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supporters of a little known religious party accuse the he'd hammett of blasphemy after he left prophet muhammad's name out of an oath meant to be taken by elected officials he'd been under increasing pressure to step down after a weekend of protests across pakistan indonesia has raised its alert for bodies mount are going to the highest level. one hundred thousand people have been ordered to leave the area around the volcano the international airport on the island has also been closed. nineteen people have been killed by russian as strikes in the eastern suburb of the syrian capital damascus earlier russia denied responsibility for the deaths of dozens of civilians in strikes targeting i still over the weekend attempts to find a diplomatic solution to the conflict of stalled because the syrian government delegation has yet to arrive in geneva for talks. and the results have given honduras is opposition leader shot lead in the presidential election supporters of
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salvadoran us are celebrating after the announcement from the electoral court with more than half of the votes counted he leads president one orlando hernandez by five percent you're up to date with all of our top stories the stream is coming up next on al-jazeera but then i'll be back after that in about twenty five minutes time with a round up of your top stories i'll see you then life now. hi i'm femi oke a and i'm really could be live and here in the stream today where he's playing a sport more than just a gay boy look at the native american origins of lacrosse. today
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is world indigenous peoples day so we're looking at the contributions of indigenous communities and individuals in sports and specifically look cross simon y. a smith a former student gets on twitter says play lacrosse thank a native but this next tweet from native opinion says if people do know of lacrosse they don't know that it's an indigenous traditional game or they assume it comes from brands so we'll do our best to get to the bottom of those assumptions and today's conversation and we want your help you can tweet it with hash tag to string the sport of the cross is a game that holds spiritual significance from both american indigenous after eight to the native american oil in a shoni the cross is a means of honoring the creator twelfth century indigenous americans develop the game to sharpen their hunting skills and strengthen the mind and body today native
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athletes among the sport's top players but is enough credit given to the sport's origins the documentary spirit game pride of a nation follows the twenty fifteen iroquois nationals lacrosse team and their fight to be recognized as a sovereign nation in competition. riginal. we played it on this earth was covered with our it's part of our churches. process is part of our charm. having the opportunity to participate in a national organization is really. neat she ever existed just saw from people in this country most people don't understand that there's a six mile by six mile country in the middle of upstate new york the populations aren't bad yet we have quite a few world class lacrosse players. story that's taking place here contests but the original piece that we were savages and heathens and
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pagans to them they use the term eternal which means the way you know empty empty land these lands were not. shining our nationality. is the legacy that created. this thing that's going so much. as a nation now is celebrating just like. i want. there are quite nice songs we've lost many. never been defeated. to tell us more about the relationship between across a native american culture we have from six nations reserve in canada lao thompson he paid for the iroquois nationals and is a professional across player for national cross legs georgia us wall and major league across the chesapeake bay hoax he was named twenty seventeen's most valuable
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player for the n l l add and currently holds us collegiate in the cross records in career points at a system it's in so a state just explaining away is how i'll. next am his brother jeremy thompson a professional across player for the scott show and rush he also play for the iroquois nationals during the twenty fifteen a wild and dollar cost championships. in syracuse new york bill o'brien he's a professional a cross player with the new england wallace and he's also the co-founder of thompson brothers across and in niagara falls new york and by hill don hauser she is captain of the how do you know show me a women's national cross team that recently completed a board in a women's across world cup if you are thought of lacrosse you are probably going nuts right now the cream of the crop on the strain well can guess really great to have it so this connection with a cross as spirituality it's so much deeper than any other sport i've ever come
