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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 6, 2017 1:00am-1:33am +03

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one hundred and fifty volunteers working for several walking busses teachers say it is working class attendance has improved the volunteers also are security guards. if you are in beijing looking out the pacific ocean you'd see american warships one mess was that somehow time is ending to a place america and going to run the world well the chinese are not that stupid these guys want to dominate a huge chunk of the planet this sounds like a preparation for our first president george washington said if you want peace prepare for war the coming war on china at this time and i just see it. president trump has to deliver his decision on moving the u.s. embassy in israel to jerusalem on wednesday the plan is met with condemnation across the arab wild.
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you know i maryam namazie in london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up two thirds of leaders are absent as the g.c.c. summit finishes without concrete progress on the gulf crisis. who thiessen a break in yemen's capital as the funeral of former president ali abdullah saleh is perspire and. the u.s. holocaust museums latest exhibition dedicated to remembering the victims of syria's civil war. top story this hour u.s. president has called the leaders of palestine jordan egypt and saudi arabia to inform them of his intention to move the u.s. embassy in israel from tel aviv to jerusalem donald trump's plan has been met with criticism across the board with the palestinian president mahmoud abbas saying it will have dangerous consequences and the saudi king warning it will inflame the
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feelings of muslims president trump will announce his decision on wednesday after a six month away but to delay the move expired israel claims that all of jerusalem is its united capital while east jerusalem is seen by palestinians as the capital of their future state well the white house press secretary says the president has made up his mind already on the embassy move i'm not going to get ahead of the president's remarks that he'll make tomorrow he did speak with a number of leaders this morning and he's going to continue to have conversations with relevant stakeholders but ultimately he'll make what he feels is the best decision for the united states the president i would say is pretty solid in his thinking at this point. passing president spokesman has reacted saying that trump's decision will be wholeheartedly rejected. our position the position of president problem this is very clear and if. the american embassy is going to be
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moved to jerusalem this is against the. this is this would be unacceptable for our son. if this happens it would complicate things. with an obstacle to the peace process maybe it will be the end of the peace process. back to from this. well the european union has also condemned these u.s. plans saying the status of jerusalem should be decided by israel and palestine through a peace process like hanna sent this update from the united nations. the most recent u.n. resolution about to rue slim came only last month the general assembly said that any israeli actions in east jerusalem must be regarded as null and void illegal because israel is an occupying power that resolution was passed by one
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hundred fifty one votes to six one of which was the united states with nine countries abstaining the secretary general is unwilling to comment on any possible plans for jerusalem the trump administration may have but his spokesman outlined what has been the un position on jerusalem for decades as a matter of principle the secretary general has said that he has consistently warned against any unilateral action that would have the potential to undermine the two state solution and we've always regarded jerusalem as a final status issue then or spirits of through direct negotiations between the two parties to be strong in security council resolutions many would argue there are two crucial un resolutions concerning israel and east jerusalem in particular the first resolution one eight one passed by the general assembly in one thousand nine
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hundred forty seven it eg knowledged the partition of palestine and recommended the creation of a jewish state alongside an arab state the second vitally important resolution passed by the security council in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven that was after the arab israeli war it called for the immediate withdrawal of all israeli forces from occupied territory during the obama years there were numerous resolutions once again all but one were vetoed that one back in december twenty sixth he said that the building of israeli settlements in occupied territory was illegal that was the only time the. the obama administration withheld a veto but with trump coming to power the veto is back again but to restate the un position very clear the israeli occupation of east jerusalem is illegal
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both in terms of un position and because it is a broaching of the geneva conventions it's illegal in international law. so she have a chance he joins us live now from washington d.c. and she have been all eyes on what the president will announce tomorrow what do we know about his upcoming declaration. we have very little formal information about the upcoming declaration both the state department spokesperson and the white house spokesperson repeated that line we had little earlier actually played that the white house spokesperson saying i'm not going to get ahead of the president's president's speech and that's what both they said at the state and the white house and they continue to say right now we are expecting a background briefing in the next half an hour so perhaps we'll get more details as to what to expect but i did lead to another question that was asked both that state and white house well we do know the president has spoken to several world leaders has any world leader except for the israelis given any support for this proposed
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declaration on wednesday the state to put the state department spokesperson said there had been a frank exchange of ideas with some of the leaders the president trumpet spoken to the white house spokesperson said. he's only spoken to five leaders that's hardly the world so you can't make any conclusions about international opinion on this decision but what we do know as far as the white house is concerned this is a campaign promise told that made this promise not just to immensely wealthy financial donors to his campaign like the last vegas casino magnate sheldon adelson but also to his kuharich stream right wing evangelical christian base they have always pushed for this move because they believe that when the the with of jesus were derived he would come back to earth unless jerusalem is under the complete control of a jewish authorities obviously when jesus does arrive jesus is going to make them convert to christianity and descend jews to eternal damnation which makes some more
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liberal evangelicals on easy but this is a cool belief of his fundamental base christian right wing evangelicals and he needs his base more than ever right now right so that explains what president has to gain from doing this right now what about what about people in washington who disagree with that base how much opposition is that it is set recognizing jerusalem as israel's capital. well let's begin with his administration we've had so much background briefing which has gone to the new york times and elsewhere that voices within the state department have counseled against this we have now already got the travel warnings that have been issued by embassies around the world not least in around the occupied territories americans shouldn't go into the occupied territories but also embassies around the world about the possibility of some sort of backlash clearly seasoned middle eastern experts in washington say oh well this is a terrible red line it shows that the u.s.
