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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 24, 2017 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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i don't like you. was. on how environmental grassroots campaigns of joining forces in the u.s. there is a global connection that is happening and we're going to utilize that power to make change not only for today but for future generations as well. this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. and for you. to call you a. day. a
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stadium full of cheers as i'm bob we welcome as its new president we live at the swearing in of anise and one on god watch. i'm joined in this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. at his ations of beatings as police forcibly remove refugees from a former australian run prison camp in new guinea. syria's opposition give up their demand that assad must go as a precondition ahead of talks in geneva. argentina's navy says an explosion was heard in the last known position of a missing submarine as fears grow as for the forty four crew. zimbabwe is about to get its first. president in thirty seven years.
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anderson one i got one has arrived at the national sports stadium in harare where he'll be sworn in thousands of people are there to witness the historic event including several african leaders expectations are high that no one on gaga will be able to turn the country's fortunes around most wins have only known life under robert mugabe's rule i think they change. because there we. didn't i think you will be able to change everything. but this one me i wish to. this country i think it was it will mean. all the same. i don't think it's illusions because they are people of the same party maybe there
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will be the same just the best but that's not the news with the suffering i think it's a positive change. i think if that was you. then maybe we're going to get we're going to get troops. but we do have a team of reporters covering this historic event but let's go to her metasearch she's outside the stadium we've been watching thousands of people streaming in a lot of excitement there are. there is and people are still pouring in you can see the long lines behind me people are quietly waiting to get in the stadium is quite full so there's a good chance a lot of these people outside the stadium won't get a chance to actually see the swearing in in person but there is a lot of excitement though they say misery of hope and high expectations we see many young people under the age of forty and they should remember growing up in the eighty's and ninety's when you drive on the highways and you'd see the farms
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without cotton and maison weeks and now the farms are lying idle remember in school where your parents told you you need to work hard because if you work hard you graduate then you get a good job and then you get a you may be able to buy a house a car look after your family and all that has not happened for many many young people in zimbabwe so there's a lot of frustration a lot of hope today a way to deal with them and al gore is going to say for every zimbabwean who is struggling and there are millions who are struggling it's about the economy they want jobs they want him to fix the economy sooner rather than later so his speech is going to be very very important everyone's realistic of course they know that when they leave the stadium they won't or they will go get a job tomorrow but they hope that at some point plans you put in place so that some activity does start happening on the ground and for straight is about this question that you stop leaving the country looking for jobs elsewhere and come back home and try and rebuild the economy and rebuild the country so lots and lots of hope or politically what's going to happen he's going to be sworn in any minute now
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possibly and then what do we expect. general sure i heard you there by the u.r.c. about politically politically it's a long road ahead for the country it was a minute that was going to name his cabinet all eyes on that is it going to be an inclusive cabinet is just going to he's on it can vision to the ruling party or will include opposition supporters as well so people wait and see what kind of cabinet he's going to assemble and then of course the long road begins not just was on e.p.a. but for other opposition parties as well ballots are preparing for the elections in twenty eighteen which have to take place according to the constitution before september twenty eighth team so the registration process will start galvanizing again people will start campaigning and all of these things are spearheading along so the big thing now for zanu p.f. emerson and what he's got so much goodwill from people on the ground even people who don't even support on here are saying maybe this is a time for change so yes a lot of work to do he has
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a golden opportunity to actually appeal to every the bobbing in his speech but of course all eyes will also be on that cabinet is going to be more of the same just an appeal of big wigs that people have seen before which could indicate nothing could change or really try to be an inclusive leader and bring other opposition political parties into the fray is going to ask you to remove the opposition i mean they really have been on the sidelines here they've been on the sidelines for many years and where this also leaves robert mugabe obviously his step down but what happens to him and his family. people expect him to lead a quiet life understand when you talk to many people even those ones here waiting to go inside when you've been speaking to them they've been saying things like yes robert mugabe did let us down in a big way but you must remember he educated millions as the barbarians he gave land to many landless blacks the bobbins yes the the process was chaotic and shambolic but you do have hundreds of thousands
