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tv   Yemen The North- South Divide  Al Jazeera  December 12, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you al-jazeera. facing new realities is a piece of machinery goes wrong is there a train of litigation through which we can bring a legal system to getting to the heart of the matter i don't think we needed to walk some of my producers just to hear their story on talk to al-jazeera at this time. hello there i'm julie donald in london the top stories here on al-jazeera the u.s. states of alabama is voting in a closely fought senate race which is turned into
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a test of president donald trump influence republican candidate who arrived by horse to cast his ballot in the city of gallant he's been accused of sexual misconduct against teenage girls when he was in his thirty's allegations that have overshadowed the campaign endorsed more but many other republicans have shunned. the democratic candidate doug jones who voted already or is all going to pull off an upset in the traditionally republican state patty bill hayden has more now from birmingham alabama. doing a little bit of a tour of birmingham alabama voting stations this is our second one this is a slightly more fluid area of borough of birmingham earlier we are in a predominately african-american church and in both locations the judges here tell me the turnout is much more brisk and consistent than they have seen in past elections now do want to do too much progress to katie when it comes to what that could mean but for doug jones to have any chance at all of this deeply republican state one that donald trump took more than sixty percent of the vote when he ran
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for president he's going to have to bring out a huge number of african-americans who tend to vote democratic and are expected to win this race and also he needs to peel away some of those more moderate republicans who many have said that they are absolutely disgusted by some of the allegations against him but still if you look at the polls they're running neck and neck so again this will come down to voter turnout french president a man well michael has delivered a rallying cry for world leaders to do more to fight climate change it told a global summit in paris that they are losing the battle mccomas trying to rejuvenate a collective effort against climate change which was weakened already this year and president trump the u.s. of the paris climate accord. we're not going fast enough if we carry along this paul we've committed to limiting the temperature rise to one point five centigrade . three or three point five centigrade it's so full of what we committed to when i
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say that we are losing the battle i would like you to realize that behind me the heads of states and governments and in fifty sixty or one hundred years five ten fifteen of them will be here and even. in tom's absence the governor of california said that all the bodies were stepping up to fill the gap left by the federal government in tackling climate change. we were more wars ng this. troop so who is republican colleagues are going to differ direction. grassroots the major streets of america we are taking direction and the people through the american promise corporate leaders are doing right way so i would say we were willing for washington to wake up in the city international is accusing european governments of knowingly exposing thousands of refugees to torture and abuse in their efforts to curb migration in a report the rights group says that use policy of containment chills little care
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for migrants and refugees trapped in libya but a new spokesman said it was aware of the terrible situations people face and was working hard to save lives the united nations says more than four hundred residents are refugees living in crowded camps in bangladesh suspected to have contracted it there we're about summation campaign has started to inoculate thousands of others from the potentially fatal disease the responders are tracked viruses spread through air drop this from coughs and sneezes italy's declared a state of emergency after an explosion at a natural gas facility in austria which killed one person and disrupted supplies to other countries the plant is austria's main hub distributing gas from russia with one hundred million cubic meters of gas a day passes through it. more than a thousand people have been accurately evacuated from a town in northern italy after a river burst its banks flooding homes and businesses a helicopter and boats are being used to help evacuate them to gianni.
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dangerous winds and dry weather conditions are allowing huge wildfires in the u.s. state of california to spread this one person has died and hundreds of homes and destroyed. these are the headlines stay with us and next up al jazeera world looks at yemen's north south divide we'll see a bit later. on
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monday the fourth of december twenty seventh teen the former president of yemen. was assassinated at a checkpoint outside sanaa. the killing of. his fun yemen into even more uncertainty president dominant political force for over three decades was killed in an attack led by who the fighters on monday had been in an audience with the iranian backed rebels for more than two years at his death sparked intense fighting on the streets of the capital sanaa. two days before sallah had announced that his alliance with. an armed islamic group from the north of yemen was over. a year that he met with. the filthy sauce on the shift of an agency as
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a betrayal and exacted almost immediate revenge. he had fought the flu thieves from two thousand and four until twenty eleven so siding with them had been a complete turnaround it was a way of taking revenge on his opponents after being ousted as president and the twenty eleven revolution. this was the moment tens of thousands of yemenis took to the streets. calling for political with full it was february the eleventh just enough of. these took advantage of the political instability in march twenty seventh and moved southwards they would ultimately capture some off and. seem to have ceased power. had.
