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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 22, 2017 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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it was a supportive. of this national. congress as the other two. from me jane doesn't receive it thanks for watching but from all. indulge your five senses.
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cheering crowds gather outside zanu p.f. headquarters to welcome back to zimbabwe's incoming leader and my son mark. from london also coming up. i'm crying as former commander. is found guilty of genocide and war crimes and sentenced to life imprisonment. lebanon's prime minister saad hariri addresses supporters outside his home after putting his resignation on hold. on dramatic video is released of the escape of a north korean soldier shot while fleeing across the demilitarized zone into the south.
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the man who will become the next president as him by the way has landed in the capital harare crowds of supporters of former vice president. are outside the. party's headquarters he was earlier in south africa after being sacked by robert mugabe who quit on tuesday after thirty seven years in power. and we will be showing you those pictures of amisom and coming back to his home to talk about his new presidency assoon as they have. survivors of one of europe's worst massacres since the second world war i have been celebrating a verdict by the international criminal court judges in the hague have sentenced former bosnian come on the raptor luggage to life in prison for his role in the murders of eight thousand muslim men and boys in the bosnian town the ship and its
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in one thousand nine hundred five new pocket reports from the hague chamber finds. guilty as a member of joint command of the following. count two. genocide the verdict that comb a lot of his victims have waited decades for thanks to the seventy three year old former bosnian serb general wasn't in the court to hear it he painted moments earlier for this outburst oh mr about if you. if you continued like this. we adjourn his defense team had urged the judge to halt proceedings citing concerns over a lot of his blood pressure but the court rejected the plea finding guilty of one of two counts of genocide and nine of war crimes and crimes against humanity during the chaotic breakup of the former yugoslavia the court ruled that milat it carried
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out of relentless campaign of ethnic cleansing aimed at ridding norm serbs from bosnian territory among those crimes are some of the worst atrocities carried out in europe since the second world war thank you the four year sea of sarajevo which an estimated ten thousand people were killed in shelling and sniper fire and the massacre of thousands of men and boys in the town of srebrenica there's nothing curious about executing prisoners there is nothing greeks about. thousands of people to flee from their homes. individuals prosecuted and convicted by these tribunals are they receive much human was because there's been prosecuted and convicted for not respecting the geneva conventions conventions not because he behaved this soldiers the prosecution is now considering whether to appeal the only charge but that it has been found not guilty of
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a charge of genocide over ethnic purges carried out of bosnian towns and villages laddish his defense team also intends to launch an appeal against the remaining ten guilty verdicts it's been a long and complex trial with thousands of witnesses and pieces of evidence right couple adage defiant to the bitter end when our spend the rest of his life in jail . or al-jazeera the hague. russia iran and turkey have agreed to support a syrian people's congress bringing together government and opposition representatives speaking at talks in the black sea resort of sochi president vladimir putin said he believed the new sanctions been reached in the syrian crisis but he warned that achieving a political solution would require compromises from all sides russia and iran are major allies of syria's president bashar al assad who made a surprise visit to such a on monday turkey back some syrian rebel groups well let's cross live to royal
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challengers who is in such and has been listening in to the press conference that those leaders just gave what else do they have to say really. what is interesting listening to what they are saying about this congress which is being planned a national dialogue congress it's being called putin has been talking about this for a few weeks now trying to get this idea off the ground essential he what he wants to happen is for all different representatives of various parts of syrian society to come together here in sochi in a week or two's time and hash things out really basically talk about the future of syria how we can get the country back on track agriculture schools hospitals that sort of thing now the problem with this idea has up until they've now been turkey has not really been that enthusiastic about it because of an invitation
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that's been extended to kurdish groups which turkey feels are terrorists now listening to the three men there i still got the impression that one was a bit lukewarm about this idea putin and rouhani much warmer and an interesting thing that rouhani said was that this can prepare the ground for a new constitution for syria and this i think reaffirms some. nations that we made about this idea which is that it's a sort of bridging idea it's a bridging thing between the starter talks which have been going on for nearly a year now in kazakstan which are technical and about cease fires etc and the much delayed geneva talks which want to come to a solution a grand political solution for the for the for putting the conflict to bed in its entirety this dialogue this national dialogue congress in sochi is going to be some sort of bridging between those two things and basically seems like
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a way for russia to steer the direction that syria's constitution goes in and who are almost the elephant in the room is the fact that the opposition groups are also meeting across a saudi arabia the message from there is that they can't see a future syria if president assad is still in power but the message really i suppose from where you are is his future wasn't really being questioned. no i think you know even though turkey essentially has never left its position behind that i should go over the course of the conflict particularly in the last few months the reality of the fighting has basically meant that he is now concentrating primarily on the kurdish problem and leaving aside the issue of well of course russia and iran both storage defenders.
