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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 25, 2017 2:00am-3:00am +03

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against the odds. al jazeera selects at this time in syria thousands have disappeared without a trace. forcibly taken from their families and the most terrible thing in syria is to be. this has been the invisible weapon of the syrian dictatorship without the other sometimes a call to get better to die than continue to be sure to the new culture of. the disappeared of syria but this time on al-jazeera.
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this is al-jazeera. hello from doha everyone i'm come all santamaria this is the news out from al-jazeera at least two hundred thirty five people are dead after a bomb attack on a mosque in egypt's sinai peninsula. we ask those who have families in the past to reconsider. the political sense if you can is that that is inauguration zimbabwe's new president reaches out to the world. in argentina a submarine is still missing and hopes for a happy ending are quickly fading. and germany's president tries to break the political deadlock two months now after the country's elections.
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so at least two hundred thirty five people have been killed in what is being called the deadliest attack in egypt's history gunman bombed and then opened fire at a mosque in the north sinai town of. the latest in a string of attacks by armed groups now egypt is launching a military campaign in sinai president of the declared three days of mourning but he's also pledged to respond with brutal force and egypt is securing its borders remember there is the planned reopening of the rafah crossing with gaza that is now delayed until further notice the full story now with mohammed jim jim. the bomb and gun attack happened during friday prayers at the other older mosque in egypt's northern sinai peninsula local sources say the attackers planted explosives and then opened fire on worshippers while the sermon was underway. for. oh it looks like it was. outside it was.
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not really clear motive was i know it's my responsibility yet but it's very possibly. they have targeted suicide the last. night. president i'm going to put that has sisi convened an emergency meeting of security officials has that had this these tragic event act of terrorism will make us more robust more strong of a battle against terrorism. we cannot be intimidated i will result cannot be dented we will remain more united hello we need to bend the army would take revenge and they will restore order and security with an iron fist in the following day. egyptian forces have for years battled armed groups in the country's rugged and remote sinai peninsula attacks on security forces have been frequent like this car bomb explosion that targeted a police station in a lot in two thousand and fifteen so really this i know there's been
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a lot of. fighting between isis that security forces there for years now. and. in a lot of. area as shock sets in and an investigation begins the egyptian government has declared three days of mourning mohammed. joining us via skype now from new york deli affect me an associate professor of political science at long island university and we thank you for your time let's deal with the basics first in your opinion why here why now. so terrorist groups like isis or the well it's sinai egypt or inside of a muchness storch we targeted restasis and security apparatus military installations as a way to target the egyptian regime now it is perceived that this mosque want to wage find or a family that was not sympathetic and actually cooperating with the egyptian state
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so for their support for terrorist organization who have yet to know who can claim responsibility for it to it i'm the small but it's part of history teaching apparatus of terror of any terrorist group or to attack the state you attack its symbols and now they're attacking those who are seen as sympathetic to the state now if we take a broader picture and think of where this is for t.v. creates it's very close very close to the border with israel and it was supposed to build up a border was set to be opened very soon where you got three days now this comes after a deal that had been broken or inquire obama administration between hamas. and . so in order to attack this opening of the pursuit opening is also an attack on egypt becoming a important power player in the region and so by the closer it was one of preventing it openly it's another layer of attack this terrorist group is actually
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a. state however as we're seeing increasingly the victims are more and more civilians and so with an attack on the state the state will fight back and it's no surprise to hear the president say things saying he will respond with brutal force i guess the question is what does a brutal force mean in egypt in twenty seventeen there would be concerns i guess about how far the state would go in trying to root out quote unquote terrorism. so airstrikes have already begun today in egypt about. targeting support that mountainous regions where the perception is terrorist would be going on but this is part of a larger cycle of violence where a heavy handed state response with very very increased force and with this result is a more sympathetic leaning towards its sentiments about terrorists here egypt has had to struggle since the mid two thousand where up to two thousand and four two thousand and six and bombings of some to twenty areas there was massive rounding up
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of civilians and it led to really no trials no real accountability and so this rounding up billions heavy empted attacks on areas which are you accountability results in a cycle of violence and we're going to see tonight is every just as every time a president has come out that attack and says the state will respond is that she's on equal to guarantee security and the increasing targeting of civilians millions who are now the direct targets of terrorist organizations only it is always a pleasure to talk to get your thoughts thank you for your time. to other news then after thirty seven years thirty seven zimbabwe now has a new leader and was sworn in on friday in front of regional leaders and tens of thousand people people in harare has promised to create jobs and compensate white farmers whose lands were seized but he also paid his respects to robert mugabe he