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them. with an overhead. over problem to polish and to launch an all out attack on who took positions in march twenty fifteen saying that the who these were supported by it on this widespread conflict continues to date. it has had a massive impact on millions of yemenis on an almost unimaginable scale yet as conflict which began in march two thousand and fifteen has produced the world's largest humanitarian crisis with twenty one million people affected two million internally displaced people a million retinues and two hundred eighty thousand refugees and asylum seekers are struggling to survive through increasingly prolonged displacement. the yemeni government. had fought the who thiis in a series of six confrontations between two thousand and four and twenty eleven. but
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the political and sectarian divisions that have dominated yemen and ultimately led to assassination go back hundreds of years. the name yemen means south arabia in arabic in ancient times it was a center of civilization and wealth on the southern tip of the arabian peninsula. a crossroads for trade and travel and home to a mix of different people and faiths. when islam came to yemen is a disease as shiite islamic sects became dominant in the north and it's a man's were in full control there by. by the ninth century as she our presence would remain in the north for the next thousand years. yemen
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also became a target of outside interference. the ottoman empire spread southwards across arabia from mecca and medina and seized the major city of sanaa and other towns. then the british arrived when soldiers of the british east india company captured aden in eighteen thirty two the british would hold on to the strategically important port for the next one hundred and thirty five. the south of yemen remain divided run by different local sultanate until the british eventually establish their own southern states. this is the story of the north south divide that has dominated the politics of yemen ever since. in one thousand or four yemen was split into an
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ottoman north and the british south. and when the ottoman empire fell at the end of the first world war its former territory became an independent kingdom led by a shia. the divide had been created. it was cemented in one nine hundred thirty four when the british agreed a treaty of friendship and mutual cooperation with the man you hear hamid the dean it's recognized the authority of the man in north yemen and of the british in the south who turned it into a colony. you know that. can . get overly into terror for. and i thought than. what i had done kind of a lemon when i. had to get him and.
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by the one nine hundred fifty s. the british were secretly working on establishing the federation of south arabia. it was clearly a sensitive subject as these committee minutes were marked top secret. but the plans took eighty years to be implemented. in one thousand nine hundred sixty two the british finally established there for the ration of south arabia comprising twelfth alternate us even joined the federation a year later than people fall in with some more good than us that had the. lemon come but in this bill in the us a look at the mood in. new albany and we'll get the second i'll let you today to see it i had the. analysis of it myself to look at him and i learned all of the learned self. with a muslim. americans say the war must that help. if at this time some
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yemenis were thinking of trying to unite the two halves of yemen the british government didn't appear to take it seriously as colonizers of the south they refer to the north simply as the yemen it's been suggested that the majority of people in aden might rather join up with the yemen now there's a new regime rather than with the federation i really don't think there's any large section of opinion in aden that wants to join the yemen there it raises sort of. popular cry for it that when they see what's going on in the yemen at the moment and they see. villages coming back across the border been mutilated by egyptian moms when they see soldiers.
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desert seeing from the republican forces over the border i think a lot of them having second thoughts the british reportedly deported troublesome northern yemenis from their southern for the ration of south arabia the rise of arab nationalism encouraged rebellion against colonize ation including the british and what their opponents called their federation projects men. and i share lettie and the fear highlighted and was a lot to me when a nation of the biggest i'm not a camel a definite it sort of a horse a gov and mature and federally they mckenney some very moderate when it. believe marriage should be a mistrial or can have and never could she should have been a little short of saw him her will surely have any kernel the have
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a problem with. the nationalist movement that removing the british grew alongside ideas about unifying divides yemen. a delusion. a delusion i have eleven thirty eleven and then i get a cold like and. a lot of the model has busy of the liver from obviously. many or had here. for. a living. in september. for.