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across there is an origin story that is so critical to the crossbill tell us that story number class it's a game believed to be given down from the creator to the native american people. many many years ago even before the earth was formed when lyon talks about it and he talks about a game that happened between when the animals in the rounded animals so on the wind animals team you had the ego of the hawk the bat on the ground animals team you have the deer the wolf the air and they played in this epic lacrosse game at the end of the game the that scored the game winning goal but before the game. he didn't really have a team because he's a bat he is for but he has to feel as weighing so they weren't sure where to put him the man of the story is that everyone no matter what you look like no matter who you are your strengths your weaknesses everyone bring something special to the game all across and it's truly it's truly
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a gift and it's to be played not only for entertainment for the creator but also as a form of medicine for the community and to help bring joy and peace that everyone i see not doing the so much more sort of cross than just exercising and great packs and muscles right. well like bill is saying that it's a gift and. where i come from. we're still trying to grow the game near test torah and the surrounding communities with our women so when bill talks about it being a guest i think about that every day that i can play the game and my nine year old daughter plays the game and we're always grateful that one of the. that's one of the big lessons that i tell her that every single time that she goes onto the floor whether she's playing box across or she goes on to the field when she's playing field across to just be thankful to the creator that you get to step on that for
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get to step on the field. and so i hear what you're saying and i heard with bill says but tara here on twitter seems to think that the general public doesn't quite have that same recognition of what this game means terry says it's become a sport largely associated with white elite east coast colleges it is the creator's game though another person writes in this is a meal and she says the fact that it's part of the party culture in college is a huge just respect to the origin the medicinal and ceremonial aspects are still very much alive in how to now shut in the shawnee communities jeremy can you explain what she means by it being medicinal how is it and why is it described as a metal medicine game a game of medicine. i think the biggest thing when you know it and question pops up in the game across and how it's been a medicine for people is you know everything starts in our mind and you know when a creator had sent down the good word to always use
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a good mind and good frame of mind and that was of see you know introduced an inner twang of the game across because one of the ways that the creator has. you know the way one of the ways he wanted his game to be played was with a good frame of mind to encourage the people around you and mom probably you know to have fun with them and that's one of the things that we've always been taught in our community is that has been passed down from generation to generation you know my father's tommy and you know his father's town and so rb spring myself i'm reminded of that because it's almost like the new plant life you know the leaves on the trees and the grow again and that and the same in a sense and then as across player the same idea i'm reminded of the new season coming up into you know have a good for my mind go out there give it your best and have a good season and along with that you know encourage the people along with you and more importantly to have fun with it well i'm just wondering what happened to the cross over history where it kind of left native american indians in terms of
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ownership and then became a push by an elite back and how did that happen. i mean. the way i see it. it's never left us we've always played this game in. the last year is you know whether this game became a you know what it is today in a college game a high school game you know whether or not that all happens we'd still be playing this game. and. i think. you know when you when you look at the history of the game where it comes from this is you know it started with us and us using the game won us medicine but you know other communities used this game is as a way to settle or disputes but. you know it became it's become an it's a growing game it's become and we're hoping it becomes
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a mainstream sport and or lost in a girl. like that comment on twitter that it's. you know it's cold white white or. i think that it was that way at one point and i think it's it's now changing think a lot of people are getting into the game in the games going on not only in america but all around the world and in that i overhear someone non-fatal who would agree with you lyle this is ts she says i've watched him tear for native players my whole life and i think as long as we continue to play lacrosse it will never be quote unquote whitewashed and we aren't going anywhere so since we made that clear we will start with that no one's going anywhere let's talk about the actual game we got this week from allen who says how does it feel being regarded as one of the best ever to play lacrosse possibly the best and do you agree with that claim lyle do you agree and jeremy do you have your own thoughts about that. i mean.
