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because i will bring these ladies are tough and i take their training very seriously you. know you feel a little more confident of feeling more energetic you feel more alive. a year on from the election which washington both the republican and democratic parties are struggling to adjust to a polarized electorate it really is an identity crisis you just running instruct forty you literally stake out a set of positions and offer us a clear alternative not just a truck but to the politics that gave truck pulled lines examines the shifting sands of american politics life of the party this time on al-jazeera. fighting intensifies between rival groups in yemen's capital sana'a with reports of
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at least fourteen dead. and this is al jazeera live from doha was a coming on. the yeas are fifty one. and the nays are forty nine charms first triumph a bill to overhaul the u.s. tax system gets one step closer to becoming reality. pay days in germany against a far right party that could become the biggest opposition bloc in parliament. juristic as a curfew tensions are high as a country awaits the results of a contested presidential election. at least forty people have died in fighting between the rebels and forced. loyal to
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yemen's former president ali abdullah saleh in the capital sana the two sides have been allies in their fight against the saudi led coalition and government forces but in the past four days they've been fighting for control of salah so far talks to end the dispute have failed seller says he's open to talks with the saudi led coalition to end the war but with conditions. they need to lift the blockade and open the airport and allow food and medicine in the country will open a new page for them for dialogue what is happening in yemen is of no. saudi foreign minister other logie baird says a saudi led coalition is looking at ways to increase the flow of humanitarian assistance into yemen saudi arabia placed a blockade on yemen last month after a missile was fired from hooty territory towards riyadh is urging the who thiis to stop fighting and join the political process. we hope that eventually the who things will realize that this is not. and that they will make peace there are many
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citizens they have every right to participate in the political process but they can't control the country not a few fifty thousand and the country's twenty. two this is where we are we are very concerned about the humanitarian situation in yemen we are looking at ways of intense in the few humanitarian assistance into yemeni poor reports in the coming. few weeks we make more than the. abraham khatab is a political analyst joins us now in the studio good to have you with us thanks for having let's talk about the fighting first the fact that two allies of ten don't need each other i mean how significant is that are we seeing another front here i don't think they were allies to begin with i think they were just to overthrow the government of yemen and so the time we all knew all along that this day will have have to come and the fight. between houthi and saleh would have to break and so it
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is happening right now just a few minutes ago called for war against the houthi militias and called on his supporters and loyalists and also the professional army the elite republican guards to actually declare war against the host cities so it is i guess the right time good for they see these increasingly alienated here possibly i think they will i think the vast majority of yemenis are completely against these whether they are against saddam and so i think there was. interest among the people of yemen to actually crush the host these because these have incredible support they've taken over large parts of the car and i think they've got a strong fall and i think without support we all know that it's healthy it would have made it to the capital we know that the republican guards that were so loyal to. former dictator but actually the ones that brought brought the whole things to son are for the cover up saddam was thinking to basically regain power used in the
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truth either as a way to actually work through the government and take over but that didn't work didn't go so well for him so today he declared a complete we're going to host these and i think they he gained a major support among yemenis they took over very important spots in the capital where the airport t.v. station the presidential palace and so and he said he's also opened talks with conditions worked with those conditions be i think it's very clear that he maybe want to put one of his family members in power or to share power with the current legitimate government so i think maybe it seems to me that they might be some collaboration between regional powers. and maybe the legitimate government to somehow overthrow the whole fuse first and then have a sort of serious political talk this is what it looks like with the whole thing is
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headed i don't think so declare this war today against the whole theater without some sort of support from the coalition that's going to sell and you think this sort of move whether it was prompted by the saudis i mean do you think it will exacerbate the fight against the who sees now do you think they'll. you know. actually so far it seems that. you know the interest of the d.c. area i mean the saudis and their marti's and the u.s. is to overthrow the whole fees and remove them from the power sharing with saleh because we all know that they're backed by iran and so there is no interest in yemen or for yemenis with the whole thing is in power so they somehow going to remove them and maybe send them back to side and then to start a new sort of political talk but at this point i think how things are losing power and the vast majority of yemenis are revolt and as we speak against the so that is a quite a significant event and you can see that every thank you thanks for having me
