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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 15, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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al jazeera says so where ever you are. violence and discrimination are all too familiar to many women in india a reality too often reinforced by bollywood. but its leading star is throwing his weight behind the cause of the movie to the territory and using his celebrity to advocate for gender equality. the snake charmers comic con witness at this time on a zebra. i
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know i'm maryam namazie this is the news hour live from london coming up. troops in the streets as a mob weighs military takes power confining president mugabe to his home. warnings that malnutrition is killing an average of one hundred thirty yemeni children a day before saudi arabia blockaded the country's bortz. fears of catastrophic flooding in iraq after cracks appear in a major dam caused by sunday's earthquake. as indian children protest against pollution and polemical tells the u.n. climate talks the power supply it was just the start. and i'm planning hummus with all the sport including decision to host the twenty twenty three rugby world cup. are both going france's way despite the official recommendation that south africa
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states the f.m. . military has confined president robert mugabe to his home after taking control of the country soldiers are patrolling the capital harare and heavy gunfire and explosions were heard earlier on but the military has denied that this is a coup the takeover follows a bitter battle over who will succeed the ninety three year old president which split the ruling zanu p.f. party into two main factions the low cost group support sack vice president. while the younger g forty group backs will gabi some popular wife grace a long time ago ally has strong support among the armed forces and it was his sacking last week in favor of grace which led to the military action so live now to our correspondent. following all of this in harare and tell us how are ordinary zimbabweans viewing these events in the country what does it mean for
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people many of whom have only ever known robert mugabe as their leader. well it's late a lot of people who have gone to worth and gone to school are back home and many are watching the main news bulletin it's are now hoping to get some kind of official update on what is going on the country and that seems to be one of the major problems is that there aren't getting enough official updates and there's a lot of speculation the mood has been mixed and mixed emotions some people were celebrating happy that the army did what it did others say the course is they concerned worried that if this drags on for too long it won't be good for the country politically and economically this was the mood on the streets on wednesday . parts of harare are now on lockdown and soldiers an armored vehicles have blocked roads to government offices parliament and the courts people say they are cautiously waiting to see what happens next many are relief so far there has been
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little violence i can see. as usual no more business to present. around freely. the country's war veterans say they have had enough of president robert mugabe many helped keep him in power for nearly forty years. should have been recalled from is. president and first. the mob his army said on wednesday the president robert mugabe and his wife are safe in their private residence south africa's president jacob zuma said he was concerned about the situation in a phone call with zuma mugabe confirmed he was fine we would like to call for calm and restraint. particularly to the defense force and also to two forces and i have also. conducted the president.
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whom i had. time to to talk. and he is fine but find in his home zuma plans to send a special envoy to the country. the crisis began on tuesday with reports of military vehicles rolling towards the capital good morning the army gave a statement on state television insisting the situation is not a military takeover we are only doing criminals are only. crimes that are causing social and economic suffering in the country in order to bring them just hours after issuing the statement the army again restated its position. the state run newspaper printed a special edition on wednesday afternoon in its in the army says president robert mugabe is still head of state and commander in chief. the bobbins of only known one leader since one nine hundred eighty the mugabe family is an institution some
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people love the president and his wife grace mugabe are the say over the years the mugabe's have destroyed the economy this is uncharted territory for the country zimbabwe's military has said soldiers will only return to the barracks when all those who the kids are trying to destabilize and destroy the party from within have been arrested. southern african leaders say they're concerned about what's happening here in the way the delegation sent by the so that we can president jacob zuma has just landed in harare they are currently at the airport they're expected to have a series of meetings with the mugabe is also with some members of the army and some members of the rulings on appear party we also know there's going to be a special meeting in botswana tomorrow that's thursday acetic meeting as a regional bloc here in southern africa is a special meeting that will take place they will discuss the bar where they'll discuss didn't we mainly and so it does seem that there is a regional push to try and deal with this crisis sooner rather than later and you
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mentioned very. consumers there he had said that he had spoken to a robert mugabe and that mugabe is at home and is safe but of course all eyes now are on the man of the moment and that seems to be amiss and no longer. exactly we know that he's out of the country is a bar winds are now wondering waiting watching is he coming back when these economies are coming back when he does come back way he comes back what role is he going to play we know a sudden zimbabweans who supported him saw him as the heir apparent the one who took over from closer mcgarvey one day in the rulings are a party in terms of hierarchy he is the most senior member and he has a lot of support being a former war veteran so all eyes are on him a son with a lot of zimbabweans are waiting to see what happens next when he left he told about was he would return soon to lead them and even a wait and see what he meant when he said that well thank you so much carmen tasa