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and their position is that you cannot go to geneva peace conference with any preconditions about the future of that has to be left outside the meeting that's been going on in in riyadh today and there's going to be stretching into the next few days was essentially trying to work out what the opposition's position was going to be going into geneva and you know the rumors had been that they might be softening on whether to go it seems that that hasn't happened but to get your thoughts which i was there with the latest from sochi. two planes have landed in yemen's capital sana'a for the first time since the saudi led coalition tightened its blockade sixteen days ago the blockade has prevented aid from being delivered despite increasing pressure from the u.n. and humanitarian groups the u.n.
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earlier said more than thirty flights carrying aid have been cancelled and he's warning millions of people face starvation. dramatic video has been released showing the moment as a north korean soldier escaped to south korea across one of the most heavily armed boarders in the world during the chase north korean soldiers fired at the fact one briefly crossed the border into the south a violation of the armistice agreement that halted the korean war kathy novak has more from so extraordinary video of a soldier risking his life to escape from north korea at around three in the afternoon he's seen driving a truck past a checkpoint on the north korean side of the demilitarized zone or d.m.z. on the heavily fortified border fellow soldiers are shown running after the truck which becomes stuck the defector then gets out and runs towards the border known as the military do you mark haitian line or n.t.l.
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just meters away soldiers from the k.p.a. or north korean people's army opened fire hitting the defector it's thought five times one even chases him over the border before returning to the north korean side the key findings of the special investigation team are that the k.p.a. violated the armistice agreement by one firing weapons across the m.t.l. and two by actually crossing the m.d.o. temporarily the defectors body is seen lying motionless on the south korean side of the border then soldiers from the joint u.s. and south korean security battalion are seen crawling towards the injured defector to drag him to safety it's rare for defectors to try and breach the joint security area at pun when jum tour groups on both sides of the border regularly visit though the u.n. command says no tourists were there when the shooting happened. the north korean soldier remains in intensive care in
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a south korean hospital where he has regained consciousness and his wounds are no longer life threatening a doctor treating him says the surgery revealed a parasitic worms he'd only ever seen in textbooks giving an insight into the dire conditions north koreans face and the kind of life this defector was fleeing kathy novak al jazeera soul. let me take you now back to that story we talked about earlier on the international criminal court where the judges convicted war crimes tribunals bosnia sent commander ratko and gave him a lifetime sentence less cross to david who is in a strip burnet sara and the verdict may have been in the hague david but the real impact is hell is felt really way you are. that's right the the mothers have separate needs so watching the proceedings in the hague court here in the middle of this cemetery where many of their loved ones are actually buried and it was extraordinary watching the whole process they were
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reliving those memories as a court during a very long verdict and description of the crimes it revived in them all of those memories that have been haunted by for the last twenty two years now they were delighted when the verdict came through the guilty of genocide and there was a an upsurge of of emotion and there was cheering there was hugging and there were tears but essentially all of them have shared their own life sentence a life sentence having lost their loved ones and heavy burden of grief will be with them until they reach their own graves nothing can take that away there is no if you like closure here for them it's a very very hard time they feel that perhaps it's given them something that the justice has given them some revenge but the feelings very much here sue are very
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very raw the divisions are as great as they ever were the conflict is frozen and the hate is frozen at the moment but the hate is still very much that you've got the the communities around here that are. dominated that they consider the whole trial was simply a political trial they don't accept. that the genocide occurred here extraordinary when you look at the number of graves around me more than eight thousand the muslim men and boys were killed by the butcher of bosnia i'm allowed a church and they still are beginning to find even more bodies a one thousand of the victims of the genocide have still not actually been found and all around me they're discovering bones still and skulls in the forests and hills around here they would say to their with the impact of that verdict in srebrenica. still ahead on al-jazeera we report from bangladesh on malnutrition and refugee children. and the no one idea how one library.
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and help educate the community. how it's been raining fairly steadily in the southwest of china that's largely because we've got this northeast monsoon the winter months in coming in but the still plenty of moisture brought up from the south china sea has been affecting vietnam really quite badly and will do for the next two days as it will by look at that in southwest corner of china still that height is going to be the snow here. is a rain picture you see the thames is all that low still fourteen children twelve in shanghai about seventy in hong kong does mean you want to feel a little bit colder the monsoon just appearing from india now as you might expect and still a very obvious line for the bay of bengal with a small potential developing
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a circulation we'll watch for that because if that happens what come in the rain is really affecting us for lanka not the indian man and told of course things are still pretty poor up in the northern plain from the point of view quality that will be the same for the next two days no significant alteration to anything whereas we have seen the winter rains start to show up in the arabian peninsula significant rain has been showing up in west and pasta sadi flooding in jeddah briefly and there's all this green mass in the forecast for iran and guess who's in between the two well kuwait and qatar the forecast for next two days could well brace of significant rain to this part of the normally dry world.
