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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 11, 2017 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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and the shared experiences that bind them together. they knew after the gun photography at this time on al-jazeera. coveted beyond well. taken without hesitation. fortan died form. our defines our. people and our investigative exposes and question as they use and abuse of power around the. at this time on al-jazeera. russia's president orders a partial withdrawal of his military forces in syria during an unannounced visit.
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but i'm adrian finnigan this is al jazeera life and also coming up israel's prime minister is meeting foreign ministers of the european union where there's widespread opposition to the u.s. recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital. thousands protesting kiev against ukraine's president about to go release of x. georgian leader mikhail saakashvili has been jailed in the city. plus how recession in greece led to a revolution in solar energy being that the country will meet its climate change talk its. russian president vladimir putin has ordered a partial withdrawal of his troops from syria he made the underground stop in latakia province before heading to egypt putin spoke to his allies syrian president
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bashar al assad at the home i mean airbase russian forces have played an important role in supporting army that's going on the significance of this now from our in kabul on who's the director of policy analysis of the doha institute he's with me here in the studio what is president putin up to here well i think he's trying actually especially after he announced victory against isis a few weeks ago he made it clear that he was actually and will be withdrawing will be partially we're doing prompt syria and by visiting the middle east right now i think he's going to secure secure the agreement of both egypt and turkey he's visiting them actually today and tomorrow or the agreement what to with to withdraw his troops out of the war no i only saw i think he's trying to build them into a building something like peace keeping force in syria as he's planning to withdraw from syria i think he doesn't want on the one hand to leave syria to be taken over by the iranians the door i mean they are as are his his all eyes right now and and
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the war in syria but he and the on the other hand he doesn't want actually to get the iranians to take over syria as they did in iraq when the americans withdraw in late two thousand and eleven but on the other hand he wants other parties to help them secure and inboards the cease fire and the deescalation zones particularly on damascus and also in the north and bought off of hamas as far as we know their jeep shares have a bleed a key it all actually in bringing these deescalation zones in the east and go thaw and also in the north in part of hamas into effect so he's now seeking their help. to bring in peacekeeping forces to syria especially to these two areas as he did actually when he allowed turkey to. enter or send its army into it lip which is another deescalation zone in the north. of the town how
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came with turkey or egypt to be to send peacekeeping forces into syria and how if they did how would that play politically internationally well i think for egypt he will be trying in my opinion to war with the egyptian by program but. you know that the russians they have decided to suspend their flights to egypt after the crash of the russian airplane over there on october two thousand and fifteen so i think he will be now when the egyptians by agreeing to resume. the flights for the farm and to egypt and the resumption of of russian tourism to egypt i think and also he will be trying to. to accept. proposal to build a nuclear reactor in a w.r. near and iskandariyah so i think he would be trying to woo the egyptians into accepting some sort of getting involved into the peace keeping mission in syria by
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bribing some incentives. on the economic front one couple are always good to talk to let's get a view from russian alexi klepto cough is a middle east analyst at the russian international affairs council he joins us now by from moscow skype good to have you with us what do you make of what president putin is doing here his motives do you agree that he's likely to ask egypt and turkey to send a peacekeeping force into syria once russian forces have left. well first i don't think that is going to be a primary topic come to gender between the leaders in the first place previously have already heard. several times that russian arms partial withdrawal of its forces but anyways significant amount of troops. still there this
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sounds as seven signals so the first one is that anyway because there should be a certain amount of maturity of some of the ground to provide security for the russian air base and maybe even and for the naval facilities in bottles then it should be military police and other forces to provide security for these collation zones to want to join the a cease fire reached within syria and that their place russia needs some forces on the ground to maintain its upward hand and influence on the political process so basically what russia achievement in syria through a military. base to read we're going to put it this rate it now wants to transfer it into the political track all right so for us we should not receive these now it's meant of droll as a full withdrawal but certainly there will be
