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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  December 13, 2017 5:00am-6:01am +03

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al jazeera has correspondents living brings the stories they tell. me are fluent in world news singapore is being accused of expanding its coast and illegally dredged sat and some of the islands off the coast of indonesia literally vanish it's a big business smuggling illegal take there until the stand is apparent that you see this beautiful beach behind it is something that's not so profound the tragedy is that people are just not aware and ecological investigation into a global emergency sound walls at this time on al jazeera. this is al-jazeera.
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welcome to the news hour live from al-jazeera headquarters in doha fully back to bill coming up in the next sixty minutes secretary of state rex tillerson says the u.s. is ready for talks with north korea without preconditions but what about his boss donald trump. a controversial u.s. senate race between a man accused of sexual misconduct and endorsed by donald trump and a little known democratic candidate will tell you why it's important also this hour french president emanuel michael warns the international community time is running out to save the world from climate change and fishermen in gaza living through a suffocating israeli blockades now face even more restrictions. thank you for joining as the u.s. secretary of state says. washington is ready to hold talks with north korea without
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preconditions rex tillerson says donald trump endorses this position although the two have voiced opposing views recently the us president had tweeted in october that negotiating was a waste of time meanwhile north korean state media says its leader kim jong own is aiming to make young young the well strong is nuclear power we've we've said from the diplomatic side we're ready to talk anytime north korea would like to talk and we are ready to have the first meeting without precondition let's just make unless we talk about the weather if you will talk about whether it's going to be a square table or round table that's what you're excited about. but can we at least sit down and see each other face to face and then we can begin to lay out a map a road map of what we might be willing to work toward well we have two reporters
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following this story will speak to kathy novak in seoul south korea in just a moment but first let's go to our state department correspondent was in jordan in washington d.c. ross tell us more farce about what the secretary of state said what does this signal as a softening of the u.s. position on north korea. well fawley it is not a softening of the u.s. position it's simply an idea a way of changing tactics because the u.s. has been toughing talking excuse me very tough towards north korea because of its operates to build a nuclear weapons program and so what rex tillerson was outlining on tuesday afternoon here in washington was simply trying a different tactic of course it is worth pointing out that the u.s. president donald trump says in a statement that was released late on tuesday that his view of north korea as an existential threat has not changed that it is a threat not just to the u.s.
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but to china to russia and indeed to the entire world so it's already seeming that even just trying to change tactics the secretary of state again it seems to be overruled by the u.s. president that was going to be my next question in fact. the president is he going to be on board with what rex tillerson announced because he and his secretary of state have had quite public differences on north korea and it doesn't seem like that's going to change anytime soon. no it doesn't seem as if it's going to change anytime soon but there is one area where rex tillerson and his boss donald trump do agree and that is the sanctions regime that has been imposed both by the united states unilaterally and by the united nations security council need to be enforced as vigorously as possible both men have talked about the need for china to make certain that it is stepping up its enforcement of trade embargoes and labor
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embargoes as well as trying to make certain that russia is also doing the same thing one area where there is a seems to be a bit of weakness at least in the u.s. view is that russia is still meeting admitting more than ten thousand laborers from north korea into the far eastern our local economy because russia needs those workers and rex tillerson says those workers are basically making it possible for north korea to continue to bring in money so that it can pay to develop its nuclear weapons and its ballistic missiles and so the u.s. wants to see that loophole closed that said there's nothing that really could be done by the united states by itself because even though much of anything has happened in the six party talks it's still the u.n. process that is going to determine the future of whether korea has any nuclear
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weapons on it and as far as the u.s. is concerned korea the entire peninsula should be free of nuclear weapons state department correspondent in washington there thank you very much ross for that let's not cross over to kathy novak who is in seoul kathy tell us about reaction if any to what the secretary of state said and is north korean likely to respond to this and dictation to talk. well here in south korea there has been no official reaction specifically to what rex tillerson has said but in general the government of moonachie in sad had the position that it wants dialogue with north korea and in fact that it wants dialogue between south korea and north korea but there haven't been talks for some time and in fact south korea has been inviting north korea to talks but the north has just simply not been picking up the phone all of this is happening as the president moon jay in is heading to beijing for talks with the president xi jinping and this surely will come up at that summit the different
