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cooking leyland go i also lost my but there are more than one hundred fifty volunteers working for several walking buses teachers say it is working class attendance has improved the volunteers also act as security guards singapore is being accused of expanding its coastline with illegally dredged satins some of the islands off the coast of indonesia literally vanished it's a big business smuggling when they go take this in there in the sand is are there you see this beautiful beach but behind it is something that's not so pleasant the tragedy is that people are just not aware and ecological investigation into a global emergency sand was at this time on al-jazeera. the day of rage around the world after donald trump's decision to recognize
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jerusalem as israel's capital. will again i'm peter dhabi here in doha with your top stories also coming up. i believe we have another major breakthrough we need. the e.u. and the u.k. reach a deal on the terms of their forthcoming divorce. north korea's leader calls for direct talks with the united states by sending a message via russia. don't breathe the smoke the latest warning in southern california where some wildfires could but for another two weeks. palestinians are calling for a day of rage against the u.s. president donald trump's recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital. departure
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from seventy years of u.s. policy on the contested city has been widely condemned and worldwide protests demonstrations have begun across the palestinian territories including the gaza strip how mass has called for a new uprising and intifada against israel and there are demonstrations across the arab and muslim countries too protesters have been rallying in turkey jordan chin is here yemen and outside the u.s. embassies in the capitals of malaysia and indonesia and in a few hours from now the u.n. security council will hold an emergency meeting to discuss the trump declaration the u.n. secretary general and twenty is insisting the status of jerusalem must be resolved through direct israeli palestinian talks let's talk live now to our correspondent bernard smith who is live for us in gaza bernard how would you sum up the atmosphere there for us today. peter we've had a rally here was just wound down in the last few minutes it came after friday
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prayers i'm in jabalya refugee camp in the north of the gaza strip and the being these rallies across the gaza strip after friday prayers now the mood is much as it's been over the last couple of days it is one of anger but it's also one of sadness and deep frustration at the fact that the palestinians have not gotten anywhere in almost twenty five years of peace talks with the israelis we had a senior hamas official speaking here and in the last few minutes he did call for an on to confrontation across the palestinian territories so that sums up movement of hamas which remains was handed over control politically of gaza to the palestinian authority it remains a very powerful and dominant force here and so those hamas officials trying to build on that deep frustration is felt here it's hard for palestinians here to protest directly against israelis if you like the opportunities for direct confrontation. with israeli security forces are less than they would be in the
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occupied west bank but nevertheless i might see this afternoon as we saw yesterday some palestinians trying to approach border fences between gaza and israel there was stone throwing yesterday with israeli forces and they responded with live fire and we might see some more about this afternoon peter is there a degree of orchestration choreography to what we're seeing there bernard or is it does it feel more spontaneous than that. you know there's no orchestration there is a genuine feeling amongst palestinians here on frustration yes they've been called to rally yes they've been called to protest nobody is forcing them to do this this is a very strong feeling that palestinians will talk to here on in the occupied west bank feel they feel that jerusalem they dream of jerusalem as being a future east jerusalem of being a future capital of a future palestinian state they feel that opportunity been taken away from them by what donald trump said and so that frustration is being expressed there's been
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a lot of frustration building up over many years in fact this camp where i am is where coincidentally thirty years ago today an israeli armored vehicle crushed into a palestinian civilian vehicle killing four civilians in that vehicle and that sparked the first intifada the first uprising not common here thirty years ago today those frustrations still a strong now bernard thank you. the u.k. and the e.u. have reached a deal on the first stage of bricks at the negotiations following months of tension it allows the talks to move on to the next phase on trade negotiations had stalled of the citizens' rights after breaks its the u.k. so-called divorce payment on the border between northern ireland and the republic michel best fellas. as dawn broke in brussels it brought with it a breakthrough on brics it british prime minister theresa may and bricks at secure tree david davis negotiated through the night to finalize the begin. of the divorce
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deal with the the commission has just formally decided to recommend. that sufficient progress as being made on the street terms of the divorce getting to this point has required give and take on both sides friday was the last possible day for a deal to be done so the european council could prepare and then vote next week both sides admitted they made last minute compromises to meet the deadline. we've been working extremely hard this week and as you will see it hasn't been easy for either side. the meeting on monday ended in deadlock the sticking point was what will become of the only land border between them northern ireland and the republic of ireland which is in the the republic wanted guarantees it will remain open with no return to a so-called hard border with border guards the government coalition partners in
