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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 24, 2017 12:00am-1:01am +03

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young rich and famous in china one of the nice goes behind the great chinese firewall to meet the cyber celebs of a booming multibillion dollar business. but this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera and for your. this is al jazeera.
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hello i'm barbara starr this is the news hour live from london thank you for joining us coming up in the next sixty minutes best part for aid but it's still not getting into yemen that's the spy to saudi coalition promise to open keep ports and airports disbelief and despair in argentina as families of forty four people on board a missing submarine are told their relatives may have been the victims of an explosion police in papa new guinea raid a controversial australian the tension camp and start forcibly removing refugees. and forest small have all the day's sport news including and n.f.l. game in washington reaganites controversy as the redskins take on the new york giants in a traditional thanksgiving game. to
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start the program in yemen where the main international airport hasn't reopened this by the saudi led coalition saying it would the military alliance had announced it would be allowing humanitarian aid into some airports and the seaports of the data they've been facing increasing pressure from the u.s. and u.n. to lift the blockade mohammed reports. seem here just days ago many expected that come thursday aid would be flowing once more through her data one of yemen's major ports. saudi arabia announced on wednesday it would ease its blockade of yemen's air and sea ports and that within twenty four hours humanitarian supplies would resume arriving in her data where around eighty percent of yemen's food imports are delivered as well as via united nations flight to the capital sanaa on thursday u.n. officials still weren't totally sure when they'd be given access to restart bringing supplies to yemen we were told that litigation received assists.
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just a day so we could in the applications or quest for the ships to come into the boards and also for flights to come and deliver political news here you have to summon also to bring it to our stuff so we would think things are normal procedures to get to the light and we will leave those places in those into little animals that we saw opening of the ports as well as notification is it of the actual operational costs. other aid workers have told al-jazeera they welcome the saudi announcement but don't believe it goes far enough yemen the most impoverished country in the middle east is facing a number of crises. a cholera epidemic that has seen over nine hundred thousand suspected cases since april the largest outbreak ever recorded and the u.n. says seven million people are on the verge of famine and that severe acute malnutrition is in danger in the lives of almost four hundred thousand children plus the latest danger an outbreak of the potentially fatal disease diptheria is
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threatening children and elderly in the central city of. not just a few minutes it is said and things are actually. the fuel shortage in the countries that he says you know and little we want to try me to the fuel is also accommodated this part of this organised by the city coalition to allude to operations that continue. now as the u.n. grows yet more concerned and a humanitarian crisis becomes even more dire yemenis in desperate need wait for answers and aid. does either. fears are growing for forty four crewmembers on board a missing arjan kind submarine argentina's navy says well could have been an explosion was heard near the last known location of the a r a son one there have been emotional scenes as well of the marble planter naval base where relatives of the sub's crew are gathering many accuse the government of deliberately keeping
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them in the dark and letting the crew operate a submarine that was tool. you know the submarine wasn't found but they say it's three thousand meters below the sea so noid they don't tell you anything that's why i say they are swans they are wicked and have been e.p. lighted us they knew about it or in the story daniel schorr imo joins us live now from just this strict in buenos iris province so first of all daniel bring us up to date with the latest on the situation. well as you saw from some of those scenes great despair and despondency it now seems almost certain that the forty four members of the crew of the ira sang one day that they probably died over a week ago there in lies the anger that you saw among some of those relatives why is it taken nine days since this reported explosion for the news to reach them for the news to reach the rest of argentina there's been no explanation for that and
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also the way that the news came about they were testing is being done by the un a body that tests new killer. nuclear explosions tests they somehow saw about the explosion in the deep south of the south atlantic ocean it was revealed to the arjun's high an ambassador in vienna in austria and he then pass the information on to the north or it says it was revealed to the family shortly before a news conference in model plotter at the naval base early this morning and then revealed to the rest of the world so the questions are being asked about why it was done in that particular way did the argentine authorities know about the explosion before it was revealed to them by the austrian or thorazine is there was it just the way that information was communicated their search and rescue operation is still going on countries ten countries involved with. ships on the water rescue equipment still out in the south atlantic looking with the last hope that they may
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still be alive but really the hope of many of the family members much of argentina has now run out and they will be in the. asking for a full inquiry and very full time obviously for the relatives of the crew members of. the large clinging on to hope but the way that the news leaked isn't the only reason that they're so angry there's a lot of people accusing the government accusing at the navy of the fact of the using the submarine when it was just to alt. well it was a submarine built in germany in one thousand nine hundred three sold to argentina in one thousand nine hundred eighty five it was refitted in the last few years to run for another thirty years and in the days of modern warfare it does defy belief that a vessel built in one thousand nine hundred three would still be being used in twenty thirty years or around there so people are asking that question it is only one of three submarines being used in the argentine navy all very old has been the
