt sever diplomatic ties with qatar and imposed a land sea and air blockade they accused qatar of promoting extremism accusations dismissed by the qatari leadership as fabricated lies kuwait and the u.s. are trying to heal the diplomatic where ft but saudi arabia and its allies say the sanctions against qatar will only be lifted when qatar meets a list of thirteen demands including shutting down the al-jazeera media network
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closing a turkish military base and downgrading ties with iran. the five month crisis continues but says the blockade in countries under is to me the will of the qatari people here with her to the series of measures to break the embargo such are starting new shipping routes to ensure food supplies continue well. qatar in the good tories are capable of thriving and progressing whether the siege ends or not we do not fear being boycotted by these countries we are far better off however vigilance is needed and they have not stopped that the blockade but continue to interfere with our domestic affairs the emea made his speech of the opening session of the parliamentary advisory body called the shura council for the first time i mean appointed for women to the forty five member council last week they'll help draft laws approve the budget and monitor government performance the
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emir appoints one third of the council two thirds are elected plans for full elections to the council have been delayed for the past nine years carter's leader we to rater the gulf crisis won't deter his country from pursuing political and economic reforms. catcher as a mere says its neighbors have no desire to end the crisis that's after those countries severed those ties in. myanmar as military has cleared itself of committing any atrocities against the rehang minority in rakhine state rangar refugees accuse me and maher security forces of massacres rape and burning of villages but the military says it carried out its own investigation found no wrongdoing the army crackdown forced more than six hundred thousand people to flee to bangladesh scott died more from
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a mass capital naypyidaw. released on the myanmar commander in chief's facebook page late on monday the investigation an internal investigation carried out by the military here on its actions in the reconstitute over the last couple of months has exonerated itself saying that those who carried out this operation this anti-terrorist operation as they coined it in the western recon state say that they had of themselves within the rules of engagement now this is was met by human rights activists around the world as a white washing of what took place over the last several months in rick enclave that sent over six hundred thousand range into neighboring bangladesh now it's interesting that they say you know detailed that they didn't carry out any killings murders of innocent civilians no rapes and no torching of villages again this goes directly against what i witnessed as have been saying in neighboring bangladesh those who have fled now it will be on wednesday rex tillerson the u.s. secretary of state will be visiting here in naples or the capital will be meeting with top military officials rex tillerson already met on the sidelines of aussie on
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down in the philippines with on song suchi the civilian leader of this nation rex tillerson tomorrow on wednesday with meeting with the military leaders will be interesting to hear what comes out of that if anything we really haven't heard any schedule we haven't been notified of any public statements to come out of those meetings canada's prime minister has made man mas' leader and santucci into action summit just in today says he highlighted concerns about the treatment of the minority. canada will continue to support r.c.s. humanitarian political efforts to find a sustainable and just solution to the ongoing crisis and we will also continue to work with the governments of myanmar and bangladesh to allow for the safe return of displaced people. during my excellent discussions with the state councilor we discussed the importance of the recommendations put forth in the final report of the advisory commission on the rakhine state which will help chart the path forward towards
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a peaceful resolution of the conflict and we discussed how canada can help achieve this goal that was a sez he spoke about human rights with the philippine president rodriguez debt and that was something u.s. president donald trump failed to do it too angry scenes in manila protests his call for trying to go home after he failed to condemn detents as war on the illegal drugs trade the crowds burned a giant u.s. flag. charmes for now i'm off to the caring is twelve day trip to asia success some americans disagree i watch as correspondent kimberly alcove looks back on the president's longest foreign try yet. he promised to speak frankly to the chinese reassure japan over is north korean fears and deliver a strong message on trade in the end president donald trump's messages were muddled at best. on his trip to tokyo trump checked all the right boxes on security in north korea visiting with families of people abducted by the regime but will alain
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japan's fears about a north korean attack he later insulted kim jong un personally in a tweet even suggesting in the same tweet he may someday want to meet the north korean leader visiting china the president took no questions from the press at beijing's request something they always ask of u.s. presidents but are not always granted and well he talked tough on chinese trade it was this remark that got the most attention but after all. who can blame a country for being able to take advantage of another country. for the benefit of its citizens i give china great credit. indeed many analysts believe china not the united states emerged as an even bigger power following the trip while trump criticized asian trade practices she praised open
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markets but he's got a lot of cash that he's throwing around asia and so a lot of countries they are wary but they also are beneficiaries of that cause another problem many presidents in the past have used foreign travel to downplay domestic trouble trump did the opposite he failed to press the issue again of russian meddling in the twenty sixteen u.s. election when meeting with russian president vladimir putin every time he sees me he says i didn't do that and i believe i really believe that when he tells me that he means it that prompted widespread criticism forcing trump to clarify his remarks during a press conference i believe that he feels that he and russia did not meddle in the election as to whether i believe it or not i'm with our agencies in the philippines the trumpet ministrations said it raised the issue of president rod rico to tear tace human rights abuses but that claim was later denied by two terror taste
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spokesman still donald trump is promising a major policy announcement on trade on wednesday a potential chance to correct what many believe may have been a missed opportunity abroad kimberly held at al-jazeera washington. still ahead on . a wider conflict with israel paying particular attention. the same snow showers continue to rumble away across a good part of southeast asia carter sixty one millimeters to fry in the space of twenty four hours and they say to the day shall as they will continue i think the heaviest ones there will be filtering back towards central and southern parts of vietnam over the next dials to see some wet weather coming back in here that is
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these showers feed across the south china sea. at around thirty degrees celsius some attempt for bangkok a chance of wanted to well see some wet weather once again into singapore were to kuala lumpur and the wet weather continued to drive as well little further south jakarta still in the mix here more heavy rain coming through we could see rain breaking the heat across southern parts of australia over the next couple of days the fire ban stays in place for the southeastern corner but this band of cloud and rain that will come through adelaide still getting up to around thirty celsius earlier on in the wake but back down to around twenty one degrees by wednesday heat remains in place there for melbourne at around twenty nine degrees at least for wednesday off no come thursday there is the change cooler wetter weather starts to push its way into temperatures struggling to get to around eighty degrees celsius where the southerly blow on the winds.