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northern ireland the democratic unionist party vetoed an earlier version of the deal and force may back to the drawing board the result. in northern ireland we will guarantee there will be no hard border and we will uphold the belfast agreement and in doing so we will continue to preserve the constitutional and economic integrity of the united kingdom even though it's only stage one of negotiations e.u. citizens living in britain and british citizens residing in europe did get some certainty about their future the deal we've struck will guarantee the rights of more than three million e.u. citizens living in the u.k. and of a million u.k. citizens living in the e.u. they will be able to go on living their lives as before it's been eight months since may signed article fifty which triggered britain's departure from the european union fifteen months remain to decide the details of the divorce i read always preset the boat is the vote but now we must start looking for the
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future good future been rich united kingdom we'll be untrue to remove a close friend and fellow talks now into the second phase to focus on trade and security with many jobs potentially at risk people on both sides of the english channel hoping the breakup is amicable shallop ballasts al-jazeera. is an economist joining us now from london connie good to talk to you as over here on al jazeera english i mean european business once clarity here does it have that. absolutely not i mean if it's good i mean it's it's vital for the u.k. that we can move on to twenty eight negotiations but if you are a big bank and you need to decide whether to leave your risk department in london or move it to let's say frankfurt you need to make that decision you know more than a year before before d.-day so what really is needed now is to very
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quickly come up with a transitional period to sort to say to kick the can down the road so business has a little bit more time to make those hard decisions michel barnier the used bricks and goosey it's a basically framing this is well i see on twitter in terms of the good friday agreement very much talking about the peace dividend so does that give both the e.u. and the london government a kind of a get out clause because there are very strong regional voices within the u.k. saying look if you come up with a special deal for northern island what about us you know exactly and i think that's that's a very that's a very difficult one and i don't quite i don't quite understand how do you go and don't square the having no hard border and having having having a northern ireland totally this week at the same as everybody else so did they know
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it's going to be some hard discussions on that going forward but at least at least we're now at a point where we can start with trade negotiations and i think we really had to get over that or things would have unraveled is that why it's now going to get harder not easier because despite some of the headlines out of the u.k. in the past two or three hours i mean some of the people saying the deal is done but the d u p they're saying no actually guys the deal is not done now is when it gets really really tough. no i mean if i wouldn't even go so for us as a standing with the northern irish issue which is a very different different one because you know irish politics have always been fought with a lot of passion and then till twenty years ago with a lot of arms but i would go into the trade negotiations that's weak it's really hard and it gets really detailed trade negotiations are hard things to negotiate and they're very detail driven and that's why i'm a bit worried because the e.u.
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is pretty strong on detail but so far the british team has been very good in ambiguity and with the trade negotiations ambiguity will not do cornelia as ever thank you thank you very much. russia's foreign minister says north korea wants direct talks with the us passed on the message to the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson in vienna on thursday that follows the north's latest launch of a missile which it says can hit anywhere in america and threats of nuclear retaliation from donald trump the u.s. and south korea are wrapping up a week of military exercises pyongyang has long called for an end to those joint drills and realign cough is a professor korean studies at the university he says russia is looking to play a role as mediator. russia is unpopulated last get here but it significantly lists popular than any major country most guardians don't trust
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anybody russia included but they mistrust of russia easy significant do law and all us your bonds that i have been a great deal of official simic unofficial exchanges between washington on more school and pyongyang and sometimes seoul various possibilities have been discussed commission is how we have to reach extend people in boston decision makers in washington will be interested because of and sygate if we don't get a freeze in the next year or two the situation which is an overweight acquired bet is going to become serious divorce and there is of course a use call for a large scale war just the same in decades in many decades with the face approach or real war even. saw its u.v.'s quite a device of only five americans except this idea creation is how we have the recent remarks of course well it by just buying in because i have americans been to foster
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next setting the last guardian proposal will probably it will be a good diplomacy tool because in this walled diplomatic world you very often cannot distinguish when something is said because well it's what is meant to be or when something is said just a more brace the price tags is a bit like buying on the market sometimes so let's hope americans are bargaining. still to come here on al-jazeera thank you say sions of treason and political persecution for the president of argentina says she will not be silenced. also this are open for business and bubbly promises a new economic order foreign investors.
