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and by pursuit of a nuclear weapons free world and we look ahead to the big stories that could dominate the headlines in twenty eighteen. december on al-jazeera. over a hundred and sixty years ago a musician started a band in an all or t. shirt rate in cairo. there brass band was so popular it gave birth to an entire musical genre. as a century and a half later the sound still resonates with many egyptians today house about the people's music at this time on al-jazeera.
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hello and welcome to the al-jazeera news hour live from our headquarters and. i'm coming up in the next sixty minutes. eastern ghouta ahead of talks to end the war. on the. maintains of. the president a mandate as as a vote counting continues. how the impending trial of a turkish trader. turkey relations. and tens of thousands of people evacuated and hundreds of flights canceled as. we begin in syria where government air strikes have killed nineteen people in a rebel held on clay of the capital damascus it is the second such attack in forty
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eight hours in eastern guta on sunday twenty three people were killed by shelling and airstrikes including several children while the attacks have come at a key moment in the conflict a new round of un backed talks began on tuesday aimed at ending the six and a half year war opposition groups and government representatives are due to meet in geneva but u.n. officials have been unable to confirm that the government delegation is planning to travel a diplomatic editor james bays reports. peace talks in geneva was supposed to stop this bloodshed. but as we've seen many times before the timetable of failed diplomacy is actually creasing the agony of the people of syria. parts of aleppo province. and the outskirts of damascus bombarded the assad
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government has been intensifying its onslaught in the days and hours before talks to to start a lot of envelopment assad didn't leave a single corner that hasn't been destroyed if you want to fight it don't target civilians instead take on the armed groups at the front lines god willing they'll teach you a lesson briefing the u.n. security council in new york the man who's supposed to lead the talks on tuesday stefan de mistura condemned the violence he noted that the syrian government had perspire own its travel to geneva but he said they needed to attend naturally we hope and indeed expect that the government will be on its way shortly but to get in i don't break that into a commitment to break them in putting when they met in thought you that meeting part of intense diplomacy in recent weeks the russians who turned things around on the battlefield for assad are supposed to bring the syrian government to the geneva table and the saudis created
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a new opposition group ng to go to the talks out are key players like former leader riyadh his job in a figures closer to moscow some of which were previously even to write it as a sad stooges a number of western diplomats have told me they're concerned about the way stefan de mistura is handling this process they fear it's becoming russian flavored with a focus on a new constitution and elections rather than on political transition james bays al-jazeera geneva. well correspondent a solid and jolly it has been speaking to people and three areas all syria to ask them about their expectations from the geneva talks. when there are no place in the sky and there is less fear of forces invading you there is hope all around you in this particular town in northern syria this is jobless and people are trying to come back and resume their lives but when it comes to talks in geneva they're not
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very hopeful they say this is the revolution that they began and it has been taken away from them and the world really doesn't care. i'm in syria and they call me a refugee what can we want from the talks. as long as assad remains geneva doesn't mean anything. they show solidarity with syrians but in reality they're all complicit in involved in the destruction of syria we just hope the siege can end. our hope is not russia nor iran. we hope this round could be a new beginning because of the major changes before the geneva meeting we see the meeting in geneva whether it's the eighth or the tenth or the twenty fifth round of talks they're all the same there is a lot at stake at these talks opposition leaders have been telling us that they're fearful that if the united nations fails yet again to come to its solution to
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provide a long lasting peaceful terms that all sides can agree upon they will be forced to go to work for she and the russian solution when they feel that russia will undermine the role of the united nations as it tries to bring its own version of the solution for syria which are literally power and many people here will tell you that this is something that they do not want. now the u.s. says is considering adjustments to how it gives military support to kurdish led forces fighting isis and northern syria turkey considers the kurdish syrian fine. no it is the wife if you have it said on friday the turkish government said u.s. president trump counterpart much of thought. that supplies to the kurdish led groups would hold the state department now says that such decisions on military support will be based on battlefield requirements. not. we are allies of the us on their nato and we have made it clear several times to
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the u.s. with the right method with the right rhetoric that this was not the right thing to do what we were told in response was that they attached a lot of importance to the fight against and as a result they had to assess all options but of course it is not a choice for us to work with these organizations to fight against all the so it is a necessity they told us but we are having difficulty understanding this since when do you need to work with one terrorist organization against another terrorist organization it's not fitting of a serious state and not behavior that suits a country such as the united states only i spoke with a professor of journalism at american university of beirut and seeing a fellow at harvard university. the track record of the united states and syria in the last six seven years is that it has not consistently done anything really well it keeps changing its policies a little bit here and there and sometimes dropping them we had