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ideas on how to move forward when it comes to north korea rawls referred there to the idea that south korea shares with the united states that sanctions and pressure should be fully implemented that china should do more in terms of sanctions against north korea and as far as the monday in government is concerned it wants to see those sanctions and pressure bringing north korea back to the negotiating table but china wants to see what we often talk about a freeze for free is proposal that would see the u.s. and south korea agreeing to freeze their joint military exercises that anger the regime in north korea in exchange for the government in north korea agreeing to give up or at least freeze its nuclear program as far as responding to this offer for talks we heard from the russian foreign minister in recent days he reported that his officials said that pyongyang does want to talk to the united
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states and that he relayed that invitation to rex tillerson during talks that they had at the time the state department said that they could not confirm that that invitation was in fact relayed but the spokesman spokeswoman rather for the state department said that north korea seemed to be no showing no signs of wanting to talk as long as it keeps firing the silo and you know is wrong said the difficulty for the americans is that they don't know what kind of a leader they're dealing with right now and judging from the latest statement from north korean state media. it seems like they're not interested right now they're interested in pursuing their program their nuclear program. well yes what happened after the most recent launch of the intercontinental ballistic missile is that state media at the time declared that the development of north korea's nuclear weapons program was complete and in the recent report that your firm to from north
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korean state media quotes the leader kim jong un as repeating that declaration at a munitions conference saying that with the latest tests of a nuclear bomb of the i.c.b.m. that he has declared that north korea has completed its weapons development what's interesting there is that many analysts have speculated that part of the reason that perhaps north korea was not coming to the negotiating table is that it wants to have a credible deterrent in its nuclear weapons program and wants to prove to itself and indeed to the world that it is a defacto nuclear state before coming to the negotiating table to have any talks about any freeze or scaling back of its nuclear program also interesting really on how the media agency here in south korea is reporting that there could be a possibility that the u.n. special envoy for north korea joseph you and i could perhaps have talks with north korean foreign ministry officials in thailand when they attend the same defense
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conference on thursday so there could be some behind the scenes talks certainly official talks between as i mentioned president xi jinping and president moon and perhaps between joseph you and the north korean officials thank you very much for that kathy novak and i for a scene in seoul meanwhile the u.n. political affairs chief says north korea agrees on the need to prevent war jeffrey feltman has spoken about his trip to north korea last week where he met senior officials including the foreign minister but not the media came on while they were no concrete proposals for disarmament talks he says pyongyang may be forthcoming in the future. we're trying to help them understand that whatever the problems are between pyongyang and washington that they have a larger issue to deal with which is that the international community does not accept its nuclear program the international community has suspended nuclear testing for more than two decades they're the only country that defies that so the sanctions helped us in terms of showing that they're the problem is not simply
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a washington pyongyang problem. in other world news it's a senate election in one american state but one with national consequences polls have closed in alabama where voters are electing their new senator it's a close race between republican candidate warren moore who wrote is or so the polling station the controversial republican who's accused of sexual abuse is faded against democratic candidate don jones especially election was called after jeff sessions vacated his seat to become the u.s. attorney general and why is this election important twell alabama is a republican stronghold with a strong conservative base but what's different this time is a candidate who's not been backed by many republican leaders more the former chief justice of an a bomb has been accused of sexual harassment by several women when they were in their teens his against gay and transgender rights and one said muslims should not be allowed to serve in the u.s. congress but present donald trump has openly endorse more despite these allegations
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and his controversial views trump says having an additional republican vote in the senate is more important that's because republicans have only a narrow majority in the upper chamber one seat less would make it harder for them to pass legislation they speak to al-jazeera she have a tansey in birmingham now and he's with supporters of doug jones see democratic candidate the polls have closed she have. any early indications. there's some very good news for the jury and there's some very very bad news for doug james according to the exit polls and really these are the exit polls which have been pretty useless quite frankly in the last few election cycles but it's really both a terrible way to do something a bit more calls for the good news he's got the african-american african-american turnout supposing even dog james is hurt so that's good maybe you have to have that even to be vaguely competitive as we expect today the a.c.l.u.