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a small scale black farmers who are now tobacco farmers and it's a big foreign currency earner in zimbabwe which didn't have a quiet life the issue seemed to with wide grace people despise his wife grace they don't want to see as i suspect it will be a quiet life for for the mugabe is for the opposition a long long road ahead there are supposedly weak be fractured is infighting in the morgan tsvangirai the main opposition leader is ill he has cancer people doubting whether he has enough strength to challenge them in and out well in next year's elections so they really have to regroup come together and form some kind of strong coalition again this problems there they are being of a leadership roles so right now zanu p.f. does seem stronger if they regroup but of course the opposition does have time they do have time to galvanize the supporters but all eyes now waiting on him a synagogue or and is he really going to work with the opposition or will they be on their own and next you will see them trying again to earn seats on the p.s. which hasn't been done since one thousand eighty. let's go over to south africa
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tanya page is following the reaction for us from pretoria we know that jacob zuma is not making his way over there what's the response why not what's the. well there are some people here suggesting that that is some kind of snub to will soon be the new president of zimbabwe however we did have a risk statement from the president's office and he said look he's currently in fact today hosting the end goal and president the new president. they have just inspected the god of all i here and he's given that as as part of the reason he also in full sized in a statement that on wednesday he did meet with him a seminar before he departed south africa for pretoria and congratulated him on his us exemption to the top job in in zimbabwe and in that statement also president zuma wished mcgarvie well and emphasized the important role he had played in
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contributing to the liberation across the continent and what about the hundreds of thousands of zimbabweans living in south africa any idea of most of them are glued to the t.v. today but any idea what it will take for them to go back. look i think it's all of the things that he has been talking about and we spoke to a family. yesterday and they were saying look this is a great new chance that is it gives us some hope we want to give him a. part of the establishment and and has been with zanu p.f. for many decades you know they want to give him a chance to see what he can do bring some fresh ideas perhaps even some fresh faces they essentially want you know an environment created in their homeland that is conducive to investment into job creation some of them bubbling up and speaking to
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in the last week or so. we are grateful to south africa and all of the other neighboring southern african countries who have allowed us to to build our lives and earn money here that we can send home which is a vital source of income for many zimbabwean families but we don't like to be foreigners we want to be at home so if there is any prospect of that happening i think they need to be some positive sides of the economy quite quite soon thank you tanya. let's go back to. inside the stadium now. is also waiting for the swearing in to take place what are you hearing about that and. we're looking at the real thing it's going to happen quite soon. sixty. capacity stadium. there is some spare room. people
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crowding out. there is. also lowering. to the history. of. the only. true owner who will take. the oath you want to. take the seat. because. you own.
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splits down the middle on the full swing the issue will always be the. siding with the without any shot with. the olsen. of the sort of. people who. own this president a president who has always. been true to. the one nine hundred sixty s. the old the old. the old. the liberals from the old. will.
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fulfill the old liberation. it was the minister of the. old school for the massacre of the people some of them. innocent civilian. now. promising. nothing to the people of zimbabwe. with. unemployment.
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now. but you speak to anybody. in the areas. they want change and they want finals week saying the arrival of the m.d.c. . in the sense of. this . for the future. and the actions in the new. mood to change the way the a range things in terms of the freedom of movement and freedom of expression is a new beginning. to get involved in the. with african minister. already that china is copping with. contracts on the us is standing
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by there is a move on to zimbabwe the message is that the it's open for business right now it's open for. this. the new president of zimbabwe on the question whether he can deliver. for the people of zimbabwe that suffered so much. to no pressure on him whatsoever writes i'm just reading about security today and i'm wondering with all of this the actions i've received over the last couple weeks leaves the military on its reputation and. so each item of the country will know that because of the level of sound the foot to the bit of cools the military is here in strength we have in fact we have a. drill. but certainly a photo coded. general. forces.
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around them to see if that's a phone these are the armed forces should go. forward to china one of the was a move on against him they'd already sacked the new president elect he would have fled he had accused. of trying to actually involve themselves in a. race with. trying to actually follow the assassin a t.v. through its own zimbabwe these were the sort of allegations being afraid of them coming to. the phone to know me to filter out the situation was that they wanted to arrest him back to our little several accounts of what happened at the apple. that his mother was going to take over as owing pull the new president to move forward so that his extraordinary will
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happen in a matter of days jane and we're looking now at a position. holds no retribution you can see those posters around. getting votes in now the reports of the arrest of the son. the finance minister of the nation. from the last administration. in the. hold that he's been. through over. the bill. we know. the house being a clear message given up on the phone oh no i'm not going to want to. his residence his safely protected. has to be sad but for the. president holds the yes you will be protected you will be protected
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right the way through on your family as well that was the clear message now he has been invited to this occasion it's unlikely he'll show up. at talking about the medical treatment and sing a whole there is no doubt about it a deal has been done protecting him against any prosecution that's a. full . on the story. you could.