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a change in presidential leadership and policies are just a little bit we have problems now with trump says something and then the state department of the fence department says something else so it's hard to tell what the united states is going to do what we know is that they've gradually pulled out of the driver seat or they never really were in the driver's seat but they were hoping to drive events in syria about five six years ago and and now they have relinquished that to the russians they have a link with the kurdish groups in northern syria they'd like to keep that link it's one of the few bits of leverage they have but it's still not clear what they're going to do with the track record that they have of recent years suggest that they're probably going to gradually let the syrian people to the extent that they can but more the russians the iranians and the turks that defined the future of syria let's move on to other news now thirteen people have been killed thirty engined in a suicide attack southeast of the iraqi capital baghdad and happening in markets
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and even had one area has claimed responsibility and non-con has more from baghdad . well police sources are telling us that after the explosion took place a small improvised explosive device that a number of gunmen at least four they say fired from the roof tops of buildings adjacent to the market and that's where we saw a lot of those deaths take place now we are hearing that i still have claimed responsibility for this is attack now this will shock a number of people here in baghdad i guess it was go through a relative period of calm the last major suicide attack like this that we saw a bombing that sort of was actually in may you know that happiness few very small incidents outside of baghdad in the south but nothing in the south of baghdad sorry but nothing the scale of their star as i say i still have claimed responsibility for this it's likely that they're striking back because they've suffered defeats in mosul in iraq in syria and also in the north in anbar province already in iraq.
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now to under us where a leftwing television host is on track to win the presidential election dashing the hopes of the current leader salvador five points ahead of the incumbent president on orlando and as with other seventy percent of the votes counted marianna found chance reports. supporters of several nasrallah didn't wait for a final result from. a popular t.v. personality lou this sixty four year old in australia took the lead in a much contested general election to get him last we want something new from honduras and the new is called salvador nostra. the electoral tribunal says it will wait until all the ballots reach the capital and are counted and that could take a few more days. demonstrators outside the electoral tribunal say they would defend the vote. we're celebrating and we want our votes can't be stolen from.
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people here tell us their confidence. is the winner of this election and they're celebrating before there's a final results. from a precedent been written by a joint celebrations it was a comeback for him the party he found it may return to power said i yes says he already feels vindicated eight years after he was ousted in a military lit. it means the start of a new era it means the closing of a cycle that began with the coup and with the tragedy that that has represented heroes and political and social and economic times and it means the hope to rebuild honduras that is democratic all hours after polls closed top candidates claimed victory and candidate recently from the liberal party conceded necessarily howard will the election will proceed in london and this remains waiting for the rule vote from remote areas with us hoping they could still give him
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a chance to win. you know the alliance claims a victory maybe here see is it reversible. and innocent just i just don't do this to myanmar where the senior military general has denied religious discrimination exists and his country the comments were made after a meeting with pope francis the head of the catholic church is on his first visit to myanmar and has been advised not to use the word during discussions the military crackdown on state has forced more than six hundred thousand one hundred to flee to neighboring bangor there scott hardliner has more from young gone. word coming out late on monday here the first day of the pope's visit to myanmar that he met with the commander in chief gentlemen now this is a meeting that was supposed to take place on thursday caught some people off guard because this word came out late on monday that was originally described as a rest day for the pope now. the general posted as
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a statement on his facebook page say they met for about fifteen minutes now he said also in that meeting he got across the idea he said to the pope that there wasn't religious discrimination in the country but that it can press office said that the discussed several issues and that the pope got across to the general that there is great responsibility for the authorities here in myanmar during this transition period no there's no word from either side if the range issue was brought up now obviously that's a very sensitive topic during the pope's visit here now on tuesday the pope will travel to naples or the capital where he'll meet with the civilian leader and other members of the government and other members of the religious affiliations now it'll be interesting to see how those meetings go and if they'll be any mention of or hinted but this first high level meeting that the pope had unexpected high level meeting the pope had with the commander in chief of the military no mention of a hinge of but we'll see if that changes when the pope goes the neighborhood or on tuesday. thomas for some. catholic media foundation and works closely
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with the vatican with the put strike a balance between promoting peace without pointing a finger of blame. he goes as a peace maker and is a bridge builder he never goes to burn bridges he's been well informed and advised by those on the scene by cardinal bo by the bishops by other people not to use language that would provoke and burn bridges he is certainly aware of the refugee crisis he's referred to it several times over the past year and i think it would be unfair for you or for anyone to simply reduce the visit to myanmar as whether or not he's going to say the r word he's going to build peace he's going to encourage people to change the schedule already this morning rather than meeting with the military leaders later on he chose to do that right in the beginning it's also important to realize that he will be meeting when he gets to bangladesh with some
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of the hundreds of thousands of refugees and so he's listening he's coming as a peacemaker he's coming to build bridges he's certainly not coming to provoke plenty more ahead on the new clothing security forces in zimbabwe say things are normal following. resignation but not everyone is convinced. and. lose the first. time. the turkish go trade a challenge with conspiring to evade u.s. sanctions against iran will not go on trial in new york this week. dropped out of sight in the two months leading up to his trial and that's prompted turkey's prime minister to suggest that sort of has reached a plea deal with u.s.
