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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 19, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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calls from it does begin to break up in the southern part of our map here but still some heavy downpours are likely around the dominican republic that for sunday and monday still very wet not only for the dominican republic but also through haiti and across into jamaica as well i think that's where we'll see some of the heaviest of the downpours now for north america we've had this very active weather system with this has brought to some very heavy downpours and it's also bringing some of us a fair amount of snow as well it's still clinging on to the eastern parts of canada there for sunday so i still some more wintry weather to be see further south is just staying fresh fourteen in new york the way sponsored marketo reach. this is al-jazeera.
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alarms the whole room and you're watching the al-jazeera news our life my headquarters here in doha are coming up in the next sixty minutes. zimbabwe's president robert mugabe dismissed as the leader of the ruling zanu p.f. party also. palestinian leaders threatened to suspend tires with the u.s. over its plan to close the p.l.o. office in washington d.c. . polls open in chile find out why this conservative politician is the favorite to become president once again. welcome to the news hour we start in africa where zimbabwe has known only one leader since independence in one thousand nine hundred eighty but robert mugabe is no longer in charge of the ruling zanu p.f. party the writing of being on the wall for days as his long term allies steadily
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withdrew their support the guard is still technically the president of zimbabwe though it does appear efforts are underway to remove him from power completely his wife grace who would harbor ambitions of succeeding him was also expelled she was the source of much of the recent anger and bitterness zanu p.f. said that mugabe's support of his wife destroyed the party and his government number gabby's former vice president is taking over as party leader. was sacked by mccarthy just two weeks ago now the president's stunning downfall is being watched closely not only in the region but across the world southern african leaders are due to hold a crisis summit in angola on tuesday or shortly i'll be speaking to tanya paige shoes in johannesburg south africa but first let's go to the capital harare where act. as well however task has been following events and they have been events that have happened very quickly in the last two hours an amazing decision and of course
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a page in history that's been turned over for zimbabwe. called back into the army taking the pill announcement sometime soon but it is an historical moment a lot of people never thought this would happen but when they saw prism firing. a lot of people said the writing was on the wall he was apparent it. was a firing and creates a lot of enemies the army was not happy to hear people within the ruling party were happy the war veterans were not happy a lot of people think they saw this coming one thing that happened something. now hearing is that mugabe has been removed the head of zanu p.f. who really takes over what more do we know about the who's replaced him.
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or the man who's replace and when he is very well known. he has strong liberation of the game so he was in the bush during the war for liberation and he was seen as a one man who helped liberate the country have a lot of support particularly with the war that has been with the army so we do know that those are the peer body now are happy that he is back and he will likely be the presidential candidate in the election some of them are wearing them wary of in the synagogue where he's known as the crocodile. as he's known to be calculating so they say yes. i'm going to interrupt you just for a second we'll go straight into the hole which is behind us zanu p.f. leaders are speaking let's just listen to what they have to say about. the first. was. exposed. to this.
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food their intervention in foods in. the party is the governing party. with a view of bringing normalcy both within the party into government. the central committee. congratulated the masses of zimbabwe for their participation in it the historic solidarity march yesterday he eighteen to move him. out of this bubbling war veterans association. the center. of the falling distribution that to be unconstitutional the move.
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to my student i'm going to knock out one is fighting for president in seconds ticked off son a few years into the expulsion from the. v.a. and he's here by not only fighting for sure who. were . here to solution also hold. true to the store you use position it is a member of the central committee. the end.
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of the new government issues that were murdered by. me to use south fainting in the expanding memphis. some videos illusion is that these thoughts vengeance and explosions be hit by nullify the end. of that all members of this into a community where you needed to truffaut's that in fourteen congress in one house subsequently suspended. from the public subsequent chris own people this is all fictitious or fabricated allegations by three to four to come for protection. criminals believe in the year by reinstituted were.