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qatar's a foreign minister is calling for a regional dialogue in the middle east mohamad the been found he was asked about regional conflict and the gulf diplomatic crisis at the international mediterranean dialogue conference in rome he says it's important that countries work together to strengthen political security and economic agreements that can't be disrupted by political conflict this is the way we see it not because only of the gun from crisis. and what's happened is. illegal unilateral measures. but it's our view because of what we see. for the entire region. go to another cycle of turmoil and we need to avoid and we need to stop it from now. the u.s. senate has narrowly passed a bill for the biggest overhaul of the tax system in decades it's
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a political victory for president donald trump after going to strange and won the support of republicans who'd been holding out on friday no democrat voted for the legislation house of representatives passed a separate version and now must meet the senate to agree on a final bill. if the legislation passes it would be the largest us tax overhaul since one nine hundred eighty it would add one point four trillion dollars to the twenty trillion dollar national data over ten years the trumpet ministration says the reforms will help the economy but critics say they only benefit corporations and the rich william black is a professor of economics and law with the university of missouri and kansas city he says congressional republicans were desperate to get the tax bill through. the paradox is that the republicans have actually gotten weaker in congress and that trump now has more power over them than he has had it any point in the presidency
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and that to his strength comes in part from the very weaknesses we've talked about that they congressional republicans are now desperate to have something pass anything that's the first part the second part is they are particularly desperate to get the key provisions of this bill through for their donor base and the donor base of course these are the wealthier people and this tax cut is overwhelmingly going to go for the wealthiest americans and the donors are saying pass this bill or don't come back to us for more contributions and then basically the key political fact is that trump's base is still with trump and that trumps base is what turns out in primary elections so congressional republicans don't fear democrats anywhere near as much as they fear trump's base in the prime republican primary and trump has played on these theories quite well well economists say that
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this is going to add only they're a tiny amounts in terms of growth there's a clear consensus among economists so overwhelmingly this has nothing to do with growth and everything to do with redistributing income again towards the wealthiest americans peace in germany have used water cannon to disperse demonstrations in the city of havoc they're protesting against the far right a.f.d. party which is gathering to elect a new native leadership the antique migrant anti islam posse want to list one hundred seats in parliament in september's general election it's gearing up to oppose chance that i'm going to medicals yet to be formed government. will be germany's official opposition party if merkel enters into a coalition with the social democrats it wants to introduce a proposal to repatriate syrian refugees this will be debated in parliament but all
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other parties are expected to vote against it controversially the far right party also wants to honor the german army which has traditionally been kept out of politics since the end of world war two i think cullen has more from hannover. well the cleanup operation is underway behind me on this suburban corner of hanover where left protesters clashed with police they unleashed water cannons against the protesters to disperse them as they tried to blockade delegates who were attending the conference that is happening here in hanover inside the conference center there is an ideological battle that's going on between the far right elements of the party and the momart or it voices within that party they will have to elect a new leader and the question is how far to the rides will the i have to go if i go america will see to you party joins up with the christians the social democrats
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there will be a grand coalition in germany and then the i.o.c. will actually have the most opposition voices in the german parliament so it's a watershed moment in a very messy time in german politics the rest of europe is watching what happens here security forces in honduras have been given extra powers to stop the violence that followed a disputed presidential election one person has been killed in scuffles between police and opposition supporters and dozens injured or killed one has yet to emerge from sunday's vote president upon a land and on this is narrowly ahead of opposition candidate salvador has claimed electoral fraud and called his supporters onto the streets police and soldiers on posing a nighttime curfew for the next ten days. all of these acts of vandalism these incidents in the settings of fires are not reasonable for hundred us therefore at the request of many sectors of society the council of ministers has declared
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a curfew to safeguard the security of the country still ahead on al-jazeera the pope wraps up his. head time to the vatican but did he achieve everything he wanted . and from five to waste industry needs a devastating impact on the occupied west. how we've got more rain sleet and snow pushing towards japan over the next couple of days cold air still talking in behind at least for a time. weather system here producing some outbreaks of rain across northern parts of japan snow there over the high ground thirteen celsius for a sendai for tokyo and also for a sockeye we're still getting up into double figures for assault at least on sunday here comes the cold as we go on into monday we're struggling to get to around two