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authorities she have a chance he has more from washington. president. of turkey has repeatedly trying to get this trial scrapped lobbying then vice president joe biden and twenty sixteen and president trump in september of this year he maintains of this is a politically motivated prosecution intended to discredit and ultimately overthrow his government on behalf of her to and islamic cleric who lives in pennsylvania to learn. these steps are purely political i hope we'll get a chance to discuss this issue the united states needs to revise this decision there are very peculiar smells coming from this issue. but draw prosecutors have dismissed that contention and in court filings say they anticipate that the evidence introduced at trial will show that turkish government and banking officials were integra to the sanctions evasion scheme razor's arab is among several turkish men charged with operating a billion dollar money laundering scheme to evade u.s.
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sanctions against iran only two of the accused are in u.s. custody however there is widespread speculation that zurab has flipped and is now cooperating with the prosecution he was abruptly released from prison in early november his whereabouts publicly unknown authorities say he remains in federal custody and that's led to speculation that he entered the witness protection program there is another strand to this case the special counsel robert mueller looking into alleged russian meddling in last year's presidential election is examining former trump national security adviser michael flynn's under a cloud lobbying for the turkish government it's been alleged that flynn was offered large sums of money at the very least and lobby the trumpet ministration for the extradition of good if not kidnapping himself and transport the cleric to ankara he's also alleged to have been asked to get this legal case dropped now there are questions as to whether i will be able to provide any further information about turkish lobbying of u.s. government officials like if there are and can provide documented evidence that
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would be a huge break in the fight investigation. but also possibly and i think this is the most. interesting angle to the case is a potential criminal investigation of the president of turkey for violating irene see iran sink sions. that could be what. got him released with turkey describing this case asthma attack on the country the trial is seen as yet another blue to us talk of relations already under strain she every time see. the end of asia now it is airport remains closed for a second day in a row as mt volcano continues to spew smoke and ash up to three thousand meters into the sky authorities have also expanded that accusation order from the immediate area surrounding the volcano homage on june the points it could lead to
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a major eruption at any moment that's what indonesian officials are saying about the volcano on the island of bali now a gong has been rumbling and spewing ash into the atmosphere since the weekend on monday a mass evacuation was ordered and the danger zone was expanded on the possibility of a large eruption is very high some indications show they will indeed be an eruption since yesterday the eruption that happened has been accompanied by the sound of explosions and vibrations that can be heard and felt within a distance of twelve kilometers. indonesian officials say they will continue to search all the villages in the area and force residents to evacuate if need be. until now based on incoming reports that eruptions and trim is continuous and the lava is filling the crater the lava will flow down the slopes after the crater is full. bali's international airport was closed hundreds of flights were canceled and
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tens of thousands of travelers were stranded after tests indicated ash had reached its airspace with. everything and we can't get the right make. bali is the top tourist destination in indonesia and plays host to millions of visitors each year the volcano last erupted in one thousand nine hundred sixty three when more than one thousand people were killed mohammed and does either. doesn't bob when our new president imus a man and god was expected to form his cabinet this way can all eyes on whether he'll break for the past and name a broad based government or select oh god figures from robert mugabe's era how much hassle reports from harare. nearly two weeks is the military takeover zimbabwe security forces say the situation is getting back to normal the police who haven't been seen on the streets of our area for days. but now that means doing joint
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patrols with soldiers to try and maintain law and order law enforcement agents are already receiving reports of looting and illegal occupation of other people's properties particularly farms in houses. is criminal in the arguments of money. and will be made by the fall of the law the announcement comes days after. the new president citizens not to take matters into their own hands by punishing allies of the former president robert mugabe. there are reports that robert mugabe and his wife grace have been given immunity from prosecution the police won't say how many of mugabe's allies have been arrested so far the most high profile is a greater show with the former finance minister he's accused of corruption going back at least ten years and. some say selective punishment could be
