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at this time on al-jazeera. news has never been more available it's a constant barrage of it every day but the message is a simplistic you have the brain of a good logical rational person crazy monsters and misinformation is rife dismissal and does not go over well documented accusations and evidence is part of genocide the listening post provides a critical counterpoint trying to bring mainstream media narratives at this time on al-jazeera. this is. live from studio fourteen here at al-jazeera headquarters in doha i'm dead another day to welcome to the news grid of higher and farther than
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any affects previous missile launches north korea's soft force brings quick international condemnation the un is set to hold an emergency meeting we'll talk to a weapons expert about what the scene and right now the u.n. security council is being briefed on the humanitarian crisis in syria following years of death and destruction and over in geneva syrian officials have arrived for talks on how to end the war. u.s. president donald trump sparked a social media about frostbite retreating a british far right leaders anti muslim stories we'll have a live report coming up from washington. i'm heading home and it's international day of solidarity with palestine and monitoring all the latest developments online so connected us using the hash tag a day a sprint. here
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with a newsreader live on air we're streaming online through you tube facebook live and at al-jazeera dot com it's ignored u.n. resolutions and defied international sanctions north korea has launched its most powerful missile yet and within minutes its neighbor south korea launched a barrage of rockets in response well now world leaders are set to meet in an emergency u.n. security council meeting to discuss the rising tension in the korean peninsula catherine over sets up our top story from seoul. it's being celebrated as a priceless victory in north korea state media says the country has completed its rocket system development with the successful test launch of a new long range missile and you got to kind of get to the i.c.b.m. what song fifteen weapon system is that intercontinental ballistic rocket to the super large heavy warhead which is capable of striking the whole mainland of the
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u.s. it's the third i.c.b.m. test this year north korea says this one is more advanced than the what's on fourteen's in july traveling for around fifteen minutes to an altitude of about four and a half thousand kilometers before landing in waters off japan the intended target according to pyongyang's media from the u.s. president who has threatened fire in fury in the past this response oh it can you that will take care of it we have general mattis in the room with us and we've got a long discussion about it. it is a situation that we will handle it went higher frankly than any previous thought they paid for research and development effort on their part to continue building ballistic missile that could threaten. everywhere in the world basically south korea says it detected the test in advance of the launch at around three a.m. local time and immediately responded with joint army navy and air force drills
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launching three missiles that simultaneously hit a simulated target the intended message to north korea the south could take out the launch site if necessary president trump spoke with the leaders of south korea and japan. japan will resolutely enhance its pressure on north korea to the maximum level we will continue to protect the lives and livelihood of the people of japan and on to the strong japan u.s. alliance president monday and told trump that north korea's technology has apparently improved agreeing to continue the sanctions campaign that anger is kim jong un's government but so far has failed to stop its missile and nuclear tests. south korea and the united states along with the international community have no other choice but to continue applying strong pressure and sanctions the south korean government says those sanctions are designed to force north korea to negotiations there has been no communication between the two countries since last
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year the u.s. and its allies have often said that denuclearization is a precondition for talks but it seems increasingly likely that if north korea comes to the table it will insist on doing so as a nuclear state kathy novak al jazeera sole. well north korea says that the new missile could hit any part of the united states the latest intercontinental ballistic missile known as the song fifteen reach an altitude of four thousand four hundred seventy five kilometers that's more than ten times higher than the international space station and the height is important because it indicates how far it can fly and in this case it travels for nine hundred fifty kilometers in less than an hour and fell in the sea of japan but experts say if it were to be used in combat it would have the range enough to hit any major city in the u.s. the oldest suit of this missile is almost higher than the previous one it launched
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back in september who was on twelve shot up to a height of three thousand seven hundred kilometers and traveled for more than a thousand kilometers over japan for the first time putting the american territory of guam within striking distance let's talk about this and speak to top it off he's the director of disarmament arms control and nonproliferation program at the stockholm international peace research institute joining us via skype from her thanks for joining us on the news grid so we know that this latest test was the highest the longest that any that north korea has flowed so far but does this test tell us anything about the ability of the north to put a warhead on the missile. not necessarily all it shows is that they do have a rocket engine and a missile that can travel up to thirteen thousand kilometers as you mentioned in your report but we still do not know whether the reentry vehicle which would be the
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part of the missile that would carry the war head would survive re-entry into the earth's atmosphere survive up to fifty times the force of gravity as well as thousands of degrees centigrade in terms of temperature and still the warhead inside would need to function perfectly so we don't know whether they are collecting telemetry whenever a country steps but they stick missiles and they recover and their warhead returns to or the reentry vehicle returns to earth it is usually transmitting data on the speed the temperature of said credit to the control. control center can also be handy for north korea up in zero or less it with a nuclear warhead is a possible to tell it all while most people suspected it would take them two to three years but north korea has consistently surprised everyone