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demain the intersection of reality and comedy and post revolution to. mission to entertain educate and provoke debate through. weapon of choice. and internet look at what inspires one of the most popular comedians to make people laugh. at this time on al-jazeera. and again the top stories rescue workers in iran have spent the night digging
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through rubble searching for earthquake survivors national day of mourning is being held for the estimated four hundred thirty radians who were killed seven thousand were injured on sunday night near the iraqi border president hassan rouhani was flown in to oversee the rescue work there may have blockading countries have no desire to end the five month old gulf crisis and they are underestimating the will of the cattery people checked i mean been home a dolphin he says council is willing to start talks but it won't be dictated to or surrender sovereignty. has cleared itself of committing any atrocities against the rangar minority in rakhine state rangar refugees accuse me of security forces of massacres rape and burning of villages but the military says of carried out its own investigation and has found no wrongdoing. that of lebanon's maronite church is in saudi arabia for
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a rare visit as political tension escalates between the two countries. bashar rah is the first lebanese official to visit the kingdom since prime minister saad hariri unexpectedly announced his resignation there more than a week ago arion says he is free to leave riyadh but lebanese officials believe he's under house arrest the instability sparked fears of a wider conflict with israel paying particularly close attention to a force that reports from western recent israeli troops rehearse another war with hezbollah these exercises the largest in one thousand years took place in september two months on some are wondering whether lebanon's political crisis might set the stage for the real thing this causes or who would in fact have great concerns over the developments in the middle east the fact that the prime minister has fled to another country obviously looked destabilization in lebanon and there were already several areas of instability behind those fears and the extraordinary events of the last ten days which have seen the lebanese prime minister side hariri summoned to
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saudi arabia and announce his resignation and the leader of hezbollah accuse the saudis of declaring war the israeli media have been full of speculation about the intentions of the saudi crown prince mohammed bin sama on one theory is that he's trying to destabilize lebanon in order to spark a war in which israel would defeat hezbollah and deal a blow to their common enemy iran even if that theory were correct there's little sense among analysts here that israel would at the moment be willing to play along it will certainly be an enormous test at an early stage of the recent warming in relations between saudi arabia and israel. not least because since the last lebanon war in two thousand and six hezbollah as soldiers have been battle hardened in syria and its missile arsenal has swelled in size range and destructive power on the israeli side defense minister avigdor lieberman has repeatedly this year promised that in any future conflict israel would seek a decisive clear victory all of which would risk a largescale conflict eleven years ago just because both sides have incentives not
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to go to war doesn't mean they're not going to go to war all it takes is one miscalculation of you know from one side that the other responds to and then there's a response to the response and back and forth and all of a sudden you're fighting a war that you didn't want i really gave a t.v. interview on sunday raising the prospect of his return to lebanon and even to office if he's uneasy partners in power hezbollah stopped intervening in the war in yemen is a sign at least of a potential deescalation in a crisis being watched intently from israel that al-jazeera west jerusalem hundreds of members of the pakistani religious party are blocking the main highway to the capital level what they see as straights to the country's strict blasphemy laws the ruling party set up a firestorm last month when it made changes to an electoral oath which critics view as blasphemous the government has since retreated and apologized but that's not enough for religious groups has come all hiding reports. to government in all
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problems. they did i'm not sure we're going to bring up. religion. the minute. there were that warning wait for the government go back drag however i don't care now ok they were definitely at. the airport. and. that day will go. then you do block their their order in a brief. until the resignation of the law minister their whoredom rift born for doors amendments were to be blocked remember this is a country where people are deeply religious and they do not warrant any change. for me laws it's just that there's a cultural and it's been going on for
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a long time on this cover opposed to be opened on the culprits responses all these types of changes and amendments they need to be found out they need to be brought to the forefront and be held accountable the government on the other one hundred or daybreak are all the problem they have logged all the main avenue leading to islamabad causing hardship to ordinary people but they're saying they really norden move. us in leaders and china have agreed to start talks and joshing and new guidelines for the south china sea the philippine foreign ministry says countries will negotiate an effective code of conduct over the long disputed territory but he gave no details on when the talks will begin for more than a decade leaders of the ten member bloc of struggle to reach a deal with china which claims most of the strategic waterway. the chinese president xi jinping zambia infrastructure projects is facing some serious head of