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how our latest spell of rather wet weather now pulling away from japan this area cloud here just moving out into the open waters a slightly quieter period of weather coming in behind the main weather system there out in the the northwest pacific with these two areas of low pressure so as we go on through a sas day ship dry little more cloud just coming into the western side of the country cold enough though temps to struggle to get to double figures there for tokyo and around the korean peninsula before five celsius there in seoul it will warm up a little as we go on through sunday more cloud coming in by this stage you see so it acts like a blanket i will turn to rain across the western side of japan temperatures and take a they're getting up to around twelve degrees celsius not so bad across the central and southern parts of china for the time they were down towards the southwest that joins up with the very heavy rain that we have coming through northern parts of me a mop pushing up towards bangladesh northern sections of the buy up and go things some very lively showers down to the southeast of china jan we draw and five to hong kong at around twenty three degrees with some pleasant sunshine coming through
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here in the philippines as well will see one or two where heavy showers just pushing for the west it will be across northern parts of borneo into malaysia and staying very wet here right through the weekend. if you were in beijing looking out the pacific ocean you'd see american warships when mess was done somehow time as aiming to replace america and around the world college chinese are not that stupid these guys want to dominate a huge chunk of the planet this sounds like a preparation for our first president george washington said if you want peace prepare for war the coming war on china at this time just see a. welcome
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back you without a c. are a reminder of our top stories. now mr news are protesting in the occupied territories on what they call the day of rage they're angry at the u.s. president donald trump's recognition of jerusalem as the israeli capital them astray sions are also being held in other cities around the world more now for you the moment the u.k. and the e.u. have reached a deal that would allow the talks to move on to the next stage they agreed on the so-called divorce payment the border with island and maintaining citizens' rights. russia's foreign minister says north korea wants direct talks with the u.s. passed on the message to the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson in vienna on thursday now follows the north latest
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launch of a missile and threats of nuclear retaliation from donald trump. let's get more on our top story those calls for a day of rage the turkish president has been one of the most of vocal critics of trump's decision one hundred of the protest in istanbul how much anger is there there. it's all falls on the here man and the women of the u.s. president's position to recognize jerusalem the capital is that they have gathered to hear the chanting slogans like dahlan within the dialogue with the united states . is that the move is illegal and an acceptable they say jerusalem east the cup with all of a future palestinian state and they say. up some more of these the pride of muslims on the will sit by and watch you think hundred over two is
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that i want to sell but. the turkish president. is in says the protesters and he is seeking a ton with in the muslim world and next week. will force a meeting of the organization of islamic countries on the idea is to get a response to president trump's position thanks very much. the french president emmanuel macro has called on foreign powers to stop interfering in politics in lebanon he's hosting a meeting on the issue in paris lebanon's prime minister saad hariri is there he withdrew his resignation on tuesday a month after he made the surprise announcement stopped in the saudi capital riyadh . has more from paris. where the french president said that the aim of this meeting is really about supporting and strengthening lebanon when salt riri
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announced his resignation back in november really threw lebanon into political turmoil and it exposed the fact that the tensions between saudi arabia are really being also played out in lebanon with a destabilizing effect and a model my course says that must be stabilized in order. to stabilize the region and it's in everybody's interest those were his words now start to reread is here we will meet foreign ministers from several countries you'll meet us secretary of state in brixton as soon as well as a representative from the un and the world bank and say we're look at ways to call still never known as institutions to strengthen its economy and its military the message we are expecting here at the end is that lebanon must stand alone and that is sovereignty must be protected a former president of argentina who's being accused of treason and says she is the victim of political persecution cristina kirchner has been indicted for covering up
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alleged iranian involvement in a bomb attack twenty three years ago eighty five people died in the bombing of a jewish center in buenos aires from there to raise a boat as more. thousands gathered in front of the presidential palace to protest against what they claim is political persecution a federal judge issued the indictment for treason against former argentinean preston cristina fernandez and called for her arrest said the current administration. is trying to stop dissent and the many that they get out are no mas. these measures further degrade the argentine just his branch and indicate that the government and the president machree is the top and two person who is responsible for a political and judicial organisation to persecute the opposition four years ago argentina signed a memorandum with the iranian government that would allow argentina forty's to
