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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  December 9, 2017 4:00pm-4:59pm +03

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it's of these gentle securities where the people who pay the price clearly their writeup unprejudiced setting the stage for a serious debate up front at this time on al-jazeera. one of the really special things about working proud is here is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much in contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else. as you know it's very challenging even in the particular because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues. people believe that tell the real story so i'll just mended. journalism we don't feel inferior to the audiences across the globe. this is al-jazeera.
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hello i'm adrian finnegan with the news hour from al-jazeera live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. four palestinians are killed while protests continue against president trump's move to declare jerusalem the capital of israel. georgia's former president mikheil saakashvili says that he's on hunger strike after police in ukraine arrest him again. this is a clear example of collusion with a foreign power you questions about the trump presidential campaigns relationship and spying by a foreign power this time it's not russia but israel. the huge crowds fill the streets of central paris to say farewell to french rock star johnny hallyday.
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the arab league is holding an emergency meeting on saturday to discuss donald trump's formal recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital the us president's action has been condemned by a host of governments and has prompted protests across the globe. funerals are being held for to hamas fighters to protesters who were killed by israeli airstrikes and shootings in gaza on friday elsewhere in the occupied west bank there have been violent confrontations between protesters and israeli forces palestinian leaders are meeting in rome allah to firm up a response to trump's announcement of five european nations have asked the trumpet ministration to put forward a detailed proposal for peace between the israelis and the palestinians in a joint statement britain france germany sweden and italy called trump's decision on jerusalem unhelpful the u.n. security council has held an emergency meeting on the issue as mike hanna reports. an animated discussion between the u.s.
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ambassador and the palestinian representative just one of the urgent conversations taking place around the room even before the session began the packed chamber testament to the depth of international concern and some argue the credibility of the security council itself is under attack if the council does not. act accordingly to what its mind it which is present in peace and security then the council might become another occupied territory speaking by video link from jerusalem bureau and a special coordinator condemned the unilateral u.s. action if the israeli palestinian conflict is not result in line with relevant un resolutions and in a manner that meets the legitimate national aspirations of both peoples interests being engulfed into the vortex of religious radicalism that has taken over the middle east either his position on jerusalem remains unchanged speaker after
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speaker reaffirmed the un's position on the status of jerusalem and we believe that the future status as i said of jerusalem can only be resolved through negotiations criticism too from the staunchest of u.s. allies. the british ambassador also called on president trump to make good his purpose commitment to a peace process we welcome his commitment to a two state solution the u.s. representative decided the best form of defense is attack over many years the united nations has outrageously been of the world's foremost centers of hostility towards israel the un has done much more damage to the prospects for middle east peace than to advance one of the one thousand nations represented in the chamber on this day the u.s. position was shared only by israel the united states had the courage and to understanding of just the door physically state or the already been known the you
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as this engine to reward israelis impunity undermines and essentially disqualifies its leadership role to seek peace in the region. by the jordanian ambassador exchanges high fives of the palestinian representative a key question remains hanging in the chamber how can the u.s. continue to be regarded as an honest broker in attempting to resuscitate a long dormant negotiation process mike hanna al-jazeera united nations as we reported protests in the palestinian territories are continuing some of the violent al-jazeera as alan fischer is in the midst of one such protest in occupied east jerusalem and what's happening. well we had some calm for thirty minutes there was a standoff really between some young palestinians and the security services there's wise heads among the young people saying look don't go recent towards the lines and
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then suddenly with the police moving in in numbers to break away to push the young men back excuse me i'm catching my breath from the smoke here we've had a few. needs just in the last thirty seconds or so you see how heavily armed the security services are here but throughout the afternoon there have been running clashes we've seen a number of people who started out with a very peaceful small protest they wanted to march to make their opposition to donald trump's decision to. recognize jerusalem as israel's capital they came out onto the streets to make sure that their voices could be hared they tried to marched on this street they got no more than ten meters when the police told them they didn't have a pen and couldn't march and at that point they started to be some confrontations people came out with flags they were taken off them by. the security services the security services then sent horses into the streets to try and break up the crowds
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and a number of people were injured when they were used that was also quite frightening for those who were on the streets as well you could see that they were very disquieted by all we've seen people who were holding a poster one police officer didn't like the poster who went in to take it from a woman the woman objected and he punched her full in the face so there has been it's not huge amounts of violence but there have been violent exchanges over the last two hours on what was meant to be a protest starting from the street that intention was to go down to harrods gate which is no more than three quarters of a kilometer away from where i'm standing just to voice their concern and you can see no we're going to spend the camera and that yet again the the security services are moving back towards the police station don't towards harrods kate they've been out in a lot of numbers here in east jerusalem. over the last couple of overs and in fact things did come down for quite a bit when they pulled back initially but that gave us the stood there in their numbers that gave time for the palestinian youngsters teenagers young men in their