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was forced to step down for me to miller as a reporter for. a new and upholding democracy is now in this and one on god was describes his ascent to power even if it took military intervention to end robert mugabe's presidency tens of thousands of zimbabweans waited for hours to watch magog was swearing into office and inauguration meant to cement the veneer of a politically driven solution from within the ruling zanu p.f. party once again not the past. we do in the present and future you are a nation a different person. when i was promised to implement economic reforms that would observe the lives of millions of zimbabweans left jobless in a battered economy and work toward stimulating local industries as well as compensate the white farmers for the land they lost under previous policies has
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also vowed to fight corruption tall order given the corruption allegations faced by many members of his ruling party often from politicians we have learned that there is a gulf between what they say and what they actually do this in government that is coming from from the same party that elites know from his people two million jobs and really did in those years of need to be created when our god why enjoys from military backing from the same army that in two thousand and eight intervened in elections lost by mcabee ensuring he stayed in power one of the major things that we want to give up now is that we are faced with an election and what happens if this new president loses that election the military be able to hold ellis is doing good but i can say we respect the will of the people when gaga has promised free and fair elections next year he still has u.s. sanctions hanging over his head from his time as serving the garbage regime for what it called axe to undermine democracy but when i got worse is now is the time
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to reengage with the west for people here president was certainly made all the right noises talking directly about the needs of everyday zimbabweans has moved away from traditional political issues instead addressing people's concerns about his presidency but the worry is that zimbabweans could one day face a crisis of expectation with apparently well intentioned economic and political plans unlikely to work overnight from either miller al-jazeera harare zimbabwe or. as you can imagine many people in zimbabwe never even thought robert mugabe would have a step down on which has been speaking to people in harare about their hopes for the country under president. nearly everyone you talk to here says they expected robert mugabe to die in office not resign after the military intervened they had it in said every day on state t.v. they started to believe it. but now mugabe is former right hand man imma say when i
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got why isn't always a new president after decades of economic stagnation high unemployment and political repression people have high expectations when we grew up and going to school in the ninety's we had everything i mean agriculture the drive down the roads down the highways it was. everything happening he went to the industrial areas there was smoke coming out now when you go it's dilapidated there's nothing going on there so we want to see that again just a very vibrant. value was when i got those close allies say they are confident the rulings on a party will work with opposition parties and the white community we have been reaching out to the opposition with absolute confidence that an older version has more than two hundred onan on an even keel and they're going to be well known up in our business we're also reaching out to the world community they have been added to
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the modern economy in the new york times some of them feel marginalized we want to observe that they belong to this country that's good news to those who feel the policies hurt the country economically many people here and the age of forty and listen and not what the new president will say or the right things will be jobs life will improve for the poor people of course is optimistic you know change if it happens from will take time no one knows how long it'll take for the economy to recover some people say it's too late for them they believe they will always be poor but they hope their children will have a better. the future. people are frustrated and impatient they say they are tired of being called a nation of vendors president has made a lot of promises he needs to manage expectations and deliver on some of those
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promises to convince him that it's no longer business as usual. al-jazeera. argentina's president says he expects search teams to find these missing submarine . but he didn't say whether the navy expected to find survivors the sun went missing nine days ago off the coast of southern argentina with forty four crewmembers on board it can only remain submerged for seven days russia is sending a new search plane but hopes for any survivors are fading after the navy detected an explosion close to its last known position and. we've given our best in this situation it's a critical unique situation and we have as worried as the family members you can't imagine what we'd like to do for them you can't imagine how worried we are the most important thing is always going to be above all to try and focus as much as possible on finding and detecting the submarine. it was a moment. it's
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a difficult moment for everyone and obviously especially so for the family of the forty four crew my first request is that we get through this moment on the following days with the utmost respect for the pain of the families and to them i say i'm here to guarantee we're going to continue with the search especially now that we can count on the support of the entire international community with all the technology available this will surely bring us to find the submarine in the coming days. or who is at the naval base at mount a platter the submarines scheduled destination. even the news that there was an explosion shortly after. his last contact with the submarine on the fifteenth of november came about in a very roundabout way through asia in austria which monitors nuclear explosions this was not a nuclear explosion but they monitor the explosion pass the information on to the argentine ambassador in vienna who then relayed it to the authorities here that
