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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 22, 2017 8:00am-8:34am +03

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shooting people are not sure to burn themselves and their other countries have managed to solve this problem but you worry that this conflict could erupt into an outright open war that the city's general security people who pay the price clearly their writeup unprejudiced setting the stage for a serious debate. at this time on al-jazeera. it's impossible to underestimate the size and scale of the economic crisis it's not just about the billion trillion dollars of debt it's not just about the banks it's not just about the government really. the end of an era celebrations in zimbabwe's president robert mugabe resigns after
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thirty seven years in power. this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up dramatic video of the rescue of a north korean soldier who was shot while escaping across the border into the south . verdict you in the war crimes trial of former bosnian military leader. accused of genocide in the one nine hundred ninety. and increasing concern in the search for submarine missing for almost a week. we begin with the resignation of zimbabwe's president robert mugabe who stepped down after thirty seven years in power it's box scenes of jubilation across the country with large crowds filling the streets in celebration of reports in the capital harare. jubilation on the streets of harare across the country that robert mugabe
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rule for thirty seven years while to liberation was maybe even days. news demagogy was stepping down came as both houses of parliament sat in an extraordinary session to debase the president's impeachment to speak at the speed of the session and told m.p.'s that he'd received a letter. from. the. mugabe wrote that he was resigning with the media's effect voluntarily in order to facilitate a smooth transfer of power. to the crowds outside those who was many thought they'd never have ever since i was born i have never seen this day i'm forty four thirty seven years we have been our fathers were there when.
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you went to war. what we're going to carry to show. your mugabe's departure comes an emotional week off the minute she first took to the streets intervening in party politics over his succession it likely means that this man. will become zimbabwe's interim leader i had of elections in. the exuberant now some a cautious. and a person who's been proven by where you live to listen to people simply what you see what we. know. we've only one look. and politicians like for you to hold we've got to trouble me a couple through these demonstrations and which. was to play the game fairly if it is not well to play the game fairly we will take him on. we are sick and
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tired of the sudden appear soon. i had for decades been a faithful mugabe lieutenant described as a president's enforcer close to the army and nicknamed the crocodile if you would describe him as a democrat. many a right to wonder with his an era we much different from the past on this night and for now though not many k. . that was. liberated. no one knows what's going to happen next it's a new dawn for the country for a people who have only known one leader since the one nine hundred eighty s. . had an. al-jazeera as paul brennan takes a look now at the life and times of the veterans zimbabwean leader they will never be the change. they would always be.
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in control that was two thousand and seven. ten years later when the people left their views be known opiate encouraged by zimbabwe's military robert mugabe ignored them and then surprise them when he didn't announce his resignation and is widely predicted t.v. address i thank you. and good night after thirty seven years in control mcgarvie found it hard to let go he's made a career by deftly apa new phoring potential rivals. one of the first to be sidelined was joshua como a fellow liberation fighter and comer was leader of the zap to party with gabby merge them with his zanu p.f. party their alliance was uneasy and income i was relegated to the figurehead role of vice president. at the turn of the century the gobby started seizing farms owned by whites to a peace supporters angry at the slow pace of land reform the economy shrank by
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a third unemployment soared about eighty percent. out of this economic turmoil another rival emerged we must give them a good sounding defeat morgan chang form the movement for democratic change it became popular enough to risk defeating mugabe in a presidential election runoff in two thousand and eight. i was beaten up frequently arrested and intimidated dozens of his supporters were killed allegedly by zanu p.f. thugs and the m.d.c. leader withdrew from the election worried about the stability of its neighbor south africa forced both men into a coalition chuang or i became prime minister but mcgarvie retain control of the police army and secret service and with that the real power of god he won the election four years ago by a landslide supporters said voter registration lists were manipulated critics said