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a significant force left on the ground to provide the security and and that it. is also. put in several times made this quite clear that in case terrorists try to work with her in syria so the response would be mediates and actually in twenty thousand and fifteen and sixteen. sixteen. that was proof that just in a matter of days russia can deploy quickly already deployed forces back to syria if you talk about russia wanting to maintain its influence politically in the region how do you see russia's role in the medium to long term in the middle east. well sure russia tries to exploit the opportunities which apparently in front of it's. and firstly it's that the united states so to say
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we're seeing diminishing involvement into the middle east affairs which opens a small window about unity's for russia to build up its influence so this is why exactly are we not talking about egypt with wage sister went to turkey in russia has been improving relations and this is one of the key allies something that states by this point of the fact it doesn't or would hold kyra from also approaching russia trying to develop your share of an official couple ration and this is a very clear signal that. the u.s. allies in the region. also seek in a bit to diversify they have but full of partnerships in the region and russia is exactly in an actor or a player which egypt for example may use as a counterbalance and trying weighing both sides egypt might get
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a better offer a better deal which is offered by either moscow or u.s. we'll get to the military deal and security economy or whatever and i could talk to so many thanks indeed thank you. confrontations have resumed between palestinian protesters and israeli forces in the occupied west bank it follows days of demonstrations in the palestinian territory at abroad after the trumpet ministration recognize jerusalem as israel's capital will israel's prime minister has urged europe to follow washington's lead over jerusalem benjamin netanyahu was speaking ahead of a meeting with e.u. foreign ministers in brussels where he's facing pressure to restart middle east peace efforts. believe or most of the. countries will move their embassies to jerusalem recognize crucial in israel's work up at all and encourage robustly with us for security prosperity.
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we believe. that the only realistic solution to the conflicts between israel and palestine is based on two states which are as the capital of both the state of israel and the state of palestine along the sixty seven line this is our considered position and we will continue to respect international consensus on jerusalem until the final status of the oldest city is resolved to die that's a negotiation between the parties and we hope that the parties kind of gauge in many for direct negotiations with the support of the international community more now from al jazeera donna cane in brussels. it would appear to be trying to square a circle that the the view from the israeli government from listening your promise and you're netanyahu here for the first time for twenty two years received in the capital of the e.u. as it were with a cold real reception but with short shrift from the federica madine and indeed
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from the representation of the e.u. here that know the e.u. position very clearly it's a two state solution and now is not the time to be talking about it and to seize and capitals being moved to jerusalem where as we just heard mr netanyahu believes this is the way ahead he thinks that this is the way that peace can be arrived at in the middle east so as you say very clear differences of opinions at least in so far as heads of government and heads of representation is a concern the one thought to point out here is that there are sun e.u. countries have already said that they are predisposed towards moving their embassies to jerusalem to what they would consider to be the israeli capital following on the example of the united states notably the czech republic saying they'll do it and indeed hungary as well so there are some e.u. voices saying the sorts of things that mr netanyahu wants to hear but definitely not from voices here specifically in brussels dozens of palestinians are protesting
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against the bahraini delegations visits to israel demonstrators have gathered in gaza near the areas crossing with israel the buffer any news agency says the trip by the interfaith group is a personal initiative by its members but there are fears they've been sent by the bahraini king to strengthen ties between israel and the when. the president of the philippines rodrigo tatay is seeking to extend martial law cross parts of the country until the end of next year to thirty says it's needed to fight armed groups in the southern region of mindanao he initially imposed military rule across the area in may to stop an uprising by eisel supporters in the city it comes after demonstrators took to the streets on sunday to protest against what they call a looming dictatorship. thousands of people marched in the ukraine's capital kiev to protest against the detention of former georgian president mikheil saakashvili he became an opposition leader in ukraine it has been calling for the impeachment of president petro poroshenko he was arrested on friday following