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civil liberties groups are already saying we're going to be evidence of attempts at the. suppression that might come into play really should come into play if it's a very close race we'll see. but also good news fifty five percent disapproval ratings for george bush so that's good for doug jones also only forty one percent here in alabama which donald trump took by twenty eight points in the last election approval so that's pretty amazing too so all good news for doctrines then it gets really really bad again according to the exit polls in the exit polls we're going to say usually pretty crummy these days but we have to remember doug jones is depending on the educated affluent white folks when we look at college graduates soon alabama he's only ahead by seven points seven points just seven points of college graduates now let's cut that down into ethnicity whites college graduates fifty nine percent voted for judge moore according to the exit poll so didn't make
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up for it through most white college graduates according to the crummy exit polls and then that's going to even deeper into gender white women college graduates thought the space to be key because they were seriously disgusted by drug allegations with allegations against. white women college graduates leaning eleven points towards judge moore not to so that's a disaster if this is true for the playing around with the lies to have a feeling maybe the festivities are about to begin a mixed bag for doug jones that if these exit poll results are true that bit of a disaster but exit polls exit polls exit polls right skepticism skepticism steps that we have to wait for the final we saw. this race in alabama has no doubt split the republican party what would be the implications of any point more victory only loss for the g.o.p. and president trying. if he wins trump will say it was you know
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it was him that did it and he will say look see my my power i can even go. that child molester into the senate but we also see probably is instant civil war in the republican party the republican leadership in the senate already says it's going to pursue an ethics investigation into which trump said he will not support so we'll see this fishes open up again the democrats are going to make a huge play to try to expel judge. movements to try to get him expelled and say look we're the ones who are and like i know what sexual abuse means the republican study and the reality is very very complicated the democrats actually have a lot of work to do in this area themselves. but it will be very very good for the for the for the for the trump extreme right wing base of the party however by no means a sure vote in the senate for the rest of the list of agenda he hates mitch mcconnell mitch mcconnell the senate majority leader that's going to be a problem if loses well great big defeat for donald trump clearly seen as
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a referendum on him the republican civil war we'll see once again i'll be much more difficult for the sort of agenda to be passed in the senate by the way of deming for the democrats if doug jones does lose this will be a bit of a civil war because the left of the party will say you see the democrats can't even win against alleged child abuse you've got to start getting a proper platform that appeals to working people and not just people relying on how the child abuse is on the russian investigation as we go into the congressional elections next year they're interesting thank you very much for that she have a tanzanite for us in birmingham alabama. the european union's top diplomat says that renegotiating the nuclear deal with iran is not an option the trump administration has been threatening to pull the u.s. off the twenty fifteen agreement federica told the european parliament that preserving the deal is important for the constant security. with the nuclear deal with iran we have established the strongest monitoring system ever set up the
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international atomic energy agency as reported nine times let it on its implementing all its nuclear related commitments it took us twelve years of extremely difficult negotiations led by the european union to achieve this results renegotiating the deal or parts of it is simply not an option france's president emanuel mcconnell has delivered a rallying cry to world leaders that more must be done to fight climate change but he told a global summit in paris set there currently losing the battle the summit is promoting greater worldwide investment in clean energy natasha butler has our report from paris. so one printed summit the french president issued a stark warning telling leaders at the one planet summit in paris the time is running out to save the world from climate change only don't plan to be on labor day we're in the process of losing the battle and those who came before us they
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were lucky they could say we didn't know and it was true for twenty years now we have known for many one of emmanuel michael wants europe to take the lead on climate change off to the us is decision to pull out of the paris accord it's why he called for a summit of world leaders bosses and scientists to find new ways to finance green energy those who failed to bear upon a green economy we will be living in a great future. but. it was two years ago in paris that two hundred world leaders promised to limit global warming to less than two degrees celsius the paris accord was an historic moment since then progress has been slow. well the purser breman was excellent and now the question is to implement it and. obviously sometimes it is not as quick as one could expect or hope we had
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unfortunately the decision made by prison. and we need and that's the aim of this meeting to develop financing and in public financing and private financing this summit was all about reviving momentum for the paris accord and that has been some big wins the world bank and the world's biggest insurer access rights announcing that they will scale back their investments in forceful fuels and focus more on green energy former us secretary of state john kerry said it was a disgrace that they were no high ranking u.s. officials here but for the americans who were present the fight continues probe so his republican colleagues are growing a totally different direction we the grassroots major states of america we are taking action and the people through the american promise corporate leaders they're doing like. the u.s. pullout has left a large climate change funding gap but those here say they will do all they can to
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make up the shortfall and safeguard the planet for future generations natasha al-jazeera paris. plenty more ahead on this al-jazeera news hour including the philippines president or three go to calls for an extension of martial law on mindanao island congressional votes could come on wednesday somnus international accuses the european union of being complicit in the abuse of refugees in libya and in sport the first finalist has been decided in football's club world cup will tell us more later. leaders assigned jerry b. and jordan have met in riyadh to discuss donald trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital the meeting comes a day ahead of a summit of muslim leaders called by turkey surprise event in istanbul but it's
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unclear if i will send it struck presents if to that meeting. on the ground it's been almost a week of demonstrations in the occupied palestinian territories israeli forces fired tear gas and stun grenades at protesters who pelted stones in ramallah and bethlehem dozens of palestinians have been injured in confrontations with israeli forces since last week and israeli palestinians have protested outside the u.s. embassy in tel aviv the protesters are calling trump's move dangerous to israel said billy t. and security of bethlehem has been at the heart of recent palestinian street protests a city believed to be the birthplace of jesus christ depends heavily on tourism but as whole jobs and i mean reports israeli occupation and the tensions after chumps announcement has dampened the mood. it should have been a good month for bethlehem the city was gearing up to receive many visitors over the christmas period but celebrations have been canceled the mood dampened by the