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is not an honest peace broker i mean arguably you could say well maybe this is refreshing honesty when was when was the last time the u.s. was a and honest peace broker president obama's mike hanna just. dating never never really crack down on the israelis in the u.s. in the u.n. for their their occupation of palestinian territories not least they say he supported all of the incursions into gaza which led to so much devastation and killing so maybe it's refreshing the allness but it certainly has shaken up that status quo in washington that well the u.s. is the honest broker and we shouldn't be doing this sort of thing but again the administration this is the most interesting of arguments i've heard from the administration well but this is really good for the peace process because it takes away the store the issue every six months the reason why the u.s. certifies this every six months is now in one thousand nine hundred five congress passed an act which said the embassy would be moved to jerusalem but every six months away but was allowed to not to prevent that from happening so that troubled ministration or some people say well look this takes away the store nation we can
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get on with the peace process but over the weekend this is my last point we did hear that the parameters of a peace deal being worked out by jared cushion of the middle east envoy and the saudis the saudis is not to give the palestinians any of jerusalem in a final peace deal so this does seem to chime with that and i thank you very much a habitat in washington. now quite as foreign ministers tell g.c.c. it is that the bloc remains crucial to regional stability but catherine. nations which sent heads of state to the summit in kuwait city were represented by ministers a deputy prime minister as the meeting and resolve the gulf crisis following the saudi weight falling saudi arabia bahrain and the u.a.e. cutting ties with cattle. reports from clay city. while the announcement that this year's gulf cooperation council summit would go ahead as
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planned in kuwait came as a surprise to many it also brought renewed hope for a diplomatic breakthrough that might in the gulf crisis upon his arrival in kuwait on tuesday but that is a mere shift i mean been hammered acehnese issued a statement expressing sincere gratitude toward kuwait's emir. and his wishes for the success of the current summit stressing that the current situation in the region required the council's members to band together against all odds and challenges but even before the summit officially kicked off the divisions were very much on display. first the united arab emirates announced it had formed a new economic and military partnership with saudi arabia that would be separate from the g.c.c. then saudi arabia the u.a.e. and decided not to send their respective leaders to kuwait it could be that it is embarrassing for some of the leadership of the country is the quartet work i think anthony has. to turn up. and therefore they sent
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a lower level but it could be that they're just wanted to have this. just to show that they actually still exist and this summit is going to take place but nothing else is going to have an which is a really disappointing in that case. in the end a summit that is usually slated for two days ended after only a few hours kuwait's emir said his country will continue mediating in the dispute or just so we're going to should be your recent months of seeing a lot of troubles but the wisdom of my brothers of the leaders of the gulf countries managed to calm things down and now meeting today will lead us to continue playing the role that will live up to the aspirations of our people in order to have certain mechanisms to sort out disputes with guarantees that will allow everyone to abide by these rules. added that the gulf has faced painful and
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negative developments over the past six months due to the rift. six months to the day says the beginning of the blockade against top of some here in kuwait say the fact the representatives of all member countries actually showed up means that this summit should ultimately be considered a success others however say that today's developments call into question the g.c.c. an institution which at its core is meant to highlight regional unity will be able to survive much longer and how much improvement does it oh wait. the funeral of ousted yemeni president ali abdullah saleh and son has been perspire and meanwhile his former hoofy allies who killed him on monday been holding a celebratory rally in the capital the u.n. is calm as it tries to arrange more aid deliveries for beleaguered civilians as n.p.r.'s tab explains. the killing of. has plunged yemen into even more uncertainty the ousted president would be in a dominant political force for over three decades was killed in an attack led by
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hooty fighters on monday had been in an alliance with the iranian backed rebels for more than two years and his death sparked intense fighting on the streets of the capital sanaa. the clashes were ongoing the entire night until the morning if someone stepped out into the street or fled they would have a bullet hit the mean the head chest or body. on tuesday thousands of who the supporters filled the streets of sanaa celebrating what they called the end of the crisis but yemen's challenges are far from over the saudi led coalition which supports the internationally recognized government led by up to rubble months or heidi has said it will still strike rebel targets and how to use urging yemenis to rise against the who these ladies. and i call upon all of you with an open heart and a strong will to turn the new page and to get rid of such a nightmare let's put our hands together to end the control of these criminal gangs