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a dramatic standoff where he climbed onto a roof to avoid police and was then freed from a police van by his supporters. seconds philly became an opposition leader in ukraine after coming to power in georgia during the so-called rose revolution in two thousand and three he ended up there fighting a war with russia five years later his former university friend and ukrainian president petro poroshenko appointed him to work govern the odessa region of ukraine in twenty fifteen hours to russian troops and extended by crimea he was there also granted ukrainian citizenship it didn't take long before the two political allies fell out since their split saakashvili has been stripped of his ukrainian citizenship and has begun leading opposition rallies against polishing cope with former georgian president is now stateless and faces extradition to his home country to face corruption allegations which he denies david stern is
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a correspondent for deutsche vella in kiev he says that saakashvili is also not wanted back in georgia because he causes trouble wherever he goes. he's become a focal point one of many focal points but given the political environment right now in ukraine whatever opposition there is it tends to gather around what's what's available there were these large demonstrations on sunday and these were some of the largest that we've seen since the revolution in ukraine in two thousand and fourteen and there are obviously it's hard to say for the majority but a large number or a good number of the people there were out because they were protesting that detention of mr saakashvili but he's been detained here in ukraine under charges of abetting a criminal organization the organization that allegedly is connected to the former president victory in a cold which the chances of extradition it's difficult to say because it's him but
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when asked to say that where mr saakashvili ends up into causing a lot of trouble and there's some speculation that the georgians actually really don't want to seem back there that he once he comes back in the country could be a focus or a focal point for opposition and opposition protests in georgia so it is a bit of a hot potato i guess you could say and we'll see what happens today because as we speak his bail trial is taking place and will determine in what capacity he will remain under arrest in ukraine we're going to weather update next here on al-jazeera then venezuela's president bans the main opposition parties from taking part in next year's presidential election we'll tell you why and the united nations weighs in on the u. case treatment of disabled people. hello
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again a look at the weather across asia now in northeastern parts of asia we've got a low pressure system across the sea of japan region so we are looking at some mashed. heavy snow showers affecting the western side of honshu and also across the qaida so the tokyo should largely be ok with the flow coming in over the mountains but you see my certain temperature money same vladivostok minus two in sapporo so come further towards the south dry across some of the southern islands subzero across the korean peninsula to heavy on through into wednesday still some showers there across the bit of brightening up taking place but those shower temperatures well there minus seventeen is the maximum a new number tar and beijing like the state is subzero as you move further towards a size where the conditions are looking fine the cold air is permeated further says hong kong about two or three degrees below where it should be at this time of the year so slightly chilly feel to it relatively speaking but it's fine across vietnam and only their eighteen degrees and fine conditions across the rest of indochina
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too and that continues as we head on through into wednesday as we head down into southeastern parts of asia we have some heavy showers for central and southern parts of the philippines some heavy showers from malaysian borneo also seeing further showers affecting the island of java. banks love to make some friends because behind the suffering a millions of taxpayers because those taxpayers never go away is a new one born every single day and ninety it is an emerging national city be officially request. of the support mechanism we created together because i happen to live in greece somehow i'm a sinner i'm a bad person. at this time.
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again the top stories this hour on al-jazeera russia's president vladimir putin has ordered a partial withdrawal of his troops from syria he made an unannounced visit to the taqiyya province where he spoke with his ally syrian president bashar al assad russian forces have played an important role in supporting assad tommy. confrontations have resumed between palestinian protesters and israeli forces in the occupied west bank over the u.s. recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital israel's prime minister is facing pressure to restart peace efforts at a meeting with e.u. foreign ministers in brussels and thousands of people marched in ukraine's capital kiev to protest against the detention of former georgian president mikheil saakashvili he was arrested on friday following
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a dramatic standoff wait climate on to a roof to avoid police and was later freed from a police van by his supporters. venezuela's president nicolas maduro has barred opposition parties from taking part in next year's presidential vote his ruling socialist party wanted least ninety percent of the mayoral seats in a municipal poll. as more from caracas. voting in venezuela is not obligatory but many still put their faith in the electoral process however several opposition leaders boycotted the vote accusing the government of manipulating the process to maintain its grip on power as you know he has been a plague nicolas maduro and his regime said he should go he should resign democratically so we can have elections and choose candidates at every level of society oh yes and president that those parties that boycotted the municipal elections will no longer part of the political landscape do you look at your party