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latest political upheaval and if anger is directed at arab leaders more so at president trump to the point that had the k'naan removed the american flag from in front of his restaurant we removed it because the american president doesn't recognize our flag as if we don't exist this is a peaceful way to retaliate we listen to the u.s. for twenty five years we pray for peace we got nothing now we have to start from zero there's a sense of unease at how trump and prime minister netanyahu are trying to redefine sure there are groups who want to take this political conflict. and this is very dangerous and we as christians are the stumbling block. because if we were here is a mark of this conflict conflict between jews and muslims and then the west
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will basically stand behind the jews because of but from here in front of the nativity church to palestinian message is one bethlehem also carries a lot of symbolism when it comes to the occupation the separation wall cuts right through the city from the north now president trump has seen this for him self when he was here earlier this year to meet palestinian president mahmoud abbas had the meeting with vice president mike pence gone ahead well he would have seen for himself how people feel these days this graffiti was done as a sign when chum threatened to build a wall along the border with mexico but the day after the jews of them announcement . added a few brush strokes and a memo to the american vice president. it's scary because jerusalem is now considered israel a capital for jews and the banjo he calls that's a real problem but we are different than the rest of the region we say jerusalem is palestinian we don't say it's muslim or christian it's palestinian and it's under
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occupation. back and do that if it is square common rebukes netanyahu says cleans that israel allows freedom of religion aloma business when the better the more know they're on their they don't respect though believes as a christian i need a permit from mislabel to receive the holy sepulcher for easter and when i get there i still get humiliated alexei's also sometimes shocked the muslims do silliman been lost long ago they just woke up now it's too late now. there's little hope that meetings in summits can change anything since nine hundred sixty seven this people dream of has gradually been taken away to them is just in lisa's chapter in the history of an extinction without that hamid bethlehem. meanwhile israeli authorities have reduced gases fishing zone from nine article miles down to six palestinian fishermen are criticizing the decision saying it leaves them with a very limited area to catch anything at all then
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a smith spoke to some of them in gaza so when gaza's fisherman go out again this afternoon they'll be restricted back to a maximum of eleven kilometers offshore for the last six weeks or so they've been allowed to go out to sixteen kilometers the israelis say that allows them to take advantage of seasonal changes in fish stocks but of course the fisherman would really like to be able to sail out up to thirty seven kilometers into the mediterranean to allow them to take advantage of the bigger fish that are there was the limit suggested by the oslo accords but israel has never allowed garza's out that far. if they go back to the oslo accord to allow that zone then of course the fishing industry will improve one hundred percent the further out we go the more fish we get and it's seasonal every season we need access to specific zones for example now we need twenty to twenty seven kilometers to get this season's fish including sea bass which is very expensive so thirty three only sixteen kilometers
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at least there are lots of rocks where we can find lots of different fish at eleven kilometers it's empty we're wasting our time when we go fishing if they open up to thirty seven kilometers they'll be a significant difference there we find all these expensive fish then we'd make a lot of money and employment in gaza has pushed more men to look for work in the fishing industry they're trying to find a job where they can at least try and make ends meet so there are now about four thousand fisherman and a thousand fishing boats that's far too many for these crowded waters it's led of course to overfishing depletion of fish stocks and of depletion of breeding grounds and there's no indication from the israeli border is that when they are likely to extend again the fishing so. still ahead on this al-jazeera news hour. a vaccination campaign to kill eight thousand.
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dead leaves respiratory disease. and when i say it is an image tell you the story of this elaborate story that is working to find the babies that were born to women held in calander stand at attention centers during the dictatorship in argentina in the one nine hundred seventy s. and in sport with less than two months before the start of the winter olympics why south korea is taking no chances. from the waves of the south. to the contours of the east. hello there is staying cool for many of us in the eastern parts of china the temperatures there in shanghai are around nine degrees as a maximum on wednesday much and those that we're expecting on thursday will feel a bit different though on thursday because we'll have a bit more cloud with us and the chance of a few outbreaks of rain so it will feel
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a bit cooler than it has done over the previous day there for the towards the south you can see the winds here all feeding in a bit more moisture into the extreme southern parts of china and through into northern parts of vietnam that will bring a few showers here that will gradually be pushing their way north woods as we head towards the southeast and parts of asia you can see lots of cloud around the philippines at the moment and within the system we are expecting a low to be developing and that one could well enhanced the rains across the philippines over the next few days there's also a lot of wet weather just to the north of java and those showers have also been affecting us along the north coast of java so jakarta has seen flooding in recent days and the next couple of days all looking very very wet if we head across towards india so in the north we've had some of the wettest of the weather recently but there is the area of cloud responsible it's moving away towards the north now and so for many of us things are drawing out in the south though there are still a few outbreaks of rain to be seen mostly showery rain in the southern parts of india and through sri lanka and those will stick around into this day. there with
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sponsored by qatar. news has never been more available it's a constant barrage with every day but the message is simplistic you have this rain that good logical rational person praising monsters and misinformation is right dismissal and does not go over well documented accusations and evidence is part of genocide the listening post provides a critical counterpoint trying to bring mainstream media narratives at this time on al-jazeera we here in jerusalem bureau covered israeli palestinian affairs. we cover the story with a lot of intimate knowledge we covered it with that we don't dip in and out of the story we have presence here all the time apart from being good armor and it's also very important to be a journalist to know the story very world before going into the field covering the united nations and global to only see for al-jazeera english is pretty incredible
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this is where talks come in and what happens there matters. welcome back you're watching the news on al-jazeera reminder of our top stories polls have closed in the u.s. state of alabama where voters are choosing their next senator in a high stakes race republican candidate war and more is accused of sexual abuse is pitted against democratic rival dr jones moore has been endorsed by president trump despite the many controversies surrounding him france's president emmanuel mccall has warned world leaders that they are losing the battle on tackling climate change he's been speaking at a global summit on promoting renewable energy in paris and the u.s.