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news with them broke into the families of the crew on thursday so they were extremely angry about the way the news came about about the whole handling of the situation and it's now thought that if there indeed was an explosion onboard there is very very little chance of the forty four crew members having survived the search and rescue operation continues there are something like ten countries involved in the argentine authorities with aircraft with ships with very sophisticated underwater rescue vessels trying to reach the submarine wherever that may be it's still not clear how deep it may be it was sailing at about two hundred meters below sea level but the area it was sailing in was very close to the continental shelf and it was it was moving to the east of that the sea there goes to a depth of something like three thousand meters if the if the submarine is indeed there there be very little chance of reaching its all or retrieving the receiving the
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wreckage. plenty more ahead for you this news are in bangladesh and me and i have agreed on a deal to repatriate ranjit refugees but skepticism remains. after years of court fights the us tobacco industry is forced to fund anti smoking. and sport the battle to be crowned champions of asia details on that coming up. germany's president holding talks with party leaders to try to end the political deadlock on forming a new coalition government social democrats in a modern shells had ruled out taking part in another government headed by chancellor angela merkel previously insisted his party should go into opposition but he now says party members will get a vote on any coalition deal dominic kane with more nothing better than for the
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past two months germany's social democrats have been licking their wounds after the worst electoral performance in modern german democratic history the watchword has been opposition leader martin schultz who presided over that worst ever defeat but said opposition was what payday needs. to find new policies and to reconnect with the electorate but the collapse of the so-called jamaica coalition talks has refocused people's attention on the s payday and a chorus of voices a growing chorus of voices have said to mr schultz well perhaps now is the time to rethink that refusal to contemplate coalition with angela merkel and he seems to have listened. in the eight hours was spent talking with discussed openly the contribution the s.p.d. can make a coalition whatever form that may take. the irony of the situation is that the grand coalition mr schultz has been so resistant to is still governing germany in
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a can take at capacity the question for him the question for angle americal now is can they find a form of agreement that can take germany forward because many leaders in europe worry about the vacuum of leadership that a continued protracted lack of coalition talks might bring and of course the doomsday scenario at the back of everyone's minds is if they can't find agreement well there can't really be a general election until next april and so everyone is very keen to avoid that particular dilemma. slovenia's prime minister is facing possible impeachment over his support for a syrian refugee mediocre us says he wants to find an alternative to deportation for this man sixty year old or germany or a arrived in the country last year the e.u. rules say he must be sent back to neighboring croatia where he was first registered as a excuse me as a refugee from your is seen as an example of positive integration having learned
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the slovenian language since he arrived. coalition partners have threatened to pull out over his support for shipping. human rights groups are calling for international agencies to monitor the repatriation of ranger refugees remember me in mind bangladesh have now signed a pact that will allow those displaced to return home once their paperwork is completed there are about six hundred thousand range in the sense of escaped an army crackdown in rakhine state over the past three months child stratford with more now from bizarre in bangladesh. there are of course a major issues with respect to the implementation of this agreement that has been made between bangladesh and myanmar with respect to the repatriation of bringing the refugees chief of which of course is the question of exactly where many of these people go back to their villages have been destroyed burnt to the ground hundreds of thousands of them across this border and they brought literally nothing
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with them including any form of identification and myanmar is insisting that an identification process must start it says that this agreement is loosely based on the one that was put together in one nine hundred ninety two when there was a similar outbreak of violence in one thousand nine hundred two they were going to refugees that came they had white cards now these white cards were proof of residency not citizenship myanmar government now saying that if the regime that you g.'s here now have proof that they once had one of those white cards then they would take to eventually be allowed to return they also say that there is going to be a system put together. papers disseminated within the refugee camps where people can register listing their former addresses their family members but of course is the issue of literally thousands of people who are missing family members many of
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them are children so it's very difficult to get solid identification of these people. now smoking advertisement will return to us airwaves on sunday after being banned for the past forty six years but this is not the choice of big tobacco these ads are court ordered to one of the dangers of smoking after a federal judge found the tobacco industry had deceived the public for years the full story now if she ever tansey. smoking is highly addictive these messages will air in primetime for one year on major u.s. television networks along with adverts in fifty newspapers. radio and t.v. ads promoting cigarettes were banned in one nine hundred seventy but the new adverts should have added years ago they were ordered in two thousand and six after a big tobacco was found to have misrepresented and deceived the american public about the effects of smoking by a federal judge they brought appeal after appeal after appeal and contesting every
