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differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you al-jazeera. when the power goes out. but keeping the lights on is. speaking to. a witness documentary. this time on al-jazeera. north korea fires what it says is its most powerful misawa get one that can reach
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the u.s. mainland. hello i'm maryam namazie in london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up u.s. president retreats a series of anti muslim videos triggering outrage online. a former bosnian croat military needed dies after drinking poison in court as he's told his war crimes sentence will be our pals. and the pope calls for reconciliation in myanmar but stops short of referring to the revenger. u.s. president donald trump says additional major sanctions will be imposed on north korea in response to its latest missile test he made the comments on twitter following a phone call with the chinese president xi jinping u.n. security council is you told the mergence he session on this issue. in the coming
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hours young now says it can reach the u.s. mainland the new horse on fifteen intercontinental ballistic missile flew to an altitude of up to four and a half hours in kilometers and travelled nine hundred sixty kilometers spending nearly an hour in the air that high the missile traveled more than ten times above the international space station which orbits four hundred eight kilometers above the earth several weapons experts say the missiles aloft a trajectory suggest an actual range of thirteen thousand kilometers which is enough to reach washington d.c. and any other part of the continental united states but that also means europe which is seven thousand six hundred fifty nine kilometers away from north korea is also reachable by missile kathy novak reports from south korea's capital seoul. it's being celebrated as a priceless victory in north korea state media says the country has completed its rocket system development with the successful test launch of
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a new long range missile and you're going to get the i.c.b.m. what song fifteen weapon system is it into continental ballistic rocket took to the super large heavy warhead which is capable of striking the whole mainland of the u.s. it's the third i.c.b.m. test this year north korea says this one is more advanced than the hawse on fourteen's in july traveling for around fifteen minutes to an altitude of about four and a half thousand kilometers before landing in waters off japan the intended target according to pyongyang's media from the u.s. president who has threatened to fire in fury in the past this response or we tell you that we will take care of it we have general mattis in the room with us and we had a long discussion about it. it is a situation that we will handle it went higher frankly than any previous top a pagan for research and development effort on their part to continue building ballistic missile that could threaten. everywhere in the world basically south
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korea says it detected the test in advance of the launch at around three a.m. local time and immediately responded with joint army navy and air force drills launching three missiles that simultaneously hit a simulated target the intended message to north korea the south could take out the launch site if necessary president trump spoke with the leaders of south korea and japan. japan will resolutely enhance its pressure on north korea to the maximum level we will continue to protect the lives and livelihood of the people of japan on to the strong japan u.s. alliance president monday and told trump that north korea's technology has apparently improved agreeing to. continue the sanctions campaign that anger is kim jong un's government but so far has failed to stop its missile and nuclear tests. yourself korea and the united states along with the international community have no
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other choice but to continue applying strong pressure and sanctions the south korean government says those sanctions are designed to force north korea to negotiations there has been no communication between the two countries since last year the u.s. and its allies have often said that denuclearization is a precondition for talks but it seems increasingly likely that if north korea comes to the table it will insist on doing so as a nuclear state cathy know that al-jazeera seoul mark fitzpatrick is the executive director of the international institute for strategic studies americas told me the capabilities of this misawa being exaggerated it's an evolution in the capabilities of north korea this missile flew eight hundred kilometers higher than the other one it was in the air seven minutes longer so it's a more capable missile but i i think some people are exaggerating its capabilities it cannot hit anywhere in the world i don't think it can even hit anywhere in the
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united states that doesn't matter north korea just needs to be able to hold one major city in the united states at risk and seattle is within the range of this missile what's interesting here is that north korea is now saying that it has reached its goal this signals that maybe no further tests are needed and it's judgment and if so that's a good thing because we've been worried the next evolution might be a nuclear test in the pacific that would be very very provocative. now u.s. president donald trump has shed and he muslim videos posted by a far right activist group is twitter account retreated three separate videos posted by jay de france and the deputy leader of the person first movement white house correspondent kimberly halakhic joins us now from washington d.c.
