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right. zero. where. the international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons has been awarded the nobel peace prize in an exclusive interview with the winning delegation from the award ceremony in oslo al jazeera asks whether banning these devastating weapons could finally lead to complete disarmament on al-jazeera.
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and i from syria through t.v. here at al-jazeera headquarters in doha i'm fully back to go welcome to the news grid fighting talk from palestinian leaders a day after the u.s. of fish we recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel hamas is calling for a new intifada or uprising have been protests and clashes in the occupied west bank around the world widespread condemnation of the movie including from traditional american allies we had extensive coverage on the news break with live reports from gaza the west bank jerusalem and washington also on the bridge president and on made some historic visit to mainland greece a first. in sixty five years with talks focusing on the refugee crisis in europe we'll tell you about a scheme the german government has put in place to get asylum seekers to go back home and homes of the rich and famous in the sun just under threat as raging wildfires continue to burn in what is becoming the worst fire season in the history of california firefighters are working around the clock to battle the fast moving
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flames we have an update on the situation on the ground. now. helen homage is a are a million tweets about jerusalem online to monitor all the latest developments and reaction so connected us recent a hash tag aging is great. i am with you know with the news great live on air and streaming online for you tube facebook live and at al-jazeera dot com thank you for joining us from gaza to islam about paris to moscow there's been widespread condemnation iran the world of u.s. president donald trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital on a senior leaders have called it a declaration of war and say the us can no longer play the role of mediator in the israeli palestinian conflict there in protests across the palestinian territories in bethlehem in the occupied west bank demonstrators were met with israeli gas and water cannon on
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a seniors have been urged to modernize for three days of rage starting on friday and a general strike has also been called in the occupied territories and the political reaction has also been swift ten strong in gaza hamas as leader is my honey and has called for a new intifada or uprising against israeli occupation traditional u.s. allies like france and the u.k. has said they do not support the u.s. decision on jerusalem the u.n. security council will meet on friday after eight of the fifteen member nations called for an emergency session the arab league is also due to meet on saturday but israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu has been celebrating saying the american decision is an important step towards peace and that he hopes will countries will follow suit we begin our coverage with a reminder of what president trump announced and some of the reactions. i have determined that it is time to officially recognize jerusalem
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as the capital of israel. well previous presidents have made this a major campaign promise they failed to deliver today i am delivering i've judged this course of action to be in the best interests of the united states of america and the pursuit of peace between israel and the palestinians. in this moment of great anxiety i want to make it clear there is no alternative to the two state solution there is no plan b. if he's only by realizing the vision of two states living side by side in peace security and recognition we jerusalem as the capital of israel and palestine and all final start to issues resolved permanently soon negotiations that the legitimate aspirations of both peoples will be achieved.
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my palestinian people we are going through very difficult times after the decision made by the u.s. administration regarding jerusalem they have chosen to contradict all international resolutions and ignore all international positions which have been expressed by many other countries and leaders over the last few days all the efforts towards peace have been ignored this is a reward to israel and for encourages the occupation of the state of palestine. we should call for and we should work on launching an interrupt thought that in the face of the zionist enemy today there will be half solution and narrow options let the palestinian people unleash to express their anger and their commitment to their eternal right in jerusalem and all of palestine. well we have reporters in all the
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key locations monitoring the latest developments can be hulk it is in washington d.c. but it smith is in gaza have a faucet in all. but we begin with honda abdel-hamid who's live for us in ramallah in the occupied west bank this is a decision that has incensed honest opinions in a ready we've seen violent scenes on the streets of ramallah today in the occupied territories as well tell us about what happened today and the atmosphere in the occupied territories after this controversial decision by the u.s. . certainly there's a very gloomy atmosphere ever since that announcement was made when you speak to people that they tell you that the words that come up anger frustration disappointment and also a sense of betrayal people tell you that for the last twenty years. all these negotiations have basically gone to waste and it's now time for the palestinians to find some new avenues to achieve their goal and
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a national aspiration now you can feel that anger especially among the youth across the occupied west bank they were quite intense confrontations between the use and the israeli army actually this really military had announced that it had deployed several battalions as reinforcements are occupied west bank expecting that they would be. scenes. of violence now here in not very far from where i'm standing now says subsided because it's dark there were for several hours intense confrontations ongoing that israelis have fired rubber bullets and tear gas they also have fired. at the bird but when you look at them these are very young people people who are born in the shadows of the agreement they were told ever since they were young people that they would get at some point their national aspirations now what they regard really as the heart of
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a listing in state jerusalem seems to be slipping away and what they say is that we don't care about what president announce we still regard jerusalem as the capital our future state and we're not going to back off or be intimidated and that was very much reflected. they were chanting right there was also a lot of anger for example saudi arabia many of the young people were saying that they because of that friendship between saudi arabia and that actually does step has been taken. mahmoud abbas the palestinian authority president. is in no doubt a i mean a lot of pressure right now after this decision hamas as leader we heard earlier today blame the fault for the situation that the palestinians find themselves in today do you have a sense you get a sense that we're going to see some concrete action from the palestinian authority what are they going to do politically about this decision.