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issue they could think of to try to delay the time when they would actually have to be forced to tell the truth to the american people campaign as a skeptical as to the difference these ads will make partly because the media has changed so much over the last decade most us smokers begin as teenagers but now less than five percent of network t.v. viewers are under twenty five also the trumpet ministration is filled with those who once worked for or received large sums from big tobacco infamously vice president mike penn's once wrote an editorial that accepted the dangers of smoking yet asserted time for a quick reality check despite the hysteria from the political class and the media smoking doesn't kill so this is a general no francisco one successfully argued in court against printing the telephone number for a service to help smokers quit on cigarette packets on behalf of tobacco company r.j. reynolds president trump's nominee to oversee chemical safety at the environmental
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protection agency took money from big tobacco to promote research that downplayed the effects of secondhand smoke we cannot afford to have tobacco policy being being made by the lawyers for the tobacco industry. the proportion of u.s. adults who smoke is now fifteen percent it was forty two percent in the sixty's however due to population growth that still represents thirty six and a half million people in addition in low income areas the proportion of smokers can reach thirty seven percent cigarette taxes remain low in many states political donations from big tobacco are plentiful which helps explain why big tobacco still views the u.s. as a growth market the world's largest tobacco profit pool outside of china in the words of one cigarette executive she have returned see al-jazeera i think meyers that with us now president for tobacco free kids he's joining us via skype from washington d.c. matthew what's your view on advertising in the first place this idea of publicly
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well the companies having to do it i mean that's one thing but do you think the investments would actually make a difference. i think they were the inverse mints are a step in the right direction they contain information that many people don't know including the fact that tobacco companies have design and continue design their cigarettes consciously with enough nicotine to make them it addictive they'll have their own their full effect only of others amplify them that's why stories like the one you're running are so important what's critically important for the everybody to understand is that while this decision was first made eleven years ago the tobacco companies haven't changed their behavior and the need to continue to warn the public about the out the facts of smoking is no less today than it was ten years ago that then they wouldn't would they they wouldn't change their behavior because for them it's a business and they're trying to sell a product this is the this is the eternal conundrum with this isn't it well it is i
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mean make no mistake they're not running these ads even today voluntarily they're running them only because the court has required them to do so which is critically important to everybody understand this these ads are a sharp reminder that the back of companies haven't changed their wrongful behavior that's why they continue to fight these verdicts ments even tell now out the last appeal shockingly was just over whether or not the ads would begin with the phrase here's the truth the tobacco industry still doesn't want the public to know the truth whatever the law is just to remind our viewers on smoking in public in the united states because i know in many other countries that has made the difference the fact that you can't smoke in a bar or a public something like that that's actually probably been more effective in stopping people smoking. in close to thirty of our fifty states smoking is banned virtually everywhere indoors including in bars restaurants in public and private
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workplaces sadly there are a number of states that haven't followed suit and we see a dramatic difference in those states with strong laws prohibiting smoking indoors we see dramatically lower smoking rates and what about this administration that we're under now we saw her and she had support just then some interesting comments from from mike pence i wonder where is this administration taking things also given that you just said thirty out of fifty states clearly the states have a lot of power over the the the the federal laws well we have been deeply concerned that this administration will back off some of the progress that's med been made in recent years the best thing that one can do is actually raise the price of tobacco through excise taxes and we don't see any evidence of that we're also deeply concerned that the food and drug administration which has authority over tobacco advertising and has the power to require strong graphic warning labels needs to
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move forward aggressively we don't yet know if it will and i think a fascinating story and a pleasure to talk to you about it thank you. thank you very much for having me still ahead for you this news hour saudi arabia's crown prince gives a big interview on his reform program and regional affairs we're going to talk about that with a leading saudi journalist and the outcry in china after revelations about more child abuse cases at daycare. and then in sport another accolade for messi far as got all the details a little later on. welcome to look at the weather across the americas in north america we've got some snow across eastern parts of canada but otherwise weather conditions are generally quiet at the moment pleasant enough down in miami florida highs of twenty six draw and ok
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temperature wise for this time of the year for new york and washington we have got an active frontal system pushing towards the pacific northwest some snow over the rockies some rain there for seattle has been quite strong winds further south it should be dry for san francisco fine conditions across the southwest there with twenty five as a mice in los angeles now as you head down into central america here we've got a fine conditions across much of mexico extending down towards cost amala losing the rain which has hit jamaica we've seen vast amounts of rain coming down here three months of rain in the space of twenty four hours still some showers around but nowhere near as heavy as we've seen heading through into sunday still showers affecting jamaica also some heavy showers for western parts of cuba and also the bahamas as we head down into his open to showers around the amazon basin at the moment also this frontal system just affecting more southeastern parts of clearing through rio de janiero this area of rain there becomes more to of across parts of