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the first organized political movement in yemen had been founded in one nine hundred forty four by mohammad mahmoud. and mohammad no man it was called the free yemeni movement and it held its first meeting in a club in aden. as the different factions developed the picture in yemen became a complex then as it is now different factions far different opponent sometimes in the same areas. the southerners fighting the shii emits in the north east in aden and those fighting the british were based entirely. the two then combined into a joint force to combat both the image and the colonizing british. the
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british carefully monitored increasing revolutionary activity in the anti colonial ties. this british intelligence briefing paper marked secret noted dots a number of agency students have been to tie is seeking recruitment into the liberation army another top secret paper said. a report in late may from what he had removed stated that eighteen n.l.f. sympathizers had recently attended a three day indoctrination course entires. cuts in one nine hundred sixty two the big news was from son on capital of the northern intimate still referred to as the yemen. when you go into sana'a the capital of yemen you go back a thousand years into history you tolly revolution led by brigadier. just
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a month ago nothing going to change here for centuries no one need and very much time regretting the passing of the m.r. make. on the twenty seventh of september one thousand nine hundred sixty two arab nationalists deposed kink mohammad and ended the northern kingdom of yemen. all a comparison can with soviet embassy there to the kingdom until shortly before the one nine hundred sixty two revolution. or the. mark of a rule not a booster. for the how this over. so nine hundred sixty two marked both the arab nationalist coup in the northern kingdom and the first violence in the five year armed struggle to remove the
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british from the south. the coup in the north created the yemen arab republic under a man called field marshal law. but also triggered a long running civil war. around the same time this man arrived in. a shop the he would go on to become the south's first presidents. but for now president appointed a shoppy minister for south yemen affairs. first item on their agenda removing the british on the second of february one thousand nine hundred sixty three all the different southern and northern political factions met in sanaa they formed a committee headed by. this committee then the front
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for the liberation of occupied south yemen with the motto for liberation unity and social justice they fought the british along with the national liberation front which had the backing of egypt's arab nationalist president. in october one thousand nine hundred sixty three they started what the british called the aid emergency a four year uprising which led to their eventual withdrawal from aids in the south . what they. british rule was over in the south the yemeni delegation returned home and declared independence the people's republic of south yemen was formed with crushed on and
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shabby as its president. but independence did not stop the southern infighting. the national liberation front took power in one nine hundred sixty nine and formed a marxist republic leaning heavily on support from the soviet union. the push pull between north and south also continued commentators now see this as part of progress towards the eventual unification of the two halves of yemen. daman the initial model going to hell that they live and how about now worsened in how to deceleration in the gun that that they know how to how to brain the lady that the inertia made were going over. the how. many i'm really.
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only down bill maher of the show really how we recreated river walk on the democrat to you or who wasn't before or. was a probable solar bill. that will still come up with some than one irq it gave that had occurred up on the elimination elegant movement but. what the rather shabby i am not worthy but. will still be one feel it to get. the love with. the. does. somehow. i could. believe quade. gemma did that to
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her last carrie lee jaish hasn't attracted a normal boy. well delia many. look. but the path to unification was predictably pig by disagreements and setbacks. everyone signed up to an agreement to stop the north-south fighting in cairo in one thousand nine hundred ninety two and formed a committee to draft a constitution of a unified state. but it took an up he vote in the south fourteen years later to bring the painful process to had. like an account of that you know. one nine hundred eighty six was a turning point infighting between two factions of the ruling many socialist party in the south turned violent. at the same time the south's great supporter
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the soviet union began to disintegrate. this pushed the north and the south. three years later to keep clear is that the negotiating table were the president of the people's democratic republic of yemen in the south. and the president of the yemen arab republic in the north. you know from this our. new candlemass who. has been used to work in yemeni who are mature and cope with the loss well what i want to show. but don't tell that fear down sick.
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a news item. here two more heart and go that i don't seem a shuttle fisherman theme a shuttle for you. colonel the little head to alice has. been with. well let alone as if she did markel only through lydia carry a new felon who are ten billion killed in the whole clinical yet let me attack. me but the us around them do know miller was a lab the last. any ideas and be an adolescent lead. in going more and more. but also for. all of the weather will be good the. thought of a normal muslims who put on. a ship to live. in one nine hundred ninety yemen was united with son heart as the new capital.