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twenty's to get together to start chanting in they were doing no more than that then as the police moved up we started to see a few missiles being thrown from what i could see was mainly water bottles. but there has been a bit of violence here this afternoon and people on the streets certainly very very scared when the police forces started coming into them to them to break up these crowds. of many thanks alan fischer there live in occupied east jerusalem let's take you live now to gaza al-jazeera but it smith is there for palestinians killed by israeli forces and air strikes in gaza funerals been held for those for today but what's happening where you are now. on the eastern edge of gaza city close to one of the close of the border with israel it's less busy than it was yesterday this perhaps several dozens of
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protesters down there confronting israeli security forces on the other side of the border fence mainly through stone throwing the israelis are responding with live fire heard some cracks of gunfire in the last few minutes or so and there's one other location further down to the south of gardening harness where there is a slightly bigger crowd maybe a couple of hundred protesters down there but much less than there was yesterday mainly because yesterday was the main day off and saturday is a working day for those in gaza lucky enough to have jobs adrian this as i study and marking the thirtieth anniversary of of the first intifada. yeah coincidentally the thirtieth in. version the first intifada today and it started here in gaza and it was a small incident that sparked that intifada or it was obviously there been
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a build up to it with palestinians for straighted it is really oppression even thirty years ago circumstances have much haven't changed much since then but thirty years ago yes a small spark here in gaza that sets off that first intifada. the first intifada was sparked by the deaths of four palestinians in december nine hundred eighty seven. by the time it ended in one nine hundred ninety three more than one thousand one hundred people had died sixteen thousand people had been detained palestinians had already spent two decades struggling with the injustice of living under israeli occupation. intifada mark the first time palestinians from all parts of society began such an intense resistance the protests evolved from boys throwing rocks and people marching to fighters attacking israeli soldiers and military targets palestinians went on strike and boycotted israeli products yet to
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demand the police pursued our young people because they refused to turn themselves in. so the intifada was called by a number of groups affiliated with the palestinian liberation organization the p.l.o. . the group hamas stepped in as well saying on the resistance was the only effective resistance to israeli occupation. from the moment hamas shifted from a peaceful resistance to an armed when israel started to feel the real power of the intifada. israel's military back thousands of palestinians were arrested on in one thousand nine hundred to four hundred twenty five many of them hamas members were exiles in lebanon former police. prisoners say the israelis tortured them. so i did my feet were tied under an iron chair during interrogation they hit me in the stomach in genitals. the second
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intifada began in two thousand when al sharon visited a mosque in jerusalem he was leader of the opposition likud party at the time and said every israeli had the right to go there palestinians were outraged. is one of the holiest sites in islam more than three thousand palestinians and one thousand israelis died over the next five years this is the spot in a refugee camp where the first intifada started thirty years ago an israeli patrol who was surrounded by hundreds of teenage boys in the soldiers run for cover into the buildings here and from there fired indiscriminately into the crowds and since then life for the palestinians has only gotten worse there are virtually no opportunities for the young people here with gaza and the blockade the malice to me and he will tell you that after twenty five years almost all of the talks with the
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israelis they've seen nothing to come from. burnouts with al-jazeera. redwine was a child when he took part in the first intifada thirty years ago this is his story my name is enormous you have won. thirty eight years old. i was born in bethlehem and grew up in that if you can of what i'm audie to d.m. musician. and composer and activist. i think this was on the first these of the intifada uprising and in that if you can. at the time i would remember that these bunch of soldiers. you know who came and just. you dated a lot of space which was the camp we were playing in or the kids you know we don't play in the house because our house is very small and in the camp the street is your playground you know and then we suddenly story and so we started to understand
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that this is the occupier from the story that our grandfathers and mother were telling us i remember that there were many soldiers i don't know what's happened but i just ran. towards soldiers and i wanted to go as close as as much as close to to be able to kick them out of from the camp. the. first intifada show you how we were all involved and having one object of you know what and all together we missed that because we are confused between if we are free or i'm free we are in the new zealand that we supposed to have a state if we don't have a state that's why we don't have a common. a common goal. today every time i try to go and travel and
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or go to other city to all these checkpoints and all the settlement i get angry lucky today because i have an instrument. that hit me to express myself differently and still get my message to the world that i am unhappy. now to the rest of the day's news the former president of georgia has gone on hunger strike at a ukrainian detention center according to his lawyer because saakashvili was rearrested in ukraine four days after his supporters freed him from a police van he says the charges against him are politically motivated peter shop reports. mikhail saakashvili the former president of georgia was arrested late on friday following a police raid on an apartment block in kiev he'd been hiding there since his escape from custody after being picked up by the security police on tuesday. really has been fronting of his campaign to remove the country's president petro