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fed not a solution is that members form of the law because. that is a provincial district in approach councils or are suspended or expelled from the parks in subsequent to the two thousand and fourteen probably is the year by at least thirty four point. zero and. that's according to a large him a guy who really endeared by the report from perseverance in physics settles on. the end.
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of the dissolution is that committed the team of god the truth reside in force with . his position it is the president in here to fit in a government of the republic of zimbabwe and if a real resignation is not mean tended by midday to morrow of the twentieth of november two thousand and seventeen his son if you have the chief is ordered to truth truthful sittings for video of the president into. it's such a name to serve in of the construction and probably the
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the. the. right to come good to prevail because. began to change easier by. the. river for him to come here to. protect him you know. in here being you know my mom who insisted with your fist into decorum of the office. because. i need to talk to.
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the to accommodate the public is. here and he is here by records from the position of vice president in second spectacles one of you for being devious if you pick up our protecting children always preaching it to the fish if any be if you can in a manner consistent with your fears into decorum of the office or is vice president. of. the. dikes meant by sort of a copout memory. comedy or do. call to see where it or. do not own him or you.
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want to use one of. the gears in the garbage was to tell me to come to new all time soon be. mafiosi need someone who knew almost on. the minute. someone who i'm doing don't. even know. the easy. word. comment usually the view from the parts the.
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the. the the the. sort of lift out incident i don't see such as my saying that was. the. right sickness to mugabe who. read in his ear by the quote from the position of six out of four we. and salute you. for promoting your to speech if you syphilis in the
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us rooming roles in power was not delegated to a office. that's . what i had to do when i don't want to. be andy's yet by appointed. if you don't mean president. were.
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to not do. the e.u. . is even close to doing to the president out of sight of you are doing but if you could see by the extraordinary shows you the truth of the sit in december two thousand sudanese. who were . thought to do what i don't want to. do the how to say no need to the op pointed to. cater to your food to put a student in. to sell product over five
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or six shows or to consume citizen bob amendment. who. to. show. that we've. allowed to. be.
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extraordinary. to. this president. to do solutions which. are meant to. some of us are who we are. we're.
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you know part of. the tradition. in this is our teaching position in the government is. not to say to the solution. we have. to finish. this is. very solution is that.
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we. literally just the. members. were to each. piece in. this community. by. you know a liberation struggle in particular. and . i think. there are these are live pictures from harare where patrick. a member of the central
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committee has outlined exactly now a timetable for what is going to happen in the country very clearly stated that the in a committee had recalled president mugabe had also. removed him as head of the zanu p.f. and want him to resign he has a deadline of monday twelve noon the twentieth of november so the clock is now ticking also president robert mugabe's wife grace and several other committee members have also been removed from the party this was the confirmation we were waiting for and listening in was our correspondent karen metacity outside that conference hall it is now in black and white house robert mugabe has been recalled he's also been given a deadline to resign as president and head of state to zimbabwe the clock is
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ticking. the clock is ticking the president still has time to resign he hasn't done that yet he doesn't resign when the take the matter to parliament the way they will impeach him it could be as early as tuesday parliament and we're hearing the president has asked to meet members of the army to find a way out of this process and here he wants to go to south africa to meet with president jacob zuma so all eyes are on the president is he going to resign if not then will he stick around for the peace process or will he leave the country and go somewhere else and we're hearing he wants to go to south africa to see president zuma of course so many procedural issues that have to be. very clear and made very clear by patrick was that those people that had either be removed from the party or censured from the party from twenty fourteen were reinstated also