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question which is and so far been answered by the argentine orthorexic is what would such an old submarine be using although the authorities here i must stress have insisted that it was until last wednesday in good working order it was well maintained but it can certainly a very old vessel and joining us live now from just in one is iris province thank you. interpol says it's arrested forty people in a major operation against human trafficking in west africa five hundred people including two hundred thirty six children were rescued in raids in chad mali mauritania nizkor and senegal those arrested face prosecution for offenses including human trafficking forced labor and child exploitation. police in papua new guinea have raided a former australian run prison camp on man a silent and forcibly removed about sixty refugees the facility was closed three
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weeks ago and power and water supplies were cut but more than three hundred refugees refused to leave and have continued protesting inside and thomas has more now from an assignment. the police came in early in the morning more than three weeks after the former australian run prison and its power and water supply cut off refugees who are refusing to leave say they were peacefully resisting but the police hit them with sticks and stones after twenty three days surviving on rain water and small amounts of smuggled in food the refugees weakened by hunger say that at least two men collapsed or were knocked unconscious in the raid police seized mobile phones to stop the refugees posting more videos and photos the flow of information became a trickle one refugee managed to speak to al-jazeera before his boat was confiscated. immigration law. only short
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for. opera would you. be gracious not. for me. everything about sixty refugees were loaded onto buses and taken away al-jazeera filmed them as they sped along the road into town refugees shouted help to us from an open window. a delegation from international humanitarian organizations who are visiting man a silent were promised access to see conditions in the former prison on thursday following the raid. they were told their visit was off there is the thing to so close and here am i later of civil society kind of thing getting in and from
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a democratic nation under the rule of law who for thirty years gone to lots of disasters and humanitarian situations and i'm not allowed to visit we were told to though there was no way we'd be allowed past the checkpoint on the way to the prison. the men taken out brought here to lauren go the main town on the island then your accommodation is near and australia's government says it's ready for them and they should have moved in weeks ago but i've seen some of the accommodation and the still heavy machinery working on it and we tried to film a new home from a nearby road so private security contracts stopped us this is the accommodation of the refugees are moving say the australian government says it's ready to go. but is that because there are trucks there it's clearly still being worked on but the state of the new camp isn't the major issue for the refugees our protest our resistance is. the main reason is because our freedom we want
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our freedom we didn't come from. prison for they fear being dumped what they see is merely an alternative jail still on a remote island and the australian government takes no responsibility for it at all andrew thomas al jazeera on my side and when you get it. or policies of holding migrants in detention centers are not unique to australia nearly twenty thousand refugees are held in camps in libya as part of a deal struck with the e.u. the un says conditions in the camps are inhumane the u.k. holds thousands of migrants in its own detention centers most of them asylum seekers but there's no limit on how long people can be held there for and the us has the largest migrant the tensions. them in the world more than forty four thousand refugees were detained there last year which a un human rights panel has called a violation of international law or mariette graw is
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a senior researcher of the global the tension project she joins us over skype from the southeast the france bought and thank you so much for joining us here on al-jazeera i gave you a couple examples right there libya the u.k. the u.s. just how widespread around the world is the use of the pension centers the use of the pensions centers has been spreading. princeton soon the u.s. more than four hundred south and the danger every year and we've seen a spread especially on the birth rate for west states for instance and this is often not expand the lines they are so the european union has been pressing on sort of extended maple and even i know on structure in place of detention for instance in the ukraine or you. and
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yes the you and you have been there and. the tension. for india and this is rich you know growth in certain in western states but we also see that it's what he sees. for instance you mentioned. you know i mean yeah but. toning it back. up again. has been. runs on indonesia financed through the. refurbishment and then stand up then to make a. in your report you mentioned that the tension centers should not play a role in international efforts to address migration and refugee challenges unfortunately the reality that we're seeing on the ground whether it's europe and libya or the us is that they are indeed used for that so what else could be done to
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make them i guess a more humane. well there is a legal framework. that regulates pension for and now it's based on that. so why is. it about states that this. can extend our rigs i don't there are eight states haven't the national insurance. or the national human rights. so that the legal framework that regulates the pension pension is. is that it should or should not be. it should be necessary and proportional as. you should you. expect and then. detainees back mike pence back to that
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and. there is there also there is also very. recently that they know though that children should not be in detention. status this is when i think. they are. lawyers or need this is very important. and u.n.h.c.r. . you know. they. receive complaints and public hearing or. then in the. end very hard. we've seen with a suppose there is no. there is in many. desperate. they have been to. be mentioned we are.
