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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 24, 2017 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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let's take you straight now to cairo in egypt and listen to president sisi commenting on those attacks in the sinai peninsula this was more than two hundred people this recent power is all cannot be dented if we will remain more united following this tragic event. all egyptian armed forces that will take revenge and they will restore order and security with an iron fist and the following days so this is our response we were despondent to show this act with with. them and with force and we will fight those handful that fear the terrorism. i would like to tell. people that what's taking place inside that comes as a reflection so our efforts. fighting terrorism is terrorism which
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is fought by us so egypt is fighting terrorism alone on behalf of the entire region all what is happening is an attempt to undermine our efforts. our resolve and then ours will which are all aiming at putting an end to this terrorist plan and this plan destroying our nation we are standing our proud and we will stand up and we will fight as those that theory there is as i said we cannot be intimidated and our resolve cannot be. kind and our way can not be broken.
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and i say this battle to show is the most noble and beautiful. again this evil again this vicious brutal terrorists i'm sure i gain ist murderous. and you will see those sides. god will stand some kind of you will see. whose side god will be god will not fail the good. god. will defeat the evil. once again. heartfelt condolences to the families of those fallen martyrs and i pray to god. recovery has that those wounded again this tragic event can not then to our resolve and
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we will continue to find terrorism as with all the mind with all the power with our unshaken this all along live egypt long live in. egypt and make blessings be with you. and that was the egyptian president. speaking there are about to the attack on the mosque in sinai earlier on today attack where at least two hundred thirty people have been killed and those numbers potentially still rising now president speaking very sporty strongly saying that the resolve of the egyptian people will not be dented their will will not be broken he mentioned that they will now restore order and security any did speak of acting with an iron fist the spoke with the people who committed this act called them vicious terrorists and then towards the end he
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said we will see on whose side the god will stand so that was president of the fatah. speaking there from cairo his first official reaction to this attack on a mosque in the sinai region let me just bring you some more details on that attack gunmen attacked a mosque in the north sinai region that amazing a bomb and opening fire on the worshipers now state media say that at least two hundred thirty five people have been killed dozens more injured the assault took place during friday prayers at a packed mosque in be an elevated egyptian officials say fine has arrived in for off road vehicles bombed the mosque then shot up fleeing worshippers and ambulances egypt as the cleared three days of mourning for the victims we had ghanem is algiers middle east analyst and joins us live now from though how well first of all i guess the reaction from you from the comments that we heard there from the egyptian president. well well it's the same kind of
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rhetoric that we we hear every now and them every time we have such on fortunate or he missed crime committed. i believe that it wouldn't help that much to use that kind of rhetoric and i agree on certain points that he mentioned in his very short speech but also i disagree on some other points such as you know threatening was vengeance i mean it should be justice not vengeance i mean in these situations we should seek justice to be done not vengeance because vengeance would bring more more crimes like the ones that we've been seeing for the last four or five years i think the whole logic or your logic of vengeance is not useful in the situation that egypt is going through nowadays but yeah we don't yet
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know who's committed this no one has claimed responsibility yet and obviously the sinai region is unfortunately no stranger to these sorts of attacks but there are some elements the number of people killed and wounded perhaps the fact as well that it happened in a mosque to be there is to strike you as you know what do they say to you what do you think this signals a development. well i don't believe at this point we will have anybody you know coming out with. you know that responsibility claim we were responsible ety but i personally i think it's more important to identify the circumstances and the environment that keeps creeping such malicious malicious toxics in egypt. when in spite of all the security measures we keep seeing you know many of these heinous crimes happening so i believe that
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the that the main the main thing now the most important thing is to identify the problem where that where is the problem the problem is i believe is in the total absence of political horizon in egypt the game four years ago killed politics i mean the fact that the region is due in part this is involved in politics outside egypt. is very good but it's more important i believe to have politics inside egypt because politics serve as a safety evolve when you take away hope from people when you take away the political rights when you are rest you know indefinitely indefinite people activists you know defenders of human rights defenders indefinitely into custody and detention and when you do all these extra judicial killings you do not do not