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paraquat but further south it should be fine in buenos aires with some temperature of twenty seven. we will maintain the finest fighting force the world has ever known united states army was so reliant on a private sector i would call it a dependency we have a mismatch between the way we on magine work to be and the reality of the twenty first century enough to get here in a bathing pool for a while and i would too how many of the persons that you're sending out you should be child soldiers and like i said i doubt child soldiers reloaded at this time. and indeed put it well on. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for the dry river beds like this one five years on the
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syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country haven't truly been able to escape the war. on the news on here at al-jazeera these are our top stories egypt's military has launched a military campaign in sinai up to two hundred thirty five people were killed in an attack on a mosque a bomb exploded and then gunman fired on worshippers as they ran president of the fact that sisi has promised to respond with brutal force zimbabwe's new leader. has been sworn in promising to create jobs stamp out corruption and compensate
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white farmers whose lands were seized by the former president robert mugabe in argentina as a president but he says he expects search teams to find his navy's missing submarine within days he didn't say where the navy anticipates finding survivors some one disappeared days ago with forty four crewmembers on board. there are conflicting accounts about how much aid is getting into war torn yemen saudi that coalition fighting there says it is allowing u.n. aid workers to return the u.n. though says it's still being blocked international community is demanding realities it's too weak blockade that seven million people are facing famine the coalition of course closed air land and sea access after the who the rebels fired a missile towards riyadh earlier in the month. we stress the critical importance of reassuring also commercial imports in particular fuel supplies for our humanitarian response humanitarians are serving the needs of seven million people who are
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completely dependent on the us still in the region saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin solomon as outlined his reform plans in an interview with the new york times when someone told the newspaper that is anti corruption crackdown which is seen many members of the world family detained will net the country approximately one hundred billion dollars in assets he described suggestions that the detentions are a power grab as quote ludicrous the crown prince praised donald trump has the right person at the right time in the u.s. while he called iran's supreme leader the hitler of the middle east and he promoted its plan to return the kingdom to a more moderate form of islam the prince said the nine hundred seventy nine occupation of make his grand mosque by activists opposed to the royal family and the iranian revolution which happened in the same year cause the country to embrace religious conservatism we've got jamal khashoggi with us now a saudi journalist and author joining us via skype from baltimore in maryland in
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the united states so what did you think of the interview because this one if you just took the temperature of social media there was i think an elf outrage at what the crown prince was saying but also at the tone that the interview had taken. but later. he was right of all the importance of the. production we just need to see that happening for the money that is being called into the soroti regularly that's useful for the country if you many there are tired of being exploited by your loyalties and businesses who are addicted to royalties and many hard to be brought back but we also need us there would be a t.v. and a system that's going to be. not to be beat to suffer of disease and that would be only gotten by the parent no.
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no on the galician and more than four thousand people participate in some form of protection father we need. so i was alone but in told. the other is what we. must do none and. if you believe this interview. there is a lot of support from the hunted and salmon is that your view on things as well. there is a somewhat formal one but then some money is not out of it because people filled up with corruption on corruption is bad but again as i said if they lose the second tower for the. reform that is not being i do it because of even discussed by the interviewer mr thomas friedman about check and balance about people's right about political openness. they are going to decide it's just been
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a christian so if you go in there are you. concerned because that's hard to be those weird to. me just go right. broke you. think. you are exhibiting it is not only on the form of entertainment and women driving women have been driving in syria and in egypt since that will be with us in both countries but i did not make a studio in egypt three countries and we saw what happened there in two thousand and look at. me ask you some of the things about well the descriptions of saudi arabia saudi arabia was described as being very different pre nine hundred seventy nine again is that. do you agree with that. yes there is a different between so the only way for seventy nine and seventy nine but again we need also to help and of been discourse in the old the public sphere about what is
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articulates them and what was there before seventy nine. and maybe some other sort of my computer to me director because there was all this was around us. different to mine it was replied again by the government and now. thankfully i'm blogging about the clues but. because there before one thousand seven hundred ninety it was there it was there in my mind so it was there in that block of diversity it was there and. lived you position about like the only difference before seventy nine were not empowered but we still have the same clergy and they are not being told him that he was. not being tolerant thought if you will something us and and you don't reply again what we need is the.