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over. that also and it. end. marietta grunge from the global detention project we're going to have to leave it there madam thank you for sharing your expertise with us and. with libya as we're mentioning is one of the main transit countries for migrants and refugees trying to reach europe many who are herded onto boats never make it across the mediterranean instead they're picked up and returned to libya but most of the what he reports from at the tension center in tripoli. these migrants were rescued by libya's coast guard in the mediterranean and brought here to this detention center in the libyan capital tripoli now they are from several african countries and they say
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they have fled war poverty and unemployment in their countries some of them say they have nothing at all to live on in their own countries they have taken a tough journey through the desert and they have paid people smugglers to get to libya to try to cross the mediterranean to europe authorities here say that these migrants add more pressure to the already troubled local economy the migrants are being taken care of by authorities here they also have to go through medical check and the international organization for migration helps deporting those who want a voluntary return to their countries with security and financial collapse in libya human trafficking and smuggling have become a groom trade not only african migrants who risk their life but also many libya locals hate people smugglers to get to europe and through the mediterranean despite
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european efforts to monitor the mediterranean this crisis does not seem to be ending any soon until order and stability prevail in libya. much more to come on this news hour from london including bangladesh in myanmar agree on a deal to bring patriae refugees but on the ground there is skepticism. zimbabwe's stock market has lost six billion dollars in a week can a new president rescue the ailing economy. i'm little welling's with a small involved squad preparing for a against england here in london. bankrupt but there's more to the story than not. thank you ma'am our in bangladesh have signed a deal for the repatriation of range of refugees there said it will begin within two months but it's not clear how many refugees would actually be allowed to return
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home since august more than six hundred thousand ranger have fled the military crackdown in myanmar many are concerned about how the deal will affect them scott hietala reports now from the young girl. after days of negotiating bangladesh's foreign minister abdul hasan mahmud ali and myanmar leader on song suchi reach an agreement on a repatriation plan for the ranger who fled rakhine state over the last three months the memo of understanding was signed in a foreign minister level working group created as the leaders reached agreement some of the hundreds of thousands of or hindu refugees who fled the violence spoke of their concern about how the repatriation will work. i don't think we did they discriminate against us because we are muslim and rango if they accept us as running is and give us full citizenship and allow us to live in peace and harmony then we will consider returning obviously the place who have really suffered they have committed so many atrocities against us killed many of my family members been
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to hymes and taken our land if they give us equal rights citizenship and security then we will consider going back added pressure on myanmar to move forward with the ranger crisis coming from washington a week after his visit to the country u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson called the army crackdown in rakhine ethnic cleansing that's the first time the troubled ministration has used that description in his first visit to the capital neighbored or last week to listen call the events in rakhine as just horrific he also said an impartial independent investigation is needed. russia's ambassador to me on maher says the ethnic cleansing label is unhelpful and an independent investigation is not acceptable for me and more so many young gone agree but i'm waiting on you when you know in my opinion the statement by the u.s. secretary of state is one sided he's meddling in our country's affairs. even though a repatriation agreement has been reached it's not clear how quickly the refugees
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were turned to myanmar not to mention of they'll be going back to the villages they were a victim from or even if many villages which were left in flames still exist it's not hard to al-jazeera yangon. at least eight people are dead and dozens more injured after a suicide attack in afghanistan's eastern province the attack happened in the provincial capital of jalalabad officials say the explosion targeted a local police commander who was recently dismissed from his job the officer escaped unharmed but two of his children were killed cut that was foreign minister has made the keynote speech at a counterterrorism conference in london shaikh mohammed bin a bill holman sunny's says that remains resolutely committed to eradicating terrorism. wants constantly. to seek a new collective approaches to the global threat on terrorism and a changing. since two thousand and four the took aggressive steps to cut
