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tv   The Guantanamo 22 2015 Ep 2  Al Jazeera  November 20, 2017 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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we achieve something that never happened before. we're living through a technological revolution but all the machines taking over a piece of machinery goes wrong is there a chain of litigation through which we can bring an ecosystem to bear oxford university professor of machine learning stephen rover talks to all jews here at this time. on counting the cost venezuela and if the oil rich country fails to pay its debt well look at what a messy financial an unraveling could mean for the starving people lebanon's economy is getting squeezed why zimbabweans are buying coins counting the cost at this time. you're watching officer i'm still robin these are all top stories the deadline give us a bar ways embattled president robert mugabe to resign has now passed the ruling zanu
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p.f. party says its members will meet in a few hours to discuss in pitching the gobby he has so far refused to step down this was the people's but we don't want to see him as. we saw him go to the national television to pretend is if everything is normal if you are saying that it will be good but. we are saying mugabe. your time is up please leave. and lead the country. on a new page kenya's supreme court has validated presenter who can be out as victory in last month's disputed presidential election rerun the ruling follows two days of arguments can. be sworn into office in eight days time i think carefully consider the issues. the specific areas in each petition
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i said well as the constitution and the laws the court has unanimously determined that the but i do not merited i consequence the presidential election of the october. the election of the third respondent for me to miller has the latest from outside the supreme court in nairobi. despite the ruling from the supreme court that upheld the results of the october twenty sixth presidential rerun the opposition in kenya says it's an illegitimate government and it won't accept the outcome of this battle that's been going on for several months now it says that the ruling by the supreme court was made under two wrists indicating it doesn't believe that the judiciary acted independently we're yet to hear from the opposition about what exactly to do next we do know it's
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called for economic boycotts as well as a campaign of civil disobedience so far it's asked his supporters to remain calm saying they would it would indicate the way forward at some point later in the day and now the ruling party jubilee as well as the electoral commission has of course welcomed this ruling the b.c. the electoral commission says he would use information further details coming from the supreme court in about twenty one days time to improve how it operates and runs elections wild you believe. that the search legitimizes what they've been saying all along that can you after won the election fair and square that's despite a boycott by the opposition and we expect to see kenyatta sworn in on the twenty eighth of november. voters in germany may face a snap election after talks between chancellor angela merkel and her would be
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coalition partners collapsed the pro-business free democratic party one of four in the negotiations pulled out on sunday night citing in reconcilable differences. lebanon's prime minister is to visit egypt on choose day as he makes his way back to beirut after a two week absence saad hariri is still in france which is trying to mediate the fallout from his shock resignation he quit in the saudi capital on november fourth and stayed there for two weeks prompting suggestions that he. has been detained hariri has promised to return to lebanon by wednesday. israel's energy minister is the first member of the cabinet to confirm secret contact with siding arabia about concerns over iran. and its admitted her long rumored talks have been held but it isn't saying with whom the saudis officially denied crown prince mohammed bin samantha metaphysicians in israel two months ago. and son suchi says the world is facing new threats partly because of illegal immigration and the spread of
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terrorism and the amar's leader made the comments in the capital while discussing the rigging a refugee crisis at a summit for european and asian countries security forces are accused of violently forcing out hundreds of thousands of unwanted slaves those were the headlines will be back with more news in thirty minutes here on al-jazeera next it's the guantanamo twenty two. the campaign against terrorism continues. our media military objectives remain the destruction of the qaeda network. the taliban leadership. and the end of afghanistan as
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a place where terrorists are harbored. and i would follow soon. so that the sun still lives in their pockets not in the start of the day i'm going to give a tourist have said live on men we work. you know one stone the best one to love all men if you can the good you can move the it was that the assault on smith asked me to hold the hut before me and then the whole. pack something came to me and i'm going to kill it to. suspend again. meant unusual. for a number of al qaeda and taliban detainees transferred to u.s. forces in afghanistan has continued to grow in the first plane with the twentieth a major arriving on portable bay cuba we were notified here at approximately thirteen fifty he asked have you heard of weaver's being caught in afghanistan and brought it home it. should have been ashamed of the. marines put
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a bowl of skin and they can restart the mission the other day that was in the way i'm willing to give us kind of numb stuff music and the point is to ask i don't. mind them i don't think like you have said of course much in the comics really disappointed in my country u.s. government how they allow the chinese government to do what they want in the prison camp. that is live on them sort of thing couldn't. the million in the bush needed then next. and then coached them that they get other mezzo messiah them to cut his pay.
