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because of a brain these ladies are tough and they take their training very seriously. to feel more confident a few more energetic to feel a life. the obstacles to being a female for doug a fine kenya simply made the challenge law appealing to bob but i'm the niche. now with a single red dress countless volunteers and the power lend us she is exploring the lives of women from all kenyan walks of life the unique tales that sets them apart and the shared experiences that bind them together. they knew after the gunfire telegraphy at this time on al-jazeera. the to me of who's in highlights russia's going influence in the middle east visiting syria egypt and turkey all in one thing.
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that i'm dealing with on this is al jazeera live from london also coming up the u.s. recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital continues to draw anger sending thousands into the streets in lebanon. bangladeshi man targets the new york subway with a homemade bomb that injures him and three of us plus that's what our country is doing again we're dreaming big president trump launches a new u.s. marine mission to lead the way to an eventual mission to mars. there one month into the program russian president vladimir putin has ordered a partial withdrawal of his troops from syria he made the announcement during a surprise visit to syria where he held talks with president bashar al assad it was part of a whistle stop tour of russia's middle east allies which some are calling
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a victory tour well first stop was the unshared children visit to they came from an air base in syria's latakia province then flew to cairo for plan talks with the gyptian president al sisi before doubling back and heading north to ankara for a meeting with turkey's reject tayyip erdogan entails tieup has this report. at a military base in western syria a visit by blood near putin it's the first time the russian president goes to syria since the start of the war nearly seven years ago he was greeted by senior officers and warmly embraced by president bashar al assad. putin's forces have been helping his troops since two thousand and fifteen when the syrian government was on the brink of collapse in a speech putin declared victory over what he described as terrorists and announced the partial pullout of his soldiers from syria my general you don't know much about but he goes the way to the general command i give russia's military presence in
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syria has come to an end and the motherland awaits you friends safe journey i thank you yes it was. also pledged to continue to support syria's military by keeping some of his forces on the ground before departing for the egyptian capital where he met with president of the fatah el-sisi the leaders have been strengthening ties in recent years has purchased billions of dollars worth of russian military hardware and has approved a draft agreement to allow russian jets to use egyptian military bases putin and c.c. also signed a deal under clear power. bickering ties between russia and egypt the second largest recipient of u.s. military aid after israel could potentially strain relations between cairo and washington but it's yet another sign of putin's attempts to grow russia's influence across the middle east putin's last stop before heading back to russia with turkey for you but with the president's budget ten out of one in ankara to discuss the
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situation in syria it is also part of his. his way actually to express himself and to exhibit maps of project power in the middle east by my by by visiting two u.s. allies we're talking here about egypt with the king who also about about turkey and to actually has been closing has been has been drawing closer to russia over the past couple of years so he's trying to make he was. difficult the relationship the u.s. allies are having with their international patton in order to present a project his influence in the region whatever the case it's clear of putin's interest and influence in the region appears to be expanding into al-jazeera russian and turkish president spoke to the media after their meeting together a deal has more now from what i said. well the two leaders spoke about the
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great coal pollution and increasing coal pollution between the two countries they talked about agriculture on hold. on trade as well as mutual energy projects but they also talked about the situation in the middle east particularly. said decision by the us president global to recognize jerusalem couple of is right president obama called with the responsible and save it was and how think and also talk about the number of people killed in the demonstrations in the occupied territories. say it wasn't how. it was on offer them to the peace process and said any progress will have to come through. peace talks which he said must be restarted not on syria they talk about escalation and militarily and more about talks with president putin among
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sing talks to be held in russia next. thousands of protesters have rallies in lebanon against u.s. president donald trump's recognition of jerusalem as the capital of israel mass demonstrations were called by hezbollah leader hassan nasrallah follows violent confrontations on sunday between protesters and security forces near the u.s. embassy. at that. if it's hot we are all in this war we have all experienced this our brothers in gaza any demonstrations no matter how big or small only give more resistance or make us feel that we are not alone the american israeli resolution which is supported by some arab countries the aim of it to clear the palestinian cause that's the danger that the palestinian people face we should confront it the nation as a whole should confront this dangerous american project and try to impose a solution for the palestinian people. c.n.n.