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secretary of state says washington is ready to hold talks with north korea without preconditions rex tillerson says president donald trump endorses his position although the two have voiced opposing views recently the us president tweeted in october that negotiating was a waste of time for more on this and speaks to graham way of who's a research fellow at the nih young technological university's institute for defense and strategic studies he's via skype from singapore thank you very much for speaking to us so what do you make of what appears to be a new tone from washington do you think a change in tactic from the americans could yield something positive here. first of all i want to see that it is a welcome response to have a think of the being offered by the u.s. administration in particular the u.s. secretary of state next to listen in removing the preconditions for the direct
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discussion with the north koreans but one would have expected that the americans who called you know that we thought few weeks ago when our in the aftermath of the in the clinton continental ballistic missile test it remember that all the objects were offered americans were going to tighten up and take a more militaristic position in trying to resolve the crisis so i think this is a welcome response now what remains to be seen going forward is the shipment for possible direct discussion so that needs to happen in some in some way or another the parties have to meet directly and talk with each other so that the format for discussion for that discussion is going to be the next step which will provide an indication of whether this is just rhetoric whether it is going to be something actionable on this and also you talk about a fig leaf and the rest spied but it's still unclear whether president of trump is fully on board with this because they have been disagreements between him and his secretary of state in the past and and just a few hours i could see
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a tweet from trump saying that he doesn't agree with the innocence position so we we're not quite at the point where we can actually talk about talks between these two sides. certainly i mean i suppose we need to see when the dust settles over the next couple hours if it's a few days whether this is a good one third position coming out from the u.s. administration instruction yes it's quite well known by now that it was in between trips to listen and the president himself on the position that the u.s. ought to take in managing the crisis as it stands i would like to believe that what rex tillerson the said is true and accurate that there is an endorsement by the president in. pushing forward with the discussion initiative but that remains to be seen as you mention. i would think as to whether or not this is truly a united front so i think the next few days are going to be quite telling as to
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where that discussion is clearly going to happen and even if it does on the u.s. like there is a unanimous consensus that this is the way for writing and thinking a more militaristic position but it remains to be seen whether the north koreans themselves actually can respond to that so that's also a question that was going to be my next question how are the north koreans going to respond and what about china in all this because the americans have been counting on china to talk some sense into north korea how will the chinese out can the chinese be convinced to convince the north koreans to go to the negotiating table. you know there are severe limits as to what the chinese can do what we have extremely high expectations on the chinese on on the rule that the ought to play in mitigating the crisis between the north koreans and the rest of the world is action but having said that i think i think beijing can play a part in encouraging in trying to see yes we need to discuss and
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actually make the discussion happen we've seen over the course of this here various attempts you can under the president ministration south korea in offering up their own thinking in july in particular there was one instance that recently there was another about the need for discussion and putting the ball in a court of mockery and time and time again the north koreans haven't responded so this is something that the north koreans ought to step up to because they have said in the past that they want to talk. thank you so much for speaking to us graham on webb of the defense and strategic studies at the institute universe technological nyan technological university is to thank you so much for speaking to us sink you. now the philippines congress could vote to extend martial law on the island of mindanao in the south on wednesday present or drink go to touch a submitted his request on monday saying it is necessary for the total eradication of ice or and common is fine to say he declared the city of mirali liberated from
5:36 am
my soul affiliated fighters in october military rule was imposed across mindanao six months ago after hundreds of gunmen seize control of the city that speak to linda gun was in quezon city jimmy the widest president do tend to want to extend martial law in mindanao for a year what is going to change. well the reason being according to his representatives in congress today is that the war in my or our we is not yet over and the violence there has spilled over all across mindanao he was represented by top military officials together with his executive secretary where they are at the moment defending their positions before a joint committee of the upper house and lower house of congress but there are criticisms the words this number one is because it is clear in the constitution that a possible martial law is only implemented if there is an actual invasion or rebellion
5:37 am
for the first time foley the communist insurgency the decades long communist insurgency has been used by the military as one of the reasons why they want one year long extension of martial law but in the constitution it is also clear that martial law can only be implemented within the period of sixty days and mindanao is now been under martial law for the past six months tell us more about who is opposing this and why what are the. reasons for opposing the. well majority of those opposing it are human rights activists representatives and civil society groups in mindanao who complain that visitations over their future are being decided by people who never have to live through what they go through there are efforts to drum up public support for this we've seen politicians actually ask the questions to their constituents where they are they are in favor of martial law but at the end of the day it remains to be seen and the biggest