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but yemen had been divided along sectarian lines for centuries and by the british for decades. the cracks that began to appear soon after unification cast doubt on where their idea of the last stand there could build a government to bind the different tribes and factions together. the obstacles to being a female for a dog or a flying kenya simply made the challenge law appealing to bob but on the nation. now with a single red dress countless volunteers and the power of high land she is exploring the lives of women from all kenyan walks of life the unique tales that sets them apart and the shared experiences that bind them together. they knew after the
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gunfire telegraphy this time on al-jazeera. the borders of this. unsealed. compiled testimonies of victims of the congolese must. as this intimate evidence finds its way to into the maximum courts the central african republic is a plunged into further. and intricate ten of the people and a nation critical of recent history. africa talked to africa to see at this time on al-jazeera. hello there i'm getting my donal's here in london with the top stories on al-jazeera the u.s. state of alabama is voting in a closely fought senate race which has turned into
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a test of president influence republican candidate roy moore arrived by horse to cast his ballot in the city of gallant he's hoping to be a democratic candidate doug jones despite facing accusations of sexual misconduct against teenage girls when he was in his thirty's as indorse war even though many other republicans have shunned him. french president manuel mcconnell has delivered a rallying cry to world leaders to do more to fight climate change he told a global summit in paris that we are losing the battle of coal is trying to rejuvenate a collective effort against climate change which was weakened earlier this year when president trump pulled the u.s. out of the paris climate accord involved we're not going fast enough if we carry along this paul we've committed to limiting the temperature rise to one point five centigrade would have been two or three or three point five centigrade it's so far
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from what we committed to limit when i say that we are losing the battle i would like you to realize that behind me are heads of states and governments and in fifty sixty or one hundred years five ten fifteen of them will be here in america and see internationals accusing european governments of knowingly exposing thousands of refugees to torture and abuse in their efforts to curb migration in a report the rights group says the u.s. policy of containment shows little care for migrants and refugees trapped in libya but any new spokesman said it was aware of the terrible situations people are facing and was working hard to save lives the united nations says more than four hundred reject the hinge of refugees living in crowded camps in bangladesh this is specter to have contracted diptheria vaccination campaign as started to inoculate thousands of others from the potentially fatal disease the respect virus is spread through air droplets from coughs and sneezes. italy's declared
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a state of emergency after an explosion at a natural gas facility in austria which killed one person and disrupted surprise to other countries the plant is austria's main hub distributing gas from russia the one hundred million cubic meters of gas a day passes through it those are your current headlines stay with us here al-jazeera world continues then we'll be back towards the top of the hour. divided by the ottomans the d.s. and the british during the twentieth century yemen was unified in one nine hundred ninety under its first president the former leader of the north the leads are ali abdullah saleh. but in the new state there was no framework for practical government or how power would be shared between north and south. elections were held in one nine hundred ninety three but instead of building on the
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newly unified state the result simply expose the traditional divisions and lead to a coalition government of the ruling party is of the old north and south. and the other one covered. a lot of us are pretty. i don't look a lot of savvy haman. world to him or eliminate him analysis and learn what his will is that i think what i will add. to interviews filmed in one nine hundred ninety four said light on the lack of a unified infrastructure one with the former southern leader a highly salim. and the other with the former president of the north and the leader of the new young men the last. six months later there would be civil war. and a. seven
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hundred mm him or to see the world. look the. welcome in the world war. and then. well you know you don't want to mckinnon and minutes of that. the markets who are my inner reality how will. cover up to others add them to. a little muscle asgari a well. ahead of them a little at us here or is the. consulate. and the regime for synonymous with them solely because. our number is.
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a few times to should. move on and learn and you will for. one particular prove the validity of the most. likely. to have visited believe. better luck than. others you know. a little of the can be for the. wealthy i did with who farley. do it without a. problem who does the work. of the woman month ago when the governor got a little wiser that the let the government wanted. to get them home the lad in a village in more than a disservice. i limited enlisted.
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when invasion. with you in to a tour of duty i'm not going to be speaking about that how really matter to me because. it's so called document of pledge and accord was signed in jordan in one thousand nine hundred three as a last desperate attempt to rescue unification. and one of the other. me don't. be a man called an article a man taco. for. got to pick a time yeah. for can and who are you good or bad. so highly that if you look or think i'd like to fuck. a letter you can be in canada and talk with your allied. like when i get
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a selfie is typical of how drugs the medical. while can not believe that you are going to yemen and about well i'm also on a limb or something gonna get a. little hard to get at the allowing obama well. like a. couple caught that he sent me. about about the most amazing. things were on a knife edge. in one thousand nine hundred three highly salamon be it with two to eight in claiming the south was being marginalized. in me one nine hundred ninety four i got to declare it a state of emergency and dismiss a would be. declared a new state in the south the democratic republic of yemen but.
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who. was to make her i don't. know what other group you were. going to i mean we're. probably going to go up and we're going to. we're going to work i mean we're. going to move it out there. but crush the southern rebellion within three months with the help of sanity religious groups. oh no we don't know that it. doesn't matter if it's it which will be forgiven he said we will. talk a lot of us and another is i have lost kearney's into the heart of.