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reinstated was the vice president who had been sent to go and now reinstalling the head of the party these a constitutional issues based on zanu p.f. . doctrine. yes they are here is a party that always sticks to the constitution they follow rules and regulations and procedures all the what have to take place they basically are making saw that the take over the replacement is legitimate according to the constitution it does also so that all those people who are lying to them or god isn't particularly great mcgarvey have been purged from the heart or they were playing stabilizing the party that i may call them criminal elements a lot of people also know that people within the party war veterans in particular
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felt that great had started in. lou and her husband and made him make the wrong decision and the final straw was when because the mugabe. that a muslim and i was by spencer that was the final straw and there's not a thing great in the garbage and her husband had gone too far. there and of course we'll come back to you as we hear more from harare. has more on the rise of the fall of robert mugabe. perhaps the most infamous ruler in africa who destroyed a promising country through his determination to cling on to power adored by some but despised by others in zimbabwe although widely admired across africa as a hero who stood up to the west. one thousand nine hundred five rhodesia and even smith's white settlers declare independence from britain an event that defined robert mugabe's life. the black majority resisted racist rule in the cities and out
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in the countryside where a vicious bush war raged for years robert mugabe a teacher turned activist emerged from prison as an articulate leader of the independent struggle we started the war in order to give our country then we haven't got our country they did get their country at lancaster house in london in one nine hundred seventy nine and when zimbabwe celebrated independence gobby the overwhelming winner of elections was in power and soon showing the rival liberation fighters what do to keep it now to be learned in the early one nine hundred eighty s. the opposition crushed thousands killed in ethnic massacres atrocities that were barely noticed abroad. but there was also much to admire robert mugabe brought education and health to
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millions of the involve ians. although later the economy declined and the invasion of white farms in two thousand were turning point this time the world did notice. people said this was going to happen it was going to turn into a bloodbath turn into another congress maybe this is it we're going to get out it was a chaotic destructive process dobby said he was correcting an old injustice. it's not the business of britain. not whether those who were given members of my my my party is relevant to britain. by now the opposition was growing despite torture murder and manipulation many zimbabweans are ready to throw out. they had a new hero morgan chang to write he said robert mugabe's early achievements will always be overshadowed by the years of oppression. as the great liberator.
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has betrayed. i think the letter. was i think. the legacy. at one stage the two rivals ended up in government together although mccarthy made sure he kept the real power and chang later returned to a position by now his wife grace forty one years his junior had emerged as a political player and gabi well into his ninety's seem determined to go on and on he liberated zimbabweans but he also left his room as a legacy sony vaio al-jazeera. well joining me now from london is just he's a writer and commentator on african affairs when we spoke
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a few hours ago joseph we were wondering what would happen next what has been said in that hall in harare is a seismic political sea change and writes a new chapter in zimbabwe and history. it's extraordinary and if anything i think is a revolution within the revolution in zimbabwe it could only be done by a zone of b.s. this is something of the same the. british mainly wanted to have done it a long time ago they couldn't only zimbabweans could do it and guys could do it but quite clearly other report suggests and indeed. mr manasseh who was talking about it in the whole could do it this is a mugabe allies in a zone of is extremely angry i think is mugabe who basically just crossed it i think quite clearly is the case that while the reports suggest that mugabe messed up the whole system as i said quite clearly this is if as
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a result of the fall out with the british and mugabe's credit as i say at liberation he was actually helping to create to correct an error by the british the british were very brutal in in zimbabwe particular between ninety seventy five and eighty that's a different topic but clearly been known to have realized having actually fought his way up to about ten years ago five years ago that the time to go was about name is unfortunate but again as been said his wife i think basically held him hostage for the last five years is a shame really that he should be going in the manner in which he's got to go over the next. so the next two days he has to go anywhere we have to see as far as zanu p.f. concerned the top the cliffs the clock is ticking pardon me which means now that either he will resign gracefully as president and head of state before monday twelve noon or he's going to be pushed to the wire parliament impeachment and even