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interrogate iranian officials suspected of being part of a terrorist attack against a jewish community center in one thousand nine hundred ninety four that killed eighty five people. but prosecutor i read attorney man who was investigating the attack aimed the administration's real motive was to do business with dayton. in january two thousand and fifteen a nice man was found dead in his home shot in the head a day before he was scheduled to testify before congress against the former president on what he believed was her commitment to leave the entire pool red alerts against iranian officials congressman while the world says that what is happening now is the result of years of impunity if the memorandum is a disaster because it has been proved that it was written in secrecy nobody in the foreign ministry participated in the draft we have almost five hundred pages that say that an illicit was committed the only ways to investigated investigate these days you persecute and if you don't there isn't punitive argentina as
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a society will have to find the middle point between the search for the truth through justice. kirschner and some members of her administration have been the focus of several high profile cases with arrests and demands seen center right. defeated her candidate than yours surely even though christina kirshner left office two years ago she continues to be a very popular figure in argentina in fact she was elected senator coburn's legislative elections would transfer the community people here are saying that if we stand up pressure is arrested they will take to the streets until she is released was in tina's legislator has enjoyed a period of judicial recess until march but can be convened for urgent matters cation a detention would certainly excess ovate that dave divisions that already exist in argentina even more. now liberia will not hold
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a rerun of his presidential election the supreme court judges said there wasn't enough evidence of fraud during the first round of the poll in october place contender to challenge the results the runoff vote in the form of george weah on the vice president joseph book i can now go ahead. foreign investors are wanted in zimbabwe after years of international isolation and sanctions they are a top priority for the finance minister he's announced the new government's first budget since the fall of robert mugabe and a controversial law which favors black zimbabweans is being changed from harare. zimbabwe finance minister protection ambassador says there's now a new economic order and that the government's policies will be more investor friendly indigenous nation law controversial policy that favors black zimbabweans will be amended their proposed amendments. five hundred fifty one forty nine
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percent indigenous this isn't. true only to minority normally don't want in to plug these leaks so i think. fifty one forty nine concerned should we move to apply. regardless of national it's the first budget since last month's removal of longtime leader robert mugabe the finance minister estimates an economic growth rate of four point five percent mixture you don't even have to have a local but you can just coming invest in that you have a local partner you know you're not limited to the percentage of prescription regarding the percentage participation which is good so we're beginning to create a free environment. president was new administration promises to tackle corruption
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cut government spending by closing up privatizing bankrupt state holes and increased developmental projects one of the first at was to order three months amnesty for a return of stolen funds to the country the new leader says zimbabwe is open for business and wants to reengage with the international community some in its national community are cautious they want guarantees that the bar is not a safe investment destination before they pour billions of dollars in restoring the country's fortunes and international standing will be a challenge some western countries impose sanctions the early two thousand and four alleged human rights abuses decades of economic isolation litter company closures and job losses independent economists say the unemployment rate is more than ninety percent there is a shortage of foreign currency some people make ends meet selling and buying second hand clothes on the street zimbabwe's first test will be in next year's elections if the polls are seen to be free fair and credible that could show signs of
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stability and encourage investors to release needed funds. al-jazeera. millions of americans in southern california are being warned not to breathe in the toxic smoke from the wildfire. as the strong winds of fanning the flames which fun places a warning could take two weeks to extinguish in some areas. and all the victims and in hospital. from los angeles. southern california where wildfires continue to blaze and with new dangers now north of san diego this fire blew up into a ten square kilometer blaze in a matter of just hours destroying dozens of homes in a retirement community and killing dozens of race horses at a training stables the fire forced thousands of evacuations and closed a state highway it's a two hundred fifty kilometer stretch of bone dry coastal canyons blasted by hot dry winds from inland it's amazing to watch the magnitude of the winds
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and the fire storms and how fast things change step to really have to be alert i think everybody's done a great job the largest and most destructive fire in the region remains this one in ventura county now measuring more than four hundred square kilometers and growing with no sign of full containment at least four hundred thirty homes and buildings have been lost here that number certain to grow when the flames finally die out and people can fully assess the damage the air quality in l.a. rarely good is so bad now that schools across the region have closed until the skies clear and people in many areas have been warned to stay inside to avoid breathing the spreading smoke fire chief say shifting winds will be a threat in coming days as the hot santa ana winds continue to torment californians our biggest nightmare has been palm tree farm back there and you know there's.