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and the reaction here is certainly been one of shock and condemnation what's the white house now saying about this. however the white house is defending the president's right to share these videos on his twitter account fact well they are on verified and the white house won't point to where the president may have gotten these they're certainly defending the fact that he has sent them out saying that the president has highlighted what he believes are real threats that need to be talked about whether the videos are real or not the threat is real according to sara sanders the white house press secretary as she further went on to say that this is just another extension of the president's agenda which is to promote strong borders but it has received widespread condemnation in the united states very quickly the. largest muslim civil rights group in the united states care in fact condemned the president's actions calling the videos islamophobia and incitement to violence against muslims and as well of course we've had the spokesperson for the
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british prime minister teresa mayes saying that in fact it's the belief of that office that it was wrong to reach week these videos and we've even had a member of congress a democrat in the house of representatives in just the last hour or so hitting the floor of that chamber to call for an expiration date on hate saying in fact that there should be an impeachment vote on the floor of the house of representatives before christmas saying that hate emanating from the presidency the solution is in his view impeachment. committee this isn't a fust time the u.s. president has made comments that you wouldn't necessarily expect about a group of people comments which have sparks control the sand scandal how surprising. is the fact that he's retreated these videos. i think for many particularly in the media and here in the united states it's not that surprising at this point you have to remember donald trump as
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a candidate called for a complete and total ban on the muslims entering the united states that was completely shocking and yet donald trump was elected and became president and one of the first policies we saw was the. putting in place through executive order of his travel ban which many say targeted through its policies muslim majority countries and with a thinly veiled muslim ban on travelers entering the united states the white house has denied this repeatedly but certainly the president has a history of calling out what he believes is islamic violence he has repeatedly used the phrase we're talking about eisel we're talking about al qaida saying radical islamic terrorism and as recently as even a month ago blamed in a tweet the uptick in violence in the united kingdom on radical islamic terrorism so certainly many have found this offensive not just recently but for some time certainly it is inflammatory the white house is defending it but at the end of the
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day this is not new for donald trump and millions of americans share his views and help him become president so putting it into context for us can be out at the white house. as kimberly was explaining their trump straits of also provoked a strong reaction online just to give you a flavor of what's been coming out t.v. personality and presenter piers morgan responded by asking trump what he's doing retreat in britain first a group he describes as a bunch of disgustingly racist far right extremist but ish politician and labor m.p. david lammy is also accuse the us president of promoting a fascist racist extremist hate group he continues trump is not an ally or friend of ours and the husband of british politician joe cox who was murdered by a far right supporter in two thousand and sixteen as also condemned the retreats writing trump as legitimize the far right in his own country now he's trying to do it in hours moving on a former bosnian croat military leader has died after drinking poison at a u.n.
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war crimes court some of them probably act drunk with substance just seconds after his twenty year sentence have been up health but it's myth reports. with his twenty year sentence for war crimes up held on appeal slow but i was not about to go quietly if we received it from. shouting i am not a war criminal of form a coalition general took a drink from a small bottles. for a short time the presiding judge continued to deliver verdicts on the other defendants than probably heard again through a translator i have taken poison. the seventy two year old's lawyer repeats a client's claim. klein says he drank a poison this morning she says sprint police the curtains was taken to a hospital in the hague where he later died in two thousand and four slept on probably at flew from zagreb to the netherlands and surrendered himself to the
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hague tribunal with his co-defendants he was charged with trying to create what was described as an ethnically pure greater croatia. probably ak was found guilty with others of helping a stoppage concentration camps for bosnian muslims and specifically he was charged with ordering the destruction of the city of moore stars ottoman era bridge. on wednesday and more star some of the survivors of those concentration camps watched the sentencing probably x. suicide. all of those who had been in camps we expected at least the confirmation that this was a joint criminal enterprise and not only the verdict against prayag but also all the men who took part while on the other side of divided must are some of projects former soldiers understood why he'd taken his own life. i'm thinking i would do the same it would be hard to serve time in prison while some are marking you these were