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off the flow of finance to terrorists by developing the legislation the proper legislative framework and improve our financial monitoring system. has learned that the key eradicating terrorism and its ideology must be a stick approach by come by combining tough security measures with more lasting safeguards we can all succeed. the size of russia's military force in syria is likely to be substantially reduced than a drawdown could start before the end of the year that's according to the chief of the russian military general staff who was speaking in such as they meanwhile syrian opposition groups meeting in the saudi capital have renewed their demand for the removal of president bashar al assad in a draft resolution that had been speculation that the high negotiations committee
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would soften their position after the resignation of former chief riyadh his job the group is backed by saudi arabia it says the aim of the riyadh conference is to unify opposition groups ahead of upcoming negotiations in geneva lebanon's prime minister says the recent political crisis is a wake up call reminding his people to put their country first ahead of regional issues side had put his resignation on hold when he returned to beirut on wednesday after the president asked for more dialogue his surprise decision to quit announced in saudi arabia two weeks ago was seen as part of the regional power play between saudi arabia and iran saying the holder has been talking to people in beirut to get their reaction to a dramatic few weeks. the political crisis has eased but the main problem between the two major political alliances the pro and pro hezbollah camps has not gone away hezbollah's arms and the groups to militarily intervene in conflicts beyond
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lebanon's borders have long divided the lebanese political differences that are unlikely to be resolved anytime soon. i believe an agreement can be reached to stick to the disassociation policy lebanon should stay away from all the conflicts of the arab region we need a new disappear because of politics i'm not sure. just like. the ball game somebody is playing with them all controlling them or many of them. of them is standing by him so three weeks ago lebanon found itself yet again on the brink prime minister resigned while he was in saudi arabia it was unexpected even his closest aides were shocked to stay in the kingdom was mysterious many in lebanon including the president accuse saudi arabia of forcing him to resign and holding him hostage and last week he left riyadh for paris after french mediation
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he came back to beirut he then decided to suspend his resignation saying he wants to give time for dialogue so what happened many here believe it was not an internal lebanese affair can he do when you can be a major powers you small opposed to avoid direct conflicts which is the case between iran and saudi they each supporting small groups in lebanon to fight the battle for example the saudis are using prime minister hariri to pressure iran and hezbollah. and you have eighteen six hereon groups and many of them are supported by foreign powers and none of them is sticking to disassociation policy here nor are they working for the interests of lebanon you know coming up on the al-jazeera news. the excitement of exams but in south korea success or failure can be a life changing experience while. i'm john hendren in fulton texas
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a town celebrating the thanksgiving holiday still devastated from hurricane army. and coming up in sports a brazilian football star is sentenced to nine years in prison for breaking that story coming up a little later in the program. howlers a big lump of warm over the top of western and indeed north came in the last day or so when the british isles a lot of snow currently falling in scandinavia now woman speaking is lighter than cold air and that's a little pool of code if is very hard to push out of the way so even tomorrow you have one degree in minus five in moscow was the warm part of against it was was it was sort of out night and rain still further back double figures still for london for paris and of course madrid stuff about seventeen mark much of central eastern
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europe is warming up only slowly because the sun's reasonably warm when it's there from dawn till dusk and then you pump a bit of warm and you get cloudy a bit warmer weather in austria snow still there on the tops of the alps this is such today's forecast and there is a bit cold coming in behind finally paris at nine london about seven but by this time moscow still sitting in minus six the cold still hasn't moved now further south we've had quite weather recently over the whole of the mediterranean sea from the point of view wind and rain but it has been massive cloud that came out about area is sitting now over libya and increasingly know when the egypt is thick enough in places one of two spots of rain but mostly not. over a hundred and fifty years ago a musician started a van and in an arty schrade in cairo. the brass band was so popular it gave
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birth to an entire musical genre. a century and a half later the sound still resonates with many egyptians today house of allah the people's music at this time on al-jazeera. when the news breaks it was an announcement few were expected to hear by announce my resignation as prime minister from the lebanese government and the story builds i can't stop thinking about my life when people need to be heard exeter's hundreds of thousands of. ethnic cleansing in bangladesh al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you more award winning documentaries and live news on air and online.