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degrees celsius but some of the value for japan right through the weekend into the early part of next week so i'm still getting up into the low teens meanwhile him to us on areas of china here is looking losey dry fifteen celsius there in shanghai settled in sunny the hong kong at around twenty five degrees celsius with a couple of days little bits and pieces of cloud towards the southwest of the country the west the weather will be along the coastal fringes of vietnam over the next day or two and i join up with the showers that we have across southern parts of vietnam into the good parts of cambodia thailand still looking very disturbed over the next day or two we'll see some very wet weather just pushing its way down across a good part of them on a peninsula but not bad. overthrown and exiled point again saying if you go. i
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mean too much film about the struggle of the elected leader of madagascar to return to his country and reinstate his presidency. and the. face of the president at this time on al-jazeera. and again the top stories yemen's former president says he's open to talks of saudi arabia to end the war at least forty people have died during infighting between forces loyal to him and the rebels in son of the two sides have been fighting
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together against the saudis the u.s. and it is possible to overhaul the tax system the first major changes in more than three decades it is a political victory for president donald trump house of representatives has passed a separate version so now both chambers must agree on a final bill. please and germany have used water cannon to disperse demonstrators in the city of hanover they're protesting against the far right party which is meeting to elect a new. a former senior adviser to u.s. president has admitted to lying to the f.b.i. about his contacts with russia michael flynn is a first trump administration official to be charged as part of a criminal investigation by special counsel robert mueller the former national security adviser says a senior member of trump's translation team. asked him to reach out to russia's ambassador to the u.s. before the president's inauguration
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a move that is not allowed his guilty plea shows flynn is cooperating with the mueller investigation and could be an important source of information for prosecutors investigating others in the white house white house correspondent can be how could reports arriving at federal court in washington michael flynn ignored shouted questions by reporters. inside moments later the former national security adviser to president donald trump pled guilty to lying to the f.b.i. court documents show the charges against flynn stem from his lying about efforts to obtain advanced knowledge of how foreign governments might vote on a u.n. security council resolution about israel as well as phone conversations flynn had before traub was even sworn in as president with the former russian ambassador to the united states surrogate kislyak. flynn is said to have suggested to kiss liane
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sanctions put in place against russia by the obama white house maybe dropped once trump was sworn in they did not discuss anything having to do with the united states decision to expel diplomats or or impose a censure against russia flynn's lies to the vice president about that phone call led to his dismissal after just three weeks in office in a statement trumps lawyer said flynt false claims mirror the false statements to white house officials which resulted in his resignation in february of this year nothing about the guilty plea or the charge implicates anyone other than mr flynn but his plea in fact may directly tie the oval office to the investigation by special counsel robert muller and whether or not the trump campaign worked with russia this suggests that mr flynt has more information to provide about other things the white house has lied about other things the president himself may have
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lied about and whether or not the white house including the president himself colluded with russia according to the former f.b.i. director james comey trump once asked him to drop the case against flynn and despite claims by the president's lawyer flynn's cooperation with the f.b.i. probe shows that most investigation is ask. could lead to charges against an even bigger target including the president of the united states kimberly helped get al-jazeera washington pope francis is wrapped up his asian tour and is on his way back to the vatican the head of the roman catholic church lift the bangladesh capital dhaka a short while ago the pontiff has been on a six day trip to bangladesh and manama the international community had hoped to address the six hundred twenty thousand hanger who've fled violence in rakhine state but he didn't mention the ethnic minority until day five of his tour so
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stratford is more from cox's bazar where many live. well many of the ranger are completely unaware of the what the pope has said in the last twenty four hours and doubts or believe his use of the word range is going to draw massive international attention to the crisis here but in terms of the kind of practical results that are going to come from his visit i mean that's a completely different matter. the situations in the camps are dire i mean the crisis continues it doesn't matter which aid agency you speak to they're all struggling to get enough food. and safe sanitation clean water conditions for the more than six hundred twenty five thousand range of refugees that have arrived since august the twenty fifth i mean just on a practical level looking at the wells many of the wells that have been dug for example in the last two months according to some aid agencies they're saying that