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the final verdict to be handed down by the international criminal court for the former yugoslavia the six defendants had their appeals rejected they'd been sentenced to a collective one hundred eleven years in jail the court was set up in one thousand nine hundred three at the height of the balkans war to prosecute europe's worst atrocities since world war two bernard smith al-jazeera forces loyal to iran again general thirty five after are accused of summarily executing dozens of men in the eastern time about benghazi human rights watch says local police forces discovered the bodies of thirty six men by that has told the rights group the men had been detained by have to us forces. international criminal court has already issued an arrest warrant from when i were finally a commander allied with have to for series of killings and executions and watching out there and want to tell you about the program thousands of refugees stranded on the great island of lesbos face a harsh winter. and confusion and suspicion mounting on their as over sunday's
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presidential poll supporters on both sides are celebrating but still no official results. helos a more proper weather has broken through from europe showing itself over turkey has been a lot of rain in the southeast of turkey's about forty fifty sixty millimeters or so because it goes over high ground it will produce snowshoes the rest of today and tonight and right up through georgia following that the skies will be clear so the picture of all time we get to a fairly clear sky one except for the caucasus temperatures actually on the recovery to some degree twenty one in baghdad fifty in tehran and thirty in kabul about about twenty mark on the coast of the mediterranean for lebanon the nets slowly warming there's a chance of showers showing up in once again the other side of the mountains in the
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southern caspian sea not tehran but this part of northern iraq as the breeze comes down as a northerly a cold normally across the caspian temperatures twenty three in kuwait by this time the still a breeze blowing down the gulf it's winter conditions at about twenty the max in there are warmer all the other side of the peninsula and there's a suggestion of a shower or two possibly in the northern side this is come friday it might be through kuwait and qatar as well the showers in southern africa have temporarily taken a back seat they were concentrating in malawi tanzania and zambia and i think that's where to look.
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maggie with al-jazeera let's take you through the top stories u.s. president donald trump says additional major sanctions will be imposed on north korea in response to its latest test of a missile which could hit the in time u.s. mainland. donald trump has shed three anti muslim videos posted on twitter by a british far right activist group. and former bosnian croat military. has committed suicide by drinking poison at a u.n.
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war crimes board. and all the stories are following an island in greece which is struggling to look after an ever increasing number of refugees is being described as the guantanamo bay of europe thousands of refugees stuck on the island of lesbos a living in squalid conditions and face a harsh winter and as jonah hill reports greek government leaders are complaining of a lack of help from the european union. on the u.g. in. the evenings of to cold. most of the roughly ten thousand refugees and migrants stuck on the island live in the bleak confines of moriah camp no. no. no food no food food no good. moria is stretched way beyond capacity it's occupants come from a dozen countries it's a prison it's not like a prison but to prison because you don't go nowhere was normal i don't know what.
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that was really thinking and only let me know if you know what. inside this heaven fortified former army base families live rough. children breathe in daily lungfuls of wood smoke and bed down with no more than a sheet of tarpaulin to protect them from the hard. not tent for they cannot break in here my son seek in hospital and cannot mistake in. this there is not so why not some variables die. some to avoid those in what is called die. they are free to come and go but cannot leave the island a deal struck between the e.u. and turkey last year to halt the flow of refugees to europe has left the greek government with the heavy burden of looking after those caught in the middle this
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is an extraordinary situation for people to find themselves in it is as if they have just literally escaped war or some awful disaster but this is a permanent camp many of them have been here for months and months in the care of an european government it feels more like a government that couldn't care less only the meanest thing only the meanest the governor of course is a government cater to the case it's that they make your case that the government. stop rossmiller younis works with volunteers and the island's municipality running a very different kind of camp it's also stretched beyond capacity but here people smile children sing songs and go to school it's everything the greek government's response to this crisis is not. in the hills above morea three young men from book you know fast food look down on what the
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island's mayor has called europe's guantanamo bay if this is safety and freedom they must be starting to wonder why they came don't know how al-jazeera lesbos greece. on the final part of our series from last boss john or investigates the living conditions in these camps and for some it's so bad that they're resorting to self harm in the hope of getting out this is on thursday right here on out is there a deficit but francis has urged but as leaders in myanmar to tackle prejudice and hatred during his visit to the country's largest city young the pontiff again avoided using the term ranger to refer to the muslim minority from state but he preached a message of forgiveness in his first public mass warning followers against the temptation for revenge scott either reports from yangon. the people of myanmar were finally able to get a good look at pope francis this time more than a quick way out of a window his popemobile is built so he can be seen unlike his convoy of vehicles
