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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 21, 2017 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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years ago i also lost my there are more than one hundred fifty volunteers working for walking busses is working class attendance has improved the volunteers. i am taking. a lift. with regulation profit tax policy on. the environment. that's. going to take a. lot. of the vote. this time. after thirty seven years in power robert mugabe resigns as president of zimbabwe.
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seeing the jubilation in the streets of zimbabwe and celebrate a day many they'd never seen. much of this is from london also coming up. bomber kills at least fifty people at a mosque in northeast nigeria. international accuses me of maher of a party or its treatment of where he lives. and syria's president. vladimir putin for saving his country and to discuss peace initiatives. after thirty years in power. he has resigned as president of zimbabwe the new spark
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scenes of jubilation around the country with thousands of zimbabweans pouring into the streets with and minutes of that announcement but gabi sent a letter to zimbabwe's parliament as it launched proceedings to impeach him they have not been suspended he said the decision was voluntary to allow a smooth transfer of power well the ruling party's legal secretary says emma said when al gore says that the vice president his firing triggered mugabe's downfall would be sworn in as president on wednesday or thursday well let's take a look at the scene like right work people continue to celebrate into the night our correspondents are there and have been soaking up the atmosphere people telling them some are worried about the future others just soaking up the moment that as we said many of them never thought would come so we will talk to our correspondents in just a second and continuing to watch these pictures as they are told in harare
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but let's listen in to our package now from our correspondent on our own. delirium on the streets of harare revolutionary. across the country the but my garbage for thirty seven years while celebrations go ahead for our news that mugabe was stepping down came as both houses of parliament sat in extraordinary session to debate the presidency preachment the speaker suspended the session and told m.p.'s that he'd received a letter. calling. mugabe wrote that he was resigning with immediate effect voluntarily in order to facilitate a smooth transfer of power. to the crowds outside to those who. words many
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thought they'd never hear ever since i was born i have never heard see this day and so forth that just seven years we have been our fathers were there when told that was the war that you went to war they did it well what you got it is what we're going to carry to show well it was tough to get. his departure comes an emotional week off to the military first took to the streets into the evening in party politics you know but his succession it likely means that this man and listen will become zimbabwe's interim leader ahead of elections in two thousand and eighteen and if this is going to do is about where you live to listen and what the people simply want to see up in you what we did or such as what you're doing. now in power we want to see one member of the budget and politicians again ring up for a new fight ahead we have supported him and i got to trouble him
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a couple through these demonstrations and word spread that someone got was to play the game fairly if it is not a way to play the game fairly we will take him on you also we are sick and tired of a sudden here soon. had for decades been a faithful mugabi left tenant described as the president's and for so close to the army nicknamed the crocodile few would describe him as a democrat. the people will wonder whether zimbabwe's new era would be much different from its past on this night and for now though many can judge how al jazeera was. we have correspondents line for us invisibly in capital harare and in johannesburg in neighboring south africa let's go first to howard taft the who's in harare for us hi there carol so we've seen those scenes of jubilation are people even starting to think beyond today and. to two more.