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question here is the objective what does the military and the office of the president am to achieve within that period what sort of insurgency do they want to and and what are the achievements in terms of rules of engagement operational and tactical the biggest question here is how it can impact the lives of millions of people in mindanao was already been held back by war and rebellion fully thank you very much for that to me linda gunn reporting there live from quezon city in the philippines. now to france where president a man in my home has been hosting a summit for the leaders of five african nations in the ongoing effort to combat on groups in the region the regional military force known as the silo g five was formed earlier this year but they are fears it's struggling to cope as groups like i saw an al-qaeda push to expand their operations. force earlier this year the governments of mali booking a false one mauritania agreed to form
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a joint military force known as the g five it's made up of five thousand soldiers divided into seven battalions their mission is to conduct cross border combat operations targeting armed groups including boko haram on the branch in the sahara region of western north africa. the agreement came after five years of discussion and files was the main driver behind the idea announcing the launch of the g five force operations over a month ago french president manuel mccraw sounded optimistic yeah you put me as a bit harsh on the first operations are set to be launched within days and they demonstrate that we could collectively meet the deadline that we set in bamako which is for me a source of satisfaction we must maintain the same level of collective rigor the support of the international community for the joint forces is reinforced as well with the eligible of significant bilateral support from the americans. across has made security in the saddle his top priority his first visit abroad was to the
5:40 am
region shortly after he was sworn in in may france already has four thousand soldiers in this region but it has stressed the africans should take security matters into their own hands for this to happen so i had governments demanded funds arms logistics and military expertise france pledged huge quantities of military gear and nearly two hundred and thirty million dollars over the next five years the e.u. and the u.s. have each other for the around sixty million dollars the u.s. military has maintained a strong presence across africa over the years four of its soldiers were recently killed during an attack in jail. but in mali where most of the fighting takes place nationalist movement seeking some fall in the north criticised the western g five military approach. and whatever we think that we're alone will not bring a solution there must be some kind of dialogue also as a local movement we haven't been included in the g five project we think that will
5:41 am
not help the situation it's we who are on the ground we know how to talk or deal with people. from know the subtlest teaming with thousands of you and peacekeepers french troops you advisers u.s. military trainers and drone operators what armed groups are still launching attacks across the region african and western leaders meeting in paris and ones that will be looking to see if the new african led g five force will make a difference mohamed one. i'm a senior national is accusing european governments of knowingly exposing thousands of refugees to torture and abuse and the efforts to curb migration and i report the rice says the e.u.'s policy of containment shows little care for migrants and refugees trapped in libya. has more from tripoli. these images sparked outrage around the world african migrants at risk of being sold at auction in libya
5:42 am
the accusation of modern day slavery triggered international concern and pledges to address the issue but in a report by the human rights group amnesty international european governments are accused of not only being aware of these abuses but also actively supporting libyan authorities in a stopping sea crossings and preventing refugees and migrants from leaving what we have in libya is really a hellhole. for it's a lawless country to start with and refugees and migrants are treated like a commodity we heard about the. slave auction just a week or two ago and here we are so essentially any migrant a refugee is pretty much criminalized italy has been singled out for criticism it's accused of leading e.u. efforts to fund libyan detention camps train libyan coast guard to intercept ships carrying a few g.'s and migrants as we'll as encouraging libyan tribes and armed groups to
5:43 am
operate as border guards amnesty also from those prevented from leaving libya face arbitrary detention torture forcedly or extortion and even death at the hands of the authorities traffickers as well as armed groups you know european government officials can claim to be unaware of what the libyan authorities are doing the kind of torture the kind of horrific suffering that people are facing inside libya so i think the approach of the european union is in order to protect their own borders they're ready to push people back at any cost and not respect even the basic rights of human beings al-jazeera has reached out to the government but it has yet to respond libya is the main transit. point for refugees and migrants trying to reach europe but you see nearly half a million people have made the dangerous crossing across the mediterranean over the
5:44 am
past three years according to the ins migration agency in that time close to ten thousand people have died while attempting to make it to europe for whom the provision of ships training and funding from the e.u. and italy to the libyan coast guard amnesty found the number of arrivals to italy filled by nearly seventy percent between july and november compared to the same period last year the number of refugees who died at the sea also refused but that is not clear what awaits is to me to to india thousand migrants and refugees now in overcrowded and unsanitary detention centers across libya. so poorly while a european commission spokesman said the e.u. is aware of inhumane and terrible conditions some face and was working to save lies the use statement said we do so by stopping people drowning in the mediterranean