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a sign not much is going to change under the your administration we might have had one person removed but the. underpinning of remains in place so for me the more things change the more they remain the same and you know if i'm against you and i think you are challenging me. you become fair game in human rights abuses the high court recently ruled the military takeover which eventually saw robert mugabe resign was lawful zimbabweans who were tired of having regard as their leader for thirty seven years have welcomed the court's decision. but others worry allowing the army to legitimize taking over the functions of the state sets a dangerous precedent. for al-jazeera. well now that mugabe is gone many zimbabwe as a feeling free for the first time to speak about the repression they face under has authoritarian rule but he suffered from his use of state resources to benefit his
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family farm in the middle has been speaking to people and there's a way no for harare mazzoli in marshawn a land a rich and for town is perfect for farming and gold deposits scattered in its mountains it was seized from white farmers and nationalized under former president robert mugabe's land reform program in the one nine hundred eighty s. and ninety's but in recent years black zimbabweans here who want back land under that program say the mugabe government has been trying to push them off their hands very terrifying they can lead. i'm going to be dogs every so they awakened us from from our house in. order to go out. the myself and demand life get out of the house these with this study did destroy my kitchen my bedroom in the
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best bare room my storage and everything christoffersen own as lived and farmed here for seventeen years holding on despite what he says is constant police harassment he and others have been to court to stop it but the police raids kept coming. after yet another day of rain cristobal complains to his wife that their store grain will be ruined police destroyed their storage shed in the last raid more than nine hundred families once live gen now just one hundred forty three remain with mazowiecki immense commercial potential and vast water resources people here say mugabe's wife grace wants it all even though gabi is no longer president and his wife grace doesn't have the polish she once wielded special task force police still present here monitoring the area essentially protecting it for the mugabe family people living here say they continue to feel intimidated and harassed
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now we don't know which will we start which we are going through because every time they stick a guess and even me. little what he did to stay even to sleep all night without somebody several kilometers away construction of a luxury hotel belonging to grace mcgarvie has been abandoned the mugabe has also own a dairy farm nearby which grace managed until she turned her attention to a political aspirations while the government says it's given mugabe immunity it's not known which of his properties or businesses he'll be allowed to keep there also allegations that there are links to millions of dollars worth of zimbabwe's missing diamond revenue since more god is overthrow people in missouri we have been told they can stay giving christopher some hope this will remain his home but no guarantee for me. mazzoli isn't bob we're still ahead on the news hour.
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just doesn't understand when they're battling the government set up the war minister to resign. and a former long distance champion cheers on thousands of his compatriots as they hit the streets and ethiopia details coming up with joel and support. pink skies by the time. or is the sun sets in the city of angels. welcome back as we look at the weather across central eastern china and taiwan it's all looking to find the moment from shanghai down to hong kong draw a bright same goes for taipei. china well fine across northern parts of vietnam. we've still got showers affecting the central areas but doesn't look as heavy or
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threatening as how to previous days across the rest of indo china for weather conditions expected to be draw and fine continue through wednesday but us stage. is developing system across more central parts of china south of the river valley so that's moved into southeastern parts of asia and here we've got start with bali and the eruption of mount agung generally the winds are from the west blowing the clouds and the smoke away towards the east and heavy showers and likely to precipitate some of that could get very muddy underfoot a situation to watch heavy showers which we've got to circulation around the south china sea and that's going to give some heavy rain across much of this region extending across into the gulf of thailand so very wet conditions possible for kuala lumpur singapore at least through wednesday should be largely dry and bright with highs of twenty nine. the weather sponsored by cattle and race.
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at this time. when the news breaks it was an announcement we're expecting. and the story builds. when people need to be heard. al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you more award winning documentaries and live. and online.
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stories. of damascus. people at. five points ahead of the incumbent president one. victory.