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expect it except the worst so i believe that the whole environment in egypt unfortunately have become almost like a malicious glance secrete thing more and more angry men who would be willing to do these kind of insane acts and egypt is not an exception i mean it can happen anywhere in the world the fact that egypt is a third world. entry an african country and arab country doesn't make it an exception i mean we have seen these things happening in britain before with the irish the ira we've seen these things happening in the spain in the basque when when when when hope was taken away from certain segments of the of the societies so . egypt is not going to reinvent the wheel what's happened in egypt is mainly because they have taken away for hope from people there is nothing worse than an amputated amputated spirit and unfortunately when i look at egypt
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nowadays i see thousands and millions of people suffering from amputee the spirits you have again then we have to leave it there thank you for joining us. present when our history has been made with the first new president in thirty seven years being sworn into office in his inauguration speech emerson and god promised to create jobs reimburse farmers whose lands were seized and stamp out corruption he also paid his respects to his predecessor robert mugabe for me to miller was at the ceremony in harare and sent us this report. a new and unfolding democracy is how amazon when i describes his ascent to power even if it took military intervention to end robert mugabe's presidency tens of thousands of zimbabweans
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waited for hours to watch my god was swearing into office and inauguration meant to cement the veneer of a politically driven solution from within the ruling zanu p.f. i will protect and promote the rights of the people of zimbabwe and that i will do for myself. with the way the polls remember and its people. in attendance the heads of state of zimbabwe's neighbors not here though the south african and and golden president instead meeting in south africa for heads of state visit the prisons here today of u.k. representatives may signal a possible into zimbabwe's isolation from the west soul. this day is all about the people on and off what has praised and thanked the baldwins all the role they played in getting rid of robert mugabe who was in power for
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thirty seven years but was the baldwins that is about to move in gratitude it's about the promise of a new future one they hope that the new president will make good on today i'm so happy because my bet is that three new president and so. it's going to be a little press president homologs about was going to and everything is going to be good this changes for britain do a floodgates for us up the german economy it's about was going to to be up there we're expecting the new change to happen and it's like what you used to live in all countries involved is a very it's a full loving country and i'm happy because over this happened without violence. was when i got why a formula. gratian vitae nicknamed the crocodile for his uncompromising approach to politics begins his presidency under pressure with exorbitant government spending crumbling public services and facilities and few jobs for its people zimbabwe needs
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its economy resuscitated and elections are scheduled for next year. but for now zimbabweans hold their new president aloft revealing is that you horia of a second chance. zero harare high well i'm assuming god was known as the crocodile among them by winds as we were hearing an animal famed then feared for itself and ruthlessness the seventy five year old served mugabe loyally for decades they fall together in zimbabwe's independence struggle and he became the former president's main enforcer when god well was security minister in one nine hundred eighty three when an estimated twenty thousand people were killed in a brutal crackdown on mugabe's opponents in the country's east he denies being responsible for the atrocities when god is thought to have amassed the considerable fortune he was named in a un investigation into exploitation of mineral resources in democratic republic of congo and led the charge to make harare
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a diamond trading hub he also remains under u.s. sanctions for his alleged role in another crackdown in the two thousand and eight presidential election this prevents same from traveling to america or holding bank accounts there. well andrew symonds joins us live now from harare obviously a historic day there andrew president got away said though he'd get straight down to work so what's happening there do we know what he's doing. what he said that and that's exactly what he's doing barbara you mentioned all the problems he faces well right now he's actually just left this location a hotel in central harare the peace justice and prosperity which is a civil society organization which is engaging with government wanting better human rights better business practice a whole range of things that are diplomats nearby in suites in this hotel he's got straight into dialogue with people who matter not necessarily party apology