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so and also that's coming up with. more than four so. we're putting some i should like to have to. give you an offer at the moment. well i'm a. little has a lot but how about. also about a lot of not over. well especially. among well. until his assassination yemen was inexplicably bound up with its first president. critics saying that for over three decades he used every possible means to stay in power and that he ruled by creating confusion crisis and fear among his opponents.
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he once compared leading a poor country vulnerable to militancy sitting between the oil rich gulf states and the lawlessness of the horn of africa as dancing on the heads of snakes. he also had to deal with what he saw as an increasing threat from these the areas of the north. but. about seeing. that. there was a lot. of side one had a. ladder for. in the. if. not a man refers to as the sun. was a series of confrontations going back to two thousand and four between the
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government and the who. the partisans of god are armed groups who fought for participation in the government of yemen for a decade from two thousand and four. the founder hussein by the dean and who was killed in two thousand and four and they're now led by i did magic and who with the hussein's brother. their power base was in some provinces in the northwest of yemen on the border with saudi arabia this is a disease. and north yemen under the in minutes from one nine hundred eighteen to one nine hundred sixty two. the who grew out of the movement and became a military force in the one nine hundred ninety s. and early two thousand. became the president of the united yemen in one thousand nine hundred he seemed to ignore the threats but then fought them on six occasions
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between two thousand and four and twenty eleven. the further destabilizing factor at this time was the growth of the movements in the south wanting separation again from yemen and. the southern separatist movement is called. and was formally launched in two thousand and seven. the government opposed it sometimes violently but it's managed to keep its cause our lives. to get it.
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taria would have seen me you know bomb won't does forget the. head of the limo to tie the last green who are. going to really didn't work out and then sit in the shed at boone with a tidy alaskan a little pile of a hopeful note a paddle a screen here and. a big diet and. see what i had a copy of it iraq feel free but how it could be good. how a well any. sure how i thirty and no need to travel to but if they said i wish i had lots. of so did you call the shots if i did see me to break him out of the water i will do. any. stick to me but i'm going to do this mood. couldn't get out of the year as for catalyst
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to mess me didn't. you know we. say that will you know below. that will. and will. i mean. again. of us. so you know knows her she was conscious of a gun. until you can give much hoping that. you know. the one. north had dominated unified yemen from the start when he crushed the rebellion in one thousand nine hundred four the south declined feeding resentment it was the north that prospered and and his supporters clung to power until twenty eleven.
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for. a lot. of them and. in february twentieth eleven the revolution saw yemenis take to the streets many with renewed hope about unity they demanded the overthrow of. their support for gradually slipped away as protests grew where the corruption and poverty he'd failed to tackle for decades. he was forced to leave yemen but even then did not give up power easily now. the national dialogue conference farleigh hand over power to vice president. in november twentieth levon. was an easy. well one of the also he was
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definitely young ily. was a little healthy cattle are going to tuck and the doc see william and then. it's needless to time. that to be. limited him from you know what about the mother who are a lot of the little league at office and. can who lurk nowhere and million at a rough camel. and milk of the year of a one hundred year old. but most about what you can't have a mind of my not mine either. what i have. wanted to be silently i mean you have made you. what about us. as back to yemen yes. and we're in the bottom of the because i bet you that
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more so now you. have the power. even really have no. time to have to talk to them. but ali abdullah saleh made a move in g twenty eleven which raised the prospect of further violence and civil war. he entered into an unlikely alliance with the who theme is and the attack to the south for four months in twenty fifteen. at the end the army can it had that matter in the national. level the most stark and i don't know what. and ellison of the go ahead. when this medical minister sell it and you can. simulate a bad they're like. you know. well there is in had tyler abdullah saleh there was
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a. word in the world me that the limits are a felon who think. well i can. go so who are what i wanted to learn because i know are who are not. making what. i call in a. very few open ear and you can i. mean can attack had less could have been who learned what i live initially. than the. all my bad but also have a rather loosely. nerdy. realistic little.