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and taken big early in the shortest period of time. can you put this in some sort of context for a some sort of global context so when you look at the tests that north korea has conducted can you compare them to other countries for example oh well there are very few countries that actually have intercontinental range ballistic missiles these are a force that the united states and the russian federation china india is also on the verge of developing long range intercontinental ballistic missiles so it puts north korea in a very elite club of about four or five countries. i'm just reading off the reuters news agency a mr ruef that trump is saying that additional major sanctions would be on imposed on north korea after this latest missile test and this is after a conversation that he had with president xi jinping of china and for viewers
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watching that are actually writing to me and wanting me to ask you do you think sanctions are the answer here more sanctions that is what i have previously commented that that's far sanctions have failed and we do not yet have a single case where sanctions have reversed their weapons of mass development program neither in pakistan or india or south africa nor in north korea all of the rebirth will have been through negotiations and hard bargaining and what north korea is doing it is creating bargaining chips so the international community will have to pay a high price in terms of accepting a certain capability in north korea in return for restraint and perhaps a freeze on further nuclear and missile tests ok it's a lot of growth we thank you very much for speaking to us from hiroshima well
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shortly after north korea conducted its sixth the nuclear test in early september al jazeera journalist alex to topless a compulsory three things to know about north korea's missile test so he highlights in this article north korea's recent technical milestones in long range missile technology would stand out and why they matter so you can read this post by heading to al-jazeera dot com. and we are getting many questions and comments to our story on north korea so keep them coming to us here at the news grid you can tweet us use the hash tag a.j. english and we're on facebook dot com slash a.j. english or you can send us a whatsapp at plus nine seven four five zero triple one one four nine just a reminder to use the hash tag a.j. news grid now to syria where there are two important aspects of the war now in its seventh year and they are unfolding this hour in fact so what's happening in geneva
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is that government negotiators are attending the latest round of political talks aimed at ending the conflict but there are divisions about the fate of the syrian president bashar assad's while those talks continue in new york the u.n. security council is set to be briefed on the humanitarian situation in syria and the devastating impact of the war on its people so you're looking at while you were looking at the live pictures coming to us out of new york let's cross over to james bays who's following the discussions and james that are taking place in geneva just tell us what happened today and where the talks stand. well twenty four hours it was supposed to fully get underway now both sides here in geneva the opposition had some discussions with stefan de mistura the u.n. special envoy and choose date now on wednesday the syrian government side has arrived there delegation led as it's always been led at these talks by bashar just
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three their chief negotiator whose day job is the u.n. ambassador in new york mr dean restorers been to the hotel of the government side a courtesy call with them just as he did with the opposition and we understand that they'll be coming here to the u.n. the government side to meet with him formally in just a few hours time mr de mistura saying his first meeting at the hotel was very professional and also saying that he's hoping to bring both sides together for direct talks that something the opposition said they'd like to see as soon as possible what are the major stumbling blocks the sticking points i mean in recent times and other talks that were held ends any of our or first of all we had a different opposition and the opposition demand was always assad must step down. yeah i mean one of the big problems this time around is the fact that this opposition delegation that's here is not all of the opposition who were here in the
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past there are some that are not coming here in fact there's been a letter with all the more than four hundred names of prominent opposition leaders say the people here don't represent them because they believe this process has been compromised by russian pressure russian influence on the special envoy de mistura and i think that's another of the problems mr dumas stories working with a resolution from the u.n. security council back in december twenty fifth resolution twenty two fifty four which gives the way forward in syria as a political transition with a new governing body and then elections of the constitution but the special envoy has said for these talks he wants to focus on the latter part of that the constitution and the u.n. supervised elections noughts on the transitional body that should run syria nor in that step the opposition don't like that and that issue of the transitional
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government body as they call it has been the sticking point all along and may well be the sticking point again because when it comes to that should assad be involved should he not be involved both sides have very different ideas ok james we'll leave it there for now we thank you james for that update from geneva and let's take it in new york now and just listen for just a moment i need your managerial situation in syria close to four hundred twenty thousand in ten beseeched areas the vast majority of them ninety four percent are in eastern guta the remaining six percent are infer and can fry in italy and in yarmouk in damascus mr president i want to touch first on some specific issues of concern and then i'll update you on the delivery of humanitarian assistance. fighting is escalated in eastern damascus the world health organization reports that from fourteen to seventeen november eighty four people were killed and six hundred fifty nine people were injured including hundreds of women and children
