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tv   Chinas Cyber Celebs  Al Jazeera  November 24, 2017 12:32pm-1:00pm +03

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we haven't been allowed me about accommodation and aggressive security guards stop and driving down the road or to take chunks of filmy on friday the refugees keeping group that told us back when i was ready to give my running to my power they say they also have stories of being. present again we can't independently verify it but for other studies government is concerned this is a major moment because they're sort of like this is the beginning in their eyes of the transfer of responsibility away from a stranger that's want to get a straight as prime minister malcolm turnbull says moving the refugees on to a new facility elsewhere on the island is a good outcome now i'm pleased to say in terms of man is that the reports we have that. of the people at mannus leaving they're complying with the lawful directions of the pay injury authorities and moving to the alternative facilities
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available to them and that as a short. that is precisely what you should do if you're in a foreign country you should comply with the laws of that other country still ahead on al-jazeera the man accused of planning the two thousand and eight tax is released from house arrest look at the latest from the home. about his opposition groups remain defiant despite a crackdown by the government. welcome back as we look at the weather across southeastern parts of asia you see the satellite imagery things to me looking fine across the philippines and northern parts of borneo too but elsewhere plenty of showers around the scene some downpours there our circulation of low pressure in the indian ocean but generally of not having a great effect through them on
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a peninsula where at least the flows bream plenty of showers through the peninsula but once you get up into southern parts of town the showers tend to thin out a bit and certainly for bangkok for the north it should be largely dry and fine and the same goes as a head on through into sunday let's head down into a straight here sidney is looking forward to a very warm spell of weather over the coming week if the most prolonged warm spell of weather since one thousand nine hundred sixty eight for the month of november so there were twenty seven remarkable thirty two degrees in melbourne really very warm for this time of year heavy showers across northern territory that darwin will see some down pours out across western australia close in there for perth and warming up through to twenty seven degrees on sunday and still find weather across southeastern areas moving across into new zealand as an area of high pressure sitting right across the country so those a fair amount of cloud across the north on it's looking dry fine across the south and it's not fine weather respect to continue through the weekend.
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setting the stage for a serious debate up front this time on al-jazeera. it's impossible to underestimate the size and scale of the economic crisis it's not just about the billion trillion dollar debt it's not just about the banks it's not just about the government to real people. and again you're watching al-jazeera mind the top story this hour there really is
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one story at the moment zimbabwe is about to get its first new president in thirty seven years theory is a mess and one on god what he's arrived at the national sports stadium in harare where he will be sworn in and we expect any time soon thousands of people are to witness this event they've been queuing for hours to get in many are still standing outside hoping to witness this historic event many of them have any known one leader robert mugabe he's not there but he has been granted immunity from prosecution prosecution is pretty and correspondent andrew simmons is in the stadium you've got a guest i believe and. as you're saying extraordinary moments this event a sixty thousand seat stadium i didn't think it would fill up but it has and it's still not capacity there are still so many people. this is history we have
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a new president after four decades of autocratic. thirty seven years in which. they managed to crush. any form of opposition whatsoever against him but then in a matter of days his term ended remarkably peacefully now i'm going to discuss now the major issues that face this new president we've got a way house to really look at the economy doesn't invent the same way is an economist a senior economist who's been in government who's been with political parties his pain dealing with the corridors of power what will this man do can he did it out to older people who are so well you know this must be a daunting task for him because of the kind of not confident that he will deliver so high expectations so he's really going to have to get working today time to
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waste expectations of people need jobs expected economy to pick up in the short forceable time so we owe it to someone who was. told to go to. the. people so since all the way through the guerrilla war the sixty's whole way through to the old the still to this moment that's not delivered so why would he do the no you know what everyone has to reinvent themselves. and i think this is an opportunity for me to reinvent himself he has to destroy the nucleus of the past look forward and to create an absolutely new future and i but absolutely no doubt that he will do that given some bullet points of what he's got to do the first thing is to deal with the liquidity in the markets to to to do with corruption and to ensure that government is working properly those are the critical issues of the free and fair
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election. that's a b. in twenty eight chain is it likely they'll try to push for to do them in march and try and get hold of what seems like a wave of popularity i don't think so but the field is not i mean we've been looking for reform done any reforms and this will be the time for us to address reforms i don't think election will be free and we need more time i know your politics independent. outside of that of p.f. than than within it show me this do you really trust this man well he's going to have to prove himself nobody he has the trust. ok we can but this is the swearing in ceremony let's listen in for the next president of zimbabwe . but to not do. this not to funk.