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poroshenko criticizing his failure to hold corruption in ukraine. press secretary confirmed his arrest on than he was elizabeth. really was detained and now judging from the number of police men he has kept there they don't let anyone in i don't know who managed to get in that i can't get in that's his press secretary i hope there are lawyers in there and more of our people. scores of his supporters who gathered outside the detention center promised to stay until he was released. the key there trying to set up a regime like that in russia and belarus here if people don't rise up against it now ukraine is finished they'll be no fight with corruption no change and no investment because no one will want to give money to a corrupt country. on tuesday. briefly by the security police during a botched attempt to take him into custody the supporters besieged the bus where he's being held and set him free. back in custody his future looks bleak he's now
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stateless he's been stripped of his ukrainian and georgian citizenship and faces extradition back to georgia where he's wanted on corruption charges. peter shop al jazeera. a global affairs analyst joins us now via skype live from kiev michael good to have you with us this is a former head of state we're talking about here what's going to happen to saakashvili now will he be extradited back to georgia. well it's unbelievable what has happened here i mean this is like shooting steroids into a tiger it's like us really is not a man who goes down without a fight he what he said he was staying in ukraine until the end it looks like the authorities have to realize the seriousness of what they've done and they may release him with an electronic bracelet and some other eye conditions as well but like he said i think what's happened here adrian is that the portugal government
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which has been very desperate to silence him because after all he did call for part of some costs french is that you know the but they've turned not only really into a martyr but there's also kind of let the spheres of just content among the populace here and ukraine many people angry about the slow pace of corruption about oligarchs who are corrupt not getting arrested but about attempts to kill the corrupt and to corruption body here so he was day if he goes back to georgia he will be arrested there as well so i think the only options for him if he does have to leave the country is poland or the united states he says the charges against him both in ukraine and in georgia are politically motivated are they. well that's how they're saying here in fact a lot of analysts including myself see this as part of sheinkopf administration again very desperate to get attention away from their lock about and i'm crushing to cause a distraction and you know i don't saakashvili but look up. really i don't think
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he's our names are we there but however he is saying the right things that are attracting attention here and i should add to that just today speaking of sleeping tigers yulia timoshenko at the former prime minister has issued a very very harsh statement against polish i'm criticizing his actions so it looks like she may actually ally with with some kind of really incredible team given their resources and their strong rhetoric so all of this is galvanizing support for both the second shrilly and for than his newly formed political party. i believe so i know his numbers are not big and however there are and there is around him there is a protest camp by the way which he was part of starting this protest camp has been here for weeks now adrian and it's in the center of the government quarter so it shows you with their resources their billet to mobilize their tenacity to really stick around even in cold temperatures so i don't think this is going to go away
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any time soon but you know it needs to be said that the international community is watching this very very carefully but at the same time there are harshly criticizing part of shankar and his allies for trying to stymie anti-corruption efforts here especially kicking that chick wrote kicking down the entrepreneurs from body more has been done to tarnish ukraine's image in the past week then in months and months and months of positive p.r. push echo hired seconds for the to be governor of a desk they used to be friends old university chums what's gone wrong in their relationship why is pushing co so determined not to allow the suckers for the a platform. right well it's one suited happiness when saakashvili was governor of a death site he made it a point to say look i'm not here for a holiday i'm here to work he brought in a lot of people from georgia to help them and then they i think earnestly did try to clean up the port city there was a lot of corruption there still it's but then he said he's being stymied by the
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president's people and then he he left saying you know i can do my own shop and i think that's when things started to unravel subsequently stripped of ukrainian citizenship and now he claims is a state that state was person so but again cyclists really has a tremendous ego but he has a lot of staying power and he he will not go down without a fight that's for sure good to talk to you michael many thanks indeed michael voss q there in ukraine you're with he's out still to come on the program. crying for help for a hinge a girl recounts a harrowing story of persecution in plus. the navy says that they can only last for a week with oxygen but there are so many variables three weeks after an argentinian submarine disappeared at sea relatives of the crew still hold out hope that their
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loved ones will be found. and it's for a japanese baseball star who's been compared to babe ruth picks his major league team. polls have closed in the first phase of assembly elections in india is good at that state because of that's been a stronghold for prime minister narendra modi's. john at a party for more than two decades the opposition congress party is trying to win votes by highlighting the b j p's unpopular decisions to introduce a sales tax and remove high value banknotes from circulation their lunch and diane is journalist and author who says that polarizing decisions by the b j p have made the election a close race. since the opinion polls have been conducted from august the leads in the surveys have slipped by almost about seventeen per cent and this is slipping