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and to build a new united yemen. and the who pushed out how these government in january two thousand and fifteen and set up their own administration prompting the saudi led campaign against them since then the country has been split between the who the rebels in the north adi's administration in the south and forces loyal to saleh. his death could mark a turning point and the conflict getting worse a conflict which has already killed nearly ten thousand people yemen to the brink of mass starvation and triggered what the united nations has called the world's worst humanitarian crisis we're mired all parties to the conflict that deliberate attacks against civilians and against civilian and medical infrastructure or clear violations of international humanitarian law and may constitute war crimes. a former military officer became president of north yemen in one thousand nine hundred seventy eight after a coup and in one nine hundred ninety when the north and south reunited he was
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elected as the first president of the newly unified country he was ousted in two thousand and twelve during the arab spring uprising that managed to stay in the country and wielded considerable power behind the scenes solid ones like in his involvement in yemeni politics is dancing on the head of snakes and while it's not yet clear who will succeed him or what his death will mean for the fighting on the ground or the future of yemen one thing appears certain is nearly three year war is unlikely to come to an end anytime soon n.p.r.'s time al-jazeera. which want to tell you about the program. hariri withdraws his resignation drawing a line under a month long political crisis. and we look at the decades long military rivalry between india and pakistan in the latest in our series on ballots .
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hello there heavy rain is sliding its way down the eastern parts of australia at the moment it shows up very clearly on the satellite picture it's this area of cloud here and it's gradually drifting its way southwards it has given us some very heavy downpours we've even seen some flooding out of this system and slowly it's now beginning to pull away towards the south so forth in brisbane it should be a dry abroad today there on wednesday brightening up too in sydney the temperatures getting a little bit higher there as we head into thursday this time twenty seven and that final weather or so spreading down towards melbourne as well for us in tasmania though still looking unsettled as we head into thursday for the west fine force in perth twenty five degrees will be the top temperature here and there's also plenty of fine weather to be found across new zealand as well you can see the cloud it's trying to make its way across us but we've got an area of high pressure that sitting over the top of us and that's ensuring that for most of us it's fine unsettled with no major problems with our weather even as we head into thursday as
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we head further north for many of us across the northern parts of asia the weather is quite quiet at the moment too but for some of us particularly along the western coast of japan there will be more in the way of cloud in the cloud we're bringing a few outbreaks of rain and some snow as well that is stays fairly unsettled here even as we head through the day on thursday tokyo should be in the sunshine and the temperature at thirty. a daring road trip across west africa on a mission to redefine a continent too often misrepresented. the weapon of choice digital cameras. it was sold one of the new african for drug uphill takes on the rainy season on the east quest for the perfect even as story of creative got the rather invisible
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bodice this time on al-jazeera. watching al-jazeera let's look at stories making headlines now the u.s. president has called the leaders of palestine jordan egypt and saudi arabia to inform them of his intention to move u.s. embassy in israel from tel aviv to jerusalem the call has been met with criticism across the board with the palestinian president mahmoud abbas saying it will have dangerous consequences. foreign ministers told g.c.c. leaders that the bloc remains crucial to regional stability but the cattle were the only heads of state to attend the summit in quite city. and the funeral of yemeni
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president ali abdullah saleh has been postponed meanwhile his former who's the allies who killed him on monday have been holding a celebratory rally in the capital. well now the lebanese prime minister saad hariri has withdrawn his resignation after talks with opposition leaders harry reid's shock announcement while visiting riyadh last month spot political upheaval in the country and harder brings us reaction now from beirut. sato heidi because the political crisis early in november when he suddenly resigned while in the saudi arabian capital riyadh he has now decided to stay on as prime minister he made the announcement after rival politicians renewed their commitment to lebanon's policy of staying out of regional conflicts the agreement was reaffirmed by cabinet after it met for the first time since the crisis. all groups in the lebanese government are committed to disassociate themselves from regional conflicts and wars of the