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i'm back here's a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera yemen's main international airport has not reopened this by the saudi led coalition saying that it would the military alliance had announced it would allow humanitarian aid into sana airport and the seaport of data fears are growing for forty four crewmembers on board a missing arjen time submarine argentina's navy says what could have been an explosion was heard near the last known location of the a r a some one. and the u.n. is urging hostile australia to protect refugees at a detention center it used to run in papua new guinea police on malice island have tried to evict hundreds of refugees who are refusing to leave. zimbabwe's
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former president robert mugabe has been granted immunity from prosecution under a deal brokered as part of his resignation security and political sources have told al-jazeera be agreement guarantees his safety in zimbabwe and it means he won't go into exile the sources say mugabe expressed that he wants to buy in his home country. was about was stock market has shed six billion dollars and its main index has slumped by forty percent since last wednesday that's when the military seized power which led to mugabe's resignation many are now hoping that emerson who will be sworn in on friday will turn the economy around for me to miller has visited the town of go to monsey to speak to people about their hopes for the future anyway want to be making cabinets coffins and doors and go to monsey for more than twenty years business is not always been great but it's worse than ever now the carpenters says a point kaname and political upheaval means rising costs and customers with less
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money to spend. no. it wasn't for. the. you know the president things will be i think you'll be ok the small town like many others in rural areas is in desperate need of development a single tarred road runs through the town center there's no running water and not everyone has electricity many years say government economic policies meant to help the poor have been ineffective often only benefiting the political elite most people here farm and sell vegetables to make ends meet with about eighty percent of zimbabweans unemployed many have few options some have stayed while others have to live somewhere where looking for work alongside the market shift put in glove with six repairing shoes for a living. i've got a wife i've got children. but look at my job what i'm doing or am doing
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after more than three decades with one president there's no promise of change but many here wouldn't speak to us on camera believing it's not safe after years of political oppression in private they did say they want peace along with economic recovery it's thought political freedoms won't emerge overnight policy changes that would. encourage investors. discouraged property rights are probably rights. being very discouraging. investment for. job creation. more celebrations are planned when emerson when god why is sworn in on friday but many zimbabweans are wondering whether a new face will bring meaningful transformation always it will be more of the same for me daimler al-jazeera gorham ones isn't bob where. one of robert mugabe's most
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controversial policies while he was president was the land reform program it made it illegal for blacks and bob wins the seas properties from white farmers without compensation many of those farmers assault safety in neighboring countries such as zambia kenya page has been speaking to some of them. doug stanley loves the smell of freshly turned the site of his harvest makes it all worth the hard work farming is in his blood now he's working in zambia having been driven off his farm in zimbabwe by supporters of president robert mugabe fourteen years ago i bought my farm after independence you know and i got clearance from the government to say that they weren't interested in that land and then. you know to be told to move along you know it's quite a thing and you do you do all that development. it was my home
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four thousand white farmers were forced off the land damaging zimbabwe's agriculture industry its main export crop tobacco has almost recovered but the maize harvest which is also been hit by years of drought remains too low to feed the nation people are dying of starvation so their fruit. you know we really are living in. squalor a few and probably farmers in zambia and we're actually exporting fruit juice about with zambia isn't the only country benefiting from the zimbabwean farmers expertise many are in south africa botswana and mozambique to another to some ministers around the home but we drive through. five years ago and drive around to the farm and there was absolutely nothing happening and it wasn't only the white farmers who were affected their workers also suffered poor members living in fear of mugabe's
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supporters on the farm he flayed just before it was seized he's also still hurt by what happened a country is not about white black. yes. yes . it is. like the it does of wrong there are zimbabweans who disagree many say they have been affected from the government's reforms. but they were devastating for those forced off the land they had invested time money and so much more and. now we don't belong anywhere we. like a lost tribe they are making a positive contribution and other countries but it isn't the same because it isn't hard tiny a page out jazeera zambia. martin shultz the leader of germany's social democrat party has met the country's president to see if they can break
