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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 27, 2017 1:00am-1:34am +03

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i want to see or. where ever you. if you were in beijing looking out the pacific ocean you'd see american warships when mess was that somehow time is aiming to replace america and around the world well the chinese are not that stupid these guys want to dominate a huge chunk of the planet this sounds like a preparation for our first president george washington said if you want peace prepare for war the coming war on china at this time just. yemen receives its first food deliveries since the saudi led coalition. and.
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the armed citizen this is al jazeera live from london also coming up fifty people are killed in twenty four hours in government and russian as strikes in syria under us votes the incumbent president won or longer hernandez is expected to stay in power. and well he used the word the pipe the pope prepares to walk a diplomatic tightrope in mammo. a major yemeni port that's held by who is the rebels has received its first food delivery three weeks off to the saudi led coalition impose a total blockade on land and sea the ship entire data is carrying more than five thousand tons of flour and has been allowed in. after the coalition bowed to
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pressure from the un to ease the blockade and the embargo has already worsened in yemen spiraling humanitarian crisis which the u.n. children's agency is trying to stop by sending in one point nine million doses of vaccines in his have says yemen's conflict has become a war on children and that nearly every child that is in dire need if humanitarian assistance hit a shot records. the saudis have promised to lift the blockade of the yemen port of her died four days ago but it was only on sunday that the first desperately needed food supplies were unloaded. and now the ship in the port of how they entered carrying flour and relief materials way and five thousand five hundred tons this is not enough for the many people needs but we hope this is a good sign to open the port operator and lift the siege and all the many provinces . unicef says a child dies every ten minutes from preventable diseases that would equate to more
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than five hundred children dead in those last four days alone five thousand tons of flowers unloaded on saturday but it's just a trickle too little and far far too late for the most vulnerable today it is fair to say that the yemen is one of the worst places on earth to be a child more than eleven million. yemeni children are to be in acute need of humanitarian assistance that's almost every single yemeni boy and girl unicef says the war in yemen is sadly a war on children close to five thousand children have been killed or seriously injured in the last two and a half years and it welcomes the opening of the airport at santa it allowed us to
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send in the first humanitarian convoy one point nine million doses of vaccines vaccines that are urgently needed to vaccinate six hundred thousand children across yemen since the saudi led coalition began fighting the hooty is in two thousand and fifteen the country's basic infrastructure no longer exists. the blockade began on november sixth after hutu rebels fired a ballistic missile into saudi arabia. she said the blockade was imposed to stop weapons being smuggled into yemen but the un is warning that commercial imports of food and fuel must also resume the world food program says continuing to choke off those supplies could have a disastrous effect on fourteen million people living in the remote regions of northern yemen completely unable to cope for themselves peter shop al jazeera.
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at least fifty people have been killed in just twenty four hours in government and russian air strikes in syria twenty three people were killed in a syrian airstrike in the damascus suburb of eastern ghouta the area has been on the government's seat for four years and three hundred fifty thousand people there are in desperate need of aid thirty seven people were killed in russian airstrikes on a gathering of displaced people and arizona province but activists say fifteen children were among the activists the victims and some avenge of it has just returned from syria together across the border in turkey. despite a cease fire agreement between iran turkey and russia the violence in syria does not seem to be coming to an end the airstrikes in the hooter district of damascus targeted three different residential areas according to activists on the ground the
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number of casualties is on the rise they're saying that they are not able to provide help to all of the victims because they have very limited supplies inside. and a number of hospitals have also been targeted in the last few months they say that because of this siege and the assad government has not been allowing any medical aid or medical supplies to come in and they're not able to treat patients as they would in a normal situation this is not the only place where strikes have taken place there also russians frights which has been a door in between the resort and this is an area where isis fighters have fled to but it's not just isis fighters who fled into these areas it's also civilians according to activists on the ground most of the people killed here there are or have been civilians so it's another day of violence that we've seen in syria activists had been called telling us from the ground that in the last ten days or so more than one hundred people have been killed in just the space students who to