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more evacuations from the area. a second day in hundreds of flights canceled. protests in pakistan have officially ended this near the capital. after the law minister gave into their demands and they wanted so had how many to step down over the what in the parliamentary bill which they described as blasphemous saying. after more than three weeks this sit in has turned into a celebration. supporters of pakistan's blasphemy laws were able to force the government into giving in to their demands not only has the federal law minister step down but the government of pakistan muslim noon has also agreed to investigate itself. a crowd of just thousands cities of millions to
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a standstill here by choking a main artery in and out of the capital city and this really is becoming a common way and all too common a way of achieving any kind of power here in pakistan by being a disruptive force on the streets and effectively laying siege to islamabad and then making political demands with the threat of force. leaders of this fringe group have been bolstered by their newfound influence on the country's political affairs pakistan was great on the basis of the belief that there is no god but allah and mohammed is the messenger of allah we know that for seventy years forward has been committed against the religion so now we should place religion on the throne. rizvi is the man at the center of all this a one time preacher at a mosque in lahore he was removed by that city's governing religious body for his hardline views he's built his support base by being a staunch advocate for the country's blasphemy laws he's even run for
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a seat in parliament so what's next for this fledgling political party asked the crowd and the answer is more or less stayed the same. they are the latest whatever god lines they give us we will follow accordingly going forward whatever our leaders tell us to do we are completely. paramilitary units were on standby to prevent any more unrest and while protest leaders agreed to end their sit in hours later people here were still not ready to leave and more demonstrators were arriving. it's the kind of do or die loyalty that political parties campaign for decades to achieve something rizvi has been able to accomplish in a few months just ahead of next year's elections zain basra the al-jazeera. germany now where chancellor angela merkel will hold talks with the social democrats in an effort to form a government despite her party running the most sometimes election has not been able to form a coalition government dominic came to ports from berlin. for the past two months
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martin short his position had been unequivocal defeat as badly as his party suffered in september meant opposition was the only thing they could enter into in this parliament but with changing times so his opinion has changed the failure of the jamaica coalition talks thrust his party back into the limelight could they consider talking during the americans government government party could they consider four more years in government until now apparently not but after a statement to reporters just a short his opinion has changed so it should discussions lead to us helping to form a government in whatever form our party members will be able to vote on that the coming days and weeks will demand much from all those involved in our party in the media and the public we're entering into discussions with outcome it's not known no options are off the table the point to make here is the danger that faces the
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social democrats because they were widely perceived to have lost voters in the last election precisely because of their membership of a grand coalition with angle a miracle how might they look upon another grand coalition and then from the conservative point of view angle merkel says she is now prepared for another grand coalition but the big imponderable what will the voters make of this what will they make of yet more grand coalition and given the fact that both parties were punished at the polls the last time voters got their chance to express their opinions. french president emanuel macron has arrived in brooklyn a fossil on the first stop of a four day africa visit he says he wants to transform france's relations with africa and will give a major speech on tuesday to kick start the process but of course he isn't the first french president to make such a promise the top of reports from. the french president arrived in turkey no faster
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as capital wagadu go late on monday night he was warmly greeted by president. emmanuel michael says he's come to africa to start a new chapter in french african relations one built on equality rather than former colonial ties you really want to merge the two so i wanted to make the first stop on africa trip it's also a symbol to mark a new era of relations not just with your country mr president but with the whole continent. back or has condemned france's colonial past he says he wants to end sixty years of french influence over its former colonies where self interest was the guiding principle. former president jacques chirac embodied the neo colonial approach that became known as far south lake nicholas sarkozy had little time for africa in a controversial speech in dhaka he said africans had failed to enter the history
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books. it was under francois hollande that the syal region became a new frontier in what he called france's fight against terror. the french have no desire to remain here in mali because of themselves and africans who ensure the security independent of the sovereignty of mali that's how i understand relations between france and africa. when it comes to africa has had some false starts he was criticized for saying africa was being held back by women having too many children and for a plan to place french immigration processing centers in some african countries. like every new president. the old french african it works of faith is but in most presidents in-depth keeping the status quo and they criticized for that matter has chosen to start his four day trip to west africa with