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it's hard to kind of compare your smell them to get that will happily agree s.s. but i bet some of the i think the rainy it's great to see people say yes it is i have to defend them so i know how good he actually is. all right let me show you this is a from like a pro on twitter congrats allow the thompson of being named an el al m.v.p. and then here is here congrats to you i want to show you a little clip from spirit game pride of a nation and shows all of the thompson brothers playing together and also tells us a little bit of what's happening behind the scenes and connecting spirituality to the guy i look. you know me my brothers we are this guy that i differ animals to bring a part of you know that original story of the game between the animals the medicine game your original medicine game the first game that was ever played it was before humans were ever on earth and it was played by the winged animals against the land
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and each animal has an attribute that makes them look at the cross. there for my brother lyle has done for the eagle because he can see the four really well miles he's a bad he's big that's how fast he started right away got a good hand bear steak in the sand and out of. my brother hind eyes considered a lot because he plays well with a pack with his brother. jeremy he's the deer he's our leader and in our culture the deer is the leader of all the animals you take charge of the team put the team in a certain direction and let them power and you know the more you come together to team the better you are going to play as a team and what you didn't is so important in the cross but there's no word of women in this tradition but u.p.i. has a picture of you number twenty two playing. take this tension i know this tension let's go that tell me about the tension between women's lacrosse
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a men's lacrosse. well traditionally women are not supposed to play. i have heard of many reasons why. from. it makes the creator upset. all the way to it makes the women barren. i think that when you look at traditional medicine game the game that our women play is not the same game we don't. we don't burn tobacco before our games we don't play for medicine but we do hold the game and the sport of a cross very close to our heart and. i would say that we play with just as the same the same good mind and the same intentions that the men play with so yes there is tension what people say what are you adding about. what if they said
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to. just that you know that women shouldn't play and that you know we're making the creator upset and sad that women are playing but i think that it's more that because that being deaf as well i don't know any. death threats were playing a sport let's go that was all the i think it's important it's important to talk about. you know i think it's important to talk about but i think that looking at the bigger picture and that are sixteen women female hoda show me athletes that just were able to go to england on our passport is a much bigger issue and we need to push past. what has been in the past to move forward and our talent pool is small but we're growing
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back in two thousand and six i think only three or four of us that played on that you nineteen team or either were playing in college or had just finished college and now for the most part all of our girls are division one commit and or have played division one across so i think when you go back and talk about the issue of women not being able to play lacrosse. we look we look past that because because we have to as women because we have faced so much adversity and our hearts and our passion are so much bigger than that that we just moved past it you know i think what i found striking about what you said embers that you said it's not the same game but what people online are telling us is that you do face some of the same challenges the men in the women and one of those is the one that you mentioned this is amy lynn tweeting in about the women's national cross team going to the world cup and their struggle for passport recognition having authorities outside of
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the iroquois nation accepting them into those countries jamie lynn says that recognition was the greatest victory at the games we also got a video comment from someone who thought similarly thought that was a really big deal this is a video comment from terry have a listen to what she told us getting to see them break those cultural barriers is amazing and it's made me realize just how important special cause can be and made me appreciate it even more watching them play in the women's world cup was an amazing moment and it felt so right that they were there because as the people who created the game across and go alongside others who had the opportunity to pick it up and enjoy it just alongside them so they then sighing and it's made me really really love the game is more something i'm very thankful for them so amber what do you make of that support. i'm usually not an emotional person but. that means a lot thank you terry because. our our women our
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executive board. we worked very hard and when the twenty fifteen team wasn't allowed to go to scotland and we had to tell our players. that we weren't allowed in. with our passports i was extremely hard braking so once we were able to get on the plane to go to england that in and of itself was a victory and to have other people that. recognise that struggle and that adversity and. and watch us play i mean that is. so inspiring to build this concept of having a possible as and the iroquois nation this is so important it's actually impacted well championships that the iroquois prize have said we're not going to the championship unless you can get on the playing with app possible can you tell our
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general audience what this possible is why it means so much and. we wind up playing internationally without us being africans are impossible. definitely so i mean when it comes down to the home the shawnee passport it's really a matter of sovereignty the issues that surround it is they go back as far as when the first settlers came here and remove native from their land and then native americans had to fight in order to get that land back or that sovereignty so having a passport shoni passport represents sovereignty now once. world class player like lyle or or jeremy go out and get a u.s. passport it takes away or it chips away at the sovereignty that they can have by being part of their equation where which is very important because you'll see some places nations are losing sovereignty more and more and it doesn't seem like