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they are it's always been on their minds preparing for the resignation or removal of there was always the back of someone's minds people were started to prepare for a post era so now they're talking about what does it mean the main thing now is the economy for most people will in a seminar create jobs will leave bring back civility willie bring investors into the country what they hope is that him being a businessman and it could maybe encourage the international community to come into the way and invest and create jobs so at least economy can recover but there are some who are concerned about what kind of leadership he is going to have a mean he has a checkered past and some people worry they worry that perhaps he may be worse than robert mugabe and one young person we spoke to on the street had this to say about zimbabwe is a new leader. of the fifty seven years people don't know this but he was governor
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for forty seven years. so. i don't know probably people i think is one of the better devils but again let's take it from there and you wonder if seeing this when the wife is giving speeches and insulting everybody are they seeing the suffering that people are going through they're probably not seeing it because their reach already i remember one time when president obama came to africa addressing the african union president you already reach i don't understand why you would say for so long you can go and enjoy your money so we'll carry that if you've got a billion in the mansions take them we take you from the very start. and how who in the background are questions being asked about mugabe and his wife to their whereabouts and what comes next for them. yes questions are being asked about that a lot of people who say they've suffered under the garbage would like to see them
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prosecuted some people who are very angry on social media we saw his two sons in johannesburg they were throwing lavish parties they were buying expensive champagne expensive watches showing off his involved in the social media that we are untouchable you can't touch my father no one can remove robert mugabe so it angered a lot of zimbabweans whether some were saying for the sake of peace let's not focus our energy on the family leave them as they are whatever they have as i said leave it let's move on it's rebuild this country focus on the economy so divided opinions about the mugabe's after they were boxed as far as the army has been saying to zimbabweans that the private residence and robert mugabe has been seen in public since he resigned and are rude what about looking to the future and thinking politically now other number of the titians perhaps. might come next whether they will still have a power a part in whatever power regime that exists next. zani
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here had become embroiled in so many factional battles and sides were taken yes there are politicians who were purged from the ruling party they are politicians who are still in the ruling party who could also i suppose be feeling uncertain about this future are they going to be fired are they going to be left alone so lots of uncertainty within the ruling party that's why it deeds to regroup. and try to end the damage that was done by the factions it's a wait and see we'll see what it does when he does make a public appearance and he does try to reconfigure. their lives from harare. well there have been celebrations to neighboring south africa where tanya page is live in johannesburg there time is of course a big population of zimbabweans in south africa what's been the reaction there.
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well sort of a smaller version of the scenes we've seen playing out and harare there is a part of downtown johannesburg which is just behind me there which is known as little harare in fact south africa as the economic harbor all of the region has been a magnet for many zimbabweans who've come out of their country looking for jobs and the money that they can earn here it may not be very much but it is enough to be able to poor families back home and it's more than they would earn at home many of them to search for many years often people who have degrees and work experience but they still are unable to find work back home so a lot of relieved the surprised and happy people here in south africa and tania we did hear something from jacob zuma but also i wonder if south africa is going to tread carefully over this next coming weeks and months.
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here is very carefully south africa's president jacob zuma does south africa is currently the chair of the regional body sadek they had an ounce tony a few hours ago that president zuma along with angola as president. were going to go to harare on wednesday and we spoke to them on a wee while ago and they that is still the plan they are still going to go although obviously they also tonight will be playing catch up because clearly the situation has changed enormously perhaps that might be a difficult conversation when they come face to face said in the past has played a bit of a controversial role in zimbabwe and but it will also be a respectful villa visit if it does in fact go ahead robert mugabe although disliked despised perhaps by many people was also someone who was respected perhaps at times grudgingly respected but nonetheless an enormous figure who has who has
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cast a long shadow over the. southern africa so south africa's role in going forward and speaking to president former president mugabe slip of the tongue there will be important we we think that said i will want to encourage a return to normalcy and respect for human rights and as we've already heard from zambia's president good longer a cool for the army to return back to barracks tanya page their life in johannesburg a tiny thing team. when journalists or jeanette godwin joins me now gina you and i were saying before that you know you were saying this is such an incredibly emotional day for you and there are lot of people watching this around the world who have a real emotional attachment to this story why why is it a story of such epic proportions do you think it's extraordinary isn't it i mean obviously for me and thirteen million zimbabweans scattered across the world it has a special resonance but it was saying something much greater than that everybody
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all over the world whether they've ever been to zimbabwe or know any zimbabweans or not seems to be invested in this and i don't quite know what it is i think it's been a kind of rolling so far for a type thing gabi of course a larger than life figure he's been around for forever or most or at least it felt that way furious about when i think it's really really important to remember that this was about and is about real people and real lives and it's about wins not being able to eat you know one of the things that morgan child or i said is very moving speech just before the resignation he said we want to be able to give you one meal a day it's that that's the level that we're out that's why zimbabwean for celebrating because they need we need to survive it's it's got to that point where the poverty is so poorly that the standard of living for the most most people not everybody but most people is is so low and this is what everybody there is