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a speech to students. he says it's young africans who carry the hopes of tomorrow and as france's youngest president he may just be the one to convince them that he means what he says it's all just. gray says defense minister is facing questions over a controversial seventy nine million dollars arms deal with saudi arabia that's now on hold but the dispute may pose a threat to the left the government of prime minister alexis tsipras loss has more from athens. the government is fighting for its political life because if the defense minister is found to be leaving questions unanswered regarding his conduct conduct if there should be something like a vote of confidence in the government then the entire ruling coalition comprising the left wing cities and the minority coalition partner led by the defense minister
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the independent greeks party would have to rally and bring all of their votes to bear in order to. get mr come through any censure motion or the government through any no confidence motion and that is because only together can they form a mij majority in the three hundred seat legislature and remain in power but the fact is that the defense minister has left gaps in his responses to the accusations he hasn't fully addressed why the government was trying to sell three hundred thousand tank shells to the saudis through a middleman because the saudis apparently were only interested in one hundred thousand tank shells and he hasn't addressed why a middleman was being used at all given that greek law prohibits this the implication as far as the conservative opposition is concerned is that mr government was intending to offload the difference of two hundred thousand shells
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through the middle man to buy on the black market with a value of approximately one hundred fifty million dollars and that implies that he himself or his party or the government may have stood to gain from kickbacks or bribes from such a sale one opposition m.p. called the entire affair a sad dark and disgraceful matter for the government and for greece. to the us now a president donald trump has courted controversy this time off for using a racial slur at a white house event calling democratic senator pocahontas during a ceremony honoring native american veterans off the second world war christensen and he explains why some found his remarks offensive. the event was to honor native american veterans but president donald trump couldn't resist the opportunity to criticize a political rival use the name of a native american hero in front of a portrait of president andrew jackson who is known for forcefully removing natives
5:40 am
from their ancestral lands no less in a way that was not meant as a complement thank you because you have very very special people you were here long before any of us way here will we have a representative in congress who they say was here a long time ago they call or pocahontas it's a name he first used on the campaign trail and polka dot this is not happy she got to refer to the democratic senator and staunch trump critic elizabeth warren the senator who's claimed native american ancestry was quick to respond it is deeply unfortunate that the president of the united states cannot even make it through a ceremony honoring these heroes without having to throw out a wave or the president's spokesperson said there was nothing offensive about it you know most people find offensive is a center warrant line about her heritage to advance her career but native groups
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such as the national congress of american indians have expressed outrage at the president's use of the name pocahontas before and again called it a slur that denigrates her legacy and i think her native women who are reading the right guy take one of the name one of the stories of our women in a race in a story but using her name but you are to turn only help to conclude the extremely high level of violence we have against native women today you know the controversy over shadowed recognition of the veterans who use the navajo language to transmit secret messages during world war two sending what some insist is a message of disrespect kristen salumi al-jazeera. now cyber monday is the time of year when online shoppers in the u.s. take advantage of discounts on everything from gaming consols to big screen t.v.'s and paypal a spending bag that friday and frank's giving online sales have surged to
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a record high of seven point nine billion dollars analysts expect cyber monday to drive six point six billion dollars in internet sales making it the largest u.s. online shopping day and history while on line john amazon is doing so well that it's now looking to open a second headquarters hundreds of cities are competing for the five billion dollar prize because one of the frontrunners but not everyone there is convinced of the benefits as gabriel is on the reports. and the banded baseball stadium what's become a symbol of a city decline but in the city of newark there are signs that things are changing what is this going to be. this is going to be a very large project. in newark a revival with the development boom in recent years we believe that. we
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wanted to be part of it but now the city located just fifteen kilometers from new york is thought to be a top contender for the second headquarters of the retail giant amazon. treating it like it was bidding to host the olympics. that match we had the infrastructure you know we have the people we have the diversity newark is not alone in wanting to become the host city for amazon second headquarters more than two hundred thirty cities are making beards they are all over the country and range from big cities like boston chicago denver and los angeles to small cities like wilmington delaware populate. in seventy one thousand amazon has promised to invest five billion dollars in the local economy to the winning city and i said the second headquarters could bring fifty thousand new jobs in its bid to moor amazon here to newark this