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mccarthy was just as ruthless at dealing with rivals in his own party war veteran and vice president joyce mature and was fired in two thousand and fourteen accused of corruption and plotting to assassinate the gobby this time a gabby's wife grace was seen as instrumental in engineering mature is down for it was the clearest signal yet the mcgarvie was now not only protecting his own position but also laying the path for his wife to succeed him the sacking of emerson made that obvious the vice president nicknamed the crocodile had been in pole position to succeed mugabe. firing him cleared the way for his wife. but this time the ninety three year old president had gone too far when a god is close to the military leadership and they stepped in after thirty seven years robert mugabe's days of exercising unchallenged power well over. well reaction from god as resignation has been coming in from around the world while he was a towering figure on the african continent his influence was also felt globally donna
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page reports from johnny's book. as the news that robert mugabe had resigned hit the streets of johannesburg there were celebrations relief that one of africa's strongman had gone we don't want to. listen to this him now it's night. this is just so many years but that was to get a. lot. of. these are a fraction of the hundreds of thousands perhaps millions of zimbabweans who have lift their homeland in a desperate search for work and some who fled political persecution a sense that a profound change has taken place was echoed at the united nations secretary general and his predecessors have made clear that we expect all leaders to listen to their people and from britain's foreign secretary this is
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a moment of hope for zimbabwe and for the people of zimbabwe the state department was also looking to the future we look forward to and hope for free and fair elections he was a disport to some but remains an influential figure in african politics many zimbabweans believe countries like neighboring south africa help to keep him in power by approving elections some thought to questionable since about was military intervened south african president jacob zuma has encouraged a negotiated settlement but it was thembi as president it belonged who took the lead reacting to magog his resignation saying it's time for the army to return to their barracks so zimbabweans can focus on cohesion and unity a call echoed by the main opposition in south africa the democratic alliance and other opposition party. the economic freedom fighters said zimbabwe should promote mugabe's land reform program that stripped white commercial farmers of property
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placing it in the hands of black people and stated views of robert mugabe's legacy in this region will be mixed many people supported his ideals but not the way they were realized and for a long time many people have forty should step down that would be glad it's happened pace fully but not that it took so long tawny a page out as there are johannesburg. to lebanon now on the return of prime minister saad hariri he's arrived in beirut two weeks after announcing his resignation one in saudi arabia is expected to attend lebanon's independence day celebrations on wednesday the president michel aoun has refused to accept the prime minister's resignation believing it was done under duress when previously said hariri was being detained by saudi authorities riyadh has denied the accusations sent a hard ascent this update from beirut. have a day back in beirut for the first time really since his resignation on november
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for sudden resignation which was delivered in a televised address from the saudi capital riyadh and it raised a lot of questions a resignation that it might take a crisis two weeks really of a lot of uncertainty not just surrounding his resignation but about his circumstances while in taba arabia many in lebanon believe that in one way or another really was being held off really now back in beirut definitely. like i mentioned those mysterious circumstances there was a diplomatic turmoil over his fate but. there. really is not immune to political crises or political instability and. people were worried because you had found itself really at the center of. the wire very between saudi arabia and iran. is very nation was in saudi arabia move against
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hezbollah hezbollah being an ally of iran the law being a member of. government they wanted to curb hezbollah's influence. move let's say backfired because the lebanese came together from across the political divide they felt very humiliated by the fact that the prime minister. was practically a hostage that is the feeling here of course saudi arabia denied this. the country came together but how long will this unity last because the differences are still there and the question remains. just on his resignation or is he going to withdraw it we understand is that the president is going to try to dissuade him from resigning. to try to find a way. out of a compromise. he will withdraw his resignation. north korea is accused of violating
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the korean war armistice agreement by chasing a defect over the border into the south this video shows the man being pursued and shot as he crossed the military demarcation line he was rescued by south korean soldiers who dragged him to safety on their side of the fun to hear the defector a soldier from the north is recovering in hospital after surgery the key findings of the special investigation team are that the k.p.a. violated the armistice agreement by one firing weapons across the m.t.l. and two by actually crossing the temporarily you can see personnel at the j s a notified k.p.a. of these violations today who are normal communication channels in panmunjom and requested a meeting to discuss our investigation and measures to prevent future such violations lots more still to come here in al-jazeera including we had a great goal with president we're talking about syria u.s.