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the parties that did not participate today had boycotted the elections cannot participate anymore that's the criteria laid out legally by the considering assembly and as the head of states i support that. a move that will have repercussions on presidential elections scheduled for october next year these are municipal elections that's all the venezuela's problems and the government is hoping some of it solutions to a focus here a country divided and in crisis but the whole of thought process that some hope will provide some answers. the voting itself passed generally peacefully with only isolated reports of violence an irregularity is here the system is barrier bounce a technical level but it's also very advanced that the level of participation of the people of mobilization of the vote. this way the remains in crisis with inflation rampant food and medicine scarce and crime rising tens of thousands of
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left the country and many of those who remain say they have little faith that elections alone will see. their problems some however are optimistic in. poor countries have crises and they recover we learn from this and we move on we don't stay where we are our country is evolving. blames outside interference for venezuela's problems and despite his deep on popularity the opposition boycott and international criticism these municipal elections only seem to have tightened his grip on power. there al-jazeera. iran's president hassan rouhani says that his country is ready to restore ties with saudi arabia if it stops bombing yemen and cuts ties with israel he made the comments during a speech to parliament on sunday to iran and riyadh sever diplomatic relations in
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january last year after a radian protesters attacked a saudi diplomatic mission demonstrators were angry over the killing of a prominent shia cleric tensions spiked again last month after the iranian backed in yemen fired a missile towards riyadh. we want two things from saudi arabia stopping their own friendship. and stopping inhuman but most of human we have no other problems. let's go to establish ties and have good relations they should be the ones who started the u.k.'s foreign minister boris johnson has left iran without clarity on the fate of a jailed british iranian aid worker johnson held talks with iran's president hassan rouhani after being accused of seriously harming the case of not only in the gallery ratcliffe by saying that she was training journalists she's been in prison for nearly two years charged with seeking to undermine the state's iranian leaders claim that there is proof that she was spying for the u k. as the world observes u.n. sponsored the u.n.
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sponsored human rights day violations continue to be a major issue in indian administered kashmir scuffles broke out on the streets of the capital struggle between separatist protest us and police leading to injuries and arrests m.t.s. tayyab reports. have their message is clear and human rights violations in me are these protesters took to the streets of city in a go to demand the indian government and what they describe as a brutal crackdown on their freedom. a million troops is stationed in kashmir to ensure the occupation human rights violations are happening young boys are jailed and the issue of kashmir is not being so. several protesters were injured in the confrontations with police many others were arrested. indian administered kashmir has been at the center of a muslim separatist movement against hindu dominated indian rule for decades since
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one thousand nine hundred nine nearly seventy thousand people have been killed in the by let's violent separatist leaders say the united nations has done too little to prevent yet. today strike in protest is to break the criminal silence maintained by the united nations on the grave human rights violations happening in kashmir that's a black out against them and the human rights organizations the member countries who claim to spread peace in the world are maintaining silence against the worst human rights violations which are happening in kashmir and i've separatist groups are fighting for the indian administered portion of schmear to either become independent or merge with pakistan for the past year the remote northern region was gripped by widespread protests following the killing of a prominent rebel commander and the crackdown that followed more than one hundred protesters were killed thousands were arrested and hundreds were blinded by police who shot at civilians with iron pellets. i should have made what i learned don't
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just tell us are being fired on customary days bullets are being fired on cars mateys whatever the oppression is spread in india it's going to cost nearly as we're fed up with india because human rights violations are happening every day here security forces were able to break up the protests and calm has returned to the streets of street but gets we are separatists fight for freedom is far from over time al-jazeera the united nations has criticised the u.k. for not doing enough to support people with disabilities and its report the un found that the government funding cuts have deprived a whole section of society of their rights but the bubble reports. mary-ellen has been registered disabled for twenty three years she used to work as a nurse now she relies on her full time carer and she's constantly worrying about the future. i had. two years ago the government scrapped something called the independent living fund or i.l.f.