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this become of her not. over use of a sick notion. from overseas. the president. in terms of. some of. the. of this schedule of the constitution. come see in the overseas of the president. must to be seen by a number. of the political. which is a form of. the presenter. and you will reduce. in terms of. some.
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of the six series. they're really in front. zanu. has no military. and most of. the mood. none of the was. can do to. those the discomfited. to oss. the ocean. oh if the president. and you were us. in terms of section ninety four all over the posted you should. the president must. be followed the chief justice. the oath of president. in the for the
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said and the said should you. know. hold. on. one of the. chief justice of the republic of zimbabwe. or here by. quota only you. and most own. the. well. to take. the oath of president. the ear . ever so the sometime go over. as president. oh
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everybody goes about where the. ok i. told him about where. and ok. i'm quoting. the friend because jews. and oh yes of zimbabwe. and barack i would promote what ever will advance and don't pose what if. they are zimbabwe. that i will take and promote the right of the people of zimbabwe. i. die. i will just try. my thirty's with my strength with the
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best of my knowledge and ability and their true. to the dictates of my conscience and that i will do for myself. with the way he holds him back here and his people. saw no need go i. i. i. i was incredibly emotional wasn't it the country's second presidents since independence in zimbabwe so much
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hope is being put on an. moon moon and god where to try and pull the country out of the doldrums decimated for twenty thirty seven years by robert mugabe who just said that he will focus on the people and do the best he can for the country that is in the national stadium these events taking place in harare it is full to capacity we believe sixty thousand people of the and many people waiting outside to come in so this is a man is going to have a big job ahead of him to try and resuscitate the country a lot of support from his neighbors which one as president is there today he was one of the few to call for robert mugabe to step down let's bring in joseph. he's a writer and commentator on african affairs he joins us from london sir a lot of you can feel it the support there for him this man's got to do the right
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thing what do you think he needs to do straight away. i think this extraordinary gain. i think be a breath of a sigh of relief as it aware that he is not president zimbabwe now only the second presidency is independence as you said jane and it's extraordinary isn't it james that in that place in that stadium there are two former presidents of zambia understanding president three leaders tells you something about what's going on the on the continent but i think very quickly he is going to prioritize as i understand it on the goodwill around the world i think is extending hands of friendship very likely most of the day today having conversations with many of these leaders and simply saying zimbabwe is open for business but one of his very important messages has actually been gives him a chance in which he has also give me a chance beyond that it is very much about trying to bring santa p.f.
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as a party together and then bringing all the bourbons together and making sure that he can lasers are on that massive support and goodwill he's got across the political divide involving to make sure that beginning business tomorrow he forms his cabinet that is able to have all the servants around him and all the neighbors around him and all africans and the international community around him i think it's actually possible you know. there's a real concern that there will be retributions after this and bringing people together right now is the main concern is it how difficult do you think that'll be both politically and emotionally. i think probably emotionally is the more important bit because i think people are quite angry as i understand even he himself was quite shaken and shocked by the near misses in the last few few weeks and then of course there are the allegation
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that he was poisoned so he may also be fairly particularly happy man with some of the people who might have been making attempts at his life on the lives of some of the people who are now fairly close to him how they hunger that is i think is extremely important you know politically i think. you know this president in zimbabwe the means you know money is just a zimbabwe peacefully within the region we've got a sense of africa the best example people any different than the clock there i think it is a very easy thing to say that in zimbabwe black we stayed together beyond forced independence there's no reason why you can't do so today he's a relation with robert mugabe and i think the man in which he handles mugabe must really be one which is an exemplary how the guys below him. in the security services and those others in rural. begin to target those other people may be the
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question and i think an important point for him he needs to stamp out and he needs to speak out quite loudly that he wants to bring together all the brothers and he want to be able to tolerate whatever happens particularly tells of a tradition ok just as much and i thank you for that let's bring in our correspondent andrew symonds here is in the thick of it really picking up the vibe and the atmosphere then the expectations and. yet we didn't know the couple was playing soccer world cup sort of obviously was extraordinary really quite surreal when you think that this is not good enough to try. to be a key instigator in what happened went to south africa where the push was on this with me know that chris chung will. always the leader the old fashioned the ozone they call the only the store oh ok it doesn't hold so it's only going to
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ok they were going after human oh and the phone to o.j. they were exploiting them and eventually got us we were told was us me to old to be afraid to south africa old so that when i spoke to about the old they knew i was full wus the head of the vice president who had to escape out of the can do only food he did was for two to me because all the border was a bit of a intercepted trying to leave the country he had used to decode the camps of the running won't be done is show only to the owners of the old then as was the old a good deal so that when
