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tv   Powerless  Al Jazeera  November 30, 2017 3:00pm-4:00pm +03

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our first president george washington said if you want peace prepare for the coming war. at this time. and. that's time to this is some of the times the story develops the story. and i like that tonight i want this to be over in malaysia like al-jazeera english because the news is not sent and you didn't miss any of the news and you can watch it on my. i'm santa maria here in doha and these are the top stories on al-jazeera the united states is calling for more sanctions on the complete isolation of north korea after another ballistic missile test the united nations security council held an
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emergency meeting following. north korea says the test proves it has the capability to hit the u.s. mainland support from salt with having. following the latest in a series of ballistic missile launches north korea says its rocket weaponry system development is complete and it's finally a nuclear state the day after firing what the north says is its most advanced intercontinental ballistic missile yet state t.v. showed leader kim jong un overseeing the nighttime test the u.s. president again called kim little rocket men and added a new unflattering description. little rocket man rocket fuel for the american because. he is a sick puppy for the ninth time this year the united nations security council discussed yet another crisis centered on north korea this test is another
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confirmation that the north korean threat has changed dramatically in a few months both in scope and scale the threat us shifted from being regional to global. and from the u.s. ambassador a direct plea to china to exert greater economic pressure on its ally and neighbor we need china to do more president tropp called chinese president xi this morning and told him that we have come to the point that china must cut off the oil from north korea that would be a pivotal step in the world's effort to stop this international pariah but no such pledge from china instead it called again on the u.s. to explore a freeze for freeze scenario in which north korea would slow its missile program if the u.s. and south korea lowered their military posture on the peninsula this position
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supported by russia the move liquid we proposed a solution based along the principle of suspension for suspension which in visions of d.p. r. k. stopping missile tests while at the same time the u.s. and south korea decreasing the scale of their military exercises this in turn will pave the way for the principles of peaceful coexistence and peaceful discussions between washington and pyongyang. but this has been repeatedly and vehemently ruled out by the u.s. another round of joint exercises between the u.s. and south korean military forces are due to start here next week north korea has said the drills are a rehearsal for war at the united nations america's ambassador has said the u.s. doesn't seek war but if it does start north korea's leaders would be in her words utterly destroyed kathy novak al jazeera. in other news and in fact in just the last half hour of them that is in response to a tweet from donald trump telling her to focus on quote destructive radical islamic
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terrorism the back and forth began when may condemned trump for his anti islam retreat also with the british interior minister amber rudd and said she hopes the u.k.'s condemnation of trump will be taken seriously i think. that we have been very clear president donald trump was wrong to retreat videos posted by the far group christian first we have said so clearly in this house and the prime minister has said so clearly online we will continue to speak freely and frankly when it takes place the head of the roman catholic church has arrived in bangladesh pope francis met president of the homemade at the start of his three day visit the pontiff was criticized for not publicly mentioning the range of crisis during the me and this trip but is expected to discuss it in bangladesh and medical sources say at least ten people have been killed in fighting in yemen's capital sanaa forces loyal to the former president ali abdullah saleh fought with hutu
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rebels near the mosque loyalists accused of committing a coup that is a look at your headlines here on al-jazeera witness starts right now. are you. worried. that the numbers are not the motherboard or not on the set of all the
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a visit again tomorrow night when you do even though he is from new york i'm going to tell you i don't need to get you. more younger but. yes i'm going to help you to. even get up just as he does a. business and is a monster. i mean isn't there is a thing you have to manage that is like i don't know if we could interfere and there's a time. when enjoying school. i thought you know normal electricity supply company but of course side hold dad to knock on wood is a tough place as far as electricity is concerned. there have been
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a lot of law and order deleted issues related to school and electricity supply in the city and it is for sure that everyone today wants to have electricity and we look to do supply. the old thing that yes it should be provided to us free of cost because we are poor and it cannot be that. the how how much.
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overthrow and exiled they appoint again saying if you'll don't dismiss me an intimate film about the struggle of the elected leader of madagascar to return to his country and reinstate his presidency you know there's a true traditions by and we knew that the number they think is the. true change this return of a president at this time on al-jazeera. being located outside that western centric sphero of influence we're able to bring a different perspective to global events when you peel away all of the political and military in the financial dog and you see the people in those words and those policies are affecting see the emotion on the face of the situation they're living in that's when all the u.s. can identify with the story.