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bringing us all the latest from harare bernard smith now looks at the political background that's led to this intervention. the stakes are just got higher in the battle for who will succeed zimbabwe's ninety three year old president last week robert mccarthy fired his deputy as he spoke his politically ambitious wife grace was by his side. president mccarthy said vice president. had started consulting witch doctors to find out when i was going to die the news was delivered to a crowd of supporters from the youth wing of the ruling party zanu p.f. youth wing is loyal to mrs mcgarvie she's the most prominent face of a faction called g forty. with a man pushed aside was honing his political skills when grace mccarthy was still in high school. is nicknamed the crocodile his ability to survive he's closely aligned
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with the military and a veteran of the struggle against british rule that counts for a lot in zimbabwe grace mcgovern was probably learning very quickly but not fast enough you know she would lose her temper and she would be screaming at these people this goes back to twenty fourteen when joyce majeure who was vice president then was dumped and emerson and god were the guy who was dumped but is now back. was was was with that you know with grace so he's a very very fluid shifting fraction of fights going on the military's intervention comes a zimbabwe faces another economic crisis people sleep outside banks because there's a chronic shortage of currency they want to be first in line for restricted access to their money and employment is estimated to between sixty and ninety percent this is created and an economic collapse because the last time that mugabe was really under threat was that towards the end of the one nine hundred ninety s.
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and then the so-called war veterans pushed him into a corner and he said well i need your support go and get twenty percent of the land and i'll go for that and you know that created an economic crisis. as robert mugabe has aged the struggle for his successor has intensified but all the while everyone has been careful to publicly show deference to a president who is held in high regard by most of. the forty faction does not command the same respect now that the army has stepped in. i have gambled and lost. al-jazeera. i can now speak to. an independent zimbabwean politician who is a former member of the wings on a p.f. party joins us live via skype from the capital harare thank you very much for taking the time to speak to us first of all how would you describe the situation in the country right now. very bad news.
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for those very good news because this is a timely. intervention by the military and it's quite as a member of parliament to want to a section of the constitution clearly talks about the role of the military in terms of being the ones to protect the national security of the country and the interests of the country and the territorial integrity there with which to do what they're doing because there was no stability in the country as a result of the first lady. from the president the people elected as a president not great. and so i can i ask you does that mean you think that this is a temporary intervention by the military and that they will essentially hand power . there is absolutely nothing like a say the thing military to restore order in the ruling party you've got to understand these drugs on the pier it's born out of the liberation struggle the
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founding principles of the struggle i imperative as about wins some of the commanders in the army will commanders in the liberation struggle you've got the war veterans as well so they're all as been part of zanu p.f. we ever thought they were not part of zanu p.f. was certainly naive because that the ones who brought about the liberation struggle and are the ones who led the free don't we have today so how can you do force them from zanu p.f. they have a right to the new p.f. they remain the trustees of sun if we have and they have a right to intervene once they believe that the revolutionary party is being hijacked has been through so many the aspect of corruption it's critical just for our own information ministers jumbos house which was invaded and he was arrested he had ten million u.s. dollars cash on you and then he said can i ask you can i ask you and listen i want back in the country now where there is in the country are not the mistake that
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president mugabe did was to fire one of his loyalist the last men standing in zanu p.f. who defended him who took all the flak for him and suddenly because it was due elevate his wife to being president then to being president after twenty eight he then decided to discard the lawyer. so it is it is it is it your anticipation then that when i got go i will essentially take over now when he is back. there is absolutely no debate. what is popular and the way grayson got the went about attacking he gained more supporters became more sympathizers and he controlled nine out of the ten provinces in zimbabwe as a result he was seen as the third that is the reason why the president and i all i put one point to you and i understand what you're saying and you mentioned the the problems around grace of god but actually many people might say that emerson when i
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got one because he is very much part of the political establishment that has been built by president robert mugabe he too stands accused of taking part in a crackdown on political rivals the man at the top might be about to change but that doesn't guarantee that it will result in a better future for the people that. he is a lawyer by profession is a right to uphold the rule of law he's a business person he's somebody who know him very well he's very accommodating at the same time the trouble us you cannot have this is a ruse having their monopoly of the president's use from the qur'an and i'm glad to say that the. thing military the defense forces have gone beyond tribalism cost us is he sees that zimbabwe is safer you know democratic process even within zanu p.f. and extraordinary congress most choose who ever that believe must lead and he knew