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a political impasse since the election talks to form a government led by chancellor angela merkel broke down over the weekend shelters so far refused to enter coalition talks but is under increasing pressure to do so dominic came has more now from berlin it's been a day of meetings for the social democrat party leader martin short's first with his senior colleague the president of germany frank fattush fine meyer which was called at the request of the president basically to see whether mr shultz feels there's any possibility of being able to find a solution to the political and past that has developed since the weekend when the coalition talks between the other main parties collapsed and then there was a meeting for mr schultz with his senior party colleagues on the s.p.d. the social democrat board later in the afternoon the point to be made there is that mr schultz has been implacably opposed until now to the idea of another grand coalition with angle america's christian democrat party but increasingly voices of
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senior social democrat colleagues of his have said well look actually if there can't be a government of a different political hue maybe we should go back into government with angela merkel because germany needs to billet that's the point to make here that there are very many other factors at play not least on the european scale given the importance europe germany has in the e.u. given breaks it talks and other important european matters that will require a stable government in germany. it's been three months since hurricane r. harvey slammed into the gulf coast of the united states nowhere was harvey's devastation felt more than an arrant says county in texas where hundreds remain homeless for thanksgiving john hendren is spending the holiday in the texas town of fulton. ok let me thank you any moment however on this thanksgiving holiday the people of fulton texas have fewer blessings to count after
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their talk about taking my lab one time for manic depression stage is set in on we're going to have a christmas this kid's going to get a christmas. card. mayor jimmie kendrick lost his barn two cars in much of his electricity in hurricane harvey and he considers himself lucky . three months after the eye of the storm ravaged nearly every building here a survey returned by most of iran's as counties remaining twenty five hundred students brought stunning news they got quite a few of their own with that ninety eight percent of those they're homeless in some way with corn in the texas law and school that means they could be without electricity or could be in the situation or living with somebody else two percent and we're still living in tents. many live in this tent city even as demolition crews are still tearing down their homes about twenty trailer homes from the federal emergency management agency have arrived here in arends this county but
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three hundred fifty families have asked for help finding housing the fulton fishing pier used to be a gathering place for the town and it was practical the money generated from running fishing gear and selling snacks here paid for the police department but since the powerful winds of hurricane harvey tore through it at points it needs to be rebuilt from scratch many hotels restaurants and stores are either financially wiped out or wiped off the map what did you lose in hurricane harvey our little american dream so we lost our hardware brand new business it was all right here yeah it was just right here front door was right there ok so he's putting the deck up today donna townsend own three businesses here one was destroyed one was badly damaged the third was rescued by fulton residents say the neighbor's house yeah neighbors and friends and customers you know everybody needs
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a place to least say hello again how are you so the sugar shack became the town home pretty much pretty much as texans along the gulf of mexico begin the long task of rebuilding their lives most of those we talked to say on this holiday they're thankful for what remains john hendren al-jazeera fulton texas. at the sit in by san francisco to recognize a memorial to women forced into sexual slavery by the japanese military too has strained the ties ribbon sister city hall seka the statue is part of a long running effort by activists a shed light on a very dark chapter in the history of the conflict reynolds has the story. the statue in san francisco's chinatown neighborhood shows three somber young asian women holding hands while an older woman looks on from below.
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activists say it symbolizes the hundreds of thousands of women and girls mostly from korea who were abducted and enslaved in imperial japanese military brothels before and during the second world war eighty nine year old young so leaves one of the few surviving so-called comfort women she was kidnapped from korea at age fifteen and forced to work in a brothel in taiwan where one woman would be forced to have sex with as many as one hundred or more soldiers every day they don't want activists in south korea and the united states say the government of japan has not issued a sufficiently sincere apology for that brutal wartime treatment activists have set up dozens of similar memorials around the world angering the japanese government. the comfort women issue has been deviled japanese south korean relations for decades despite repeated efforts to agree on an acceptable apology and reparations
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for survivors now it has damaged u.s. japanese friendship as well the mayor of osaka japan's second largest city severed its sixty year old sister city relationship with san francisco mayor here a fully yoshimura said san francisco breached trust with osaka by officially accepting. privately funded memorial as city property he called the decision japan bashing japan's prime minister shinzo abbay has called on south korea to remove similar memorial statues but south korean president moon judge has refused moon also cast doubt on a twenty fifteen agreement and to settle the comfort women issue saying the korean people cannot emotionally accepted a traumatic legacy of war echoing down through generations robert oulds al-jazeera . still to come on the program. it's
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been making music for me on the a hundred and fifty meet the man trying to keep the pipes of this city from new york organ playing. and then sports it's argentina versus brazil in the final of south america's biggest club football tournament. with. with her. business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together. with.