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up to seventy percent of those wells are now contaminated and then you look for example at this so-called really patrie ation deal that is being put forward by bangladesh and myanmar a deal that in villages in two months the movement of potentially hundreds of thousands of ranger back to myanmar the u.n. aid agencies again say that this deal is absolutely facile call when there are so many thousands of people who are deeply traumatized whose homes have been destroyed . they are supposed to be identified by the bangladesh government and that identification process is verified by the myanmar government before they go back here in this repatriation deal many of these ranger don't even have i.d.'s as we know the myanmar what was then the burmese government withdrew citizenship for the region in one nine hundred eighty two they've suffered a military crackdown after crackdown for decades now the people we speak to in the
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camp are terrified of the. aspect of going back so despite this visit by the pope and his eventual use of the word it seems doubtful whether this is going to have any kind of impact certainly at this stage on the policies of the myanmar government the palestinian chief negotiator is warning that the us would be playing with fire if it recognizes jerusalem as the capital of israel so a barricade was referring to reports that president trump could announce the policy change on wednesday the white house insists the final decision hasn't been made the status of jerusalem has long been one of the most sensitive subjects of the israeli palestinian conflict because both sides claim the city as their capital. and you mustn't when almost everyone has informed the u.s. administration that jerusalem isn't just a palestinian question it's an arab islamic christian question the u.s. administration understands the enormity of the subject we're being told that
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promises were made during the election campaign which would postpone internal us problems that are facing trump or anyone else on all concerned but this is a very big issue touching jerusalem touching the al aqsa mosque touching the church of the holy sepulcher is playing with fire there's no meaning for a palestinian state without east jerusalem as its capital israel says all countries have the right to designate their own capital cities but hannah ashrawi an executive committee committee member of the palestinian liberation organization says that argument doesn't stand up. i would like to designate my capital and palace for example you don't designate your capital on other people's last. part from other people that is no way in which jerusalem can be extracted from the heart of palestine or in which. city exclusively is the city and if you want it is illusion then you would recognise westerners and as capital of israel you
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recognise east jerusalem as the capital of palestine this is in the context of accepting that two state solution on the sixty seven borders i think the problem now is that we are being asked to transform or change that reality is within that engine and outside i think. takes this position that single handedly he will be responsible for creating a situation of tremendous instability and violence and open the whole issue of religious and spiritual affiliation and forming the conflict into a religious conflict and that is something that nobody can control or contain once the genie is out of the bottle around half of the waste generated in israel finds its way to the occupied west bank with increasing rates of unemployment in the past fifteen years many people risk their health by burning the waste for the valuable materials. reports it now which has become the center of industry.
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is one of the most polluted places in the occupied west bank truckloads of electronic waste make their way here every day the vast majority coming from israel to surrounding illegal jewish settlements. computer air conditioners filters for gas masks t.v.'s and many more discarded goods littered to multiple workshops in and around the. it's a dangerous job for example there are gases in the air conditioners if you don't let them out it could explode in your face one must be very careful each item is taken apart every single component has a different use and price take a computer for example. the hard disk case goes into a pile then we separate the c.p.u. from the motherboard it's more expensive but we also look for cables and send them to the grinder to separate aluminum from copper we do this to all the items we receive. the parts then are sold back to israel but its valuable materials such as
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copper wire that are the most profitable a good chunk of this waste gets burned illegally because it's. easier to extract copper this way usually happens on the hill surrounding the time but this is agricultural land a look at what's left behind. the burning happens usually at night the minerals are distracted the shark called remains left a small four hours. each fire more of his crops are destroyed. like a cancer no one can walk here any more. even the sheep can to be here they're not breeding any more look at them i only three isn't that that as shane looking around most of his olive trees have been poisoned by the toxic fumes scientists say this unregulated transfer of electronic waste is having a long term impact on the people of and it's landscape recent samples have revealed
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some astonishing results. we were shocked by the high levels of heavy metals i can't me i'm in the lead they already exist in nature around one milligram particular soil but we've found tens of thousands of other grounds we kill or soil in the samples at very high levels it destroys the soil and it affects human life is a greater concern. releasing particles of heavy metals that don't decompose and make their way to do. it now was once a downed thrived in agriculture known for its olives and. now its fields are home to carcasses of t.v.'s computers and fridges but at that house. in the occupied west bank doctors in texas have delivered the first baby born in the united states as a result of a womb transplant the hospital in dallas released this picture of the newborn the mother is one of several women in the u.s.