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celebrating i think there's a real opportunity now for zimbabwe to just draw a line so muslims are very very. i think loving and peaceful people again going back to moving child right and did his speech saying let's go forward in love and joy and of course these people have terrible reputations and a similar god and the rest of of son of here there isn't anybody in zanu p.f. who hasn't fed from the trough but i think that now is the time although i know people paid some of the ultimate start. yes some people died a lot of people tortured people have been locked up on the orders of these men i think if we can we must try and draw a line under that and go forward because we've got a real opportunity here to turn around the future of the country and make sure that it never ever goes back to how it was that maybe naive but i'm hoping it's true. the vice president who is about to take over from
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a god it sounds like on on wednesday or thursday of this week according to statements what kind of a carriage here is you know there are obviously records as you pointed out by his reputation but many say he's also struck to just i think is a very clever man he trained as a barrister and he also spent some time in the beijing institute in china he's a he's a he's a he's a learned man and a clever man. of course has been. during all of the terrible things that have happened and been involved in them as a minister in health various ministers within the government. and so. i mean he's he's he's he's a wonderful tweet saying that he has blood up to his armpits and and i and i think that that is the case but i do think it's really unfair to say. let's go forward the past we know what he's capable of such everybody is watching the international community is watching the army is watching you also had that taste of liberation
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how wonderful must be been for the army not to have to oppress their own people for once they felt that maybe never go back and most importantly the people of zimbabwe are watching they've now had that wonderful euphoric day where they all celebrations and now they're having another euphoric day celebrating tomorrow might you all feel we need to give zimbabwean people this time to to have that joy but also for people to remember that people power does exist you can go out and. you can go out and actually while strong enough to keep people in line to generally didn't have someone thinking. still ahead this half hour we'll take a closer look at the man who's due to replace gabi as president. lebanon's prime minister gets into egypt for talks with the president there he's then homeward bound for the first time since and i'm saying his resignation. with.
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with. hello there it's turning milder for many of us in europe at the moment on the satellite picture you can see the area of cloud just toppling in from the atlantic and gradually edging its way eastwards and it's in this section where we've got the milder the leading edge of that rain though that's hitting the cold air and as it does say we're seeing a fair amount of snow so snow first and then the malta air works its way across us beilin therefore for malta that has been over recent days we get up to around ten degrees and then that woman will work its way up toward stockholm and on thursday it will be wet it will be grey but will be up at around eight degrees for the south largely fine and dry now for the southeast corner forcing greece we're looking at around seventeen in athens and we're also looking at around sixteen force in madrid
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across the other side of the mediterranean here it's largely fine unsettled as well you can see the winds drifting southwards towards egypt so along that north coast it is feeling cooler than elsewhere and towards the west a bit more cloud here but we're back should still make it to around twenty two degrees that cloud melts away as we head through thursday but you can see a system beginning to develop here over parts of our area and that could give us one or two showers the central belt of africa is seeing plenty of sunshine but it's in the south where we're seeing more in the way of showers will stretch its way towards cuba. over a hundred and sixty years ago a musician started a van and in an arty schrade in cairo. the brass band was so popular it gave birth to an entire musical genre. as a century and a half later the sound still resonates with many egyptians today house of allah the
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people's music at this time on al-jazeera. our minds in iraq two stories to see zimbabwe's president robert mugabe has resigned his impeachment proceedings were launched against him and led to submitted to parliament the ninety three year old said he was standing down to allow a smooth transition of power. or there have been jubilant scenes on the streets of zimbabwe these are live covered pictures since news spread of a god based resignation. on the vice president and most and then an hour
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mugabe exact two weeks ago will take over within the next forty eight hours he'll serve the rest of the god his term until next year's election. takes a closer look at the man and i was background. two leaders one side by side who became sworn enemies this is how an extraordinary sequence of events started this is in relation to tell me nation. of employment as vice president emerson i had been sacked by robert mugabe and accused of being unreliable disloyal and deceitful speculation pointed towards grace mugabi the president's wife as being behind the move the two had publicly fallen out in the jockeying for position over who should succeed ninety three year old mcgarvie. that highlighted the two factions splitting the ruling zanu p.f. party at the time the military and the war veterans loyal to. grace
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mugabe's sam who dubbed g. forty one god were fled abroad but his supporters planned their response and it was dramatic the head of the defense forces warned the army would step in if the purges of politicians it favors didn't stop hours later armored vehicles rolled into the capital harare we wish to assure the nation that he's excellent to the president of the republic of zimbabwe and a commander in chief of views and i would defend forces. comic mugabe and his family. and sound and the vast security he's got on t.v. . many of my gob is long term supporters had clearly abandoned him. so the basic core from is the role as the president and first.