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this is a copy of the request for legal assistance that we got this had been sent down via another lawyer from the prison and it contained our first two clients including her an odd. trial lawyer in the bankruptcy area of so if you have a large bankruptcy case like enron or something lehman brothers. we often have clients who have big positions in those companies that may have been the first month of two thousand and five i went to a seminar locally about guantanamo. and basically all of these people were saying that we are in obvious and facial disregard of the geneva conventions at this camp that were running on time and i thought really. so i thought our offer
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should get involved. and just then the center for constitutional rights said we've got these weavers down there worried about we all said why don't we go what is that. so there that was when it winter of two thousand and five we began to learn about xinjiang and we are culture and how this all happened. stimulation base now in beijing you can. chop it and i said it's going to sort of to them by the. look on the gene that i can and they just want to begin to push on the coasts and i'm going to us that spent them check their bosoms have it on the mirrors here when you can see it's there they've called them with
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a mag whose name is the medicine from which that was in the nazi and bills that have been going to push out of the question look i'm not that sort of get them and trend push a little and there's also a step but i'm in the height. the medical or surgical baloney picked at best by the logic that. the business side cave better than a scope that emblem of the. abundant cornish ball on the planet. i remember walking into a heightened camp echo for the first time to me i'm parker was the first client we met. and thinking whom i going to meet am i going to meet some terrible terrorist
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i don't know i don't have any records or have any documents i never talk to him. business i see. him again. curse go off them is the excess of them is good for them as they say of them they have got it because it is the issue it i walked into this cell and there's this little guy who's sitting behind the table chained like chain to the floor and he's got these kind of you get mogul asses you know which were these goggles that they issued and little sort of prophecy oriel owlish looking fellow and i walked in and i think i said mooses which i understood to be hi how are you didn't we hear the i'm in the ninja tell them to the man on the can tell them they sent my son the good. doesn't that you and the care say men generally can also build up as hope that formatted kind of the good not so then shame that all those of them are though they have suffered on the chin put on which
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is upon the goodness of the winners that is the ability to put the form of has caused him this and. they had a paper that said they were innocent they weren't allowed to bring me the paper but they had it in this once we had the unique circumstance of. the defense department themselves without a lawyer intervening have cleared this guy and said he's not an enemy combatant and then sent him back to the same prison he came out of that was interesting right as a press story. and from the press went instantly to the court. and the judge was very interested in this way that a lot of these guys have been cleared and they're still there you got some spine
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and to do a system of government so we had a series of hearing hearings all through the fall but his decision was to dismiss our petition it was just before christmas of two thousand and five because he said there was no relief he could get the only place these people could be for ordered released was the u.s. because he couldn't order some other country to take them. and he didn't think he had the power over the government's objection to cause them to be brought up so since i have a case in which i can give no relief i dismissed the case as well he said and then we appeal that's. the. best and then i'm begging you can. ask another good kip and if you get in the can they can albany you most that began again with the ball by the commision
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that there is close where the coolness think of the hook on this and what i'm saying well in the moment my absent number and the department of justice calls me up and he says i mean we're moving to dismiss your appeal i said really odd cases they're not there so they're not there when they go and he says albania and i said no bob where they go really and he says albania. well done if you give me that look. at that say. a plus but sherman as an adult but again we were challenging judge roberts its decision and the government was still worried that the courts might not be happy with the notion that there's a habeas corpus writ but nobody can get any relief. and show that's what led them to move that case by moving these guys to albania which was the only place in europe where people would cheer for george bush when he visited.