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the the main ratification process that zanu p.f. meeting which is jewel to start on. patrick should master said on december the twelfth. mugabe is an extremely proud guy he may also be very very angry and that's part of the problem i think the best for him really was to have gone before today's announcement i think the fair thing for him to do is to go before that deadline to simply come out and say listen that look you know fell apart probably take some responsibility i'm going rather than actually him being pushed because actually if he doesn't call he's going to be pushed i think as i say because this guy is now quite all and part of the risk is that he's not really very very tired he's a very angry but he's also very very old man who you know has already been said the couple may have been feeding him information that all this is no shock for him if he gets out of june to go and meet to jacob zuma maybe jacob zuma will give him
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some kind of real awakening meaning from somebody other than south africans but quite clearly the wizard of p.f. has done it and i think is going to find it very difficult to do anything but basically to allow zimbabweans to do what they've got to do in fact the guys who are actually pushing this are saying well so that leave needs to leave you need to leave them to sort of their own problems quite clear of course who wants a military coup the monitor done it is rather question what i'd really don't know is what the zimbabwean national constitution provides for whether or not the incoming new interim president can legitimately guy hadn't take over until fresh elections perhaps they may be going to have. some kind of government of of of not unity going forward but quite clearly i think the time from the garbage well we should see what happens certainly in this fast moving story for the moment when i thank you for joining us from london let's go now back to southern africa to tanya page our correspondent in johannesburg you've been listening in to what's been
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happening there one of the pertinent things that happened at the end of his. speech was his thanks to neighboring countries for the way they had treated him behaved with zimbabwe over the years he mentioned botswana zambia tanzania mozambique angola and of course we wanted to mention south africa because it's been pivotal. absolutely maybe just a little slip there i think because all of those neighboring countries have made you know themselves open to an enormous influx of hundreds of thousands of this and darwin's her to live their country over the years forced out you know some by political you know because of political repression sure but most of them really because of economic needs they just aren't the jobs at home for them to work to be able to support their families they were shortages of fuel of cash and some imported goods as well so purely by you know the necessity of having to provide for them and their families they've come across the border in south africa as the
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biggest most developed economy in the region the second largest on the on the continent has been has borne the brunt i suppose if you like of the majority of those is about where and so would south africa as the current share of settlements the regional body the southern african development community and the a you have both been sort of at pains to emphasize that they would not want to see an unconstitutional change of government and zimbabwe and encouraging all sides to come together and to talk and that certainly looks as if that is the direction in which this incredible change is happening in zimbabwe as we speak indeed while we wait to hear from robert mugabe more from zanu p.f. we have to now talk time in terms of hypotheticals because if robert mugabe is going to leave the country at some stage it seems very unlikely he will stay in zimbabwe under the current circumstances which country would actually want to host him. look i think it would be naive not to assume that there has been a lot of behind the scenes negotiations and talks particularly with that are south
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africa taking the lead as chair of said and it is impossible to think that that very subject hasn't come up over the course of the last week or so in these very fluid negotiations we know of course that on the very first day when the military appeared on the streets and into the top. key government institutions that the president of south africa jacob zuma was as far as we know the only person to be allowed to speak to president robert mugabe that day after which he really only confirmed to be you know to the nation publicly that president mugabe was in confinement in his home and that he was fine so clearly there is a communication and negotiation happening look it isn't beyond the realms of possibility of course that he would come here many zimbabweans are not only you know ordinary people on the street but in the political issue long as an elite they
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have homes in south africa they have bases here this is a big economy a big country there's a big zimbabwean here and south africa as i said as chair of said it does have also a leading role in the negotiations heading forward and there is in angola. an emergency summit of acetic leaders as well and we'll see what comes out of that. we will leave it there we know this is a changing story by the minute so we'll be back to you for reaction from south africa as we get it thank you. well still ahead will be more on zimbabwe but also more the man nicknamed the crocodile the deposed vice president who's now the interim leader of the ruling party. let's bring you up to speed with another story that we're covering here palestinian authorities are threatening to cut off all communication with the u.s. over the trumpet ministrations plan to close the p.l.o. is office in washington d.c.