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discourse about a modern and is wrong. it is still fake it's what is what it is long. it's just still fake and so you go and then there's this. demonization i guess in iran you know when you start getting thrown around and saying the head of the middle east. i mean is this we already see the divisions between saudi arabia and iran do you think it is heading towards or are real collision course. i don't think so because it was going to snow how dangerous coarsely that would be and i know if you. just look you know but it looks this guy thing you know i mean you won't pull them enough you knew them and that you can. and that you're on your own and you know i don't think it's one of them we thought but on
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the thought with it it was supporting the the. other spring not the can but it will bring millions of people here who are willing or. all over the. hill who are because you don't employ. yet but the only way. that you know i knew it by that i. really don't. know what will you don't you know jamal khashoggi very interesting talking to you thank you so much for your time thank you now how does iraq continues to demand the release of its journalist mohamed hussein who's been in an egyptian prison now for eleven months he's saying is accused of broadcasting false news to spread chaos which he and they were strongly deny and say has repeatedly complained of mistreatment in jail as well he was arrested on
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december twentieth while visiting his family syria's main saudi backed opposition group has selected a new chief negotiator now he will lead the high negotiations committee in the un backed talks in geneva next week he replaces riyadh his job he resigned last week the group is insisting president bashar assad leave office kerry says everything is on the negotiating table in geneva. the un has called the forced removal of refugees from a prison camp an amount of silent shocking and inexcusable police in papua new guinea cleared the remaining three hundred twenty eight men from that former australian run site on friday the camp was actually closed three weeks ago that many refugees refused to go saying they feared being attacked and thomas sent us this report from man a silent on thursday about fifty men were removed on friday the remaining three hundred twenty eight were evicted in some cases by force mobile phone footage shot
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by refugees appears to show police and papua new guinea and immigration officers hitting them with metal bars buses took the men to their new accommodation in the nearby town accommodation australia's government says is ready but refugees say has no power security guards won't let cameras near the facility the refugees can come out and some showed us the injuries they say they sustained in the eviction the police sent him a version of from you again it just me to me and drove me over the. ground and it's mean all of my body australia's immigration minister said on friday he knew of only three very minor injuries we saw more. i was inside the detention center and i was beaten with wooden iron bars. two years ago al jazeera filmed on man of silence when almost all the refugees were still locked up the
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closest we got to an interview with one then was over the phone while sitting near their prison in a boat we are you. a mouse. that refugee is now out of that prison but does not feel free. well you are free you have free living you can have a job you cannot you know make you can't have a life i am still here for years and i have. the same situation some refugees say they fear being attacked in the local town some have been for the main reason they refused to leave the prison was as a protest to draw attention to australia's mistreatment of them australia's prime minister in his country's capital canberra said he was glad the protest was over complying with the lawful directions of the pay injury authorities and moving to the alternative facilities available to them and that as a short. that is precisely what you should do if you're in
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a foreign country you should comply with the laws of that other country for refugees papua new guinea could be home for many years to come the absolute closure of the refugee prison and the eviction of all the remaining men inside won't make much practical difference to the refugees life for their future but for australia's government this is a significant moment it's the clearest sign yet that they are transferring responsibility for those refugees from canberra to pack when you're getting under thomas al jazeera. in papua new guinea. police in china are investigating reports that toddlers at a child care center in beijing were sexually abused drugs and molested it is the latest in a series of similar cases a step fasten reports from beijing. they're in shock and demanding an explanation these are parents of toddlers who attend the prestigious red yellow blue kindergarten in beijing children as young as three years old have said they
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were molested drugged and stripped naked by care workers regular blue is the largest early childhood service provider in china and is listed on the new york stock exchange which are not from you in the glass of my chair oh some parents have ak their children read their date the pews the truth is that this was the secret between dan and the teachers china's child care system has come under scrutiny since cases of abuse have appeared online this case currently under investigation in shanghai appears to show a worker pushing children to the ground and forcing them to eat spicy wasabi if you don't use case as a direct yellow blue you slap to an outpouring of anger online with tens of millions respond they're not going to do outrage over child abuse and they care centers around the country this crisis is seen as a strong message to the government to take action to improve the safety of topless and i'm sure they're helping development in