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earlier this week air strikes on doomer and other areas reportedly resulted in further civilian deaths over the same period more than two hundred mortar shells and rockets have reportedly been fired on residential areas in damascus resulting in hundreds of deaths and injuries against this background news over the last two days of a ceasefire in eastern. would if true and if sustained be important but i'm extremely worried about the food crisis in east despite efforts made to reach them only one hundred thousand people out of an estimated population of four hundred thousand in the enclave have received food assistance this year and those people are only getting occasional one off deliveries the closure of the only crossing point into the area. together with the increase in air and ground strikes has resulted in a rapid deterioration of the situation the world food programme reports that
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agricultural areas in eastern difficult to access because of the fighting and that their output is very low because of lack of water for irrigation. i'm also deeply concerned about a growing number of people including children with complex medical cases now reaching nearly five hundred who require urgent medical evacuation. say mr president the available evidence suggests severe acute malnutrition rates among children in eastern having creased five fold in the past ten months u.n. staff have seen this firsthand assessments majoring convoys to kaffir baton and do over the last two months. children dying from our nutrition is preventable if we get more and more regular aid convoys in and i had constructive discussions on this in moscow in tear on last week and i hope that they will result ok so you were just listening in grief lead to what's happening at the un security council in new york
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the street accounts are being briefed on the humanitarian situation in syria and particularly in eastern. with so we heard about just a moment ago also so that's a new york up there let me show you what's happening and. that is the meeting of the e.u. and a you taking place right now in our monitoring that will bring you any of the latest lines from there as well in the news grid for now we'll cross over to miami there she is joining us out of london with more of the international news hi maria . that's right terry and we begin now with a former bosnian croat military leader who has died after drinking poison at a u.n. war crimes court slob can down the substance just seconds after judges rejected is a pale against his twenty year sentence he was one of six bosnian croat appealing against convictions on war crimes charges dating back to the breakup of the former
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yugoslavia in the one nine hundred ninety s. and it smith reports. with his twenty year sentence for war crimes upheld on appeal . was not about to go quietly if we were seated. shouting i am not a war criminal a form a coalition general took a drink from a small bottles. for a short time the presiding judge continued to deliver verdicts on the other defendants then probably heard again through a translator i have taken poison. the seventy two year old's lawyer repeats her client's claim. of clients as he drank a poison this morning she says result sprint placed the curtains or probably a clue from zagreb to the netherlands and surrendered himself to the hague tribunal in two thousand and four with his co-defendants he was charged with trying to create what was described as an ethnically pure greater croatia. probably ak was
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found guilty with others of helping a stoppage concentration camps for bosnian muslims and specifically he was charged with ordering the destruction of the city of must ask ottoman era brick. these were the last verdicts to be handed down by the international criminal court for the former yugoslavia it was set up in one thousand nine hundred three at the height of the balkans wars to prosecute europe's worst atrocities since world war two bernard smith al-jazeera egypt's president is giving the army and police three months to restore security in the sinai peninsula saying they're allowed to use brute force against fighters. cc's deadline comes five days after at least three hundred five people were killed as a mosque during friday prayers it was the deadliest attack in egypt's modern history military immediately started bombing targets. iran's president is accusing saudi arabia of targeting his country to shift focus from its own involvement in
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regional conflicts tension has been growing between the rivals in sanctions on iran which eased under the nuclear deal has on rouhani says his country will act with professionalism when dealing with the kingdom. saudi arabia is seeking to solve two fundamental problems that's why they try to characterize iran as an enemy saudi arabia failed in qatar and failed in iraq and in syria and finally failed in lebanon they failed in all these regions and want to cover the failure by putting iran is an enemy secondly inside saudi arabia the situation is tense and their internal disputes so they portray iran as an enemy to cover up their failure and their internal problems that's why we must act with all professionalism a pastor in zimbabwe has been acquitted of trying to overthrow the former president robert mugabe evan my rear a who's also an activist was accused of leading protests violent removal of the government last year the court ruling came a week after ninety three year old mcgarvey who for thirty seven years was ousted
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by military intervention. another veteran television news anchor in the united states has been fired for inappropriate what place behavior and b c news says the action against today show host matt lauer came off the company received a detailed complaint from a colleague the network also said it has reason to believe this was not an isolated incident and valleys main international airport has reopened after wind blew away ash spewed out by a volcano indonesia's second busiest airport has been disrupted since the weekend when mount a gurney began belching out huge clouds of smoke and ash forcing authorities to warn all an imminent eruption one hundred thousand people living in the volcano have been ordered to leave their homes and three thousand eight hundred holiday makers have been stranded on the tourist island. that's it for me for now we'll have more from london a bit later on now let's get back to. marian thank you all in the past few hours