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man gaga has stayed quiet a tactic that didn't surprise observers of the man who has been nicknamed the crocodile for his style in dealing with opponents be the one men always not be allowed to mouth these culpability when you look at the proper dial when it wants to attack this president is calculated and you don't believe there was a slaughter until there the person. is not knowing what is going to happen and. numbers oh my god my god had been a powerful and loyal member of mugabe's inner circle serving as justice minister speaker of parliament and vice president his supporters praise his business acumen and hope he can improve zimbabwe's dire economic situation if given the chance he's
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also suggested reengaging with the west after years of international isolation under the gobby andrew simmons al-jazeera. two and he's not a teenage suicide bomber has killed at least fifty people in north east in one thousand ria itzhak targeted a mosque in the town of movie and i don't want to say that they say it happened as people were arriving for morning prayers no one has claimed responsibility for the attack awkward interest has more now from the capital. the attack came as washing clothes were gathering for early morning prayers movie star has been relatively calm since its occupation by boko haram and later they were chased after one month stay in the city so the city itself is not far away from the boundary of that border state the epicenter of book insurgency we've seen in the last few weeks or so how but what of fighters from the forest the seventy supporters have invaded
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communities like medically like. the headquarters of medical itself and have killed a lot of people they attempted in the last one week particularly to retake the town but what repelled by the military so a lot of people still believe that fight is belonging to boko haram although the group has not claimed responsibility have infiltrated communities that are not far away from the boundary with border state so we probably will see the rise in the number of be people who died or who will die because of the severity of injuries they sustained in the early morning satanic the security services say they're stepping up their operations in the north east of the country to come things down and to finally defeat boko haram but over the last few months we've seen how bookworm has adapted and could doing to target soft targets in the northeast of nigeria i mean last treatment of it so hinge of muslims has been like until closeted in a report by amnesty international the organization spent two years investigating the cause of the current crisis which has forced hundreds of silence of refugees to
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flee over the border to bangladesh european and asian foreign ministers have discussed the range of crisis on the sidelines of a summit in me in la scott hyder is following developments for me and was launch a city young girl. it was a meeting planned before the recent run ins a crisis that sent more than six hundred thousand refugees from rakhine state here fleeing for their lives into bangladesh the crisis became the focus horn ministers and representatives from more than fifty european and asian nations gathered in me and marched capitol naked or. the halls as the leaders were wrapping up their final day of the two day talks amnesty international unveiled a report on the plight of the russian judge in myanmar. after two years of research digging into the roots of how the rich have lived in myanmar the human rights watchdog concluded it was apartheid like the author of the report told our jazeera the government's reasoning for the range of treatment is not only unjustified it's
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criminal in relation to the ongoing system of apartheid that we describe in our report i think the world is way too willing to buy into the restaurant presented by the myanmar authorities about the need to combat terrorism about the need to establish security and that's why they felt it was a very important moment to remind both them young are officials and their international counterparts that absolutely no for the duration feed security or the need to combat terrorism can't justify the ongoing crimes against humanity to justify the system of apartheid and back at the foreign ministers meeting myanmar's leader on song she said that her government is working with bangladesh on an agreement a repatriation for those who fled over the last three months the bangladeshi foreign minister will stay on after the meeting in myanmar continuing with the negotiations repatriations working toward a memo of understanding or demo you this is why we are going to be having
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discussions with you for tomorrow and the day often and we hope that this will result in him oh you've been so i could which is to enable us to start the station volunteer to return old who's not on the board it won't be an easy process as many fled quickly as the violence escalated they won't have the documents to prove they lived in rakhine state many regions of villages were burned raising the question if they are repatriated what conditions will they face and what are the guarantees that violence won't get. al-jazeera the anger on. lebanese president michel aoun has warned arab states they must deal with his country wisely or risk pushing lebanon towards fire lebanon has been locked in a political crisis ever since prime minister's saad hariri suddenly quits as prime minister whilst in saudi arabia earlier this month three reese just been in cairo holding talks with the gyptian media until fattah el-sisi before making his way home will have joins me live now from beirut so