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city and state are offering the company huge financial incentives primarily between five and seven billion dollars in tax breaks critics say the plan is built on a flawed theory called trickle down economics that reducing taxes on business will stimulate economic growth for the poor trickle down doesn't really trickle down to the working class or to low income people so i think people should be really concerned and some people are why we had to pay taxes. that's not good to me but others see opportunity. because a lot of people need just one city like so many others in north america looking for amazon to make another delivery a boost to their local economy gabriel zonda al-jazeera in newark new jersey. look at it no way no way of reindeer hood is a calling for the state on rail company to take action after more than one hundred
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grand they were killed by freight trains just in the past four days sixty five of the animals were killed on saturday alone in a remote area of the fog off their mind waiting from the mountains to the coast which often takes them across train tracks. now britain's prince harry and his fiance u.s. actress megan mark hall have given their first television interview following the official announcement on their engagement because the sharp reports. prince harry and meghan markle together outside london's kensington palace the thirty six year old actress brings a touch of the twenty first century to britain's royal family she's an american who describes herself as mixed race which came under scrutiny in media coverage of their relationship and some of that scrutiny and you ended up making a very public statement about it some of that scrutiny was centered around your
5:46 am
ethnicity making when you realize that or to think of course it's disheartening you know it's. it's a shame that that is the climate in this world to focus that much on that or that that would be discriminatory in that sense but i think. you know the end of the day i'm really just proud of who i am and where i come from and we have never put any focus on that we've just focused on who we are as a couple and so when you take all those extra layers away and all of that noise. i think it makes it really easy to just enjoy being together and to know all the rest of that out. it was in september two thousand and sixteen that they made their first public appearance a sports event for wounded veterans later prince harry was incensed by the press coverage of their relationship his office issued an unprecedented rebuke his girlfriend meghan markle has been subjected to a wave of abuse and harassment
5:47 am
a smear on the front page of a national newspaper the racial undertones of comment pieces and the outright sexism and racism of social media trolls this is not a game it is her life and his prince harry who's fifth in line to the throne so permission from the queen to marry this is a family that from the top that means with the times and sage to say to it to its members and you harry's a modern going he's a guy he's grown up in the modern world he wants to do things his way he's not bound by tradition he's following his heart as opposed to any form of protocol that people think he should marry the world's media had set up outside kensington palace but on the streets of london news of the engagement was greeted with a mixture of delight and disinterest. actually they're. going to get mad when you think. how much of her interests. don't you know really. well then. missing gauge woman speaks volumes about how the royal
5:48 am
family has changed american actress of mixed race will become a duchess unthinkable even a few years ago peter shot al-jazeera in london. we have the head and the new. on the air at a math and. we'll have more on that story after the break.
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now there's this maybe. all of us about their livelihoods are coming under increasing threat from climate change sailing samas and i'm predictable when all of . the fifth and. the ports now from southern lebanon. it's a tradition almost as ancient as the civilizations that first settled these hills for thousands of years all of those have been hand picked across southern lebanon much like they are today the fruit is a staple in mediterranean kitchens and all of oil is a crucial ingredient. lebanese farmers typically press oil at their own small batch facilities it's a complex process that sees the all the fruit washed pitted ground into a paste and then pressed into a golden oil the family has been in the business for as long as anyone can remember he says he can't imagine doing anything else well but they go in with
5:51 am
a going on of all is very nutritious and has so many benefits even god spoke about it in one of the verses in the koran only of all it is medicine it is the greatest of all use. modernization has made pressing all of us into oil less labor intensive and more lucrative but in recent years farmers have been struggling to keep up with demand all of oil production is becoming increasingly risky business crossed the mediterranean the land of birds according to fire man so with climate change is needed we appreciate for you. from southern europe to north africa to the levant hotter than average summers and cold winters have seen harvest shrink according to forecasters at the international of council mediterranean oil production has declined by around twenty percent. when compared to averages from the decade between two thousand and two thousand and ten delivering a major setback to the billion dollar industry and as the region supply becomes
5:52 am
increasingly unpredictable some boss players have started looking elsewhere for future sources of all of oil including california australia and new zealand something producers in lebanon say could destroy their ancient way of life. and we are very worried about the import of all of us on all of oil from abroad we must be able to export our own harvest i only hope our industry works to keep these markets open for us because our oil is of the best quality growing global demand for all of oil as a food and health product is also putting pressure on the mainly mediterranean basin plyers to produce even more but with all of harvest continuing to decline because of the region's changing climate it's hard to see how they'll be able to do that india's tired al-jazeera arab celine in southern lebanon it is time for sports now has. thanks very much what indians cricket is have found themselves one down in