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the president of the united states is shared provocative and defies of islamophobia videos not once but three times in fact so the videos trump shared to his twitter page to over forty three million followers are by a british far right group called britain's first state of france and one of the leaders of that group of post of those tweets thank trump many are angry though including british politicians have condemned on forgiving oxygen's of far right anti muslim hate groups crossovers can really help joining us from washington d.c. i mean when you look at these videos kimberly and you look at the tweets that trump has put out this must be very concerning for the white house. well you would think but we haven't heard from the white house yet in fact what we have heard from is outrage just not from the man on the street but also from the largest muslim civil rights group here in the united states which is condemning these videos calling them as lama phobic and also saying that and accusing donald trump of inciting
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violence against muslims in the fact that he has retreated what they say are clearly in their view islamophobia videos now certainly this is concerning to many and there will be an opportunity to try and get the president's reaction in the coming hours as he sets to travel to the midwest of the united states for an important policy speech but at the same time the president's policy not getting a lot of traction or interest in light of what has been tweeted early this morning not just because of its inflammatory nature but also because it is so shocking and hurtful to so many not just inside but as well as outside the united states certainly really be surprised by this he doesn't shy away from his anti muslim rhetoric and while he was campaigning for the presidency he was calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims coming into the u.s. . right and that's just one of so many comments the president has made of this ilk and nature i mean not just did he call on the campaign trail for
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a complete ban on muslims entering the united states but many believe his very first policy he implemented the travel ban when he was in office and that has been challenge repeatedly in the courts was in essence a muslim bad because it targeted muslim majority countries but it's not just that the president when ever he talks about isolate he talks about of qaeda he specifically stresses the term radical islamic terrorism or radical islamic terrorists it's something that he calls out repeatedly but many people see a contradiction because while the president is very keen to to to call out what he believes is radical islamic terrorism he's not as comfortable calling out far right fascism as we saw for example evidence to by the marchers and protesters over the summer in charlottesville virginia when they were protesting the the keeping in place of civil war statues and sort of the preservation of slavery so many people
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see the contradiction there darian but as well too there is a consistency when it comes to the president's positions not only on the campaign trail but even as recently as one month ago he was blaming a spike in crime in the u.k. amidst what he called the spread of radical islamic terrorism so certainly the president very comfortable in terms of calling this out but making many in the united states and around the world very uncomfortable by the inflammatory nature of these latest tweets can really help thank you and you can connect with kimberly on twitter issues that kimberly health well stay with trump for a moment because he's also considering when and how to move the u.s. embassy in israel from tel aviv to jerusalem the vice president's mike pence revealed the plan at an event commemorating the seventieth anniversary of the un's vote for the partition of palestine that paved the way for the creation of the state of israel moving the embassy will anger arab states and palestinians and some european states all claim part of jerusalem as a capital of
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a future palestinian state. and while for the past twenty years congress and successive administrations have expressed a willingness to move our embassy as we speak president donald trump is actively considering when and how to move the american embassy and israel from tel aviv. to risk so that was mike pence speaking earlier on well it's been seventy years since a u.n. vote carved a palestine into two states a jewish and an arab one but only one has come into being the state of israel the un marks today november twenty ninth as the international day of solidarity with the palestinian people to highlight the enduring question of palestine which decades later still remains unresolved under the one nine hundred forty seven un partition plan jews were allocated fifty five percent of the land including keep
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palestinian cities with arab majority populations but in just two years zionist paramilitary groups were able to seize seventy eight percent of the historic palestine through war and ethnic cleansing and then came another war in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven that's when the israeli military occupied the rest of historic palestine including east jerusalem the west bank and gaza and in spite of un resolutions israel continues its occupation by building more illegal settlements on palestinian lands jerry faucet now reports on palestinian bedouin families living under the shadow of israeli occupation in the occupied west bank. it's a hilltop home for sixty three palestinian bedouin families east of jerusalem in the occupied west bank adnan jolene has lived in all his life building his own home as close as possible to his herd but it's a home he's lost more than once to israeli demolitions the one to get out of the house other than when the bit of the model they demolish my house three times they