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has more now from beirut. trucks decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel in one way or the other is serving hezbollah's interests because hezbollah really has long championed the palestinian cause as its own ever since its inception through your three decades ago and as of late in the past few years it has come under a lot of criticism of the sauce a lot of support in the arab world and here in lebanon for militarily intervening in syria many people no longer regarded it as a resistance movement that it became a sectarian militias and that it was serving iran's interests but now hezbollah saying the fight against isis is driving down to the so-called resistance axis will now focus on jerusalem its main cause so in one way or another if the hezbollah is trying to regain a legitimacy in the eyes of many in the arab world in the struggle saying well you
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know arab states should support the palestinian intifada uprising he said that the so-called resistance axis what they call it is resistance axis that they should come together and come up with a strategy to confront israel but he stopped short of saying what action should be taken against israel because at the end of the day it will have a domestic backlash because it hasn't pulled into lebanon that it cannot take any decision to wage war or peace on its own very carefully worded speech but clearly hezbollah trying. again in one way or the other some sort of political capital from trump's decision israel's prime minister has to follow washington's lead and recognized her islam as his country's capital but human netanyahu was meeting you foreign ministers in brussels where he faced resistance to that suggestion and came under pressure to restart middle east peace efforts john mccain reports now from the belgian capital. a wintry monday morning greeted benjamin netanyahu in brussels but the chill in the air outside was seemingly absent inside as he met federica.
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her role as e.u. foreign policy chief is to seek compromise where possible but his message regarding the status of jerusalem was an ambiguous i believe everyone though we don't have an agreement yet this is what will happen in the future i believe that all or most of the. countries will move their embassies to jerusalem recognize crucial in this israel's work up all but many e.u. leaders disagree criticizing president donald trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital as fanning the flames of protest for her part morgan any reiterated the e.u.'s official position we believe. that the only realistic solution to the conflicts between israel and palestine is based on two states which are those eleven as the capital of both the state of israel and the state of palestine along the sixty seven line. another element of netanyahu is visit was
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meeting the e.u.'s many foreign ministers around the table with him where the representatives of at least two governments have said they will recognize jerusalem as israel's capital which means although the e.u. tries to speak with one voice on this issue there are some dissenters and raising the question of how successful europe can be as an intermediary in the middle east the e.u. is not a victim of its all lack of involvement the enrollment is still there it was never front line and what won't but was there it is a victim of the one sided position of president despite all the spin that we're hearing now but for the moment at least many here believe president trumps actions have put the prospect of progress in the middle east in the deep freeze don't it came out zero brussels well the israeli military says it's launched airstrikes on
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the gaza strip on twitter it said an israeli tank and warplanes have targeted hamas posts in the southern part of the region says the attacks were launched in response to rocket fire from gaza towards this well. case in new york have arrested a bangladeshi man with a pipe bomb strapped to him which went off in the subway near times square the man has been identified as twenty seven year old. was injured in the blast which happened at the heights of the morning rush hour three other people suffered minor injuries new york's mayor says the suspect is believed to have acted alone let's be clear as new yorkers are large revolve around the subways when we hear of an attack on the subway is incredibly on settling. and let's be also clear this was an attempted terrorist attack thank god the perpetrator did not achieve is ultimate goals. thank god our first responders were there so quickly to address the situation to make sure people were safe christensen only has more now from
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manhattan investigators say that the suspect himself twenty seven year old i had suffered the worst injuries in this explosion with burns to his abdomen and hands three other people took themselves to the hospital with minor injuries the explosion of the device they described as primitive it was held to him with the crow in plastic ties and the location that he said it often appears to be a carefully chosen was in a subway tunnel that connects the subway system to the port authority bus terminal the major bus terminal for new york city right in the times square area where there are thousands of commuters and tourists during rush hour it could have been a lot worse the mayor says and while they did not go into detail they did say that the suspect is seeking to investigators and reports are now coming out that he
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claimed to have done this in the name of ice still. as for the impact on the city traffic was shut down in times square for some time the transit system. got back to normal in a matter of hours it was relatively minor impacts but has a huge impact on the psyche of the city coming so close to the holiday season when so many tourists are in town and coming just weeks after that another deadly attack on the west side of a city where someone drove a vehicle into it just reentered bikers on a bike so the mayor is advising new yorkers to go about their business as usual but also to remain vigilant still to come here on to zero supporters of ukrainian politician mikhail saakashvili clash with places he appears in court of trying to topple the government and as its value skyrockets bitcoin is traded on a major exchange for the first time but should buyers beware.