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us district which is besieged by syrian forces and they say they don't see the violence coming to an end any time soon. under in so voted in a presidential election which is widely expected to return the incumbent to power one on the head on this who has the center writes national policy has been praised for bringing down the sky high murder rates and rising economic growth but critics say he's trying to tighten his grip on power to himself supporters a coup against the previous presidents marianna sanchez is live for us in the capital take a six. we're coming to the end of the election day i'll pose meaning meant to by now all by closing. of the electoral tribunal and then. holding the vote for an hour that hasn't
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happened here however. you know governor station in the hotel behind me. the people who are in line finished voting also traditionally. the media start. way before. you know of course very numbers however. you know. the exit polls will be. just before two hours we will be able to have the first exit poll first results. it will we will have them in about three hours from now is a preliminary we. really. reserve can rely on and we can hear. the results of this election in five
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hours from now when. it will have about sixty percent of the vote. being widely seen as transparent polls do you think the results are likely to be contested. i think there will likely be. opposition parties. for. the election and it will be really. the president. has a lot of power that he controls the tribunals that you mystery be electoral tribunals and so on. down in. every every party has put at least two monitors from their parties at every polling station around the country and they say that they will wait until they have the final results. compare their
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own results with the final result to be able to say that the selections were called fair and sort of. monitoring the election of the president and wonderous. cubans are voting in local elections a sponsor of a cycle that will end with the selection of a new president in february outgoing president raul castro has already cast his votes in the capital have on the next few months will see cubans transition from sixty years of castro family rule i mean many challenges including worsening relations with the united states you see in the human capital have a. the municipal elections are the only instance in which ordinary citizens can directly participate in the choosing and voting for their officials after this it is the provincial organization and then the national assembly they each choose each other and then eventually that national assembly or congress if you like chooses
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the president that one who will succeed president raul castro the last of the castros after nearly six decades to govern this country but at this level when people will be choosing for some twelve thousand five hundred municipal delegates among more than twenty seven thousand candidates it sounds like a lot but not a single one of them belongs to the opposition this year for the first time an unprecedented number of dissidents attempted to take part in these when a civil elections but they were not allowed to do so as in babo newspaper is reporting robert mugabe was granted full immunity and the payment of ten million dollars to convince him to step down president zimbabwe independent also says he's been promised he can keep all these properties to be paid his salary for the rest of his life but the ruling party. was a special deal. has more from harare. officials in zanu p.f. say that robert mugabe got the usual standard normal retirement package given to
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any former head of state we're told that he wants to stay in zimbabwe he plans to do that but he is able to leave the country and go to singapore for his usual regular medical check ups he's indicated he wants to do some farming in the country and we've heard his wife grace mugabe is still planning to build the robert mugabe university all eyes are now on the new president. and the cabinet he is going to form some indications say that it could be as early as monday when the cabinet is announced people are wondering will he be inclusive when he work with opposition party leaders will he also work with other political parties which could indicate that he is may be genuine about being a unifying leader but some zimbabweans fear that if we see more of the old guard in cabinet it could indicate nothing really has changed on the ground and they fear is that if that is the case in things one transform quickly in terms of the economy the main thing. who are struggling economically and financially is the economy who
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is the finance minister going to be they hope that individual is someone who can work with the international community bring investment into the country create jobs and we substitute the struggling economy so. with millions turning out for elections to create a new political system and love across a separation. couples forced to live in limbo because of. welcome back sidney continues to enjoy its run a very warm weather temperatures of twenty five degrees or more the weather front go through melbourne's a big drop in temperatures there but as we head on into choose the issue of those temperatures recovering up to twenty eight degrees warm to an oblate across western
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australia we've got dry weather perth temperatures coming back to just twenty degrees f. in the areas we've got a few showers that are affecting the tropical north otherwise all right it's very quiet in this high pressure system here so that is resulting in dry conditions quite a bit of cloud across the north island to the south island he's looking cherry drawing fine with sunshine and temperatures of twenty degrees or so in christchurch let's move up into northeastern parts of asia and here the weather is also fairly quiet moment we've got dry conditions across much of japan obviously northern areas not very warm. temperature for sapporo. minus twelve is nothing unusual for this time of the a mine five degrees seems to be over the day at the moment for beijing and temperature other forecaster observed for several days and as we had on through into choose day. impacting for tokyo highs of eleven otherwise sunshine in seoul highs of nine.