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that have been traveling through the streets of yangon since monday on the sprawling grass fields of the cheika sin grounds in the city center. the part of hell the mass for an estimated one hundred fifty thousand catholic faithful so i know that many in me in my bad the winds of violence were visible and invisible the temptation is to respond to these injuries with the worldly wisdom like that of the king in the first reading is deeply flawed. we think that healing can come from anger and revenge yet the way of revenge is not the way of jesus the preachings of the pope were directed at the decades of ethnic wars and violence here. in his large public mass where the pope again did not specifically mention the right hinge up but his statements about acceptance and identity has prompted some to think about the crisis. i don't think we're hinges are as bad as people say they're only
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a minority in our country like the pope said they should be treated accordingly by human rights i see no difference between us and them. from a religious point of few i have sympathy for. but ethnically i cannot accept them the pope is due to hold one more smaller mass on thursday morning and then embark on the second leg of his trip to the region. to bangladesh where he's expected to meet refugees and the small catholic community has got to either al jazeera. officials in beijing say they will continue a wave of demolitions and evictions in areas that are homes and migrant workers campaign as part of a safety crackdown following an apartment fire that killed nineteen people but critics say the fire is being used as a pretext for the removal of thousands of migrant workers our senior china correspondent adrian brown. jungle fine and his wife
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talking all their worldly goods are in plastic bags and buckets they were given just today to move out of a condemned home many spacing to hurry them along the power was cut jones' job is to repair air conditioners a typical trade for a migrant worker most of his neighbors have already gone. aging does not welcome us and even not allowing us to stay here i feel so sad about this afternoon working here for more than ten years over the years factories and warehouses on the city's outskirts have been illegally converted into flats in dormitories and rented to migrant workers but the conditions are dangerous earlier this month a fire killed nineteen people state t.v. showed examples of hazardous living conditions the fire appears to have given the government the excuse it finally needed to clear the area.
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and so in subzero temperatures the evictions began last week some of those forced out have returned to their home towns and cities others are in temporary accommodation a long way from the capital the eviction demolitions provoked an outcry on chinese social media in response local government officials concede their tactics may have been heavy handed and heartless but they insist the campaign to clear this area and others will go on in a move that risks arrest critics of urged to the campaign they include a group of one hundred intellectuals who've signed a petition against what they call ruthless human rights violations where has the lowest seen when the authorities behavior was beyond common sense in such cold weather those common lower class people have been treated in a way that was unreasonable and inhuman. president xi jinping has a vision for
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a vast modern capital befitting a superpower but that vision may not include the migrant workers who helped to build the skyline adrian brown al-jazeera beijing. bobbies main international airport has reopened off the wind blew away doubt by volcano airports has been disrupted since the weekend when mt began belching out huge clouds of smoke and ash forcing authorities to warn of an imminent eruption thousands of travelers have been stranded on the terrorist island and one hundred thousand people living near the volcano also been ordered to leave their homes but it's that boston found when she visited one of the centers not all the residents there are heeding the warnings. this is twelve kilometers from the top of mt argonne this is still considered a safe area that's why families from villages closer to the crater five kilometers from the top have taken refuge here but as you can see during the day there's
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hardly anyone here most of the men have gone back to the top despite instructions by the government and also risking their lives mainly because they have to take care of their animals i'm going to ask if you want to hear if she's not worried her husband is so close in the danger zone and very close to the crater but the amount of passion. for me in my city are half of. what india is the picking up and you must listen. to them and you will soon see and you know she said she is very worried but her husband has no other choice because he has to take care of the animals and this is a situation the government is facing right now two months ago they instructed everyone to leave because at that time the alert level was already raised more than one hundred thousand people damn left their houses and came down the mountain didn't grow up so many people had to go back to their houses and now it seems many are reluctant to leave again well everyone is watching mound are going very very