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a country that is increasingly depending on professional child care. since china has adopted its second child policy last year the man for child care has grown the country has limited parents to have only one son or daughter for forty years. but research shows that more than half of chinese parents choose not to have a second child because of the lack of proper childcare so you're saying are you going to these are not just incidence. is quite nerve wrecking it reflects the problem or serious lack of childcare this is a serious social issue. now i'm and only and have put china second child policy into practice but the young parents are struggling after care worker forced their daughter to eat in the toilet at the childcare center nana says she quit her job to take care of for children. the supervision on this private kindergartens is very loose the kindergartens past that year inspections by using their connections and
2:45 am
providing fix that if it gets they just want to gain profit instead of providing a real education lack of sufficiently trained staff is a not a problem sadistic show that for forty four million thought loss will need daycare two point four million more teachers need to be hired and trained by the ministry of education says it will prosecute any teachers and employees who have harmed and abused children the government has started an inspection of the management of child care centers nationwide red yellow blue has apologized for the anxiety it has cost to the parents and to society step fastened al-jazeera beijing. u.s. media is reporting the former national security advisor michael flynn's legal team is no longer talking with donald trump's lawyers this suggests flynn may be ready to cooperate with the investigation into russian interference in last year's election he could also be looking to negotiate a deal with prosecutors flynn you remember was forced to resign in february over
2:46 am
allegations he misled the white house about his contacts with a russian bath to european leaders have criticized russia or at a summit of the e.u. and six former soviet states the british prime minister to resign they said russia was a hostile state threatening potential growth in eastern europe and the use president donald tusk condemned what he said was russian aggression in eastern ukraine. the death of five ukrainian service learn yesterday is just the latest proof of the tragic consequences of russia's aggression in ukraine. you russia's aggression and you will never recover from the legal and exertion of cranio the u.s. says it's deeply concerned at the release of a pakistani man accused of planning the two thousand and eight mon by attacks sayed was freed after a pakistani court rejected the government's plea to extend his detention by another
2:47 am
three months so you do as the founder of the band group luck shoot tiber has been under house arrest in the horse and january he is the head of a charity that's accused of being a front for armed groups more on this from the whole with come out hyder. from the court of proud of the board have come to. hall which are known as march for the first time. nine months ago. congregational prayer the government of pakistan had poured in a plea that boarding house was in the national. guard because diplomatic and financial implications and because of the u.s. pressure however d'accord were not and released them for the third time today he was given a hero's welcome although it indians are not happy with. india and been
2:48 am
accusing pakistan of involvement in their internal affairs but recently the pakistani foreign secretary john you're all. over. the nord welcomed right india and showing that there were no mood in delhi for a negotiated settlement between the two countries and although india may blame. it on also blame the indians for supporting the day to get taliban bogged down inside of one it down and also helping the surge and progress on it also saying that it has a high level india and also. under custody of the budget on the military and it already admitted to india involvement in. south africa's supreme court has more than double the sentence for oscar pistorius the paralympian convicted of killing his girlfriend back in twenty thirteen twenty
2:49 am
pages the full story now from pretoria. it only took a moment for the supreme court of appeal to deliver its ruling that respondent sentenced imprisonment for appeal. and five. oscar pistorius shot his girlfriend reeva steenkamp on valentine's day two thousand and thirteen as she cowered behind a bathroom door he said he thought she was an intruder last year prosecutors successfully argued his original conviction should be upgraded from culpable homicide to murder which carries a fifteen year minimum sentence but the judge was lenient and only gave him six years shockingly lenient according to prosecutors who said pistorius hasn't shown true remorse. steam comes parents say they're placed he will spend more time in prison you know you can get on with. it
2:50 am
everything is coming in. i right from the beginning. justice and. the story has grabbed the world's attention as the paralympian who was the first disabled person to compete in the summer olympics he broke records and barry is glad his defense lawyers argued he made a fatal mistake that valentine's day costing riva steenkamp her life. oscar pistorius is currently in a prison on the outskirts of pretoria that's best suited to his disability but that while baby only allowance made for his disability as the supreme court of appeal has more than doubled her sentence for murder. as an athlete pistorius didn't want any special treatment now one of south africa's highest courts has decided he wanted to get a tiny page al-jazeera potoroo. sports news ahead on the news hour and despite
2:51 am