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at this time. welcome back reminder of the top stories here in al-jazeera zimbabwe's vice president. has returned to harare from south africa he will be sworn in as president on friday following the resignation of a. former general rather has been found guilty of war crimes and
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genocide the seventy three year old orchestrated the massacre of eight i was a muslim men and boys. in one thousand nine hundred. russia's president says his government on the wrong a working towards a serious people congress is one of the first steps towards getting all sides of serious conflict to engage in dialogue. so let's go back to our top story in zimbabwe where the eagerly eagerly awaiting that next president. is outside zanu p.f. headquarters in her all right where the crowds are milling really for me that the people standing around the have never experienced anything like being able to be on the streets and and really told their own minds you're surrounded by people that must just feel quite elated. they are very excited this really for them is a welcoming heart to you for someone they're looking at as
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a new liberates of sorts somebody who saved them from really an oppression and an economy they've been struggling i'm done for decades i'm just going to step out a shot to give you a better idea old exactly what the sporty looks like people in town begin singing and the plaque on it and posters they're holding up say things like our hero our host we salute you they thanking and i miss. as well as the military people the lowly late in liberating them and getting rid of the prison. robert mugabe they really are here to express their gratitude we do expect this and when i got word to address the ball when he does arrive we do understand he has arrived in harare any should be here and the surrounding headquarters any time from now we do expect him to hold a meeting with the central committee of the ruling party perhaps not dealing with
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the way forward as such at this point but possibly an endorsement of his are presidency of the party itself ahead on his swearing in on fridays are people here are very excited around the arrival of a man that they say has as ultimately save them and if we look back and remember that. left the country after being dismissed by then president to robert mugabe even fled zimbabwe now is arriving but you are hero's welcome soon and for me to the real good will amongst the people but real pressure really on this new president his reputation isn't so good as some people say he has got on his hands but the result must assess it is going to need to reinvent himself and really turn things around quickly to carry that could well. that is a tricky situation for many zimbabweans this is euphoria and excitement around developments in the country which has seen the the end of
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a president who was improbable for thirty seven years but now they're looking at a replacement that does have a controversial postie served under mugabe for decades he was a close ally until recently he was also hit all the internal security which in the eighty's was in charge when at least twenty thousand people according to human rights organizations were killed after a crackdown by the military are these people according to the military to citizens of this is a very difficult balls that he would face in. certainly one way he would not want to come across to the bar winds and even the world come across internationally as someone that he is good for the country someone that could possibly reverse the economic situation but also someone that would embrace the democratic principles as far as possible it's uncertain if that would be the case it was in baldwin's have you know replaced one dictator or one tyrant with another but certainly at this point the baldwins all very hopeful. with
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a very expectant excited crowd outside the. headquarters. explosions and gunfire have been heard in the georgian capital tbilisi after security forces raided an apartment block at least one soldier has died one suspect has been arrested for us jay walker has more from tbilisi. security services surrounded an apartment building in this neighborhood of tbilisi in the east of the city late on tuesday evening and arrested i suspect but another two individuals are believed to have open fire or throwing grenades at security services and one security officer was severely injured and we understand that he has died of his injuries at about five o'clock in the morning on wednesday and special forces attempted to storm the building and the apartments where those
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suspects were we saw very dramatic footage of a firefight between the security services and those suspects shooting gunfire repeated repeated machine gun fire and blasts have been heard throughout the day where i have been i've been hearing a lot of shooting. and but now we're told that finally after almost a full day the operation is now over we've seen three ambulances leaving. blaring and there may have been more casualties as to the identity of the suspects we've been told that they are not sure what your nationals there is suspicion that they may be from the north caucasus the russian parliament the house has approved a bill that would require international media outlets to register as foreign agents
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u.s. imposed similar rules on russian state. after allegations of russian influence in the u.s. presidential election the low will come into effect when it's signed by president not him at this end. lebanon's prime minister saad hariri has addressed thousands of supporters outside his beirut home . and rarely is back in beirut more than two weeks after first announcing he was standing down while in saudi arabia he's agreed to delay his resignation after a request from the president michel aoun to allow more dialogue. wow i'm here with you and we will continue on which together so we can be the line of defense for lebanon and for the stability of lebanon this gathering today is going to be repeated you see me visit every part of lebanon. let's cross live to hashem
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who is in beirut so he's delayed his resignation does this mean he's still going to resign. well it depends on what things will look like in the future he said that he would like to start a national dialogue with the different political parties particularly hizbullah about not to interfere in all conflicts like syria and iraq and he gets reassurances from hizbullah that he won't be involved any time soon in the near future and that he will be putting out its fighters from those areas i think saddam how do you he will resign if his demands are not met by the all political parties which is going to create a political crisis in the country and this explains why today during the military parade commemorating independence day the message that everyone was sending was