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the plan aims to revive ancient trade routes to connect asia europe and africa but in indonesia the construction of the first chinese high speed rail way has been stalled for more than two years steadfast in reports from beijing. traveling from beijing to london in just a few days might be a bit too optimistic the ambitious chinese plan to connect and re feisty old silk road is facing some serious delays the so-called one belled one road initiative is the crown jewel of president xi change things presidency and the plan to call next china to africa europe and out of parts in asia is even adopted in the country's constitution during the last communist party congress it's fond of president she's a mission the expense chinese influence in the world that believe life the glowing days of trade of seven hundred fifty years ago by the modern day silk road is facing some serious bombs insurgencies corrupt politicians and local villages a delay in projects in indonesia laos thailand and pakistan the high fees train in
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indonesia connecting jackass at the london has yet to leave bales because of problems with permits and land issues in pakistan insurgents attacked trades and chinese workers and in laos the train is being built amid huge controversy about the pricing although china sas all conferees will benefit from the one bout on the road initiative many conferees are wondering what they have to gain although camel caravans are a thing of the past it will take some time before modern technology is and place. french president emanuel mccrone is promising increased investment in jobs and education to help the struggling housing project but some people say that six months into his term his policies favor the rich over the poor touch about the reports of it was emanuel mccall's first visit as president to. one of
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paris's most troubled and well known suburbs and the welcome was. in that community leaders and local politicians unemployment is particularly high here and there are a few opportunities michael says he wants to revive towns like this giving tax breaks for investors and reducing cost sizes to mr president it what message would you bring it on a need to directly support the c g. i convey a very clear message of hope but not a naive one of the time commitment of the whole nation. clichy sous bois is trying to shake off its reputation in france as a no go zone twelve years ago two teenagers were killed year by electrocution while hiding in a power substation after being chased by police an incident which sparked three weeks of violence and revealed the depths of discrimination felt by so many there's been some improvements since then but people have been waiting for years for
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a metro line the would provide a desperately needed link to central paris. for the metro. the project because without it for young people studies training. is suffering visit i just want. to show you i'm really happy he came here to meet us and see what it's like there's no doubt the people here hope that a man or mark or will keep is election campaign promise to help people in the suburbs but there are others who say he's already been in office for six months and the social policies that he's so far have been more harmful than helpful to towns like this was that they've been tax breaks for the rich the poor have been hit with housing benefit cuts local authorities have been told to slash spending to help reduce france's deficit the things that you like so there's there's a sense that he addresses the concerns of elites rather than ordinary people this visit is welcome it's symbolic but it needs to be about action words of fine but
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suburbs like ours need more than that past presidents have failed to fully address the concerns of people in the suburbs seeing them as a problem rather than as an opportunity it will be up to macro to prove that he's different natasha al-jazeera. for the first time in sixty years italy's football team of failed to qualify for the world cup the four time cup winners drew nil nil with sweden in a play off it was a game they had to win legendary goalkeeper john luigi before and also announced his retirement ending a twenty year international career that included winning the two thousand and six world cup you know. we're all tears this evening because we did our best and this will chase us forever it's incredible to lose and even now we're struggling to realize.
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at the top stories an al-jazeera rescue workers in iran have spent the night digging through rubble searching for earthquake survivors and the actual day of mourning is being held for the estimated four hundred thirty iranians who were killed seven thousand were injured on sunday night near the iraqi border president hassan rouhani has flown in to oversee rescue work. amir's says its neighbors have no desire to end the gulf crisis saudi arabia the united arab emirates bahrain and egypt seven ties with cateye in june and imposed a land sea and air blockade. i'm talking to you with all transparency we mean what we say when we say we are ready for agreements through dialogue based on mutual respect for sovereignty and shared commitment but on the other hand we know that the indications we receive say seach countries don't want to solution these countries with this attitude have opened a new stage in the relations between gulf countries we have benefited from this
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experience it brought out the best from this people we contributed to shaping its national identity and reinforced the national unity with the leadership. military has cleared itself of committing atrocities against their will hang a muslim minority in rakhine state rangar refugees accuse me and mars security forces of massacres rape and burning of villages but the military says it carried out its own investigation found no wrongdoing the army crackdown forced more than six hundred thousand people to flee to bangladesh. canada's prime minister highlighted the suffering of a hangar at a meeting with mammals leader and son suchi at the assy and summit just in today says he also talked about human rights with philippine president rudra go the ted to that was something u.s. president donald trump failed to do and it led to angry scenes in manila protesters called for trying to go home after he fell to condemn to ted says war on illegal drugs the crowds burned a giant u.s.
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flag for the first time in sixteen years italy's football team of failed to qualify for the world cup the four time cup winners june elna was sweden in a play off it was a game they had to win. those are the headlines the news continues on al-jazeera but first let's turn to my team is here. yes.


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