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al-jazeera where ever you are. that's what you'll get i'll try very hard to shooting people are not a potential to harm themselves and their other countries have managed to solve this problem but you worry that this conflict could erupt into an outright open war that's of the general security issue where the people who pay the price clearly their writeup being prejudiced setting the stage for a serious debate abstract at this time on al-jazeera. it is time to officially recognize jerusalem as the capital
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of israel. us president donald trump declares jerusalem as the capital of israel ignore the widespread global criticism and longstanding international agreements. and i've heard it is you know this is a reward to israel and a further encourages the occupation of the state of palestine and the palestinian president condemns the u.s. decision saying it undermines peace efforts. a lot of the robin you're watching officer live my headquarters here in doha also coming up wildfires raging california forcing thousands from the homes of the state's worst ever fire season. plus germany offers cash to asylum seekers if they leave by february attempting to get them to drop their hopes for sanctuary in europe.
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welcome to the program the u.s. can no longer play a role as a mediator in the israeli palestinian conflict that's the message of palestinian leaders after donald trump ignored global opposition to formally recognizing jerusalem as israel's capital a general strike has been called in the occupied palestinian territories in protest and leaders there have called for three days of rage how the force that begins our coverage from occupied east jerusalem. this announcement had been trailed for days now it was up to donald trump to make the case that a wildly controversial move opposed by the palestinians arab states and most of the international community can advance the peace process it would be folly to assume that repeating the exact same formula would now produce a different or better result therefore i have determined. that it is time to officially recognize jerusalem as the capital
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of israel trump said he was directing the state department to begin preparations to move the u.s. embassy to jerusalem from tel aviv talk of architects and engineers confirming earlier suggestions that this would be a matter of years not days we are not taking a position of any final status issues including the specific boundaries of the israeli sovereignty in jerusalem or the resolution of contested borders before made this speech white house officials were trying to frame it saying that it didn't define the final status of jerusalem that could still be negotiated between israelis and palestinians in a two state solution if that is what both parties still wanted for the palestinians this is the united states definitively taking sides in this conflict in a prerecorded message the palestinian president said trump was merely encouraging continued occupation had. these denounce and rejected measures create deliberate
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constraints to all of the efforts towards realizing peace and reflect the united states withdrawal from practicing its role as a peace radio to report that by going straight over to the gaza strip a national here the head of hamas is speaking now let's listen in to what he has to say about the world's decision to move. to the status of jerusalem in that critical point in the history of our senior issue and the call of the issue is drizzling at a critical point in the history of the arab and muslim nations following the provocative decision. that the decision. by the us administration. got that off in. the set list ration has claimed that i'll see malingerers
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a limit is the capital of the so called zionist state. i'm here today. and i don't want to talk about the consequences of this decision in my heart and with all the threats that will follow. and the dimensions of this decision i had this. be he is a thing that a lot of put this since i haven't really spoken about a lot of analysts i've spoken up our officials and none officially but. here and in the name of hamas. and. all of the palestinians. we need to talk. in a very direct lovely way clear way. to face this and let
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the decision that you have got has i meant that and so yes of a political era and the start of a new political era. i'm here and then that becomes to remember their lives sort. of the uprising. that he has started many in the nineteen eighty seven autumn. this decision this is how this provocative decision came alongside with this. as if and i shall last. i don't know who is the man witnessing and see. the palestinian people gone frocks landing from meeting
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these challenges. through uprising. flew resistance through a lot of situations all and the last line of put a stop in and on pillar of our religion. this lets the uprising happened with a dollar so critical situation and complicated situation. the situation of the time was similar to the situation to the challenges to the circumstances but the palestinian people as proof that we have to. go along if you like he threw one uprising will be the way another face of the occupation it is now i shop here is
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a. deal brothers and sons and daughters of the palestinian people of this slavic nation the arab nation. and risen him as the first good blood. is the crowd of jesus one. juror is a limb. was also the clear image of the emmet judge. of the challenges the lines up against just as a limb. saying this long time ago. says the crusades. and till. that trump the decision of. resident has been all it was under threat. and tourism has been or was