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just. defying my disability al-jazeera well. santa maria here in doha are updating the headlines on al-jazeera the u.s. is calling for more sanctions and a complete isolation of north korea. security. following pyongyang's latest missile test north korea says that proves it has the capability to hit the
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u.s. mainland and the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. issued a strong warning to north korea. north korea made a choice yesterday that brings the world closer to war not farther from it we have never sought war with north korea and still today we do not seek it if war does come it will be because of continued acts of aggression like we witnessed yesterday and if for comes make no mistake the north korean regime will be utterly destroyed in other news a spokesman for the british prime minister tourism a says she is fully focused on tackling extremism the comments are and are in response to a tweet by the u.s. president donald trump telling her to focus on quote destructive radical islamic terrorism the back and forth began when may condemn trump for his anti islam retorts also the british interior minister and the rudd says she hopes the yukos condemnation will be taken seriously i think. that we have been very
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clear president donald trump was wrong to retreat videos posted by the far group christian first we have said so clearly in this house and the prime minister has said so clearly online we will continue to speak freely and frankly when it takes place the head of the roman catholic church has called on the international community to take what he calls decisive measures to resolve the refugee crisis in bangladesh and me and now although he did not specifically use the word. pope francis now in bangladesh where more than six hundred thousand range of fled after a military crackdown in me in august he met president of the honeyed at the start of his three day visit. and. i mean how mental danny has received an invitation to attend next month's g.c.c. summit that is the gulf cooperation council in kuwait there have been doubts about whether the meeting would even go ahead but kuwait has confirmed now it will even
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with the gulf diplomatic process going and a syrian opposition team is meeting u.n. mediators steffen to the store in geneva the eighth round of u.n. sponsored talks to end the civil war as you headlines we're back to witness now. that. means that a. lawyer is needed. to have an order been known to state even the reduction was or was. he only needed one week was not concealing known even the living and she was.
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you do you want to see i'll show you where did you see it good light. the girls. who do something different i think. is that. it has been one year where my son has started continuously in one school for the past one mia had always his nursery you did it in five different cities i had so many chance was. given complete his nose to be in one school and the best part to know the as you say you know go mental this has a lot of charm so the base to go meant officer and i would say he's the one who comes to office signs off the five schools often with very cool for him monitor. hood all his or her children it is the best life i would say but if you want to do something different and if you really want to change the way things are going
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london life is really tough. because with a very change that a hundred of people who are attached to the old system would really don't want that the system should change. to you or. the. me you are. going to eat right i think. or you could be a complete on body thank you oh oh buddy. buddy come. buddy come right. back a. change has been really tough if i think that everyone is cut up done. last everyone then i'll shoot off and leave and then i'll totally change the system if i if i have that kind of feeling then i'm a stupid junky telling you i have to have. i have to look for those things which
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pages of this. unspeakable. compiled testimonies a victim of the congolese mustnt. as this intimate evidence finds its way to international courts the central african republic is plunged into further. and intricate detail of a people and a nation crippled by recent history. but one of a two part series at this time on al-jazeera.
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from cool brisk noise and fuel. to the war and tranquil waters of southeast asia. welcome back a look at the weather across the americas in south america is a lot of showers across the amazon basin further towards the south a look a little bit unsettled moment with some rain for parts of paraguay in particular but south across much of argentina uruguay and he through chilly weather conditions looking fine santiago there twenty nine so they head on through into friday we should see some dry weather for rio salvador picking up some showers and then for peru we're looking at further showers in places to ecuador also with quito looking at highs of eleven so into the caribbean region jerry weather conditions not looking too bad for many of the islands up through the isthmus we got some heavy showers affecting panama and costa rica a slight to continue coming in off the caribbean sea but those on a jury looking fine kingston the sunshine and thirty one degrees and then moving
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into friday would like to see some rain across parts of the yucatan peninsula but for the bulk of mexico it should remain dry and fine with highs of nineteen in mexico city into north america now and we've got this frontal system moving across the mid atlantic towards the eastern seaboard some cold air digging down behind it we still have more rain threatening the pacific northwest these ahead on through into friday some snow up over the rockies and on the eastern seaboard bright in new york city. the weather sponsored by qatar airways. if you were in beijing looking out the pacific ocean you'd see american warships when mess was that somehow time as aiming to replace america and going to run the world well the chinese are not that stupid these guys want to dominate a huge chunk of the planet this sounds like a preparation for our first president george washington said if you want peace prepare for war the coming war on china at this time on
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a just see of. the story that had the greatest impact on me would probably be the mad economist because thirty four miners died and we were there one of very few television things being an icon that at that time produces some of that science the story the loves the story and films and stuff like that tonight i want this to be over in malaysia like al-jazeera english because the news is not censored and you didn't miss any of the news or any of it this is what i like. this is al-jazeera.


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