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the perception in the gulf that the who these were funded armed and supported by iran caused the regional coalition led by saudi arabia to launch operation decisive storm against who three held areas of yemen in march twenty fifteen. gulf back forces recaptured aden in july twenty fifteen and then tried to recapture son on. their aim then was to establish had d.s. president of all yemen. but sanaa and many other areas still remain in who he hands
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today and there has also been a shift in this interminable conflict in the past two years. the saudi led coalition has continued to fight the who thiis with disastrous human consequences. but southern separatism has now also become a major political force again. on the eleventh of march twenty seventh teen the separatists formed the southern transitional council under the leadership of the then governor of aden major general i do with the. president had he was backed by the g.c.c. in rejecting the formation of the transitional council. but the s.t.c. now appears to have the financial and military support of the united arab emirates adding a new geo political dimension to the conflicts. on
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the fourth of november twenty seventh teen the who things launched a ballistic missile towards the saudi capital riyadh. it was intercepted but it triggered a blockade of yemen by the coalition exacerbating the already chronic humanitarian crisis. the u.n. says yemen is the worst humanitarian disaster in the world after years of conflict and an epidemic of cholera people in who data port where aid food and medicine should be flowing into the country have a sense of despair there will be a famine in yemen it will not be like the famine that we saw in south sudan earlier in the year where tens of thousands of people are affected it will not be like a famine which cost two hundred fifty thousand people their lives in somalia in twenty eleven it will be the largest famine in the world to see for
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many decades. with millions of victims. and. those. who are fuckup. you were told when i said the father but if you will. or our home we're not.
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going to send or you know enough says that he went with him. but then what was it that was. a little kill him or leave any girl in the ballot and figure out of going to have an. ability to. learn as in the us allow the nurse who have an up body lucy mcnair felon. elizabeth salmon. until starlight's death three things seem clear about yemen and its future. first the war it hasn't achieved any of its objectives it hasn't thieve the country from the truth is are highly up to last august. or restored legitimacy. stability or developments it's caused untold destruction and become a war of attrition that no one has
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a clear vision of how to end. to yemen has become captive to regional and international players and the yemeni government and other political and tribal forces are nowhere to be seen. what's more the two main coalition allies saudi arabia and the u.a.e. don't necessarily share the same agenda and the u.a.e. may be building its influence at saudi's expense. and finally southern separatism had been on the rise now assassination throws the country into further turmoil at a time when ordinary yemenis simply want peace. they need a unity government an end to the war and political solutions based on the law elections and social development and. how this can be achieved amidst the renewed
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escalating conflict is far from clear. the sky should be no borders up here. only horizons. as an airline we don't believe in boundaries we believe in bringing people together the world's better that way. it is a right for all of us to go where we need to go way to feel with things we want to feel. to see the people we want to see. that's why we'll continue to fly the skies
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providing you with everything we can and treating everyone how they deserve to be treated we do this because we know that travel goes beyond borders and prejudice. the travel teaches compassion the travel is a necessity. to travel is a right. remember that this world is all of us to explore. and it's a strange thing for us to be a part. cats are always going places together. hello there it certainly is hot for some of us in australia and that hot weather is spreading here's the cool a change though and that's gradually working its way eastwards but it's ahead of that where it's very hot at the moment we're looking at thirty five in adelaide thirty six in melbourne and that heat is then working its way eastward so on thursday we'll get to thirty six at least in sydney this area of cloud there brings
11:59 pm
the cooler weather as we head through thursday that is for melbourne and force in adelaide for temperatures will drop down to the mid twenty's when all further west we're already in the mid twenty's here and perth will stay at around twenty four degrees over towards new zealand lots of cloud here for the south island that cloud is also bringing a fair amount of rain say really quite cool in christchurch a maximum just of seventeen degrees and feeling cooler than that thanks to the clouds and the rain for the north island though it should be brighter in oakland twenty two degrees our maximum on wednesday and on thursday we should get to twenty three if we had up towards japan though there's been a lot of cloud and a lot of snow here recently and that snow is still with us on wednesday it does clear away as we head through thursday only a few flurries of snow there for the northern parts of honshu elsewhere looking mostly dry tokyo ten degrees in the sunshine more cloud force in beijing though here are maximum it's zero.
12:00 am
if you were in beijing looking out the pacific ocean you'd see american warships when mess somehow tyner's aiming to replace america and around the world all the chinese are not that stupid these guys want to dominate a huge chunk of the planet this sounds like a preparation for our first president george washington said if you want peace prepare for war the coming war on china at this time and i just see you. know what . i'm. hearing. this is al-jazeera.


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