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internal affairs of. so that we preserve our economic and political relations with arab countries. how did say the main reason for his resignation was hezbollah's meddling in arab affairs he later said he would consider withdrawing his resignation if the iran. allied groups stopped intervening in conflicts beyond lebanon's borders. hezbollah has recently made changes and its political stance has starting with has been lost secretary general. who for the first time hinted has been laws to withdrawal from syria and this means that they will stick to their disassociation policy he also noted that hezbollah denied being involved in the. hezbollah has sent thousands of fighters to neighboring syria to support the government there it has also sent commanders and advisers to iraq but it did nice militarily backing the who both in the. resignation were seen as a saudi move against iran's ally in lebanon hezbollah wanted to undermine iranian
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influence here topple a government that considered too close to iran and prevent hezbollah from taking part in the government none of that happened hezbollah still part of the government and its political opponents including heidi have agreed not to discuss the divisive issue of the group's huge arsenal how did his relationship with hezbollah has largely determined lebanese politics their relationship now is one of cooperation returning to a power sharing agreement that was briefly disrupted during how to attempt to resign said a. beirut. well on sunday this year's nobel peace prize will be handed to the international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons oh i can in the days leading up to this armenian although we're looking at the nucleus status of a number of countries the rivalry between india and pakistan has been in place since the split that created two separate nations in one thousand nine hundred
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eighty seven and already violent conflict went nuclear in the one nine hundred seventy s. and both countries tested atomic bombs they've been developing new military technology to gain strategic advantage in the region ever since including all those same bus driving reports from islamic us. the might of pakistan's military on display the kind of hardware any potential aggressor would have to face including short range tactical nuclear missiles for use in battlefield situations more likely to be used in the simmering in conflict than traditional nuclear weapons observers worry they mean pakistan as part of its defensive strategy may someday strike first and as india pakistan and neighboring china rush to modernize their nuclear arsenals this is the kind of celebration of the tools of war that could be the beginning of a second nuclear arms race this one in asia.
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for just paul is an expert on pakistan's nuclear program he says smaller countries have learned their nuclear lessons from bigger ones americans are locked in to use the nuclear weapons against north korea because north korea has a nuclear weapon a nuclear weapon is the tension of preventing the nuclear blackmail for preventing a nuclear strike edition to it if the state is using like the force multiplier to be to gap between the india and pakistan in a conventional arsinoe definitely nuclear the better useful pakistan began developing its nuclear program largely because it did not enjoy the promise of support from countries that already had nuclear arsenals for the next generation it's as important today as it was in one thousand. seventy one when the program began it is very critical for pakistan's security and we cannot deny the five doctors how we are present in the whole world that is how we are important for the great poverty is why the country was. strategically important and secondly our new
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. unfortunate. security is for foremost concerns of course. because if we are secure for research life then then we have to think about other things at stake we cannot think about other things for pakistan's future leaders the nuclear weapons program may be a deterrent against the existential threat that is by india but for pakistan's future followers regular working men and women their biggest concern is not india it's feeding their families. this human rights campaigner and father of five says the prevailing fear of india is exaggerated and tensions will never come to nuclear blows you know you're probably going to melt the top oh this is drama this is propaganda whenever politicians come to power they create drama to get money out of their countries indian people live in pasha what we should look in india at how many pakistanis live in india this is all propaganda or do i wish for as an
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international committee to be informed to address this issue and put an end to all this drama. his wife is an educator and says continuously committing resources to weapons of war makes it nearly impossible to create the space needed for dialogue. guns and these weapons are not the solution for the country over progress what we should do is give more attention to education and whatever funds are going towards terrorism and bombs we should put these towards education. everyone we spoke to said south asia without the need for nuclear deterrence is a good idea but no one thought they would see it in their lifetimes and while having nuclear weapons and using them are two different things some worry so many in one place would lead to nuclear bombs being used as more than just political tools. zero islam about. the u.s. holocaust memorial museum has two missions to teach people about the nazis campaign
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to wipe out european jews during world war two and to warn them of modern day attempts at ethnic cleansing its latest exhibition focuses on the atrocities being committed inside syria rosen jordan takes a look if life is revealed in details these scraps of cloth lists those of eighty two men who were held in a secret military prison in syria five years ago they are now on display at the u.s. holocaust memorial museum in washington. over the loudspeakers a man reads the names of the prisoners the man he had suffered alongside for the better part of a year it's the least the human rights activist mansour omari says he could do i must come from. syria. the story you will see inside is the story that was hidden underground in damascus. omari says the military tortured him and other men for opposing president bashar al assad and they knew their families