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government and when the mood of the own were over post was the only thing that this was the day to only was cutting out the ocean they've been done where they are not by the police. and intelligence services about without didn't happen it really was indeed a change a conflict didn't it it didn't have made though they've killed the old so did the old the president who had become very old to own terms of the overall incidence of this collapse. the only two hundred years the only two are the put obama over the folly of this has informed the old salt the old remember that we just don't want to own you
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didn't want to turn you over knowing that this was you were only going to do the fourth of the photos she thought she didn't mean that this one zero one did so we're going to over to move to osa which wasn't being the only time the owner was told it was over wanted to only would move you this is the group posters towed away to own a wooden stake was fired on the president for the demo that you can do with the old you throw so the old in his resume in full and it is the she couldn't understand what she was doing was you only she wanted was the boat and she was being able to own by this code that you are going to show her face of it on other young men who was it with this you don't mind and that's what it's about with was this ng and the only because of use of evolution to design because it is
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a national liberation movement photoplay to doesn't include it is jewish you own of extraordinary story what about no old the people by those they're not happy with the nuclear they say news to change its. look at the only gulf war actually. his post is not necessarily that dissimilar to open the door he is going to happen when on the other would be a different type of prison i would with him since nine hundred seventy seven when i went to open the over the security for the. oh ok the news of the not included so the ozone the only way you get something be defeated in the deal was good food friends they will take you to a defense establishment if you are so he knows the region very well is it if i
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don't that it does this experience is indifferent to portfolios and of them got the government music on the tin man is a no no and you know they won't eat the most important challenges economy he must starve because the cuttings of this country he must bring the good will of south africa will be going to come and play he must win the trust and confidence of the major western powers as well as the traditional friends in the east who got weak of the during the day but it is the most important just to reach out to the business of the old to want to own freedom for the one hundred the other week we have been reaching out to the opposition with absolute confidence that the old regime is more than tundra onan the one and you can kill and they're going to be a whole new nothing of this is the most intense i would result to do miss the old woman from the odometer bulletins and from a zebra we went into the thought of any pussy out and then when we used to own it
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there were also reaching out to the white community they have been agitating for the modern economy pre-colonial times some of them feel marginalized we won their pursuit of the belonged to this country and nobody showed them the old story the not being told that they took the open wound so this new president will stay for only a matter of days ago this is going to only four years old actually and as you said it's like a hollywood blockbuster is not let's get the latest from our matushka shoes in harare outside of the stated. not quiet to see in there how did everyone absorb what was happening. it's very emotional out people are watching the process on screens outside the stadium and when they saw
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him with them and get up on that podium there was a silence the people just still couldn't believe that this day has has actually come most people here and the forty have only known one leader that was of a god and now there's a change of god so there's excitement anticipation hoping that this will be good news for the bobby disperse the means many of whom are unemployed and years people talking about what happened to their families how in the eighty's and ninety's when the economy was quite good back then they had a good life they lived in good neighborhoods their parents had jobs and then economy turned things went really bad they parents were laid off work they were moved from good schools to poor schools they moved to poor neighborhoods life or just been a struggle those who did manage to graduate from university can find work you can hear the frustration but then when they seeing him as a man and up on the podium the crowd inside the stadium and outside cheering for
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him it is a sign of hope i wouldn't explain it but. the hope and excitement out here is something quite extraordinary are you turn each other we could feel it all the way from here i can imagine what must be going through his head and mind knowing how much pressure is on him to to deliver to deliver the promises that he's made to deliver some hope to the country in order to get the zimbabweans who fled to return . i'm sure he knows how much pressure he's under he needs to fix the economy he needs to show people he's not just leaders on the pitch support is he is inclusive all eyes on him and what his speech is going to say and i was going to take this country forward. all right let's leave it there she is outside the stadium in harare we've just watched and listened more on god while being sworn in as the second president since independence for zimbabwe
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a lot of hope is on this man many people outside of the state of inside the stadium of any known one ruler their entire lives robert mugabe who ruled for thirty seven years and the country is in economic worms so this is a man who will have to do a lot as far as the economy is concerned and bringing people together both through and that's a clear and emotionally lots more to talk about on the story the sort of impact this is going to have a pizza dobby is next with that. if you. like to use it to be a right for they. are you. shopping
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