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london and missoula it's fun they can share the below sort of them they can get in the middle don't know any of us that music and they said she was against that sort of stuff. is awesome it was clear that she did them the album they were on the book voice of the isms meant to set them invest money more than the music going to. change his heart or guinness heart out of the kids out of the net or accept or thought of on the.
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position he goes folks like and they are doing the simple shake of pulling then all of the national association lips a lot of bad shots those can be. using the for them is even in the end a conductor. are buying a home in that year or two years old or older and not. sure i'm not mean or sure who to call with your buck. would you can wish really those were helpful for you to divorce at the party but your image of the days. when we get our welcome back to you for a young girl which also your two may walk or run your. younger self with so bob
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woodward. and one of the things that we had been sort of schooled by the old hands was never use the government's interrogator interpreters because their clients would trust them. good guys and good mostly good were shot to get were short so they were the exception to the rule. i just called her up and she said something like i wondered when you were finally going to call. it was really mixed feelings actually i was excited after three years i missed them i wanted to go and see them how they are doing but at the same time i was hesitated because i remember what happened or what the u.s. military and u.s. government said to them three years before that and it's difficult for me to look at them and to say i'm sorry.
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it wasn't until august of two thousand and six that i finally met calio for the first. he had this is here shorted out in this afro i remember that he was very gentle in manner and very bright and they can on income the kind of stuff. other gotten swept up by the news observation. there had been suicides if you know that summer a suicide and following the suicide. they had stripped the cells of a lot of the so-called comfort items including his bed sheet he did ask they took my blanket l.a. do you know why you think this has anything to do raise my case being in the court
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he wanted to. you know think about what could be the consequences of proceeding with this lawsuit he kept asking the time how much time do we have and then is the calmest more time that we have left. ok what time is it how many more minutes that we have left so i kept telling him like we have two hours we have fifteen minutes left we have ten minutes left so have the members america. so. has it. been a. man can't go. around that she hadn't heard him and he starts speaking rapidly and we are at i watch were shot in her face just feels nice what would she say she says tell you outside it's talk to me and i didn't know what to say so i didn't say anything i didn't want that to be on the record because i i couldn't understand what just happened at the gars guards yelling at me absolutely you know
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to get this really give me ten more minutes what's going on to know you're out of time you got to get out of there and she's you know just gone for you to. actually file a standing in the gravel asked her what just happened that she said he said drop the suit. he said you must you be shown us make it very clearly you have dropped the suit because the lawsuit is worth my badge. and i remember thinking wow i mean that's sort of our feel this great lawsuit that we have isn't worth the action. and i remember going to ethics professors say what do i do in this situation and lots of other people were giving advice that you know the guy's judgment is
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impaired by the situation easy and i wasn't sure what to do so when we filed our next thing leigh we left his name off it had to admonish him said cancer storage their mess and their. talk on their production lines now. they can aspire to that and six and they are going to have and they're going to send them yeah yeah i remember that i'm there hoskins artists and on the earth and kind of from the ocean that are still in there. sometime in late two thousand and six simply because they had built it had to fill fill the beds they started sending our clients to camp six.