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had no idea what had happened to them so the plan write their names using a mixture of blood and rust on pieces of a shirt and try to get them to the all side world when the military released omar he did just that and then he called the families of the other prisoners they do know any news about their sons and it was the first time they knew anything mothers cry and it was also very hard work for me contacting mothers to meet them with their sons museum officials learned of omar exactions thanks to filmmaker sar off sharks who had made a film about syria's disappeared what really struck us about months or story was. how courageous the plan was to actually document these names in detention museums typically catalogue what happened in the past long ago but this new exhibition focuses on people who may still be alive as we speak people being
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detained arbitrarily by the assad regime wrecking one of the curators says the exhibit is a call to action it's all the more important for an institution like ours in a capital like washington d.c. to speak up and say these crimes are happening and really to shine a light on on both on the victims but also on ourselves the name of the exhibition please don't forget us both and to the whole cost museum's mission and a call to visitors to remember the people of syria as monsoreau mari has done. for most of my promise to my colleagues. or you have to go out the world you don't want to go to school. rosalynn jordan al-jazeera washington three men in malta have been charged with the murder of a leading investigative journalist karunya glitzier whose reporting focused heavily on corruption only e.u.
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island nation was killed in a car bombing in october seven more suspects are still being questioned the russian olympic team has been banned from next five be reason winter olympics in the south korean city of chang for doping offenses russian athletes will still be able to compete individually if they can prove that claim. a tanzanian artist has become the first black woman to win britain's most prestigious also want the turner prize sixty three year old lorraine ahem it is the was also the oldest person to receive the honor the judges praised him its pottery work is uncompromising in tackling issues including colonial history and the persistence of racism as a zanzibar born artist who lives in the north of england or received thirty three thousand dollars. but look at the top stories for you now the u.s. president has called the leaders of palestine jordan egypt and saudi arabia to
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inform them of his intention to move the u.s. embassy in israel from tel aviv to jerusalem donald trump's plan has been met with criticism across the board with the palestinian president mahmoud abbas saying it will have dangerous consequences and the saudi king warning it will inflame the feelings of muslims president john will announce his decision on wednesday after a six month waiver to delay the move expired israel claims all of jerusalem as its united capital while east jerusalem is seen by palestinians as the capital of their future state or the white house spokeswoman says the president has made up his mind . i'm not going to get ahead of the president's remarks that he'll make tomorrow he did speak with a number of leaders this morning and he's going to continue to have conversations with relevant stakeholders but ultimately he'll make what he feels is the best decision for the united states the president i would say is pretty solid in his thinking at this point and the other headlines quite foreign ministers told g.c.c.
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leaders that the bloc remains crucial to regional stability in me as if kuwait and council were the only had to stay to attend the summit in quezon city and meeting aimed to resolve the regional dispute which began when saudi arabia bahrain and the u.a.e. cut ties with castle in june the funeral of ousted yemeni president ali abdullah saleh and son has been postponed so it was killed on monday after five days of fighting with iran back to see the rebels crowds of whom few supporters have been rallying in the capital to celebrate the group's takeover and sourness death lebanese prime minister saad hariri has withdrawn his resignation drawing a line under a month long political crisis triggered by his shock announcement in saudi arabia lebanese cabinet has held its first meeting and reaffirmed the country's official policy of dissociation or remaining neutral in regional conflict
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and the russian olympic team has been banned from next february as winter olympics in the south korean city of young chang for doping offenses russian athletes will still be able to compete individually if they can prove they are claim. artscape is next that's it for myself in the team in london more news coming up. the international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons has been awarded the nobel peace prize in an exclusive interview with the winning delegation from the award ceremony in oslo al jazeera asks whether banning these devastating weapons could finally lead to complete disarmament on al-jazeera. twenty first century africa a continent undergoing great change and finally seizing control of it. but it's been a long but all that years ago photography was a colonial too good to have a guy without a trace.


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