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well certainly president mahmoud abbas is now under a lot of pressure and war eyes are on him but you do get a sense really that all the palestinian factions now will have to show a united front despite their political disagreements is bite their bickering when it comes to jerusalem they all agree that it has to be but it has to be part of a future palestinian state and that was very much reflected i would say in the protests today usually you would see all the flags of the various factions today you see you so by and large only palestinian flags many wanted to show that there was a message of unity not only among the faction but also among muslim and christian palestinians now president mahmoud abbas gave his speech yesterday he said that at this point the u.s. has no role as a broker in any peace negotiations if they eventually kick start at some point again but on the other hand i think people are expecting more from him for example
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do you merican vice president is supposed to come here later this month you would hear people who would tell you well president mahmoud abbas should not meet him should snow him actually should act some are going as far as saying that they should cut relations for the u.s. that might be a bit farfetched but this is just to give you an indication about how much pressure he is under from the palestinians who want to see him take a decisive act somehow and very soon thank you very much for that. in the occupied west bank go to harry fawcett who is damascus date in occupied east jerusalem there were protests in the area where you are harry and we had a statement also today from the israeli military saying that they would be reinforcing their troops in the occupied west bank putting additional forces on standby just how explosive a situation facing right now the mood where you are. well here there has been
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sort of ongoing relatively small scale protests throughout the day in the square behind me just outside damascus gate just in the last couple of minutes actually a lot of people have left there was a moment of tension and some ultra orthodox jews came out of the gate and they whistled and cheered at the security forces took a slightly more obvious posture and in the last few minutes that the situation as largely been dissipated but as i say there were protests throughout the day there were some scuffles the police forces were trying to isolate certain images break up the crowds especially when they were trying to unfurl palestinian flags we spoke to the israeli police spokesman and he was saying that as far as jerusalem went today there was no perceived need for reinforcements they had no indications of that requirement but there would be an assessment made tonight over what might be required tomorrow friday during friday prayers when activists we spoke to said
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tomorrow would be the big wave right sorry a question here from one of all of us and i think it's important that we retreat and say why this is such a controversial issue of you here from slauson on to says i'm still confused about this jerusalem issue why do palestinian claim it as the capital of the if you just state. well jerusalem is the third house is the third holiest site in islam the al aqsa mosque compound the dome of the rock the primary that is a key part of the palestinian identity the muslim identity here as well but also palestinian christians that the minority of them who live here really value this as a city of equal rights for all three faiths all three religions and the palestinians as a national entity see it as vital the jerusalem is the capital of its future state that is what so much has been based on since i was alone in the last twenty three
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years that the jerusalem would be shared divided somehow solved in that in a way that would allow it to be. the cat the capital of a palestinian state and for donald trump to make this announcement to say that as far as he is really concerned israel it is the israeli capital and not just that the emotive language that he used about how the israeli identity here the that he said it would went back thousands of years in jewish history as the capital it was the heart of one of the most thriving democracies of the world all of this was entirely weighted on the israeli side of the equation he did say that its final status he wasn't prejudging other dying would have to be negotiated according to the both sides but there was no equivalent sort of emotional resonance as far as palestinians are concerned and they're terrified that it's really the precursor to losing jerusalem thank you very much for that hairy hairy sausage you know east jerusalem now over to gaza and ben is bed we heard fighting talk from hamas is
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easier is my honey earlier today and he's been calling for a new intifada in fact a new uprising against the israeli occupation will palestinians he that call. well have been sporadic protests around gaza certainly today nothing on a normal very low. scale of course the opportunity of palestinians in gaza to be involved in direct confrontation with israelis is much less here with israeli security forces because gaza is essentially walled in nevertheless the have been reports that some palestinian protesters of walked up to fence as areas and thrown stones of israeli security forces on the other side of those fences and some people have been wounded by some to a gas and returned fire but not on a similar scale as to some of the incidents we've seen in the occupied west bank it's also important to point out that the political leaders here in gaza of course
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working for unity with the palestinian authority hamas in the process of handing over control of gaza to back to the palestinian authority the political leaders here of settle they don't want gaza to become the focus of palestinian anger gaza is frequently the focus of protests the focus of attacks from israel because of the dire situation of people here in gaza but they don't want gaza to become a distraction this time because they want the palestinian i'm going to be focused on jerusalem and that is where they want people to concentrate their protest holy thank you very much for his mates in gaza city for is this not go to where this whole controversy began washington d.c. can be hulk it is at the white house for us to me it is now the morning after what has been one of the most important foreign policy decisions from the trumpet ministration one of the most controversial one also what is the reaction to all the negative reaction and controversy that this is in