5:45 am
evacuating them from disastrous conditions in libya and offering them safe and legal pathways to come to europe the situation is not bad because of the e.u. it is slightly better because of the e.u. . al-jazeera continues to demand the release of its journalist mom otoh saying has been in an egyptian prison for nearly a year now saying he's accused of broadcasting false news to spread chaos which he and al-jazeera strongly deny saying as repeatedly complained of mistreatment in jail. the united nations says hundreds of rohingya refugees living in crowded camps in bangladesh are suspected to have contracted death teria a vaccination campaign has begun to inoculate thousands of others from the potentially fatal respiratory disease china has more from a long curly refugee camp in bangladesh we're going to have here there's another health emergency in the region refute camps close to the myanmar border the bangladeshi government health worker cools the families to come for urgent
5:46 am
vaccination against diptheria unicef says at least four hundred twenty refugees are suspected of having contractions the highly infectious and potentially lethal response to treat disease at least six people have reportedly died. sixty percent of the approximate six hundred forty thousand range are refugees who have arrived here in recent months are children and many of them are suffering from severe acute malnutrition which weakens their immunity while our mother in the wreckage the little fellow in may and we didn't have any health care if someone got sick we had to take him to doctors a long while away and it cost a lot of money most ranger would never inoculated against a syrian and other contagious diseases in myanmar since the myanmar government withdrew their citizenship thirty five years ago they had limited access to medical care. there are fifty fifty three about generation centers like this that have been
5:47 am
set up across the camps more than two hundred fifty people have been trained to give the injection over the last couple of days the government and the un are describing this and she didn't fear it dr now as a top priority. the government is working with the u.n. and international aid organizations to tackle the outbreak definitely have every chance to get the infection if they are other interests of diseases is that from medical side this is the truth but we have started our campaign as as early as possible to listen there are only one thing. hopefully. around seven hundred thousand really refugees have been inoculated against cholera and after an outbreak of measles at least three hundred fifty thousand refugees have been vaccinated against that contagious disease eight groups in the bangladesh government were already struggling to meet the basic health needs of these people
5:48 am
a deep syria outbreak has made that challenge even harder trial struck at al-jazeera problem cully refugee camp bangladesh. iran seven thousand five hundred is a cell tackling the huge wildfire that has swept through the u.s. state of california at least one person has died and hundreds of homes have been destroyed in the fire which has burned almost a thousand square kilometers of land now to argentina where d.n.a. technology is helping thousands of families reunite with their missing relatives some thirty thousand people were killed by government forces in one thousand nine hundred seventy s. and eighty's during the so-called dirty war many of their young children were put up for adoption or lied to about their biological parents very simple has a story from buenos aires. site is laboratory the site of what amounts to being a forensic examination of the consequences of argentina's violent past it's where families torn apart by dictatorship i really knighted at least in part that are
5:49 am
coming i mean there is a study we work here with incomplete families we are working with a missing generation we have the grandparents and we try to focus on the mother's side because it is more consistent but if that is not enough we try everything else . thousands of people were killed during the military rule in argentina many of them pregnant women whose babies were born in columbus down detention centers the babies were put up for adoption many of them to those in the security forces their blood grandparents have been trying to find them ever since more than one hundred twenty have been found so far but human rights groups insist that there are still over three hundred children and i counted four. people here tell us that they treat each case like a battle where they have to match the d.n.a. taken from or from bone samples like the ones that you can see here between families who are trying to find their grandchildren and women who were disappeared
5:50 am
by the dictatorship. those who were babies are now about forty years old when we go inside basis one of them she's not sure where he was born but he does know when his mother was killed what assess the army and the police attacked the house with over forty men with gases and heavy artillery and my mother was executed but she saved my life i was five months old she had me in a closet i was taken to a hospital and left in police custody and then i was given up for adoption when will never met his wheel grandparents until he was twenty years old and now he's working to help others located there's. we also use a lot of investigation and documentation and approach people that are now old enough to go and take a test and many of them are willing it is difficult in a way it helps your life to make sense again and much of the work is done here a place that receives around one hundred twenty people every month who come to find
5:51 am
out they're all regions. in the past we had time because the grandmothers were young when we find a grandchild the first thing i think is is the grandmother alive this is aside from science it's about changing people's lives now we have a few grandmothers left and we are working against time it's more than thirty years since the end of the dictatorship in argentina but the consequences of what happened then is still being felt by this country and so many families will.