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president donald trump talks up his phone conversation with his russian counterpart with both agreeing there's no military solution to the war in syria and from governments to hollywood sexual harassment in the workplace has been in the headlines a new report says it's lower income employees who are most at risk more in the stay with us. hello again there's plenty of unsettled weather across the middle east at the moment the satellite picture is showing plenty of clouds stretching through parts of saudi arabia all the way out to across the caspian sea and there's plenty more in the way of what weather following it as well of a some of us in turkey it is very very wet and a lot of that what weather is turning to snow so heavy snow then still with us all and wednesday although eventually for the western policy it is beginning to dry out that system then tries to move away further east with still as we head through
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thursday but another system following hot on its heels so yet more wet weather for the northern parts of turkey day elsewhere cloud around for parts of the middle east but not a great deal of rain some of the wet weather though is stretching a bit further towards the south it's working down the gulf towards us here in doha so there's a lot of cloud around over the next few days and there is the risk of seeing a few cheri outbreaks of rain i think most likely will be on thursday and into friday because of an increase in moisture and a little bit more in the way of cloud or temperatures won't get as high as they have been either so i think our maximum on thursday would be around twenty eight degrees down towards the southern parts of africa and the rain that we saw of the cape town is now working its way eastwards it's here over in there all wednesday for cape town is brightening up and the temperatures are recovering to. news has never been more available it's a constant barrage of it with every day but the message is simplistic the frank
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good rational. and misinformation is rife dismissal and denial of well documented accusations and evidence is part of genocide the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narrative at this time on al-jazeera. welcome back a recap of the top stories here this hour zimbabwe's president robert mugabe has resigned as the country's leader after thirty seven years in its box scenes of jubilation across the country with large crowds filling the streets and
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celebrations. lebanon's prime minister saad hariri has arrived in beirut two weeks after announcing his shock resignation from south. lebanon president he said hariri was being detained by saudi authorities which they denied. and the north koreans accused of violating the korean war armistice agreement by chasing a defector crossed the border between the two countries but also a soldier was pursued and shot as he crossed the military demarcation line rescued by south korean soldiers who dragged him to safety on the site. now syrian president bashar al assad has held talks with his russian counterpart vladimir putin in a surprise visit to russia the meeting came ahead of a summit in sochi where putin will host the leaders of turkey and iran with a syrian opposition conference also taking place in saudi arabia chalons reports from moscow. ahead of a crucial few days for syria bloody may putin put on a last minute show with political stage management
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a surprise visit by bashar al assad to russia and a meeting with the military top brass who prevented his government from collapse the night and he knows and he told me today during known talks of the thanks of the efforts of the russian army syria has been saved as a state much has been done to stabilize the situation i hope that in the very near future we will reach the final point in the fight against terrorism probably the other coming out of this will be thanks to your efforts and the efforts of our allies many syrians could return to their homes and i would like to express gratitude to you for what you have done on behalf of all the syrian people. their meeting proceeds two events both beginning on wednesday and opposition conference organized by the saudis in riyadh and a summit in sochi where putin is due to greet presidents of turkey and rouhani of iran. russia iran and turkey have forged what some would say is a curiously durable partnership they support different sides in syria and have
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different goals every couple of months for nearly a year now the three have co-sponsored talks with syria's government and opposition forces in the kazakh capital astana by posting this negotiation back to spearhead and them russia shows its growing influence in the region is that russia's back after the soviet collapse it shows that russia is not a powerful player probably aspire for the united states at least that we want to present itself negotiations have resulted in four deescalation zones in syria though often violated and much criticized by the opposition zones are made achievement of the estimate talks russia turkey and iran say that fighting has reduced enough to now push ahead with a political settlement in geneva balancing their different priorities isn't easy russia wants to. protect its regional interests turkey is still saying that. it is now primarily concerned with confronting the kurds and iran wants to finally
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crush all those saudi backed sunni rebel groups those disparate groups are facing pressure both on the battlefield and from their backers saudi arabia's opposition conference is an attempt to instill unity and perhaps some more flexibility before any geneva talks on monday one of the opposition's most anti asad voices quits riyadh his job ahead of the high negotiations committee said his decision was forced after six years of conflicts in the syrian war as foreign stakeholders appear to be looking for a way out and asaad is looking more secure than he has in years glory chalons al-jazeera moscow. you know our president trump and that america had a lengthy phone conversation on tuesday both agree there is no military solution to the conflict in syria can really help it has more from washington d.c. . the call between vladimir putin and donald trump comes on the heels of their very