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the i am. hello there things are turning hot for some of us in australia now already we're seeing some very hot air across the central belt but it is slipping its way towards the south and some of us are going to see the temperatures rocket as we head through the next few days so inches day then adelaide thirty three degrees already for us in melbourne but those temperatures will rise as we head into wednesday this time will be all the way up at thirty six degrees this is the cool relief it's not quite with us yet but that will drag down our temperatures towards the west is not the whole force in perth twenty two degrees would just be the maximum here every towards new zealand and here we just got a few bits and pieces of cloud drifting their way across us and generally the temperatures a fairly well behaved so around eighteen there in christchurch on choose day we're
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looking at around twenty two or twenty three over the next few days further north and up towards japan a lot of heavy snow with us at the moment particularly along the northwestern parts this system really isn't moving. in a great hurry so even as we head through wednesday where he expects to see some more flurries of snow in the sheltered east there's a better chance of a dry day there in tokyo our temperatures it making it up to around ten degrees for the west though here for many of us it's fine and dry but not hope beijing a minus one. the all. a new perspective can change your world. for one chin is even what began as a hobby has grown into a passion own way of life. teaching the next generation to strive for a higher level. and in so installing in his country a sense of freedom and strength. new heights my chin is here
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and this time on al-jazeera. the mind of our top stories here on al-jazeera russia's president says the u.s. decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital has destabilized the middle east that amir couldn't also announce the partial withdrawal of his troops from syria on a surprise visit to the country thousands of protests as a rally did lebanon against the u.s. decision on jerusalem stan ministrations we're told by his philosophy to hassan nasrallah. and place in new york have arrested a man with a pipe bomb strapped to him which went off in the subway near times square now was
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injured in the blast three others also suffered minor injuries. a massive wildfire is threatening coastal times in california and so far it shows no signs of slowing the fires already torched nearly eight hundred buildings in one thousand speak tears is currently burning in ventura and sounds of barbara county about one hundred sixty kilometers northwest of l.a. firefighters have been hindered by the mines in this to raid was nearly five thousand eight hundred of them working to contain the blaze rob reynolds has more now from montecito in santa barbara county california. we're at a firefighter staging area outside of mont to see joe that's in santa barbara county and that you can see behind me the firefighters who have come from all over california and joining states are waiting for their orders being told where to go to fight this massive fire which is consumed hundreds of square kilometers so far
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the fires at the moment seem to be burning mostly in the hills deep in the back country although several coastal towns are still considered under threat firefighters have managed to beat back the most immediate threat to those communities we can hear overhead helicopters going into the back country carrying giant buckets of water which they drop on the fire it's really one of the only ways of fighting this because the train is so tough it's very very difficult for firefighters to get in on foot there's another factor here which i want to show you and that is the smoke which is pretty unbelievable at this moment it is as you can see on the hill tops over here they're just cloaked in this blue thick acrid smoke it's it's very irritating to the lungs and to the throat and of course for the people who live here they really have no choice but to simply
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endure it there have been. a number of evacuations but a lot of people are still in place waiting to see what happens with this fire which is now burning into its second week to ukraine now where judges fetal position politician mikhail saakashvili from detention former georgian president is accused of conspiring. to petro poroshenko earlier his supporters clashed with the court for his custody arrangements for. don't haul has more. following large demonstrations on sunday supporters of opposition figure in ukraine mikhail saakashvili confronted police outside a courthouse in the capital kiev. inside a plastic defendant's box the former president of georgia saakashvili responded to allegations that he conspired to topple ukraine's president the chocolate billionaire petro poroshenko there are three or four very simple. there.