5:52 am
5:53 am
thank you the russian olympic committee have officially sanctioned their athletes to compete under a neutral flag next year's winter games in south korea if the decision by the international olympic committee last week to remove the russian flag and anthem in response to claims of state sponsored doping release home of the ports. members of russia's ice hockey team probably wore team uniforms to a meeting of russia's a limp a committee in moscow that colors the board likely beside him kyung chimed in february after a decision by the international olympic committee to allow russian competitors as neutral athletes only it means that flags team uniforms and the national at them won't be permitted to vote of these or see if we are russian athletes so it's quite
5:54 am
clear they can take over the flag of the anthem but they can't take away the honor of the concept patriotism and love for our country is in our heart so no one can take it away from us so we must go there and fight with double energy at the conclusion of the meeting the time for russia's a limpid president was a defiant as the committee decided to commit their athletes to take part it's a move sanctioned by the kremlin your ship was the pasha the opinion of all who spoke was united and all sportsmen should go to korea should compete and going victories to glorify russia to glorify our motherland the announcement last week by the irish sea was in response to claims of state sponsored dogging in russia particularly at the twenty four tane winter olympics in salt she after a year long investigation twenty five russian athletes from those games have been banned for life with eleven metal strips and they'll be strict eligibility checks based on docking records to any wishing to can pay to chang still rusher is
5:55 am
refusing to admit any wrongdoing or she's just watch me on the water is it a slow cut the russian athletes express their rena's to participate in the olympic games despite extremely difficult conditions and the decision by the i.o.c. which is undoubtedly unfair in many ways. on the same day in south korea a number of security drills were held in front of the main stadium for the pyong chang games just eighty kilometers away from the north korean border this is in a limited built up by north mains troublefree so we now. the russian athletes will be a month oh is that it forces will be protecting his home and now just around. south american football champions gremio of brazil of the first team free to the fun of the face for club world cup in the united arab emirates they beat mexican side but you call one nil off the edge of time after what ninety minutes the winning goal is scored by striker over to suarez five minutes into the first period but your hopes
5:56 am
of becoming the first half side so you might the final suffered a further blow when victor goes mom was sent off in the final minute gremio will play the winners of the second seven final that's where the majority of zero in saturday's from. the earlier match a powerful fifth place was actually far more entertaining asian champions while red diamonds of japan a rock rose casablanca the african champions three two and the highlight was not standing out in golf from the red diamonds brazilians farmers and time so good die for the brazilians of the outcome. for the world heavyweight boxing champion saw some fear is free to go back into the ring the british fighter has been given a two year ban for doping but because it's but dated he's creates a resume his boxing career straight away fury had elevated levels of nandrolone urine samples provided after fights in february twenty fifth day he denied deliberately doping was not fought since beijing vladimir critch go in november
5:57 am
twenty fifth into a w b i b f w b i bouts that result still stands australian rugby union has named its first ever famous chief executive she is the new zealander very castle who was previously in charge of new zealand netball and australian rugby league with the concept bulldogs carso is the first female lead to across all my generational bodies about bugbee and reportedly baseball the same hundred candidates for the job. the reality of sport is and here's jim let me quickly in letters as people i'm from. really delivering to create grassroots level so i don't think it's an enormous stick to have a favor chief executive of excited about the opportunity they really watch golf or no longer be allowed to report rule violations as possible charges. this year when american golf alexy thompson was controversially given a four stroke penalty or leading a women's major in california a t.v.
5:58 am
viewer had spotted an error she made and told officials she went on to lose the home and. one of surfing's greatest ever champions is back in competitive action for the first time in five months eleven time world champion kelly slater finished top of the opening heat of the world part masters in hawaii citing his vikings come back from a severe injury and that's all. very much for this new. team thanks for watching so rahman is with you next. you are making very pointed remarks where on line the main u.s. response to drug use and the drug trade over the last fifty years has been criminalized or if you join us on sex. other than the morning in the sense i want
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to cover the world and this is a dialogue that could be what's leading to some of the confusion about people saying they don't actually know what's going on join the colobus conversation at this time on al-jazeera the nature as it breaks. qualified for the world cup in two thousand and fifteen years on it hope to do even better in russia next year with detailed coverage tried to imagine it only seven years ago right here. now the seat has taken over from around the world donald trump is promising a major policy announcement on trade a potential challenge to khorat a missed opportunity a braai. thanks love to making loans to some friends because behind a song for a millions of taxpayers because most taxpayers never go away there's a new one born every single day and it is an emerging national. quest.
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of the same. we created together because i happen to live in creeks somehow i'm a sinner i'm a bad person. machine at this time. besieged by violent crime and drugs. confronted by racism and integration. i am outta syria traces the history of fast generation lebanese australians exploring the conflicts. and the struggle for acceptance. once upon a time in punchbowl at this time on al-jazeera. secretary of state rex tillerson says the u.s. is ready for talks with both crew.


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