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now the u.s. announced its decision last week citing a twenty fifteen law placing conditions of the u.s. office now the move comes as the trumpet ministration is trying to broker a peace plan between the palestinians and israelis welcome where it has been following the palestinian reaction from west jerusalem ever since trump came to power he said that he will bring the ultimate peace deal to the middle east the palestinians always said that they'd be the ultimate partner with drums never allow rating on what kind of peace deal this might be whether it will be a two state solution or otherwise palestinian officials told us in the meetings that they've had today with trump of ministration officials there on the understanding that the americans understand the conditions that would be conducive for a peace deal they've now expressed great surprise that what the u.s. is said now and they say that throughout the duration of the trumpet ministration israel has increased its building of settlements in the west bank they say that's
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illegal so they're questioning why this moment they think they've been cooperating israel has not so they're saying why are we being punished and why is israel being rewarded well the arab league is holding an extraordinary meeting in cairo at the request of saudi arabia to discuss iran's recent activities in the region iran is accused of being behind a missile launched from yemen targeting riyadh and an oil pipeline explosion in. well we now live is al jazeera senior political analyst bashar this was called by saudi arabia iran is not a member of the arab league absolutely so one wonders what saudi arabia wants to achieve from this meeting are the other members of the arab be willing to listen to it under these current or this current climate. well so your abs trying to get a clear condemnation of iran and hezbollah as well as they hope the rebels in
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yemen. it's also trying to escalate. tensions with iran for what saudi arabia perceives to be increasing iranian influence and iranian threat to saudi and arab security the arab countries of course as usual are divided the arab regimes as usual are divided there are some few that are behind saudi arabia as we heard bahrain united arab emirates. are behind saudi arabia egypt that that's basically the the host of the arab league is not as enthusiastic as people think to support the escalation against iran at this point in time while they might vote for or in favor of a watered down resolution against iran or putting iran a notice but there is no sense that egypt really today once to. come to some sort
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of regional conflict with iran other countries are not as enthusiastic and so you lebanon certainly isn't that a very low level diplomat to that meeting taking no not technically very seriously they're waiting for their own prime minister to arrive back in beirut and explain himself well there is of course as we all know by now a good number of lebanon. so the libyan on of the president and his nephew is the for his son in law the foreign minister are quite upset with the way so would be a dealt with that is ignition of prime minister hariri and the way as they put it he was held hostage in saudi arabia and they are not exactly. unfriendly to iran or to the. syrian regime that iran supports so why have really the prime minister is on the side of saudi arabia president own and his son in law
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mr purcey in are not exactly in favor of any saudi is collation against iran and that's why they're the lebanese are not exactly attending they're not exactly supporting and they're not exactly. agreeing if you will to saudi arabia. holding the entire region hostage to its own agenda indeed of course while you might say the u.s. seem to support the current saudi regime in their actions. saudi is also looking for validation which hasn't really got from the international community in a number of areas the g.c.c. blockade of qatar the war in yemen the recent escalation in political intrigue in lebanon it needs validation it surprisingly is trying to look for it from the arab league yes not only that i mean the reports coming from the mainstream press in the united states and europe are signaling alarm