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very well that he was supposed to be to be in two zero zero four but when the king of market valley then used the gender card and allowed to come in yet not go get one the election to twenty fourteen you kicked out and brought you know it's time to straighten he is quick to expel. people but you knowledge ribbon this and that is well thank you thank you we appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts with us and to give us a sense of how things are playing out there in the capital harare temba melissa an independent zimbabwean politician thank you all developments in harare a being watched closely by the large number of zimbabweans in south africa tanya page has reaction from that. johannesburg is the bustling economic hub of south africa and that's why it's such a magnet for so many zimbabweans who come here to work the people arriving into the
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country this is one of their first stops this is the bus station in joburg we've been talking to people here many of whom think what's happening in harare at the moment is a positive this is russia now in zimbabwe. because since the army took power. and now the president is not. just because he's. trying to serve used to enforce a but i can feed my family i want to change that way so that we. do the crimes that we have tried to be employed by but if. we. do it because our country we don't enjoy our country anyway some of the people here don't want to talk on camera they're a bit scared because they are about a hundred times involved with but other people feel that they're comfortable being critical we must. not lose them so that the people of zimbabwe
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elected government of the choice. that will be. one of those any dramatic change in zimbabwe will have a big impact on all its neighbors that's why there is generally a sense of uneasiness people wait to see what happens next. and watching the news from london still to come. the u.n. says up to a million children in syria have been orphaned and are risk of being indoctrinated by all groups as lebanon's president directly accuses saudi arabia of holding prime minister saad hariri hostage and i knew lachlan invites harry and his family to for months. i mean sport australia shoot for a place at the world cup in russia that story and that.
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now save the children says almost four hundred thousand children in yemen are in desperate need of treatment for acute malnutrition but says aid agencies are struggling to reach them because of funding shortfalls the cholera outbreak and obstructions by the warring parties even before saudi arabia blocked access to airports and ports around the country it estimated that fifty thousand malnourished children under the age of five would die this year an average of one hundred fifty a day thais and her data governorates are suffering the most with ten thousand children predicted to die this year in each region malnourished children have weakened immune systems making the more likely to contract and die from diseases like cholera and pneumonia well yemeni officials are denying reports that the saudi led coalition has allowed ships in to deliver a much needed aid on monday saudi arabia said it would start reopening some yemeni ports and airports it closed them nine days ago after who the rebels fight amisse islet riyadh last week but officials at the data which is the main entry point for
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the aid say that it remains shot no ships have arrived since the saudi closes well for more on this i'm joined via skype from sana by russia as director of operations at save the children in yemen thank you so much for taking the time to speak to us and these figures are absolutely stark four hundred thousand children in yemen needing treatment for acute malnutrition fifty thousand malnourished kids under the age of five could die this year what can you tell us about the a that is getting in how much in terms of food supplies are getting in from what you know in the capital. well for the moment no eight supplies is getting and no humanitarian supplies are allowed into the country it's at import opened two days ago but it's not enough it does not replace a day to port sendai airport remains closed humanitarian supplies are not allowed
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in or out there is no supplies in the country they sufficient to respond to the increasing needs. people need assistance immediately they need food they need treatment money is children they need assistance there are unable to sustain our their health their allies in this dire situation and as humanitarians we need to have these supplies delivered to the country and delivered to our health facilities to our treatment centers immediately as soon as possible before it's too late to save the children and today we're talking about fifty thousand children estimated to die of money attrition by the end of the year but if this blockade is not lifted immediately there will be more children dying and had to be very hard to contain this dire situation can you help us put the the current situation into some context yemen was already suffering from the crippling
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blockade what has been the different you are saying that nothing is getting into sun are right now what is the difference in the delivery of aid and supplies under that you already crippling blockade and then the a tightening of the closures that happened in the past week. well at least in the past i mean there was there were some supplies they were able to bring them to her date of court even through aid import even though it does not replace the capacity of her date of course we're still able to transport supplies by land from aden to the other regions in the country but today we're still facing a land blockade of well in addition to the sea and air located if we're unable to fly in our aid workers run it with the bring in humanitarian cargo with airlift we're talking about vaccines now waiting for quote children waiting to be lifted and then airlifted to to yemen and now we're unable to bring them. so even the