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tell you it's illegal why is it here it's because we're one hundred meters away from the rest of the community they demolish the house and say if you want to live here live with the rest of them up hill now it's not just individual homes being targeted the entire villages been issued with a notice of eviction this community has long been under israeli pressure what's changing now is the method a military eviction notice designed to clear illegal settlement outposts is now for the first time being used against palestinians the palestinian authority is protesting against what it sees as a broad new threat to other bedouin communities further north have been issued with the same notice the intention they feel to circumvent lengthy legal proceedings which often delay individual demolition orders this is not valid because it is just not what the planning laws are all about you cannot take one to a bypass another. the israeli military is in direct control here in what's known as
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area c. of the occupied west bank it told al jazeera that the new notice was quote part of the enforcement against the illegal construction phenomenon in the area but the palestinian negotiator forward how ark says there's a deliberate strategy in the weeks before the unveiling of a new u.s. peace plan to clear a vital area east of a large illegal settlement allowing for its growth the encirclement of east jerusalem and the division of the occupied west bank into northern and southern harvest this is what israeli negotiator behavior is. they plan it ahead get rid of the palestinian population and we come sort of go sheesh and they create facts on the ground and tell you well this is this. jewish now you have to accept that as residents have grown used to living with the threat of addiction and demolition while fighting individual cases in court that i'm going to stay on and fight through this latest threat to each and every one is their homes are a full set al-jazeera. in the occupied west bank let's find out how people are
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marking as they online with we're here and sorry now as a world marks a day of solidarity with palestinians people have been posting their messages on social media using the hash tag i stand without a sign and palestinian day. from south africa we saw the bill for food. that comes if you just to make it seem as if you don't like we never be here and we have visitors intermission to come in so whatever on. sunday has to be here but i would like to bring you my support of the people there right now that. it's about time this country was recognized as a country it is their rights and able to govern for itself and protest took place across the globe here's a picture from a demonstration that took place in tunis those also the same in south africa where the national coalition of human rights groups and trade unions held
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a rally best the group did tweet though they said that south africans understand that our freedom did not come out of the goodness of our presses but that's all the geraghty we got from the international community and we are doing the same palestine meanwhile monk who is a south african m.p. and also the grandson of the foremost african president nelson mandela recently met with palestinian leaders as well and arlen's left wing republican politician saying met with palestinian delegation from the west bank and gaza the day they will also be holding a vigil later on in the evening. now the wild leaders from russia to bangladesh also issued their official statements and some posted online as well his turkey's foreign minister he says that we are reiterate of support for the independent and sovereign state of palestine within nineteen sixty seven borders with jerusalem as its capital and the indian embassy in palestine released this statement where it
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says india hopes for dialogue between palestinian and israeli sides and move towards finding a comprehensive negotiated solution so how important is the palestinian solidarity day for you send us your thoughts use the hashtag a.j. news grades or less to me directly i'm at rayna mohammad daryn. international award winning series enough to bow or the catastrophe about the history of the palestinian exodus that led to the first war in one thousand nine hundred eight in the establishment of the state of israel is still available to watch online arab israeli and western intellectuals historians eyewitnesses all provide the central narrative which is accompanied by archive materials and documents many only recently released for the first time so you can find all four parts on just zero adult call by searching for nothing. coming up in the break after the break that is for those threatening us on facebook new zealand police officers are
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proud of their diversity but are they doing racism and coming up on the group leaders from europe and africa are holding their first joint summit in the ivory coast but will more talking help solve the growing problems facing africa's youth that's stories coming up. hello small proper weather is broken through from europe showing itself over turkey has been lots of rain in the southeast of turkey some forty fifty sixty millimeters or so the course as it goes over high ground it'll produce snowshoe do for the rest of the day and tonight and right up through georgia following that the skies will be clear so the picture about time we get to says is fairly clear sky one except for the caucasus temperatures actually on the recovery to some degree twenty one in baghdad fifteen to around thirteen cowboy right about twenty mark on the coast of
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the mediterranean for lebanon need not so slowly warming there's a chance of showers showing up in once again the other side of the mountains in the southern caspian sea not terrine but this part of northern iraq as the breeze comes down as a northerly a cold normally across the caspian temperatures twenty three in kuwait by this time still a breeze blowing down the gulf it's winter conditions at about twenty the max in dire how warm are all the other side of the peninsula and there's a suggestion of a shower two possibly in the northern side this is come friday it might be through kuwait and qatar as well the showers in southern africa have temporarily taken a back seat they were concentrating in malawi tanzania and zambia and i think that's where to look. from mother to daughter an ancient croft kept alive by a bustling matriarch. from start to finish. all
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traditions intertwined with new designs making this family's place unique into uneasy as a rich tapestry of the threads at this time on a. al-jazeera . where every.