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in western circles about as they put their recklessness of the young so would the leader and the so would the leadership in the region whether it is a young man cut out of his of the lebannon iran in general in fact one u.s. official have cited pentagon cia as well as state department officials all alarmed by saudi arabia's recklessness in western europe it's even more vocal. a present for a minister in germany previous for former foreign ministers in france in the u.k. and other places are quite critical of saudi arabia and its effort invasion so there is a certain alarm and i agree hundred percent with you so that there is an attempt now to garner some sort of a local support in the region on some of the countries that need saudi arabia interesting to see what will happen certainly in the coming hours days months as we
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have to discuss moment for the moment thank you thank you all keep your message political change in saudi arabia has been the topic of a discussion at a british conference where the strong ties between the two countries will be examined by political politicians and analysts as well when mentioned she has been at that meeting. the seismic changes in saudi arabia are having reverberations around the world among those invited to speak at this event in london was paddy ashdown a member of u.k.'s upper house of parliament and the former leader of the liberal democrats party he told attendees that the international community must take punitive measures against saudi arabia to prevent its leadership from further destabilizing the region britain's support of saudi arabia his actions in the enemy with us. is as foolish as it is reprehensible. it is very clear that war crimes have been images in the conflict in yemen both in relation to in this game is attacks on civilians and by using aid and starvation as
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a weapon of war britain's silence on these matters is the murderous and shame the saudi led war in yemen has gone on for two years now it was launched by crown prince mohammed bin sandman in that time thousands have been killed millions displaced on top of that have been said man has pursued other aggressive policies including a recent crackdown inside the kingdom which saw hundreds of people arrested among them senior members of the royal family and some of saudi arabia's richest businessmen britain has very strong ties with the saudi government hundreds of millions of dollars worth of saudi money has been pumped into the u.k. economy through arms deals and other trade agreements there are growing calls however in the u.k. for london to take a tougher stance against riyadh but the fear among some is that the money coming in is compromising britain's principles the shame for british record of deeply deeply corrupt. has gone on the governments have to government of all stripes
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and it's going to and that's the basis of the relationship we must see moments deals massive corruption both inside saudi arabia and in kickback claimants to into britain that's got to stop organizing such a conference like this in london isn't just because of a close relationship between the united kingdom and saudi arabia an attempt by saudi got position figures to put pressure on the british government to take action against what they perceive to be very destructive policies being pursued by the crown prince from the saudi regime but it's also because according to human rights groups there is a little freedom of expression is why do you think this will be impossible to hold such a conference critical of the saudi regime in. saudi arabia that has got into one of the worst record. on human rights and on freedom of speech simply because i am accustomed man cannot tolerate any dissenting voices among his own members of the
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family. what's concerning for many observers is the lack of pushback coming from the international community in response to the aggressive policies being pushed by saudi arabia's rulers conferences like this into highlights what's at stake namely the stability of the gulf region and that of other countries like lebanon and iran . london well back to our top stories above is really a party is warning present robert mugabe that it will begin efforts to impeach him if he doesn't resign by midday on monday. resigning. his position is the president says. any government. move in two thousand and seventeen.
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president in terms of searching. among one eye is the u.k. . he joins me now from london do you agree with the decision made by your party in harare. i totally agree with the decision that has been made by map itinerary and it's a brilliant decision. the central committee is the highest making body outside congress it has been empowered by provinces by their resolutions which they came up with on friday so it's basically the whole party that is saying that's enough and here also i say that's enough. is it a bitter pill to swallow though where you are not directly targeting the question at you but supporters of zanu p.f.