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and to work going on want to get. to. term than on but it sure sure we knew. it was described accurately by one of our clients as the dungeon above the ground because the second you can get in that place you felt closed in the water concrete was all around it's up to the design and if they are. covered in that's covered it up looking to move to let me to meet them and. they can all your uncle mame is lifestyle you get in there. are so. much to do but assad can goodish terms of general of his it. is that what i kissed
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in death for the one hour which they called without any sense of the kind of black humor that they called rec time. you would be taken to the rec area ok so the rectory was a kind of a chimney within the within this facility three stories high with with a mesh top wire mesh and if you were lucky if you really really lucky you might see this to rec time it would have to be right over this chimney even for. state time you know you could actually see this and there wasn't a thing that hit us as how powerfully men missed something they would talk about they would count the days i'm seeing the sun for twenty six days some of it i did see that the sun twenty seven days. to put on this one is called out the middle where does it stop you he has a band
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a bit of them applied to. them as again the nazi official has. one on the can keep an eye on things on the local and level addition to it and then in an album to let go. and that's natural yeah i didn't get that. ten minutes now out the link and more to add to my other and that's got them we look at them no nos one in the blue one yep. isolation is a killer he watched people just shriveling. like a plant with no water and. it was so awful in the feeling like we come out of there thinking we've got to do something to do something you know we're going to we're going to file a motion we're going to file another motion and no one's going to care we got to run to the press they were here you know who i went to the captain on the base one time and i just basically bagged a big i can't do
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a thing in court you know that i know that this isn't right you're in charge this person is right if you meant my going to leave you can just blow your bag basically begging him you know if you believe he was. and finally cully all got out of camp six for no reason that i've ever understood did they never explain why he got out the other guys did. it became clear that these cases were going to be coming to us when i say us i mean not only the federal courts here but my court specifically and i got all of the way
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to cases so i posed certain questions directly to the government and i ask quite plainly is it on these people and to be combatants and they hesitated said no we have no evidence to show that they were enemy combatants i said well tell me what danger these individuals poles to the united states or its allies and they said we have absolutely no evidence. so i said well ok let me see if i understand the not enemy combatants another threat but they're still in guantanamo and they've been there for quite a long time what are you going to do about releasing them. and the position of the government then was that we cannot release these people for a variety of reasons but mainly because we would have to place them in other countries and those arrangements have not been made as well are you saying that you
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plan on holding these people these waivers indefinitely. it was a hesitation he said yes. to have this situation presented to me where all these admissions were made about the non culpability of these individuals but to tell me in the same breath that these individuals will be held indefinitely really offended me. so at that point i looked to the government again and they said well you know there's really nothing you can do judge because. it's the prerogative of the of the executive branch to decide and i said well i think i would like to have these individuals brought here. the prosecutor on his feet dropped his pencil i think i'm not sure but there was there was dead silence in the room and i don't think they believe their ears i didn't think i was doing anything that sensational i mean they would still be in
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custody would be brought he says we mean here is him into this courtroom and that's when the governments of we can do that and you can order us to do that as well i just have. my standing outside of the tent and the leaders on the other side seventeen men lined up in front of me. the district court heard to your case this morning and. delivered his decision. and then i couldn't continue my worries less with the. trend i had tears and i was trying to hold myself not burst into tears and they all were just looking at me and i can hear probably it pin drop at that moment it was so quiet all we can hear is the
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waves of the ocean in the background. one day if you look out for a rival to the concrete block i'll be deciding to play god. and suddenly if you can cast just said figure right. if we could. bring the source cubans over are in this magnificent. a chronicle of the revolution and its aspirations through the prism of its architecture cuba's unfinished space at this time on al-jazeera. i sometimes feel that we're really looking into the hearts and the soul of those directly involved in a very taking place. very good at telling all sides of the story from the political elite to those people who are affected you really get to know what's happening on the ground that's very important for me as a generation pastor can often feel that my continent is misrepresented and we've
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changed that your story is important to us it doesn't matter where you come from. we will maintain the finest fighting force the world has ever known united states army was so reliant on the private sector i would call the dependency we have a mismatch between the way we. are to be and the reality of the twenty first century. for. how many of the persons that are sending our child soldiers. child soldiers really at this time. you're watching over there i'm still wrong and these are our top stories the deadline given for zimbabwe's embattled president robert mugabe to resign has now