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britain take a look at what's trending on our website right now and i'll just do a dot com the top story african refugees bought sold. in libya read much more about it by heading to al-jazeera dot com and the photos or you've covered for you here
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on the newsgroup retreats far right and to muslim activists so find more information on that story as well by heading to al-jazeera dot com. has confirmed it's planning to go ahead with the gulf cooperation council summit on december fifth and sixth diplomatic sources have told al-jazeera that invitations have been issued to members of the g.c.c. is made up of behavior in kuwait online qatar saudi arabia and the united arab emirates there's been doubts about whether the summit will actually go ahead after saudi arabia the u.a.e. bahamian and egypt imposed a blockade on qatar in june let's talk about this with still talk about a couch he is the director of center for conflict and humanitarian studies of the doha institute joining us here in the. so what do you make of this that the way to saying that it is going ahead with the summit is this a positive step is it is that in the right direction is it significant i think it
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is a positive step and it kind of brings to and speculation that's been going on ever since the start of the so-called blockade or boycott depending on which side you stand but. the confirmation is not really there yet i mean they issued invitations i would very much doubted that their media would issue then british and having been told they want to attend in the in the beginning at the beginning so maybe he's saying then the invitations will be accepted and i think so i think i think david fishman's will be accepted now the problem is what at what level would they attend were a really attended the level of the emir and the king and so on or would they send their deputies what is your expectation of that i suspect a less there is something for them to offer to the gulf people in terms of resolution maybe on the anniversary of six months of the crises i suspect they will send deputies i don't think they will go at the at the level of the heads of state and that six month mark actually falls on december fifth when the g.c.c.
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summit is actually it will be six months away but what about what could have been going on behind the scenes i mean we know that kuwait has been playing a mediating role in this crisis and kuwait is the one that is holding hosting this g.c.c. summit so what do you think happened behind the scenes to be fair to kuwait they've been consistent about the. need for the summit to take place in time in december in kuwait as was planned last year but doubts have been. raised by united arab emirates back in july about the whether the summit could take place or not and then more recently bahrain threatened to balk at the summit if qatar were to to take place now that mean of course a few weeks ago raised the alarm really about the future of the g.c.c. of this summit does not go ahead and i think that message may have moved people to assure a greater degree of flexibility in relation to the sun for you what do you see is the biggest issues at stake if the summits were not to go ahead. well i think it's
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the whole g.c.c. as a structure is a stake and now even with it continuing as you see members of the council. particularly qatar is likely to ask for reforms they're unlikely to want to continue in a coalition under the existing rules because those rules did not help resolve questions amongst the members ok so tom but i thought we thank you for joining us thank you for coming in and giving us your thoughts thank you now leaders from europe and africa are holding their first joint summit in the ivory coast so official say the meeting will herald a new court based on equality but there is growing concern that aid to africa is being used to block refugees and migrants instead of for developments. it is clear that migration is a joint responsibility. it is interests to have orderly make.
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that this more controlled more humane and sustained. the recent reports about the treatment of africa especially young people. and traffickers. over five thousand people drowned in the mediterranean last year. we can not accept . we also cannot accept. that beach africa and europe against each other while africa has more people aged under twenty than anywhere in the world so it's no surprise that delegates at this summit have chosen to focus on the challenges facing africa's youth and their considerable so the main one is unemployment according to the african development bank a third of africa's nearly four hundred twenty million youths are unemployed and only one in six thousand jobs that earns a wage the u.n.
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says eleven percent of people in africa between the ages of fifteen and nineteen are illiterate and twenty two percent of primary age children are not in school when it comes to health there are also major challenges to overcome aids is the leading cause of death for teenagers in africa half of the world's hiv positive teens live in six countries five of them in africa and they include south africa nigeria kenya mozambique and tanzania india is the only non african country included on that list and all these issues to do with unemployment education and health will be compounded by the fact that africa's youth population is rapidly growing and expected to double so more than eight hundred thirty million by the year twenty fifty that's also butler covering the event joining us from abidjan so youth is the theme of the summit. but it seems that migration is likely to dominate . the moment
6:43 pm
the leaders here in the opening remarks and every single one has underlined the urgency of addressing the issue of migration so it is already dominating this summit and i think in many ways the president of the ivory coast really set the tone when he was talking about those revelations over the slave trade in libya and he said this is a totally unacceptable situation and we all have a collective responsibility to try and change it now what we understand from e.u. and african officials is that there will be some a joint initiative and strategy to try and address what's going on in libya to try and evacuate some of those trapped refugees and there's been a lot of embarrassment over the issue on both continents and the leaders here really want to move as if they are doing something about it but it was interesting because we also heard from the chief u.n.h. the all the un refugee body and he said that perhaps there are only two solutions to this one is to grow refugees more legal pathways to reach europe so we're