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are in control of the situation on the ground in terms of power but how he engages with the people it's pretty remarkable what's going on he's really set out a range of things to do to address the list that you actually just went through with the graphic there to actually engage try and turn around the bankruptcy try and get loans and try and sort the currency out try to get engaged went on a whole range of business issues trying to increase exports clamp down on corruption and also sort out the land rights issue which isn't going to change there will always follow through on reclaiming land but they will compensate every white farmer who's lost land he's made that promise categorically which some might see is ironic because he actually engage in the land reform at the turn of the century. actually went through this what went through this whole process really on the orders of mcgarvey and the two of them have been intertwined for the best
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part of half a century in the struggle for liberal liberation and also in independence and a whole range of military issues civil certainly human rights issues. the record isn't good is he a changed man well he's on trial now he's made promises and the people of very high in their expectations as we saw in the stadium more than sixty thousand people an incredible atmosphere barbara i want to ask you a little bit more about that atmosphere because obviously those people have seen incredible changes in one just over a week and i guess there must be a feeling of optimism but maybe some people are also you know waiting to see whether the changes that have been promised to actually materialize we have touched on a point that there is still very relevant i think really people are still a whole generation is in disbelief over this they've never known any other person
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other than robert mugabe in their lives and he's dictated their lives in what they can do the shortages of force in force shortages where people have made money out of the situation he has gone now and that is a lot of people have not absorbed that but this day in that stadium more than sixty thousand people seen seeing min ago actually. lost power get into the whole process where he was going to do what he wants to do a changed man it seems and very very intent on convincing the west not because he wants to bow to the west far from it he knows that to do business he needs sanctions lifted he also needs a range of loans he needs to go to reprogram situation with the i.m.f. and he needs to get exports going you need to change all the bureaucracy the very much change the corruption situation in zimbabwe and really push forward now to the
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people by it well they're still elated they're still relieved to feel free to talk about things will there be free elections he says yes twenty eight seeing you can probably put a hundred days on it judge him then see what the situation is then will the past be forgiven he's forgiven mugabe for what's happened he says he's a forefather of liberation here he will move forward will be inclusive government will shore unlikely but he will push forward something big has happened here undoubtedly absolutely and we will definitely be following every twist and turn of the developments in zimbabwe in the coming days for the moment and to simmons thank you. the saudi led coalition fighting in yemen is allowing united nations aid workers to return to the country from saturday but the u.n. says saudi is still blocking them from bringing in much needed food medicines and equipment it had promised to reopen humanitarian aid corridors into northern yemen
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on thursday ports were closed two weeks ago after who the rebels fired a missile at the saudi capital riyadh the u.n. and aid agencies say continued closures could lead to mass starvation. while still lots more to come in this half hour including south african a limpy an oscar pistorius has his prison sentence more than dump. from six to thirteen. and we'll tell you why thousands of american truckers are paying the price for the black. hello again weather across eastern parts of china looking fairly wet at the moment certainly from food issue through our hong kong and into the far south taipei also
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seeing one or two showers elsewhere not looking too bad shanghai draw and then once we get into indochina be still got some heavy showers across more central parts of vietnam but in northern areas fine for hanoi is fine across much of indochina generally and will stay that way as we head on through into sunday so a fine day in young gone there with highs of thirty three degrees you see the showers over vietnam still there why it's had some very heavy rain of last twenty four hours as you head across into south asia you can see the monsoon rain retreating but still sri lanka seeing some very heavy rain through the course of saturday further north looking dry so here to new delhi and temperatures are looking at twenty four degrees fine across much of pakistan to that fine weather continues and be pretty woman for crouchie on sunday the head across into the arabian prince is certainly cooled off here in recent days temperatures a mere twenty six in doha with cooler weather partly to use a cold front which has pushed through the region we've had some rain here last twenty four hours or so quite a chilly one and bridge in the course of saturday has had on through to sunday it
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should begin to won't hear a little bit. transport measures employed to tackle pollution in one of china's showcase cities they say that by twenty twenty all attacks seem to occur to me only on lecturing. on how environmental grassroots campaigns joining forces in the us there is a global connection that is happening and we're going to utilize that power to make change not only for today but for future generations as well. this time on al-jazeera.