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business updates to you by qatar airways going places together. it's been an important day in south korea with hundreds of thousands of students sitting university entrance exams south korea is
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a competitive country and authorities pull out all the stops to make sure students get to the tests and do well airline departures are delayed in many businesses open later to reduce traffic congestion having over reports though so. the years of study and long nights of after school tuition have all come down to this. i prepared a lot but now that the days here i feel uneasy and nervous. oh. welcome to school by younger friends students in this new tory asli competitive country know the day long exam can determine not only what university they will attend but also their career and marriage prospects and ultimately their status in society the exam day has become a national event these students have shown up early to cheer on their classmate late comers can have a police escort and police aren't allowed to take off or land during the english
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listening to. when a rare earthquake damaged buildings in the southern regions of the country the exam was postponed across the nation by a week. but it is no longer a make or break event for everyone while her classmates were cramming in the hours before the test known as the sooner and was relaxing in a cafe with a friend she attends a specialized school and has already been accepted into university through a relatively new system which considers high school grades essays and extracurricular activities instead of the single exam i feel grateful because i know there are some people who who look towards those who know that their last chance to prove themselves and they study so hard to just show everything that they have studied and one day a growing number of students have been opting for the new system today only thirty
12:48 am
percent of university applications are based primarily on exam results. the education in college admissions systems are changing to ease fierce competition among students and to provide more learning opportunities a focus more on learning and less on memory. i believe the level of stress the students have from study is lower than the past second year student kung sailin agrees her stress levels are lower than they might have been but still not exactly low. just still exists because you know there are many academies and students are pressured to be more excelling because the universe never cities are you know a big factor in their futures. and for many students this test could still be the crucial factor that determines what kind of future they will have kathy novak al-jazeera soul. st patrick's old cathedral in new york city is home to one of the
12:49 am
oldest pipe organs in the united states but cathedral staff are concerned the historical instrument may not make it to its one hundred and fifty is first they next year they're trying to raise two million dollars for its restoration jarrad laments of the cathedrals music director has become as much a mechanic. and he shows us what it takes to keep the organs pipes into. i'm gerald manzo i'm the director of music here at the basilica of st patrick's old cathedral in new york city. this organ was built by a man named henry urban back in eight hundred sixty eight and i like to think it was his finest work. it was boyce for this room he designed it for this room and that's such an important part of why this organ special.
12:50 am
it's a wonderful combination of visual art and also sonic r. . and has almost two thousand five hundred pipes it is all mechanical so you can see how everything works so here we are inside oregon. down here we have the bellows and they go all the way underneath the instrument and they go up and down and. there is no electricity an eight hundred sixty eight the telegraph had just been invented in the middle square so when i press down on the pedal air goes inside here and plays that note. that we're getting right now has some issues there are little things that happen but since it's mechanical i can go back there and fiddle with it and get it working again and have a lot of these around you because this happens all the time when mechanical issues
12:51 am
it's a lot of work it's done and all of those tens of thousands of services this played . now are approaching its one hundred fiftieth anniversary next year we're launching a fund raising campaign to preserve this instrument for future generations. it is a huge project but we want to conserve it as best we can with as much of the original materials as possible that's a wonderful connection we have with the past it's like this organs spoken to people hundred fifty years ago and it speaks to us now with this beautiful town. amazing son right son to get all the support now here is far. barbara thank you so much a holiday tradition in the u.s. has reignited controversy around sport and racism one of this year's thanksgiving football games is for the first time in the league's history being held in the capital but the host team the washington redskins uses a name many people see as
12:52 am