5:53 am
the ashes series against australia and now they've also been grounded by the management the team lost the first test match to australia by ten wickets in brisbane but what's really infuriated the english cricket board is the behavior of what k.k. put johnny best it's a head strain batsman cameron bancroft in a ball in pub last month i got into a very amicable conversation me with johnny and. you know yeah like just. just just graded me with. yeah just ahead on kind of thing i was expecting a hand she acted on it wasn't there was a big grating of choice it always i was expecting and obviously at the time on me he said sorry you know if i'm a person he was just really weird you know say yeah. you know it was so i ran in and i'd certainly didn't expect it coming you know as i said you know the handshake or hard was something that would have banged something that i probably would have
5:54 am
would have expected more than a head but. as i said like there was certainly nothing in the leashes that daddy's action and i just took it is yeah i don't know jonny bairstow. you know he says a lot of people very different later to myself as and when i know there's a corridor oh yeah my head yeah he's far and. forehead they got for him it's i mean football giants ac milan have sacked their coach. pole start to the season milan seven time european champions but have struggled in the last few days new chinese investors were hoping to boost the club by spending two hundred thirty three million dollars during the pre-season transfer window on new play is but one teller has been shown the door with the club lying seventh in setia eleven points outside of the qualifying position. and former milan midfielder gennaro good to sew will take over. well if milan fans thought their team was doing
5:55 am
badly how about the team at the bottom of benevento who have just slumped to a fourteenth straight defeat they lost one nil to atlanta on monday is the worst start to a campaign by any team in europe's top five leagues compare that to the n.f.l. zz cleveland browns who have lost eleven straight this season not to mention losing fifteen out of sixteen last year but it is not as bad as the tampa bay buccaneers who lost twenty six in a row nine hundred seventy six and seventy seven a years to forget for fans of the buccaneers and they might be one of the m.b.a.'s top teams right now but back in twenty ten eleven the cleveland cavaliers were also on the wrong end of a defeat twenty six straight times while relegation seems a real possibility for benevento one club in brazil went down and their fans were furious pontificator were trailing three two on sunday in
5:56 am
a brazilian league game which would result in their relegation in the supporters invaded the pitch now they were angry at the club's plight not to mention their team was actually leading two nil earlier in this game the match was eventually abandoned after police said they cannot guarantee the safety of the players. when you think of countries that dominate long distance running ethiopia immediately springs to mind but the country is currently facing a slump in form having won just a single gold medal at last year's olympics in rio judging by these pictures though that slump won't last long thousands turned out on the streets of art is that for the ten kilometer great ethiopia run as well as those running for fun many up and coming out cleats also took part something which delighted the events founder former ten thousand meter world and the limbic champion haile gebrselassie who is now president of the ethiopian athletics federation.
5:57 am
that you want. you know you go to. stepping it up a notch and some hardcore runners have been taking part in the coldest and most isolated running race in the wealthy antarctic ice marathon fifty five competitors bundled up in warm weather gave around forty two kilometers in minus thirty degrees celsius battling strong headwinds along the way the winner of the men's race was frank you hanson who finished in three hours thirty seven minutes and forty six seconds the women's when i was american kelly mclay who finished an hour and nineteen minutes behind all fifty five completed the rice. finally love is in the air at the desert marathon british couple greg and rosemary
5:58 am
dunning chose to take part in the race to celebrate their recent wedding that are strangers to extreme long distance running having completed the two hundred fifty one. one hundred sixty five kilometers of a six day. we did the miles in the air and then we went to thinking of what we should do for a honeymoon and we saw that during another race but that would be a good thing today in this state like a very nice way and as always but for now more later and that does it for the news hour thank you for watching.
5:59 am
the story that's had a good eye does impact on me would probably be the mad economist because thirty four miners died and we where there were no fanfare television things being an icon that's at that time to dismiss some of that science the story the loves the story and films the story i like that too that i want the viewer in malaysia like al-jazeera english because the news is not offensive and if you missed any of the news or any of it is different much more like. if you were in beijing looking out the pacific ocean you'd see american warships when mess was that somehow time is aiming to replace america and going to run the world well the chinese are not that stupid these guys want to dominate
6:00 am
a huge chunk of the planet this sounds like a preparation for our first president george washington said if you want peace prepare for war the coming war on china at this time on a jesse and. al jazeera. and say you are. syrian government strikes kill nineteen people are nice and groups are ahead of you in spite.


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