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we own word for it. are fed up with other event are you ready once an ally. saakashvili accuses him of failing to fulfill the anti corruption promise that was central to mass street protests in two thousand and fourteen against the then russian backed government a prominent backer of the street uprising saakashvili had been rewarded with ukrainian citizenship and the governorship of the western odessa region now he and his supporters many of them soldiers return from the front lines in the country's east are demanding impeachment. i think we have forty enough we don't want any more wars or bloodshed but if it does not do what he is obliged to do and uses force against us then we will respond adequately for the man who led former soviet georges rose revolution who then has georgia's leader fought an ill
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fated war with russia denies plotting with russian businessmen to overthrow poroshenko. the latest dramatic chapter in saakashvili career saw him arrested on a clear rooftop last week before being pre-buy supporters from a police van and then rearrested i now released pending trial he places a possible five years in jail joe how l.t. zero. three women have accused u.s. president donald trump of sexual misconduct are calling for a congressional probe into his behavior they say given widespread inquiries into the actions of other politicians it's only right that he's investigated as well white house correspondent kimberly how could reports. it's not the first time americans are hearing from jessica leads samantha holby and rachel cooks and their allegations against donald trump of sexual misconduct are new but they say each of
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their interactions with trump was violating and similar i was forcibly kissed by mr trump during our first introduction as he walked around looking at us like we were his property he jumped all over me the women first publicized their claims of trump's sexual aggression during the twenty sixteen us presidential election campaign and were dismissed by trump as false even after the two thousand and five video emerged of him publicly bragging about groping women grandmothers but much has changed since trump's election victory triggered by the resignation of hollywood mogul harvey weinstein a series of celebrities businessmen and politicians have been forced to step down facing similar allegations the white house has once again responded calling the claims against the president politically motivated disputed by eyewitness accounts and even false the president has directly responded and said that these allegations
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are false but on sunday another member of the trump administration said trump's accusers deserve a platform i think any woman who has felt violated or felt mistreated in any way they have every right to speak up with her horse my wife must know the women are speaking up in advance of a critical senate vote on tuesday trump is campaigning for republican roy moore who's been accused of similar conduct it's yet another reason three congressional democrats are calling for the president to step down and trump's accusers are calling for an investigation but this analyst says that's unlikely given the current political climate trump has a base he has a constituency it's about a third. of americans who have deep faith in him who see them who see him as representing their views of defiance of the political establishment and they're going to stand by him no matter what that's why these women and others say they'll
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continue to speak out until they say trump is investigated and they hope forced to resign kimberly helped get al-jazeera washington the pentagon says transgender people will be allowed to enlist in the u.s. military despite president trump announcing a ban trump's announcement on twitter in july i contradicted recommendations made by the department of defense review in october a legal challenge by trans people already serving in the military prompted a partial brok of tom's proposed ban trans people have been told they will be able to sign up as of january first twenty eighteen so the united states is going back to the moon that's according to president trump he made the announcement at the white house in the last few hours surrounded by astronauts including buzz aldrin the second man to walk on them in back in one thousand nine hundred sixty nine in signing the directive to the u.s. space agency nasa trump also said the ultimate goal with a man trip to mars last walked on the moon in one nine hundred seventy two last the
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first six missions this is a giant step toward that inspiring future and toward reclaiming america's proud destiny in space and space has so much to do with so many other applications including a military application so we are the leader and we're going to stay the leader and we're going to increase that many for all those jordan has more now from washington d.c. . president donald trump's announcement that the u.s. is going to launch a new moon shot a new effort to try to get astronauts back on the moon and perhaps on to other planets in the solar system is at first blush a good welcome idea the idea of going into the cosmos has always fascinated mankind however one of the things that the president did not address during his remarks on monday is where will the money come for nasa to be able to carry out this project
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the u.s. space shuttle program was terminated back in two thousand and eleven mainly because the obama administration said it could not find the many millions or billions of dollars needed in order to expand and develop the program into a new generation there's also the question of cooperation first with other countries mr trump did not talk about the ongoing u.s. russian cooperation to keep the international space station in orbit in fact it's up to the russians now to get astronauts and other scientists from around the world up to the space station in order to do their work the u.s. is no longer capable of doing this sort of work there's also a lot of question about how the u.s. would work with private companies in order to leverage their knowledge and their expertise as they are trying to get into the so-called space race companies might