a slur against native americans alan fisher has more. or many have been preparing the feast simon moir smith has been preparing the protest he says he will highlight the forgotten story of thanksgiving so we call this the justice for natives rally because of the omission of the murdered and mutilated native. and the thanksgiving narrative people don't know about it don't talk about it and you know it's a very whitewashed myth made comfortable narrative for people. that has been simmering anger to over the name of the team in washington the redskins there's been a concerted effort to have it changed opponents claiming it is blatantly racist the american psychological society said such names and mascots are harmful but the union says the name is here to stay of you backed up by the majority of fans in several polls when you've got a mascot major n.f.l. football team that are boiling us down to this one representation one very
12:53 am
represent racist representation on a holiday that's also supposed to honor the relationship that colonial governments have with native americans for us it's just all off the team's name was the big controller say in the sport in recent years but the focus this season and last has been more on players taking in the joining the national anthem to protest racism we're going to talk about police brutality and we need to include natives in the discussion there right now that dialogue is very much black and white but it's not natives are more likely to die at the hands of police those who are protesting say this is about more than just the name this is about celebrating and imagery and the behavior that was cruel and grotesque when people native to this land men women and children were literally skinned for money changing the name they insist would be a first step that would be something they could celebrate alan fischer al-jazeera at the home of the washington redskins. brazilian forward has been sentenced to
12:54 am
nine years in prison for rape were being convicted of taking part in the gang rape of an albanian woman in melanne in two thousand and thirteen and italian court ruled that the thirty three year old and five other brazilians assaulted the woman who was twenty two at the time after plying her with alcohol in a nightclub or being you know who currently plays with atletico men arrow in brazil pleaded not guilty via his lawyer and has never appeared at any of the court hearings in italy he denies the charges and says he will appeal the decision. the favorites to win the europa league arsenal suffered an upside to their group game against cologne but will still progress as group h. winners are some vendor made eleven changes for the trip to germany and watched his side go down one nil they win the group because red star belgrade drew against a bar table saw. brazilian side gremio has taken the upper hand after the first leg of the cup at liberty to doris a final this is the biggest club football competition in south america they were
12:55 am
hosting argentinian side lanas who are competing in their first final lanas held firm until the eighty third minute when midfielders came off the bench to clinch a one nil victory. heading to the second leg and went to serious next wednesday hoping to clinch their first copa liberty dora's title since one thousand nine hundred five. with very strong on home soil will be without people or opponent also knows that we are stronger at alvin you i believe that the final is open there is no way goals rule we just need one goal to equalise a final the samoan rugby team are going through difficult times on and off the pitch as they prepare to face a strong anglin team in london samoa haven't won an international this year and the rugby association declared itself bankrupt a claim being disputed by world rugby bosses al-jazeera is only welling's reports.
12:56 am
well as you can hear the samoan saying preparing here in southwest london for the game because they're already very good spirits which may be a little surprising considering the problems that hard with mamma the prime minister of the countries or head of the association coming forward saying we just don't have the money huge concern for the sport and they've got this big fight against an england team who are winding high second in the world rankings are genuinely trying to challenge the mighty all blacks one of the base teams in the will. you know this thing. for us to get this win or get a good performance let's. you know you know the prospect when they met while the same have been in england there has been a development on i find i'm. story which is that well but beside i are being supported that i do have the money that they're not bankrupt and well thought we would do everything it can to make sure they're ok i mean we did see with
12:57 am
a twenty twenty three rugby world cup going to france that was for financial reasons that was so world rugby could support the smaller nations are struggling the england same are caught in the middle i want to stay out of this and say look it's between samoa and world rugby and this that the england players would give some of their considerable much thousands of dollars what doesn't a lot that's going to happen as for the match itself and i'm trying not to disturb the players going through every saying here they had a disappointing defeat against remind you and haven't won this year so they're really going to need to step it up against this tough england side they're unlikely to win we think back to the glory days when some are reaching world cup quarter finals in the ninety's but what people want is them to put in a good performance because there's so much talent out there. it's very. well just zero. boys are having fun so. that's why we play rugby do you think. they saw by your best performance of the
12:58 am
year. this is the one. and that's all your sport for now and it's now back to barbara in london. thank you and that's it for this you can get much more on our website the address dot com of course you can just keep on watching. back in just a few minutes with more. travel
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