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primarily because of the unpopular decisions and agitations going on in the state of which parky a result of the huge political vacuum that was left in the state after mr modi moved to center and become the prime minister in his absence the state has the beach party that we g.p. has floundered in the state of gujarat and has not been able to manage the situation that is what has resulted in a huge amount of uprising from various sections of people various social groups have been agitating for the blast almost two and a half years so what was supposed to have been a very routine simple election for mr moody to win has suddenly turned on his head and it's opposing probably the biggest challenge in three and a half years since he became the prime minister of india i think it's really going to go down to the wire this is an election which pollsters are finding it extremely difficult to call because of what shares of the two parties the b.g.p. and the congress are almost at
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a part of it each other the final assessment is that in the last three days mr modi has entered into of highly personalized. campaign where he's firstly spending about thirty to forty meetings in a very small state which is unprecedented for prime minister takes so much of the time on election campaign in such a small state. the opposition in honduras has filed a legal challenge to an all or result of the presidential election two weeks ago opposition supporters again rallied in the capital both the current president on a lot of hondas and his rival salvador nasrallah have to clear themselves the winner fourteen people have been killed as the election results been repeatedly delayed at accusations of fraud have increased amnesty international is accusing the government of using dangerous and illegal tactics against protesters. and attacked by rebel fighters in the democratic republic of congo has killed fourteen united nations peacekeepers all from tanzania five congolese soldiers also died in
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the attack which the un is blaming on a ugandan group the allied democratic forces the un secretary general says it's one of the worst attacks in the recent history of peacekeeping operations shallop ballasts reports un peacekeepers have been working in the democratic republic of congo for nearly twenty years at dusk on friday and ugandan group known as the allied democratic forces launched an ambush in the eastern province of north kivu the three along attack was at a remote un base near the town of binny i condemn this attack and he quickly and these deliberate attacks against when peacekeepers and acceptable and constitute a war crime i call on the arabs to authorities to investigate this incident and swiftly bring the perpetrators to justice there must be no impunity for such assaults here or anywhere else the un is blaming the allied democratically losses
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or i.d.f. seen here three years ago always you watch your. thank the operation from national park for the past twenty years they were treated there after a failed bid to turn uganda into an islamic state the forests become a convenient hideout from which to launch attacks. the a.t.f. is blamed for seven hundred civilian deaths over the past three years as well as mess rape and recruiting child soldiers. we are disturbing these groups they don't want us there and i think these attacks is a response by. probably elements of the d r c is the un's largest mission and one of its most dangerous to peacekeepers were killed in october again by the i.d.f. two weeks later the un raised its threat level to the same as in iraq syria and yemen all this is half
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a billion dollars was slashed from the un's peacekeeping budget cuts driven by the united states and criticized by the un's africa group as dangerous shallop ballasts al jazeera. donald trump has declared some of the worst wildfires in california is history to be a federal emergency the u.s. president ordering additional government help to rebuild destroyed homes fires found by high winds of forced two hundred thousand people from danger zones this week some are now beginning to return to charred ruins as alan shuffler reports from ventura county. when the wind dies down the helicopter crews go up here taking advantage of morning call to attack the thomas fire northwest of l.a. the largest of the fires burning in southern california it's now ten percent contained but still growing and a slight break in the weather has helped firefighters in some areas and the fight ahead is all about how hard the wind blows and how dry the hills are there's three
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factors that influence fire behavior fuel weather and topographic. weather is a huge factor it's the most variable factor that fire for wildland firefighters face across the region fires have burned through more than six hundred twenty five square kilometers of national forest land the coastal canyons and neighborhoods from san diego to ventura hundreds of homes have been lost thousands of people ordered to evacuate with likely more destruction and more displacement ahead the president has now declared a national emergency and ordered additional federal help thousands of firefighters have converged here from all over the western u.s. in this ventura neighborhood where the flames have been out for days and residents are now allowed back in kim gray walks us through the home she moved into when she was two years old i'm very sad but and but seeing it had to be the worst part this is the new normal for us for
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a little while anyway she and her family got out just in time with only a few possessions when the fire erupted coming back has been so hard but she knows it's a shared experience making the region's losses very personal this house was here since one thousand twenty seven so this is like one hundred year fire i'm hoping that it won't happen again ever. it might because we're so dry while the battle continues in the air and on the ground in southern california the grays and many other fire weary residents have no choice now but to turn to the future and the rebuilding job ahead alan johnston or al jazeera ventura county home drawing california but snowing elsewhere in the states his view was just stuff go to the still the small stuff and run the really it's own funds to the dry air dry air brought on the snow so far south let's take a look at the charts and see exactly what's going on because in the west as we were