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find that it's prestigious to be able to say that they had a role in getting astronauts back on the moon but what about their intellectual property could they protected from other governments that might want to use their knowledge and their work for free that is something that would be to be worked out . well the increasingly popular digital currency bit calling has made its debut on a major u.s. exchange on sunday if you just trading of the virtual money started in the chicago board of exchange it just was so high that the boys website crashed due to heavy traffic reports from washington d.c. . we all know money we can see it touch it if you wanted to even smell it. and we know roughly its value the buying power of the dollar for example doesn't change all that much it's backed by the u.s. government because is the exact opposite it doesn't physically exist but lives virtually on a secretive computer system but now bit cloying can also be compared to corn even
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pigs. because it has been traded in the chicago board of exchange meaning just like the price of food traders can now legally place bets on whether the price will go up or down in the future for the most part the value of bitcoin is only going up and up and up again. what is because when bitcoin first unveiled in two thousand and nine it was worth less than a penny for a few years one bitcoin could buy you a cup of coffee but since two thousand and sixteen a huge spike would it debuted on the exchange its value was listed at more than fifteen thousand dollars for one bitcoin meaning if you add up all the big callings out there it would be worth more than the economy of new zealand something the head banker there said in a local interview won't last long that looks remarkably like a bubble forming to my. way of saying them in the past the centuries of saying bubbles in this appears to be a bit of a classic case right now big current owners are limited in where they can use them
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there are some restaurants and online stores that will take them and there are few places to turn them into cash but those are few and far between and there is another risk besides the volatility even if you. that's right we were still seen a number of large tax seventy million dollars was stolen from a big point my uncle last week and so security is still a concern volatilities concern and generally i would still advise people if you are going to bast only put into this what you are willing to lose meaning your money can be stolen and there's no one to complain to and there are also concerns about the amount of energy the computers that run the bitcoin system use one report says it's as much as the entire country of denmark but even with that it's clear especially today the price of bitcoin will go way up and way down but it's not going away pedicle hain al-jazeera washington. the nominations have been unveiled
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for the golden globe awards and leading the field is mexican filmmaking toros fantasy will mans the shape of water the film landed seven nods and hitting best drama director and actress for britain's sally hawkins following closely with six nominations is the post a steven spielberg blockbuster about us newspaper the washington post starring meryl streep and tom hanks the highly acclaimed coming of age love story call me by your name is nominated by best motion picture drama and in television h.b.o.'s mini series big little eyes dominates the nominations while the golden globes are seen as a precursor to the oscar s. and the winners will be announced at the ceremony coming up in january. they click on my dinner in our top stories here on al-jazeera russian president
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vladimir putin has ordered a partial withdrawal of us troops from syria he made the announcement on a surprise visit to a russian air base in the talkie a province where he met syrian president bashar assad which is says the most close to your military campaign with damascus has achieved its mission of destroying eisel. person has also been in turkey where he met president rage at a tile or a day when the two men discussed the change of u.s. policy on jerusalem but you let me assure you. should both russia and turkey think that the decision of the us to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel is not helping to solve the situation in the middle east it is destabilizing it but it can wipe out the prospect of peace. the u.s. decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel has caused outrage in the whole world it has caused disappointment as it is an irresponsible step to take as a result the horten tensions are obvious thousands of protestors have been rallying
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in lebanon against that u.s. decision on jerusalem bus demonstrations have been called by hezbollah leader hassan nasrallah follows violent confrontations on beirut sunday between protesters and security forces near the u.s. embassy israeli military says it's launched airstrikes on the gaza strip on twitter it said an israeli tank and warplanes have targeted hamas posts in the southern parts of the region it says the attacks were launched in response to rocket far from gaza police in new york have arrested a man with a pipe bomb strapped to him which went off in the subway near times square the man identified as twenty seven year old. was injured in that blast three other people also suffered minor injuries. a massive wildfire is threatening coastal times in california showing no sign of slowing down the fire has burned
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nearly eight hundred buildings and ninety three thousand hectares it's currently burning in ventura and santa barbara county one hundred sixty kilometers northwest of los angeles firefighters have been hindered by the mind to raid and nearly six thousand of them are working to contain. thanks if you're come to get up to date my chin asea is next. on tell me the calls the gulf cooperation council although there's not much cooperation these days look at how the region is being affected by accords in economic relations also the shocking numbers on the plastic economy o.-m. g. twenty five years since the world's first text and counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera.


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