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a spot. well the white house has been largely silent on the reaction to the negative protests that have been ongoing and continue to ask what i can tell you however that there are plans in place to send the vice president to the region mike pence in december mid december in fact to speak not only to the knesset but also to have bilateral meetings with both the israeli leader as well as mahmoud abbas the palestinian leader and then on to egypt so there certainly is an awareness much to be expected that this would not play well in the arab and muslim world and as a result there is this need for careful follow up because as we heard the president speaking he said that he has not taken any particular position or any side but of course perception is often reality and certainly just the opposite appears to be the case in terms of the president taking sides that's very much how this is being interpreted now again the administration is certainly try to characterize this as
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a fresh thinking at a fresh opportunity the president saying that the u.s. ambassador to the united nations nikki haley also making appearances to echo about statements sentiment can be whole kate our white house correspondent live there in washington d.c. thank you very much as you've been hearing the satis of the holy city of jerusalem is an extremely sensitive aspect of these really palestinian conflict because you assume it's home to some of the holiest sites in islam judaism and christianity check out this map on al jazeera dot com of the old city which has been designated a unesco world heritage sites the area houses ya some mosque and the dome of the wrong line islam cert holiest sites after mecca and medina as well as the ruins of the biblical jewish temple on the holy sites in the area are the western world and the church of the holy separate her now our last a mosque or the temple mount as it's known to the jews is a constant point of contention in the conflicts if you want to experience what it's
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like to walk around. compound on the busiest day of the week which is friday during prayers check out this tweet sixty walking toward also on al-jazeera dot com it really feels like you're there you can have a closeup view of the structures exterior is it takes you around the various domes the gates and then up to the dome of wrong classroom and it really feels like you're walking through it all you can experience it on al-jazeera dot com click on the more time on our website and then features and you'll find it on the right hand side of your screen. there's now bring in our social media producer rihanna mohammed and a lot of concert conversation and controversial conversation online about this issue and this decision by the americans to recognize use them as israel's company we're seeing some really strong opinions folly now just like putting in jerusalem into one of the application that we use called trends map in the past twenty four hours we're seeing millions and i mean millions of tweets around this conversation
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and it's gone beyond israel and palestine people are talking about this in pakistan kenya sweden lebanon canada and australia the key words to this announcement have been things like recognition historic conflict reckless and intifada as well as promise and also the trending has tags that we've been seeing as well give it up for you all drew sloan must always be the capital of palestine this is something we're seeing across the middle east at the moment also shame on you trump and free palestine sentiment on social media has been mostly negative with many people feeling that this move would inflame regional tensions now this map is getting a lot of traction as well. if you is basically asking is the very question how would you feel if this happened in your country as you can see by these pictures it shows that israel is holding last proportions of land in several countries and it's
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meant to draw a comparison to what palestinians are saying israel has done to their land now the palestinian president of the national is running in american council trita parsi called on transition a pyromaniac move adding that it's the end of american influence in the middle east and u.s. senator from california dan feinstein said that the future of jerusalem is an issue that should be decided by israel and the palestinians not unilaterally by the united states but harry thinks the condemnation has been an. necessary reaction and that if this was done years ago there would be peace in the region today so instead of condemning help make what helped make it work for israelis and palestinians now what the late night us comedy hosts even call bad and some are into the situation he said i'm surprised the trunk didn't declare jerusalem as america's capital then he'd be able to say we have a wall now we've also been hearing from ben white who's
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a journalist and author who sent us his analysis on the situation clearly this step has been taken by the trump administration as a gift to trump's electoral base in the u.s. particular most right wing christian evangelicals but it's also possible that trump and his official see this move as being compatible with their efforts to secure a so-called deal of the century between israel and the palestinians and that means that there's more trouble not far down the road now in addition to some of those protests that we've seen in the occupied territories today rights groups are mobilizing demonstrations across the globe for friday dubbed hands off jerusalem and here's a sound bite from massa liam from stop the war coalition won't be protesting in london outside the u.s. embassy against donald trump's reckless decision to declare jerusalem the capital of israel this is a violation of palestinian human rights and this will spark anger across the muslim world. send us your thoughts on the safest announcement via twitter or on whatsapp
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you can use the hash tag a.j. news grid all message me directly i'm at retail mohammed ali thank you very much and there's been demonstrations against president trump's announcement elsewhere in the world in turkey's capital ankara we are now going to speak to our mohammed outdoor who's in istanbul turkey is largest city tell us about the protests in turkey today. well foley mo across turkey more protests held in different parts of the country. there are more protests also planned for later. tonight outside the u.s. embassy in ankara last night there was a protest outside the u.s. consulate here in. as well as in other parts of the country and more protests also on friday the midday prayers across turkey. at the u.s.