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the sport where victory is revolutions but uprisings have taken place no uprising. in the modern age and. no uprising in the region starting from anywhere except terrorism that's why we will continue like this we would stay like this that's why. not and we had here are going to be now facing this new situation this new political era this the size of the political era as a result of this decision. we are. asked what i thought. procedures luddites like to have policy has to have one i just tried to gee i know of a phase out of this i knew a lot against terrorism and according to study clearly had
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a are you willing to say that i'm not this blind. bias. from the us administration i don't push those designers to enemy this is your. coalition that decides on its own and cannot put the fate of the future of jerusalem the status of jerusalem this says see it day it's. clear in their speech this isis it dates. clear you acted to everyone today i'm stressing that jerusalem is a unified no is jerusalem no west jerusalem there is a limit is a palestinian arab muslim city and it is the capital city of palestine old palestine today i'm saying here that the
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last time in a.z. unified you know it on the sea to the river to unify it but it's lie in that land will no never be divided into three is all to end to. the star in what is ours. is a limb and all jerusalem is ours and we don't treat goodnight is now would you argue a patient is really feel has no place on the palestinian territories israel has no place on the palestinian territories so i still have a capital now and i had to head in front of this challenge to our for. the links i want his straight to our doctrine to our present and to our future we really stress again that in the recognition
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of the occupation on the palestinian territories palestine the whole of part of styrene is ours is ours we the palestinians we the arabs and we the muslims resident is you if i want to be we did my dogs we will not repeat it now is is president and west jerusalem yeah there is a limb is your name my eight hours for the palestinian people and the other think. we are. we are and we stress yeah that then says city of rearranging them had lived apart as teen years situation to confront this dangerous that we had lost and to put priorities clearly to face that brubaker's of decision that.
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decision on top of the rearrangements that comes to the day that declaration now and i think leader way that the so. peace process highs that gun for one c four. and we don't hide something cold. and the peace process with the palestinian people is not god there is no something with the sentry or the house and three dean. telling my brothers in the palestinian authority that the situation or hand should be nearly lead with out any appreciation or ambiguity is not what we. when you go out of them or slow dark tunnel like. we have lived. and suffered pain and suffering say through the last little tunnel
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that the enemy has be given the right to be shot to just plain build settlements. we need to do in this when it's full blown. arrangements but all it is to do is to go out. of the old school tunnel so no no no no settlement the peace process not god has not been existed talk about all of this decision i make a slow has killed the settlement process and the from header for the palestinians and their partners leader no thought o.j. has. got the national guard at the historic responsibility to declare that it has nothing to do with this fair
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agreement. to lead to rearrange the palestinian scene we need to go quickly. to reach the palestinian reconsideration and the palestinian national unity and we have to overcome. that period of putting an end to the division would have to go quickly and very quickly to rearrange the frames of the palestinian leadership. to have the strategy to confront. your patient of the u.s. administration and the us administration policies in the side of the palestinian territories from head out we stress. that insisted. having a comprehensive as to union meeting. whether by the senior leaders
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will participate the general secretary is also will cost dissipate in old at the study where the current situation and two i agree upon this do union policy to be adopted in the future we have the framework of the leadership of the p.l.o. and i don't believe that remote of leadership of the p.l.o. yes let's invite these from what i can offer let's meet in any of the arab capitals in cairo or elsewhere what do you think about urgently this is quite simple turn i mean is then the third thing in the ransom an act is we need to stress this desire on this part to say something bolted by america will never be phased out let's say for them we have unless i'm not surprising again is the occupation problem none of the resisting will to the occupation again is this
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occupation a popular uprising like the one made by. time religious recently in journalism lives. than those of not in the in the dust and they went to iraq some lost say you know i love what i had to handle this is the situation of the kids of the jerusalem. with the gates now what about the palestinian people the whole and palestinian people and the families of the brothers in the west bank and drizzling jerusalem is now being kidnapped and hijacked from its arab and muslim environment today. we've gone and we will work and we have to work to have an uprising
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to face the occupation with a scientist occupation software to do we don't have compromises now there is no space or our political compromises we have to go beyond the limits we need to go beyond the limits the palestinians have to go beyond the limits to express their anger and to add here and a bye to the riots in jerusalem and in the whole of part of story log number four. in when it comes to the regiment of the palestinian scene aid is what we have quickly and quickly to lessen the burden on the palestinian people who we need. now are going to the day before tomorrow the decision to lift the sanctions on on the gaza strip and to stop the cooperation and security