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a reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera egypt's state media say that at least two hundred people have been killed and dozens more. done and bomb attack on a mosque in the north sinai president says egypt's military. president. pledged to revive. and stamp out corruption. the u.n. says the saudi led coalition is still blocking them from taking aid into yemen despite allowing humanitarian workers to return. the argentine navy is stepping up the search for its missing submarine despite the thing an explosion close to its last known position the sun one went missing nine days ago off the coast of southern argentina with forty four crewmembers on board it can only remain
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submerged for seven days russia is sending a new search plane and the navy isn't giving up hope despite criticism from the sailors families. at the naval base in light of the plot and speak to him now so first of all just tell us a little bit about the criticism from the families and any news that we are due to get on the submarine. the families were here in this naval base in the home base of the missing submarine. many of them left yesterday after being told news of the explosion this happened shortly after the submarine lost contact with the rockies back on the fifty of november they were absolutely livid some of them they came out here they were shouting abuse of some of the journalists as well why they had not been told previously many of them resigned now. to the fact that they probably lost their loved ones that they won't
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see them again i many of them have now gone home to mourn but there are still many questions. the argentine authorities have come under strong criticism for the way they've handled this to which they have been responding. we've given our best in this situation it's a critical unique situation and we have as what it is the family members you can't imagine what we'd like to do for them you can't imagine how worried we are the most important thing is always going to be above all to try and focus as much as possible on finding and detecting the submarine. so. we said in that interview the search and rescue operation is still continuing there are plenty there are ships that are under sea rescue vessels from at least ten different countries as you mentioned
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a plane being sent from russia to join in this some of the most sophisticated equipment available around the world but they are still no closer to finding the whereabouts of the submarine which. is now seem to think it is at the bottom of the sea anything from two hundred meters below the sea level up to three thousand meters it was sailing very close to the continental shelf if it's on the western side then it may be recoverable if it sank to the east of that continental shelf it could be that depth which makes it impossible to recover which means that many of those questions being asked about why a vessel so old was being was still in service what kind of condition it was in what caused the explosion it is not recovered those questions may never be answered . thank you. police in china are investigating reports that toddlers at a child care center in beijing were sexually abused drugged and molested it's the
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latest in a series of child abuse cases at daycare centers that have caused outrage across china that fasten reports from beijing. they're in shock and demanding an explanation these are parents of toddlers who attend the prestigious red yellow blue kindergarten in beijing children as young as three years old have said they were molested drugged and stripped naked by care workers reg yellow blue is the largest early childhood service provider in china and is listed on the new york stock exchange order not from you in the glass of my chair oh some parents have ak their children whether the aides the pews the truth is that this was the secret between dan and the teachers china's child care system has come under scrutiny since cases of abuse have appeared online this case currently under investigation in shanghai appears to show a worker pushing children to the ground and forcing them to eat spicy wasabi you've
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used games at record yellow blue is like to an outpouring of anger online with tens of millions responding or not don't you outrage over child abuse and they care centers around the country this crisis is seen as a strong message to the government to take action to improve the safety of topless and i'm sure their healthy development in a country that is increasingly depending on professional childcare. since china has adopted its second child policy last year the man for child care has grown the country has limited parents to have only one son or daughter for forty years. but research shows that more than half of chinese parents choose not to have a second child because of the lack of proper childcare so you're saying are you going to these are not just incidence. is quite nerve wrecking it reflects the problem or serious lack of childcare this is