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and now her local council is cutting her care payments and since the lives close the council has been making is time to supposedly can intervene as much money to put a can into trying to cut those hours social worker. came in and said that they would be increasing mine dependence by providing me with incontinence pads rather than the case support and need to be able to use the time late because then i would be dependent on someone to help me to the toilet. having a carer also means mary-ellen can go out to meet friends and protest for disabled people's rights five years ago a group of organizations lodged a formal complaint to the united nations that led to an in-depth investigation and some damning conclusions in its report earlier this year the u.n. singled out what it called the u.k. government's failure to recognize the rights of disabled people to live independently in the community it also highlighted the growing numbers of disabled children being educated in segregated special schools calling for legislation to
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make sure mainstream schools provide for them and it called for urgent action to fight high levels of poverty which it said would you to multiple welfare reforms and cuts in benefits the u.k. government says the un's failed to reflect the progress it's made in empowering disabled people including getting them into work but roger lewis part of a lobby group that helped to get the un to investigate says changes in the government's access to work scheme a cutting things like the specialist computer software which allows him to hold down a job despite being blind doesn't cost the there in the country this is that this is the crazy thing that the access to work scheme for every pound they spend on me the treasury gets back between one pound forty one pounds seventy this is generating income for the government bob in work up a national insurance i'm paying income tax i'm not on an unemployment benefit it's a net gain yet this game is under attack from mary ellen going into
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a care home would mean an end to her social life and possibly a slide back into the suicidal thoughts she's had in the past she's determined to do what she can to keep fighting the spending cuts the barber al-jazeera london during its long recession greece underwent rapid growth in the use of solar energy it means that the country will now meet its emissions targets under the paris climate change of course. reports from laughing. greece's solar revolution came from the countryside forty two thousand homes like this one turned their power bills into checks from the power company by selling electricity back to the grid to pensioners. an extra nine thousand dollars a year have made a difference then as it's my pension all over again without it we'd be printing our pennies in this economy it means i can help my children my daughters in school my son is unemployed my wife doesn't have a pension over five years household installed three hundred and seventy five
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megawatts of generating capacity equivalent to a mid-sized power station and that's not counting farmers who turned over their land to larger scale production or industrial installations in solar and wind power both of which greece has in abundance but the government cost this revolution in twenty fourteen strapped for cash it cuts the rate at which the grid bought power from homes from fifty five cents per kilowatt hour to under twelve cents but twenty fourteen law effectively removed households from the renewable energy market until then more than four thousand homes would install solar panels on their rooftops each year but in that year the number fell to just sixty three and it has never recovered a new bill now aims to bring the solar revolution to the cities where more than half the population lives by encouraging groups of five or more homeowners to install solar panels but the twenty fourteen rate cut still haunts people like.
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whose proceeds fell by half. then if they don't i'm not sure whether the broken promises of the past make it possible for investors to go forward today we're talking about an investment of about seventy thousand dollars the bill quotes a guarantee purchase price but there's also a clause allowing the environment minister to change that price can someone trust that after an entire solar economy collapsed because of a law greece still depends on fossil fuels for two thirds of its electricity that's because its power stations burn imported oil and lignite coal it's only abundant native fuel but lignite use has hugged in the past ten years while renewables have doubled to thirty percent of the electricity supply if policy is consistent greeks have shown they will reach for the sun jump zero plus al-jazeera love you.
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it is good to have you with us a transfigured here in doha the headlines on al-jazeera russia's president vladimir putin has ordered a partial withdrawal of his troops from syria he made an unannounced visit to latakia province where he spoke with his ally syria's president bashar al assad confrontations have resumed between palestinian protesters and israeli forces in the occupied west bank of the us is record recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital prime minister benjamin netanyahu is facing pressure to restart peace efforts at a meeting with e.u. foreign ministers in brussels. i believe that all or most of the. countries will move their embassies to jerusalem correctly does crucial images rules work up little. robustly with us for security prosperity. and peace. we believe. that the only realistic solution to the conflicts between israel and palestine is based on two states which are as the capital of both the
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state of israel and the state of palestine along the sixty seven line this is our considered position and we will continue to respect international consensus on jerusalem until the final status of the oldest city is resolved to die that's a negotiation between the parties and we hope that the part is kind of gauge in many for direct negotiations with the support of the international community thousands of people marched in ukraine's capital kiev to protest against the detention of georgia's former president mikhail saakashvili he became an opposition leader in ukraine and has been calling for the impeachment of president petro poroshenko saakashvili was rearrested on friday following a dramatic rooftop scuffle with security agents at a later escape from police custody last week. but as well as president nicolas maduro says that opposition parties which boycotted sunday's local elections will be barred from next year's presidential vote his ruling socialist party won at least ninety percent of the seats in the municipal poll have been more large
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protests in honduras against alleged electoral fraud the main opposition party says that it will hold nationwide protests of president panel and often and as is declared the winner of last month's presidential election is that of their candidate salvador. there's the headlines the news continues here on the syria after inside story next. iraq is totally liberated from i so the message from the country's prime minister after a three year fight against the armed groups is the war against eisel really over all does that mean for iraq's future this is a.


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