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at this time. welcome back remind of the top stories here on al-jazeera
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a ship carrying more than five thousand tons of flour has dumped in the yemeni port of high data the first since a saudi led coalition started to ease a sea and blockade russian and government astronauts have killed at least fifty people across syria it's x. targeted the areas of missing guta and there was a law on hunger ins have voted in a presidential election which is widely expected to return lead to one orlando one on the back to power. protesters and pakistan all calling for a nationwide strike on monday after another day of escalating demonstrations they're angry about the wording of a parliamentary bill they said be in order to show restraint although six people were killed on saturday in efforts to break up the protests maryon the hunger ports i am. recalled to shut down pakistani issued by cleric and political party leader who stands in opposition to the government for three
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weeks protesters have choked the streets of islamabad when there was violence on saturday as police tried to disperse them they sprayed along highways to one of the major cities including a whore and she just. this movement is not political it is the duty of every muslim to protect the owner of islam the protesters maintain this is not political but this is an issue that could undermine pakistan's government. it began when pakistan's norman is desired hammered introduced a bill before parliament that made no reference to the prophet muhammad protest is linked it to the highly contentious issue of blasphemy and while the amendment was withdrawn blamed on a clerical error and hamad apologized the little known group behind the protests argued it remained an affront tells them they want the minister gone. and after the
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violence on saturday they want the entire cabinet to resign where. people aren't coming out of their houses because they're scared it's a strange situation in the backyard of the narcanon this is the fault of the clerics their extremist attitudes they simply don't care about people and the business is being destroyed by the clerics doing this in the name of islam they're absolutely wrong and people are in pain protest organizers have still managed to spread the call for demonstrators did begin. encouraged by the police failure to get them off the streets kadhim hussain rizvi the cleric who leads the teddy eleven like pakistan party has called on his followers to bring the entire country to a halt maidana hand to zero. around fifty thousand people have protested across romania against the government's plan changes to the justice system demonstrators clogged the streets of the capital group or us they say the changes will put romania's judicial independence under threat which could lead to high level
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corruption going on punished the ruling social democrats hope to have the overhaul approved in parliament by the end of the year voters in the poll have been taking part in elections that marked the final stage of a peace process that started back in two thousand and six holes of the closed after voting across mountain regions in the north the rest of the country will vote on december the seventh the results will give nepal its first prevention assemblies with the aim of decentralizing power and creating a federal democratic republic so initially reports from man and district. the early morning call is no deterrent for these people in the district they have come to exercise their right to vote district and national officials have been working for days to ensure the election happens. new constitution is being implemented and. local elections have already taken place this is the first phase
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of religion for national and its did assembly this election is important because it is about implementing the constitution. the first phase of this election is happening in the hills and mountains where climate and terrain can be challenging the second phase will take place on december seventh in more moderate climate there are nearly six thousand registered voters here and competition is fierce every vote counts and representatives from all sides i can watch. there are candidates representing both the left alliance of nepal's communist party unified marxist leninist and the former maoist and the democratic alliance of the nepali congress and the right of center parties one candidate will represent this district in the national assembly and two in the state assembly but for people like groom who runs a hotel here this election is more about development done tourism. i really hope
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that we get a good representative tourism is important for us and we need good roads for people and tourists here we also need schools and hospitals. district is on attracting route and has recently been linked by roads but the journey is precarious polls close at five in the evening local time but by late afternoon most people have already cost of a while in milan district officials say that more than the expected number of people have cast their ballots nationally the turnout has been no making it difficult to predict the outcome of this election which will turn into a federal republic that he has rushed out of the well and district in a poll. pope francis is in the air making the flight from rome to the capital young going for a three day official visit it comes just days after the u.s. joined human rights groups around the united nations and accusing me of carrying
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out an ethnic cleansing campaign against. is the first stop of a wait for the leader of the roman catholic church and the scots high the reports from young gone by francis faces a major diplomatic challenge. roman catholic leader pope francis has been an advocate for refugees and the oppressed around the world on monday he embarks on a trip to the region facing one of the biggest force exodus in the world this year previously he called the muslim or hindu good and peaceful people tortured and killed simply because of their faith during his visit the main focus will be on their plight but many will also be focused on whether the pope actually calls them . something the catholic leadership in myanmar has advised him against there are six hundred fifty thousand catholics in myanmar that's less than two percent of the country's population which is overwhelmingly buddhist. a member of on song suchi is
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ruling party explains why they don't want the pope to use the word the hinge or. we do not accept the temporary. they are bengalis all muslims from bangladesh so we would like to request that he use the official term it is to take uses to turn to have to assume that it's an insult to us. one bishop from a remote pocket of catholics in chin state is hopeful the visit will go smoothly. and i might be some differences of opinion between the pope and the government but since he's been invited to this country i'm sure they will be understanding a growing list of nations and international bodies are calling the military crackdown on the right hand just ethnic cleansing something myanmar rejects visiting both sides of the crisis the pope will meet military and civilian leaders here in myanmar who also hold a large mass and young girl in the nation's largest city. then later in the week i'll travel to bangladesh where hundreds of thousands of refugees are sheltering