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situation to one a half years of conflict in yemen already. exhausted the country exhausted the people there's no income in the country people haven't received their salaries they parents are desperate they're helpless they don't know how to feed their children or when they're going to have their next meal and our the look a it's making becoming worse because it's. looking also as a humanitarian workers the humanitarian agency is bringing this aid and delivering it to people in need we're talking about over twenty one million people in need for humanitarian assistance seven million people are facing like famine if the situation does not improve and if this blockade is not limited and medium. well thank you very much for taking the time to speak to us rochelle has from save the chin children in yemen and really best of luck with your work there is well
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thank you the united nations says as many as many as a million children have lost one or both parents since the war in syria began more than six years ago it's warning that there are great risk of falling into the hands of traffickers or being indoctrinated by armed groups so a bunch of aid reports from an orphanage on the turkey syria border. moments of happiness like this must the reality for many of serious children that are one hundred orphans at the center you know position controlled the city. we were in our backyard when my father was killed in an airstrike then jets came and killed my mother and my sister. that story reverberate through these small corridors almost every child suffers from trauma and psychological stress or they recall the horror of what felt like being hunted. we were in our home when jets killed my father we moved to another neighborhood when an airstrike killed my
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sister later in another basement a bunker buster bomb killed my mother we didn't bury her we just left her under the rubble. caregivers have limited financial support in addition to salaries the boys and girls sections need more help and the building needs repairs to weather the winter. hundreds of thousands of people have been killed in syria which according to some estimates has created almost a million orphans and that creates challenges not just for their well being inside syria but also in countries where they're living as refugees. this orphanage on the border between syria and turkey is a pilot project to integrate children. in addition to kids who lost one or both parents syrians in the area can leave children in a boarding school. boys and girls have separate schools and villages where they
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live as extended families. the newly built space for train staff is a sanctuary especially for girls their teachers say the freedom to live and lead their lives independently will give them a chance to flourish. in a few. years teachers help children to cope but they don't forget marian visits her little brother every night to remind her of the family she once had. i was five armed men loyal to the government attacked and rounded everyone up then they opened fire and killed everybody my mother got in front of us and took the bullets me and my brother spent two days under the blood and the bodies i've had so many operations on my wounded leg. six years on the harshest reality is that thousands of children in syria continue to live in similar agony every day. some of the zero.
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on the turkish syrian border now the french president emanuel is saying that he's invited the lebanese prime minister saad hariri and his family to spend a few days in paris it's thought they'll travel there in the coming days he called it an act of friendship not an offer of political exile invited her area after speaking with saudi arabia's crown prince harry announced his surprise resignation in riyadh last saturday prompting criticism from iran and the lebanese group hezbollah a move had been made under duress earlier lebanon's president michel aoun accused saudi arabia of holding harry and his family hostage. this is an act of aggression against lebanon and this is a violation of the vienna convention in the bill of rights this isn't a resignation this is an aggression on our independence sovereignty and our dignity . well new york times reporting that u.s. officials are increasingly concerned by recent actions on the part of the saudi
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crown prince saying that it could damage u.s. interests let's get more on this now from patty call hane in washington d.c. patty what are you hearing about this. well so far the state and pentagon we've reached out there not commented on the record but just to give you an indication of what's in this article the two headlines are the upstart prince who is storing caution to the wind in the even bolder headline at thirty two he's begun a war and jailed his rival's what's next there are some interesting tidbits in this new york times article again we haven't been able to independently confirm it but it says that when the crown prince went to arrest eleven of his fellow princes and of almost two hundred prominent business people jelling them in we believe the ritz carlton that it's so spooked investors that money started to pour out of riyadh to the extent that this according to the new york times that seventeen of those who have been captured basically have had to get medical treatment and that the crown
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prince's and forces are basically saying if you want better treatment give us some of your assets trying to shore up the economy now so the arabian officially comment the embassy here on this article but it also goes on to say that prince najaf who was deposed by king solomon and prince m.b.'s or as he's known around here and in this article that his assets were also seized and another interesting tidbit if true is that the big part of the economic push from an b.s. as he's known was to the list some of aramco on either the london or new york stock exchange next year the times is reporting that that is no longer going to happen because of all of this controversy the bigger question though is why is this showing up now from unnamed u.s. sources well oftentimes what we see happen because we know president donald trump has sent his unwavering support to the crown prince's moves now we're seeing unnamed sources from the intelligence community in the u.s. the defense department the state department sending