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informal meetings along the sidelines of the apec economic summit in vietnam and while the two in this latest call did not discuss russian meddling in the twenty sixteen u.s. election they did talk syria with both leaders agreeing that the way to resolve the crisis is diplomatically. we had a great goal with president bush we're talking about syria. we're talking about north korea we had a poll that lasted almost an hour and a half we just put out a release on the go but we're talking very strongly about bringing peace to syria what donald trump did not answer however when asked by reporters is whether it's his view that the future of syria includes. remaining in power now this is a very stark contrast to donald trump's predecessor barack obama not only did obama come close to ordering air strikes on syria following a two thousand and thirteen chemical weapons attack but he also made very clear his
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view that there was no future for syria with bashar assad in power a verdict is due on wednesday in the war crimes trial of former bosnian military leader iraq he's accused of genocide and crimes against humanity during the war in bosnia in one thousand nine hundred five a warning this report by david contains images that some viewers may find disturbing. it was in the siege of sarajevo the world first heard of radko malachi you ordered his serbian troops to kill mutilate wound and terrorize the civilian population. this is his voice on the intercepted radio communication directing ought to read guns to open fire on a muslim suburb because he said not many serbs and that. the the artillery rounds grenades and sniper fire killed and wounded thousands in the city
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. one thousand six hundred one of them with children. cameras recorded some of the atrocities the scenes they captured are still almost impossible to watch let alone describe such was the scale of the barbarity. the memories haven't faded nor the names of the victims. yet my dear friend your trunk i mean it she was thirty nine died on this day she went out to the market to buy food for her child my friends are here and adnan ebro he may get. the most serious charges of genocide and crimes against humanity relates to the town aside from the church. when large his troops overran the town they hunted down and killed more than eight thousand muslim men and boys. in this previously unseen archive film he's seen threatening the town's muslim leader. who was not
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a jew want to survive would you want to vanish the way you. lost two of our sons in the campaign of ethnic cleansing she had to wait nearly two decades before their bodies were recovered and identified them as the news and. they did all sorts of terrible things to us killed and slaughtered great girls in front of us in the middle of the street. this is where one of her sons was killed a bomb in a nearby village twelve hundred men were slaughtered here and their bodies bulldozed into mass graves. and i will lead us there. i would like it most if not assure front of a firing squad if our sons are gone then let him be gone as well. this cemetery a few hundred meters away from shore his house is the final resting place of two of our sons and many but not all of the other victims from the surrounding valleys
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their dates of birth are all recorded this man was eighty five alongside a boy of just thirteen they all died in july one thousand nine hundred ninety five a poignant poem was composed in their memory may justice become a revenge may the tears of mothers become prayers that. will never happen again to no one and nowhere. change to al-jazeera. a u.s. aircraft searching for a missing arjen time submarine has spotted white flag as over the southern atlantic but the argentinean navy says they're unlikely to be from the vessel a vigil took place and when as i was on tuesday for the forty four crewmembers on board the air a son one which went missing last week more than a dozen international vessels and now joined the search rough seas and strong winds
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have made rescue efforts difficult but conditions are expected to improve over the coming days donna simon has more from one as ira's. with each hour with each day that passes the hopes of sides and the anxiety increases the search and rescue operation is now into its seventh day with the backing of several countries in the region the united states with the latest technology on the water rescue vessels and planes searching a vast area of the south atlantic one of the great hopes is that the weather which has been atrocious these last few days with waves of up to eight meters high has now got a little bit better which will hate in that rescue operation meanwhile the whole country the whole of argentina is watching waiting and praying that the forty four crew members will be rescued as soon as possible yes you look it's a must. we continue to see everything in our power using all national and international means at our disposal to find a soon as possible i wish all the families and the crew to stay strong in these