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a message of unity of that lebanon despite all the problems it faces the concerns about regional interference stands united against its leader we're talking about a fractious political reality a country divided along sectarian lines but however the message today that all together they need to tackle the challenges they face so the message there was a very positive one however the challenges are really huge. and hashim everybody i suppose is questioning whether he now speaks with his own voice or whether they're speaking with the saudi arabian voice. well once he's back home you can really tell from the statements he made today that he strike in a totally different note so in saudi arabia he was lashing out at iran and hezbollah saying that he's resigning today he's saying something quite different he's saying that he wants to give diplomacy a chance and that he is staying for as long as it takes to kickstart the political
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process and this. is this is exactly what many people were concerned about president michel our own foreign minister but see that many others were saying that the saudis were imposing massive pressure on saddam how dearly detaining him against his will to see exactly what the side is wanted him to say now that he is better than many people hope that sather how do we will be talking to them freely and away from the restrictions of the pressure that is we were hoping to put on him . there on saad hariri street turn most people visit a library to get a book how about borrowing some seeds to take home. about library in the united states is loaning out seeds to encourage people to eat fruits and vegetables it's helped the city of talks tucson in arizona to be designated
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a united nations well city of course trying to me hijo castro has been to see the seed library in action. all right in the middle of the arizona desert is in no way says not just for books but for seeds you know. muster. lima beans. the soybean here at the pima county public library in tucson members of the public can take home live seeds we've already planted our garden yes we let us. leaks carrots and we got the seeds here the idea is just as books can so one idea into the mind to help inspire and educate a community so too can actual seeds that go into the ground and sprout into a learning experience connecting people with the life giving earth people need to
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know one where their food comes from and how to grow and sustain themselves in their community and also to keep traditions going and to pass those along with four thousand years of agricultural history tucson is recognised as a unesco world city of gastronomy the seed library distributed more than twenty six thousand seed packets last year and a library partners with a local food bank to combat hunger in the community their focus is really helping low income families and organizations grow some of their own food create some of these green spaces in their homes and in their organizations to be able to supplement their diets classes at the food bank demonstration garden teach the public to harvest and thresh yeah we do this. little threshing dance into safe seeds for later the more we can save our own seeds in this community and distribute the thieves amongst each other we're going to end up with an amazing stock of seeds
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that's really well adapted to this climate and this region for free and look at the mountains i mean could it be any more beautiful here harry crane rents a small go. garden plot next to an elementary school seeds from the library have brought home some delicious returns these are french brecht that are called french strategies so let's. let her rush very first very flavorful very glad. to see the library asked successful growers to bring back seats from their harvest for the next person to borrow but there's no such thing as overdue fees or penalties if you can't manage good luck all right thank you you're welcome all right so those are done and we'll wait and see green says he hopes to share from his harvest soon to keep the circle of growing going. castro al-jazeera tucson arizona.
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the headlines here on al-jazeera crowds of supporters have gathered outside the headquarters of the rulings on o.p.'s policy in harare after the arrival of vice president. he's returned from south africa will be sworn in as the nation's new leader on friday following robert mugabe's resignation. letter is a tricky situation for many zimbabweans there's euphoria and excitement around developments in the country which is seen to be the end of a president who was improbable for thirty seven years but now they're looking at a replacement that does have a controversial postie served under mugabe a four day casey was a close ally until recently he was also heads all about internal security. former bosnian serb general has been convicted of genocide and crimes against humanity and sentenced to life in prison. orchestrated the massacre of eight thousand muslim men
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and boys in srebrenica in one nine hundred ninety five in what the court ruled was a relentless campaign of ethnic cleansing seventy three year old was ejected from court in the hague before the verdict was read out. russian president vladimir putin has told his turkish and iranian counterparts there is a real chance of ending the war in syria speaking after talks in the black sea resort of sochi through china said work had begun towards convening a syrian people congress as one of the first steps towards inclusive dialogue russia and iran major allies of syria's president bashar al assad who made a surprise visit to sochi on monday took you back some syrian rebel groups lebanon's prime minister saad hariri has addressed thousands of supporters outside his home in beirut. earlier we arrived in lebanon on tuesday for the first time since he announced he would resign in
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a televised statement in saudi arabia has now agreed to delay his resignation dialogue after a request from the president michel. to planes have landed in yemen's capital sanaa for the first time since the sound in that coalition tightened its blockade sixteen days ago the blockade is prevented aid from being delivered despite increasing pressure from the un and humanitarian groups those are the headlines witness is next.


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