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president's docility to take sides in the middle east conflict. any sample thank you very much and they've also been protests in pakistan i was at the demonstration anytime about pakistan's foreign office has condemned the u.s. move to shift its embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem across pakistan there had already anger people are coming out to protest also expected that most of the religious every taken apart you're likely to have even stronger protests spread across the country and around for friday send a wave of indignation through the making war but what is important to understand that this indignation is not just limited to the flamage war but the world at large pakistan has already said that despite advice from. the united states decided to
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act unilaterally and a movie like later date u.s. credibility for the in a region where mistrust exists against the united states. well i am now very pleased to welcome ms to the news grid she is an executive executive committee member for the palestinian liberation organization p.l.o. she joins us live from ramallah in the occupied west bank thank you so much for being with us on the news great misha. they are a lot of questions here from our viewers and a lot of comments and i want to put some of them to you but before that i want to get your view on what president trump announced to yesterday the plan itself that sure on detail but one interesting thing to note is that he said that the u.s. wasn't taking a position on any final boundaries of jerusalem that the outstanding issues would be decided by the two sides that he still supports the two state solution does that give you any kind of appeasement or hope.
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oh that is rather disingenuous his insulting our intelligence or saying i haven't decided on the plan and boundaries you decide while you give. to decide unilaterally has actually on the ground it has determined the boundaries of jerusalem at gatti's our demographic engineering to annex maximum territory with minimum demography starting to get rid of the heavily populated areas at the expense and a very strange byzantine way in order to take as much land without people as possible has got it out just a matter of transformation. of their character the history culture reality of the city in addition to cutting out ethnic cleansing so the issue is not so throwing us airborne and saying look you know you can decide the boundaries he has just given as
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a promotion and support the next. two terms for misc it's got to kick out the palestinians. without any kind of accountability and on a sharia comments here from one of our viewers on facebook one of our regular news great viewers haunt a man who says the peace process has been useless for forty five years at least has made some change and there a lot of people as you know were saying that this could be perhaps part of a bigger plan that might yield some positive this state something positive given that the peace process has been all but dead what do you say to that yes. i think it forces people to face reality in many ways that exposes really the hidden underbelly of the so-called peace process since one thousand nine hundred one this is the beginning of the peace process in which the americans gave us a letter saying the u.s.