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see. the. unemployment. hole. under. whether it needs something bold is another matter whether omo will. have a new president to look to engage in more inclusive government is another matter the west will want to see. free and fair conduct elections will human rights freedom will freedom of expression all those two things before it leases the stuff that releases the stuff on investment and also the lifting of sanctions the u.s. looking closely at the situation with this country is potentially so rich rich and . rich and was also this and rich in education it is a place to do so much though given freedom and really the future the could be so
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different from a whole generation a city police. to the resume like the stage is set for history to be nice let's leave it before you get drowned. crowds then there are thousands of rotting every every once in a while is announcements are made and the musicians take to the full force and show off their skills and it's bring in joseph or china as a writer and commentator on african affairs he joins us from london good to have you standing by me can really feel the excitement coming from the stadium there no pressure on him at all to lead the country into some sort of basic position then it has been is he the man to do it. under the circumstances his the money and isn't he relishing it. it's just interesting he.
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was a massively received by the crowd that is the president in part because he was the afghan leader from the region who actually say publicly that mr mugabe should go there's a huge amount of goodwill for this man inside zimbabwe across the political divide there's a huge amount of goodwill within the southern africa although zimbabwe has a rather prehensile that might have to intervene but this was a very very smart move by the forces that actually replaced mr mugabe so really under this huge amount of for good will around the world including china that basically carved zimbabwe over most of this period and of course yes. it was a fighting through there the west is clearly waiting i know that talks and conversations going on as we speak and so there's a huge amount of hope for for for zimbabwe again but extraordinary event down there in harare i mean it is quite amazing but you just wonder if the expectations are
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too high i mean how can anybody deliver firstly those sort of expectations and what should we look for now that will help him reach some of those expectations is that the team that he surrounds himself with where does this leave the opposition. i think in terms of the team plus a little no doubt again that zimbabweans are massively capable of across the political divide and they didn't design a p.f. itself. or guys said zimbabwe was just a bit isolated from from the we with assumptions i think how he brings together the different factions particularly how he handles the u. forty that is the guys where surrounding great mugabe as i understand it. over here is already going on to the other side that want to be revenged and i think extremely important instead how he he he delivers across the divide meaning reaching out with morgan trying to rise their position and the see i think quite
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clearly if they were to have a decent conversation around really probably not constitutional reforms but reforms electoral reforms leading to a guarantee that there would be a free and fair elections without massive interference particularly if you go back to two thousand and eight where those. the legations of the opposition won and because it is guys measure that they did not take over if they were to do that and go together to elections and particularly if then he is seen to have won elections particularly next year free and fair i think it would be a run for him and it's very likely that he would be winning because i'm not quite sure how and whether m.d.c. is really ready today however my space they have within the next several months due to go forward you know i'm just going to be a little ready actually saying jumping in here there's a lot of goodwill as you were saying towards him now which is probably the only position you can really take but how do we know he's any different from robert mugabe he's been by his side for many years he's benefited along with many of the
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others by having the gobby at the helm. i think it's clearly a wait and see but you know all of us are different people and as i said the experience that he himself has just gone through it in the last few weeks should actually in my opinion inform how he conducts himself and the good for me just all of the speak lation and again some of the conversations with people in zimbabwe and around. here but also the other thing is the fact that he's a reformer apparently is quite clearly known both inside and outside zimbabwe including the fact that interestingly he wasn't really very much on the hard line side of the land reform farms surrounded by bar large white farmers and not necessarily the longer form is an unpopular thing inside zimbabwe so really i think he will be coming from a very different perspective but also he's one of those guys who quite quickly
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money to to to gain friends for zimbabwe from china and russia rather pragmatically hard conversations really with with the waste so once there is that open space i actually don't see why business you know would be done much differently in zimbabwe we are hearing that the ceremony is starting that an address has been made by the minister of religion but we are waiting for the swearing in to take place and this is that starts we will leave you and go there let's just talk a little bit about zimbabwe's neighbor and you said again the goodwill particularly from botswana one of the few leaders to call for mcgarvey to step down south africa always supported rather than the guardian jacob zuma is not there today is this a slight this is a message. no not a troll a troll. as i understand it you could limit may just about have helped to this and