6:44 pm
talking about things like temporary visas or full state visas he said is simply to make conditions where they're coming from much better with a so that they don't want to leave in the first place or really as you can see already in these first hours of this summit migration is really at the top of the agenda and this is the first meeting between the e.u. and. the summit before so it's being touted as sort of a new chance for a new equal partnership how. is that going to be. well there's a lot of talk about creating that equal partnership between the e.u. and there you are going forward but i think most people know that it just won't be easy as normally as the e.u. is pouring aid into africa there is always this sense that there is an imbalance in the partnership you've also got these two bodies that you and you have made up of many nations and they don't always then speak with one voice so it's
6:45 pm
a very difficult situation to try and then come together and find resolution on a number of issues but what everybody here says is that they are aware of that they know they need to move forward and they know that unless everybody speaks very clearly very honestly and frankly about. issues such as migration good governance the economy and aid and what they really want and there will be equality in their partnership going forward anyway so they're all seen some effort by these leaders here to redress the balance ok natasha about their thank you. now the head of the new head that is a venezuela state oil company is vowing to root out corruption president nicolas maduro put major general money won't quit vater at the helm of the debt ridden company pdvsa as a on sunday a few days earlier the company in venezuela were declared in selective default for failing to meet payments on certain bones all those bonds represent thirty percent of the country's external debt an estimated hundred fifty billion dollars cut our
6:46 pm
costs is in the middle of a crippling economic crisis set off by record low oil prices basic necessities are in short supply throughout the country so many venezuelans are using social media to try and find those products for more on that will bring in regular thanks daryn now platforms such as facebook and twitter and whatsapp have become open markets of products like medicine and food and a quick search on facebook using the term exchange venezuela showed us just the dozens of groups that we're seeing online right now that is what it is are using this form to exchange the little that they have between the communities things like oil toothpaste and scientists are currently in high demand and so is flour with people trying to find it or exchange it and it's just one of the most basic food products in the world now this post the pills to milk for twin babies who lost their mother and another product that became extremely scarce in venezuela is
6:47 pm
contraceptives now facebook women are using these groups to try and sell or buy what they need and this group has around two thousand members with various posts looking for birth control pills and the president of the venezuelan pharmaceutical federation said in an interview with local press that the number of women searching for contraceptives is never seen before there are women who can't or shouldn't get pregnant such as those with pathologies that all life threatening and pregnancies. now economy there are four million patients without access medicine in venezuela and seventy percent of all medical products are currently unavailable that is false people to create a black market scheme on social media like this user who is trying to get pills for high blood pressure and there are also hundreds of pages like this one called i
6:48 pm
find it your medicine and the situation just so dire that some people have even results taking medicine for animals if you are currently in venezuela i would love to hear from you and send us your stories in the news get what's up us or. send us the number or message me directly on to thank you ours or hello well we do have a dedicated page so all the latest updates from venezuela on al-jazeera dot com there it is can see right there so low on child as a result common reads all the latest updates from the country itself officials in beijing say they will continue demolitions in areas that are home to migrant workers so many were forced to leave their homes with little notice the local government says the campaign is part of a safety crackdown following a fire that killed nineteen people but critics say the fire is being used as a pretext for the removal of thousands of migrant workers here's our senior correspondent adrian brown with that story
6:49 pm
junction of fine and his wife talking about. their worldly goods are in plastic bags and buckets they were given just today to move out of a condemned home many spacing to hurry them along the power was cut jones job is to repair air conditioners a typical trade for a migrant worker most of his neighbors have already gone. does not welcome us and even not allowing us to stay here i feel so sad about this being working here for more than ten years over the years factories and warehouses on the city's outskirts have been illegally converted into flats in dormitories and rented to migrant workers but the conditions are dangerous earlier this month a fire killed nineteen people state t.v. showed examples of hazardous living conditions the fire appears to have given the
6:50 pm
government the excuse it finally needed to clear the area. and so in subzero temperatures the evictions began last week some of those forced out have returned to their home towns and cities others are in temporary accommodation a long way from the capital. vixens and demolitions provoked an outcry on chinese social media in response local government officials concede their tactics may have been heavy handed and heartless but they insist the campaign to clear this area and others will go on in a move that risks arrest critics of urged to the campaign they include a group of one hundred intellectuals who've signed a petition against what they call ruthless human rights violations where they don't know if the authorities behavior was beyond common sense in such cold weather those common lower class people have been treated in
6:51 pm
a way that was unreasonable and inhuman president xi jinping has a vision for a vast modern capital befitting a superpower but that vision may not include the migrant workers who helped to build the skyline adrian brown al-jazeera beijing. well off to the break joe will be here with the sports and tiger woods is preparing to return to golf this week after ten months out of action with a back injury so don't have all the reaction surrounding his comeback in just a moment.