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of gold the nation with the occupation in the west to me back to when parts of this country. the west bank the wounded at the end the people of palestine not. face and resist with i would suppose that's why i don't you know you call today. to lift the siege of the guys second hand. strip and to put an end to all the sanctions that. have represented the burden on families in gaza either corn stalks all types of security called addition to the enemy. with the occupation in the west back and the palestinian government has to work properly in guys that be on the west. barry and we have to add a bit of that resistance in the west bank you know what i would do if faced and to
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react that's why this is brought to look at the decision of you know the u.s. decision isn't that great shouldn't it is that the clay should of the will. and. best of the muslim and the christian and noble triremes in the heart of the story and it's jerusalem. this is this is a city i don't know yet you know we need to rearrange our priorities and we couldn't siddha when one sunday about the policy you can see in the stede i'm going to show it is national liberation issue we are now lost that big one when i understand that we are not beginning monday i thought that someone will be living a delusion if he thinks that the palestinian people who have something to hide got
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out of food thousands of thousands did martyrs and the president was why him and many others would believe they could lose their job the one who thinks that these people when to surrender when to sell rather not know will never surrender to this what the solution the people of the brave. i'm great. a bill to even you who is his rights to take his rights. i mean because that decision had. a. posing things on our policy in yemen people that's why it's now it's time playing it close and i want people in the stadium people is able and capable to impose these things i'm supposed to by the arab and muslim nations but i don't
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also i mean we have stress. in front of this decision that is i think grisha looks only on us i suppose tedious but also on the arab and muslim papers and the free peoples of the world today. arab and muslim countries to start. to stand firm for the sake of the law and for the sake of journalism that is that has been liberated by the khalifa almost of the qatar liberated by someone had deed. the companions of the prophets and then will jack the deeds and the leaders like out of the cauldron so you need all have gone through the process of protecting the resolution of the martyrs and the leaders of our people go oh yeah what.
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to stop. that come from that taken place in the region what so ever the reasons are today we are not. to blame. and we have no frontin strategic challenge that threatens our existence and our pristine as a. when you're watching al-jazeera and speaking of your screen is the head of hamas the political group that controls garzon but now is in a unity government with the fattest part of the palestinian authority reacting to president donald trump's decision to officially announce that jerusalem is the capital of israel of course that news breaking over the last twelve hours let's just bring in bernard smith who's in garza city our
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correspondent there listening to events gauging the mood as well some very clear points here. made talking about a unified jerusalem they did not recognize a store west fighting talk really but very diplomatic fighting talk bernard there from a man who is trying to you might say rally the palestinian psyche behind what he thinks is still a just cause. well so yes i mean i was saying that all palestinian factions need to come together to have a unified strategy to face this declaration of the americans recognizing jerusalem as the capital of israel but it's very interesting it shows just how much pressure mahmoud abbas the palestinian authority is after trump's announcement here then he said himself will go out of the oslo darkness we've suffered through the darkness of the oslo time on this reference to the oslo peace accord and in the twenty five
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or so years since then the on off peace talks that have been going on between the israelis and the palestinians brokered by the americans and the effective end in the palestinian eyes all of those american brokered peace talks because donald trump in their view has taken israel's side the palestinian authority who's. been behind. sticking with the americans brokering these peace talks and there was criticism of the. air said the p.a. has forgotten its historical responsibilities that it has something to do with this he's blaming he's blaming the p.a. for the situation they're in today saying that this peace talks over the last on off talks of the last twenty five years so i've got them nowhere and there's time the time now is to do something else and this is what i hear is calling for this is an indication of why there's so much pressure on the palestinian leadership after
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trump's announcement in fact we're expecting the palestinian prime minister. here later today he was due here anyway over the reconciliation talks going on between. hamas and the p.a. to unify gars under the control of the p.a. he was here anyway but we expect him to make reference to what happened in the united states yesterday so of course a burning issue here of course urging all palestinian factions to to sit down to find a common policy and of course a common policy is often in conjunction or discussed with regional players cairo riyadh amman and they have all condemned what was said by president trouble wonders how those dynamics are going to work you've been covering the area for some time now. is there is there an opportunity here that should be grasped. well you heard her near also say that he called on the arab countries to put aside their differences just put aside the other arguments they are having to use water