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a warning through the new york times saying that they are growing increasingly concerned by these moves the resignation in saudi of the lebanese prime minister was one that we saw officially the state department the white house. say that's probably a no go so this in many ways the way things work in washington you don't want to necessarily contradict the president with your name or on the record but you sometimes send messages not just to the white house but to foreign capitals with what's written in the new york times in the message from this article is that they're growing increasingly concerned by the moves of this young prince all right thank you very much patty calling in washington d.c. . al-jazeera continues to demand the release of its genesis which is saying he's been an egyptian prison since december twentieth saying is accused of broadcasting false news to spread chaos but chained down jazeera strongly deny repeatedly complained of mistreatment in jail hussein was arrested in december while visiting his family. and watching al-jazeera still to come venezuela signs
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a multibillion dollar debt restructuring deal with russia. we'll tell you about the five year old boy who's living and working in a brick factory in argentina. or the man in the mosques works to guide his team to a thirteenth straight when. the weather remains largely dry unsettled across the middle east little bit of cloud just pulling out of afghanistan towards the himalayan plateau another area cloud just running in across the caspian sea but elsewhere it is largely sunshine all the way to run seventeen celsius in the sunshine back that actual around twenty six degrees that fine weather continues to just around the levant by rote getting up into the mid twenty's over the next couple of days mid twenty's to on friday for
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baghdad for the south will struggle to get to twenty seven in kuwait city it is starting to cool down a little now but it's a cool across but then getting up to around thirty here in doha over the new. too bad light winds should feel pretty pleasant so lots of hazy sunshine coming through meanwhile we've seen some rather heavy rain coming into parts of south africa recently the southern and eastern cape in particular this is port elizabeth with fifty six millimeters of rain and that wet weather will remain in place as we go on through thursday perhaps a little bit of snow there you know just over the high ground some rain too coming into central parts of mozambique into zimbabwe at times that rain could be pretty heavy. be seeing some big downpours so it's a big downpours recently entered gabon fifty one millimeters of rain here those heavy showers continue across the gulf of guinea. demain the intersection of reality and comedy and post revolution tennessee
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a. mission to entertain educate and provoke debate through such a. weapon of choice. and intimate look at what inspires one of china's year's most popular comedians to make people. hack at this time on al-jazeera the story that's the guy does impact them it would probably be the magic on a message that if my nose died and ran where there were no very few television. on that's. to dismiss some of the times the story develops the story and. the time that i want to view it in malaysia like english because the news is not and you don't miss any of the news and you. unlike.
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the watching the news out look at the stories making headlines zimbabwe's military is confined president robert mugabe to his home after taking control of the country soldiers are patrolling the capital harare but the military denies it's a coup. save the children says it estimates that fifty thousand yemeni children under the age of five would have died of malnutrition this year and the french president says he's invited the lebanese prime minister saad hariri and his family to spend a few days in paris as well travel there in the coming days from saudi arabia. now. of protesters in nigeria's commercial capital are demanding they be allowed to
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return to their homes and. community amnesty international says thousand people have been displaced in violent force in the actions from the lucrative land over the past year. they waited months for help but it never came. so the headless protesters march of government house value not to leave until they get an answer some came with the tools of the trade they say seven thousand people live desperate conditions. your way the loss of his home was particularly tragic. and his friends were trying to spin in the bullets from the police ruffle the boys and hit my son in the neck he died i'm not leaving until i get an explanation. the government denies police killed and. the grieving father is one of thousands forced from their work in the last. government called
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the protesters illegal and the line in contention is public property government. community. judgment the victims to be paid compensation. fishermen in the community say they were attacked by armed men who said holmes and fishing. activists say they are the victims of a land grab as real estate developers move into the commercial capital. the area ceased being developed for new homes and businesses putting on hold and expectations of an all the resolution of the dispute considering the level of impunity. now. cautiously optimistic some of the demolitions happened while the government was supposed to be in court ordered mediation with people from the community so it's not the government has a record of complying with what the courts have said. for some of the
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demonstrations such as this woman in her last stage of pregnancy they needed treatment after inhaling tear gas fired by police. the suffering of thousands of displaced by judas looks like it will continue protests don't usually end well i'm with you greece. lagos. iran's president hassan rouhani as suggested that corruption might be behind the collapse of state homes in sunday's earthquake at least five hundred thirty people were killed and eight thousand injured when the magnitude seven point three quake struck the mountainous iran iraq border region survivors of building temporary shelters with whatever they can find while they wait for water tents and rife. engineers in northern iraq of carrying out repairs on a dam that was damaged by the earthquake what has been released to ease the pressure from the khon on the iran border reports.