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to receive uterus transplants in the past year and his master and comes three years after the world's first birth from a transplanted womb in sweden is that delayed blockade imposed on cattle since june has given an unexpected boost to the country's book industry more local authors are getting published as cats are tries to preserve its heritage and identity. as more from doha which is hosting where the gulf region's biggest book fairs. when as much as four dollars father died two and a half years ago she became determined to tell his story so she wrote a book i saw is about the whole diving industry in qatar before the gulf country discovered oil when i started collecting data and information and i did a lot of reset. i looked at the school curriculum in the gulf region again there is disconnection and lack of resources for such stories so i'm hoping.
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i will start and for qatar and hopefully it will attract other in that region as much as one of several cats authors to emerge this year previously many of them would have had to have found publishes abroad there are twenty newly published books on the shelf alone they're all right some bycatch trees in arabic and published by cats house first privately owned publishing house and there seems to be an emphasis on the country's identity as well as society if you take this book for example you'll see it's called cats are different but us cattle remains under a blockade put in place by saudi arabia the united arab emirates bahrain and egypt there's never been a better time to nurture homegrown talent last year eighty five. and this year almost the. i think the.
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minister. and. facilities that. while the blockading countries aren't attending this year's international book fair many other nations are taking part that is a. direct effect on our books here. except in one way. a lot of. they have to do much better this year and terms of quantity and quality as new authors of published old invaluable manuscripts are digitized qatar's working hard to preserve its heritage and its relevance in an ever changing world so to hide out al-jazeera doha.
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again the top story is yemen's former president ali abdullah saleh says he's open to talks with saudi arabia to end the war at least forty people have died during infighting between forces loyal to him and who the rebels in son are the two sides had been battling the saudis and government forces together a list of these conditions for talks with assad led coalition. they need to lift the blockade and open the airport and allow food and medicine into the country will open a new page for them for dialogue what is happening in yemen is enough. the saudi foreign minister insists the coalition is looking at ways to increase the flow of humanitarian aid but he's urging the seas to stop fighting and join the political process. we hope that eventually they realize that this is not. and that they will make peace their yemeni citizens have every right to participate in the political process but you can't control the country not if you're fifty thousand and the country. this is where we are the u.s.
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senate has passed a bill to overhaul the tax system the first major changes in more than three decades it is a political victory for president donald trump the house of representatives has passed a separate version so now both chambers must agree on a final bill police in germany have used water cannon to disperse demonstrators in the city of hand over there protesting against the far right a.f.d. party which is meeting to elect a new leadership. security forces in honduras have been given extra powers to stop violence that followed a disputed election president one along the hernandez is now only ahead of position candidate salvador has claimed electoral fraud and called his supporters onto the streets police and soldiers are imposing a nighttime curfew for the next ten days pope francis has wrapped up his asian tour and he's on his way back to the vatican the head of the roman catholic church had
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been on a six day trip to bangladesh and meanwhile the international community hoped he'd address the six hundred twenty thousand rangar who fled violence in rakhine state but he didn't mention the ethnic minority until day five of his. those are the headlines the news continues but right now it is inside story. diplomatic chaos in just twenty four hours donald trump goes from threatening to destroy north korea to chipping away at the so-called special relationship with its closest ally the united kingdom is u.s. foreign policy now at a cross.


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