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here in california very dry air there and the weather is not helping with the fight against the wildfires at all and then we've also got the dry air pushing further south but because the it's very dry it can actually get colder than it would do if you had a lot of moisture with it and as it has it's got so cold that eventually when it started to rain it's actually given the snow rather than rain so that's why this ystem actually given us a fair amount of wintry weather rather than the rain you might expect quite as far south as we've seen it so in the southern parts of texas then we've had scenes like this looks more like that plan doesn't it but this is the seven parts of texas we will so seeing more elsewhere in louisiana and other parts of the deep south we've seen plenty of wintery weather in some places more than you'd expect any time of year we haven't seen this amount of snow for a very long time in fact we've been seeing snow in the northern parts of mexico here we haven't seen snow for decades and in the deep south we've seen two hundred fifty thousand people now without power because this is quite a dangerous time to have snow because there's still leaves on the trees and as
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those trees get way down with all the snow then it means the branches can fall off and pull down those power lines with them so that system them fortunately is moving away from us but not before it gives a lot more snow to the northeast coast adrian. follow stuff on twitter at weather stephanie thanks stuff still to come here all the news out of the u.s. pressure saudi arabia to lift its blockade but open yemen's ports for much needed aid. we're celebrating world trick shot day take a look at this. it. will be here with that of the rest of the race course a little less. donald trump has rescinded foreign aid to charities that perform actively promote abortion people and paladin scholars the consequence is a u.s.
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president spends strength can have on countless lives around the globe he's completely unjust against. people we go for and serve a bush and those people will trump and the ethics of foreign aid at this time on al jazeera when the news breaks it was an announcement if you were expecting to hear by announce my resignation as prime minister from the lebanese government and the story builds i can't stop thinking about the bullets my life when people need to be heard a mass exodus hundreds of thousands of rolled in just have fled ethnic cleansing imeem are for bangladesh al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you more award winning documentaries and live news on air and online.
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it is good to have you with us adrian for the good here in doha with the news out. the mountains here are the top stories this hour protests of confronted security forces for a fourth day in the occupied palestinian territories trumps recognition in jerusalem as israel's capital. did you create an oil for anti corruption campaign to make out saakashvili says he's gone hunger strike the former president of georgia is protesting against his rearrest four days off to support has freed him from a police family in kiev. saudi arabia is being warned that it risks losing u.s. support unless more aid is allowed in to stop the humanitarian crisis in yemen the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson is calling for the blockade on yemen to be lifted to be lifted rather the saudi led coalition sealed all of yemen's and seaports last
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month to hit the rebels fired a missile towards riyadh aid agencies warn that eight million yemenis are on the brink of famine as well as suffering the worst outbreak of cholera or to listen cold in riyadh to show restraint in the region i think with respect to saudi arabia's engagement with qatar how they're handling the yemen a war that they're in gauge down the lebanon situation i think we would encourage them to be a bit more measured and a bit more thoughtful in those actions to i think fully consider the consequences i think we've been clear when it comes to yemen we have called for and president trump himself called for this week a complete end to the blockade of yemen a reopening of all the ports today not just humanitarian assistance but commercial delivery as well because about eighty percent of the food comes in all commercial shipments we are asking that saudi arabia allow that access.
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let's discuss this now with sultan barker's who is the director of the center for conflict and humanitarian studies at the doha institute good to see you again what do you make of rex tillerson is comments here is the u.s. losing patience with saudi arabia all that having really late the humanitarian awakening i think when the crisis in the yemen war has been going on for more than two years now and this is the first strong statement from the u.s. towards saudi arabia in the past yemen presented to them a combination of factors that allowed them to turn a blind eye including the presence of. the alliance with iran and the fact that it is against one of their strongest allies in the region so that was enough to give sufficient justification in congress now as the time has progressed and this turned out to be not a one month or even a one year war i think voices are growing within congress and largely driven by by civil society organizations and the european countries and the latest here man
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writes a resolution on the yemen but the us is speaking on this issue with with with not one but three voices you've got rex tillerson on the one hand of the state department issuing saying that he's concerned about saudi arabia's baby got as you say the congress being applied now by pressure of the white house do we know whether the white house is behind what rex tillerson says or not the white house of saudi arabia as has said very different things i think tillerson is more concerned about the combination of a crisis portfolio that saudi arabia has now created in the region and seems to be unable to manage since june we have the crisis we have lebanon and on top of that there is the m. and so his his remarks to me were really about trying to get them to manage better what's going on and warning them in general that this is maybe not the way that they should go but will it make any difference will saudi arabia heed rex tillerson problem i think there were a lot i think the death of abdullah saleh send
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a very strong message both the united states and saudi arabia. that may be the last card for a possibility of compromise in the country has now has been lost you know just as he switched positions he was killed and that may have reminded own them all that there is no answer but a major political solution for for yemen saudi arabia is a u.s. ally of course the trumpet ministrations shares saudi arabia's concerns over iran in particular so so why now why why is this pressure being applied on saudi arabia now what well i think internationally the pressure has been growing and since the crisis in the gulf the coverage of the media of yemen of yemen has increased partly because what educated as additional covering that coverage but also international access to to yemen has increased and the and it's become more of a subject for debate ok so how about a always good to talk to you sir many thanks indeed for being with us.