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a real big issue but at the end of the day at one point there may not be sovern native land anymore but in a dog which is a very traditional community hopes to hold that intact and lyle and jeremy can talk to why they why they have hornish only passports and why the traditions are still more in that county. yeah i mean for us it's. you know obviously it's something we've been fighting since i guess to well eight years ago when the team the team went to was trying to go to england and the passports were denied and it's still it's still something we're we're going to process with because. you know we had our passports that whatever lever needed to be done to so that we can we can travel on our own press boats and
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we can be accepted as as our own nation. we've been to done the work for the passports and. that's what we're looking to do best and that's what we want we want to be able to to travel on our passports and and. you know we're playing in world games against us canada england. australia all these other countries and. you know for me i don't think it's me right if you were on separate team but at the same time. we're classified as as you know maybe us citizens of the city and citizens i think that's what i think i think . most i think is a really good important topic because it's something that our people as never americans and there's people and all indigenous people across the country across the world it's been something that we've been fighting for right from the beginning
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a time when you know colonialism these lands our lands already are in north america and it's you know our everything's been passed down you know history's been said there you know history has been you know toll on our side and their side as well and it just comes down to basically you know i stick in there and grab on and sticking to ground and believe in and have and pride in what are our ancestors has stood up for and what that through through you know horrible times and good times as well and i think that's important for us to stick or granted to find you know you know for us to travel on our own passports being able to play the game of a cross that's something that we grew up loving and it's important for people culturally and as a sport when i think that no i think about you as as a group and as places it's not enough to just play you also a so aware that your role model is and you go out and help of the youngsters and invite them into the game and we show people this this is just
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a swim across come from brothers across cap now you've missed this across capital many of the chinese to get out of the lacrosse caps fails why is this important why is this part of what you feel you need today for the sport. i think it just goes back to what you know miles law hein and jeremy are really really wanted to do when they set out having a platform is big is as we have as a unit it really gives a way to blaze a path and show kids that hey you can go off to school you can create you can get an education you can create a future for yourself and you can bring that back to your reservation and you can and then hance everyone around you and makes for. a better future for everyone around you because at one point people were scared native americans were scared to go off the reservation and get an education i don't want to speak for all indigenous communities but at least on a dogma kids kids would much rather at eighteen go get a job start working start
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a family as opposed to leave the reservation and go to school and i think guys like brett bach to nail polish jeremy thompson and miles in the aisle have done you know by going off to albany showing kids that hey you can be really successful you can remain traditional in your aspects and your beliefs and you can come back and you can you can give back and you can be a role model and it's really inspiring to see and be a part of for sure and so part of inspiring is making sure that younger generation see what you all are doing we got this from amy the lead story and she says when my daughters discovered the game of the cross they transformed so we're almost out of time here amber but i know that you are encouraging this in your own daughter absolutely my daughter has played since she was since she could walk. and as soon as she was three we put her into box across in canada. oh yeah there she is my little princess she's now
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a girl sealed goalie. out of rochester with a monster elite program and sometimes she plays chalk assessing attack as well so i think it's it's very important just like amy said to last picture. that my daughter jordan was in was with her daughter giana and they're they're good friends and just like any said when jordan's are on the field when she has a look raskin coming up she does she transforms into a more responsible person. ok oh yeah old parents can be signing up for across as. loud jeremy we're not done with you yet we going to continue our conversation at al-jazeera don't call me a slash the stream but before we go there i'll take a look at what covering next week on the street. and obviously mark the seventieth anniversary of the one nine hundred forty seven partition of india with a full week of special shows on the stream and we want to be sure your stories if
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you have a family member with experiences from partition we want to hear from you share your family story with us by uploading a short video to our website at stream cut al-jazeera dot com slash showing or tweet us your family photos using the hash tag partition at seventy or feature that in our coverage and join us for our week of shows the theme of our coverage living partition starting on august fourteenth the that. from mother to daughter an ancient croft kept alive by
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a bustling matriarch. from start to finish. old traditions intertwined with new designs making this family's place unique in. top astri's. the threads at this time are not just. when the news breaks it was an announcement few were expecting to hear by announce my resignation as prime minister from the lebanese government and the story builds i can't stop thinking about the bullets my life when people need to be heard a mass exodus hundreds of thousands of real injured have fled ethnic cleansing in me marva bangladesh al jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you more award winning documentaries and live news on air and online. that's what we're talking about shooting people are not quite sure to burn themselves and
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their other countries have managed to solve this problem but you worry that this conflict could erupt into an outright open war of the cities general security sure the people who pay the price clearly their writeup unprejudiced setting the stage for a serious debate up front at this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera . where every new.


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