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in fact i gave him credit coming out of the following morning after the coup telling zimbabweans and the rest of the world that it's. look into what mr mugabe under the kind of functions so to an excellent man lives he provided the rare leadership that was actually required and the sense of calm ensuring that this thing was them. really not bloody as it could have been i think there is goodwill across southern africa obviously naturally most of the leaders remember the constitution and most of the region except in bombay this guys have got time limits south africa has good reason which checks and balances. many of these guys are liberation partners in many ways there is no way in which any neighbors above it does not really want to have a sense of stability south africa particular would like to see in burma stabilize very quickly so that most of the zimbabweans who are actually in south africa probably technically an economy but in those it where they return to zimbabwe. all
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right jason stay with us i'm going to come back to bit later on but let's go to our correspondent andrew simmons who is in the stadium and he's going to talk us through what's happening now and what you can expect andre. yes we'll begin to see i mean things are really running late jane a momentous events here a sixty thousand seat a stadium audience think it would fill up but it has and there are still more crowds outside trying to get in and will be going to see in this signing ceremony and then the adorning of the sash as it's described basically the most through the sermon is will be that the chief justice he will call on the chief justice. to administer the oath of office then you will see that taking place and then a signing ceremony with the sash being awarded. you'll see then a pledge of allegiance by the commander of the defense forces and the service chiefs
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which will go through a take some time and then the national council and so this is going to be quite a process it'll be emotional for many people it will be a restoration of a new chapter not just in zimbabwean politics but also in the son who p.s. will it reinvent itself kind of being close if not move forward and integrate and actually have freedom of movement and freedom of politics for the opposition these things on needed it seems very much to satisfy not just the west but also the people we've been speaking over the past few days with so many folks who want to express themselves extraordinary on the streets when egypt where people who couldn't speak only a few weeks ago wouldn't speak and now sri in the full on the fold ready to release this enjoyment you see all around isn't a set up. the man before its. release
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a whole generation that's only in absolute. no nonsense from. who is deemed the war hero in wallace yet in the other hole of fame he's deemed a real dictator who relied on pressure on with pression nothing more than he is at home we think right now the situation is that those who pleased to see him at his home brought them in politics ready to watch a moment in history that they will save for years to come even if things don't go as they hoped right anderson and as you said it is running behind schedule and there is quite a bit of formality to get through before the swearing in parts of the ceremony and
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we shall return for that. now the u.n. says images of refugees being forcibly removed from a decommissioned prison camp on mannus island are shocking and inexcusable. when a guinea police cleared the three hundred seventy eight men from the former australian run sites activists say police destroyed their belongings to make them leave the camp was closed three weeks ago but many refugees refused to go saying they feared being attacked the un has received reports several refugees were severely injured during the raid and one of the refugees we've been in contact with a man asylum sent us this video describing what happened. you mean there's an officer. minus present. some of the future in the movie are locked into the future just by force it is clear enough
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shots on. your door. if you don't put in the refugees. so city use the. song we send them from the hospital to me so. it's one of the next of kin or by pete you point your son with st you know anyone who'll take that a few years by force. thomas is a menace island with the latest. poll of the refugees have now been a victim from the former australian run refugee prison at long which is about half an hour from where i'm standing out of town all those refugees now are being brought in buses to the main town of lowering gas for australia's government says there is a perfectly good accommodation that they can move into we haven't been allowed me
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about accommodation and aggressive security guards stop and striving down the road towards a slight chance of filming it on friday the refugees who've been through there have told us back from a nation is not ready to talk with no running water no power they say they also have stories of being beaten i think from prison again we can't independently verify but for australians government is concerned this is a major moment because their big facility has now closed down and this is the beginning in their eyes of the transfer of responsibility away from australia and towards happening again australia's prime minister malcolm turnbull says moving the refugees on to a new facility elsewhere on the island is a good outcome. now i'm pleased to say in terms of manners that the reports we have that past lives of the people at man is leaving they're complying with the lawful directions of the pay injury authorities and moving to the alternative
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facilities available to them and that as they should that's that is precisely what you should do if you're in a foreign country you should comply with the laws of that other country still ahead on al-jazeera the man accused of planning the two thousand and eight by attacks is released from house arrest look at the latest from the home. his opposition groups remain defiant despite a crackdown by the government. welcome back as we look at the weather across southeastern parts of asia you see the satellite imagery things general looking fine across the philippines and northern parts of borneo too but elsewhere plenty of shows around. some downpours there are circulation of low pressure in the indian ocean but generally are not.


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