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iraq's prime minister has declared an end to the war against i saw in his country hi to al about he says that his forces have regained full control of the border with syria it follows an iraqi army operation to push the last i saw fighters out of the desert area the announcement marks the end of the three year water drive the group out of iraq al-jazeera continues to demand the release of its journalist matthew to say he's been in an egyptian prison now for more than eleven months the same he's accused of broadcasting false news to spread chaos which both he and al-jazeera strongly deny hussein has repeatedly complained of mistreatment in jail he was arrested on december twentieth last year while visiting family the israeli government as admitted to contacting members of donald trump's transition team last december before he was sworn into office one person's whose actions are under
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scrutiny is jarrett krishna the president's son in law you have returns he reports . every day i made my show and i think i'm going to be talking about something else every day the u.s. networks exhaustively speculates on the special counsel's investigation into allegations that the trump presidential campaign colluded with a foreign power in russia he says it produced nothing yet one aspect of the story has barely been mentioned the role of israel former trump advisor general michael flynn has pleaded guilty to lying to the f.b.i. about his contacts with the russian ambassador to the u.s. so jake has the act at the end of last year now we know why he got in touch court filings show it was at the request of a senior member of trump's transition team that official is reported to be jarrad cushion or the president's son in law and middle east envoy at the time the obama administration intended to break precedent and not veto a u.n. security council resolution condemning israel's illegal settlements seen in favor
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or one day somebody finally brings the special counsel has determined the israeli prime minister also the trump transition team to him to seed is reported to have told planned to ask the russians to kill them but. not an issue that the israeli government was reportedly spying on obama officials at the u.n. and then sharing their intelligence with the trump team as part of this effort this is all against the rarely used logan act a law which explicitly forbids us citizens from colluding with foreign powers to defeat u.s. government foreign policy the penalty is up to three years in prison this is a clear example of collusion with a foreign power it's inconvenient for many that the foreign powers israel. in fact and leading democratic party expressed his gratitude to christians want to thank you for making that effort and that's
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a clue as to why those who say that hungry for hard evidence of collusion have been seized on the. first actual illegal collusion that's been discovered in many respects trump is just doing what the democrats along with the republicans in congress have been encouraging the white house to do for quite a few years so the man driving president trumps the middle east policy is getting a pos here in washington even though he faces the possibility of criminal prosecution for illegal collusion with israel she ever hansie al-jazeera washington the white house has responded to questions about donald trump's health after the president mispronounced and slurred several worlds words whilst giving a speech white house correspondent kimberly how could reports. the white house says it was nothing more than a dry throat this week with president trump slurred his speech wrapping up an important foreign policy announcement god bless the united church thank you very
4:42 pm
much but many reporters and the american public have been questioning that explanation so much so white house press secretary sarah sanders was the first to acknowledge the concern dismissing the inquiries as frankly pretty ridiculous questions but questions of trump's fitness for office are not new given his reported love of fast food and refusal to exercise them there is his penchant for confrontational speeches pray news they will be met with fire of fury and taunting attacks and social media against foes like north korean leader kim jong il and many are questioning trump's ability to make sound decisions the latest to do so a group of twenty seven u.s. psychiatrists and mental health experts who have never examined trial but have authored a book assessing his public behavior the book is currently
4:43 pm
a bestseller in the united states. never. questioning a president's mental health as a political issue isn't new trumpeted the white house at age seventy president ronald reagan was sixty nine during his time in office reagan began to show shifts in speaking patterns those speech changes were later linked after he left office his diagnosis of alzheimer's disease well not required most modern presidents have provided some assurance of good health including this report most recently for president barack obama after ten months in office trump has failed to do the same but did in two thousand and sixteen while campaigning against hillary clinton make her health a campaign issue here. clinton aides brushed off her coughing spell and stumble on the campaign trail but later revealed she had been battling pneumonia the white house hopes those fears will subside early next year that's when it's announced
4:44 pm
donald trump will undergo a medical examination and the results will be made public kimberly help al-jazeera washington u.s. vice president mike pence is headed to the region to the middle east region in the next few days we already know that mahmoud abbas the palestinian president is refusing to meet with the vice president it's just been announced in the last few minutes that egypt's coptic church has rejected meeting with the u.s. vice president pence that meeting which should just take place but it's in protest over the u.s. is jerusalem decision that's according to egypt's state news agency president one of turkey meanwhile says the u.s. decision on jerusalem contradicts international law and regional facts he said world leaders the world leaders tasked to make peace and not to create conflict or not a little later here on al-jazeera now manaus army is being accused of deliberately
4:45 pm