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closely and it's now completely covered in clouds scientists say they have detected tremors which could indicate a major eruption is about to happen any time soon although nobody can predict exactly one in nine hundred sixty three mt argo erupted explosively killing up to fifteen hundred people and that happened just one month after the fall kaino started to massively erupt ash clouds and rocks similar to what is happening right now. the turkish iranian gold trader who pleaded guilty to helping iran evade u.s. sanctions has begun testifying against his codefendant reza zara busy a key witness against turkish banking official them attack on a teller prosecutors say the two men laundered iranian oil money in violation of u.s. economic sanctions against iran they say the conspiracy involved bribes and kickbacks to high level officials the case has strained relations between the u.s. and turkey. egypt's president abdul fatah sisi is giving the army and police forces
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three months to restore security in the sinai peninsula saying they're allowed to use brute force against fighters species deadline comes five days after the killing of at least one hundred at least three hundred five people at a mosque during friday prayers election officials in honduras have promised to announce the results from sunday's presidential vote no later than first day the outcome is still not known and that's prompted allegations of fraud from the opposition candidate who holds a narrow lead over the sitting president rana sanchez reports from to. it was the chant supporters of proceeding when they say they're convinced he won the election despite the electoral tribunals and revealing the total tally. to try piano hasn't published the results that's the problem but we know for sure they'll
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soon make an announcement and it will favor. supporters of his opponents. also claimed he won and therefore. the electoral tribunal is not independent. before the tribunal would announce results for presidency the same day of the election and now they haven't done so because the tribunals under the president's rule and they're trying to keep him in power. european union observers criticize the tribunals handling of the boat count. frequent communication about the results is not only a right for the honduran people but also an important estimate of transparency. it's left many hundreds confused and increasingly frustrated questions like the surfacing of the old right to build supporters.
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on tuesday president that none they said both from were both areas are reporting the trend we're not still leads. we're projecting a victory based on our intelligence which we have been comparing to the official results so for us the results are beyond any doubt. that man this is tampering with the results you have to put this. i'm certain that the president will declare himself the winner because this is not a democratic state this is an authoritarian state where yes power over all the institutions the. international observers say the election was transparent they're simply urging election officials to hurry up and then i was the winner or explain the delay. to us.
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but look at the top stories now u.s. president donald trump says additional major sanctions will be imposed on north korea in response to its latest missile tests the u.n. security council is set told emergency session on this in the coming hours the new song fifteen intercontinental ballistic myself flew to an altitude of up to four and a half thousand kilometers spending nearly an hour in the air and could theoretically hit the mainland u.s. . the i.c.b.m. was on fifteen weapon system is it into continental ballistic rocket to do the super large heavy warhead which is capable of striking the whole mainland of the u.s. u.s. president donald trump has shed anti muslim videos posted by a british far right activist group is twitter account retreated three separate videos posted by j. de france and the deputy leader of the person first movement a white house correspondent can really help it runs a small well the tweets shared by the president have been condemned by the
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largest muslim civil rights group in the united states calling the videos the president shared islamophobia and also inciting violence against muslims this is certainly been concerning not just to those inside the united states but also outside who are finding the video shared by the president to be shocking and also verified. a former bosnian croat military leader has died after drinking poison at a u.n. war crimes court some of them probably the substance seconds after his twenty year sentence have been up held it was one of six manute appealed against war crimes convictions dating back to the breakup of the former yugoslavia in the one nine hundred ninety s. . former forces loyal to run again libyan general who faffed are accused of summarily executing dozens of men in the eastern town of benghazi human rights watch says local police forces discovered the bodies of six men relatives told the rights group the men had been detained by have to us forces. and pope francis is
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urged buddhist leaders in myanmar to tackle prejudice and hatred during his visit to the country's largest city young gone the pontiff again avoided using the term to refer to the muslim minority from the rack and state. as the headlines the news hour is coming up in half an hour's time that's off the inside story which starts now. who's to blame for african migrants being sold as slaves in libya european countries rushed to help libyans get rid of gadhafi but quickly. illegal migration be controlled in a failed state this is inside story.


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