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passed the ruling party says its members will meet over the coming hours to discuss peaching mcgarvie he has so far refused to step down this was the people's but we don't want to see mr is there any more so we saw him go to the national division to pretend is if everything is normal if you are saying that it will be good but. we are saying. your time is up please leave. and lead the country. on a new page can your supreme court has validated president who can you have his victory in last month's disputed presidential election we run the ruling follows two days of arguments can you at us do you to be sworn into office in eight days time. i think carefully consider the issues
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specific in each petition so well as the constitution laws. court house unanimously determined that the but i don't know what made it. the presidential election or the. buy up. these the election of that that respondent voters in germany may face a snap election after talks between chancellor angela merkel of her would be coalition partners collapsed the pro-business free democratic party pulled out on sunday night citing irreconcilable differences. lebanon's prime minister is to visit egypt on tuesday as he makes his way back to beirut after a two week absence saad hariri is still in france which is trying to mediate the fallout from his shock resignation he quit in the saudi capital of the fourth and stayed there for two weeks prompting suggestions that he was being detained. the
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world is facing new threats partly because of illegal immigration and the spread of terrorism here bars leader made the comments of the capital while discussing the rohingya refugee crisis at a summit of european and asian countries security forces are accused of forcing out hundreds of thousands of rango bastards those were the news headlines even half an hour. we were standing outside of the. leaders on the other side seventeen men lined up in front of me. district court case this morning and or been delivered his decision and then i couldn't continue they all they're just looking at me and i can hear probably it. was so quiet then i continue. to. declare that you are
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a leader. and you must release right away. wasn't as a member some i as a learned of a possible. outcome but. in the more your larger culture from cold comes up in them called them push the london. i was leaving the next day from the base when i was at one time on airport there was a plane there actually waiting to take those guys. but then when i landed in fort lauderdale and soon as the plane landed i turned my phone line there checked my messages and there was the email from saved and telling us that. the government went to appeal it scored and the stop put the stop
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on the church organist order i just sat there on the plane. ask god. again not this time again. that. can get the nominee going to look at what's going to take isabella powers loves. this person's idea that we are side. by the story best of me as president about the
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president by the constitution of the law and united states of america in order to affect your property this position of individual probably the same private apartment that was taught. that probably falls sessions just over half the top system of the national security and for all seniors of the united states we have to see justice fight for by for. example. the fosses whereby walked out of the well before it was no later than one year from now. as soon as ever obama was elected we were after his transition team trying to get a meeting trying to get a word trying to say and they were alive to get my hours straight of issues. and i got meetings with various people and i would say to them look it's very simple if you want to close this prison you've got to do something with the people if you're
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going to do something with it people are going to have to have a whole lot of countries in the world cooperate and if you want to cooperate you need to play in if we're going to play i've got the guys for. and sure enough in the spring of two thousand and nine and so he's been president for a couple of months we get high level meetings and we cut a deal for the first two weeks. to come to virginia don't we go to community in virginia we're so excited about this and the day even rented an apartment for those wafers and the community was all ready to welcome them and bring them to virginia that plan was well underway until the spring of two thousand and nine when word of it leaked out and it leaked out to members of congress specifically to representative frank wolf from northern virginia who threw an
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absolute complete fit and went crazy the chair recognizes the gentleman from virginia mr wolf for five minutes. thank you madam speaker it is my understanding that president obama's decision regarding the release into the us of a number we gear detainees held at guantanamo bay since two thousand and two could be imminent the new york times a.b.c. news and other news outlets every border that the president will soon release these terrorists into united states yet this congress has not been briefed on this decision let me be clear these terrorists would not be held in prisons but they would be released in your neighborhoods they should not be released into the united states to members real life. it didn't matter how crazy the talk was you could have a senator and then there were senators saying this stuff and you say have you read
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anything about who these people are do you know that your own government for six years has been telling every country in the world they're innocent and please take them and you're saying these things in common really seriously but you couldn't get through the noise and unfortunately too to our great regret and to the great regret of the wiggers president obama abandoned the plan that was the beginning of the end of president obama's going to talk about policy. i started in may and immediately i turned to the european union for european governments to negotiate with us arrangements for them to take detainees. i did not like going to countries and asking them to do something that we as a government were unwilling to do and that's not because of the obama administration that was because congress prohibited us.