targeting range of children who are escaping a military crackdown in rakhine state a nine year old girl has been telling al-jazeera how she survived being shot three times as she crossed into bangladesh with more than six hundred twenty five thousand seeking sanctuary to serious child strafford reports now from the thank kali refugee camp to cox's bazaar. but his grandmother called to hold back the tears it's a miracle the nine year old girl is a lawyer. as you to say she was shot three times by myanmar army soldiers and she fled her village of torm bazaar through a hole months ago. bullets went through her growing to like her left arm and her right armpit. myanmar soldiers shot her mother and father dead. says she too was trying to escape in a boat with a young boy when the army opened fire at them you know how your little. we were
4:46 pm
running and crying trying to escape he says i got in a boat and heard gunshots as i was in a different boat when the ministry shelter shita they were around thirty and nutters away from her after seeing the head shot i felt i don't know i am bound to die. the bullet wound on the as you infected and won't heal. infections are common in the camp with hundreds of thousands of other refugees it's not known how many children have been killed by the myanmar military in this recent crackdown on the river injure the myanmar government is refusing any kind of independent investigation but what's so shocking about this case is that having spoken to two witnesses and the medics treating her all the evidence suggests that the myanmar soldier knowingly shot at a nine year old girl from close range. is sort of indicative of
4:47 pm
a hard off the weapon and i watch caliber bullet of something about seven sixty nine and like a five five six bullet which would tend to hit and bath ran and do a lot of internal damage given also the trajectory we think that it would be with for fifty made a range limit the shooter was operated on in a malaysian government field hospital near the refugee camp tiny pieces of fabric from the clothes she was wearing when she was shot infected the wound. doctors hope as huge as physical agony will eventually subside but it's unlikely the terrifying memories of what she and her grandmother saw in myanmar will ever disappear. chance trafford al-jazeera think ali refugee camp bangladesh. in argentina the father of one of the forty four crew aboard the argentine supreme which disappeared almost a month ago is refusing to give up hope but the chances of finding his son alive
4:48 pm
faded last week when navy commander said there is no chance of survival some relatives say that they've been lied to through as a boat reports was this. the last few weeks have been emotionally tortures ones full. a father doing everything in his power so that the rescue efforts continue for his son and his shipmates twenty seven year old daniel was a crew member on the one submarine it would missing almost a month ago with twenty four on board this week than you would have graduated as an undersea weapon specialist for the visuals are what if we can only come in the navy says that they can only last for a week with oxygen but there are so many variables they calculate on a forty four people surviving and what i say is you know what if only two people survive the explosion or one the amount of oxygen would increase so if only one survived are we not going to try to save him the edison quanah was last heard from
4:49 pm
on the fifteenth of november sailing from the southern argentine city office why yeah the commander of the vessel made contact with the base to see that water had entered the ship resulting in about three month function not long after an explosion was detected not far from the submarines last known location the navy says that they will continue searching for the submarine but they insist that they do not expect to find any survivors they also announced that they're investigating three specific points close to an area where official sources say an explosion was registered twenty four days ago. the search for the missing sub has been an international one russia and the united states have taken part but weather conditions have been difficult in the southern atlantic. the argentine navy says they will once again search the area where they michelin believe want to be but he found successful they would start shifting their hunt to the north towards the
4:50 pm
submarine's final destination. it's like trying to find their cigarettes in a football field that's what we're talking about and how difficult it is we are mostly focusing around four thousand square kilometers it has been checked twice but now will do it with the help of the united states. until last week much of a information surrounding the s. and one was considered a state secret even though the navy has said the submarine was focusing on illegal fishing the relatives want to know more. now we will have access to what the submarine was doing and the conditions the vessel was in what generates doubts is what was the sub doing what was the mission all experts say the sub has no capacity to expel illegal votes fishing in the area we have many doubts because everyone lied to us from the beginning. the arjun time government insists there is nothing to hide and we. he has not lost hope that his son will come home
4:51 pm
alive. as one of. hundreds of thousands of people have lined the streets of paris to bid adieu year to the french johnny holiday he died on wednesday at the age of seventy four known as the french elvis out of a sold more than one hundred million records and starred in a number of films his coffin was driven along the shores elisei france's president emanuel. paid tribute to the singer at the ceremony natasha butler reports from paris. well this is certainly a day of mourning for bronzes rock n roll star johnny holiday but there's also been a sense of celebration as many people have come here to central worst in greeley mall the man they say has touched their lives for generations is a national icon for them he is more than france's elvis he is a person that many people here feel they almost no part of our generation also
4:52 pm
duration of our parents for example you was about to say measure of my dad the past two years ago so it's very special to me and i remember my dad saying in johnny son son that every moment really time were to go over. my memories that we turn today but i notice it in the journey and it's very sad because the different parts of. the story of many people here is often called from and says help us but outside the french speaking world many people have been baffled by the success of the leather clad walk in singing as more coal coal and coal but there is no doubt that in proles he is deeply revered and that is why so many people have come out here today to say. i just had the spores. i was handling those have also gets to grips with the trophy case for formula one world drivers' championship here with all the details next.