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as happened over night or what donald trump or said about calling jerusalem the capital of israel to use that to unify to have a unified policy against what donald trump aside and he's called on these arab countries to get behind the palestinians and that is what an ear is hoping they will do yes. what trump said has been universally condemned not just by arab leaders but by countries across the globe but there is the has been a lot of infighting differences between our countries gulf countries over how they should deal with the palestinian issue they have not often been unified on it now and here is saying now we should be unified we should have a unified approach so well we'll leave it there for now burnage of course i will come back to more reaction on what is man he has had to say from those in gaza city thank you bennett well palestinians and israelis in jerusalem have been speaking
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out about president trying to decision. the whole of. the palestinian not only america not only is. my feeling so. this is. now. getting even. jerusalem was always the capital of israel and israel didn't need for recognition for it to be the capital however i think it's awesome that a country as powerful as the united states and as close to israel as united states taking that step and recognizing the capital and have some reactions from people in new york who express their concerns about tribes you know decision. i guess it's just a little troubling that he would choose to do something that the rest of the world
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has chosen not to do. it seems all divisive and i don't understand what purpose it would serve other than to make other people angry really terrified byard i you know i'd like to understand better what his not that it matters what his motivation is behind it. i'm really scared of what's going to happen really. my biggest you know that something terrible is going to happen i think it's ridiculous i think that it negates all the efforts to achieve middle east peace that have been worked on for the past forty years it's just it's a stupid stupid idea we'll find out pretty soon i know a lot of people in new york are against it but everybody seems to march against him i don't the standard no matter what he does. well french president about all my corps is in qatar to finalize major transport and military contacts now he's visited daid air base where he met french soldiers stationed there and in the
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coming hours he'll be central to meet qatar's amir then having a party and hold a joint press conference. at the. only portion of your mission here is important because it will allow us in the next few months to successfully win the war against eisel in iraq and syria we're convinced that this victory is possible for you and that it is only possible and successful tomorrow through your commitment over the last few years french presence on this base and throughout the region is our contribution to the international coalition it's a decisive element in this fight that we shall win now australia's parliament has voted to allow same sex marriage across the nation. cheers and applause broke out as ministers voted in favor of a bill that paves the way for gay and lesbian couples to tie the knot it comes three weeks after australia voted overwhelmingly to legalize same sex marriage in a two month national postal serving.
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you're watching al-jazeera i'm still robin these are our top stories the u.s. president has defied widespread international opposition and is said he's recognizing jerusalem as israel's capital he also plans to move the american embassy there. and palestinian factions are calling for a general strike and three days of rage and games trumps decision to mass which dominates the gaza strip has called decision an act of aggression arabs and muslims to shun israel and the u.s. . now the french president is in qatar to finalize major transporter and military contracts of icons already met to french soldiers stationed in dade which is the largest u.s. air base in the middle east and they settled to meet the emir of qatar before speaking to reporters. at the bottom but only. your mission
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here is important because it will allow us in the next few months to successfully win the war against eisel in iraq and syria we're convinced that this victory is possible for you and that it is only possible and successful tomorrow through your commitment over the last few years french presence on this base and throughout the region is our contribution to the international coalition it's a decisive element in this fight that we shall win in the poll polls opened of the second phase of parliamentary and regional elections they're considered to be the final step in the transition to a federal democracy voters say they want their new leaders to focus on rebuilding with millions of survivors of the earthquake disaster two and a half years ago still living in temporary housing. more than twelve thousand homes are under threat from wildfires in southern california two hundred thousand people have told to leave their homes as a fire is now into the heart of los angeles the flames are being fanned by hot dry
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winds which are forecast to last all week and of course you could follow all of the stories that we're covering cause our top story is that reaction fallout from president tops decision to name drucilla israel's capital more on that as the day progresses here on al-jazeera do stay with us the stream is next. but the message is a simplistic and misinformation is rife the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narrative at this time on al-jazeera. ok and you're in a strange how do you envision. program says that we. humanize god and our brain is actually hard.


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