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too bad and it made it harder and many countries would say why should we help you do something you won't do and my answer was you're right we should but we can't so the question is will you help close guantanamo even under those less than ideal circumstances or will you not. no way are there going to now more than a million you do that or should you. sure don't use order to move or do you or your to monitor know how to be clear that are you know what. other. women join your fact do not. do it on a shop or a. question
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in a blanket and do the trick of not going there. simply because your attitude is a little welcome. journalist goldsman going to trigger on their on their alarm was hyped as anybody cares who you are so. by last night didn't allow themselves to get messy again show up again with guys who have gone there they'll make a list and to get medical blood this will have been as others are. put on their business. so it does go bad as long as it could just cause a goodbye and. yeah
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yeah yeah. because you know we had been. around i didn't. really want to go yeah ok no more want to absorb. and you can ask i could have and because i will look at the good com desk and they're going to go get a scan stand up and i still am in that kind of a there and they can chant busk you know. comment on the ship number the high set them in childhood of. but for. that kind of market to select on been on my own gloss as a. preset never. shown again but a perception of their. i mean when i ordered guantanamo closed that it would be difficult and complex. there are two hundred
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forty people there who have now spent years in legal limbo. for example the court order to release seventeen weaver's seventeen weaker detainees took place last fall when george bush was president as president i refuse to allow this problem to fester. i refuse to pass it on to somebody else. it is my responsibility. to solve the problem our security interests will not permit us to delay. our courts won't allow it and neither should our conscience. bermuda came in and basically said we want to help president obama we're willing to take detainees and we thought well the leaders have the most compelling case and we have no legal right to hold them.
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i flew down to bermuda we got there in the late morning met immediately with the bermudan for mir and the security minister that afternoon we reached agreement and everybody on the table agreed we this we can't wait till daylight because this will leave us with the story definitely can and you know whitehall will go nuts. and stuff that the modulus that all that kind of response to their asking. that the kids get a shit knock on their we finished up the meeting in the mid afternoon the plane left sort lee before midnight. same day church or school after the wonder of prison again the soft children totaled and scrapped came up on the bus saw those four men sitting there in all their regular clothes now shackles their
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just sit there and it was so exciting i came up and i had the privilege of telling them that. while the plane is here we are here to get you you will be free it was obviously an emotional moment for the four people who didn't i'm sure didn't really think they'd be leaving. it was an emotional moment for their lawyers who had been working pro bono for years and after years of frustration they realized that very quickly these people would be out of guantanamo some are come step. in the midst of a conversation sure it's sure the poor to smooth out the very. bottom of the killed off story.
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when plane was approaching the land i got a signal on my cell phone and i asked them do you want to call your families and they did. he started to call. the alternate and get on bridge can see at the end. but i know that it came the. moment i don't call them. consultant general an immigrant family is going to get. general and i'm going time with an them so exactly. we have reserve your nemesis yet didn't. ensure that.
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she was living there she had slipped out the ny times and. bessie. had to undergo after that it and whatever. you know approach hadn't been called to york to construct share the chip for his niece and skin madoka so does an indication that strain lucky seven and saw them zoom with one but i bet we'll water but i'm a decade since they've been pretty good to. sim cambridge dumbass u.k. and the should have not got the cyclists get dog sure.
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the president of poll out publicly offered to take leaders himself now that was an offer that took some months to conclude but that was an important offer and i want to give real credit to president torah beyond a who're toward weaker for the first night in my life. and then i listen carefully . and i want to accept the invitation. ploughs offer to resettle our clients was a wonderful generous humanitarian gesture you know the government of plough did what the government of canada with the government of germany what the government of
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australia what the government of my own country the united states refused to do the actual transfer took some months to negotiate and at the end of october two thousand and nine. six weeks. flew from. guantanamo to the last state says there's a shift in the can not sat down with the trauma of a longer. it's called look on the problem is the. problem is that it's going to look at them but lift them for limbs cause i get bored and i was going to assad a few. much part of the action i was amusing. to your knowledge and i'd say they were just warming up and going on the moon but it didn't and in my book on that but first.