4:53 pm
to. the pages of this. unspeakable matter compiled testimonies of victims of congolese mustn't. as this intimate evidence finds its way to international courts the central african republic is plunged into further. and intricate details of the people and a nation critical i've recently history caiaphas can talk to you after to cut scenes of his time on al-jazeera. to me.
4:54 pm
al-jazeera. to win if you. ever get tired to support his other thank you very much adrian on japanese baseball player who's been compared to the great babe ruth or has chosen to sign with the los angeles angels twenty three year old shaw he will tiny it was the subject of the frenzied bidding and lobbying a from every major league team in the united states is due to his rare two way skills ask both a batter and pitcher like ruth that but also because he was a bargain. places
4:55 pm
a salary cap of hoffa million dollars on foreign players under the age of twenty five though the angels have paid twenty million dollars fee to his team the pawn. well earlier we spoke to a cousin that got who's the sports writer based in tokyo he's been giving us says of how this story's been received in japan. it is a massive news you know baseball is the biggest sporting japan an attorney has been the biggest star without a doubt in the last five years so you know his transfer although he came in japanese baseball declaring eventually he would go to america make a baseball but now it happens officially and that everybody is looking at all those news on television on radio and in newspapers and magazines it's a massive lot of japanese baseball fans are disappointed about this move champion
4:56 pm
is chelsea talk non-play stokes finished above real madrid in the champions league group but are six in the premier league haven't taken just five points from their last six games is talent is following the to try to do even better next year after receiving the formula one that will championship trophy for the fourth time hamilton was handed the silverware prize giving in the side in frost he won nine out of twenty races and set a record of seventy two career pole positions lewis is right i mean lewis obviously is a four time world champion not just a world champion you know he is a star among stars sports are driven by stars they're driven by personalities he is both the is a larger than life personality an incredible start and doing something on the track that just you know realistically is beyond everybody's wildest imagination he's fabulous while basketball fans around the world to have had the opportunity to post
4:57 pm
their best trick shot the videos for the second annual trick shot day the harlem globetrotters who are known for their amazing basketball skills decided to mark the day with another one of their crazy shots take a look at this one a forty six meters from the drop from a boss parked on the roof of the museum is sent louis down to hoop below. that's it for me a.j. somebody thanks a date that's it from the news i'll be back to update you just a few moments. news has never been more available it's a constant barrage that they put every day but the message is a simplistic you have the brain a good logical rational person the crazy monster and misinformation is rife dismissal and does not hold well documented accusations and evidence is part of
4:58 pm
genocide the listening post provides a critical counterpoint to challenging mainstream media narratives at this time on al-jazeera a new era in television news. it doesn't say that it's a toss to do things in secret to draw we had actual victims who had survived torture detention and saying this was the cause of my arrest if you could. just stay the fuck would you. like this conviction that everyone has a deep reservoir of thomas but if you can give them the opportunity that wonderful things start to look at the actual distance there's at least twenty thousand for him to refugees who live here we badly need at this moment leadership and president's first look but as was i donald trump is going to be the next president retaliation whipping up again go back she's very kind of sissy cocksucker seem to be doing it best to prevent the b. if you're getting anyway just good record that.
4:59 pm
he achieved something that never happened before. singapore is being accused of expanding its coastline and illegally dredged sat and some of the islands off the coast of indonesia literally vanished it's a big business when they go take this very the sand is are there you see this beautiful beach but behind it is something that's not so plentiful tragedy is that people are just not aware and ecological investigation into a global emergency sand walls at this time on al-jazeera. are tense moments and thoughts of the occupied palestinian territories as people protested.


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