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with plans to meet a group of and the country's leadership catholics or across myanmar traveling here to yangon to see their cope some trips taking days by road and by rail and some sleeping outside just so they can be here. and i'm ok with the fact that he's coming for everyone in the country not only for christians. our country is not stable there are many conflicts or bring peace here we need development i hope he's going to help bring development high hopes for the pope's first visit to myanmar. in which he will need to not only bring the message of peace from a religious leader but channel the abilities of a diplomat got harder al-jazeera younger. kenya. pushed. out of the forest along the border with somalia and then another group is now carrying out attacks on civilians people displaced by the fighting are defying
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government requests to return home catherine so i reports from southern kenya. lizabeth to sons where reason he killed by an unknown people believed inside born in a forest that extends to the border with somalia. their home area we too as well as other paths along the kenyan coast have been attacked several times over the last few years. we stayed home that night instead of going back to the camp for displaced people one of my sons was not well and so we all decided to be with him we were attacked at around eight pm two other people what killed on that night in this village the government has often blamed somalis are shabaab fighters who've been using the forest as a hideout to plan attacks and train kenyan recruits but also increasingly conflict between firmus and hard as living inside the forest one of elizabeth cards all sons
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was in that house when the attackers came the other one was right out there there was also a friend in the compound their mother was preparing to sleep in the next house she says that the attackers targeted the men they slit their throats and then fled the members of. this lama county administrative leader shows us some of the trouble areas he says a security operation has forced al-shabaab out of the vast forests all the works with the one you see. what works if they can use. our business in years and when i was serious to live in a country they don't mean free like in the past. we cannot the government now wants more than two thousand people who have been living in this temporary shelters on the edge of the forest to go back home life is stuff for them here they have little food and a bed bag infestation but they say going back right now is not an option so after mcqueary said callum if i knew it's true the government has pushed out but what we
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fear even more than al-shabaab are the herders in the forest they're the ones who've been killing our people lately they're the ones who should be dealt with before we go back. agnes also lives in the camp this is the first time in three months that she and her son have come back to check on their home they don't have much time they tell us they have to go back to the camp before nightfall when it gets dangerous catherine sorry al-jazeera we too south in kenya. israel's continued occupation of the west bank has curbed freedom of movement for many palestinians and split families in some areas at least twelve thousand people are affected by israel's ban on family reunification some in occupied east jerusalem but it's both reports from kafr acca where thousands are crammed into what effectively and i once learned. location location location rarely is
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that property hunting maxim more important than in the carved up territory of the occupied west bank maher obeyed lives in occupied east jerusalem she has the right to live in israel her fiance where some sell a main lives in ramallah and our fifteen year old a temporary israeli emergency order means where some cannot get israeli residency to join his wife to be so they have to live here. falls inside the municipality of jerusalem so it's governed by israel but it's on the palestinian side of the separation wall. they are bent on the like any other engaged girl you plan you have to dream i would have chosen for a cab i was thinking of a house with a small garden it's more like a dream though faced by the reality i had no choice but to live in for a cup so i can keep my identity card and my life partner. kathrada cups unusual situation i mean seventy thousand people packed into a limited piece of land now the population of course is grown by as many as ten
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thousand people a year every year for the last twelve years but this town could never expand outwards because of the separation wall suits the israelis because it's another way that they can control the number of palestinians living on the other side of the war the main purpose in our point of view all from our long experience in this field is to push palestinians outside of the voters to to divide the families they know what it means you know the family of the personal social network and they are targeting the feminists this is they are targeting children they are targeting the homeless they are targeting you know their presence in jordan more than twelve thousand palestinians are stuck in this bureaucratic limbo and there's no chance of relief in sight bernard smith al-jazeera in the occupied west bank. scientists in australia are encouraging the public to help them start the native frogs by recording the creatures themselves.
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straightly museum has designed a smartphone app which allows people to pick up the unique sounds of two hundred forty frogs. amphibian is under threat from climate change introduced predators and human development scientists will use the data to learn more about the health of frog relations. not many frogs sort of rabbit croak that you get with all the. calls that found like the last tatts tripping tennis ball here absolutely everything so some of the frogs that you might hear might sound like. bach and. ray so amazing diversity and this fine will help you capture those calls and then we can identify who's who where frogs are and how they're doing. much more to look at on our web site just click on al jazeera dot com.
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the top stories on al-jazeera a ship carrying more than five thousand tons of flour has docked in the yemeni port of her data is the first food delivery since a saudi led coalition started to ease a sea and there blockade the u.n. children's agency also says it sent one point nine million doses of vaccines unicef says a yemeni child dies every ten minutes from preventable diseases and that yemen's conflict is turning into a war on children. today it is fair to say that yemen is one of the worst places on earth to be a child more than eleven million yemeni children are to be in acute need of humanitarian assistance that's almost every single yemeni boy and girl. a series of russian and
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government as strikes has killed more than fifty people across syria twenty three people died in a syrian airstrike in the damascus suburb of instilled into the rebel held area has been under government siege for four years. and thirty seven people were killed in russian airstrikes on a gathering of displaced people in their resort province which is based activists say fifteen children were among the victims. under a president that's widely expected to return the incumbent to power one orlando one on those who are right national party has been praised for bringing down the sky high murder rates and raising economic growth but critics say he's trying to tighten his grip on power eight years after he supported a coup against the previous president. pakistan's government and military have
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agreed not to use force to disperse protesters near the capital islamabad the demonstrators have blockaded roads for weeks and we about the wording of the parliament will have spread. and six people died after police tried to clear a protest camp. those are the headlines stay with us next up. here is a very important force of information for many people around the world. have gone i'm still here go into areas that nobody else is going. to bring that story to the forefront.


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