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does not recognize the next station over easter. does not agree or approve of the building of settlements particularly in and around jerusalem this was one of the bases on which we agreed to enter negotiations but of course not on the. international law and so on now this removes any pretense this finally ends the surveyed right the u.s. can be an even handed peace broker but it also carries out the transformation from . supporter to. partner now complicit in the crime the overwhelming feeling now is that the oslo accords have failed there is anger frustration disappointment from the palestinians miss ashrawi which direction does the palestinian authority go next to find recourse for an independent palestinian territory it's all good to call for protests and so on what
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is a palestinian authority going to do concrete lee to make sure that the palestinian people have an independent state. well the thing is the question is freedom and it's the p.l.o. not the palestinian authority that takes political decisions so the p.l.o. has to determine a new course of action i think this is a game changer this is a serious transformation of the strategy that has been adopted since one thousand nine hundred eighty eight when the pm see the palestine license council accepted the two state solution as a major and painful compromise by the way it's not the decision of choice i mean it's something that we did as a concession in order to have a two state solution on historical palestine now that is sexy being in superimposing greater of all of historical palestine this means that the time has come to reconsider this strategy and to convene the bodies that will take that
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action a strategic direction as a result of a comprehensive national dialogue and i think this is crucial because right now as i said the situation has changed on the ground and we do need to ensure people's ability to withstand external pressures and that we do need to ensure that all the constraints that were imposed on us by the declaration of principles and by the world holding us to account while giving as a free hand we have to move towards accountability for the international criminal court right we have to move towards protection for the palestinians through international organizations and so on and we have to redefine everything out relationship to relationship to us and also our relationship to the rest of the world that this is a lip service to state solution allowing israel to destroy you let me ask you and put to you another common theme that's coming out of all the different comments
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we're getting from our viewers mr. they're focusing a lot of them are focusing on how arab countries arabs contributed in the loss of jerusalem they say there is no way donald trump could have undertaken this decision without study and making sure that the arabs were not really mind it what do you respond to that. maybe they're giving him too much credit for becoming. sometimes you think of campuses sort of knee jerk reaction politician but i'm sure that he did talk about about it to some other leaders however from what we understood from those they were taken aback they were quite dismayed and they were quite concerned is it because this affects them this affects their credibility or their standing for especially those who are. mr armey just one last question they have been various reports in the media the last few weeks about president mahmoud abbas being told when he unexpectedly traveled to riyadh last
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month propose mideast plan that was backed by the saudi crown prince that would offer palestinians limited sovereignty and know east jerusalem as their capital can you confirm or deny that such a plan is in the works. you know we have we heard those reports and i asked them what about you said the saudis were supportive of our position so i don't want to comment on that other than to tell you there is no need to find an alternative to someone when you know words are as and it's not that there is no need to x. creative and to try to redefine seventy when it comes to palestine we know that sovereignty involves border. control over our space space territorial waters crossing points so. long with the americans to create population centers some sort of. under israeli sovereignty and you can call them whatever you
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want and we will give you a village or a suburb of college of us remember you want these are things that really do not fly do not carry nobody is going to accept this even start contemplating that and the thing is if the us cannot make its way towards illegally adopting let's start on seven hundred they can never be at least they should step out of their way and stop doing tremendous damage and threatening that busa security and the stability of the whole region he said thank you so very much for joining us on the news group. is an executive member of the palestinian liberation organization she was live from ramallah thank you for your time we appreciate it now for an even more in-depth look at the israeli palestinian conflict check out our interactive palestine remakes page on al-jazeera dot com how the conflict started where it's had it also dozens of documentaries on palestine at your fingertips allowing you to
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view also used parts of various films to create your own productions you can find it on al-jazeera dot com. as you watching us on facebook coming up next same sex couples are celebrating. right to be married to more on these grades coming up also ahead the. court has ordered the arrest. we'll have all the details. welcome back as we take a look at weather conditions across western asia and the levant you can see a massive cloud moving through we've had some snow showers developing some rain at lower levels so it's an unsettled picture at the moment back to windy highs just eleven degrees and you see some snow up over the caucasus further towards the south
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it's generally looking dry but temperatures nothing special to run there struggling at nine degrees bank sixteen couple should stay dry with highs of fourteen and cooler conditions around the eastern side of the mediterranean two sixteen there in beirut recovering slightly as we head on through into saturday and generally the snow risk moves away further towards the east kuwait eighteen degrees which should be a fairly bright day and across iraq be in potential see lower temperatures generally riyadh struck me a seventeen degrees in front just working its way through the gulf just taking temperatures down a fraction with it as it goes so twenty two in doha with a thirty mile wind it's going to feel quite chilly here relatively speaking on the other side the potential light winds and thirty three degrees in mecca medina quite chilly that twenty two across into southern portions of african see a massive cloud giving some showers have had some heavy rain across more eastern parts of south africa that remains a threat certainly for durban sure in the course of friday but it should be fine in cape town and pretty warm at twenty seven.
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a daring road trip across west africa on a mission to redefine a continent too often misrepresented. the weapon of choice digital cameras. it was sold one of the new african for dugout healing takes on the rainy season on its quest for the thanksgiving as story of creative got out of the invisible ball business this time on al-jazeera we headed to jerusalem bureau covered israeli palestinian affairs we cover the story with a lot of internet we covered it with that we don't dip in and out of the story we have a presence here all the time apart from being a cameraman it's also very important to be a journalist to know the story very well before going into the fields covering the united nations and global the policy for al-jazeera english is pretty incredible
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this is where talks happen and what happens here matters.