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a warning there then to arab states hash of why. indeed because the lebanese president michel aoun is concerned about the future of the country if the political crisis and also regional interference this explains why he said that arab neighbors should deal with lebanon with wisdom otherwise they would be pushing the country to words fire he also said that lebanon has stayed away from and in a conflict of therefore they were expecting countries to show receive prosody this comes against the backdrop of the surprise fourth of november resignation by a prime minister saddle how do you wish through the whole political system in lebanon into chaos sad then how do you see this evening was in the age of the second leg of a trip that took him also to paris after he made his resignation in riyadh saying
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that he is who will be in beirut tonight to attend the national day of independence celebrations which are going to take place tomorrow that is going to be an extremely important moment for lebanon where all the political leaders with attend the ceremony and that we're expecting talks to start about the future of the country it remains to be seen whether prime minister. said that how do they will go ahead with his resignation or might back track but if he gets reassurances from all the different parties that. all the problems will be solved sad that how did he insisted in the past that one of the reasons why he resigned was basically he's allies of the government hezbollah interfering in different parties citing bases like yemen and syria so this is definitely a delicate moment for lebanon. for their life and they would have some thanks. the
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kremlin says russia's president vladimir putin has held a phone call with u.s. president donald trump and said the syrian government is in favor of conducting parliamentary and presidential polls follows talks between putin and syria's president bashar al assad in the southern russian city of sochi according to the kremlin put in told us are the fight against armed groups in syria is nearing its end thanks to russia for saving his country publicly for coming we just had a meeting with president vladimir putin and i passed greetings and gratitude to him and to the people of russia for the efforts which russia put in saving our country i particularly emphasized the role of the russian armed forces and the sacrifices you have made to reach this goal thanks to your efforts and the efforts of our allies many syrians could return to their homes and i would like to express gratitude to you for what you have done on behalf of all the syrian people.
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how come i don't have our headlines and. president robert mugabe has resigned as impeachment proceedings against him were underway in a letter submit it's a parliament the ninety three year old he's standing down to live a smooth transition of power he also said his decision to resign is a voluntary one last wednesday the army took over in place mugabe on the high was arrested and since then he had remained defiant that he wouldn't stand. well cheers dr bob griese parliament's after the speaker read i've got his resignation letter and there have been and still are as you can see by our live pictures here scenes of jubilation on the streets of the capital harare since that spread people had celebrated singing and dancing in the streets. here do you hear your headphones reaching out for so i'm very very hands on the writing with the easier. if i can hear the right words the bright future because we are our only
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take you have the best the economy in the world we have been minnows of course the land we have got. the good linux people are good much educated and the people because we are here between one november celebrating independence here we are having i have realized oh i have. learned this month the former price president emerson managua was sacked by mugabe and that's what sparked last week's military takeover nauman and i was set to become the next president within forty eight hours he'll serve the rest of mugabe's term until next year she election at least fifty people have been killed by a teenage suicide bomber at a mosque in northeastern nigeria they say the attacker men group with worshippers and decimated his explosives before morning prayers it happened in movie in adam was a state where boko haram held territory in twenty fourteen the morse treatment of a hinge of muslims alliance to dehumanizing a party that's according to
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a report by amnesty international two year long investigation says authorities have been segregating re-injure in open air prisons by confining them to their villages recent military crackdown there has forced more than six hundred thousand range of muslims to flee to bangladesh stay with us here now to see what next up is the stream and they'll be discovering what the copy. she.


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