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if they come to look at the blood. like a bloodbath few. each game will get from one of the four boys. i didn't sic him for long. hold up the ball and it. wasn't.
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come on in. those you. see dollars relaxed here might go well ok if we wait for the interpreter and then we'll find you and when you go in they're going to see it differently you're. welcome. so with that i know you're very tired of a very long flights on waste because myself and leave you to. the interpreter just a little bit and goodnight or good morning as the case may be. and then you get to you can look at that. thinking that it.
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is not new that. we arrived at the beach with a paper for them and they disappeared for about thirty minutes. when they came back from the back side of the rock island so i could see the sand on their foreheads because they'd been praying by putting their heads to the ground . game day said. it's nice to see trees and the sun in the ocean for the first time. when you found food. i mean sure the film you know will not lead to when we are to
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move on with you quite. so that we don't want you to eat our meal be. there are times when we gave countries modest assistance to defray some of the costs not anything like the millions that discussed by orders of magnitude smaller than that but we did provide plow some of that kind of assistance which went for housing education but. maybe there's no real direct linkage but after the week or so arrived in palau then. the negotiations with the u.s. on the compact review for the extension of more u.s. direct assistance the pollo. became more favorable i think it went from fifty nine million to. oh one hundred million and it was amazing all these deals
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that got made around moving we were to places i don't know how many runaways building blocks. i think we built half the airport in toronto you know we'd been a lot cheaper just remember virginia. going on i mean. how. many more. hundred miscalled but i. don't have any idea that you. had to get this kind of possible me to make a complete gone i was the must but. i couldn't look at him a doing. much closer back it was a lot of zilch more money and a nasty does it does he look at. all the one eight hundred. s. but i do the cross and i miss. those in the business i said to tell
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you soon as near. missing a one the keg and the cause it couldn't miss think pelican it was in the act one told me an ascending that was i was upset that he among others don't but i don't think that in the end them isn't good question but here is the i'm going to use a potion. that they get. political. that they can but it isn't instead but the sigma. of an. honor. and i see i said something out of the. common market. picked up. well the fuss at the members of congress the necessity jet that.
3:56 pm
this is tragic and that these people did nothing wrong it was ascertained that they had done nothing wrong that they were not enemies and yet they lost great chunks of their lives and their dignity and their ability to evolve within their culture and their religion because of political expediency and the failure of the american government to act accordingly. holding the weaker us as long as we did counts as one of the. original at the early mistakes of one time oh and we have found on guantanamo that certain mistakes are non-biodegradable you know they don't disappear they just stay there.
3:57 pm
through tranquil a rave you can yes. i did on caffeine sense and if emission gone to. we got some very wet weather pushing into eastern parts of brazil at the moment particularly around rio de janeiro this area cloud tops its way right across
3:58 pm
a very heavy downpour sao paolo fifty one millimeters of rain in twenty four hours and that's typical of the kind of weather that we have seen on this line of cloud and rain more of the same as we go on through monday more heavy downpours in across a similar everyone to some weather to just coming into want to. say that will affect the reply to over the next couple of days but temperatures picking up to about twenty two degrees by choose day y.b. right you know to see into a good part of central and eastern every zipper so pushing right over into that western side of the imus and still plenty of showers too affecting central parts of the caribbean particularly just around the pentagon republican over towards the the leeward islands maybe seeing a little bit of wet weather coming in here it does look a little clearer across to make one place to say but it's also want to shower still getting in here through monday and into tuesday what's the weather was affecting us on policy of cuba at this stage seems a very heavy rain and some snow pushing across the pacific northwest of the u.s.
3:59 pm
western parts of canada thank you for seventy three millimeters of rain water that came from the states very disturbed over the next few days. the weather sponsored by the time he's. gone counting the cost of venezuela as the oil rich country fails to pay its debt well look at what a messy financial unraveling could mean for the starving people lebanon's economy is getting squeezed why zimbabweans are point counting the cost at this time on i just.
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we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter when you call home al-jazeera and we'll bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you. al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera.


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