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is vital for northern iraq it provides water and electricity to iran to move in people but supplies are threatened after some quake on the border between iraq and iran cracks have appeared and engineers are trying to repair the damage to reduce the risk of. flooding. for now at least no leaks have been spotted. we don't have time to pull data about the total damage we can see deep cracks inspection teams are trying to identify the damage under the water they're going to watch report we also gradually draining water to decrease the pressure. is one of the many iraqis who rely on the damage he's a policeman and lives right next to the giant structure on the diyala river the
9:38 pm
father of four is worried about his family's safety. when it short i was at work with my colleagues we left our place barefoot and in panic tumbling on to us from the hills when i arrived home where younger son was so scared there were lots of cracks on the walls he spent the night out altogether. now his wife and children have been packed off to his in-laws just in case while engineers assess the damage . people living nearby the them are anxious about the results of the risk assessment reports if they're required to leave because of the danger they want to know what kind of government assistance they will get whether they will be given a new home or lend so they able to continue their lives the policeman has to keep working there to provide for his family until the engineers find a solution he says he'll be sleeping out in the open along with his neighbors.
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al-jazeera their brand account in northern iraq u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson has demanded what he called a credible and impartial investigation into the ranger refugee crisis it made the comments on a visit to myanmar where he met leader and sang suchi and the head of the military from the capital naypyidaw scott. these are scenes that the u.s. secretary of state calls just horrific the military crackdown in rakhine state has sent more than six hundred thousand richenda refugees fleeing into bangladesh in the past three months rex tillerson arrived in the capital neighborhood or at the end of a high profile trip to asia with president donald trump there were hints of crisis was the focus of this stop for only a few hours per day. for reports of widespread fraud committed by me and wars of the security forces. who were destroying period which is
9:40 pm
a very recent violence a. tillerson that military chief men and said that impartial and credible investigation is needed and anyone implicated needs to be prosecuted and broad economic sanctions against me and mar are not the way to go now targeted sanctions could be imposed once there is evidence of atrocities after meeting with on song suchi both spoke to reporters myanmar's leader defending her much criticized handling of the range of crisis i guess what. i have. to be concerned about putting out a statement my office or so from my own place. what i see you know exists. but what i see is not meant to be because it's meant to be. to listen announced an additional forty seven million dollars in u.s. aid to the refugees and urged more coordination for the repatriation of the region
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while reaffirming the united states is commitment to myanmar is transition to democracy to listen emphasize that how this crisis is handled by the leaders here well impact the future of the country man margaret this crisis is really good for me to. present this more democratic. truth. it is the responsibility of a government that is or to respect human rights a war with the order of the holy grail. while the un is called the refugee crisis textbook ethnic cleansing phyllis and says the u.s. administration is still evaluating that description it's got either al-jazeera naples or. some new some venezuelan government signed a debt restructuring deal with one of its major creditors russia more than three billion dollars will now be paid back to moscow over ten years is the first major
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result of talks of creditors from nine nations which took place in the capital caracas on monday but two of the world's major credit agencies have downgraded venezuela's writing off failed to meet the bone repayments. now delegates from all over the world are in argentina for a global conference on child labor the aim of the three day event is to is the complete is to complete the eradication of child labor well why by two thousand and twenty five you still a major issue in the host nation itself as trays of zero discovered when she visited a brick factory in the town along to christa. making bricks is no easy task for me he's worked in this factory for months he says he seventeen years old. it's very difficult to know how much weight i'm carrying i would love to do something else but i cannot we all barely survive with the money we make here ideally working in the province of quarter the wall with his
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history who is sixteen. just outside the city of core the law there are dozens of brick making factories like this one. working conditions are barely regulated many workers are reluctant to talk and don't want their ages known child labor is common here but if caught employers could be jailed people here are paid around twenty five dollars for every thousand bricks they produce and that's why many children end up working in places like this one so that they can help their families produce more. because their pay varies sometimes a worker with extra help you sable to cut up to three thousand bricks a day. families many from bolivia live inside the factory the landowner rents around the hector of land to a middle man who is in charge of running the business. the sand i have been doing this for years now they run this factory if you look into it is