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a serious social issue. namor and only on have put china second child policy into practice but the young parents are struggling after care worker forced their daughter to eat in the toilet at the childcare center nana says she quit her job to take care of her children. the supervision on this private kindergartens is very loose the kindergartens past that year inspections by using their connections and providing fix that if it gets they just want to gain profit instead of providing a real education lack of sufficiently trained staff is a not a problem sadistic show that for forty four million thoughtless will need daycare two point four million more teachers need to be hired and trained the ministry of education says it will prosecute any teachers and employees who have harmed and abused children the government has started an inspection of the management of child care centers nationwide red yellow blue has apologized for the anxiety it has cost
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to the parents and to society stop fast and al-jazeera beijing. a south african court has more than doubled oscar pistorius his murder sentence after finding the original ruling shockingly lenient the south african paralympian will serve thirteen years and five months that's up from six years to stories was convicted of the two thousand and thirteen shooting of his girlfriend reeva steenkamp he said he mistook her for an intruder steenkamp family has welcomed the court's decision while it's black friday in the u.s. the day after thanksgiving and traditionally the biggest shopping day of the year many of the bargains are cheap imports transported to the warehouses of major firms by an army of truckers but as jacob ward reports drivers are complaining of exploitation. freedom drew paul bonnet to trucking
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over the ride with me in the throat and i love. then to stay closer to home he became a poor trucker paid by the little he did so well he wound up leasing first one truck from his employers and then a second. fully everything that has to be moving the united states via cargo container has to be moved from poor to warehouse via trucks like these. several lawsuits now accuse the companies that dispatch those trucks on behalf of some of america's best known retailers of cheating drivers treating them as contractors with almost no labor rights withholding overtime pay and expenses and trapping them in endless leases according to attorneys representing the drivers if we have twenty different companies we. there are now. why stop this what is the fall for boehner the lease is where he sends things weren't right when
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i got down to start asking questions about how much longer i have to pay to trucks ass and everything went bad once you get behind us like you're working for free and you're feeling is that they intentionally withheld work for you but what you have is definitely they definitely did it because. you know i would want to hear time about. truckers seeking lost wages go to the office of california labor commissioner julie sue. who has brought more than forty six million dollars in judgments against port trucking companies but she says that enforcement is difficult and sometimes impossible. industries which is where the chronic under capitalization and chronic wage theft we often see that when workers come forward and they follow wage claim and they win their wage claim that the employer simply close down go out of business change their name start. over under a new name and that makes it much harder for us to actually get the money that his own. bomber is one of the lucky ones. he got out and he managed to buy his own
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truck. he says the experience taught him a terrible lesson they don't care about us as people you know we we weren't humans we were just somebody to get the job done. affordable imports make it possible for americans to buy almost anything. like that but truckers are paying a heavy price for moving those goods for the rest of us jake aboard al jazeera long beach california. and now a reminder of the top stories on egypt state media say that at least two hundred thirty five people have been killed and dozens more injured in an attack on a mosque in the north sinai region it took place during friday prayers at a packed mosque and gyptian officials say fighters arrived in four off road
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vehicles boned the mosque then shot at fleeing worshipers and ambulances egypt as they cleared three days of mourning and the president is vowing a swift response. this this tragic event act of terrorism will make us more robots more strong our battle against terrorism we cannot be intimidated i will resolve cannot be dented we would remain more united following this event army would take revenge and that we restore order and security with an iron fist in the following days zimbabwe's first new president in thirty seven years has been sworn in tens of thousands gathered in the capital harare to see emerson was inauguration he paid his respects to his predecessor robert mugabe promised to create jobs reimburse farmers whose lands were seized and stamp out corruption the saudi led coalition fighting in yemen is allowing united nations aid
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workers to return to the country however the u.n. says it's still blocking them from bringing in much needed food medicines and equipment it had promised to reopen humanitarian aid corridors into northern yemen on thursday ports were closed it two weeks ago after who the rebels fired a missile at the saudi capital riyadh those are the headlines more news at half an hour coming up next our thighs. with.


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