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difficult times. the great concern now is that if the submarine is at the bottom of the sea supplies will be running a very low recent reports of noises at the bottom of the sea of a stray lifeboat of attempted satellite telephone calls turned into force leads meanwhile the country argentina watches and waits for news a new study in the u.s. reveals that sexual harassment occurs at a higher rate in low pay jobs and those positions like health care retail in the food industry are held predominantly by women well if it has come as one of america's most recognizable broadcasters charlie rose was suspended from c.b.s. after eight women accused him of improper behavior his on fishing. he's been the face of morning broadcasts on one of america's biggest networks for years as one does hit close to home but charlie rose was missing on tuesday morning facing allegations he harassed the number of female staff who worked on another one of his
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shows he's know been fired has failed presenters admitted it was a difficult story to report i've enjoyed a friendship and a partnership with charlie for the past five years i've held him in such high regard and i'm really struggling because how do you what do you say when someone you deeply care about has done something that is so horrible how do you wrap your brain around some self spoke out on the topic early this year after leaving cable news host was forced to stand down of the cases and that raises the issue of sexual rascality that about thing is probably in men not exposed and are not enough in sense of the tension in the past so that people are afraid to come forward and people are coming forward now but while the headlines have been dominated by the cases involving harvey weinstein al franken and kevin spacey previously unpublished data obtained by the center for american progress says it's not just a problem for the elite and the wealthy in fact sexual harassment occurs at
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a much higher rate in industries with low paying jobs where women hold most of the ports the data obtained from the u.s. equal employment opportunity commission reveals that from two thousand and five to two thousand and fifteen more than a quarter of sexual harassment charges came from industries with large numbers of service workers. nearly three quarters of sexual harassment charges include an allegation of retaliation which could stop people from coming forward and more than eighty percent of the wrestling claims came from women a lot of low wage workers who simply opt in are not in a place to complain you know they risk throwing their family into economic insecurity they can't afford to lose their chatter trying to make ends meet and so they often just look the other way or feel like they'll get fired or or risk some other retaliatory action every day there seems to be new allegations against some well known figure or cultural icon but this data shows that the problem of sexual harassment is deeply ingrained in american culture and people are speaking out to
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change that culture change the climate and ultimately to change the future alan fischer al-jazeera washington the c.e.o. of online taxi service says the company failed to disclose a massive security breach in twenty sixteen hackers stole personal information like names e-mail addresses and phone numbers so about fifty seven million customers the thieves also took the license numbers of six hundred thousand new drivers it's being reported that paid the hackers one hundred thousand dollars to keep the breach secret now the partridge family star david cassidy has died at the age of sixty seven nine hundred seventy s. teen idol said early this year that he was struggling with dementia and was ending his fifty year career cassady had been hospitalized for several days with kidney and liver say.
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top stories here on al-jazeera zimbabwe's president robert mugabe has resigned as the country's leader after thirty seven years in power the new spock scenes of jubilation around the country with large crowds filling the streets in celebration . yes. we are here. we have been you know. lebanon's prime minister saad hariri has arrived in beirut two weeks after announcing his resignation one in saudi arabia lebanon's president previously said harry was being detained by saudi authorities has denied the accusations. north
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korea is accused of violating the korean war disagreement by chasing a defector over the border between the two countries this video shows him being chased as he crossed the demarcation line the man was rescued by south korean soldiers and dragged him to safety on the southern side of the front in the defector also a soldier remains in hospital following surgery. the key findings of the special investigation team are that the k.p.a. violated the armistice agreement by one firing weapons across the m.t.l. and two by actually crossing the m.d.o. temporarily you can see personnel at the j s a notified k.p.a. of these violations today who are normal communication channels in panmunjom and requested a meeting to discuss our investigation and measures to prevent future such violations president trump and vladimir putin had a lengthy phone conversation on tuesday but coming away agreeing there is no
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military solution to the conflict in syria trump says they also pledged to develop what they call the ultimate political solution and stressed the importance of the un led peace process to end the war in syria. well those were the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera off the listening post statement that's a lot about enough. i am a victim of manipulation between politicians held in guantanamo the number of al qaeda and taliban detainees transferred to u.s. forces in afghanistan has continued to grow for years without trial do you know that your own government for six years has been telling every country in the world are innocent and please take a quest for a better life that ended in incarceration the guantanamo twenty two at this time on al jazeera. let me i'm minister saad hariri i know if you.


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