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a tough business and now that we are running and we are a bit better i don't want my children doing this they are studying to have a better life most here continue to struggle. is five and the brick factory is his playground he lives here with his mother who allowed us to tell his story. i like to ride my bike he told us but when i come from school i help my mother with the bricks it's culture and need that have children living and working in places like this one at least eleven have died in factory related incidents in court. in the past. workers union leaders denounce child exploitation and are trying to raise awareness about factory conditions. make us have to produce a lot to pay the rent and that puts a lot of pressure in some cases it is up to twenty five percent of the production we are working hard to try to eradicate child labor and we have achieved
9:45 pm
a lot but we need more control. arjun tines are proud of laws that protect workers and children. but many areas all around the country remain where those last continue to be ignored. the law argentina. gree says at least thirteen people have died in flash floods on the western outskirts of athens a heavy overnight storm turned roads into rivers sweeping away cars and buildings the death toll is expected to rise a local mayor says people are still trapped in their homes and more bad weather is forecast for the coming days well leaders from around the world of joint talks on how to slow down global warming a summit in the german city of bonn is building on the paris agreement reached two years ago which the u.s. president says he intends to pull out the german chancellor angela merkel told the conference the measures agreed in two thousand and fifteen will not be enough to stop disastrous climate change when nick clark is in bonn and joins us now and nick
9:46 pm
tell us what's been happening today. first of we always know where these clunkers is going to it was get the volunteers having their photo call which is what they're doing right now a little bit earlier as you say was a protocol for the world leaders of the merkel and emmanuel macro and various other heads of the ministries and so forth some of which is still speaking now michael was suggesting that europe could fill the shoes of the united states administration in saying that france prepared to lead the way i wanted you said well that's all very well but you've got to deal with the a domestic issues before you start talking about leading the world on climate change merkel a lot of people were hoping that she might. have towards phasing out coal but that didn't happen instead as you say as she talked about the need for further action to take place nothing new we said by either of the really let's bring in our guests now he's the executive director of w. do we have to be c.e.o.
9:47 pm
of over check in what is your first well before we get on to brazil was going to see things to work there tell us what you thought about what we heard from mccormack i think negotiators are on track to how we can implement the perrys accord those throughout the gap how those states show our show some positive message which is good. but there have always to remember those do a big gap on where we are now we need to be to get to one point five or maximum two degrees for that is to a lot to go and it's not just about negotiations but they need to go back home and seen that the mastic level more ambition and more action to reduce crime which is why i was present at this point back home in brazil there is this paradox isn't there with what's going on in the plenary who is here and what's happening back in haiti right brazil and are playing a good game here they're doing well but back home president is offering a bill to the congress that will subsidize oil production
9:48 pm
a lot so that's quite conciliatory we were expecting serves a dues to renewable energy and not to fossil fuels so there's a big contradiction on was negotiated are playing here and what the government is doing in brazil and that's a big thing we need to face that is the case that brazil is in accord and he still needs fossil fuels to make the transition eventually to renewables but in the meantime he still needs oil and so forth that's correct but we need to phase out process which can be longer than some other countries but the phase out to me you need to to make more tributes over there fossil fuels and not reducing taxes from the taxes from fossil fuels are very important for the cation for house for environmental protection so by reducing taxes for a front for you nobody really benefits from the climate now the population only the oil companies so that's losing game is a big indigenous representation kid in all important part of what's going on in india on this yeah the amazon is always in the headlines. deforestation is your
9:49 pm
d.d. issue that affects indigenous groups affects local communities wildlife and you can still we still cannot manage deforestation in brazil the government has done a good plan for development of dam a zone we've dealt deforestation that accounts for more than a how for brazil in the mid. so it's a big issue you really great to get your scripts with appreciate it very much thank you of course it's not the age old issue of finance that got so big problem that it will be negotiating qualities that are buckling over there's going to be one or two late nights before this is indeed thank you very much nic with all the latest from bonn and as those talks go on school children have marched or india's capital demanding action on absolution. small made by farmers bunny stubble and the surrounding countryside it's already one of the most polluted cities in the wild a recent study found two and
9:50 pm
a half million deaths in india. still to come this hour we'll hear from the cause an upset in the final call.