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were singing robert mugabe praises less than four weeks ago six weeks ago two months ago three years ago and now all of a sudden you're saying it's the best decision that's ever been made and getting rid of him is the only way forward for zimbabwe. you see there is a difference people were singing praise out of respect but i do not think anyone would respect their way you went out of respect their nation their country in the party expected him to make that decision on when to go it was that respect that african mindset that african decorum. act or is that just bring because it respect or is it fair because of the army hadn't stepped in i doubt very much the public would have been on the streets of. saying what gabi has to go. you're right it's fearful respects it's ball it's a combination of both in the fear and the respect so that is fearful respect and
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definitely the fear was there but also respect even up to this point theys of respect ok let's move on now to the potential the clock is ticking away now till big day on monday the twentieth of november less than twenty four hours to go big rb has the chance to resign. anybody would want to be a fly on the wall in his living room as to whether he makes that decision do you think he will. president mugabe is a very stubborn man very very set in his ways you cannot swing this one. years later is to do so but he's also old quality fifty fifty. you would never try to second guess him one of them but definitely is on easy is on the wall but you know you might say go all the way if you can if you may need to be very humiliating to go to to be meant indeed and those are the options at the zanu
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p.f. gathering in december. the possible impeachment as well and in that process how important is it as it has been seen by patrick chinamasa to be seen doing things by the book by the zanu p.f. rule book constitutionally because that sort of validates their position at the moment and keeps carm on the streets as far as the zimbabwe public is concerned both in the urban areas and in the rural areas. i was here three days ago and i made a declaration on behalf of the party that no matter what happens this will be by the book it will be by the constitution and that is what has been mandated from the word go that's why our narrative was very clear that this was not cool because no course of this the constitution we d. had no intention of salvaging the constitution we're going by the constitution of both the party and the country if prison i'm going to does not go you'll be
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impeached by design of the of congress is nothing to do with you instead president it's only as with something to do with human beings and to be a leader where we are going to formally appoint president now our party president mandela is our leader not interim leader but is by is the national sages consent and the impeachment is our leverage if it doesn't go ok well we'll see what does happen here in less than twenty four hours for the moment nick clegg our thanks so much for joining us. let's get to south america now polls have opened in chile. to elect a new president chamber of deputies the conservative sebastian pinera a businessman who. is the favorite on latin america to tell you see. life from the sun i would say that the polling station looks a little bit empty at the moment so what.
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it's actually picking up a little bit now is it was almost totally empty for the last three hours when the polls opened just a few minutes ago in this school in downtown leading candidate. the former president of chile and a conservative billionaire cast his ballot they were people cheering for him but there were also others one holding up a big black card saying that he's a purana who wants to use the presidency to accumulate more wealth but you're right there are very few people voting so far of the nine candidates from the far right to the left none of them seem to have really generated the enthusiasm of previous years here for example you see one of the ballot boxes for the presidency almost empty and that is because a series of corruption scandals and low economic growth have really become disenchanted with their politicians and so people are telling us that they're here to vote not so much for a candidate that they love but for the one that they dislike the least they want
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more jobs more jobs better economic growth lower crime rate even though chile does have the lowest crime rate in latin america but it is going up and so all the presidential candidates say that they will deal with these issues but clearly by the low turnout here you can see that many chileans simply don't believe them when we see what happens through the day and follow events with you. in santiago thank you. well still ahead here on out is there is news out in sports a moving tribute by dutch football fans towards the goalkeeper's late summer. when we managed the financial system between one hundred forty five and one hundred seventy one there was not a single financial crisis anywhere in the world and then in one thousand seventy one the bank has lobbied and they said no no no we don't need controls you know the
4:52 pm
market will discipline us banks love to make loans to sovereigns why because behind the sovereign a millions of taxpayers we can see in reaction to the liberalization fight just as we saw in the one nine hundred twenty s. and it's going to be going to already is ugly in many parts of the wound where people are saying if my government went look after my interest then i would look for a strong if he's a fascist i don't care if he promises to secure the stability of my life and my people i will fight for him i think that's where we're heading and i don't think our leaders have the vision to understand that's the threat that we face.
4:53 pm
talk about this type of his peter we're going to start with football i think we certainly after thank you so much the season is just twelve games albeit barcelona is building a substantial lead at the top of spanish football rheumatoid and athletico madrid missed their chance to stay in touch in the first dobie of the season on saturday they played out a scoreless draw at atletico new home ground while barcelona were beating legalists three nil. now a days ago or actually i'm beating the season with six wins and six draws yet they along with the rail trail barcelona by ten points now in the standings fell into the other team separating them their second behind the trailing by seven points now . no i don't think leg is over there are a lot of games and a lot of points still to play ten points are a lot but i'm sure this will change soon bus lot i want to get all the points and
4:54 pm
we have to be waiting for the. magister said here also dominating at the top of the english premier league they pulled off they tamed successive win on saturday city beat leicester two know both goals came either side of the half it was gabrielle jess's who opened the scoring for thirty kevin the brain and then doubled the lead as they maintained their unbeaten start the first goal was so good after a million passes in the players know exactly where they are and the quality of the pass the quality of the three men said the ball the quality of the passer intelligence in selfish from from that we had possible to have real. was good and the second of quality for from kevin to speak for himself and other results on saturday liverpool swept past southampton three no and they were big wins for chelsea and bournemouth manchester united beat newcastle four one to six a club record of thirty eight games unbeaten at old trafford.