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the headlines on al-jazeera and the stories trending on our website al-jazeera dot com the stories you're looking at. all the stories are pretty much related to the u.s. decision to recognize. jerusalem as the capital of israel at number one there a mosque the u.s. decision on jerusalem is a war declaration number two why jerusalem is not the capital of israel and jerusalem to never be the capital of a settler colony only stories and opinion pieces on our website al-jazeera dot com i am. here with the news grid on al-jazeera and we've got people watching today from palestine israel and the united states thank you very much for your company don't forget to send us your questions and comments you can connect with us using the hashtag aging is great and all the other ways to get in touch with us on the bottom right of your screen right now now we have a developing story now out of argentina where a judge has ordered the prosecution of former president cristina kishner for
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alleged will in covering up iran's involvement in one thousand nine hundred ninety four terrorist attack in buenos size a judge also ordered that case not be held in pretrial detention and be stripped of her palm and three immunity let's bring in our correspondent arisa bowl in buenos aires teresa what is this about and how likely is it that christina kirshner will be arrested. well it's been a very busy morning here in one of societies where the judge as you just said ordering the arrest now is only a former president cristina kirchner but also of her former foreign minister export of the matter man and other people very close to her administration kirschner is mostly accused of treason of in a way affecting an investigation into at tackle for a jewish community center here i'm going to cite is in one thousand nine hundred four that killed over eighty people mostly this accusation is based on a memo and
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a memorandum one an agreement between the argentinian government and the iranian government that would allegedly allow arjan time judges to interrogate iranian officials that argentina claims were involved in that investigations but a prosecutor here and one of scientists that appeared with a shot in the head back in two thousand and fifteen a lot of the nice man who it's not yet clear whether he committed suicide or whether he was assassinated claimed that that agreement was in reality a trade deal between both administrations that would give the iranians arjan tongue grain in argentina would get cheap oil so basically this is what's been going on argentina cristina kirchner has not only been elected as argentina's precedent twice but also as a senator for the last october she has still millions of supporters in this country so the possibilities of her being arrested at this point are not likely because she has immunity so now the senate will have to vote on whether to lift that immunity
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and honestly we've been speaking to some people earlier this morning that vote is not likely to happen anytime soon at least that fear not only because of the holidays recess here in the country but also because there is deep divisions between senate on whether this vote should happen at all many are saying many are questioning this rest warrant because they're saying that kirshner was not even tried many of her administration are currently. in the attention on preventive detention and that's why there's many of the members of the previous administration are there saying that the judge and the judiciary at this point are persecuting those who were members of the previous administrations and that they are victims in a way of the administration of. terror is a bull in his eyes argentina thank you very much for that theresa now the world news qatar and france are signed a memorandum of understanding to combat terrorism as well as fourteen billion
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dollars worth of trade deals the emir of qatar has been hosting the president of france the monument here in doha the agreements come as qatar remains under bill cade saudi arabia the u.a.e. bahrain in egypt trade and diplomatic ties in june accusing qatar of supporting terrorism and accusation which still has strongly denied or not. a metaphor that we have adopted certain procedures to not allow any funds to go to terrorists and we have had investigations into all the claims against got targets in day one the arab and muslim countries are the ones who have suffered most from terrorism and we are committed to fighting terrorism with our friends and allies. and with the book don't ask only for someone your mission here is important because it will allow us in the next few months to successfully win the war against all you saw in iraq and syria were convinced that this victory is possible for you and that it is only possible and successful tomorrow through your commitment over the last
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few years french presence on this base and throughout the region is our contribution to the international coalition it's a decisive element in this fight that we shall win and here is al jazeera with more on the french president's visit to doha. president micron's visit to qatar was brief just a few hours but apparently it was full of results the two countries have not only struck deals on combating terrorism and in the fields of education but also qatar is going to buy twelve a foreign fighter jets from french defense companies along with four hundred and ninety armored vehicles for qatari army but i was also going to give a multi-billion dollar deal to any french railway consortium to build and operate the doha metro system aside from this attitude as discussed most of the major issues in the region including jerusalem and the crisis in the gulf france has always been trying to maintain
6:43 pm