having already won the formula one title lewis hamilton is keeping up the pace in abu dhabi far out with that on the rest of the sport in a much. sports
2:52 am
news on the news on out with our. thanks very much the tennis season isn't quite over some of the biggest stars of the men's game with the final of the davis cup which is often referred to as the world cup tan is taking place between france and belgium and lille and the best of five match tie is finally poised after day one in
2:53 am
front of a packed crowd at the football stadium which is right on the french belgian border . belgium off to a winning start in the first singles match just five days after finishing runner up at the a.t.p. world tour finals the world number seven beat lucas polio in straight sets seven five six three six one. but french number one joe wilford song assuming levelled the final at one all he beat steve darcis six three six two six one in the second singles match the davis cup final continues on saturday with the doubles before the reverse singles rubbers on sunday. now he may have already won the formula one world title this season but lewis hamilton isn't letting up heading into the final grand prix of the season. the mercedes drivers set the quickest time in second to practice at the arena circuits friday zero point
2:54 am
one four nine seconds ahead of closest rival ferrari sebastian vettel both drivers are three time winners and hamilton is also beating time race winner of the season this weekend the briton captured his for the drivers' championship two races ago in mexico. the international olympic committee has disqualified for russian athletes for committing anti doping violations at the two thousand and fourteen sochi games one of them is two time olympic bobsled gold medalist alexander cough. who is now the russian bobsled federation president has been banned for life from any olympics fourteen russian athletes have now been banned for doping at the sochi games with nine medals stripped. japan's. take on a saudi arabia as all hell out in a battle to become champions of asia on saturday the reds have a slight advantage heading into the second leg of the asian champions league final
2:55 am
they're playing at home and have an away goal from their one one draw in riyadh in the first leg last week to a time champions must score at least once if they were to have the chance of winning the title for the first time since two thousand. people not seen as quite solid we've proved it in the past we need importantly titles we feel we have a chance during the ninety minutes of the mush we just have to school want to call that the games we have played in the past we will keep following all stall on the offensive and try to press our pilots this game is no exception we have very talented players taking the side of the match in any minutes no matter how strong the opponents. after the first leg which ended in a draw we've kept training hard and we feel we've reached a certain level of confidence for tomorrow's match we're playing in our home stadium and our objective is to bring the trophy home and be able to celebrate with all of our fans. chelsea manager antonio conte has been critical of the quick
2:56 am
turnaround time between his side's midweek trip to azerbaijan a side car back in the champions league and their english premier league clash with liverpool on saturday they trail e.p.l. leaders manchester city by nine points. today we had a good twenty session and we try to prepare the game the game against liverpool very very well but for sure i think that if. i have only only one day to get better but. the two. only one day to rest he's not it's not right it's not right the photo. a photo not the only photo of a photo that the. barcelona star lino massi has won the golden boot award for being european football's highest score score for the fourth time in his career he
2:57 am
received the accolade from club teammate luis suarez on friday messi scored thirty seven goals for the league a side over the twenty sixteen to seventeen season the thirty year old is now tied a level with brown majority rival chris john although for the most golden swan. but if he could. i think i've grown both on and off the pitch i have improved unincorporated new traits into my way of playing and each day i know joy being a footballer. and finally four years after he retired from playing football former liverpool manchester united and around the striker michael owen has made a sporting comeback on horseback at the ascot race course he's almost a perfect debut as a jockey for a former european footballer of the year but he was just beaten into second place on his horse called their prince and i love that it was. better than i expected i must admit we seem to go really quick early on and i thought wow this is you know
2:58 am
no one can keep this up it was almost i was probably the fastest i've ever been on a horse and then we just felt like if the whole stay the whole slope into the boat and on the inside and all of us when i was in the front i was a good come on no. i was a long stride and i got very tired and that's all your sport for now or later. thank you for that we are back in just a couple of minutes here now to syria another bowl of news korea.
2:59 am
right. one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much input and contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else working for us as you know it's very challenging liberally but declared because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues we are the people we live to tell the real stories are just mended is to deliver individualism we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe.
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from mother to daughter an ancient craft kept alive by a bustling matriarch. from start to finish. all traditions intertwined with new designs making this family's place unique into nazir's rich tapestry. the threads at this time on a. vols fierce action after a bomb attack on m.


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