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
hello again joe is here with a sport and a familiar face returning to the golf course yes that's right daryn tiger woods is back well almost the greatest go for in his generation will make his return to the best of game on thursday he hasn't been able to play a lot recently though off to fall back surgeries in just three years and he's had some well documented personal problems off the course as well when he was recently sentenced to twelve months probation for reckless driving now this week he's hoping to put that all behind him the former while the one has been priced say in the bahamas where he'll play his first tournament in ten months i miss playing golf for fun go out there and didn't giggle and play for some denominations and have a good time i had done two years play nine holes here and eighteen holes here enough to take three days off and come back was killing me and the neatest thing for me to be able to get out of bed and i can grab a club and not use it as
6:54 pm
a crutch ok so now available to take a swing. that's so exciting i have no idea how exciting that is and i'm just so thankful that you know i have had this procedure and i've got to this point honestly i'm just looking forward to getting through this four rounds and having an understanding a better understanding where i'm at i don't know where i'm at. what i mean by that is i don't know how hard i can hit what shots can i play. i don't know yet. i don't know what. what the future entails in that regard because i'm still learning this body well tiger woods is excited to be back and so his fellow pros in him pick champion justin rose tweeted a picture earlier saying it's so good to see this guy back in action and looking good there it is well another british go for him poulter right i like nearly every other person who has a go fund is wishing tiger woods
6:55 pm
a great week and well number one dustin johnson who is also playing the bahamas posted this picture with a caption good to see tiger healthy and competing again by still out drive him now woods will be headed justin thomas in his first round back the world number three is somewhere between all struck and super competitive when it comes to facing tiger when you're one of the greatest of all time to play your sport and just do things that people can't and haven't done before and you just have such a huge fan base you have so many you just done things that nobody has done and that's that's what has made it fun to watch i mean i'm probably just excited to watch it as you are i just get up for seated on thursday but i'm also looking forward to trying to kick his ass to be perfectly honest. well you had just in time is talking about tiger being the greatest of all time on quite he's won fourteen major titles but still short of a great is go for in major terms jack nicklaus who holds eighteen but woods does
6:56 pm
hold the record for the longest and has world number one six hundred eighty three weeks at the top of the standings although after his injury problems he's now way down to one thousand one hundred ninety nine in the world although he is way ahead of any goal for and career earnings the american has made a whopping one hundred nine point eight million dollars on the p.g.a. tour now this is cyber who is a senior go frights here at e.s.p.n. dot com he's in the bahamas for the storm and says that this comeback from words feels different from all the others. we've seen joy out of three four five comebacks from tiger woods over the years i've lost weight frankly but i think this one is a little bit different and it's different in the fact that the other times i saw a focus tiger woods i saw a turban tiger woods but i didn't see it at the tiger woods and i've always thought tiger woods plays his best golf when he's already smiling he plays when he's relaxed and loose and that's when we get the best tiger so far this week both in
6:57 pm
his news conference following him on the golf course for a couple days i see that smile back it looks like he's playing not for the love of success not for the love of competition certainly not for appeasing the sponsors playing for himself he's playing because he loves the game and wants to get back out there we need to understand that this is a player who although it looks very good on the practice range in practice round so for this week he's swinging it well he looks healthy but we have to lower those expectations because quite frankly tiger is lowering the expectations for himself as well and it doesn't matter necessarily if tiger woods plays or doesn't play and how well he was but it certainly does matter to the economic benefit of the sport certainly does matter to the industry and it would be a huge benefit to everybody involved if tiger is not just playing but playing very well all right well we've talked about how marketable tiger still is but let's face it go face for people who loved that fly past knew what town that over his career
6:58 pm
would have taken eighty five thousand eight hundred thirty nine shots in three hundred fourteen total meant that equates to an average of one thousand two hundred ninety two u.s. dollars a shot now of about it some statistical analysis right there you kind of call tweet me your thoughts on tiger's comeback. he's the hash tag a.j. news grade the finale it's back to the right thanks joe always the house try to get in touch with us do so always are right there we'll see you back here in studio fourteen fifteen g.m.t. on thursday.
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to. december on al-jazeera we look back at twenty seventeen through the eyes of five families who have been affected by some of the big stories of the yeah in an increasingly polarized world people in power sheds light on the darkest abuses of authority ten days of comprehensive coverage about nuclear arsenals around the globe and the impact they have on the diplomatic stage a special program dedicated to this year's nobel peace prize laureates i catch and their pursuit of a nuclear weapon free world and we look ahead to the big stories that could dominate the headlines in twenty eighteen. december on al-jazeera.
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