a neutral stance with regards to the crisis but we know that the president. very early on has called on neighbors to lift the blockade and now he has reiterated the need for all the deceit countries to come together to the negotiation table and find a peaceful resolution of this conflict. in doha and also get all the latest updates on the crisis on our special page at al-jazeera dot com we've got a timeline that's constantly updated and on there you'll find more details on present michael's visit to doha out of the u.s. and more than twelve thousand homes are under threat from relentless wildfires in southern california hundreds of houses have already burned down and two hundred thousand people have evacuated their homes to find safety around the sun jim is the second largest city in the u.s. five just say just five percent of the blaze is contained gina kim is in ventura she's a reporter with n.b.c. and has the latest on these california wildfires. the national weather service
6:44 pm
issued the strongest possible warning overnight saying to. expect quote extremely critical fire weather conditions that may likely cause a rapid fire spread in this region and so everyone here as you can imagine is on edge and fire officials last night at press conferences essentially said if that proves to be true today and so far as we have been standing here in ventura county we've gotten such a really bad gust that we have no reason to believe it's not true then they said they're going to just basically plan on evacuating people there's no point in fighting a fire with those kinds of conditions adding to that we're expected to get single digit humidity and summer like temperatures some areas are going to get as hot as eighty degrees where i am right now is the worst of the four major fires that are burning throughout southern california right now the thomas fire it's responsible
6:45 pm
for one hundred fifty of the two hundred homes and buildings that have either been damaged or destroyed in those major fires two hundred thousand people remain under evacuation orders the fire has been progressing on mondays all the shelters filled up so they opened up more on tuesday all the shelters filled up so they opened up more all the hotels motels in the area are completely tapped out to the north of us santa barbara where the fire is heading u.c.s.b. university of california santa barbara which is a major university has now turned into a shelter and so yes we're having a max out situation. right here with the news grid and touchdown is joining us in just a few minutes with sports and while the words cease fire and world cup usually get people excited just as one events with that system in the u.a.e. that's starting to get even simple find interested i'll tell you about in just a moment a softer snapshot of the world but. back
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6:47 pm
to the newspaper we want to tell you about turkey's president's visit to greece the first such trip in sixty five years by a metre the nato allies have tears of vision of the ninety four year old peace
6:48 pm
treaty which defines borders greece's government says it's worried about those comments the refugee crisis in europe is also featuring high on the agenda of discussion between the turkish and greatly this johnson office has more from a sense. turkish president. set the tone for his visit to greece by disputing what the greeks see as the bedrock of the greek turkish relationship the nineteen twenty three treaty which set the border between the two countries no one told a television interviewer the night before he came that he believes that treaty needs to be updated all revised the greeks have reiterated on thursday to mr. standard position that that treaty is working perfectly well it is perfectly adequate in terms of territorial delineation between the two countries in dealing with respective minorities in the two countries and it doesn't need to be
6:49 pm
touched at all so that difference between the two has set the tone for talks here during the day and other disagreements have also chief among them mr guns demand after eighteen eighteen months since the july twenty sixth in coup that eight officers who have sought refuge here in greece in the aftermath of the coup be extradited to turkey for judicial processing the greek supreme court has considered that extradition request and turned it down in january this year saying that there is a danger that these men would suffer possible torture or even be put to death if turkey were to overturn its. banning of the death penalty as mr has at least on one occasion publicly threatened to do so that remains a thorn in the relationship between the greeks and the turks also greece reiterated today that it will not extradite those officers however despite these difficulties
6:50 pm
the greeks and the turks also have mutual interests and they are trying to stress those financing for example their plans to build a high speed rail link between the northern greek city. and istanbul and all. sir to declare how willing they are to talk about their outstanding differences and to screw them over. in athens there and as we've said the refugee crisis is bound to be at the top of the agenda of discussions between the turkish and great leaders as greece has been at the forefront of this crisis but germany has also been affected and the german government has been offering cash incentives to asylum seekers if they volunteer to return home within the next couple of months the potential payouts are one thousand two hundred dollars per person but some refugees and asylum seekers a saying they're being forced to leave if they refuse the money i'm afghan refugee in germany spoke to us about this issue i said i can't go
6:51 pm
back after an away twenty years from my country i didn't come here for money i came here because europe is safe i'm not a criminal i'm not an islamist i'm not a terrorist well for more on this list speak to elizabeth collette who's director of the migration policy institute she is live from brussels brussels in belgium thank you very much for speaking to us so first of all a question here from our viewers about this policy of giving money to asylum seekers so they can return home does this policy in any way violate international law. well it's a voluntary policy since incentivizing people to go home by offering them money and as such they're not particularly new policy idea in fact germany netherlands france and other countries have had these versions of these types of policies in place since the one nine hundred seventy s. what is slightly different about this is is what the money is going towards that
6:52 pm