9:51 pm
and as he now with all his four. thank you very much marian while france have an expected been named as hosts for the twenty twenty three rugby world cup they won despite an official evaluation study concluding that south africa awarded the tournament. was at the announcement and. world rugby bosses arrived
9:52 pm
in london with the expectation that come from south africa as host of the twenty twenty three world cup instead france. france getting the vote by twenty fourth or fifth day off the island was eliminated in the first round south africa were recommended by an independent evaluation report on the council for advice to back them questions for the man in charge there's always going to be one recommendation in the. in the valuation process and the recommendation of south africa but just because it went to france it doesn't mean that there's humiliation whatsoever we tried to make it the most transparent process possible adventure that the result would have been any different added to being sick about it or not but our feeling was that in a secret ballot situation people could vote without fear or any pressure they could vote who they believed in based on the dossiers that were presented. crucially for
9:53 pm
france their financial vision for the tournament of world rugby not the strongest the bankruptcy issue around some other involved highlighted the need to protect small and nations and the tournament to deliver a healthy profit traveling around the world. to do the frenchies are for this country to watch the real truth we have to face you're doing for us because we have you know short term financial. island we're actually the favorites and so the evaluation report that south africa amongst the three bit is the infrastructure legacy from the twenty ten football world cup look significant instead it's a disappointment for the nation the so famously hosted the tournament. for an emerging brain by a nation in one thousand nine hundred five and lifted the trophy for fifteen months it was a transparent robust process. and we don't know what. but . there's nothing we can do with. this surprising decision and now an
9:54 pm
unusual situation with two of the biggest events in sports in twenty nine. and a year later the olympics in tokyo in twenty twenty three now france will host the rugby world cup and then of course the olympics in paris for south africa one small consolation the last time the cup was played in front of. al-jazeera. australia. and russia. and their playoff sides headed into this match in sydney this force level at male male after the first they have to. lead the way with the second half patrick to help his team came to a three one win is australia have qualified for the fourth consecutive. quarter andrew thomas has been with some very happy australian fans.
9:55 pm
australia is hardly one of the worlds for them to functions i'm not qualified to russia would not be on the science scale as italy or the netherlands but nevertheless australia my kids the world six ten and fourteen i'm the world so they would again have on the ground here. in the end we got the result we need and. that's all i can say i'm happy. and smiling softer as i am starting to not attend stories like i could not be happy find my tickets to russia. russia ecstatic absolutely ecstatic it's all said yes go on i don't. like in the second last sports available in russia the last small movie decided in lima. between siemens and peru. was fruit are the favorites to
9:56 pm
progress and that pales against new zealand the first leg and wellington finish nail nail has our latin america correspondent marianna sanches. this is the mood of a country waiting for thirty five years to get to the world cup it's almost as if prove you feel the crew was about to win the world cup there's a lot of optimism there's a lot of happiness and people are only talking about this match today on twitter on the radio people going to work on buses going to school all peruvians are talking about in this already historic match between museum land and peru now the team will be training here at the stadium and people here are already telling us that if brew wins they are making promises that they will keep smoking that they will get drinking that they will start a diet at least sorts of things in the. optimism is such that it's already having
9:57 pm
an impact on the economy analysts are saying that there's a positive impact on the. g.d.p. for those with millions of dishes sold the sales have increased in out the haulage beverages in services old so television sets have been sales on television sets have increased by eighty percent compared to last year of course there's also a lot of fear that peru won't make it to russia next year however people do not want to talk about all the people are talking about how many goals the team will score over new zealand who will. explore those goals the government also said that tomorrow will be a holiday. weekend. in the n.b.a. the boston celtics beat the brooklyn nets for the thirteenth straight victory. was in the lineup despite his facial fractures he had to wear protective maf but it
9:58 pm
didn't seem to affect his play he scored a game high twenty five points leading the celtics to one hundred nine to one in two wins. and that's it for me back to mary i'm in london. all right thanks very much donna for me and for this news hour but my colleague lauren taylor will be with you in a few moments on with a full list of using putting all the latest on the situation in zimbabwe as the military takes control of that president robert mugabe confined to his home much more on that in just a couple of minutes stay with us. indulge
9:59 pm
your five senses. is hosting the international primary health care conference two thousand and seventeen under the title healthier communities brighter future from the seventeenth through the nineteenth of november two thousand and seventeen primary health care corp the first step to your family's health. a new era in television news. but i wouldn't say that it's a task to do things in secret that we had actual victims who had survived torture detention and saying this was the cause of my arrest if you could. just stay but
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would you have stood by this conviction that everyone has a deep reservoir of i'm going to have it and give them the opportunity to wonderful things start to. look at the distance there's at least twenty thousand for him to refugees live we badly need at this moment leadership and the times did i as was i don't know trump is going to be the next president meet with other guys. actually fighting canisters of gas are asked to do their best to prevent the media getting anywhere let's get a call that. we achieve something that never happened before. troops on the streets as in bob was military takes power confining president will
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