4:55 pm
was was ours we don't control the goals we haven't we reflection. time for. a very emotional thing for all of us for all of us that close to two such a. professional. one of the biggest injuries in. over that. coming back was as it was a joy for everyone for us close to it was more than that was was big in motion to see the big guy coming back so matches and said he remain the runaway leaders with eight point advantage over their manchester rivals who are in second position chelsea the current champions well they are in third place on twenty five points top them round up the top four arsenal who beat spurs in sixth position at the moment now the red diamonds have edged closer to
4:56 pm
a second asian football title the japanese giants are crucial away goal drawing one one with saudi arabia in the first leg of the champions league final in riyadh. looking for a last one in two thousand and seven whereas. aiming for a title number three after last tasted back in two thousand the second made takes place next saturday. the mains professional tennis season will officially conclude in london later with the closing match at the a.t.p. world tour finals but six time champion roger federer won't be taking part federer's comeback season ended with a defeat in the semifinals the world number two looked well on track to make the final after taking the first set six two but he says it was only a matter of time before you got them because the belgian keeps crushing him in practice and did storm back in the mix to set sixty and sixty. to get roger it was something something unbelievable i cannot describe what i'm
4:57 pm
feeling now. he's such a legend he's my mind i don't. really young and. to have the chance to play against him it's so we. are going to beat him it's just i can't describe. gov and will meet grigor dimitrov in the final six to see the emitter of came from a sit down with the american jack saw the score in that match four six six zero and six three the measure of semifinal victory in the season as the world number three that is the highest ranking of his career today now the final four teams have been decided at the rugby league world cup that one being co-hosted by australia new zealand and papa new guinea england comfortably accounted for p n g thirty six six in the quarter final at melbourne they'll meet in the final four while the other semifinal will feature australia and fiji and finally supporters of the dutch
4:58 pm
football club fire it have made a moving tribute to the late son of their australian goalkeeper brad jones saturday marks six years since the death on jones' five year old son luca after a battle with leukemia the entire ground joining a rendition of you'll never walk alone while lighting the stadium with a mobile phone. thanks very much peter will be watching the al-jazeera news to have you back with more on the other side of the break and we'll update you more on zimbabwe to stay with us. we're living through a technological revolution but all the machines taking over if a piece of machinery goes wrong is there a train of litigation to which we can bring a legal system to bear oxford university professor of machine learning stephen
4:59 pm
rover. this time by provocative oh is it when they're on line we were in hurricane winds for almost like thirty six hours these are the things that has to address or if you join us on say i'm a member of a complex one but we struck up a relationship this is a dialogue tweet us with hostile a.j. stream and one of your pitches might make the actual join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera the street is quiet the signal is given. out yet so it's safe to walk to school last year there are more than thirty metres in this community in one month the police say this area is a red zone one of several in some townships and children sometimes a court in the crossfire when rival gangs fight so parents and grandparents have started what they call a walking bust to try to take the violence i lost my son good looking violent go i
5:00 pm
also lost my but there are more than one hundred fifty volunteers working for several walking busses teachers say it is working class attendance has improved the volunteers also act as security guards one day for a rival to the country club i'm dave to play god. and certainly if you can just said to show you right not sure if we would. harm the birds or cubans of our in this magnificent. a chronicle of the revolution and its aspirations through the prism of its architecture cuba's unfinished space at this time on al-jazeera. oh my god jim of god the truth is i didn't four point four.


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