they're offering people but it would say that they are making this offer before the asylum process is finished asking people to take a gamble on whether that claim would be accepted or not but as such because it's in a voluntary scheme it doesn't really violate international law can this policy. work everywhere or does it depend where the refugees and where they're returning to . so these are highly. highly dependent on context some of the most successful paid to go policies are rejected asylum seekers have been those that are geographically proximate particularly the western balkans and other areas where people are returning to what are considered to be very safe countries and stable countries they are less successful when you're asking people to move longer distances particularly if they've paid a great deal of money to come to europe in the first place whether through smugglers or other means and where there may be few livelihood opportunities awaiting them in that country of return historically these have been take up types
6:53 pm
of programs but their incentive for governments is they are a lot cheaper to effect than forced return which involves detention involves a lot of co-operation with partner countries and those who receive them back voluntary return with financial incentives is seen as a better outcome for everybody in theory at least thank you for talking to us elizabeth director of the migration policy institute live on these grades from brussels thank you for your time. our tatton is here to tell us what people are talking about in sports today thank you very much and when of people not talking about christiane i rinaldo folly he's breaking records every second week and he did it again on wednesday the thirty six year old became the first ever player to score six in all of his team's group matches in the u.a.e. for champion's league the moment came during ramadan when i was a bit assia dorman the portuguese strike is called nine goals so far during the campaign and just look at how twitter lights up for christiana rinaldo over one
6:54 pm
hundred thirty seven thousand tweets using his name alone over the past twenty four hours and you're seeing this particular spike at the time he scored that goal and broke that record one also has a busy schedule on top of the ballon d'or awards ceremony later next week he'll be heading to the united arab emirates with realm of dread as they try to defend the club world cup title it kicked off in the u.a.e. on wednesday between local side al jazeera and oceania champions oakland city from new zealand hardly big names and you can see plenty of empty seats as well this event has been held annually since the year two thousand but on twitter we tracked less than ten thousand tweets globally using the hash tag club w c one of those ten thousand tweets was all very i only welling's he said still baffles me club world cup hasn't been transformed into something important and special happy secure fee for my ideas for it ok well let's speak to him in person then and get some of those
6:55 pm
ideas thank you for joining us how can favre revamp this tournament to make it more appealing. well i should revamp agent and the first thing that i need to do is acknowledge that there's a problem with it for love i pose on the tournament's this one's just not really working for them it's a many ways is an inconvenience so the european champions that go and play in it not always are remember when barcelona won six trophies in the years in two thousand and eleven but santos in a final i think a lot of people were really interested in that but other times the whole tournament can say we passed by without you really thinking about it or have completely forgotten that one would read one it last year a good question about hundreds of japan were now die hard trick how could i revamp it i know that there's something on the table but it's a long way before i actually happens and that really could be exciting it would inconvenience a few people but it would be great it would be like a super club world cup with this many as twenty four teams maybe sixteen half of
6:56 pm
them would be from europe because people have such a big interest in barcelona and our jaded premier league and it could be played in a known world cup year in the summer so then all of the focus will be on this cup world cup could be really exciting and it's something that favor are going to seriously look into maybe you really are hosting this year but the gulf region isn't one for having large football crowds this is the how to face a select ties to nation. well the research is a few years ago and this largely post down to money is not going to pay spectacular crowds for this tonight then again i wasn't paying much interest for it anyway you look at the history of the tournament as well traditionally took place as a march to the south american and european champions in japan partly because of sponsors for the remember even then i covered one in one nine hundred ninety nine between one just united in paris manchester united one it was in tokyo. i think it was watched for a few people but it was nowhere near the level of a premier league fernald i or a champions league match and it was always just one much then they expanded it but
6:57 pm
since they really expanded it in two thousand and five thousand seem to work in the united arab emirates yes there with the money there for this tournament but you're not going to have the wonderful atmosphere of africa you haven't got the clubs that are exciting us i think it's time for them to revamp it. thank you very much leigh i think you successfully made your case and finally here's a way to make your mark on line in the world of football this is shocked adone x. football manager paolo fun seka walking into a press conference after his team's a champions league victory either manchester city where he stressed as a fictional vigilante is known for being a cunning fox why is he doing this good question he said he would do this if the tower qualified for the knockout stages and they did. as always you can get in touch with us using the hash tag a.j. news great or tweet me it's time to have more sport at eighteen hundred g.m.t.
6:58 pm
news and it's. my heroes zero thank you very much for that that will do it for today's news great remember to keep in touch with us on social media as ever a.j. news great and all the other ways to get in touch with us right here on the screen from the city back to bill and home to you thank you very much for watching we will be back here at studio three a tomorrow from fifteen hundred g.m.t. thanks.
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