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you know prone to lighting on fire there just torches basically so. we been watching that very closely. and then this morning of course the wind and the sparks got together and burned them all up and a touch of good news here in the hills above los angeles and in the decay sion of the extremely good work that fire crews have done over the last couple of days the skirball fire in the bel-air neighborhood the one that had threatened the world famous getty art museum is now lying down and we've seen crews leaving this area evacuation orders still in place but at least for now the skirball fire if i would have burned in the l.a. city limits is appearing to be laying down and not causing much of a threat at this point however high wind warnings are still up through the weekend alex offer al-jazeera los angeles u.s.
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senator al franken has announced his resignation after repeated accusations of sexually harassing women the democrat had lost the support of many of his colleagues franken who was a well known comedian before entering politics tonight many of the claims i know in my heart that nothing i have done as a senator or nothing has brought this honor on on this institution and i am confident that the ethics committee would agree nevertheless today i am announcing that in the coming weeks i will be resigning as a member of the united states senate saudi arabia's crown prince was reportedly behind last month's record breaking purchase of a painting by leonardo da vinci the portraits of jesus christ fetched four hundred fifty million dollars the most ever paid for a single work of art at auction that is the director of the institute for gulf as
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he says the timing of the purchase is questionable. it's a spent four hundred fifty million dollars and one piece of art. while your country is suffering greatly in terms of economic needs and the economic situation is getting worse we see that every day in terms of. the flooding of cities with a little rain. and a lack of basic services in the country it will damage his claim that he is if i think corruption it will definitely make him move weaker and it will expose him as a fake and it will make people angry and obviously his credibility away now is diminished and that's why i think they they they tried to hide the. purchase of this or.
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this is al-jazeera these are the top stories palestinians are protesting in the occupied territories on what the call a day of rage they're angry at the u.s. president donald trump's recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital israeli soldiers have been firing tear gas and rubber bullets in bethlehem and smith has more now from a refugee camp near gaza and there is a genuine feeling amongst palestinians here of anger and frustration yes they've been called to rally yes they've been called to protest nobody's forcing them to do this this is a very strong feeling that palestinians will soldier here on in the occupied west bank feel they feel that jerusalem they dream of jerusalem as being a future east jerusalem of being a future capital of a future palestinian state they feel that up to that opportunity been taken away from them by what donald trump said and so that frustration is being expressed. demonstrations are being held in other cities around the world including the
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world's most populous muslim nation thousands rallied outside the u.s. embassy in indonesia's capital jakarta the president you are total urged the u.s. to reconsider its decision. the u.k. and the e.u. have reached a deal that will allow the talks to move on to the next stage they agreed on the u.k. so-called divorce payment the border with ireland and maintaining citizens' rights the ease chief negotiator says the withdrawal deal must be ready by october of next year. russia's foreign minister says north korea wants direct talks with the u.s. so your level of passed on that message to the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson in vienna on thursday now it follows the north's latest launch of a missile and threats of nuclear retaliation from donald trump the french president emanuel macro has called on foreign powers to stop interfering in politics in lebanon he's hosting a meeting on the issue in paris eleven on his prime minister saad hariri is there he withdrew his resignation on tuesday a month after he made the surprise announcement to step down whilst in saudi arabia
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liberia will not hold a rerun of his presidential election supreme court judges said there wasn't enough evidence of fraud during the first run poll in october the runoff vote between the former footballer george weah and the vice president joseph can now go ahead adrian keep you company in the coming hours all see of usual time tomorrow up next inside story. pending decades of american diplomacy the u.s. president infuriates muslim and world leaders by recognizing jerusalem as israel's capital little trump also announces plans to move the u.s. embassy it's them.


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